Bigg Boss 13 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Vishal can’t a fair decision as a referee

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Bigg Boss 13 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 116
3 PM
Asim asks Arti if she is eating eggs today? Arti says I ate mine earlier. Shefali tells Asim that he can take her eggs. Asim says I don’t need them. Sid says he will eat more than he needs.

3:15 PM
Asim tells himself that I need to calm down. Sid was telling Shefali that I will eat more eggs, who is he to tell me how much I will eat? Rashami asks him to calm down. Asim says I was talking to Arti but he kept taunting. Asim leaves from there and goes into the washroom area.

6 PM
Sana lies on Sid and says it was fun when Abu was here. Paras says Dey was a good person. Shefali says Dey was frustrated here. Sana says Sid didn’t talk to anyone then. Sid says you used to talk to everyone. Sana gets angry and leaves from there. Sid says what did I say? Sana says if I sit near you then you have a problem. Sid says she is a flip. Sid swings the chair Sana is sitting on. Sana says if I get hurt then Salman will watch it. She hugs him and says you have a problem if I sit with you or if I don’t sit with you. Sid says do it in front of the camera. Sana says you can’t take someone’s respect.

7 PM
Rashami asks Paras if he wants rotis? Paras says Shefali will make our rotis.
Rashami tells Arti that they are making their rotis. Sana says I don’t like this. Rashami says they are not eating my rotis out of revenge? I can’t believe it.

10:15 PM
Sid comes to Sana and says I have an attachment with you. Sana says I can see that. Sid says I have an attachment with you that I don’t have with anyone else, it is an attachment like I have with a cigarette, it gives me a problem but I still smoke. Till we are in this house, I don’t want you to not be feeling well. You are playing a game. Sana says you know this is not a game for me. You are possessive of your people, I get stressed when I don’t talk to you, I want your dose. Sid says you might not follow your commitments but let me tell you that I will never hate you but I wouldn’t be in touch with you, we are different. We will have different opinions and you wouldn’t listen to me and it will affect me. Sana says right, I will do what I want in life.

Mahira hugs Paras and asks what are you thinking? Paras says it was out of the box, if it’s real then I can react if Akansha is my girlfriend and taking care of me then why this topic is coming up? Something must have happened, I wanted to end that relationship, I wanted to move on. Shefali says you will know when you go out. Paras says she wanted my name’s tattoo, I told her no but she didn’t listen. She would cry and I would feel guilty. Shefali says move on once you are out of here.

Day 117
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song anda.

10 AM
Sana is helping Rashami. Shefali asks how many parathas are they making? Sana says you people don’t like to eat from Rashami’s hands. Mahira says why are you saying that? Shefali says I was just asking so do your work, Sana asks her to leave.

10:45 AM
Paras asks Sana if she is doing her duty? Sana says yes, I was just helping Rashami, she didn’t ask but I wanted to help her. Rashami says you have a problem with it? Paras says you get help from everyone. Rashami says you have a problem with it? Paras says you have a problem with Mahira.

11:30 AM
Sid asks Shefali for whom Sana was making parathas? Shefali says she said she was not making it for me. Sana says you people shouldn’t have a problem with anyone when its about food.
Sana tells Rashami that you make food for everyone, if they don’t want to eat then that’s their problem.

1 PM
Sid and Sana are in the bed. Sana tells Sid that you should marry Arti, I like your couple. Sid says I didn’t come here to marry like you wanted to find a boyfriend here. Sana says no. Sid says I am sleeping. Sana says turn towards me. She hugs him. Sid moves her away and says let me sleep. Sana says I was making you sleep. She plays with his hair and passes a kiss to him. Sid says don’t do it, she applies lipstick on his shirt. Sana says your character will be destroyed? Should we go to Goa together? Sid says don’t do it.

1:30 PM
Rashami asks Sid if he ate her parathas and then he had typhoid? Sid says no, I didn’t think so. Rashami says are you sure? Sid says yes. Rashami says you think that? Sid says I never said it, I don’t think so. Rashami says then why you said no today to parathas? Sid says the way you gave it and the way it was cooked. Rashami says I might burn it sometime but don’t you like my food? Sid says it’s not like that. Rashami says I am going to make something for you, I am going to surprise you. Sid says I am scared. Rashami says why? Do you think I will take revenge? Sid says no I am scared of your love.

3 PM
Sana sings dil ko tumse pyar hua. Sid sings dil ko sabse pyar hua. Sana says no, I found love one time only.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the captaincy task. The way Asim and Sid lost the cool in the last task, we don’t want a repeat of that so we are discarding Asim and Sid from this task, they will not be a part of it. Shefali reads the task ‘spider’. There is a spider and all inmates have their baskets, each round spider will give eggs. The inmates have to collect the eggs in their baskets. The person who has the most eggs will win that round, then that inmate will eliminate one person from the task. Then the next round will start and the inmates will have to empty their baskets. They can’t keep the eggs anywhere else, they can’t put a cap on their baskets. Whoever loses the task first will become the referee of this task.

Sid talks to Shefali, Paras and Mahira. Sid tells them to get the eggs first, he asks Paras to handle Vishal.
Asim tells Rashami and Vishal that don’t run, give your best. Sana says I want to play. Asim asks Sana to support Vishal.
Sid tells Mahira to win the first 2 rounds.

4:30 PM
All stand in the line to get the eggs. Sid stands in the line too. The buzzer plays, they all run to get the eggs. Paras blocks Vishal while Shefali grabs Rashami. Vishal collects the eggs. Paras takes eggs from his basket too. Sana holds her basket. Bigg Boss asks Asim to stay away from them. Asim cheers for his team. Mahira hides her eggs. Vishal tries to get the eggs from her but Paras stops him. Bigg Boss asks them to stop the task as they are pulling each other. Vishal pushes Paras away and says what is your problem? Bigg Boss asks them to stop the task. Sid says Asim and others are losers. Mahira says Vishal was pulling me. Sana says we will play the task now. Vishal says I didn’t touch your hair. Mahira asks him to stay away. She tells Sana that I supported you and you are doing this? Sid says let her be. Asim says Paras will win like this? You didn’t become a captain till now because you are useless. Mahira says they are ungrateful. Rashami says I won’t be a part of this game, my finger is already hurt. Sana says if they want to play then we will now. Asim argues with Paras. Paras calls him useless. Mahira says this is the reality of Sana. She is ungrateful, she can’t be a friend.

Sana says they play for one person. Sid says this is the benefit of being a flipper. Sana says you people can’t touch me now.
Paras asks Sid what if they throw me out of the task. Sid says it’s okay.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you can’t move the baskets from their place, this round was rejected. They empty their baskets in a bin.

Sana tells Sid that I want you to win this show. Paras talks to Sid and says we can target Rashami. Sana comes there and says you people can plan, Sana is of everyone. She teases Sid and says you think Paras is the father of this game?
Sana tells Rashami and her team that they will try to block Vishal. Rashami says if I have to protect myself then I will not care about anyone getting hurt.

Sana calls Vishal and tells him that they will defend against me so you attack. The buzzer plays, they all run to get the eggs. Paras holds Vishal back. Shefali grabs Shefali. Arti collects the eggs. Rashami is held by Mahira. The buzzer ends. Sana pushes Sid back and says you are a flipper. She asks him to stay in his limit. Rashami says let them play.
Paras tells Sid that we will take Vishal’s name. Sid tells Bigg Boss that Mahira has maximum eggs. Mahira eliminates Vishal from the task as he is not ready to become a leader. She sprays on his face. Asim says now Vishal is the referee, he can throw anyone out of the task. Mahira says they think that we didn’t know about it? Vishal says you people play in a group.
Sana tells Asim that he is a cheap man, you were right. Sid says you both know about me now? Sana says we saw who is a coward here, don’t poke me. Sid says you know everything about me? Sid says Asim is a crybaby and you are with him now? Sana says all crybabies are with you Sid. Shefali says oh we all cry.
Arti tells Sid that I am not playing like this. Sid says I want you four to be the last one in the task then you can fight against Mahira and Paras.

Vishal tells Asim that they have to put the eggs in their own basket only so I will reject them.

5:45 PM
Sana tells Asim that I am so hurt, Arti mistakenly put eggs in my basket so Sid was angry at her. Asim says he will not fight with Paras ever, he is a coward. Sana says he needs a team to play. Sid comes there. Sana says he has kept a guard to fight for him. Sid says Sana you have started crying? You are on the right side now. Sana says they will play for me now, I have pushed you so go and tell the Bigg Boss. You are poking me. Sid says I don’t cry like you. Sana asks him to shut up, you had nothing with me? Sid says we had nothing. Sana says you have won the show. Sid says I will give it back with interest, he leaves. Asim tells Sana that he just uses people, don’t push him as he will blame you on the weekend. Don’t do it. I know him. I didn’t like him making jokes on me, I had a vibe that we will have a fight, I control myself but he keeps poking. Don’t push him as it will hurt you only.

6 PM
The buzzer plays. Arti collects the eggs. Mahira grabs Rashami. Shefali blocks Sana. Sana asks Rashami to leave it. The round ends. Bigg Boss asks Vishal to give his decision. Vishal says from my side, no one wins this round as it’s written that they will put the eggs in their own baskets only, they can’t put the eggs anywhere else, they have hidden the eggs. Shefali didn’t put any egg in her basket. My decision is final. Sid says wow, this task is rejected now. Vishal says I have given my decision. Sid says he is cheating. Bigg Boss asks his last decision. Vishal says they didn’t play it fair and if I am allowed to reject this round then I am. Shefali says I have filled my basket. Vishal says I can’t disqualify anyone but this task is rejected. Asim asks Vishal to disqualify them, he can do it. Vishal says Sana won this round as she has put one egg in her basket. Sana says but I didn’t. Vishal says my decision is final. Paras says so you will cheat? Vishal says I am following the rules. Asim and Sana leave. Sana says Vishal has gone mage.

6:30 PM
Vishal says this round is rejected. Bigg Boss says first you said that this round was rejected then Sana won this round and now you are saying that this task is rejected? Please tell us what’s your final decision? Vishal says Sana wins this round. Sid laughs at him. Shefali says how? Paras shouts at Vishal and says you are a ****. Vishal says Sana is the winner. Bigg Boss asks how many eggs does Sana have? Mahira says none. Vishal says Sana has put one egg in her basket. Bigg Boss says you think the egg was in her basket till the round ended? Vishal says yes, she had. Bigg Boss asks Sana whom she will throw out of the task? Sana says I want to eliminate Shefali. Shefali says I don’t accept it. Sid taunts Asim saying he is a crybaby. Asim shouts at him that who are you? Sid says you are useless. Sana takes Asim away. Shefali taunts him that he is a crybaby. Asim glares at Sid. Sana pulls Asim back. Mahira says Vishal will listen to Rashami mama only. Sid taunts Asim calling him a crybaby. Shefali says he is a coward. Asim sits in the elite room and laughs at them. Shefali says he is a rat. Sana dances in front of her. Paras taunts Vishal and says you have no stand. Vishal says to be in limit Paras. Shefali asks Asim to come out and fight with her, are you scared? Rashami and Sana laugh at her. Paras tells Sid that now I am asking you to not talk to Sana now. Sid says I will not.

PRECAP- Bigg Boss tells Vishal that you call yourself fair and just but in this task, you were so confused and lied on the face. You misused your power so you will not get any task that has immunity as a reward. Sid laughs and claps. Vishal says I don’t care. Bigg Boss says you all will choose two inmates who were responsible to get the tasks rejected. Paras says the paint task was rejected because of Sana. Asim says it was rejected because of Sid. Sid says right. Asim shows him the shoes and says lick it. Sid says don’t argue with me. Asim says because you are a gutter, you were fine with me. Sid laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Like there is Yo Yo test to check the fitness level of an athlete, there should be a patience test with Asim to check a person’s patience level. He might as well end up making a living out of it.

  2. Lol it was so evident today that sidharath needs a group to function. He can’t function on his own. And why is he so worried about what and how much Asim eats ??? At least kha kha ke uski tarah Asim fatt toh nahi raha.
    And even tho I am not a Sana fan the kind of remarks sidharath is passing for her is disgusting.
    Matlab Shukla kisi ka toh saga hoja lol.
    He is so insecure that it’s funny now.
    And looks like all those days of not taking a shower is finally showing its effect
    Was itching himself like crazy today 😂

    Shefali :- sis you are not even relevant. Like please gooo away

    Mahira :- your voice irritates me
    Your attitude disgusts me .
    And game me apna khud ka la kuch
    Paras Paras all the time

    Paras :- madhu ki toh baat Kar li but what about akansha bro ? Gharwali baharwali zyada ho raha hai ab
    And asim ko nalla bol raha hai
    Bankrupt khud ho rakha hai
    Literally living on his gf’s expense
    And also being ungrateful and unfaithful

    Sana :- I know you will flip
    And you will flip real soon lol

    1. whatever u said is very true,really Sid ehhhhh he keeps itching his body…..he looks untidy

    2. yes, nice I second you

  3. Yesterday I got attacked by “Noel” aka CS7. The same exact defensive behavior, the same way of typing… like dude if you are really going to use another account to bash people, at least alter your grammar. But like @Rajjo has said, it is best to ignore the people who get so defensive and hurt over people they support that they find the need to go and insult/bash others views.
    As of this week, the episodes were back to how they have been for the past 3 months.. full of fights, insults, going on character, etc. At this point, I cannot wait for Bigg Boss to end. It is the same thing, every day. It is to the point where everyone is poking everybody at any moment they can. It is not just always one person doing it, EVERYONE does it.

    1. Rajjo

      Thank you @ Pari for the regard. Yes it me who told to ignore people hence now I am ignoring too… Here people have problem with me they are saying I have gone mad for the show get a life so this is my last comment here because I don’t want to be mad or to be called mad again so its my quit from this page…
      You just included my name so I couldn’t resist myself from writing.

      1. @Rajjo like are you serious? You and me are here from i don’t know when. You were my friend from bb11 season, i don’t want to lose you. I wantyou to be here and keep your views.

      2. @Rajjo… chill and cool, let the haters hate, we are here to share our views and at times all of us may go wrong inadvertently with our comments. i know you are offended with a guy called Shastri who wrote unsolicited comment about you and me and other few too.. i answered him back with his own medicine… remain in commenting, i too have seen you since bb 11 though i dont comment very often but used to fight with aeroplane and few others…
        None of us know each other yet we are here bec we all love big boss and we choose our own favorites, i have chosen Sid and do hope you have chosen him too as your favorite, we like few others too, and dislike few too… at the end this season will go and another will come… again we all have to come again to comment together or fight … let the show go on and our participation too… wish you good day… God bless… take care… see you again soon…. 🙂

      3. @RJR am saying to you again don’t you dare involve me in anything. What did you said that am bothered about shukla’s fandom that’s why am talking shit about him. Oh plz, I hav a life and I don’t treat that shukla as GOD like you are doing. I included your name in my comments bcz you were being intolerable and replying to everyone views who doesn’t support your shukla. I am not the only one who feels like that. I believe in respecting my parents and treating them as God not like you people who are treating a contestant as an God and supporting him despite of his filthiness he is show casing. It just explains your character too. I am not saying anything it doesn’t mean I will remain silent and am weak. Guess what, in short words i will tell that you are abuser and your mind is also filled with filthiness like him so you are being relatable to him. Don’t you dare to call me puppy and all. Am refraining from abusing you coz i don’t like it. Am done with this bullies here, like shukla they are bullying other people’s too. Every person is different and they hav different views. What other person thinks is none of your business and first of all who the hell are you to judge and call me names. Pathetic and disgusting idiot.

    2. Cry baby, if u really want to ignore you wouldn’t have repeated it today the same message framing it as attacked. Don’t need to clarify regarding my identity, its not worth in this unidentified page.
      Anyway happy that you have taken my suggestion, your view has changed and making some sense now.

    3. Omg you are right, both CS7 and Noel have same style of writing. Aree apne opinion rakhne me itna dar ki dusra account banana pada lol.
      I agree about the fight. Since these fights started again, I stopped watching bigg boss live. I now read the update and watch on Voot next day. So that I can skip the parts where everyone is just attacking each other. Bigg boss is not just about fights. Tasks can be won through cleverness, manipulation and patience too as happened in the past, but here everyone show just their aggressive side & being unfair. It’s very irritating now.

  4. For all so called neutral viewers in the Mask of internal hatred or love.
    Dignity and freedom of the page purely depends on you only. Fan wars are normal routine, they fight when their fav are rivals and unite when their fav are doing the same. So no big issue with this fan wars.
    I said neutral mask, for that clarification also giving.

    They always have a weak contestant as soft target and criticize to core, even though there is no resistance from anybody. It’s already proven weak, what are you trying to portray more ? Oh sorry, you are neutral right.
    And most important line. They show this fair judgement while framing top contestants so naturally that it looks like from the heart and 💯 neutral. Nobody here is that kid enough to notice it and don’t give moral policing to only one particular contestant fans. If you are really concerned or effected, then show your feelings to others also.
    Oh my mistake, there is no individual in the house who achieved superstar status to have that level loyal fans, so fair enough. (Have doubt regarding this, show me one viewer who is hard core fan and reacts fair enough to the point and clears the same)
    We shukla fans don’t have any regret for you or feel sorry. But one point, sometimes the intensity gets carried away with fanwars and may affect in our views. So notice that and stay unaffected as you are smart enough to categorise everything so fairly without any biased feeling.
    Of course we know, how much neutral you are while judging each HM and how much game spirit you have. It’s clear in your views and we are also smart enough to catch it and criticize it in the same way. It’s our right to freedom as you all say.
    Bottom line is if you use the same magnifying glass to all neutrally, there is nothing an issue to fight or criticize. When you are really a loyal fan, you will know this feeling.

  5. To the dignified and courteous people only and also to the rest of bigg boss fans.

    We shukla fans don’t need to clear or prove ourself as it makes no point. You are already witnessing it and proving it in your views.
    We have immense respect and gratitude towards you for showcasing the reality. And you never ever get carried away with the situations and only judge on whole basis. That’s worth super applauds.

    But i want to give one line out of curiosity to know your views on that.
    No individual in the world looks the same way as the other and everyone has their own conceptions regarding judgement. You are really neutral but somewhere it looks like favouring someone. Its natural to feel that way bcz nobody is completely right or wrong and has their share due enough in both criteria.

    Bottom line is
    We are really sorry if you were affected with our views. Hope you understand this and don’t need much explanation.

  6. Particularly to myself.

    I am not super human or high on judgement or over confident or desperate.
    Yes i am super emotional and high on feelings. I think twice or thrice before writing a line and makes sure of no misjudgement or negative conception.

    Between i have due respect to every individual either in the house or outside and have never crossed the boundaries to my knowledge. I just mentioned categories plainly and didn’t include names, so that no one takes it personally offensive.

    Its purely my feeling and my share of the non sense too.
    Peace !!

  7. Sid was asked by Big Boss not to talk to Asim. But looks like Sid wants footage and so now he is poking Asim all the time. He needs to be mature and behave as a grown up. He does so much of planning and plotting together with Paras and Mahira and yet Mahira has the nerve to say Rashmi is b*t*hing about her. She is the worst and needs to be out of this show. Vishal has a good side but these hawks will not let him be…..They Paras/Mahira/Sid/Shefali are all out to target Vishal.

    1. very well said

  8. Particularly for one on one viewers. ( Either hate or love)

    A line will always be there in between the game phase and real/personal phase and Shukla exactly knows where that line of control will be. He only had that capability to identify that phase in the house right now and acts accordingly always, so everyone goes wild for his attitude & game. He never shows that two phases at a time, either he shows his game phase completely or shows his real phase completely unlike others who always shuffle between both phases while argument. He is a perfect gamer to all of us. He doesn’t worry about the image or look clean, he speaks his heart out having some moral constraints only.
    Similarly, we Shukla fans are following the same here. We treat you the same way, you treat us. We don’t shuffle like you do, and we have some moral values too. And this theory only applies for Shukla fans, can say it proudly.

    This page is almost having only two categories of people. Shukla fans or Shukla haters. Any day you take, 90% of comments have his mentioning either positively or negatively. Without mentioning his name, a comment never completes.
    A day goes in a completely hating way when shukla shows some violence or gives abuses or makes a mistake. There makers are not biased to show him like that. Biased word will never come that day.
    But a day goes completely in a biased way when he is done no wrong on that day. Topic suddenly comes show is biased. No accepting the fact that others are wrong or shukla is right, it only means show is biased straight.
    What a logic, what a logic.
    Shukla fans take it seriously bcz he is a superstar and is a demigod for me especially. We can’t take it easily, when someone shows negativity intentionally.
    It’s not easy to stay on top always when you are fighting many hurdles, some times may fumble badly but doesn’t mean you are crossing the line or too bad.
    Every HM has one particular rival in the game at one time, but same doesn’t go with Shukla. He has to face multiple HM’s and their strategies who are in a mask of friend, enemies. Same here in this page too. We don’t have any particular name to mention as our rival or friends. Bcz some comment only to showcase their hatred towards him and some people say like, i am Shukla fan and starts publishing negative point in that mask to escape criticism. Only some people, repeating again only some people are having that fan mask.
    Bottom line is we are so happy with you to be one on one. You stay in line, we are in line too. You go out of the line, we break the boundaries too. It’s our fan wars and this is all fair and open always.

  9. After supporting Sid, I’ve lost respect for him and Shefali. I had high hopes for those 2 but they have turned too nasty. Bigg boss can’t reprimand Vishal when theres been cheating and colluding in previous task, that just shows BB who should be impartial isn’t impartial so is hypocritical to expect a contestant to be.

    Asim was told by BB that he was not to be involved in the game then how come Sid was able to intervene as much as he did.

    Paras and Mahira are awful people and it saddens me to say im adding Sid to that category. A program like this should not be allowed to go on for this long. The production team should be ashamed of themselves but they don’t care about bullying, mental health etc as long as they get their trps.

    Disgusting show, that allows bullying, so much biases and hypocrisy.

    1. very well said

  10. Siddhartha, Jariwala, Paras and Mahira are such lowest of low people I have seen in TV. They always bully and spoils the task given by the big boss. Please get Paras and Jariwala oOUT this weekend. They are spoiling the show because of them show is looking vulgar and cheap🥴

  11. Amal

    Sheifali is one to talk about anyone being a crybaby, she was so desperate for Asim’s attention and when he didn’t give it to her she’s going after him and that’s only after Sid comes running to bark at Asim lmaooo I wish I was in the house cos I would take on her for Asim and I wouldn’t care what Salman had to say on the WKV. Sid has totally lost it, they way he comes running at Asim , I’m scared he will die of a heart attack cos the guy is about to lose his mind . I love how Asim is playing mind games and getting under the skin of Shukla and his sidekicks 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I wasn’t a fan of Asim as I always liked Rashmi but now I’m with both Asim and Rashmi. I want Mahira and Paras out of the house cos I can’t stand them skanks 😷😷

  12. Arey yaaro. I know u r die hard fans of your fav and would bash the other to relieve your frustration and push your agenda . So arent u similar like asim and sid who are poking each (at one point of time not limited to one incident) other to gain one up point. Each fanbase is trying to get one better up. So if you are doing same to each other how can you judge the player without judging yourself. Ur taking high grnd assuming that the player you support is the best of other. U cannot judge an actor character on tv without spending time and reading over real things.

    Chalo so i know nobody asked for free gyan and u wld be telling paka mat , lol. I just wanted you to have patience and decency in this forum and point out exclusive out of box thinking.

    Coming to the BIG GAME today – bhai vishal do u think at this stage cheating strategy alone is going to help until. This is stupidity. I dont know why the housemates are sticking to one another except of Sana. At this stage break the alliances and form new ones. Why cant they play politics with big boss and break the creative team calculation and manipulation. That would be the ultimate game. As of now it is predictable. I would like Sid and Rashmi unite secretly with arti and then see how Asim counters it given his option with manira, paras and shefali and sana. Assuming vishal is gone this weekend. It woudl just destroy big boss manipulation. Next week sana should defect and sid/asim should stand down not playing with each other and just be the director of their team. Who would big boss protect and audience protect. Sana fans will confuse whom to support sid or asim. Rashmi fans gets confused. I woudl love these type of equation and variability.

    Uptill now its only sid team vs asim team. Predictable and boring as we will just have 50 min talk on boil rice / potato /egg / paratha. Poke and agression.

  13. Aaj Sana cigarette ban gayi, kyun kyunki captaincy task mein dusri team ka saath na de aur saath dete hi buri ho gayi. Cigarette toh SS 1 din bhi nai choar pata. Paras Mahira used her to put Vishal in nomination and aaj wapas ushi dharea par. Asim ko 4 mil kar poke karte hai but no one will say ki ushe instigate Kiya jata hai but nice patience. Ye BB nai majak hai. Mahira body shaming Rashmi by calling her mummy to Vishal but bandi toh bol rahi thi respect karti hai. Mummy itni khoobsurat hoti hai Kya….22 years bachon se sundar hai. But nai lips ke barea mein koi bole toh body shaming but age k barea mein chalta hai. Sana ka sadda kutta kutta aur Tera kutta Tommy bara yaad aata hai. She must try in comedy movie.

  14. Good morning folks,
    One more day with calm and then storm, it is really painful to watch at times… whom to blame… is it the script (by the way of cunning tasks) which dont allow inmates not to have peace and fun together… or the petty fights for no reasons… really looking forward to the Sid-naaz to get over, both are not deserved for each other and it is becoming pain to watch too… it is better they remain in opposite group than being together and ditching each other….

    at times Sid behaved badly too, knowing the ugly side of asim he should not have used his name or indulged in petty arguements with him, asim waits for opporunity to go overboard to abuse and then he will make one’s life hell…. why should Sid gives him the opporunity… so i expect Sid should completely ignore the abuser and flipper Sana, rather he can continue to be in good terms with Rashmi as she seems to be improving day by day….. but how long??!!!

    Vishal… such a liar not deserved to be in the show….
    Mahira … though improved a lot offlate, still she is another version of abuser asim who keeps poking Rashmi unnecessarily…
    Sheffali…. very difficult to read her mind, she is waiting for an opporunity to take revenge against Asim…. they have so much hatred against each other… cant be trusted…
    Arti …. she is indeed a neutral person and straight too, but her interference during fights could be avoided… her intentions are good but the timings are bad….causing unnecessary heartburns…
    Paras… cunning, crooked yet master of games who is the smartest among the lot, but certainly not a deserved winner…. his betrayal of Akanksha is unpardonable… play boy indeed…. mahira should be careful as her mother said….
    Rashmi – strong player but with the wrong company spoils her game and image too…
    Asim – Not worth to comment about ….. pain to watch….. longing to see his exit… to get into heaven he will make others life hell….
    Sana … though i liked her childish antics earlier, she is the most cunning game players among the lot…. Not willing to see her with Sid anymore……
    Sid – offlate behaviour is bit erratic and longer stay and sana’s gimmicks definitely affecting his game… hope that he continue to keep himself cool and resist the filthy abuses of Asim n’ gang with his perseverance….. should not get badly influnced by Paras n’ mahira…. He is one who defintely deserved the crown, and i am sure he will prevail over everyone till the finale and wins the title…..Go for it Champ Sher Sid, we supporters root for you….. 🙂

    1. I don’t think paras did anything wrong with Akanksha.. I watch some interviews of her nd I feel she is very cunning .. she played very well … She was d one who destroyed his game. Paras is not in love with her dekh ke hi lagta h … Usne bola paras tu bahar aa uske bad break up karenge but what she did paras k Jane k bad usne bahut sweetly paras ki insult ki nd support b Kiya now Akanksha BB m na holar b Sabse jyada popular h she gained sympathy nd people’s support both . Now my question is agar wo paras Ko itna hi pyar Karti h to 1 month bacha h kyu nai usne paras k bahar aane ka wait Kiya ???? Like Himanshi k bf ne uske bahar aane ka wait Kiya then break-up Kiya . Usne itni personal baatein boli ki paras ke bill wo pay karti h n all media m a ye kaun bolta h Apne bf k bare m . I think it’s all planned bcos paras wants to break up with her so she took her revenge nd destroyed his game nd his image totally. now I know he will not going to win so I wish ki usko accha work mile nd Akansha jaise ladki ki upper use depand na rahna pde

  15. Enough is enough. This pathetic shitty fights and this so much favouritism going on in this house. I will say that no one is good here to win this show. All are such a bullies. I don’t understand why biggboss is encouraging that bullies. The way Shefali and Siddharth is constantly poking Asim and laughing at him for every reply. Yuck. The way Paras and Mahira is hell bent on taking revenge on Rashmi. Another level. Hatsoff to both Rashmi and Asim they are handling it very well. Rqshmi was so fed up of the pahira, She tried to ignore them from the last Saturday but her patience ran out, she bursted like a volcano and put Mahira on her place. Obviously, Paras wasn’t able to digest this so he started making issues of not eating anything prepared by her hand then why he swapped his duty with Rashmi in the first place? Shefali, Siddharth, Paras and Mahira should be thrown out of the house immediately. Bb got all eyes when Vishal is wrong in sanchalak but he closed his eyes when Paras was like worst decision maker ever in the train task and eben Salman didn’t said anything. Why is that always Rashmi and Asim hav to listen and get bashed by Salman in every wkw. Am sure that in this wkw too Salman is gonna scold Asim and Rashmi very badly and even on Vishal too but he won’t say a word against this Siddharth and his gang. I want this three Rashmi, vishal and Asim to leave the show immediately and they can give the trophy to Shukla. Period. You can say whatever you want that am their fan or anything. I don’t care 🙂 peace out. Am not like @NOEL @CS7 @RJR who can support a person “SIDDHARTH SHUKLA AND HIS MINIONS” cause am sensible and the way they hav so much of ego, revenge and bullying them constantly laughing at their face when they do the same thing to show their place they go to confession rooms to cry. Asim was lectured that how Shukla’s father isn’t anymore and he can’t abuse but no one lectured Siddharth on
    1) Always pushing Asim and talking very badly about his father every freaking time. Yesterday he crossed all his limits by saying your dad’s first mistake was ur brother and next was you. I wonder that salman won’t even raise this topic coz he is PR of shukla.
    2) Calling Rashmi names and saying her she is characterless by tagging as aisi ladki. Wow hats off. When questioned on wkw, he gave so much explanation that everyone can see through how he is trying to handle his image which got damaged that day. Pity on him.
    3) Calling Shehnaaz as you came to show to hav a boyfriend and you won’t get any. You are not loyal to ur parents. Like seriously, who the hell is he to pass such a big judgement? Nah, Salman and bb doesn’t hav ears and eyes.
    There are a lot of points i can keep going on and i know others also did it but not to Shukla’s extent.

    1. @Cutiepuppy i dont know whats wrong with you and few other characters unnecessarily poking our names like abuser asim… i never mentioned your name anywhere in my comments and why should you unnecessarily quoting our names… cant you tolerate the kind of support sid commands from the millions of fans globally, which made you to write like this…

      I’m refraining myself from replying you harshly…. dont test our patience and enjoy commenting without naming and shaming any fellow commentators… you and another couple of characters write our names though we dont do it, bec we dont find it worth mentioning…. so i advice you to behave…. mind it we are Sid supporters… have fun in watching the show and comment too… dont bring the abuser asim’s theatrics here in this forum…. 🙂

      1. @RJR, Oh hello, Am talking about the nonsense behaviour you all are doing. I never kept commenting on other people views nor i poked them. I said to you bcz you were crossing limits from the past few weeks, i had enough and how dare you to call me a puppy? Like seriously? You are worse than that then. My advice is you to behave and keep ur views and leave. Not necessary to read other comments and keep ur views in it by poking them.

    2. yes you are right, They are biased they support SS only

  16. this is getting bitter and better

  17. Sid was THE WORST today. Asim appreciate his patience. Sanas Should have removed mahira. Problem would have solved. Salman let’s see how fair is at weekend. Vishal & Asim is suffering big time

  18. Sid was THE WORST today. Asim appreciate his patience. Sanas Should have removed mahira. Problem would have solved. Salman let’s see how fair is at weekend. Vishal & Asim is suffering big time.

  19. This season don’t know who is saying that it is super duper … unfortunately me personally ..not watching full episode loosing interest midway only just after half an hour …kyu ki pata chal hata hai what this group ppl will do rest of the part ….

    Last season jaisa nai ki interest bana rahe ki ab kya hoga …

  20. SKA

    SS is acting like a Don.
    Now it is evident who is that fire starter. He cannot keep his mouth shut and focussed entirely on Asim and instigates his chamchas to trigger Asim. He keeps starting problems and yet cries like an aged crybaby.

    WHY isn’t BB taking action against him?? He has been given so much priority and leeways that now he feels it is a given.

    Should Asim’s fans start “stop torturing Asim’??

    Paras is clearly trying to create problems with Rashmi just to be support Mahira. Rashmi doesn’t give a damn about Mahira’s existence and yet hyena thinks everything is ABOUT HER!!

    Asim..please mind your own business and stop standing up for anyone!!

    BB took Vishal to task for his unfairness but wot about the rest at previous tasks?? Why the others Sid and his chamchas get away with their nonsense.

    For next season BB has to choose HMs carefully. Do not bring in immature people who are angry at the whole world and mature people who hv massive ego problems and cannot take defeat and NO for an answer.

    Sid and chamchas bullying tactics are a bad influence on the youngers who are watching who may feel it is ok to gang up, bully and demean a person and even make fun of their faces. GOD gave them that face..grow up and behave!!

    Losing interest in this show cos no substances except bullying tactics and watching SS and chamchas device devious plans 🙁

  21. Now I feel that Colors nd makers want to make Asim and Rashmi winner… That’s what they r showing sahnaaz nd siddarth bad. Even they want to make Rashmi in elite club 2 but Arti nailed that task….. That tym Arti se agar marne Ko bola Jata to wo usme b ready thi . Rashmi was good 2 but Arti completely nailed it….. Earlier they used Surbhi and sreeshant for trip but made Deepika Kakkar winner . Again they r using Siddarth for trip only

  22. Mahira apne baal kly ro rahi thi. What about zari pushing Rashmi

  23. Aarti filled up Mahira’s bag with egg when it is not allowed to put egg in others bag and wo cheating bb ko na dikhi

  24. I think the show’s name should be changed to big bullies instead of bigg boss….like really we are seeing these grown ups acting like this on a national television…. U can fight u can abuse in a fit of rage and on top of that bullying to another level… Sid is definitely in a very bad company…. Whenever he was fighting with Asim none came to stop him except Aarti all the others i.e the trio of paras mahira n Shefali were instigating him more…. I don’t know when will Asim n Sid gonna realise that everybody is taking benefits from their fights…Shefali is like another level of evil she knew she hit Rashmi on her finger she was seen telling paras ki ab nhi khel paaegi thk SE n hats off to Rashmi that she didn’t make it a midday else we saw an open haired(like dude u are doing a physical task u can tie them otherwise there will be a problem ) person whose strands got brushed by Vishal n she was again shouting on top of her voice… Calling out Sana names because she was playing with other team is just too cheap for this ppl…. And Vishal was definitely confused but obviously BB team has to favour their favs so there was nothing like this in previous tasks… I think Vishal will leave this week if there will be an elimination not because he’s weak but because the trio paras mahira n Shefali are never going to be out… Favouritism to another level… And yes the biggest ehsaanfaramosh was saying Sana ehsaanfaramosh…like I remember she was saved bcs of Rashmi that day ….Rashmi even fought with Devo for that ki I want to save mahi… I wish devoleena was there in the game. And any guesses wkw will be focused on Asim Rashmi n Vishal doing mistakes nothing new right … The trio won’t be questioned

  25. cs7 did not comment today,hence proved neol and cs7 are same …he he

  26. I think tasks have no meanings these days as majority lies in one team. Coming to the task the way shef mahira n paras were grabbing rashami sana n vishal it was looking more like a wrestling match. There were 4 people in a team n 3 in other arti could have benefitted from the situation but she saved mahira n shef as she is playing independently…. Vishal was right when he found a loophole but lost it when he announced sana as winner. He could have cancelled the round n disqualified shef for getting physical. But the way bb was talking was quite humiliating. Sid n shef were definitely instigating asim good that he kept patient. All the more shef was constantly asking asim to come out of the elite club as she wanted a fight betw sid n asim. Paras n mahira have no humanity left in them, they had decided to create a fuss in rashami’s duty n they were doing that. “Aapke haath ki roti nhi khaani pet dard hota h, gas hoti h…” saying that everyone comes to help her in duty, n since her bandage is removed she is having fever to escape from work. Paras can blame rashami n asim for not doing work when they r injured or not well but has 101 excuses to escape from his duties. Coming to akansha’s topic, god knows why paras keeps on digging this topic n proving himself a victim of forced relationship when even salman confronted him about it. According to promo if there is a task to select hms who are responsible for the tasks getting cancelled then it has to be paras as he himself admits it.

  27. that irritating voice lady how dare she called rashmi mummy or aunty and if somebody say abt her lips she makes issue of it,her face full of pimples without make up looks horrible still rashmi never said anything and its v bad sid making fun of sana everytime like moti,u will not get anybody etc then why do you to do still hugging and chipaking with her,mera hath ko malis kar de and all..i feel bad for her,she should ignore this person ….paras,irritaing voice,shefali,will be out soon ,in the top 4 when sid,rashmi,asim ,shenaz then what wil sid do….it would be interesting to see .they are bullying asim to extent especially that zariwala

  28. Wow everybody is bashind Sidharth Shukla in the comment section. Sidharth just said i will do double of what you do with me. Be it good or bad. He is just raising the bar. Asim is doing all the instegation now when Sid started to give him back he became all bad and provoking. Public is with you Sid.

  29. Wow everybody is bashing Sidharth in the comment section. But they didn’t see Asim poking keeping his hands on the mouth. And Sid just said i will give you back double whatever you will give me. Be it good or bad. Now Asim is tasting his own medicine. Don’t cry now that Sid went on the family, please all the clips of Asim going on others father is making rounds now. Now all Shehnaz and Asim and Rashmi fans gang up on Sidharth, but public loves you Sid. Stay strong. Give them good, give them back.

  30. Someone is saying Sana abuser….if sana is abuser then what is sid??
    Master of abuser….lol

    1. That’s true.. she is not an abuser..

      she is just a flipper, which she accepts as well…

  31. Because Sana is not getting attention from Sid she is flipping everywhere n she is showing her true colours. Asim needs therapy badly as he provokes Sid. Sure he is missing Himanshi!!! Thought Vishal would make a right decision in the task but was not sure. Think Asims anger is rubbing on on Sana n she pushed Sid. Hope to c Aarti ,Sid, Paras in top 5.

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