Bigg Boss 13 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid gets physical with Asim

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Bigg Boss 13 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 53
7 PM
Sid asks Devo if she told Vishal that Sid wants to save Rashami as he wanted to make Bhau the captain so he could save Rashami. Shefali says I didn’t tell you that. I told you that they didn’t decide anything, Bhau said that Rasami will be targeted. Rashami says I am already targeted, I said that I don’t have a problem with Bhau saving her. Rashami says yes, I talked to you and Devo. If we see our team, we wanted to make Bhau or Vishal the captain. Shefali says Rashami doesn’t want to become a captain. I talked to Bhau and Devo about it. Sid says we have to call the FBI now. Rashami says Shefali we can talk right? Shefali says why would I take Sid’s name? Devo says clear it with Vishal. Sid says I wantd to clarify and I did. People talk behind my back and I don’t care. Rashami says i don’t have to listen to this speech. Sid says aww baby.

8 PM
Devo tells Sid that Rashami might think Sid wants to save Rashami and she talked to Vshal. Sid says Rashami says things like these. Asim asks Sid why he is blasting now? Sana sys he is not talking to you. Asim says he called me a cheap person, he is talking about some random topic. Sid asks if he is done? Asim says you are angry now? Sid asks him to get lost. Asim asks Devo if she talked or not? She says yes. Sid laughs and says now we are done? Asim says I can handle you so Devo is nothing. rashami says yes. Vishal tells DEvo that I am with Sid’s team then how do you expect that I will save you? Sid says to Asim that if you have guts then show that to me. Arti says enough, let’s go Sid. Sid says he is a ******. Asim touches him. Sid pushes him on bed and says don’t touch me. Sana shouts at Sid to not do this. Asim says I am laughing at you. Sid charges at him and says I know what you are. Asim says don’t touch me. Sid pushes him away. Sana asks Asim to stop provoking. Shefali asks her to control Sid, you are a psycho. Sana says you are a psycho. Sid asks Shefali why she is running? You told me that Vishal told her that I want to save Rashami. Vishal says people use jokes at a targeting point. Shefali tells Sid that we tell you everything for your good. Vishal says I never said a word against Rashami. I just said that Rashami thinks Bhau wants to save her, Devo told me that. Devo says I didn’t tell you that Sid wants that.

DEvo cries and tells Paras that you trust that Vishal? He takes one topic and use it in both the groups. Sid says you can’t change the truth by shouting. Devo says you don’t know the truth. Vishal says you are lying now. Devo says you talked to Rashami and told her that Bhau wants to save her right? Vishal says I will not do the mistake of talking to you. Devo says you start the fire by telling different versions to each group. Vishal says cameras are here. I will not spare you.

Asim comes to Sid and says you pushed me 3 times. Sid shouts at him and pushes him away. Bigg Boss says you both can’t touch. All ask them to stop it. Sana controls Sid. Rashami takes Asim away. Asim shouts that he is pushing. Mahira says stop Asim too. Sid says come and beat me if you want. They all curse each other. Mahira asks Bhau to take Asim away too, you keep asking us to stay away. Paras says Asim is touching and provoking him. Sid says tells Paras that you said he is Asim. Asim says Paras told me to not fight with you as I have some caliber. Paras says I just asked him to stop it. Asim says Sid thinks he saved me from the nominations but he didn’t. Arti asks Asim to stop it. Sid says we can see your standard, get lost. Himanshi takes Asim away and says you can’t spoil your game.

9 PM
Sana tells Sid that Asim is deliberately doing it. Paras tells that Shefali is fueling this fire. Arti says I talked to her and I am sure she doesn’t provoke Asim. Paras says you are wrong, Shefali is using Himanshi and Asim. Mahira tells Arti that Sana is the priority for Sid but you don’t understand that too. Arti says I said that I will play alone but my start and end is with Sid.

Devo cries and shouts that Vishal is lying against me. Rashami says we don’t have to prove anything. Vishal says she can say anything because she is a girl? Rashami asks Devo to not react. Devo says Vishal is playing a game. Vishal says I did a mistake by talking to you, Sid is my friend and you don’t like it. Paras asks Vishal to calm down. Mahira asks Devo to not do this, calm down, she hugs her.
Vishal tells Paras that Devo is alleging me.

9:45 PM
Sid tells Shefali that I was asking you in front of everyone. Shefali says I can’t talk to you when you are angry. Sid says I was just clarifying. I just told you that Paras is fueling this fire, he tells Asim that he is strong and then he tells you that you are strong. Paras comes there and says I didn’t tell Asim that he is strong, I just told him to not spoil his game. Shefali says you can’t change the facts. Paras says even Himanshi is lying. Himanshi says don’t take my name. Paras comes closer. Himanshi says don’t touch me. Paras says you don’t have a figure to touch. Paras says you are nothing. Bhau pushes him away and says don’t misbehave with a girl. Himanshi says don’t you dare talk to me like this. Paras says you both are lying. Shefali says you shout and don’t let anyone else talk. Mahira says they are talking rubbish. Shefali says get lost. Paras says who are you take my name? Himanshi says I will never look at you. Arti tells Mahira that Paras is manipulating them both. Sana says you can take anyone you want. Sid asks Arti to calm down, nobody is using me. Paras hugs Bhau and says sorry.

Himanshi says to Asim that he is talking about my figure, he thinks he is handsome.

10 PM
Paras tells Asim that Shukla must have misbehaved with me but I didn’t touch anyone. Asim says you can’t talk about someone’s figure. Paras says she was coming closer. Himanshi tells Mahira that I never joked about your lips. Mahira says no. Himanshi says he can’t comment on my figure. Paras says I was in the heat of the moment, I am sorry. Himanshi says to Mahira that I took a stand for your lips thing.

11:30 PM
Sana asks Sid you felt bad when I destroyed your mandap? Sid says I understand but their team could have done it, you didn’t need to do it, you were happy yesterday. Sana says I wanted to slap Asim. Sid says I really wanted to slap him. Sana says you have good control. Vishal calls Sid and says he was provoking you. Sid says Devo was provoking you too.

Day 54
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song photo.

11 AM
Sana tells Devo that I am with everyone but I am not leaving Sid now, Paras is my friend but I won’t leave Sid now. Arti has a problem with me and Sid being closer but I don’t care now.

Devo tells Arti that Sana said she is not leaving Sid now, she felt bad with you being insecure of Sana.
Arti comes to Sid and tells him about how Sana will be with him.

1 PM
Sid uses sign language with Sana. She smiles and hints no. He hints a kiss. She laughs and says I am not calling you anymore. Sid says why? Sana says what’s your problem? Sid says why? Sana says Arti came when I came to my bed. i don’t talk to her so she can’t come on my bed. Sid says you could have called me. Sana says I have a prolem. I don’t like her on my bed. Sid says you are jealous. She laughs.

1:30 PM
Bigg Boss says Bhau’s team will choose two inmates from their team for captaincy. Paras’ team will choose two inmates for captaincy.

Mahira tells Vishal and Devo that Bhau shouldn’t come from their side.

Rashami tells Sana that she really doesn’t want to be captain but.. Sana says I want to become the captain. Paras says bhau shouldn’t be captain. Rashami asks Sana if she will vote for Vishal?
Sana tells Paras that Bhau wants to become the captain, you all decide now.

5 PM
Paras tells Sid that if Rashami or Bhau wants to become the captain then we will stand up for Sana. Sid says they will reject the task then. Paras says we will take Sana’s name. Sana says I will tell her to take my and Bhau’s name.

Sana asks Sid if I should take this step with rashami? Sid says I don’t want to influence you, you have to take this decision. Sana says I don’t want the wrong person to become the captain.

Paras tells Devo that we can reject our names, we will give votes to Sana and she will be heavy with others. We can pacify Sana.

5:45 PM
Devo says Sana will you save me? Bhau says I will save Rashami. Rashami says I am ready to back out then.

6 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to tell their names. Bhau says Sana and I are standing for captaincy. Paras says we couldn’t come to a conclusion. Bigg Boss says so your team have been rejected and now Sid’s team can give two names for captaincy.

Shefali tells Sid to take Asim’s name. Sid looks on.
Vishal tells Devo that make Sid the captain. Mahira says Sid doesn’t work so it’s fine. Devo says okay.

Bhau tells Sid that I don’t have a problem with Asim and Himanshi.
Sid asks if he should take Asim and Himanshi’s name? Paras asks him to take his team. Maira says we are with you. Sana says go and talk to him. Vishal asks Devo to not change her side. Devo says I don’t.

Sid tells Bhau that I am taking my name for captaincy. Asim says we have decided already. Sid says you decide for another name. Bhau says who other? Asim says Himanshi.
PRECAP- Captaincy task starts. Shefali says Sana is disqualified. Sid and Asim argu again. Himanshi fights with Sana. Sana says I will break your face. Himanshi says you broke my face outside.
Bigg Boss asks the inmates who performed less? Vishal says Rashami. Devo says Kisari. Bigg Boss says this was the task for eliminations.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shukla was b*t*hing about asim getting close to his face LOLOLO irony just died a horrible death, atlast someone showed him how his aggressive style of talking is bad asim isko sudharke hi dum lega

  2. Asim is going to get bashed this Friday, it’s so irritating that bigg boss deliberately aren’t showing his side of story, they are giving shukla space to show why he reacted or instigated but not to asim it shows how biased they’re and what kind of story they are trying to sell…they didn’t show shukla choking him they didn’t focus when shukla was abusing asim’s parents but they showed how asim came to shukla to fight…at least asim came to shukla twice yesterday to sort things out but shukla only turned it into a fight

    1. Asim sort out nhi krne aya tha provoke krne aya tha jise sid hath uthye us par , koi aur bigg boss toh nhi dekh rhe ho na ap

      1. No he came to sort out, while he was talking to vishal in front of Siddhartha his intentions were clear he was trying to sort things out and shukla taunted him ‘bhqunkna band kar’ when he was talking in really mild tone which angered him and he completely lost it

      2. Clearly asim tried to provoke sid.. if he felt bad then he should have stayed away whyfight and make the situation bad.. bad job asim

  3. Paras chabra is showing same ugly colors that he showed in first few weeks can’t believe people started to like him I knew he is hiding his true self blo*dy dogla, targeting shefali cause she’s strong asim se to jalta hi hai ye ganja talking about himanshi’s figure showed level of filth in him and the most disgusting thing he is actively doing is cornering rashmi, I don’t like her but he has acted like her friend since start now ditching her cause he got another strong player to play with chalo chodey to chodey he is even manipulating debo against her(even though I don’t think she’s her true friend either)++++vishal has been such a huge disappointment, he happily took asims place under shukla+++asim has majority of house against him now I don’t know how he’ll win any task in future with this kind of opposition, himanshi & shefali aren’t enough to beat the game he need more alliances++ I thought asim wasn’t instigating shukla it was other way around, shykla kept cussing his parents, verbal abuse aside why hasn’t bigg boss taken any action against the physical violence shukla did?he has pushed asim 5or 6 times by now++++mahira lost her game whatever she is doing now is extremely negative+++sana remains the worst contestant of whole bb series

    1. Best review and totally true

    2. worst review & totally wrong πŸ™‚

    3. agree with you

  4. Game is now between sidharth and asim, who think thyre mastermind winkparasmahiravishalwink, just kost gripe on game an d became supporting characters and it’s their own doing

  5. Sada Abdullah

    Shefali biased this shows she is the one who make Sid and Asim fight hate you shefali and fakemanshi Sana save her from nomination Sana don’t have grudges but hiamsnhi just jalous of sana always from first day Bigg boss makers are bised always why making shefali sanchalak obvious she will make her team win

  6. Is Asim a Saint? as some viewers portraying him as so…. it is normal for any human to loose his or her temper when someone keep following, nagging and provoking and Sid being naturaly angry young man cant resist but let out his anger by pushing and shouting too…
    Asim had said earlier that i know Sid weakness and now is he playing that so smartly to get rid of Sid out of the show, so that he can shine like a HE man superhero?. He cant become while Sid remains in the house, that is the reason he keeps following Sid and instigate him for fight…and then pretends innocence…
    So let us not keep branding one person as rude and aggressive, but Asim is equally at fault too… Though he pretends to be good, he is not great because his hatred towards Sana n’ arti and keep talking ill about them behind their back and then talk to them nicely personally when need arises shows his poor quality.

    They were a good team from the beginning and had fall out with sana n’ arti flipped at times, but though Sid too upset with that, he still cares for the old team members and dont let them down in front of others… i want the team Sid to reunite once again but it looks like may not happen again.

    But stop painting Sid as an culprit always …pity that he is always somebody’s target earlier by opponents and now by his own close friend Asim….one cant keep their composure to such presure all the time and i feel sorry for him.

    Come on guys stay united and give your best…. We are with you… πŸ™‚

    1. first sid is the one who called kutta to asim’s dad and if sid has anger then asim also has anger no one is saint here and sid is also so many times said that arti and sana aren’t trustworthy
      well if he has anger issues i think he needs to go to therapy not to bigg boss because there all your emotions will be tested and you have to take control of your anger and not to push people and go upto their faces to yell
      arti flipped because she can’t take sid’s shit because sid always say bad things about arti like she isn’t trustworthy and confused and he didn’t let her talk and put her pov
      wow sid is naturally angry young man yaar agar sab ko gussa aata hain uske baare mein kuch galat bole tho he isn’t a leader of the team just a member and jo himanshi and shefali ne kaha sab sach tha that he can’t take it if others oppose to his ideas even if there are wrong

    2. agree with you πŸ™‚

    3. Audience portraying asim as saint?what a joke! Go on twitter and see with your own eyes what kind of shitheads watch biggboss and what they’re doing with asim riyaz AND his family’s image just because he had the guts to speak against the biggest bully of the house, he didnt started this shit he wasn’t the one to physically or mentally abuse that bully in fact he took it all and tried to mend it one or two times yet he kept seeing this bully b*t*h about him his career his body his background in front of their common ENEMY that thy were fighting just 2 days ago together, I mean anybody would get hurt, today too he abused him first it’s another thing he didn’t hold back either but that too verbally he hasn’t assaulted him while has been pushed with gorrila force multiple times…

  7. Why they r fighting again and again unnecessarily..what’s the point..why can’t one of them become a bigger person and let go of things…now it’s looking fake to another level…
    Just stop it it’s irritating now… maintain distance

    1. I think asim is only fighting cause sid keeps abusing his parents and he really can’t do anything otherthan annoy sid, it’s this frustration that keeps outbursting…besides the hypocritical attitude of sidd, the way he gave lectures to his group about not bonding with rival group now himself is formingbnew bonds and lying about asim saying he backbited about people when it was him really is just pinning asim and again he can’t do anything except annoy him to get back at him

  8. I love how shukla acts like shehnaaz didnt do anything
    Paras Mahira and shehnaaz are adding more fuel to the fire.
    Asim is gonna be blamed for everything. They will hihhlight asim saying mothereffer but wont mention sid calling asims dad a kutta.

  9. Shehnaaz has a problem with Shukla talking to the opposite team….but shes allowed to obsess over Paras? Lol

  10. Don’t want to see any more …bb only giving support to Sid ..why …he is so aggressive..he pushed Asim many time
    Right Asim is genuine and come thrice to sort the problem ..but shukla fellow ..grrr gay him to core

    Mahira..sana ….kuch nai Karti bas logo ko target …

    Sana always say i want fun ..but where is her fun yaar …

    Kesari ji ko to kuch karney hi nai de rahe ye log .. unnecessary fight mai vo partey nai ..he is right ..
    Kya bb mai wahi rukega jo bak bak karega …not liking the show any more ….

    Rashmi is strong ..every one knows this vo log uski or Sid wali problem ka phayada utha rahe hai

    Bb and salman ….please take a strong action if u wants the trp

    1. Asim sort out nhi krne aya tha provoke krne aya tha jise sid hath uthye us par , koi aur bigg boss toh nhi dekh rhe ho na ap

  11. Rash fans now turns as Asim followers keep targeting Sid and letting their displeasure on him all the time. I dont know whether our fellow commentators (Sid haters) are watching it properly, yes Sid called Asim father as Dog, but when?!! Asim called him Dog which provoked him to say like that, which is not correct and not justifiable too. It is wrong only, but why the hell this fellow keeps nagging him and provokes him. If he really wants to patch up or to have fair discussion, he shall wait for sometime to allow the hatred feelings and anger to settle down, then go for a discussion as earlier. It would be right, but his intention is not patch but fuel it further, because he is not talking like a guy who wants to smoothening the issue.
    The kind of words he used, and abuses and charging at Sid all the time like a mad guy is absolutely not appreciable. For any action there is an equal or bigger reaction, that is what now happening with Asim-Sid issue…
    So be fair friends… πŸ™‚

  12. sid is also provoking asim so sid can swear but if asim swears its a problem

    1. Swetha you and me would keep arguing like Sid-Asim are… let us have peace .. hope soon everything will become normal or Salman make it normal… let us hope for the best to happen…. until then let us have peace n’ fun pls. πŸ™‚

  13. Apart from some really aggressive pushes Siddhartha has initiated fight with asim too, he was the first one who called his father CH****ye ka bachcha on first day along with other abuses, he then called his father [email protected], and mocked his profession and the stories asim shared with him as a friend & with whom?paras 😷, even in this episode he said “do kaudi ka” first “agar to ek baap ki aulad hai to lad mujhse, do baap the tere?” This kind of filth has only came from his mouth not asim yes he hurl abuses at him but only after he went on his family

  14. Provoking is a part of the game but violence is not…Salman schooled mahira some days back becoz she was instigating Sid but Asim did it within a line..his hands were behind, he didn’t pass any personal comment..he was poking many people do that but first time I’ve seen someone pushing other guy so many times and no one stopping him..even bb is not saying anything..sana was shouting like that Asim provokes, u also provoke us to write bad comment about yourself..u also do that, Asim atleast was doing it on face rather than u who just becomes a brinjalπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•

    1. even if you write bad about me or provoke me, i dont indulge in name calling or anything, bec for me it is just a show, particularly BB is more of scripted show, we all watch and enjoy the fun. Ofcourse we get carried away with emotions by seeing our choice of people there.

      I may like few which you may not like, and need not like, choice is ours, and let us stick on to it, and not cross our limits too bro.

      Let us all have peace and enjoy the fun. Wish you all happy weekend… and do hope for good WEW with Salman. until then bye… πŸ™‚

  15. Disappointed🀐

  16. When asim was doing well I always supported him but not this time because he became psycho n jealous of sidharth n this happened when himanshi n shefali entered the house. As a viewer we watch bigg boss only for 1 hour on tv but they spend with each other for 24 hours n sit together. What planning n plotting they r discussing with each other who’s know that. Aarti also jealous to see sana n Sid together because she is hungry for footage. Her attitude also changed when safed n got captainship. Asim you are mentally disturbed. Sana protecting sid n pushing asim to just stop it nobody doing that because all housemates want that they get physical n evict from the house. Paras also taking the advantage of the situation. Sidharth never did fight for sana what asim is doing for clever fox himanshi. From first day himanshi told them wrong thing about sana n went to sid then sid stopped talking to sana but in his heart he missed her. But when they both patched up nobody is happy. Everybody against them.

    1. Atleast Asim was doing it within a line..he didn’t pass any personal or professional comment which most of them do..but instigating is allowed not violence

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