Bigg Boss 13 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid and Asim get physical

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Bigg Boss 13 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 52
5:30 PM
Asim tells Vishal that he pushed me away so harshly when I was working for him. Sid says yes, I am jealous of you. Asim says you are a dog. Sid says your father is a dog. Asim says don’t go on my father, I have saved you so many times. Sid says stop saying rubbish, I am scared of you. Asim says you are going to burst. Sdi says if I burst then you will not be seen. Asim says we will see. Sid says you lick others. Asim says keep shouting, you are barking now and everybody is hearing. Sid says I had to bear with you a lot, now you have people to listen to you so you are jumping around, you used to follow me only earlier as you didn’t know anything. Asim says I had to bear you and your tantrums. Vishal takes Asim away. Sid tells Paras that I let go a lot with him, he has an ego. Vishal asks Asim to stop it, be a bigger person.

Shefali tells Arti that Asim is not wrong, Sid is saying that Asim is talking to others now and he is jumping because of others so it means that we are fueling this fire because we are new here? Arti says Asim is not wrong about certain things.

Sid tells Paras that Asim thinks he is saving me, I did a mistake by listening to him earlier. He talks about how much work he has and he has done international work and all that. Paras says I have come from the modeling industry and they shoot reference only in SA. Sid says I don’t care about that, I have done all that international thing. Asim says show your standard. Sid says you have no standard. Asim says what have you done in your life? He charges at Sid. Asim shouts *******. Sid says this was the last time that I have left you. Paras pulls Sid away and says don’t touch him. Sid says Asim you are a shit. Asim says tell them all what you have done? You have two faces. Mahira asks Sid to not get angry. He nods. Sid says keep talking. Paras tells Himanshi that you have spoiled Asim. Himanshi says don’t bring me in this. Asim shouts at Sid. Sana tries to stop them. Mahira shouts at her to stop them. Bhau asks them to stop it. Asim says to Sid that I didn’t say a word about you, tell them all what I have said. He comes closer. Sid pushes him away and says don’t touch me. Asim says let’s talk about what you have said. We can talk about opportunities. Rashami asks Asim to stop it, he is doing well in the show. Paras says to Asim that you think you are a hero here? Sid tells Asim that you are no one to give me the opportunity. Devo shouts at Arti to not scream. Asim says to Sid that you are a piece of ******. Arti asks them to stop it. Asim says he said that I went to him. Bhau shouts at Paras to not say anything.

6:30 PM
Himanshi say Bhau says anything, Paras said that we have spoiled Asim, I just came here yesterday. Vishal asks Himanshi to calm down. Asim tells Shefali that I don’t give a shit about *****, he is a motherf*****. Sid shouts how dare you to say that, it’s your mother, he pushes him away. Asim says talk about my father. Bigg Boss asks Sid to not raise a hand. Vishal asks Asim to not curse at his parents. Sid says he is lucky that this is a show. Asim says come and fight me. Arti asks Asim to stop it.

Arti takes Sid away and says don’t get so angry. You can’t raise a hand.

Asim says to Vishal that he pushed me away. Vishal says don’t curse. Paras comes and asks if he wants to go out of the show? Stop this now, calm down. Shefali asks Paras to leave. Paras asks Asim to not take it ahead.

Sid drinks water and tries to calm down. Paras comes and tells him that you are Siddharth Shukla so you can’t go out like this. Keep your hands in control. Si says he can’t call me motherf***. Paras says cameras are watching everything, Shukla’s name shouldn’t be destroyed. Arti says why you care now Paras? She tells Sid that he was wrong before but now he is talking good for you so he is good for you? Sid says nobody can fool me. Paras asks Arti to listen to me. Arti tells Paras that Asim and Sid can fight, they are friends. Paras says I fight with Sid on different topics. Sid tells Vishal that I see everything in anger too, I don’t care about what anyone is saying, I talk to people with respect if they give me respect.

7 PM
Mahira asks Sid how is he? He says super. Mahira says you didn’t fight with me like this before. Sid laughs. Mahira says I got angry with you like that before.
Devo tells Rashami that Mahira and Paras are suddenly Sid’s besties suddenly. Rashami calls Sana and asks if they can start the task?
Sana tells Sid if they can resume the task? Rashami is asking. Paras asks if they have gone mad? Vishal says they don’t care about others’ matters. Mahira tells Sid that we have not become relatives, I will fight with you but I have started liking you from this Friday. Sid says haye.. take my life. She laughs. Bigg Boss says today’s time of the task has ended.

7:30 PM
Rashami and Vishal are eating. Rashami tells Vishal that I want to make Shukla eat today, he can taste this pulse dish. Vishal tells Rashami that I know the game now. Rashami says tell me about myself. Vishal says I will stay away from you, Rashami says I realized that you are a sorted person and you are saying this?

Shefali tells Himanshi that Sana was making Sid say things. Asim felt bad for us because of the way Sans was behaving, Asim went off because of all that.

Sana asks Sid why he was with Asim? Sid says he is childish like you so I used to let go but with these two people (Shefali and Himanshi), his attitude has changed. He will start licking others now. Sana says to make a bond with Vishal. Sid says he listens to people, there is no problem with him.

10 PM
Sid tells Vishal that I knew this would have happened, I talked to him, I used to let go of things but sometimes you have to show them what mistakes they are doing. I was charging at him but I stopped myself, I pushed him lightly before pushing him harshly, I warned him too much to not touch me, I told him to mess with me if he can’t handle me, I have seen all this, I have seen a lot in my life, I have fallen a lot in life, I have come from a lot of experience.

10:30 PM
Sana asks Rashami if I will get married? Rashami says you should remain a widow if we find families like these. Sana laughs and says you married an oldie (Bhau). Rashami says I am his second wife. Sana says I won’t get married but I can have a marriage night. Bhau says you can do it. Rashami says she will die a widow. Sana says papa.. all laugh.

11 PM
Sana tells Paras that he is making a team himself. I think Vishal, Bhau, Himanshi, and Shefali. I don’t know about Arti. Paras says Asim is getting the support from Shefali and I think Asim likes Himanshi. Sana says are you mad? Paras says Bhau and Himanshi are useless but Shefali is strong support.

11:30 PM
Asim asks Shefali how wrong I was except curses? Shefali says you cursed a lot. Asim says he pushed me so hard. Shefali says he was a built-up grudge. Sid is playing two-faced. Arti says Sid is becoming a pawn of others and Paras like he used to say.

Sid tells Himanshi that he talks nicely to Sana too, he curses Arti but talks nicely as it’s his strategy now, his face is changed suddenly, he was fighting with others and now he is with them? You people are not seeing things. Himanshi says you are right.

Day 53
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song moorni. They all dance.

9 AM
Paras hugs Mahira. Sana says, good morning papa. Bhau says don’t disturb me, I am tensed, all grooms are bad. Sana says I want to run away with a groom.

Himanshi and Shefali talk to Asim. Himanshi says Sid used to give tips in a fight. Shefali says I nominated Devo so he said that you did a mistake, you destroyed your game and now Paras and Mahira are talking to him friendly? Asim says it’s no big deal. Himanshi says Shukla gets angry if we don’t follow his strategy but he can talk to anyone. He was wrong in the tunnel task too but he didn’t confess. Asim says I know his weak point, I will control my hands and he will go mad.

Arti tells Bhau that both Sid and Asim were wrong but others were enjoying it. Sana asked Asim to raise hands. Bhau says Paras said to let them fight. Arti says Vishal said that he has started his game. I have told about this to Sid but he asked me to stay away.

Himanshi tells Asim that we can tell Bhau to become a captain but he has to give duties to Sid and make sure he does it. Shefali says let Bhau handle his captaincy. Asim says it’s not the time for that. Himanshi says Sid used you also in your captaincy.

Arti tells Sid that I heard Vishal telling Rashami that his game has started. Sid says okay.

10:45 AM
Sid asks Vishal if he talked to Rashami about his game? Vishal says not at all, I didn’t talk to Rashami at all. It didn’t happen. Sid says this did happen. Sid calls Paras and says you will talk truth? Paras says yes. Sid asks Paras if he asked Asim to not fight with me and don’t be a mad person like me? Paras says no, I didn’t talk to him at all. He leaves. Sid tells Vishal that Rashami, Devo and Shefali are taking advantage of this.

Bhau tells Himanshi that don’t pick a side in this fight. Shefali did a mistake by taking one side, don’t do that.

Devo tells Paras that Rashami and you have a misunderstanding. Paras says Sid was right so Rashami could have taken his side, Rashami did wrong by taking Asim’s side, she said that Asim is right, Rashami could have increased her respect if she said Sid was right.

Sana tells Sid that I am with you but three people are against me. I have talked to Vishal but I wouldn’t get votes. Sid says talk to Vishal. Sana calls Vishal. Sid asks Vishal to vote for Sana. I will vote for you.

1 PM
Rashami tells Sana that they won’t make me a captain. Sana says talk to Paras. Rashami says you know I can’t, you can talk to him. I want you, me or Bhau to become captain. Sana says I can’t talk about you with Sid, he will get angry but I can talk to Paras for you. Let me know then.

1:15 PM
Rashami talks to Vishal and Paras and says I am nominated, you both are safe, I want to win. Paras says you want to win? Rashami says I want me or Devo to become captains. Vishal says it can’t happen. Paras leaves. Rashami tells Vishal that people say I am Rashami Desai so I will be saved but I had to bear a lot. Vishal says you have to earn people in this house by acts. Rashami says where I am in this house? Vishal says if you are still asking me this then this is your problem. Rashami says I can’t be wrong every time. Vishal says you are not right also, you shouldn’t have told Asim that Sid was wrong to push him. I got angry. Rashami says I just said that Asim is doing well for himself. Sid calls Vishal and says don’t ever let her know what to do, do not tell her what she has to do as well. He says okay. Sid leaves. Vishal says to Rashami that we will talk calmly on this.

Sid says if Bhau was not a landlord then she would have found another landlord. Bhau asks him to sit back. Rashami says what specialty do you have that we give you our daughter? Sid says I want to accept your shadow. Rashami says so like a girl who can jump like a monkey? Sid says I like active girls. Rashami asks Sana if she is a monkey? Do you jump like a monkey? Sid says the one who wants to leave you, you can’t stop that person. Bhau asks Paras to tell about his specialties. Paras says my mausi will talk about me. Vishal says he is like a car, he can give 60’s mileage in 1 liter. All laugh. Vishal says Sid is gold but our Paras is a diamond. He can eat potatoes without peeling them off. Vishal teases Bhau and says I can show under my ghagra. All laugh. Sana asks him to dance. Sana dances with Paras and Vishal. Sid dances with her too.

3 PM
Sana says I want Shefali to make me eat the fruits. Shefali makes her eat. Mahira says this is a foolish comedy example. She talks like a don. Shefali says I can just see your lips. Mahira asks Sid what he thinks about her lips? Sid says like Bhau said they are lizard’s lips. All laugh out loud. Mahira asks Shefali to not laugh much, Shefali says your balloon lips will burst. Mahira says are you jealous of my lips? Sana asks Asim to take off his shirt and tell what qualities Sid has. Asim says good ones or bad ones? Asim says my brother has some good qualities, he doesn’t back behind backs, he takes a stand, he doesn’t show off his efforts for others, he shares his food.

3 PM
Buzzer plays, Sana runs. Rashami asks her to listen to them.
Mahira comes to Sid and asks if he has some infection? Come, we will get you married. He smiles.
Sana asks Rashami what to do? I want to play fair. Rashami says then give it to Paras. Sana says yes.
Mahira says my lips are good. Asim says the floor is wet. Mahira says what? Asim says I was not talking to you. Mahira says don’t joke about my lips. Sana asks Bhau. Bhau says Paras’ team entertained more.

Mahira shouts that Shefali is making fun of my lips, she is aged but I don’t joke about it. Sid hugs her from behind and says who said it? Mahira smiles and says she taunted about my lips.

Shefali tells Asim that I figured how to tackle Mahira.
Paras asks Mahira to take this gracefully.

Shefali comes to Rashami and says make Bhau the captain as she doesn’t want Vishal. I told her that I will talk to Devo.

5:15 PM
Sid asks Mahira if she is leaving? She says I can stay if you entertain me. Devo looks on as they flirt. Mahira asks if her shoes are nice or her face? Sid says I can’t buy your face. Mahira laughs and says what is more beautiful? Sid says just feel it. Mahira says you said that I don’t work, you hurt me so say sorry. He says why would I say sorry? Mahira says you said sorry. Mahira says what about my lips? Sid says they are pretty.

Rashami tells Devo that if Bhau will give us immunity if he becomes the captain so talk to him.

Vishal tells Devo that don’t get into this, I saved Bhau but he didn’t take my name, he saved Shefali and Himanshi. Devo says they don’t like you. Vishal says I talk to Sid so they don’t like it. He calls Paras. Devo says to him that Bhau told Rashami he will save her. Paras says Rashami says anything she wants, don’t get into her words.

Vishal tells Sid that Bhau told Rashami he will save her, I was laughing. Rashami thinks you are supporting Bhau so he will save Rashami? What is wrong with her. They laugh.

Sana tells Paras that their mandap is way better than yours. They come into the garden and says you should break it. Vishal says don’t do it. Sana comes in Sid’s mandap and starts breaking things around. Arti and Shefali shout at her that she can’t do it. Sana can’t be a part of this. Sid asks Sana if she has gone mad? Shefali says Sana is not a part of an opposite team. Sid asks Sans what was that? Sana sadly looks at Paras. Paras says it’s okay. Himanshi breaks Paras’s mandap. Himanshi breaks Paras’ mandap and says Himanshi started this, Sana wants to marry me. Asim says Sana started it. Himanshi says I am following a rule. Shefali says Sana was a surprise. Mahira says they all want to be seen, why did Sana do it? Arti says Sana could have chosen Paras simply.

Paras comes to Sana and says why did you do it? Do you want to marry me? She nods. Paras says then say it, you are a film. Sana asks if I did right? Bhau says you are a film.
Shefali says Sana has a disruptive mind. Sana says I am mental? Arti shouts that you are not cute, you are an irritating girl. Sana says you people didn’t take me to party also. Shefali says that girl is mental. Asim says Sana is a psycho.
Sid is glaring at Sana. Sana looks away and asks Paras to talk to Sid. Paras says I will.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss says this is the time when Sana, Rashami and Bhau to choose their groom. Bhau says Sana is a flirt so Paras is best for her. Paras take Sana in his arms and stand in the mandap. They exchange garlands. Sana hugs him. They all rejoice. Sid looks on. Vishal hugs Sana.

PRECAP- Sid asks Devo if you told Vishal that I am trying to save Rashami which I said to Shefali? Asim asks him why he is bursting. He laughs at Sid. Sid pushes him away. Shefali asks Sana to go away. You are a psycho. Sid says Vishal told me that. Devo says it was between me and Vishal. Vishal says people use jokes here and use it against others. Devo says you talk about one person to other, you can’t be trusted, you are just useless. Vishal says I am a man, I am promising you that I will throw you both out of this show.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Feeling bad for Rashmi… everyone found their respective friends and does but Rashmi is all alone in this game…don’t know why she doesn’t understand the Dynamics of the game and start supporting the person who is right in any tiff..she can win over us by that also..don’t do anything but atleast don’t break also🙏🏼♥️

    1. Yes Sid ne usko sab se alag kar diya she has no body at home with her Poor girl

      Salman and big boss has to punish Sid for his deeds

      1. sabhi chote chote bache h ghar par jo sid ki bato m a jate h ,, kya yaar har baatpar sid k nam hi kyu ata hai ,,,, thank god mansi ap soch rhe ho aisa ,, agr rashmi sochne lag gyi toh 🙂

    2. salman khan too is biased in big boss. he has never supported rashmi in anything. The want all these fits etc. raises their trp.


    3. Was sid trying to save her in real or he was just playing like he said in the precap? Devo js only friend of rashami. Feeling so sad.😢😢

  2. I am surprised that no one opposes shukla for using such words for Rashmi character.bthey all are just watching when he is speaking very lowly of a girls’ character on national television like she leaves a man and shifts to other man. Why girls’ like Aarti, devo don’t speak now. What about salman sir?. Sir this time i request your channel pls address this issue

    1. Right

    2. Salman khan is biased. Hats off to Rashmi for having the guts to take it in… No ne will say anything to Shukhla . he does nothing in the house except lying around all the time. has anyone seen him contribute to the work except for himself.

      1. Salman is not biased… Get ur facts right

      2. He is biased dear all knows u need to check facts

    3. This is very bad. Even I am feeling bad too. He must be opposed. Why are they doing this??😢😢

  3. Subhashini.As

    Update remaining scene

    1. I think Asim has so much shit inside that he is just taking it out by instigating Sid…Arti who earlier was against Asim b*t*hed about him is now supporting him….Even Sid needs to control his anger but Good Paras team won the task they were more entertaining than the other.Now every housemate will instigate each other….It’s clear Asim might be insecure or jealous Sid is talking to every one….He only wants Sid to be with him not to talk to anyone… this all crap Everyone’s true colors are coming….I believe d this show is scripted
      Becoz what we see in undekha and in episodes is totally opposite….rest judgement night wkv will tell….

      1. yes, it seems it is scripted and what rubbish are they supporting in this show. a person insults a lady and questions her character on National tv and where was big boss. awful again… cant expect anything else.. salman sir seems has soft corners for the wrong people and every time, it has been the case. he too will not say a work to Shukla about defaming rashmi. sab and disappointing salman khan

      2. i don’t think asim is jealous i think its pent up frustration because whenever asim or arti or sana talks with other team sid b*t*hes about it and tell them why they are talking with them and now when he is doing the same thing why can’t they question him and sid can’t take any points his team is giving them he just wants them to listen to him and acts like puppets
        and now asim is talking and questioning he isn’t taking it well

  4. If someone allows me to go inside the bb house and slap one person
    That would be Sana for sure
    And I use to like side but he is pathetic
    Rashmi was all alone today
    Asim stay strong

    1. I m with u go n slap her

    2. Your thinking is pathetic Miss or mr

    3. really sana is fake
      why she is jealous of mahira when both paras and mahira tell her so many freaking times that they are just friends
      she instigates fights between housemates a lot and enjoys it
      she is 26 she isn’t innocent here a lot of are mature at the age of 18 and sana is behaving like a child and i agree she is great actress

    4. one slap on my behalf too. On one side sid speaks defaming rashmi’s character and what is SANA DOING. JAB DEKHO LUNGING ON TO OTHER MES.. THAT IS OK.HAA??

  5. What’s going on ..this is bigg boss house n please do not bring your outside life n what u have done to this house n then play with those cards n bring someone’s life down..degrading that person…asim n sidharth grow up…you’ll r two men fighting when the whole of India n i internationally knew you’ll stood n loved each other more than brothers .v r watching..this is not at all right. .STOP IT..when the other house mates r helping you’ll to separate then respect it n move away…calm down…this is not the end of the world…reason things out instead of pouncing …”BARKING DOGS SELDOM BITE”..I hope u heard of this phrase…
    Sidharth, u r a good man.. play well…Asim, u r a good person n dont show your other side..respect parents n dont call them any names…they r the ones who have sacrificed everything to get you’ll this big…love you’ll all…

  6. Asim will go out soon. He was in this stage because of Sidharth otherwise he might be gone by this time. He was looking good when he was friend with Sidharth but now he is thinking that he is very strong and having support of few other people.

    1. He never looked good when he was with shukla lol according to me he only was likable whenever he talked like a decent guy with a huge conversation skills now that was the quality I loved seeing while whenever he was shukla he used to turn into a mini-shukla and act irrationally fighting his fights…

    2. i don’t think he is there because of sid. why sid and sid fans think so highly of sid that everything and everyone are there because of sid.asim is there because he played well and when he was with sid he is downplayed and now he is emerging

  7. Asim has a good fanbase. He will stay for a while.
    Shefali, Aarti, Paras are taking advantage of the situation
    Sid and Mahira are now friends? sid was one of my favorites… but after him and shehnaaz patched back up… hes been way too obsessed with her its creepy. He changed, and its making him look fake. I dont care what anyone says, asim did care for sid. He was frustrated with sid taking shehnaaz back after her leaving him
    Shehnaaz is FAKE! I knew she was gonna go back to Paras. Lmao i am so glad this happenes

  8. And before i get attacked… yes team Paras did better… but the drama shehnaaz did was unnecessary. She is not cute. Overacting ki dukaan

    1. Yes she is not at all cute
      Totally fake

  9. Sid and asim friendship was lovable when sid behaved like a normal person and joke around with him but whenever asim tried to talk to him seriously or put his point of view forward that friendship used to turn into a one sided effort, a complete power play from shukla’s side who wanted to dominate and control, asim even tolerated that side of him as well he was tolerant till sid grabbed his collar & abused his father yesterday, now he’s just venting out everything he has been taking in for their so called friendship and tbh that frustration only seem to increase ten fold since bb didn’t take any action against physical violence so that anger is aggravating it all…

  10. Wow mahira wow Hina khan waley slow claps for her, she proved that she has no self reapect by trying to mingle up with bhaukli, and I felt bad when she was being called a nautanki by salman this girl & that Abra ka dabra paras chabra are worst player with no ethics and morals
    I thought vishal would be a strong personality but he is another gulaam of bhaukali and has no intention of playing solo, it was all a drama for first impression on audience, he replaced asim in bhaukali’s group and I feel bhaukli wanted to replace asim as well as soon as he saw vishal he was desperate to cut him off but he’ll regret it to be honest asim was loyal to him I don’t think he can trust any other male contestant in the house

  11. So according to people asim should’ve meekly listened to sidd’s abuse his parents, he should’ve laid motionless for sidd to assault easily, & listened to him project all his bad qualities on him just because they’re friends? Let me tell you people if you’re taking all of this in the name of friendship then your concept of friendship is flawed! If someone is doing all of this to you in name of friendship then they’re a toxic individual, I understand getting physical & abusive between friends but if it’s lopsided then it’s not friendship, sid has bombarded asim with insults just because he disobeyed him & tried to use his own mind in task what kind of friends do that?he left nothing to insult about asim he pushed him viciously, IVe seen only asim try to maintain bond with sidd and I don’t think any relationship is one way traffic, some people are even talking shit about himanshi & shefali instead of understanding sidd’s fault

    1. exactly and sid is behaving like damn dictator and really love to see asim playing individually now without sid it will be good for him

  12. Mr. Salman can you pls explain what is the myth of this B boss cause this season all has started is quarell. Foul language what’s going on what’s the meaning of this boss.
    I think this season it’s not like the others.

    1. mr salman khan himself encourages these fights, quarrels, loud bashing. if u dont do that, u are not seen is teh logic being followed. rashmi is surviving and look how shukla defamed her character. but salman sir will have little to say

  13. Ye Sid kya hai bhai kisi ki nai sunta whAt he think of himself। Bak bak bak
    Kaam koi karta nai
    Asim is right at his place
    Sana grrr wants to slap her for her stupidity
    Rashmi is all alone because of this paras n Mahira (dono bahut galat hai ) rashmi stay strong
    U r best

  14. Sana never say when arti and all says she shifts to said or parasvSid say as a joke .n asim will be out of house soon .himanshi and Shefali b*t*hs will be out soon

  15. I feel so bad for Rashami. She needs to speak up. And Paras & mahira are such paltu. They change color so soo. I liked Sid. But she uses so bad words for a girl. How can he? Being a girl I can’t bear such words on a Girl’s character. It feels so disgustin. I wonder no woman or man in the house takes stand Against this. Shame


  16. Sidharth bhut he selfies hai…….. jab b koi task hota hai toh agar wo lead karta hai toh…..he want others should support him but….agar koi dusra lead kare toh wo bilkul b support nahi karta agar same koi or usko support nahi karta toh wo gussa hota hai…..he is pathetic……mujhe phele acha lagta tha ab bilkul b nhi….

    1. and he likes to give orders and if his team gives any inputs he didn’t take them and uske uper chillata hain he wants everyone to do what he wants them to do and now first arti stand up herself and then now asim so he can’t seem to control his anger

  17. One has to admit a fact that unlike Sid, Asim was not so popular when he entered the show and his friendship with Sid helped him immensely to gain popularity and he had the opportunity to express his talent too. So Sid-Asim friendship helped them both, but more to Asim. But his recent antics against Sid after he is praised by Salman as HE man does not go well and if anyone find his behaviour is great now than they are too biased.
    We all know that Sid is angry young man right from day one, but he always stood with his team and supported them all the time though he used to dominate the group. Obviously he is the senior-most and a proven popular guy even before entering BB 13.
    So what is wrong in Sid being the team leader and why cant Asim follow the big brother who took care of him from day one? Do Asim wants to be more popular than your elder partner by indulging in these cheap petty fights and abuses? Not appreciable indeed.
    Some short sighted people could not see how filthy languages he had spoken against Sid and his family, though Sid was reacting badly too. Sid is supporting Shenaz bec they were all together right from day one, she may act crazy at times and looks stupid too at times but she never ditched their team, but could not understand why Asim is having so much grudge against Shenaz. In fact he only instigated Shenaz to break the opponents frame in the painting task that was not right. Asim’s off late behaviour is equally crazy and much hyper too.
    All of sudden he became a disciple of Rashmi who cunningly instigate him and fuel him to fight against Sid. She wants to break Sid n’ team for her benefit… she is a very cunning lady and not as sweet as she pretends.
    Some people were so upset about Sid taunting about Rashmi’s characters, though it was a simple jovial statement, it was not during fight. She spoke very badly about Sana and others too. Many people spoke bad about arti, sana and others time to time, but when Sid talks like that then it is national issue that everyone wanted his head. But the way Rashmi abused Sid earlier and with so much character assassination with so much filthy abuses, I am astonished how the viewers conveniently forgetting that and now holding flag for her. Whether it is man or women, no one have blo*dy rights to talk about others character or family. Whoever doing that whether it is Sid, Asim or Rashmi is to be cautioned and blindly accusing only Sid and portraying him as Villain in absolute hypocrisy.
    Whatever said and done, Asim is not a saint and his recent indulgence is filthy too. So it would be better friends n’ brothers Sid n’ Asim should realize that and should reunite soon to go as a team, which will be better for the season and for the audience too. We love you guys, go for glory… We are with you…. 🙂

    1. wow why does asim and sid group have to follow every order of sid
      he is just a member of group but he feels like he is the team leader and don’t get anybody to talk much and don’t let anyone to put their points and he wants them like puppets and if sid did any wrong why can’t his team members talk with him and why does they have to play in back with sid they also can play front foot and the friendship isn’t there from day 1 so asim didn’t use him to gain popularity and asim has the right to argue if he wants to stand up for himself

      1. In every competitions there will be groups or teams which will compete against each other and there will be one leader who used to lead from the front, even in cricket there will be one captain, but for man of the match award, even a 11th man can get it if he performs well.

        So in all season of BB normally there used to be two or three groups which had its own leader like person who guided them, so as a senior Sid was playing it all along and it went on well too. As a team they were keep winning too.

        But off-late Asim wants to show his superiority over Sid after being called HE-man, which could have been done in much mature manner, rather than shouting at Sid in open house in front of his opponents which provoked him to retaliate in more aggressive manner.
        While justifying Asim please remember that he is another hyper aggressive person who indulged throwing and breaking things too, during fights with opponents.

        So instead of just accusing Sid all the time, see the show with open minded you can see who is right and wrong…
        Anyway appreciate your views too Shwetha…. let us have peace.. 🙂

    2. acha hua asim ne aisa toxic group se bahar aaya sid ne tho kisi ki baath ko nahi sun tha par sab uske baath ko sunana hi chahiye
      sid itna hypocrite hain agar wo kisi dusre group ke sath baath karte tho kuch nahi problem agar uski group ki members kare tho problem
      about rashmi’s they didn’t in anyway joviyal movement between them its seroius

    3. Yeah Asim did gain a fanbase from Sid by showing HIS loyalty. People loved him because he was a true friend to Sid. Sid is a hypocrite… ever since him and Shehnaaz patched up, he’s become weird. Asim doesn’t like it.. why? Because he knows Shehnaaz is manipulating. She is fake.
      It seems like you are just supporting Siddarth. Siddarth is not a saint, in fact he’s probably said the most gandh in the house than anyone else. He gets away with violence, he gets away with his words, he is super aggressive and wants his team to just follow his orders. He does not take criticism. He always wants to argue about everything. His obsession with Shehnaaz isn’t cute, it is creepy.
      Both Asim and Sid have anger/temper issues, but Asim is wrong for taking a stand? There were no oranges, so Asim cut an apple… Sid attacked Asim for that. So what Asim should just stand their quietly? No. What Asim did was right, I am glad he took a stand. Everyone should take a stand for themselves. And now look, Sid is being cute with Mahira. He just wants everyone wrapped around his finger

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