Bigg Boss 13 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid, Arti, Rashami, Devoleena, and Kisari nominated

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Bigg Boss 13 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 50
12 AM
Vishal tells Paras that Rashami’s personality is not shown. Paras says she is confused. Vishal says she acts like she is in a soap still. Vishal says Arti is a snake, she makes her grou people fight and then act innocent.

Day 51
8 AM Inmates wake up to the song party abhi baki hai. Sana dances around.

9 AM
Alarm plays, they all run to get ration. Mahira hides some items with Paras. Rashami gives milk packets to Mahira and she hides them. Asim comes to Mahira and says you have started stealing. Mahira says don’t start in the morning, we didn’t steal.

Asim tells Paras that you started this. Paras says you don’t teach me, you all can take the things. I will not touch anything if you people are doing everything. Rashami says don’t shout so much, we don’t get things here and you are shouting. She leaves. Sana brings the items from the bedroom and says you people can’t hide it. Paras says Himanshi took some packets too. Himanshi says I took it in front of everyone, nobody can curse me. Sana says I will curse as much as I want.

10 AM
Paras shaves Kisari’s beard and gives him a french beard. Shefali says you are looking good.

Bhau tells Rashami that Arhaan didn’t like Vishal mingling with you, he told me to take care of you. Rashami says she does so much for me. He treats me like a kid. Bhau says you are lucky to get a friend like him.

Kisari tells Sid that Himanshi is whistling at me, I am a married man. Himanshi says I want my whistle back, my Asim compliments me so much but I don’t return them. Sid says your Asim? She says don’t say that.

Sana tells Sid that my lips don’t lie, I like to lie on camera. She shakes her bums and says my hips lie. Devo comes there. Sana jokes with her.

1 PM
Kisari is blushing. Himanshi and others tease him. Kisari says you all are teasing me. I talk to Asim and they say I flirt with me. Sid says a man can love a man. Kisari says I can’t love a man. Sid says it’s not bad. Asim is up for it. Himanshi says you can get another partner here. Kisari says I have a wife. Sid says you are saying you bear your wife? You love a man. Bhau says on camera that Kisari loves a man.

2 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s time for nominations. Sid is already nominated. He calls Shefali in the confession room.
Shefali: Bigg Boss asks her to save two people. She says Himanshi and Arti.
Sid: He saves Asim and Sana.
Arti: She saves Shefali for being unbiased. She saves Sana and says I don’t trust her but she was with me.
Rashami: She saves Devo and says I like Bhau so I save him.
Asim: He saves Himanshi and says I want to save Bhau.
Devo: Sid takes her to the confession room. Devo saves Sid and says he is not a bad man. Bigg Boss says you can’t take his name as he is already nominated. She says sorry and saves Rashami and Shefali.
Sana: She saves Himanshi as she wants to see her ahead. She saves Paras.
Himanshi: She saves Shefali and Asim.
Paras: He saves Kisari and Mahira. He says Kisari is a strong contender.
Vishal: He saves Mahira for being a fighter. He saves Sana.
Bhau: He saves Shefali and Himanshi.
Mahira: She saves Paras and Vishal as they are strong.
Kisari: He saves Mahira for entertaining, he saves Vishal.

Bigg Boss says nominated inmates are Sid, Arti, Rashami, Devoleena, and Kisari.

2:45 PM
Asim tells Shefali that I didn’t take your name and then I realized my mistake. Shefali says I wanted to save Arti also.

Shefali tells Arti that you are my person so I wanted to give you a chance.
Rashami tells Paras that I thought you would take my name.
Paras tells Devo that are you mad? Devo says it’s okay.

3 PM
Rashami tells Mahira that you didn’t save me but you took Vishal’s name, you have a strong bond with him? Mahira says I thought Paras would save you. Rashami says you are using wrong words, there is loyalty too. Mahira says you didn’t take my name too, I am not your priority, you said that I don’t desrve to go ahead, you are not on my list. Paras tells Rashami that I would take your name. You, Devo and Mahira are best for me but for Rashami it’s always Devo and Paras. Rashami says Mahira is like my baby but I don’t need to explain it everytime. Mahira says you need to otherwise I won’t understand. She leaves. Devo tells Paras that we went outside so you should understand. Mahira comes and tells Rashami that you can’t call me a baby and not choose me, you were never in my list. I did a mistake for not taking Devo’s name but I am right by not taking Rashami’s name.

Bhau tells Rashami that you will see a lot of things. Rashami says I am not friends with Arti but I said I won’t nominate her so I didn’t. Devo says I wanted to save Sid and if I couldn’t then I saved others. This opened my eyes.

Mahira tells Paras that she said I won’t go ahead in the game and then she expect me to vote for her.

Shefali tells Himanshi that Arti needed a chance but Sid didn’t give to her.

Asim tells Sid that you all are joking about that. Sid says they all want you to burst. Asim says we used to listen to each other before. Sid says you are my priority so I won’t let others take you on. Asim says I stand by the same things. Sid says if you are a man then you won’t hurt people, I have made an exception for you.

Paras tells Devo that we have more connection with you than Rashami, you don’t need anyone. Rashami calls Devo but Devo says I am coming, she leaves. Paras tells Devo that we don’t want to separate like Sid’s group.

5 PM
Paras reads the task. Devo and Shefali will be thieves, they have to steal the inmates’ house and put them in a trunk, they will take the trunk and trunks will be taken from the inmates and they won’t get it back. Shefali and Devo can’t use their stuff. You don’t have to give them stuff as it will not be given back. They can’t take the things back from trunks.

Sid gets the trunks from store room with Devo.

6:30 PM
Task starts. Shefali takes Mahira’s clothes. Vishal gets his things back from the trunk. Shefali says you can’t do that. Shefali tries to steal from Devo. Devo asks Rashami to help. Rashami takes the basket back from Shefali and gives it to Devo. All are running around with their things.

6:45 PM
Sid tells Shefali that trust us. We will lock Devo in the washroom. They bring Devo to the washroom and locks her inside. All laugh. They lock Shefali as well. Sid laughs and says both thieves are locked. Devo knocks on the door. She screams. All clap. Mahira opens the door. Devo shouts that you people are dogs, blo*dy idiots. Bhau laughs. Devo shouts taht this is not fun, you can’t lock me like this. Arti says it was fun, don’t do drama. It was just 5 minutes. Devo laughs.
Devo tells Sid that you can’t take the things out. Bigg Boss says time for the task ends.

7 PM
Bigg Boss asks them to count the things in both the trunks. Devo counts her items and it’s 35. Shefali counts hers and says I have got 49. Bigg Boss says Shefali won the task and as a gift, we will arrange a party, she can take five people with her. Shefali thanks him and says I will take Asim, Sid, Arti, Himanshi and Bhau.

7:45 PM
Sana asks Sid to go, we will have our party too. Sid says you will miss me? Don’t give my place to someone else, can I trust you? Sana says I was not choosen for this party, I will not break your trust, I will do anything for you. He thanks her.

9 PM
The garden is set up for the party. Sid sings jo milta hai tumsa lagta hai. Mahira says sing for me. Sid says you say something sensible first.
Shefali’s team comes in the garden and look at the food items. Music starts and they start dancing. They food items to other inmates. Sid calls Devo to the glass door and shows her the food. She makes a sad face. He teases her. Sid dances seductively near the door. All laugh at him. Dil Diyan galan plays. Paras dances with Mahira. Sid dances around Devo and then dances around Sana.

10 PM
Bigg Boss says now party’s last song. Sid dances with Shefali. Main hoon hero tera plays. Paras dances with Devo. Sid enters the pool and dances with Arti and Himanshi. Sana looks at them and gets sad.

PRECAP- Sana asks everyone to clean their dishes. Nobody does their duties. Sid asks Rashami to make the rotis. Rashami says I won’t. Later Sana has to get married in the task. She asks Sid to impress her. He hugs her. Paras takes off his shirt. Sana says I like this, she hugs him. Sid dances with Sana. Sana says I am calling an orange here. Sid says she is calling Asim here. Asin asks him to not get angry and pushes him away. Sid pushes him away and says don’t you dare push me away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hey I am here just to let people know that……..shehnaz Gill is very very fake…..I don’t understand how people even believe that that’s her real personality

    Where is everyone
    People who use to comment in previous seasons
    Xyz and there was this person vidu
    Where are you all ?

    1. Trueeee! People knows she’s acting yet justify it…

    2. Agreed! For people dont know her from before they wont believe it! Shes entertaining but shes fake!

    3. Fake is only himanshi she always show her good side and make Sana guilty but all the problem was because of himanshi and u can’t say Sana is fake as u don’t know her

      1. And you are friends with Himanshi ?
        The whole controversy was started by Sana
        Now don’t deny facts in her bhakti

    4. app toh uske papa ho jo apko pta hai k vo fake hai dhake seh hi bolte hai log where she is fake she openly says she is fake

    5. To answer your query why not many are not making comments is because what a waste to watch a circus scripted show and write comments. Its not worth it, salman may think hesa host of a wow show belive me ot ma y think so here. Its the worst season 13 of bb.

  2. Shidharth shukla got his own medicine today when asim asked him why he is being overly friendly with devoleena when he used to actively stop his group mates for even showing minimal decency and chatting with bahu gang, but I saw too many people missing his point and calling asim insecure instead when he was right just rewatch previous episodes shukla lectured sana for talking to paras he insulted aarti for doing the same with debo, he’s a hypocrite

    1. This and he only took shukla aside to
      politely talk about the gay joke he cracked about him and linked him up with khesari. Shukla’s sense of humor is too dirty and obscene,chalo joke mein koi burai nai thi if he hadnt involved asim in that joke like he knows asim has been called effeminate and bullied over it yet he joked about it again, he has a habit of unleashing his passive aggressiveness by humiliating the person through jokes…

      1. muje aisa lgta h asim sid se pange lega taki woh agressive hoye itna sweet na bane aur uski aur image down ho , agr woh sbse ache se baat kr rh h toh asim ko kya problem hai kyki woh khud hi nhi dikh rh h aur cahhata h side ko agreesive krna

      2. @swati so sid can speak with anyone but his team mates can’t? they were playing for themselves not for sid so they can’t follow his every order he isn’t some damn god dictator ki sab uski baath maan le

  3. If rashmi had only chosen asim instead of paras to trust in the start she wouldn’t have regretted today, he actually respected her and gave her somewhat importance over other contestants if only she had been genuine on her part then it would be asim+rashmi today…but she chose a ‘man’ over a ‘boy'(her own words)..

    Mahira might be getting screen time but she’s looking awful, a vamp to be honest,she went from a sweet positive girl to sabke phaddo mein taabg adane wali dagabaaz khana chorane wali patli dolly bindra

    1. Well said dear

      hope rashmi jaldi samgh jaye sab

      She is strong but not been able to show her power here ….shr choose wrong ppls like paras n debo…

      And yes most importan thing

      Yaar koi nikalo is patli dolly Bindra ko yaar ..bahut over confidence aa gaya hai is mai

  4. Himnshi is cute,…that’s all

  5. #Anti-Sana Seriously; how do you know who is fake and who is not. This is show that runs for a 3 months. If anyone can fake it all this time then they must e one hell of an actor. One can only fake for so long before the real personality comes out.
    In the Big Boss House one as to put on many faces to get a head and stay in the show.
    From what I have seen so far many guest that have come on the show have told Shehnaz Gill that they really like her. Are they being fake too.
    Even the new house guest have told Sana how much they like her.
    Then they turn around and call her fake. So is the fake here.
    The only three person from the old guest that have been sticking to their original form is
    Sid, Shehnaz and Paras – these three have been playing their game as they started.
    Even Maharia has been consistent with her game by sticking with Paras all this time.
    So how do you call one fake and not the other.

    1. You asked how can I call Sana fake ?
      Like this


      Moving on she keeps loosing her fake character here and there people disguise that as flip but that’s actually her reality coming out.

  6. “Bahu gang are REAL friends” they said😭 “paras is loyal” they said😭 “their bond won’t break by game” they said😭 LOLLOLLOL paras is a 🐍🐍🐍 mahira is even bigger sanp than him and devo is only “true friend” in the world who didn’t even consider her best friend to save first LMAO in fact she snatched her “best friend” journey right from under her nose doesn’t want her to be cordial with “enemies” but she herself can flirt with one and try to save him as well 😷 except for rashmi every member in that BAHU gang is a MATLAB parast who’ll even through their ” friends” under the buss for their own benefit..

  7. I think a group will be form ..sana paras mahira vishal khesari and I think Rashmi will get eviction again this week
    Other group will sid asim sefali Himanshi Arti Bhau

  8. I cant believe shehnaaz picked paras. He doesnt even care for her.

  9. Good morning friends,
    BB 13 Second part i.e. after 50 days, it looks like the script is rewritten with so much twists and turn around, could not believe what is happening in BB house, haters becoming lovers, aggressors becoming coolers, friends becoming foes and what not?!! seriously very difficult to guess who is who, who will become who in the coming days… it is still nice to watch after watching sickening fights everyday. How long this house will go like this, and when it will become crazy cats house again… let us wait n’ watch… i dont want to talk good or bad about anyone now… though i love Sidasim team, but would like to see how Rashparas team evolves in the coming days… come on guys keep going… 🙂

  10. muje aisa lgta h asim sid se jealous hota h usne dekha jab sid se ladai hui h tb salman ne tarif ki asim ki weekned k vaar par , agr sid agressive nhi ho rh h aur sbse ache se rehna chahta h toh asi m kyu problem hai

  11. Simran sharma

    I want Asim to be winner of this show.

    1. ♥️♥️♥️

    2. yeah probably he will win if he stand up for himself and come front foot like he is doing now

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