Bigg Boss 13 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid consoles Rashami and becomes her friend

Bigg Boss 13 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 110
Umar tells Asim that people are loving you internationally. Asim says I have worked outside the country before as well. Umar says you have created history, you are trending contestant. Badshah liked your rap. Asim says did you talk to Himanshi? Umar says I talked to her, just focus on the game. I am your fan now. Asim hugs him. Umar says people recognize me as Asim’s brother. Asim says I wanted to talk to you before. Umar says everything is good. Asim says Himanshi gave a message that she didn’t marry. Umar says it’s not like that, you got a wrong message but something happened outside, she is fine.
Rashami tells Sid that you can strangle me in this game. Sid tells Rashami that I want to remove your pain.
Asim asks Umar if everything is fine outside? He says yes. Let’s talk to them. He asks Vishal to continue being friends with Asim. Umar comes to Rashami and asks if he can hug her? She says yes. Umar thanks Rashami for being with Asim. Umar meets Paras and Sid. Umar asks Paras to play the game. He tells Sid that I liked your friendship with Asim. Umar comes to Sana and says I really like you, you look slimmer in the house. Umar leaves the house.

6 PM
Arti asks Vishal to have food. Bigg Boss asks Vishal to go in jail, you can’t talk to them outside. Vishal says I am going inside. Bigg Boss says you go now.

7 PM
Sid’s mom enters the house. Sid goes and opens the door. She cries. Sid hugs her and gets emotional. She says I brought the tissue with me. Sid greets everyone. Mahira says you are very nice. Sid makes her meet Sana and says she entertains me. She says Sana entertains the whole of India. Sid says Asim tests my aggression. He says Arti gives me food. His mother says she is making you fat. Arti says he makes me work so much. Shefali hugs Sid’s mother. Arti hugs her too. Mahira hugs her. Sid jokes about her talking too much. Sid introduces Rashami and says she works on my patience. Rashami says he takes care of me and I take care of him. His mother says that I like you a lot. Sid’s mother hugs Paras. Sid says to stay away from him. Sid introduces Madhu and Vishal to her. She says Vishal is a very nice boy.
Sid’s mother talks to Sid. She says people are talking about you, everybody is liking your comedy. Be happy and wear full clothes. Sid laughs. His mother says they will cut your grey shorts, I gave you many clothes, be smartly dressed, everything is fine. She hugs him and says everything is good, you are my son. Sid gets emotional. She says it’s okay. Sid says if anyone is upset? She says no and wipes his tears. She says you should smoke less, you are always in the line. Sid laughs and hugs her. She asks him to not be angry and be happy. She asks Vishal to come to her house without Madhu, come separately. Sid laughs. She kisses Rashami’s hands. Mahira says I like your hands. His mother hugs Shefali. She hugs Sana and says you are a strong girl. Arti says ask him to take a bath. Mahira says ask him to not wear shorts. Sid says she already said it. His mother hugs him and says be happy. She leaves. Sana hugs Asim as he got emotional. Asim says Sid’s mom is very sweet. Sana says I am going to change these desi clothes.

Sana says to Sid that I couldn’t look at your mother as I slapped you before. Asim says you were shy. Sana says I was worried to not say anything wrong.

7:45 PM
Paras’ mom enters the house. Paras goes and hugs her. Mahira says his mother is pretty. His mother hugs him and cries. Paras says don’t cry. She looks at his hand. Paras makes her meet everyone. She hugs everyone and hugs Sana as well. She greets Rashami. Rashami gets emotional and says you are very pretty. Paras says I don’t fight with Sid now. Paras makes her meet Shefali. He says Mahira is a problem girl. His mother asks him to take a stand, you are an adult. Paras takes her inside. He makes her meet Madhu and Vishal. Vishal touches her feet. She asks them to fight less. Madhu says we are in jail because of Vishal.
Paras talks to his mother. She says listen to me, when you came here, you had very good energy but now you have become Godfather and now your energy is down, you taught the game to everyone and now you are not seen. Paras says we play as per the situation. She says the footage is not good. Since you have changed the sides to Mahira, it’s bad for you. Paras says I have been with her since the start. She says stop being in the corner, you are not in the game. I shouldn’t see you kissing or hugging her. Many girls can and go but I will bring the girl to you. Paras makes a face and says I know from where this is coming from, don’t say this. She says you want to choose a girl for you? Paras says no you will choose a girl.
Rashami cries. Sid asks what happened? Rashami says I know my brother will come. Shefali hugs her. Sid asks why she is crying? Rashami says everyone’s mom is coming… Sid consoles her and holds her hand. Sana says your mom might come. Arti hugs her. Sid gives her water and makes her drink it. Arti says take a shot. Sid says it had poison in it. Rashami laughs and says I will tell you after two days.
Paras tells his mom that I thought she would come (Akansha). His mother asks if he has a problem? He says yes, you know that. She says that the problem is finished. Paras says you have diverted outside. You said we will talk after I come back. She says you know what I am telling you. Paras says I have done these shows, I know what I am doing. She says don’t be touchy with her. Paras says it’s her mother so she will say to not kiss her and all that. She says so I don’t like my son doing all that. Paras says because I already have a girlfriend? I like being close to Mahira, I am a playboy. She says you don’t need anyone, don’t regret all this after the show. You are not listening to me. Bigg Boss says it time for her to go. Paras says don’t demotivate me like that, say good to me. She says take a stand for yourself. Paras’ mom hugs everyone. Paras tells her that Mahira is my favorite. Paras hugs Mahira. Sid jokes with her. His mom says Paras is not like me. Sid says aunty is clearing her stance. Paras laughs. She hugs Rashami and asks her to be happy. Sid says Mahira wanted to touch your feet. She says girls don’t touch feet in our household. She hugs Mahira. Rashami says my girl is nervous. Mahira cries. She says don’t cry, you are a good friend. Rashami says Mahira and aunty are right, Paras has a problem. Paras hugs Mahira and his mom. Paras asks his mom to kiss her as he can’t. She kisses Mahira and asks Shefali to take care of Paras. Sid says don’t say that, Paras might shift his focus to his bhabhi. She laughs and says he can focus on others except for Mahira. Sid says why? Mahira is a good girl, she makes food too. Paras’ mother says that Mahira’s mom doesn’t like it, she asks them all to enjoy. Sid hugs her. Paras sends his mom off. Sid hugs Mahira. Rashami tells Mahira that you don’t have to worry, you wanted to be part of this feeling so decide for yourself.

8:30 PM
Paras asks Mahira why did she cry? He is about to kiss her cheek but she moves away. Paras hugs her and says I didn’t kiss you. Mahira says your mom didn’t like me? Paras says she is worried that your mom doesn’t like it, my relatives said to not do it. She held my hand and said to understand. Mahira laughs. Paras says I told her that you would talk to Akansha.

9 PM
The doorbell rings and Rashami’s niece and nephew enter the house. Rashami runs and hugs them. She cries and says, my kids. All are happy to see them. They ask her to not cry. The kids meet everyone. Sid greets the kids and says you people have changed. Rashami takes them inside. The kids greet Madhu and Vishal.
The kids tell Rashami that they are liking your game, you will win. Rashami thanks them. Her nephew says to be with Asim. Rashami says I am worried, I was crying today. They say we are here today. The nephew asks Rashami why did you break friendship with Sid? She says we were never friends. Her niece says you can become friends, it can be helpful. Let’s get your friends with him. They call Sid and bring Rashami there. They ask Sid to become friends with Rashami. He shakes hand with her. They ask them to hug. Sid hugs Rashami. Rashami hugs back. Sid plays with her niece. She says I like Sana too. Sid says she is fat. Her niece says no, she is not. Rashami goes to talk to them. Paras tells them that my mom said that I should entertain like I initially did. Sid says because you changed partners? Paras says no. Asim says you are lying to yourself also? Paras says I told her that I will win.
Rashami tells her nephew that when I go out then we will see if I can take you both out for lunch, your father has mood swings, he fights with me a lot.
Sid talks to Sana but Sana doesn’t answer him. The kids hug everyone and leave. Rashami smiles and hugs Arti. Arti says now you have energy? Rashami says a lot. Bigg Boss says everyone lost the task so there is no captain. Sana tells Rashami that see even kids want to see you being friends with Sid.

Rashami tells Arti that I needed this. Arti says I am thankful that you didn’t send Arhaan for you, I don’t care what you think Rashami. Rashami says the kids were running to Sid, they met him before. Arti says I was happy to see Sid being sweet with them. Rashami says he used to play with my niece on sets also.

10 PM
Sana tells Sid that I want attention. Arti says what will you do after the show? Sana says I will call him daily. Sid says like it’s SidNaaz, for Arti and me, we don’t have to change my name. SidhArth has Arti in it also.

Paras tells Rashami that it’s time to change the game, there is no alliance for now. He asks her to end fights with Sid. Rashami says he is not fighting with me now. Paras says Sid was angry with the tea scene but he was angry on Arhaan as it was not his matter. Rashami says Arhaan didn’t throw tea at him. Rashami says I didn’t see that.

10:15 PM
Rashami and Sid are in the garden. Sid says your niece’s height has increased. Rashami says she met you in 2018 and today she wanted to meet you first. Sid says she is very intelligent, very well brought up. Rashami says thank you. Sid says I did nothing. Rashami says they said that all are playing a good game, they are so cute.

Sana asks Madhu why she is not speaking? Madhu says we are talking, Vishal is saying things. Sana asks them to stop it. Vishal says she doesn’t shut her mouth. Sana says don’t fight right now, you are out of this game. Vishal says you want us to cry? Arti says you people don’t look like regretting it. Madhu threw water today also. Shefali says Madhu doesn’t think before doing anything. Madhu asks her to stop it. They both argue. Rashami and Sid hear it. Rashami says are you serious? Arti tells Vishal that you people have no remorse. Asim asks Vishal to not tell them what you think. Rashami says I don’t know what will happen to Madhu on the weekend. Sid says she was provoked, I don’t understand them. Rashami says right. Asim says to Vishal that we should tell Arti that we are embarrassed and feeling bad. Arti says I was talking to Vishal, you are very good? You curse people and think you are a good human? Vishal says Arti just wants to create issues. Arti says you don’t know about yourself, one minute you want to go out of the show but then you change your mind.

Rashami asks Arti to not poke Vishal and Madhu. They are irritated. Arti says Vishal calls me confused? He doesn’t even know if he wants to stay in the show or not.
Sana says to Vishal that one has to remain silent. Vishal says Arti shouldn’t say all that. I am feeling bad to be here. Shefali says I understand.
Arti tells Rashami that they don’t know if they will have a love track or hate track. Shefali says they are in jail, all are asking them to not fight so they are irritated, don’t tell them that they have no remorse.

11:15 PM
Sana is sleeping. Sid teases her but she looks away. Sid takes the deodorant and applies it. Sana throws it away. Sid says don’t do this drama, it’s too much. He puts it on the table, Sana throws it back. Arti looks on and says she is angry over SidArth

Day 111
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song shut up and bounce. They all dance.

9:30 AM
Sid comes to Sana and hugs her. He kisses her cheek and gives her tea. He leaves. Sana blushes.

10 AM
Mahira tells Paras that we don’t touch feet in our house too. Paras says she called you a girl but not daughter, she said it deliberately, I know my mom. Sana says you know what she said to you. Paras asks Mahira to not listen to others, he leaves. Mahira says I liked Sana’s daddy telling her that her mother beat herself once but Sana has continued it till now. Sana laughs and says my mom has done it more than once. Sid says this is a girl who will embarrass her parents in front of everyone. Shefali says don’t know what they ate before birthing her. Sana says they taught me all this. Sid says your mom did all these acts? Sana says my father had many girlfriends, he used to flirt with the girls. Shefali says no wonder she is like this.

Asim jokes that Madhu can curse anytime she wants. Madhu says when did I curse? You want to start a fight? Asim says no. Sana says don’t irritate her, she can cut your *****. Asim says you think for your friend Sana?

5:30 PM
Rashami tells Sana that I was low this week. Sana asks why? Rashami says I have to think before speaking. Shahbaz asked you to not love but you loved two here and no one is yours. Sana says I am not theirs also. Rashami laughs and says your love is not genuine? I was worried for nothing. Sana says I am shy to love, I would have loved the third guy. Rashami says it could be Vishal. Sana says I like a man with some attitude and air about him. Rashami says you would keep running behind him then. Sana says I want him to love me and hate all other girls. Rashami laughs and says this can’t happen, they have affairs behind the back. Sana says I don’t care about it. He should take a stand for me. Rashami says Paras and Sid don’t do that for you. You chose two wrong people.

6 PM
Sana wears Rashami’s dress and goes to show Sid. Sid tries to ignore her. Sana says I came for you Sid. Sid hints that it’s good. Sid asks Sana to not go near the pool, you are spoiling the dress. Sana hugs him. Rashami laughs. Sana says I am a Cinderella. Sid says beautiful. Sana lies over Sid. Arti looks on.

8 PM
Shefali asks Sid why so serious? Paras says Sana takes his energy. You have to control yourself. Mahira says he enjoys being with her. Paras says he pokes like Sana. Shefali says there are no quality issues to fight right now. Mahira says I can make an issue right now. Paras says Mahira gets stuck with the issues so I feel like saving her. Mahira says you don’t say that I get stuck with the issues? Do you think you are supporting me? Sid says he is fighting for you because he cares for you. Paras says you become blank in the fights. Mahira says you think that I am in this show because of you. Sid says to Mahira that you can’t deny the help, he has helped you. Mahira says I didn’t ask for the help, I don’t like people telling me that I am here because of him.

12:30 AM
Rashami comes to Vishal and asks why Arti is behaving weirdly? Vishal says she is playing a game now. She is buttering even Bigg Boss. Rashami says she is very changed. Vishal says I don’t understand how can they compare provoking and violence? Why I have to bear this? Rashami says because you have patience.

PRECAP- Salman tells Vishal that clapping happens with two hands only. He mimics Madhu beating Vishal. He tells Vishal that I asked you to respect your girlfriend but what did you do? You have no explanation. He asks Vishal and Madhu to leave our home.
Salman tells Paras and Mahira that what you are doing in the house doesn’t look like a friendship. Paras has told Akansha outside that don’t feel bad if I do some acting in the house so he has already created a bridge. Paras says no, ask the creatives to not say rubbish. Salman says there is no creative team behind this. Rashami asks Paras to not say anything. Paras says I won’t listen to rubbish things. Salman says Akansha has called me up to find out what is happening. Mahira asks Paras to calm down. Salman asks Paras to not use this tone with him. Paras says I won’t take false blame on myself. Salman glares at him and says you… you keep your voice down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Family round finished and everybody are back to business. And that’s bigg boss show for you ! And this one girl is going much lower than expected which is very unworthy to watch. I want it to be ended as soon as possible and nobody can watch this more if its like this only. Keep only top 5 and run the show for two weeks and decide the winner. If they keep on extending like this, then there will be no true fan base and these HM’s also can’t tolerate anymore and starts acting wierd. Everyone has prefixed their fav and nobody will change their opinion in this extension. And everything will have a limit, how long will the HM’s will have to suffer inside and how long will the people outside have to keep thier interests upon this show ? This is truly testing the patience of both HM’s and fans. Same routine daily soap like going.

    1. @CS7,@SPG Before 2 days you both said to me that Sana is going through some medically disorder or whatever. When I clearly said that Siddharth also likes her that’s why he is encouraging her. Do you guys still need proofs? Sana isn’t any disorder material she is in the game fully from the beginning of the season and you have to believe it both siddharth and Sana are using “Sidnaaz” angle for their benefit. I used to atleast like siddharth despote of his arrogance and misbehaviour with other hms but not now. Whenever Siddharth and Sana scenes will come on the screen i feel like am watching a serial which has only romance that too with excessive hugging and kissing. Not only me, several people are feeling like that. One thing, i would love to tell you both that first i was like Asim and siddharth will reach to finale but I was always confused that who will claim the trophy. Not now anymore, its crystal clear that Asim is gonna win the trophy. Am not saying coz am Asim’s fan and all. I love to watch everyone in the show having some screen space either it is in negative or positive not that shitnaaz drama whole 45 mins and 10mins of other hms. Its so so wrong fr the ppl who are staying in the show and they get only 10mins footage jus bcz they don’t do these vulgar hugs and kisses. Surely, siddharth is losing his fandom if he continues this still saying “Sana is a kid and next moment he keeps hugging and kissing her cheeks and cuddling with her” Siddharth’s graph will go much more low. Ppl are saying that paras and mahira doesn’t look like friends anymore then I would love to ask what are siddharth and sana look like? They both way crossed the limits which paras and mahira didn’t crossed still.

      Now @CS7,i know you are gonna shower me with curses and what not. I don’t care, you keep saying to keep the views right. Its not only my point of view but alot of ppl are saying it in which am one of them.

    2. Excuse me, i didn’t curse anybody till date. And i am extremely sorry if you feel like that.
      I am pretty sure that you haven’t seen my view today. Just for you copying it again.
      And i personally expected someone to school him(Sid) regarding the dumb one he is being always with but nothing like that happened, so happy that it’s all fairly seen by the audience and no misunderstandings.
      And let me give only one hint for you. Your views will not be same everytime, it differs basing on the ongoing situations and actions. At the end of the show only, you can stamp it for permanent. Till then, you can only express on what you got to witness and can change day by day.

    3. Forgot to mention, the most imp point. There is a difference between innocence and mental illness and cruelty.
      I thought she is innocent initially, then she proved us wrong with hurting self and demeaning words.
      Thought then it’s mental illnes, she again proved is wrong. No person in the world will put up such comments on parents in the name of innocence and cuteness. It’s cruelty not a game.
      For those who say she is in game, no individual will like her for this type of game.( Leave it about others, personally it’s my feeling)
      Sid, i have huge concerns regarding his behaviour with her and i expressed them in my views also. Don’t need to repeat that, he is clear in his mind.

    4. @cutiepie i totally agree with you whatever you have said i just want to write abt it..why the hell sid has to gve her imp …their many scenes are vulgar feel awkward to watch with family ..this gal is no longer cute but i consider her cunning and sid being such celebrity should behave why the hell he has to do kissing and hugging and all and yesterday’s episode when that sana wore that blue gown and does all the flighty things i feel v awkward to watch it .its trur paras and mahira both of them i dnt like but still they behave properly than sid naz ,from now onwards i wil cal them shitnaaz .i dnt like mahira but still this girl is much more decent than this sana

    5. Hi cutiepie,
      Do you mean me?
      Read up Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Disorder


      Hope that helps

      Personally, I’m fed up of Shehnaaz and her antics, and I change the channel when she comes onscreen


  2. Oh no 🙁
    It went from full of emotions and happiness to fights already
    Paras’s mom gave him good advice, she was very straight forward, no beating around the bush. Even though I do not like him, he is a strong player. But, he admit it himself that he is a playboy and he likes being around Mahira. So that doesn’t look good for him. Again, he is not a playboy… a playboy is a single man who talks to many girls. He is in a relationship outside the house, and is trying to create another one inside the house. Paras’s mom sees this, and I am glad she told him off. I feel like Mahira and Paras both need to keep some distance and revisit themselves. They have a lot to prove now.
    Shehnaaz needs to stop with the attention calls, they are getting really boring to watch.
    I agree with Salman, both Vishal and Madhu should leave. They are just too toxic and annoying. Madhu has definitely weakened Vishal’s game.
    As for the whole Paras issue with his girlfriend… His gf has actually said it on an interview that I watched a few months ago ( I don’t remember what video exactly) but she said that Paras has said all the things he is being accused of. But, I think both Paras and his gf are doing this for attention. If it is such a big issue, why don’t they bring the girlfriend in the house/on stage to talk to Paras? She has also said that she doesn’t want to weaken Paras’s game so she won’t come into the house. Seems like a plan to me, I am pretty sure this is all happening for more publicity for both.

  3. Sid character is being proved positive by the same persons who raised some negative points about him earlier. I hope people will watch it clearly and understand it without any doubts upon his behaviour n attitude.
    He has anger management issues but it’s not like he does it intentionally and treats in particular way. Like whatever the negative stamps people marked on him, are being proved wrong by the same people who marked on him.
    It’s great that nobody pointed him much in the family round and most of them praised and loved his presence. Nobody had ignored him and spent some good time with him personally. That’s the impact he gave in the show. It’s visible clear as real.
    And i personally expected someone to school him regarding the dumb one he is being always with but nothing like that happened, so happy that it’s all fairly seen by the audience and no misunderstandings.

    1. Rajjo

      Hello @CS7…

      I actually wanted to ask something and know something from you as you describe everything so clearly… No offence to anyone its just a general thing and I am not targeting anyone from bb13… I want your view in this condition…

      My question is… Can 36 days of love, attraction do replace 10 years of Commitment??? I mean if yes then there must be some issues in the commitment…
      I mean yes it can happen in rare cases but still m getting confused its the real world na so I no able to understand it…

    2. See, i will present my POV. No offense to anybody.
      It’s pretty clear that Asim for the first time in the game has trusted someone ? fully and expressed his views without any artificial feelings. He just showed himself real to only her in the house. He took care of her, protected her, motivated her, even though he know it’s one sided but he didn’t give up and behaved well with her. And we can see it in his eyes and the vibes he get. He kept her aside of the game too in his mind. He tried his Max to balance the game n his feelings for her. He has kept his game n focus aside when it comes to her. He showed the world full of love to her with his actions n caring and expressed bluntly without any hesitation that too on air.
      For anybody in the world, we can clearly feel it with the actions n vibes. Though she was little hesitant to accept that in the house and had a little confusion over it. So no wonder she got it clear in her mind after watching it on screen after being eliminated. And we can witness only one hour but she is with him for such long time, we don’t know what’s unseen and their beyond.
      I can’t explain her old love story and their relationship with one another n their issues. That is her personal side n we shouldn’t comment anything without knowing the consequences what happened in her love story before n after bigg boss.
      So without knowing two sides, it will be not good to judge her. Basing on what we know, i can tell that the got very much attracted n convinced about his love. Time will definitely not be a factor in love and only matters is the intensity n depth n commitment.
      And how long will it be, we are nobody to judge. And how real their feelings are for another, only they knows.

    3. Rajjo

      Thank you so much dear… it is well explained… You took out your precious time for me…

  4. last week Sna was rude with Salman so now Paras is taking the advantage . this ill and shameless girl should had been taught a lesson she is spoiling everyones game and peace of the house ,why bb does not throw her out because of her fans or her family influence. really can’t stand her .

    1. So true please kick her out ( attention seeker ) she is nothing then useless creature no stand for herself , rashmi was right take a stand for urself first , if u don’t respect yourself don’t expect from others.

  5. If anyone is a regular follower of bigg boss since many seasons, can they clear me this question ?
    Is shilpa shinde not the makers preferred winner but was made only due to the votes and immense fan following ? What’s the truth in this ? Hina Khan was makers favourite ? Are the makers biased in that season ?

    1. Shilpa shinde was makers and salman’s fav,,i liked her too in that season but it was crystal clear that show was biased 4 her,,on the other hand hina was portrayed as negative character,,she was put in bad limelight and got bashed every WKW ,,so hina was not makers fav they crossed her to portray her as vamp of that season

    2. Yes for Shilpa Shinde, never said single word to her even when she was wrong few times

    3. I think intially the makers had decided to make Hina the winner. Bcoz i remember Hina telling Salman that she had even finalised the dress for the finale! But soon they shifted their bias towards Shilpa. People who used to say demeaning things about her used to be called off, but when she used to say something bad about someone, it used to be ignored. There was biasness but not so much as in this season.

    4. Bb were tad bit biased towards shilpa shinde during her season and people loved her too. Indeed she was guest couple of times during season 12. But issues happened later during season 12 when she started promoting Sreesanth a lot and when Deepika became winner, Shinde said a lot of things against bigg boss makers and creative team. Her Instagram was filled with hate comments. People were comparing her with Hina and how hina is working in serials and seem positive. While shinde was still talking about bigg boss, has no work etc. Hate towards her was so immense that shinde had to remove all her posts on Instagram. Overall Hina remain more popular after bigg boss.

    5. Thank you. I got from your words clearly that she couldn’t handle the fame n stardom after bigg boss although she did it better inside the house during her stay. And Hina has got it in right track and so people started loving her more than shilpa after that season. So no wonder why her comments are like this. I can see Vikas Gupta getting so much love from audience n makers. I can frame the season well now, how it went on air.

    6. Hi in that case I’ll will like you to watch previous season and previous to previous one.. Dipika won bcoz of makers choice despite huge fans base of sree.. She did absolutely nothing..she has been declared the worst winner of be. Hina was portrayed negativeiin whole season. Hence this is proved rashmi and shukla will be top 2…sometimes it feels like makers give script to shukla when he goes wrong..

    7. Yes u r right??Shukla,rashmi and asim top 3..winner shukla and runners up rashmi

    8. I agree that Deepika really did nothing in the show. She didn’t do much in the show and Sreesanth was better winning contender.
      So far I thought Sid, Asim and Shehnaz will be top 3 and 4th, 5th will be Rashmi and Paras. But Rashmi’s game has improved whereas Shehnaz seem desperate and irritating. Shehnaz is has taken Sidnaz angle way too seriously and her antics seem fake. Her popularity has also dipped. And today Salman will unravel so-called game of Paras. He possibly will become more unpopular, all depends upon the weekend ka vaar and how Mahira, Sid, Sana will react to that. 5th position is still wide open and Paras’s trouble will benefit Arti and Vishal.

    9. As far as shilpa is concerned i think that the bb adressed hina in the elite club task n as she was invited many times in season made her upset. Actually the way bb was praising hina n calling her as a person who will be remembered whenever s11 is mentioned had hurt her sentiments.

    10. Ya. Got it very well now. It’s just unable to handle other’s raise and own’s downfall. Wonder how she behaved in the house and gained audience trust.

    11. When u r done with BB 13, do try to catch up with BB11. It was by far the best season in my eyes.

  6. Amal

    Oh shit ?????

  7. I just watch the episode…. wow does Shehnaaz not respect her parents? Talking so much about your parents? Saying that if there was a third, you would have an angle with him too? Asim is “chi”? That is extremely disrespectful

    1. Rajjo

      Sana is unexpectable…. and now unacceptable…

  8. Good afternoon folks,
    One of the best episodes of BB 13. Full of true emotional exhibition, bec the kind of pressure and trauma these 10 contestants undergoing for over 100+ days is truly toxic and unbearable at times… so everyone venting out their truthful feelings…. it is indeed good morale boosting before finals….

    We comment everyday from this side watching it from TV, some time passionately and some time ruthlessly according to our favorite’s performance, outcome, either uphold and down grade other contestants… at times so badly according to our mood swing which is quite unfortunate… even i used to be very harsh at times while commenting .. not always…. ? But none of us may not know how and why they behave like that, is it scripted that way?? or is it bec of things which we dont have the privilege to see as we see only 1 hour of their 24 hours life every day…

    Every parent is different and unique in their own style and nature, and we shall not judge them wrongly and criticize too.. they have absolute right on their children or sibling which is unquestionable, and they see it in their perspective what is best relationship for their kith and kin. So it is better enjoy watching than to comment on it… ?

    Truly happy to see the best camaraderie between all except Vish-madhu…. especially happy with Sid-rash-asim, more specifically Sid care n’ concern towards rash as she was feeling all alone without her relatives…. it is indeed pity n’ painful… having so much wealth without parents and blood relatives is pitiable, it should not happen even to our worst enemy or to anyone… felt sorry for her…

    Not interested to comment about Himan-sim love angle, bec if she broke the fixed engagement just for a 5 week old love, then it is ethically wrong bec it is not between two individuals but two families / relatives involved. Whom to blame if it is true??? i leave it to you for your own judgement & perceptions. It is unpardonable… and such relationship wont last too…..

    Every guest arrived were great but i was so impressed with Sid’s mother & Rashmi’s niece n’ nephew two wonderful moments…. they indeed have added much more needed energy to all… so cute it was like icing on cake…. like the kids, i too wanted to Sid-rashmi to maintain the good friendship and leave the show like a good buddies…. pray that makers dont rewrite the scripts to spoil it… 🙂

    i think Paras’s mother advice that he is not to been on TV much offlate, would have provoked him to the extend that he decided to put him on TV with much larger picture by deciding to take on Salman… otherwise i find no reason why he should react so much for simple joke and talking bad with Salman the host???!!!

    Regarding CS7 question on Silpah shinde, even i am wondering how she can claim that the channel didnot prefer but audience…. if a channel didnot preferred her then she would not have gone that far to reach finals and then then crowned winner???!!! confusing…. 🙂 My choice was Hina khan ahead of Shilpa, another drama queen like shenaaz… anyway gone is gone… i look forward to this season’s finals where i wanted to see Sher Sid crowned as winner of BB13… hope it may happen as he is fan’s favourite and also channels favourite too.. 🙂

  9. Rashmi has shown lot of improvement and should be in Top 5 atleast, both sid and Rashmi are good. Paras and Sid’s mom were very honest. Loved them. Everything was good except fights at end. Vishal will suffer bcoz of Madhu. Paras deserves that bashing from salman

  10. Episode full of emotions…. starting from asim’s brother, he acted as a best guide for asim. He informed him about the huge support he is getting from outside which was needed. He also verified about himanshi. His interaction with hms was also positive. Sid’s mom was also sweet liked her sense of humour. Glad that she informed him to wear full clothes. Paras’s mom was on point today she asked mahira to take her own stand n paras to stop being a godfather now. She clearly said that initially ehen she was with rashami he looked positive but now he is looking negative. Paras tried to convince her that he is doing this just for game cos he had been a part of such shows before. But she clearly asked her to maintain a distance. Rashami was upset as she knew her family wont turn up n was expecting her friend ankita lokhande but her neice n nephew came as a surprise for her. Well i was expecting some elder to accompany them to boast her confidence n console her. The kids interacting with hms was very cute. It was said to hear that she had to take permission from their parents to go an outing n things are not so well betw them. Sid rashami conversation was really sweet. Arti slayed it again by saying ” achha hua arhaan ko nhi bheja”. Arti unecessarily jumped in the arguement n blamed vishal that he is not guilty glad that rashami n shef made her understand their situation. Again after some good episodes makers shifted to sidnaaz it has become irritating now. The way sana was talking about her parents was disrespectful. She is not a kid now, she should understand that she is speaking this on national television. Her interaction with rashami cleared that she just wants attention n is using both paras n sid. Mahira is so ungrateful she should really understand that she is here just because of paras’s support.

    1. Rajjo

      Sana talking about her parents was actually disrespectful… even I didn’t like that at all. If one cannot disrespect other ones parents on TV I believe the same your own parents too… You can’t say like this for your own too… Whatever they have done however they have done wherever there were but truth is they have brought you up here… n you are saying that what he has done for me… I don’t know her personally what her and her parents situation was but its sad to see her saying like this… kid kid kid… she is not a kid anymore she should know what to say on national television others take her words lightly does not means she is always right… she needs to control her words even if she is saying in fun…

  11. According to the promo karan singh grover, gautam gulati n vindu will be entering the house as guests. I am not having problem with anyone else but how can they call vindu who called a contestant terrorist n anti national just because he belonged to kashmir n his religion. The way paras was disrespecting salman was unacceptable hope salman bash him properly n give him a life time lesson.

  12. every thing was good in yesterday’s episode except that irritating sana again doing the sidnaz it v boring and irritating.She should be out of the show ,she is no longer entertainer but the person who makes the episodes boring

    1. Rajjo

      After family week I feel equations will change… now everyone are individual only… as Because after today almost everyone will be knowing each others game… now in the coming days there will be a complete difference in the perception, emotions, style in contestants… yesterday we saw that too little bit in Arti…
      About sana-sid, I opened instagram and saw full of messages for #sidnaaz… we want sidnaaz, plz show us sidnaaz… we don’t want sid-rashmi, we will not watch bb if sidnaaz not there and all… I was like omg… people are going mad over them n they(sidnaaz) are also using the same… why??? I donno who these people are because here o this page everybody is bored of them then where these people come from???

  13. Liked Asim’s bro and his bond. More than so called SidRa, Rashmi and Sana’s moments were cute. Ye Sana pagal hai par koi ignore nai kar sakta.

    1. @HOPE sana bohut irritating hai

  14. Especially for Asim.
    Have you all noticed Asim’s game ?
    Asim has truly improved a lot no doubt. He is initially was just another contestant, but now a top contender. That’s his achievement and people are going mad for him. His loyalty towards his frnds always was lovely to watch. He gives his ? in the task and never relaxes during the task. Always strives to win only, and never comes off the track. Good looking, handsome, stylish, active, hardworking, dedicated and stubborn. Best thing is he always try to excel in whatever he is doing. (Sometimes favours and max times misfires) Asim is definitely the best of his age contestants in the game.
    If you have more points, can add here regarding Asim strengths. Bcz i almost covered up and may be more which i didn’t consider as strength.
    Asim still can’t differentiate between game and life. He always thinks in the game sense only. If somebody approaches him normally also, he still sees it in game sense only. It’s quite obvious that if anybody converses with him means, they will definitely have to face some consequences near future. Bcz he catches some point in their conversation and makes it negative to appear and uses it in his arguments. It further instigates the already having arguments. Doesn’t have many leadership qualities and cannot lead his group. Best in the no.2 position only always. His relations in the game are always on edge only. They never settles like a relationship. Himself accepted that he likes being provoked and likes to provoke. His version of taking stand is only to prove his game and it never relates to the ongoing point of argument. He takes stand to let his grudges out more rather than fight for the ongoing cause. (Brother himself admitted) hence nobody can now pass a Statement that he takes stand for women empowerment and respect. If you observe keenly, he takes stand for others only when the opponent is his rival only irrespective of the topic. He doesn’t do any funny conversations at all, if he does it also they will definitely create an argument there after. He consoles a person to some extent on behalf of humanity and majority to gain something. He never leaves any help done by him go in vain bcz he will for sure use it in the arguments. He convincing skills are too poor. Likes to go with the flow only. Can’t take any criticism from self people also. Can’t take funny conversations if he feels being shown down for fun also. Apologies artificially only. Always tries to hit with his words on personal rather than the game related. Always thinks himself right and high on feelings. Doesn’t have his own plot or planning in the tasks, goes with the flow. And lot more if we go on.
    Finally, the advice i would like to give him if really wants to excel in the game is –
    He has till now proven to be a top contestant only and now it’s time to prove himself as the top most of all, that’s winner. In my POV he needs
    To be in the game and enjoy the game. Have fun, don’t always keep doubt in mind, do it for yourself and naturally not for the sake of audience. Express naturally don’t be so artificial. Don’t follow what others are doing, show yourself. Be in the reality and keep your legs grounded. Focus on his game rather than his rivals. Keep your point clear and fight for that only, don’t try to deviate or get deviated from it.
    Take your own stand for yourself and don’t unnecessarily get in arguments and avoid such arguments. Decide when to let go off and when to catch it firmly.

    In my POV, he is best at no.2 position only when compared to all others. Like i said earlier, he always follows Sid in his own mark and always tries to compete with him only. Focus lies Max on Sid only rather than enjoying the game.

    1. Rajjo

      Very happy for Asim from day 1 to now very much has change for him from no one knowing him to getting fame… this boy has done milestone in almost 100 days… Everyone has some drawbacks he also have but he capable of overcoming that too one month remaining…
      Being in top 2 list of everyone is also not less than an award… what matters is you should win hearts…

  15. who finds that sana cute…overacting ki dukan …earlier i liked her nw whenever she and sid talks on unnecessary things i jst switch to other channel and in the promo the way she is behaving with gulati is something..this girl has no self respect……….

  16. The friendship between rashami n asim is the only true n genuine bond which i admire. They have an unsaid understanding between them. True friends who stand with each other in tough times. While the three couples vishal madhu , paras mahira, sidnaaz are fake to great extent these 2 have emerged as strong companions. Friendship in a limit. Like asim said ” hmari dosti yaha kisi ko pachti nhi h”. Shef, himanshi, paras etc no one likes their bond. Shef n paras keep on saying that rashami is instigating n using asim but asim never got influenced by them. Paras, mahira, devo, vishal backstabbed rashami, while arti, sana, shef backstabbed asim. But of them ahave always been loyal to their friends. Now when they r together their loyalty towards each other is clearly visible. Even if they r not getting enough screen space 2 min of their conversation is enough for making the points clear. I really admired the way asim said that he used to her by sid’s pov n now when he is talking to her personally they share a diff equation. It is my pov, their bond is better than the 3 couples cuddling around. Hope you like my pov @CS7 tried my best to put the points in words.

    1. Totally agree with you. I find their relationship honest and healthy. Probably because they understand each other to an extend but more importantly they accept each others weakness. There is an equality in their friendship, which was highly missing between Sid and Asim.

    2. Exactly my thoughts. Earlier I used to like Devo & Rashmi’s bonding as well, but many a times Devo appeared a tad bit selfish to me. But Asim & Rashmi ‘s bonding looks so much devoid of any selfishness and fakeness. Where the rest of the house is filled with fake & loud couples who cant even differentiate if they are only friends or more, Asim & Rashmi are the only ones who genuinely behave and appear like friends . Its the only relation in this entire season that won my heart. Hope they take this forward outside the house as well.

    3. Thank you for accepting n presenting as said. Bottom line is their past experiences in the house made them much stronger n loyal. Both will be careful and i can see them good companions sharing mutual respect n trust towards one another. But what lacks is some liberty on one another which is quite understandable being a guy n girl and some age difference factor too.
      Don’t take it in diff sense, in friendship we have the liberty to say anything negative or positive and act upon one’s behalf. It’s a good bonding when compared to all others right at the moment.

  17. Guys even Sidharth likes her just go to the previous episode when did Maa enters and come towards housemates he says that meri mehbooba meri maa se dari hui hogi.. he said that just check it the voice is not clear but if u listen it more time u will notice it.. Sid maa thought he was saying for her.. again if that was not the case why will Sid say to Sana shut ur mouth in front of Maa and be freeze only it was not written in this update

  18. Rajjo

    Guyss anyone if watched Bigg Boss 8 please tell me how the the season and Gautam Gulati because I have listened about him very much…

    1. he was my fav contestant,the entire season the guy spend it alone he was bit friendly with puneet but other HM LIKE UPEN PATEL,KARISHMA avoided him

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