Bigg Boss 13 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Himanshi becomes the captain, Kisari eliminated

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Bigg Boss 13 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 54
7:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks Sid who are their contenders? He says to me and Himanshi. Bigg Boss says there will be a competition between them. Shefali goes to the confession room. Shefali reads that all contenders will hold on to a frame and people who lose the grip will be out of the task. The one standing in the last will become the captain. Other inmates can push the contenders to leave the frame but they can’t force them or push them physically. Shefali will be the judge of the task, the task will start as soon as the instructions are over. They all go to the frame. Sana tries to go to the washroom. Shefali says you can’t go so you are out. Sana says stop it, I didn’t go.

9 PM
Sid tells Shefali that Himanshi is not having a grip. Shefali says let me see that. Paras says Bhau is not holding it correctly. He changes his grip. Sid says he changed his hand. Bhau says we don’t have to hold it with five-finger. Asim asks Shefali to take the decision on the basis of what she sees. Rashami tells Shefali that you are there to make the decision. Shefali asks Bhau if he changed his hand? Bhau says no. Shefali asks Bhau to not use two hands. Asim says if Bhau goes out then Sana will too. Bhau leaves the task and shouts at Sid. Sid says this is a game, you can’t do it. Asim says Sana will leave too. Sid shouts at him. Asim chargees at him but Bhau tells him that he can’t be physical. Shefali says Sana is disqualified as she went to the washroom side. Asim tells Shefali that anyone can hold as they want it.

9:30 PM
Shefali reads the instructions again. Sid says keep barking. Asim says you are the dog. Arti asks Asim to calm down. Paras jokes to Sana that only you can irritate people like this, she laughs. Himanshi says they can’t make use of leave forcefully. She sits down while holding the frame. Sid says I saw her leaving the grip. He forces the frame to his side. Asim shouts at him remain in his limits, he is a ****. Sid says it’s your father ****. Sana pushes him away and messes his hair. Asim shouts at him to not touch his hair. Sana says you will get slapped. Asim says come and do it. Sana says to stay in your limits. Asim says you are a flip. Sana says you are kiss-as*. Asim says you can’t beat me, get lost. Sana says you can say anything but don’t get close to him. Asim says come and beat me, I will never see your face outside, Sid says as we will. Asim says Sid is alone here and outside both, I have made friends. Arti asks him to calm down, what’s the issue?
Sid is moving the frame. Himanshi says he is forcing. Sid says you are forcing. Himanshi falls down and gets hurt. Asim shouts at him that you are a loser, you made her fall down. Asim tells Shefali that Sid was aggressive. Himanshi says I got hurt. Sana says don’t do this. Himanshi pushes her away and says don’t talk to me. Sana charges at her and says I won’t spare her. Sana tells Himanshi that I am watching you. Himanshi says buzz off. Sana says you are nothing. Devo calms Himanshi. Mahira takes Sana from there. Asim shows her wound to Shefali. Shefali asks Asim to shut up. Shefali says the strategy was to make others leave the frame using anything. Asim says he got her hurt. Himanshi asks Shefali to make that girl leave. Sid says I didn’t push you. Shefali says Himanshi is talking to me.
Paras hugs Mahira. Mahira kisses his cheek. He teases her.

12:15 AM
Himanshi tells Shefali that Sid pulled the frame hard and my shirt got stuck and I fell down too. Asim tells Shefali that the ball is in your court.

Sid tells Paras and others that Himanshi was acting hurt when I didn’t do anything.

Shefali tells Asim that I saw Sid pulling it away so let me read the instructions again. Sana asks Himanshi to not push her again. Shefali reads that you can’t pull the frame forcefully. Sid says I didn’t pull it, you are cheating. Shefali leaves from there.

Arti comes to Shefali and says he was not pulling, he was just moving and twisting it away. Paras tells Shefali that the world is watching so don’t be biased this time.

Himanshi tells Shefali that he was using his muscle power to make that frame hurt me. I told Arti that he is pricking me with that frame so she said Sid didn’t do it. I can let this task go for you, I respect you a lot but I am not lying about him using the force.

12:30 AM
Bigg Boss asks Shefali about the results. Shefali says Himanshi said that Sid had hurt with the frame. Sid asks Himanshi really? She says it did happen. Shefali says I saw that, let me talk. Shefali asks Himanshi. Himanshi says I was hurt three times. Shefali asks Himanshi. Himanshi says I was hurt, you take the decision. Shefali is tensed and says I didn’t see Sid pulling but Sid is more powerful and if Himanshi is saying that he forcefully pulled then he did so I make Himanshi the captain. Paras shouts at Asim that you people cheat but the world is watching. Asim smiles at tells Shefali that you did the right thing. Shefali tells Vishal that I am not biased. Paras shouts that this is the judgment? You were being fair? Shefali says keep shouting. Arti tells Himanshi that Sid will never hurt you deliberately.

Sid tells Paras that the judge is asking Himanshi if she was hurt or not.
Shefali tells Mahira that I trust Himanshi, she will not lie.

Asim follows Sid. Sid asks why he is following him? Asim says I am just walking. Sana says Asim is a jerk, you are a loser. Sid asks him to get lost. Asim says Sid is hiding behind Sana, what can you do? Sana asks him to stay away. Asim tells Sid that he just barks all the time. Sid says now you are walking with Rashami? Asim says you talk to Devo too. You are scared now?

Himanshi tells Devo and Rashami that I need your help with food, I will save Rashami. I can give rationing to your people but they will keep shouting at that.

12:30 AM
Himanshi tells Asim that Shukla wanted to become the captain but this is destiny. He used the force against me which was wrong. Asim says I was with you and I was pinning him. Himanshi says I know.

1 AM
Vishal says we will see how Himanshi makes people work. Kisari says I am not doing my duty.

Himanshi looks at the ration and tells Rashami that we have three packets of the milk. Rashami tells Devo that they have hidden milk packets. Shefali calls Himanshi. Shefali tells Himanshi that you are talking to Rashami a lot, I don’t trust her. Himanshi says I have to do rationing with her, I need her this week.

Day 55
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song whistle. They all dance.

8:15 AM
Himanshi tells Kisari that you didn’t wash the dishes. Kisari says you started with the orders from yesterday only.
Vishal mimics Himanshi. Sana laughs. Sana says we will make her learn that she has to work with the whole house.
Paras tells Himanshi that they didn’t make the tea. Himanshi says look at your attitude, this won’t work. Don’t show your character. Paras says I just need elaichi. Himanshi says don’t talk to me in this way.

8:45 AM
Vishal says wrong happened yesterday. Rashami says people make a fuss in small tasks, they didn’t care about mandap breaking so why let go in yesterday’s big task? Sana tells Vishal to not tell them anything. Devo says he is telling people from whom you get the clothes from. Sana says you get personal now? Rashami says you have a lot of the stories with a personal touch. Sana says what? Please tell me? Rashami says you are a Rakhi Sawant. Sana says she must be better than you, I am not going to be a Rashami Desai and be boring if I start talking about characters then.. you have researched on me but I didn’t. Rashami says I don’t need the research? Sana says you don’t have that level. Sid laughs.

Rashami tells Asim that I don’t go personal. I could have a war with Sid but I didn’t, why she got worried about the personal things? Himanshi says I didn’t tell you anything about her. Rashami says I will get small snippets from you.

Sana tells Arti that Rashami talked about my personal stories and Devo taunted about me getting the clothes from them. Sid says they gave the clothes to Sana and then Rashami cried and Devo scolded her to not be so good. They do all this drama.

Arti tells Rashami that if you don’t like it then don’t give the clothes to Sana. Rashami says she didn’t ask me, she just took the clothes from me. Sana leaves.
Sana cries and says she is lying, I didn’t take their clothes without permission. Vishal hugs and consoles her. Paras asks her to not listen to them. Mahira says don’t be mad Sana.

Arti tells Devo to make this an issue when you gave the clothes. Devo says Sana doesn’t listen.

Himanshi asks Kisari if he wants to do his duties or not? He says why you keep asking me only? I am not doing my duty. He says okay.

Sid and Paras come to Kisari and ask if they are cornering him? Kisari says they are saying that I am flipping but I see flipping from yesterday.

11:15 AM
Himanshi tells Mahira that you are not doing your duty so I am punishing you and taking your make up. Mahira doesn’t listen to her.
Asim tells Himanshi that don’t go personal with Mahira, makeup is personal. Himanshi says I am strong enough to handle this, I was in my limits.

Sana tells Rashami that I respect you for helping me. Rashami says I didn’t taunt you about the clothes, I didn’t say anything about your character. Sana goes and cries. Devo asked Rashami why she didn’t say anything about her character? Rashami says I didn’t say anything about the character of people that I know about. She calls Sana and asks what did I say about your character? Sana says you said that you know everything about me. Rashami says I was just bluffing in the morning. Paras and Sid clap and say wow Rashami, in the morning you knew everything about Sana. Rashami tells Sana that if I didn’t say anything about jerks here then why would I say about girls here?

Devo tells Paras that the game has become interesting. Paras says Sid and Rashami have fought with their groups, I am telling that this captaincy is interesting, don’t work like us and enjoy this. I am enjoying now.

2:45 PM
Himanshi sings Kia se Kia hogya. Devo says I asked Paras now he likes Sid? Paras said that Sid came to him as he needs him, he is such a fool. Arti says I didn’t expect this from Sid to be on Paras and Mahira’s side. Himanshi says I respect Sid but he is wrong. Devo says he talks about saving Asim but why did he need votes of everyone for captaincy?

5 PM
Devo tells Paras that I have a problem with Sana and Sid, I have put efforts with Sid and he is a misbehaving person so I am not going on his side. Paras says our paths are open, if we support him now then we will ask for sacrifices.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates which inmate is performing least from the nominated inmates Sid, Arti, Devo, Rashami and Kisari and should be out of the show? Devo says it’s Kisari as he seems lost. Shefali takes Kisari’s name. Sid says yes, Kisari. Mahira says Rashami is strong but she is not coming out in the show. Arti and Asim take Kisari’s name. Kisari says I feel Rashami. Sana takes Rashami’s name and says she doesn’t know what she has to do, she seems in depression. Rashami takes Kisari’s name and says he doesn’t take a strong stand. Bhau takes Kisari’s name. Vishal says it’s Rashami, I haven’t seen her involved in anything in all these weeks. I love her that’s why I am saying this. Paras says I won’t take Kisari’s name. People wouldn’t understand Rashami’s thoughts. Himanshi says I take Kisari’s name.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that this was the task for elimination only, you had to vote out one person and Kisari got the majority of the votes. All are shocked. Bigg Boss says Kisari is leaving. All are shocked. Vishal cries and says sorry Kisari. Sid hugs him and says I am really sorry. Rashami hugs him and says be yourself. Himanshi says sorry. Kisari says forgive me for anything I did. Bhau hugs him. Kisari leaves.

8:45 PM
Vishal cries and says we did a mistake.

Rashami says I am very happy with what I did. I don’t have to take a stand in everything. I am very clear. Devo says then says it.

12:45 AM
Himanshi tells Asim that Sid took care of me like a gentleman when I was will. Then I thought that he could become my friend. Shefali calls Asim and sits between them. Asim says we are talking. Shefali says I am not going anywhere.

1 AM
Shefali asks Asim to tell Himanshi if he likes her. He says he can’t.

PRECAP- Salman tell the inmates that pushing is common now, thank God I am not a part of it otherwise half of the house would be gone. I can eliminate one person that pushed someone without any provocation. He calls Shukla in the witness box and says you have too much anger and think you are a big man so come out of the house and show it to me. Is this ego problem or self-respect? Asim says it’s about self-respect. Paras says Asim puts his hands back and pushes others with his shoulders. Asim says if I did it even a single time then I am ready to walk out. Salman says then you will have to walk out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Parad is worse than Mahira. He is using people first Sana then rashmi then devo and now siddharth.

  2. Where is full update

  3. Thanks for update atiba

  4. Salman will scold Shukla with love and will get angry on Asim and himanshi the way he got angry on Priyanka Sharma.

    1. Abra ka dabra

      Himanshi doesn’t deserve it, shehnaaz was continuously using asim as a punching bag that didn’t bother script writers?didn’t they see how she pulled asims hair?wtf this year they’ve crossed all limits of viasedness they’re biased every year but this year it’s getting too much, agar shukla ne dhakka nai diya hota to I wonder if they have even said anything to him?

      1. First I really liked asim n supported him but he is very cunning,arrogant,short temper,psycho n look stupid. He hides his jealousy nature very wel but now it revealed. Sidharth didn’t dominate asim he always guided him that dont let other do what they want that we do. Don’t get hyper easily but now asim changed n playing dirty game since Stefali n himanshi came.sana showing her love n care towards sidharth n her pushing asim to just move him from sidharth so that their fight don’t get into ugly n create more sana protecting like sherni I think she should have punched asim on face then his mind gonna work but she just pushed him n tell stay in your limit. But I m upset when sana was crying because of rashmi n devo that sana ask for clothes that so cheap thinking then sidharth didn’t come to console her. Clever fix himanshi said to rashmi u said well to sana she started crying n you should do like that n teach her lesson. When this dayan get out of the house then we will watch bigg boss.

    2. Salman ko gussa islie aya asim par kyki asim accept toh kre kam se kam ki who hath peeche rakh kar sid k pas jar ha tha aur shoulder age kr rha tha jo hum sab ko dikh rh ha ki usne aisa kiya tha may be provoke krne k lie

      Atleast asim accept kre

  5. Thank you for your mesmerizing narration .

    1. Saw promo …sorry but don’t like salam now ..they r parshal ….can’t they see what sana doing …coming in between and pushing other person ….hate this girl yaar

      Paras ….Mahira….worst ppls in the house … difficult to tolrate them more ….

      Arti doing better day by day ….Sid ke chakkar mai ..baki sab nazar hi nai aa rahe ….
      Don’t liking this year bb…
      Not watching the show daily ..reading updates only here ….

      1. Salman ko gussa islie aya asim par kyki asim accept toh kre kam se kam ki who hath peeche rakh kar sid k pas jar ha tha aur shoulder age kr rha tha jo hum sab ko dikh rh ha ki usne aisa kiya tha may be provoke krne k lie

        Atleast asim accept kre

  6. Bigg boss editors are so biased yaar whenever siddharth abuses asim parents they literally keep him out of frame but shows closeup of asim when he reacts on it, they’ve been doing this since last three days just to make asim look like an instigator, his only issue is he starts to lose it and immediately react otherwise he isn’t wrong, now I feel what rashmi used to say was right shukla is being blindly favored, besides these camera tricks to equalise the blame if any other contestant was in his place pushing people that too aggressively then they would be out of the show on the first push itself..

    Tbh if my friend who I thought to be close betrayed me like sidgarth did I would want to fight relentlessly too

    Shefali is someone who I think has an idea how these shows works maybe she’ll impart some understanding to asim to show a little more patience even with people like shukla or show makers will ruin everything he has achieved by now, they don’t give a shit about anyone’s reputation over their set narrative

    Himanshi shouldn’t have pushed sana now she’ll be bashed by salman tomorrow 🙁 sana didn’t deserve her or any sane person attention in that house

    Paras chabra is awful, there’s a boot video where he was drooling over himanshi now since she has chosen asim side instead of his he is targeting her and shefali unnecessarily, what even asim did to this guy?why he’s so insecure?

    1. As per his game plan that he shared today I think he target asim because he thinks Indians will like it, he’s from state that people of India seem to abhor and even celebrated mass humiliation of it, I may be coming off too political but the way he had bullied him on his rap where he name dropped his state is in support of my theory or maybe he himself has that kind of mindset who knows

      1. Salman ko gussa islie aya asim par kyki asim accept toh kre kam se kam ki who hath peeche rakh kar sid k pas jar ha tha aur shoulder age kr rha tha jo hum sab ko dikh rh ha ki usne aisa kiya tha may be provoke krne k lie

        Atleast asim accept kre

  7. Shehnaaz is a dog

    1. @MANSI you are a dog as well

      1. Well said….Sana is playing her game in fun way. She always got hurt physically n mentally but never complaint n play woman card. Oh my god I got hurt mute lags mute Chua..

      2. Well said….Sana is playing her game in fun way. She always got hurt physically n mentally but never complaint n play woman card. Oh my god I got hurt mujhe lga mujhe Chua..

      3. Wow you are a pathetic being. Guess mom and dad didnt teach you how to take other peoples opinions well.

  8. Himanshi’s voice is so shrill and captain bante he she is flying high
    Sid I support u fully….Asim had been provoking whole week and I really got headach watching their unnecessary fight…
    Asim has no points to fight and just keep blabbering same sentences and kept provoking
    His game is clear..use sid’s Weakness and throw him out…he has been immature frm start and after hiding behind sod, he looked better as did kept guiding him.
    Arti is more flip and confused than Sana
    Sana is smarter than her for sure but in flipping matters Arti is more unstable…way she keeps grinding her teeth while speaking….irritating
    Mahira first time I like to see her as she is giving some peace for a change
    Rashmi is nasty girl
    Devo has mental issues, she can’t bear rejection.
    Vishal is playing nice, good entertainer so far…day he ll blast…big boss ll become akhada
    Paras plying smrt…tat is his personality, grab the every little opportunity and move ahead

    1. Many people provoke and it’s a part of this game but violence is not..Salman schooled mahira also weeks before that she instigate Shukla so that’s ok..what is not allowed is VIOLENCE…Asim was not passing any personal or professional comment neither he was abusing his parents

      1. Salman ko gussa islie aya asim par kyki asim accept toh kre kam se kam ki who hath peeche rakh kar sid k pas jar ha tha aur shoulder age kr rha tha jo hum sab ko dikh rh ha ki usne aisa kiya tha may be provoke krne k lie

        Atleast asim accept kre

    2. 👍 correct what himanshi thinks of herself. I don’t know what is she doing in this show.

    3. I just hate himanshi khurana so much. I want her to be out of bb house soon. Her deeds and voice just irritates me.
      Looser kahin ki. Captain banane ke liye kuch bhi and that Shefali if she didn’t saw sid whether he hurts himanshi or not then why she made her captain.

  9. I want both Sid and Asim to be out and kept in secret room just to realise the true colours of other house mates…

  10. They are so disrespectful
    Shes captain, just deal with it. So freaking disrespectful. Shehnaaz is pathetic. Mahira and Paras are fake

  11. Don’t bring that state issue.kashmir is very much part of India not any other country!!!!why asim provoke Sid.why Asim jump when Sana and himanshi r fighting .is he is a girl????!!!!how he behave like a mad man when Sid and himanshi b*t*h were doing task .baaterd asim and character less Himanshi see show outside and plan her game and use asim as pawn .i just hate her from view of my heart before big boss .fake

    1. Very disgusting how can u say her characterless being a woman..

    2. First of all i didnt bring kashmir issue to make any political statement secondly as you’ve taken it on that track then fact is it’s NOT! Go learn history first instead of regurgitating state’s propaganda…Kashmir isn’t part of neither Pakistan nor india , its people were given right to decide and india/Pakistan were asked to hold a plebiscite which they never did..

    3. Very weel said👍

  12. Sana is too loud and she reminds me of dolly bindra

    1. Please don’t say it she has issues with himanshi why is Asim misbehaving with Sana I want himanshi to reject Asim that will teach him a lesson

      1. Asim misbehaving with SANA?LOL she pushed him multiple times she pulled his hair she got on his face like a btch she is and provoked, she is the reason why shukla and asim fought in the first place and she’s one of the people who poured oil in fire

  13. I hate Asim. Please Everyone don’t give vote to that Musalman. Have you seen his body features? He looks like a girl.
    He is becoming very famous but not more than Shukla.
    Hame apne bhai Sidharth ko jitana he.


    1. What the hell? See it as a game u idiot . Why the hell are you bringing religion into it? People like you are responsible for the caste fights in India. Get lost. Have you ever gone to school? Guys first bycott this cheap mentality idiot who doesn’t even understand the meaning of our INDIA. UNITY IN DIVERSITY. people like you should die first. Andh bakht saale.

    2. He’s an Indian stop calling him Muslim…try to be an Indian firstly and lastly….and stop being biased like this show..take judgement on the basis of right or wrong and not on the basis of preference otherwise you’ll suffer heartbreak 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    3. For god sake, don’t use religion and states in this forum.moderator kindly filter such comments before letting them publish.

      1. (Sorry if im hijacking your comment but i cant tokerate the hypocrisy,not yours but people)They can filter the comments and you can save yourself from the blatant hatred but this is what has been happening with asim since he st foot in this show, first bullied for his rap cause he name dropped his state his freaking hometown, then these ugly creatures trended against him for days just because mahira a
        Hindu girl was his, a muzlim boy, bed partner everybody was sleeping together but this filthy lot has problem with only asim, why you think makers gave him zero screen space in the start?its BC of these people and their aggression, they’ve given producers warnings, even registered a case just because they have no decency.these people and their poisonous mentality have ruinedeverythingg

    4. See miss @kim this is what I was talking about, people of India hate its minorities and kashmiris and paras is just applying same logic to gain their love..

  14. Good morning to all fellow viewers and friends,
    Again Sid haters are having field day enjoy critising him even though they all know that the fault is absolutely with Asim, why the hell this boy jumping up and down and running behind Sid all the time to keep nagging and provoking him. Does he not have any other valuable things to do rather than going behind Sid.
    Asim deserves only such treatment from Sid, he is seeking for it, and Sid giving him left, right and centre. He may act victim and innocense, but certainly we viewers are not blind to see the real happening…
    I completely agree with Muskaan, Jisha, Kim and other friends who see the real colours of Asim n’ his mates….
    Salman may scold Sid for his over agressive outbursts and pushes, but had Salman been in such situation he would have acted more than double of Sid… the kind of presure others are putting on Sid is tooo much to bear… particularly the crazy Asim’s indulgence is too nasty, and Sid tries his best to control his anger… Asim definitely deserves a big slap…
    He is started lying too, he hit Sid with his shoulder twice and now pretends as if he has never did it, how mean and big lier he is….. all of us seen how he did it cunningly, he may get his due share today from Salman i believe…

    Others are doing their share of dramas and Rashmi playing so smart by projecting herself like a innocent lady, but cunningly provoking Asim to do more harm to Sid…
    Look forward to great week end war… let us wait and see…. Sid we are with you…go and have fun …. 🙂

    1. hii i missed this update yaar i have been busy since morning due to my nephew’s namkaran and now got the time to read.gonna see the epi tomorrow and i will miss today’s dose of our arguments(which are fun) which i am beginning to like

      1. @Swetha, happy to note that you had good time with your family which is indeed great.. from virt
        ual world to real world…. our best wishes to your nephew, GOD bless…. well i was wondering where is Swetha the flag bearer of Anti-Sid army… good to see you back…
        We will start our fight from tomorrow onwards… until then have peace and fun… 🙂

  15. These fellows are mad. All are showing their true colors. Irritating behaviors. How come they face each other outside after show ends🙄🙄… pathetic people.. disrespecting, provoking, backstabbing and empowering.. don’t like to mention names but some are such liars that cannot be trusted.. why cant these people work as a team. Paras is a total liar. Mahira is not grateful and her shouting is extreme nuisance to bear.. siddharth shukla is over aggressive. He is not flexible always showing arroganceAsim is blabbering nonsense. Vishal is fake shehnaz is two faced. She is a drama queen according to my point of view. Why the hell Rashmi cant stop fighting with shukla. She starts the fight always and try to convince she is a victim. Such a pathetic behavior from an actress. All these fellows shows signs of mental instability😆… should be consulted by a psychiatrist. To live together i think always one party should be flexible and other party should be adjustable.

  16. R u insane? Shukla har time rashmi rashmi karta rahta hai. Koi kuch bhi bole rashmi ne bola hoga. Usne ye bola ki jab main us kamine ke character ke bare me nahi bolti to tere bare me kya bolungi. Shukla beech me kooda same jaise roti wale mudde par kooda. Rashmi ne waha bhi use ignore hi kiya. Jab khesari bahar nikla to bhi shukla ne use bullshit bola. Itna hi khesari tumhara dost tha to lete na rashmi ka naam. Why are you so biased

  17. THis week was too much…I think it broke the record of season 11 where puneesh and Priyanka fought along with whole house when Ben blamed aakash about something, like that..I can’t recollect🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔

  18. According to public votes Devoleena had minimum votes compared to Khesari. Big boss played dirty evicting Khesari on contestants votes. Khesari was a safe player. This years show is very biased N full of arguments which is depressing.

  19. I have heard news that this season going to get extenion oh please finish this season in the end of November or December because it’s irritating to watch fight n violence especially I left watched the show because of this himanshi n so much negativity going on. We are just reading update n sometimes watch weekends n.a. vaar.hindustani bahu also irritating who talk about women respect he abused sana many time like sali kutiya tere bum pe laat Maru.. throw this man out of the house..

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