Bigg Boss 13 22nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid and Rashami’s fight goes to a personal level

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Weekend Special
Rashami cries and says Sid is a druggie, he is a 40 years old man but he talks like this? I will beat him today and go out. Salman connects the call. All rush to the lounge. Salman drinks his coffee and asks how is it going? Asim and Rashami very bad. Salman says we are liking it, this is the future of India. Very bright future, where should we go from here? I don’t know how to start. He asks Vikas. Vikas says we are sorry about today. Salman says you can’t control their personalities. I am asking them to open the sultani ring but they are scared that you people would beat each other up, this is your reputation, the team does not want to hurt anyone. Salman says talk to me in the pitch you were talking before because that is your personality if you give me respect then give respect to each other. This is becoming personal, we were not even in the task but you people fought. You, people, are fighting over tea and fruits. Salman asks Asim to speak. Asim says Paras called me a *****, he went to my sister. Asim says I got angry and I can’t bear him talking bad about my family, when I say it then it’s bad but no one says anything to them? Sid always talk about my family, he calls Rashami his servant, his format allows him to beat us? We don’t push. Sid says right. Salman asks Paras. Paras says he is acting like he doesn’t curse, he called me a *****, he can curse all he wants? He can play his pity card but he keeps talking about others’ standards, he always corner Sid, I don’t give him attention but he keeps barking. He becomes fine on weekends so he is a good boy? Nobody knows about his family that we will talk about them. Salman asks Asim if he doesn’t curse? Asim says why he is cursing my sister? They keep poking me, Sid is a don here, I can’t keep ignoring them. Mahira supports them even when they are cursing my sister? She didn’t support me but when I say something wrong the Shefali Jari and Mahira shoot me down? Mahira says he is calling me cheap and thinks that I will speak up for him? Asim says I just replied to Paras’ comments. Mahira says he said that I am cheap. Salman asks Mahira if Asim curses in the house? Mahira says everyone curses in the house, he curses in English and I trusted him but he provokes everyone and then he will try to get sympathy. Asim says they want me to ignore everything, they keep taunting me but I can’t answer back? they look bad when they target me. Paras laughs. Salman asks Rashami how many people target Asim? Rashami says Paras started it way back, Sid, Mahira, and Vikas take sides of Sid. Mahira says she is lying on the face. Rashami shouts that don’t tell me who is lying, I can tell the truth on the face, I am not cheap as you, you shut up, if you have guts then ask this man Sid to not talk about my character, you are a cheap woman. You talk about the truth? This Sana broke my finger for you and you call her jealous of you now? Mahira says you have to sense. Salman asks Sana. Sana says we are all same and wrong, they poke each other. Bagga says they poke on small things. Shefali Jari says they poke each other all the time, not a good thing. Salman asks Vikas what he thinks? Vikas says they poke one person so much that he says nonsense and Asim provoked Rashami. We could calm the situation but Asim came to Sid and Paras so they could fight with him, he keeps playing the victim thing, when he is wrong then I can’t be with him. They are playing a game even without the tasks. Salman asks Asim why he keeps going to them? Asim says they can keep poking me if I go from anywhere then Sid says to get lost. Rashami says yes, he keeps poking. Asim says Sid pokes me about Himanshi and her fiance, why he is taking her name when she is not even here? I will not ignore them if they poke me like that. I have had it a lot but I will not ignore it. Salman says Asim will sit with Paras, Sid and Mahira. Asim says how can we avoid these comments? Sid pokes me a lot, Mahira takes their stand. When I don’t say anything then why they keep poking me? Salman asks Vikas? Vikas says yesterday, Sid said to Asim that he will do what Asim said but Asim got angry on him. Rashami said that makes Sid do the task and then Sid called her a servant and then she said that your house women would be like that. Rashami says he is lying, Sid passed that comment first. Vikas says Asim kept talking about it so Rashami would be provoked. Rashami says Sid called me a servant, I just said that he is physically fine and then Sid called me a servant so I said yes, he said it like it was a curse then Sid said that you are this type of a girl, he kept commenting that till the time he went on bed. Rashami says today he commented that he wouldn’t take me to his house now. Sid says no. Rashami shouts at him to stop ******, I will kill you today. Rashami says he put his foot near my tea, I asked him to remove it and then he said that he has stopped taking me home, I am not a ******, I put myself above this show, it’s about my character, he tore Arhaan’s shirt. Asim says he doesn’t get punished. Rashami cries and says Sid is fake. Sid laughs. Vikas says yesterday Sid was not at mistake but Rashami poked him too much, Sid did say that type of a girl. Asim says Vikas left from there and he doesn’t even know what Sid was saying. Rashami says Vikas could stop Sid but he didn’t. Salman asks Asim you joked that Rashami should massage his knee as he called her a servant. Asim says I didn’t make her angry. Salman says why did you restart that fight? Vishal says Sid doesn’t leave it, he keeps saying the same words to provoke others. Salman asks Sid what does he mean by that type of a girl? Sid says I meant Rashami Desai type of a girl, I didn’t say anything else but she made it an issue. Salman says what you meant? this type of a girl? How you see her? Sid says I don’t see her anymore. Salman says if you don’t know then why you commented that type of a girl? Sid says the way she acts in the house, she plays a girl card, she does things without any reason, she touched me and then made it an issue. Salman asks Rashami if she heard what she wanted? Rashami says all the girls here do it so he means all girls are that type of girls? Sid says this type of girl. Rashami shouts say it fully, what you mean by that? Salman sir asks him to say it fully. He says that he has stopped taking me to his house, am I ******. Sid moves away. Vikas asks Rashami to stop it. Rashami says no girl said anything to him, this Mahira was silent when he said that. Sid says don’t say the thing that will open my mouth. Rashami says he is scared to say it fully, he is a filthy man. Sid says I just said this type of a girl but she is completing the sentence, I didn’t say anything. Rashami says you mean that all girls are here like this? Bagga says Sid said that boys spit on us. Sid says these women playgirl cards which is wrong. Rashami says what girl card? We are fighting with you, you stupid, if you have guts then say it, you are a coward. Salman looks on. Rashami says Sid gets physical with girls. Arhaan and Asim saved me as he charged on me. He tore Arhaan’s shirt too. Rashami cries. Salman says you guys want to extend this season by 5 weeks? I am no ready for this shi**. I can’t take this, I can’t host this. Everyone knows what ‘that type of a girl’ means. Sid says no. Salman says you can twist your words around as much as you want. Sid says no, I control my words, I mean what I say. I have never said anything extra. Salman asks Vikas what does this type of girl means? Vikas says he said it when Arhaan said you treat women like that at your house so he said we don’t have Rashami type of women at my house but today what he said was wrong. He crossed the line today. Sid says we can take means but what I meant is that Rashami type of a girl. Rashami says he pointed at me. Salman says he doesn’t like a certain type of girl. Rashami says he said that he knows my type. Salman says do you want Sid type of a guy? Rashami says I won’t twist it. Salman says would you want him in your house? She says no. Salman says if you want him to say filthy things then that is wrong. Rashami says he twists the words around. Salman says you called him a druggie. Rashami says he is a druggie, he kept poking me. He started it again today, they keep taunting us, if he is right then I can throw a shoe at him. Sid says this type of girl. Salman says you people should see how you are looking on TV, I wouldn’t keep this type of people in the house.
Salman asks Vishal why he entered their fight? Vishal says when Sid started fighting, he grabs everyone in the fight, I don’t like him at all, he said that I am Madhu’s side-kick. Salman says you enter the fights yourself. Vikas says he started fighting Sid and then Sid called him a joker. This was Rashami and Sid’s fight, Sid says wrong things in anger and then they keep dragging it. Asim started poking Sid. Salman says Rashami said that everyone enjoys and takes benefits from their fights. Sid says she said that she knows me and what I do at my house so I said that I have stopped taking her IN my house, I meant taking her TO my house in the sense that she used to come to my house in the past. Rashami says he said it in the wrong way and then I threw tea at him and the girls behind him should understand that he said it wrongly, every word is not right. I can beat him and that will be positive, I will not take things on my character. Sid says I meant that with honesty. Arhaan leaves from there. Rashami says I have never to his house. Sid says what? Rashami says I have never talked about your past here. Vikas heard his comment. Vikas says Sid was wrong today. Sid says she is taking my words out of context. Salman says well that Sid has clarified it. Sid says I just said that Rashami type of girl but she is imagining things. Paras says people say anything they want here. Rashami says I have never said anything wrong to anyone, I am not like this man. Sid says what you mean by that man? Rashami says to Salman that you would break their face too if they pass that comment on you, this is not right, please Sir. Salman asks Rashami if she has lost the plot? Why do you keep talking about it? Rashami says he started poking me. Salman says you keep asking him that type of a girl, what do you want to hear from him? You want to hear that you are shit and disgusting? Stop it, let it go. Rashami cries. Salman says he has said that type of girl but he didn’t say disgusting or *******. Leave it, why are you getting your past out here? What is this? He shouts at her and says you know whose reputation will get spoiled here, let it go, you know there is shit in the box then why do you want to open it? Rashami says I understood. Sid looks on. Salman says have some sense. Sid says Sir I understand what you meant by saying that this box is filled with filth but only for them, tell them that it was not for me, it was for them. Salman says what are we talking about right now? This type of girl and that type of man. Sid says I understand what you are saying. I am giving a reference to open the filthy box. Sid says they will call me a filthy box, it will affect me. Salman says who will get affected more? Sid says both. Vikas says Rashami. Sid says why? I have a family too, I live in this society too, she will get sympathy but I will have repercussion. That Asim is her loyalist now? Asim has been aggressive towards her, when I had a fight with Rashami, he took me away and said that I took you away as Rashami plays women card. Asim says I didn’t say that. Salman says Asim said that Rashami plays women card. Sid claps. Rashami says in that mandap task. Paras says they are talking about one month back. Rashami says Sid charged on me and he uses that women card. Vikas says Rashami is sensible but this Asim keeps provoking her, Rashami wouldn’t have gone to that level, Asim is poking her. Sid says let me talk Vikas, people are crying and acting with women card, I can’t answer back to her but she can say anything she wants? I haven’t learned that at my house, my sisters fight with me, I am younger and I fight with my sisters but my family has never said that they are girls so don’t do that. If two people are fighting then they fight. If a girl doesn’t respect me then I won’t respect her. Salman says if you do it then? Sid says then I will bear it, I will say sorry too when I am wrong. If 10 people are targeting me and making wrong the right then I won’t change, I can be a demon and I am fine, I am happy with myself. They tell me that I will not get work, Vishal said that. Vishal says no. Rashami says Sid has cursed me here. Vishal says Sid started poking me. Sid says one time Vishal said that he is a better actor out of no reason. Salman asks Vishal why he was entering yesterday’s fight? Vishal says Sid poked me. Vikas says Sid doesn’t poke but they all target him so much. Salman says Vikas and Shilpa had a professional issue but Sid and Rashami had a personal issue. Sid says she has made it personal. Salman says I am getting mad now. When you guys were talking, I kept quiet so let me talk now. Vikas and Shilpa fought in the house but it was not like that. Salman says you both had a bitter end, now you are in the house and you can’t bear each other’s face or personalities. What’s the solution? You want it to become the national news? don’t stretch it too much, there are good actors but they don’t get work because of their temperament so don’t do this. Think about your life after this show. He ends the call.

In the house:
Paras asks Sid to end it, it’s enough. Sid says she used to fight with me then her group was broken so she started talking to me nicely but then Arhan came in and now she has a big group because Asim is on her side so she thinks that can do anything, her reality is coming out, she doesn’t have sugar coat it.

Sid tells Paras and Mahira that they have put false allegations on me, I don’t say anything so she made production people say ill about me, her problems were told as my problems and this useless Arhaan? Paras says he was wearing a torn shirt, Paras laughs.
Rashami tells Arhaan that Paras doesn’t understand that Sid can’t loyal to anyone. Arhaan says don’t expect good from Paras.
Sana tells Bagga that Rashami and Sid might have a relationship.

Paras asks Sid to clarify that we don’t stop you from talking to anyone. Sid says I have clarified it, people think that Paras is not allowing me to talk to Sana. Sid says to Sana that we were talking about Vishal. Paras tells Sana that ****. Sana says you can curse but I can’t. Paras says last night we were not talking about you. Sana says I was cursing Paras and not Sid. Sid says Sana doesn’t think about me. Sana runs to Sid. Paras says yesterday when everyone was targeting Sid, you were not with him. Sana says I have been with him since the start, both were wrong yesterday. Sid says I was not wrong yesterday. Sana tells Paras that I respect you a lot. Paras says you have a problem with your thought process.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Malika Sherawat on the stage. She dances with him. Salman blushes. Salman asks what she thinks about the house? She says I had a great time in the house. Salman says they are fighting a lot. Malika says they were nice in front of me. Salman says I was silent to see them fight like that. Malika says compliment me. Salman compliments her. Malika says I will do a task with you. She asks funny questions to him. She dances with him and leaves.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says let’s talk about nominations. The bottom two are Vishal and Arhaan.

PRECAP- Tomorrow will be an episode with Salman only. Asim bursts Sid’s balloon and says he thinks he doesn’t need anyone in this game but he is always with a team. Arti bursts Sana’s balloon that I am not going from this show anytime soon. Paras bursts Asim’s balloon that he will make my track.
Sana puts her foot on Sid’s. He says you want to keep me under your feet? Sana says I will put you over my head. Sid smiles. Shefali Jari says Sid and Sana are cute. Sid calls Sana a baby and runs to her, he lies above on her bed. Vikas says to Shefali that they are madly in love. Shefali Jari says not that kind of love? Vikas says it is that kind of love.
Rashami asks Arti why didn’t you say that it was not like Sid was saying it. Arti says I don’t want to bring your past up. Rashami says you run away, you played it safe, you have lost a good friend and you can’t earn it back. It was cheap. She leaves. Arti shouts that if I throw a stone in the gutter then I will get dirty only, two friends are involved in this and I don’t want to get into this shit.
Sid tells Arti that what rubbish Rashami said yesterday, I chose to keep quiet on that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Dear CS7 the statements made by sid were disgusting and as a girl i would say that they were really on her character, aisi ladki, naukarani, ghar mein lena band kr diya, aisi ladkiyon pr ladke thookte h, jaise tere ko tere ghar se nikala….. these were below the belt and the makers cleverly twisted them to save him. I was just stating previous examples to prove that earlier too such comments were made but they were bashed it is the first time where statements are twisted. If sid’s intention were so pure why he didnt clear them before rashami and apologize but he didnt apologize. Just like at his expressions at the wkw he was so ungrateful that he was asking salman to clear tgat he didnt refer him as the box of shit.. salman was clearly bashing him at first but took a u turn due to makers pressure… she could not put her points forward cos she was not allowed and vikas who was not even present in the fight acted as sid’s lawyer. Paras, mahira comments are also neglected as they are now in shukla gang… But if you still want to support sid you can its your choice.

    1. Coming from your view. Saying naukrani is a character assassination right. How did rashmi react at first, and how she reacted later ? Can you pls notice again. Till that it’s fine.
      But whatever the statements passed by Sid from here on really her character assassination only. I agree.
      Did he really said any wrong inputs. Or any false statements on her. He said only what happened between them which is unnecessary on National TV.
      Is rashmi a kid ?
      Doesn’t she have any sense ?
      Can’t she guess where it is going ?
      How she has handled arhan’s comments and Vishal softporn comments.
      Can’t she handle the same here also.
      She can use her brain right and not others brain.(arhan, asim)
      And coming to rashmi’s comments. Did she remain silent or crying all the time. She didn’t utter a word against sid right. She is just bearing the comments right. Not even a single word against sid. Right. I don’t want to mention all those words she said to sid.

      Coming to salman’s verdict.
      So you are telling what’s in his mind right. To bash sid and was only stopped by the makers. So you are capable of reading one’s mind. Great. What happens when you stretch a rubber band too much.
      You didn’t find salman being protective to rashmi. And her past. You want him to reveal everything on national TV and keep a discussion like this everywhere.
      He didn’t bash sid according to you right. He didn’t shut her mouth uttering rubbish in front of him only right.
      Sid saying an apology to what. He is still standing on his words and why he will issue an apology. If he is not standing on his statements, then he will issue apology.
      There is a difference between truth and false. And truth only has the dare to stand firm.
      False always claims to get sympathy and one who doesn’t have anything to prove only cries.
      I am only representing the situation as i watched and as i understood.

  2. Rashmi is a real lunatic with serious issues. Sooner she leaves the better. Sid has been called a druggie but rashmi and assim behave like lunatics

  3. Here i support to rashmi because only wordwise it’s ok yesi ladki , but by reaction wise yesi ladki is not gud koi bhi apni behan beti wife key liy is type ka reaction bear nahi karega jo sid ney 3 hr lagatar by reaction and with word bola
    Sid is not nice man

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