Bigg Boss 13 26th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shefali gets eliminated

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Bigg Boss 13 26th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Varun Dhawan comes to Salman’s room. He hugs Salman and asks how do you prepare for the show? Salman says I have to watch the show 2 times and then I revise it. Varun welcomes his team which includes Raghav and Punit. They watch the inmates from a window. His other team members Salan Yusuff and Sushant watch the live feed from the house. Puneet says we can watch everything. Remo comes there and says let’s go.

Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says Mahira, Vishal and Asim are Safe. Shefali, Rashami, Arti and Paras are nominated. He connects the call to the house. He asks who can leave today? Vishal says I think it’s Shefali. Asim says Paras or Shefali. Mahira says I think it’s Rashami. Salman says but the audience is thinking differently. Salman says we will give you a task to win the luxury budget. You people have to tell us how better you understand Sana, we will ask some questions and if you know Sana then your answers will match hers. Sana sits in the confession room. Salman says Paras and Mahira have become friends so will she cry to Rashami or befriend Sid? They say she will befriend Sid. Sana chooses to cry Rashami. Salman says Sana will flip because of the nomination day or she cried Rashami? Arti says choose her crying to Rashami and her answer matches with Sana’s. Salman says Sana flipped because she wanted to or did Sid hurt her? Sana says when he chose Arti, it did hurt me. Arti chooses the same answer. Salman says if Sana wants to entertain then will she flip or cry to Rashami? Sana and the inmates choose that she will flip. Salman asks if Sana will dream about Karthik or Gautam? Sana chooses Karthik. Arti chooses Karthik too. Salman says Sana entertains in the house, she is a good entertainer. Sana comes back to the living room. Salman ends the call. Sana says I cry with Rashami before making a connection. Rashami hugs her and says what if I leave today? Sana says I will plan.

On the stage:
Salman says Shraddha, Varun and Remo entered the house. See what happened.

Varun and Shraddha enter the house and hug everyone. Varun says this is a highly rated season, people love you. I have worked with Sid and Asim. Sid is a very gentle person. Sid hugs Varun. Varun says please do comedy here. Sana does comedy. He asks them to mimic. Asim mimics Saif Ali Khan. Sana sings bol do na zara. All clap for her.
Varun says we will play musical chairs now. Shraddha says you all will be blinded folded. Varun says I know Asim and Sid both so I never thought that they would fight like this. They all become blinded folded and try to search for the chairs. The music stops and they all search for the chairs. Paras, Shefali and Asim lose the task. The others play another round. Sid holds Rashami as she tries to find the place. They all run to get a place. Only Vishal and Mahira win. In the last round, Mahira wins against Vishal. Varun says this was a good task.
Varun says we have made Bigg Boss agree to do the elite club task again. Remo says we will ask you in pairs about who shouldn’t be here. Pair are:
Rashami-Vishal: They choose Shefali
Mahira-Paras: Mahira says Sana is a flipper. Paras says she doesn’t care about others so her name.
Arti-Shefali: They choose Rashami. Shefali says she doesn’t do anything.
Sana-Sid: Sid asks Sana. Sana says Paras. She says Paras doesn’t respect anyone but let’s choose Vishal. Sid breaks Vishal’s picture.
Varun says Mahira, Paras, Sid and Arti are remaining for the elite club membership. You will know later. They leave the house.

Arti tells Rashami that Shefali didn’t agree, she would have taken my name, I took Vishal’s name but Shefali didn’t agree so I had to take your name. Rashami says it’s okay.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Stree Dancer’s team. Varun, Shraddha and Remo come on the stage. Varun says let’s dance. He dances with Salman. Raghav, Puneet, Salman and Sushant come there too. They joke with Salman.
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says Varun was praising Sid and Asim. He said that you both are sweet and calm but we doubt. All laugh. Raghav runs to the screen seeing Sid. Puneet says I know Rashami and Sid. Sana sings its movie song. All clap for her. Rashami sings it in Gujrati. Varun says the heat is increasing in the house so we will give you some steps. Raghav dances with Varun and they both fall to the floor and dance. Raghav falls off the stage dancing like that, all claps. Varun says no Sid has to do it. Sid falls on the floor and dances. All clap for him. Varun asks Paras to do it then. Paras lies on the floor and dances. Varun asks Asim to do it with Vishal. Asim and Vishal dance together on the floor. All clap for them. Remo says now Salman has to do it. Salman lies on the floor and dances with Raghav and others. All laugh. Raghav says I love Sid. Salman takes a selfie with them and they all leave.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house and makes them meet a show’s character Pinky. Salman says we will play a game in which you have to tell who is crossing the limits. Salman says we will ask you questions. Pinky asks who is crossing idiocy limits? Sana says Vishal has crossed that limit. Salman asks who has crossed shame’s limit? Sid says Asim. Pinky asks who has crossed the limit of laziness? Mahira says Rashami. Paras asks who has crossed the limits of drama? Paras says Asim. Pinky asks Asim who has crossed laziness limit? Asim says Sid. Salman asks Rashami who has crossed misbehaving’s limit? She says Paras. Pinky asks Vishal who has crossed confused’s limit? Arti says Vishal. Salman asks Vishal who has crossed whispering’s limit? He says Rashami. Pinky wishes them all luck. She leaves the stage.

Elite Club Task:
Salman tells the inmates that we will do the elite club task. He says you have to talk about the topic that comes on the wheel and our audience will vote.
Arti rotates the wheel and she has to talk about Vishal as a mastermind. Arti says he thought that he will win once Madhu enters the house but his plan failed. The audience gives her 5.4.
Mahira gets Sana’s flip as a topic. Mahira says Sana hurts the people that are close to her and she is proud of her flip. The audience gives her 5.1.
Paras gets Sid’s angry as a topic. Paras says Sid gets aggressive in a way that he wants to break the house. Sid gets angry because of Asim only. The audience gives him 5.3.
Sid gets the topic Sana’s flip. Sid says Sana looked like a person who is nice but she flips and is never with a person that is with you, she does what she wants to. She is irritating after a while. He gets 7.6. Salman says Sid has become an elite club member. He gets the jacket.

Salman tells the inmates that Shefali has been eliminated. He ends the call. Mahira hugs her and cries. Paras hugs her too and says I am sorry. Shefali hugs Sid.
Sana tells Asim that our time is coming too. Shefali hugs her too. She wishes Asim and leaves. Mahira cries.
Rashami hugs Arti.

Asim tells Rashami that Paras and Mahira are more than friends. It’s a game for Paras but they act like it’s a game from both sides.
Sid tells Mahira that my mind is not working. Paras says these 4 are doing nothing in the show, they poke for no reason, they keep changing the sides and people are liking them?
Sana tells Rashami that they are talking about you crying in the show? Rashami says I will clear it with Shukla here.

Vishal tells Asim that they will target us now. Vishal says they will target Rashami. Asim says if we try to bring Arti or Paras in the nominations then it will be easier for us. Vishal says don’t give attention to Sid at all as then Sid won’t get anything. I know Sid does it. Rashami says I will not target Mahira as she does to me, I don’t like when she misbehaves with me but I don’t react to her poking.

Salman says the friends and family of the inmates will come to support them this week. Salman signs off from the show.
PRECAP- Vikas enters the house to support them. Kash comes to support Arti. Himanshi comes to support Asim. Sana’s brother Shahbaz comes to support her.
Bigg Boss shows the clip of Asim, Vishal and Rashami talking about bringing Paras and Arti coming on their side. Paras tells Asim that you people think you are planners but this is useless. You both are nothing. Now I will show you both, I will win this show.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Amal

    Bigg Boss is being a Bigg b*t*h now lmaooo man no matter how much you suck up to Paras, Sid and the others at the end of the day we can all see wtf you lot are doing you dirty skanks . So what if Vishal, Rashmi and Asim has conversation about breaking the other team up? There weren’t any chances of that happening but at least if you’re going to show everything then also show what the others talk about ! These lot act like the people they’ve put in the house have no self respect

    1. I agree with you totally irritating.

    2. I agree. So what of they talked about it, everyone talks about that subject. I don’t know if the promo will be misleading or not because usually it is… but that was dirty. If they are going to show one group talk, then show how Paras constantly talks shit about Asim, Rashmi, and Shehnaaz.
      Paras was so scared to leave, he was clearly upset when Mahira got saved too. What Asim said was correct, Paras is in it for the game… he is taking advantage of Mahira.
      Fingers crossed that Paras or Mahira leave next week. Biggest bullies ever

  2. Someone said its a supreme court judgement on WKW in a sarcastic tone yesterday. Let me clear you with this !
    An incident happens be it of any level crime or wrong. They file a case and produce it in the court for judgement. Between what the lawyers have to do ?
    Here every HM has to become a lawyer for themselves, right ?
    Now will you blame judge for the verdict ? Or the lawyers who failed to strongly present their hearings ? And here judge had already witnessed the evidences but need to judge their INTENTIONS only behind it, gives enough time to explain themselves or prove the accusations.
    Now don’t say good won’t become bad or bad won’t become good irrelevant of the judgement.
    Pathetic sarcasm.

  3. Some people are having serious misconceptions regarding my mental stability and behaviour.
    Your are right, i am behaving like that only but i am perfectly alright !

    I want to follow my idol and be Junior Shukla here in the page. Be it in sarcasm, being witty, logics, wise thinking, aggression, TEAM PLAY, judging people, self respect, poking, humour, flirting, RIVALRIES, spot improvisation, presence of mind, smart, emotions, foolishness (childish).
    I will definitely represent all his qualities in my views and will avoid some qualities like personal abuses, personal remarks. ( He is instinctive there and gives in aggression only, here i can ignore it by taking some time to let go off my frustration on seeing negativity)
    I will max time not use one liners & short views to just avoid misconceptions only, which is the major point regarding Shukla on the show.(obviously max people are projecting them in negative way only leaving behind what it is actually intended for)

    Every quality i mentioned was in action. You may relate it any of my views till now, may be i am little less effective initially in my views but learning curve dude. Excuse me.

    PS: Don’t compare me with attention seeking attitude (i dont blabber rubbish just for attention), serious poking attitude (poking to project a point, not to just irritate or prove myself correct), losing plot attitude in personal matters(it’s public page, we don’t fight for self respect here).

  4. Paras say these 4 are doing nothing in this show? He thinks because of his this show is running… joke of the year everyone in this house is a flipper. They just move wherever they got footage but targeting sana as a flipper I didnt understand

  5. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Heed my words-
    Sana will encounter the same fate as Hina.
    Runner-up may bag more projects and fame after Bigg Boss.
    On her BIRTHDAY I wish-
    1. I could see Sana in The Kapil Sharma Show asap.
    2. I could see Akshay, Katrina & Rohit on Finale.

  6. Sorry this show is a joke full stop. Won’t waste my precious time on comments.

  7. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    I wish blind followers of Sid could see him in WWE soon.
    He can excel there. He doesn’t have to control his aggression, stubbornness, and unkind personality.

  8. So Amal – u know what. U go with a garland and put it on who as per you Want to give a clean chit. Why dont u file a case with RTI asking big boss to release 24 hrs to u. Make a show showing ur fav only with only positive things and cut all others. U wld be validated na. U will not be biased right.
    I just don’t understand. BB is the show its producers and creative team the god and contestant had signed contract to generate conent. If asim was so good then why come to big boss. Nobody is perfect. This show is all about showing different shades of what they can show. One who cannot are shown the door. Asim does not get any punishment. Paras jitna bashing aaj tak kisi ko nahi mila hoga Where they like exposed paras using an outside person akansha so badly the one who helped him survive in mumbai. Why bb showed those. Why bb even showed shukla’s abuses of maa baap if it was biased. Salman cld not have said single word to sid. When rashmi and aim pushed they never got any punishment like sid got of two week nomination. If bb was biased they wld have done it. Only when asim is shown positive is whn u like the show and all the other time is baised. Kuch bhi logic.
    BB is god here simple. They show the best clips that housemate does (postive negative) and u need to judge and vote. Why so much hate ? U vote for ur fav and hope for the best. Go wear t-shirt beating his name , ask ur family friends to vote for ur fav and leave it to bb to announce the winner. Why crib and b*t*h about the show or fellow ppl here.

    For me BB is the winner at the end of the day. Had fun watching it
    For the entertainment. Now preparing for withdrawal.

  9. Why is it so hard to accept mistake that ur fav has done wrong when some thing is shown. Ppl gets so frustrated that they start cribbing or say bad abt competitor and that show is biased.

    We have so much time and hate in our young blood that we have become very judgemental and have narrow views. This show is entertaining in its own right.
    My fav was kesari initially but he got evicted long time back. He was pure heart. That is called real struggle. But he was evicted wrongly without audience vote. So u accept it and show goes on. bB found khesari not generating valid content for this show so take him out as he might be very costly investment. Simple. I Let it go and move to next one.
    No video or comment that BB is biased then.

    So lets not talk morality here. Its twisted to your narrow vision. Its gr8 entertainment show. I love it. Even if my fav has not won. I dont shout it biased.

  10. I am going to stop watching Bigg Boss 13 now. It’s a show based on deception and lies. Every year, like fools, we watch this big fat lie of a show and get hoodwinked! It was the same story last year, as well! They are determined to depict one group as scheming and manipulative, while the other one is supposed to be all things fabulous!
    Now, they are going to make Vishal look stronger than Rashmi. What a joke! She might be weaker than SS, but there is no way that she got lesser votes than Vishal! I can’t bear to watch this farce everyday and realise that there is no place for good behavior anymore! I see extremely aggressive contestants winning hearts and it saddens me that this is the way the world functions nowadays.

  11. Is the channel using Sid for TRP or making Sid winner by being biased ?
    What do you feel regarding this season ?

    1. I can see channel playing mind games with the audience too. Daily showing the promos in one side favour and taking the audience to a trance. And they are never ready to accept the reality. They are being in that biased feeling which is manipulated into the minds of max audience.
      Bitter truth is nobody realising that, the promos are misleading and forgetting the whole episode and are giving view on promo only.
      Repeat repeat repeat.
      Promoting biased slogan regularly.

  12. My answer would be basing like dis.

    Stubborn truth is that, Bigg boss is a reality show with scripted screenplay.

    Both reality & script are equally should be balanced, in the show by channel and in the real life by audience.

    Both are sometimes losing this balance and blaming on each other. Both are using it for convenience too.

    They are getting TRP.
    We are getting frustrated.

    Ultimate loss to audience & contestants only.

    I gave yu all some hint, rest wanna see ur comments. Pls think n give !

  13. Tanuja sisodia

    I like did ND sana but now Sid said to sana I am attached with you but I saw every time Sid insulted sana and said “tu apne bap ki ni hui to Meri Kya hogi” ND when Paras said about sana ” ghr se bhag gai thi” that time why Sid didn’t take stand for sana. If any thing happened wrong wd Mahira Paras took stand every time for mqhira so why not Sid for sana even sana every time took stand for Sid if asim was taking about sid then sana took stand every time but why not Sid

    1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      Worry not… Sid may realize his mistake later…
      Sana deserves better… a man who could accept her THE WAY SHE IS…
      Sid always tries to find her flaws only… try to correct and modify her…
      Now it seems Sid utters just like Paras & Mahira…

  14. Really this is a bl***y idiot reality show. Just want trp blah blah..

  15. Why they have to do all this..if they r making any strategy then it’s fine…after all what else is bb all about..Paras winner😅😅😅😅😅oh god you’ll be out from top 4 also..ND thinking of winning.. people r not liking u ND mahira ND u r accusing Asim, Rashmi ND Sana, atleast they have done something..Rashmi has catched up her game…worked on feedback..not like u ND mahira who were not even ready to listen to your mothers

  16. This might be the only season where weekend is also boring 😴😴😴😴😒😒😒.if I didn’t get time to watch any season,I never missed to watch salman.

  17. I hate seeing mahira and paras. They are such an useless disrespectful people. Especially paras such an liar he has no standard cheater plays with women’s to get footage. I do not like seeing him show. Mahira is most irritating person I’ve ever seen. She’s too ignorant get her out of show she’s definitely zero without paras.

  18. what the hell how can bigg boss show the clip when SId and gang are discussing why dont they show that or when Mahira and Paras are gossiping why dont they show that this is ridicualous this show is getting so damn boring…. useless to even watch anymore…

  19. Two things. First, Salman telling Varun he watches BB episodes atleast TWICE before giving any of his views on WKV. Lol. We all know Salman just reads the script given to him, given his busy schedule. So why this need to tell that Salman is not following a script??

    Second, why does Varun have to say that this season is a highly rated one?? Why the need? Why every guest everytime wants to comment on the success of this season when it is clearly not?? It is NOT the most successful season, it is just better than the previous one.

    Sid is clearly worried after Shefali left coz his group wont be in the majority anymore. Paras telling that the other 4 are undeserving to stay in the house since they are doing nothing is the biggest joke.

  20. We watch tv for entertainment not to take any stress or shit from these type of reality show. How disgusting bigg boss makers n Salman khan playing with true emotions instead clearing difference between sid n sana they ate creating mess for them by giving stupid task n sending those guests n old contestants who are enemy of their bond. We really love to see sid n sana together because sid n sana both love each other but feeling hesitate to confess their feeling. Sid think maybe sana will not want committment n sana think maybe sid is very intelligent if she seriously tell him n maybe he will say no. Both scaring for rejection but they should speak up now because everybody in the house are jealous n insecure of their bond. This is the first season that all housemates are so cruel disgusting n cheap. They have no mercy n humanity in their heart many time sana told everyone that she is missing sid n want to do patch but nobody listen gave wrong advice then she herself try to convince sid. Sid should also understand that they both are in a game show in previous season nobody play with team that much n involve deeply as sid is doing. Both should give preference to each other the way paras n mahira doing they are cheap too to save their bonding they created rift between true bond n what bigg makers is doing if you want to bring back old contestants again n again then why evict them. They irritating us why should we waste our time n money for this mess. Now kashmeera himanshu devoleena n again shefali jariwala coming to bigg boss for staying why doing this to sid n sana if you want to break their bond then why got so much trp on their name tilte sidnaaz. You all know sidharth nature n sana again will do mistake because she is talkative person n she doesn’t know how to speak when to speak n react. This is mentally torture for them i think nobody would ever participate in this type of bias show who make your life hell. They are already have misunderstanding n hurt don’t play with their emotions. That is their life they will decide what they want nobody should interefer n give speach that they are good or not good together.

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