Bigg Boss 13 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rashami is in slow-motion

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Bigg Boss 13 16th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says people made new relationships in the house and it was good. Salman says we gave the audience’s opinions to the housemates. We asked them first how much contribution each of them is giving in the show and see how they did it.

In the house:
Paras reads the task that they give to give tags to each other on the basis of the entertainment contribution percent of each inmate. This task will be about new the inmates, Rashami and Devo will be a part of it. Old inmates will give their opinions too.
The first tag is Bol Bachan (talk only and no action). Vishal says Bhau gives too much speech. Bhau says I talk like that. Kisari says Bhau for me too, he just gives instructions and doesn’t do anything. Sana says Kisari says things without any logic. Kisari says that’s my fun. Devo says Bhau for me too. He taunted someone’s features only. Bhau says Paras calls her that all the time. Devo says they are friends, they can joke with each other. Vishal says your language is bad. Bhau says I don’t curse anyone. Vishal says you talk with disrespect to anyone. Bhau says if you don’t like it then don’t talk. Devo says you are not innocent, don’t say that you don’t curse. Paras says you give bad name to everyone, that is bad too. Mahira says I fight with the boys when they hurt me. Arhaan says I think Bhau us bol bachan, you say too many things. Arti says Bhau curse too without thinking about the girls. Bhau says if I say bum in Hindi then it’s wrong but you people can curse in English and that is fine. Sid says I think Kisari is bol bachan, he says so big words. Kisari says that it is not bol bachan. Sid says it’s my opinion. Shefali says Kisari talks about living like friends but you don’t do any work, you do body shaming to Sana, you can’t call her a cow and fat person. Kisari says we joke about it. Shefali says you have shifted your stance in a week. Sana says I joke too but I don’t body shame anyone. Bhau says you people can curse in English. Vishal says you think it’s fine to talk in this language? Do you want to fight? They charge at each other. Bhau says I said ****, it’s not cursing, it’s my language. Paras says you say bad words and then realize your mistakes.
Kisari, Mahira, Sana takes Vishal’s name for leadership tag. Devo says Arhaan is a leader for me. Rashami says Arhaan is a leader. Asim takes Vishal’s name, Arti says Vishu for me too, he is neutral, he tells if you are wrong or right. Sid says Vishal for me too, he is playing alone. Shefali says Vishal for me. Himanshi says Arhaan is an honest person for me. Paras says Vishal for me. Bhau says Vishal for me too.
Vishal says I think Devo is lost in the house. Sana says Kisari is lost. Devo says Shefali is lost in the house, she was biased too. Shefali says I gave one duty to Mahira. Mahira says she is lost as you keep moving away from your stance only. Shefali says you like to get punished but won’t work. Shefali says you are a problematic person. Mahira says I do my duties. Asim says Devo is lost in the house, Arti says Devo is lost, she likes to show the path to Rashami more. Devo says she is my friend so it’s my duty to tell her to not go behind people that don’t deserve her. Sid says Kisari is lost in the game. Shefali says Rashami is lost in the house. Bhau says Shefali was wrong in the captaincy, she is lost. Paras was lost with duties also. Shefali says you follow Mahira’s words. Mahira says don’t talk to me like that. She shouts at her and says stop bringing me in everything. Sid laughs and says you are the one interrupting, everyone. They all give the lost tag to Shefali. Sid teases Mahira.
Vishal says Kisari is work in progress. Person change in the house so he is doing it. Sana says Kisari is work in progress. Kisari says Sana sees me for everything. Himanshi says Rashami is work in progress. Bhau says Kisari is a work in progress. They give that tag to Kisari.
Bhau says Rashami should get the slow-motion tag. Himanshi says Rashami is slow. Sid says Himanshi is slow in the house. Devo says Rashami talks with respect but they understand bad language only so if you are not fuc**ng them up then they won’t understand. Paras says Arhaan is slow-motion. Vishal says Arhaan is slow. Rashami says I get the slow-motion tag.
Vishal says Himanshi is not seen in the show. Mahira says Himanshi is gayab (not seen) one. Paras says Himanshi is beautiful so come out of your shell, you are over-shadowed. Sid says Himanshi is a calm person but she is not seen. Himanshi gets the not seen tag.
Vishal says Devo is the entertainer for me. Mahira says I think Devo is an entertainer, she is doing good with Sid. Devo smiles. Sid changes his place with Devo and sits near Devo. They joke with each other. Sid says Devo is entertaining as all say except Asim’s opinion doesn’t matter. Asim asks Sid to not involve him. Devo wears a veil and says I am respecting you Sid. Sid says I am speechless now. Kisari says Devo is entertaining with Sid. Arti says Devo makes others smile. Paras says Devo has changed Sid. Shefali says Devo is entertaining. Sid makes Devo wear the entertainer tag. All clap for them.
Last is a coward tag. Sid says its Arhaan. They all agree with Arhaan’s name. Asim asks Sid to not point at him in everything. Sid says I was joking but it’s fine. Asim says I am just asking you to not joke with me. Vishal tells Mahira that you are strong in the game. Arhaan says to Sid that you want to take our first topic till the end? Sid says I don’t care about that.

On the stage:
Salman says let’s connect with them and tell them how wrong they are. Salman connects the call to the house. All greet him. Salman says Shefali, Rashami, and Bhau are safe only. We have a twist too. Salman asks Bhau that you have more gas then the kitchen. Bhau says it’s a natural thing. I don’t shy away when I have to fart. All laugh. Sana says he farted 7 times with different sound qualities. Salman says wear your tags. Salman asks Arhaan to wear his tag. Arhaan says I am doing it for you Salman. Salman says you people were wrong with the tags. We will tell you what the audience thinks.
Salman says I will start with gayab tag. You people think Himanshi is not seen but the audience think that Kisari should get that tag. The viewer says that people love you but you are not shown on TV, become a hero in the house. Kisari says it was difficult in the first week. Salman tells Kisari that you showed your guts in the task, you had the bags in tunnel such a way that Asim couldn’t get out. Asim nods. Salman asks why Kisari was not considered to become a captain? Kisari says they thought that I didn’t deserve it, all wanted Vishal to become the captain. Salman says Vishal came in the house after you, they all made Vishal the contender and you became ….. It shows that they can treat you as they want and you won’t react. Kisari says nobody understands heart things here. Salman says you have to take a stand on things but use your mind also.
Salman says you all thought that Shefali is lost in the house but the audience thinks that Himanshi is the lost one here. Shefali thanks him. Salman says to Himanshi that you think Shefali is lost in the house? Let us show you the message of a viewer. The viewer says that you said you are not shown in the house. Clip ends. Himanshi says I was in the form but then I got ill. Salman says you can talk to people, you can support or go against things, you won’t fall down. Himanshi says I am figuring things out now. Salman says my advice to you is that focus on the game.
Salman says you people think Rashami is slow motion? How can you? what happened to you guys? The audience called her slow-motion too. Rashami says I was down after I came back, I was slow. The viewer says that you are clear on the things in the house but you don’t do anything when it’s time to do the things. Rashami thanks him and says I was confused and then Vishal entered the house, I am clear now. Salman says if you are trying to run away from things then it’s not going to work. Salman says you are not finding the target. Rashami says Shukla is my best friend. All laugh. Salman says you are seen in the corner only, whom you wanted to make a captain? She says Vishal. Salman says you can get saved if you become a captain if Arhaan became the captain then he would be safe, if he is your friend then you should save him but you wanted to make another friend in the house. Rashami says Vishal was taking a stand in the house. Salman says you think that Vishal will take a stand for you when you are about to become a captain? We are not sure but Arhaan would support you for sure. You did the same mistakers earlier, you have got a second chance.
Salman says the caller of the week will call now. The caller says that I want to ask Rashami that you said that Mahira won’t go forward in the game much if you are talking behind the back of your friends then how will you go against Sid’s group? Rashami says we re individuals in our group, I was talking about journeys of everyone, I talked to Paras also, I took Arti’s name. The caller says that Mahira was in the top 6 and you were not, Mahira is seen more than you. Rashami says I will take care of it.
Salman says you people think that Bhau is talk and talk only but the audience thinks Arhaan is that one. The viewer said Arhaan would a lot in the house but he is not seen much. Arhaan says I can’t provoke people much. Salman says Asim was right about you that you are talk only and no action, he says Asim is doing really well in the house. All clap. Salman says you are the HE man now. Asim thanks him. Bhau says people think that I am talk only but they follow each other, they have a problem with my language but I am not going to change. they can call hips as bums but if I said it in Hindi then it’s wrong. I have come from a slum so I will use that language only. Salman says that it is considered to be an abusive word. All laugh. Mahira says Bhau says something but does something else. Salman says bol Bachan means that he talks a lot but doesn’t have the guts. Mahira says I didn’t know the meaning of this word. Salman ends the call.

In the house:
Bhau says people don’t like respect, I will be with them as they are. Sana says do it, I didn’t do anything.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call and says the audience think that Devo is work in progress. Devo says I didn’t take stand earlier so people might think that my friendship with Sid is a work in progress.
Salman says the audience thinks that Vishal is the coward one. The viewer says that Vishal said to Sid that he wants to make him the captain and then you said the same thing to Mahira, You are playing with both the teams. Vishal says I am neutral, I am not a part of any team. Salman says you broke Rashami’s plate as Sid said so. Vishal says I wanted to break her plate as she is lost. Salman says you said Mahira is strongest but you said to Sid that you will make him a captain. Vishal says I feel some people are strong here and I support them. Salman says the audience thinks you are being shady with everyone. Vishal says I am honest with everyone. Salman says to Paras that Mahira said you are not doing the tasks and you said that let Vishal and others do the tasks first. Paras says he is a strong contestant so I want to give him a chance.
Salman says the audience thinks that Bhau is the entertainer. The viewer says that Bhau’s idea of reducing pimples didn’t work. All laugh. Another viewer says that Bhau looks like a leader in his videos but not in the house. Inmates are manipulating you, why are you letting them do it? Show your magic. Bhau says I was letting things go but I will take my love back, I thought to not fight and they think they can take me lightly. Salman says to Bhau that you wanted to become a captain? Bhau says I can handle the house but they wanted girls to become captains so I let it go. Salman says you play for yourself here. Bhau says I get emotional for girls’ sad faces.
Salman says the audience think Shefali is the leader in the house. She wears the tag. Salman says what advice you have Shefali? Shefali says Bhau is being politically correct. She says Himanshi should clear her things with Sana, I want to advise Arhaan that you are confused now. I want to tell Rashami that she is ill but I want her to pick up. I like Devo’s entertaining nature. I don’t trust Vishal, I am new here but you have to win the trust of people. I am honest with everyone here. Vishal says I talk to everyone. I want to tell Kisari that he is doing good this week. Salman says we will tell tomorrow about the elimination.

In the house:
Asim talks to Sid and says your hair looks dull. Sid says everything is fine with my hair. Come and hug me. He goes and hugs Asim. Arti and Himanshi say aww. Asim smiles. Himanshi and Arti hug them. Arti says Devo is working on Sid. Asim says we were miffed with each other. Shefali comes and says I want to see it again. Sid makes her wear his coat and hugs Asim again. They all have a group hug.

On the stage, Salman welcomes Anil Kapoor. Anil promotes his movie. Salman says we will have fun tomorrow.

PRECAP- Anil and Salman have together. Salman talks about Anil’s bad habits.
Salman asks Shefali if Mahira will be a better captain than you? She says no. They wax Paras’ hair. Salman asks Rashami if Arti is more popular than her? Rashami says no. They wax Vishal’s hair. Salman asks if Devo thinks Sid is handsome? Devo says yes. She waxes Sid’s arm sitting on his lap. Sid gives her a hug. All say awww… Salman says one inmate will be eliminated today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. After one and a half month asim finally got some praise and people are already calling him over hyped and what not, if you think shoemakers are fixing anything in his favor then you’re the biggest idiot, thy don’t even give him proper screentime, sent guest who were mean to him Salman only ever acknowledged him by mocking his accent and you think he’s moving forward cause show makers are partial towards him?LOL

  2. I hate salman khan..i don’t know what he is trying to say..this show should be banned..they just want to people fight who don’t fight will Kesari… etc

  3. Devo and shukla’s banter or fake romance whatever was funny yesterday but today both of them and whole house overdid it and it was annoying as f**k
    Shukla was rude to asim even today, asim looked down and was sitting alone it was obvious his team has cornered him, but as soon as Salman praised him shukla(&aarti)suddenly got amnesia and forgot all the awful stuff he had said about him aand hugged him, as per my understanding he had thrown asim out not because he argued(on valid points) but cause he wanted vishal in his team and was looking for reasons to kick asim out he has no value of anyone in his group all of them are just his means to winning tasks etc

  4. I m happy everything is cleared between asim n sid. Thanks Salman to told asim that we all are loving his performance n don’t fight n misunderstand each other. We want asim n Sid to give best in task n how can we forget about our sidnaaz please someone tell sana that she should understand sid feelings. Prince n yuvika also have age difference but that doesn’t matter but what matter is your understanding toward each other.kesari insulted sana saying that moti brains she didn’t react because she knew he was getting footage from her to see on the screen. This how you wanna see wow. But I m glad asim n shefali as a friend took stand for her. Shefali doing better than aarti.she became narayan now.

  5. Abbey yaar Asim has just started to come out as a strong individual player and bigg boss ne paani pher diya uske jeetne ke chances per by continuously teaming him up with Siddharth and forcing their ~ friendship ~on them, he come off negative whenever he’s with sid I hope he maintain his bond with sid but doesn’t get involve in his fights like sid wants him to…bandey mein dum hai but he is being deliberately overshadowed by sid by BB, they rarely shows his viewpoints except the one related to sid and today sid manipulated him again into patching up not because he wants to be his friend if that was the case he would’ve already sorted things out instead of lying about their conversation to aarti & sana IR fought with him on stupid reasons he hasn’t waited for wkw or Salman’s feedback

  6. thank you very much Atiba for the written updates, because some of the discussion i can not hear it but by reading it makes clear .thankyou again

  7. I can’t watch asim-shukla together again NOOOOOOOOooooooOooo, game get too dirty as shukla demand asim to be subservient & I prefer watching him speak his mind freely, I would’ve loved asim to pair up with vishal or even paras or maybe alone but not with shukla and his two dayan jaisi dasiyaan uggggggghh it’s like bigg boss just doesn’t want a third group to emerge or people to play individually as that would divert attention from rashmi & shukla”s group, they want to revolve this season around shukli sana rashmi & paras, first two as heroes and later two as villains and asim & vishal challenge this setup so they doing everything to not let that happen

  8. Why rashmi always support toxic masculinity? Her catchphrase ‘Mard ban’ had become an ‘ear’ sore then She literally pushed her hand into making herself unlikable to me when she supported dey’s vulgur behavior and went way over by supporting him, backing someone on a unjust situation is understandable but her support to dey was beyond one event, now she butted in when shefalu was reprimanding khesari for body shaming , why she has to speak on every wrong issue?she was the sweetest & cutest in first 2 weeks but her mentality is really flawed, I was supporting her giving back to Siddhartha shukla, who is literal personification of TM, in first few weeks but then she went and supported men with same :qualities:

  9. I see many people saying here that asim should play with paras did you all forget how paras treated him?it wasn’t just bullying it was discrimination he tried to drag his state which BTW is still under siege, so honestly that’s kind of unforgivable unless paras apologize for it first which I haven’t seen him do yeah he came to shake hands with him like they both were wrong but it was his racist behavior that led to it in the first place, he could’ve said a simple sorry but he didn’t+++I won’t deny paras has been unintentionally funny and has portrayed a really livable personality since Salman told him off in asim’s matter but fully supporting him and having him as a favorite is weird especially when he hasn’t even showed remorse on his behavior he has just hide it, plus I’ve seen him cuss mahira many times and when asrti was cordial with him he used to treat her badly as well and people don’t say a thing about it , they’re nowadays busy in portraying him as hurt little puppy when he is shaatir ++++producers want himanshi to fight with shehnaaz so bad , I don’t think himanshi is trashy enough to one up with shehnaaz++++++ Vishal isnt strait forward he’s rude especially with himanshi +++++ debolina stole rashmi’s storyline in the show, she even threw her under the bus today by sating she doesn’t take her stands I mean smallest of smallest things become contestants identity in this show and passing such a big statement will only harm rashmi’s chances of making her place in game again, she isn’t her friend and is a sly player, anyways I don’t like either of them +++Mahira is ruining what she built she used to come across as a mature person now all she does is get involved in everyone’s argument+++ Shehnaz remains the most irritating cunning person of the house and shukla hugging asim was a calculative move+++ I was starting to like arhaan too bad he is out++Aarti seems to have some serious problem with anyone who get close to shukla ++++Hindustani bhau isn’t an entertainer he’s crass

    1. well i didn’t read anyone mentioning asim should play with paras
      all were saying he should play neutral and talk normally with all housemates
      sometimes sid doesn’t let anyone to put their input into something and we want to watch asim play and see his pov

  10. My question is how Shefali is a leader. What Vishal did was playing mind games and clearly he was center of attraction once he came to BB house. Clearly Sid was tagged mastermind but Vishal played him too. All this makes him leader material and good player. Shefali was biased with distributing duties and has been advocate to Sid. sHefali was talking about body shaming of Sana but was laughing on Comments of Bhau on Mahira. Bhau must be made to understand ki ladki ko ladkon ke larayi mein nai bolna chahiye is so old school and people are not bond to follow his this ideology. He takes liberty of being elder as Bhau ka entertainment is mostly based on body shaming.
    Paras improved a lot for his game but was not appreciated. How come people consider fake romance as entertaining. As far Aarti is concerned, I don’t know who all noticed that she was not happy with patch up of Asim and Sid. Asim should play as an individual as Vishal and to some extent Paras. Paras has a group but his game strategy is individual.
    Salman pointed out Rashmi as one talking behind the back of Mahira but never points out same about Sid and most importantly Aarti. Aarti talks negative about her group members and goes back to them. Host of a show must be unbiased. Shefali is an independent and smart player but should stop being advocate, she is capable of playing individual game. Sana’s charm is fading.

    1. yup and sid talks about arti and sana also
      and shefali also said about devo’s dress about being babe etc
      and she is partial captain

  11. Feeling sad for Paras and Rashmi group. they are here just to get insult.😏

  12. Finally Asim got a word of appreciation from salman… Happy for him…BB makers have always given him little space in terms of wkw.
    Devo Sid thing was fun to watch for one day… but if she is intending do it continuously, it’s going to be boring…
    People giving feedback was good… at least contestants are getting a reality check…bhau needed that push coz he was going into Sana mode (so called entertainer)
    Himanshi too needed that push coz she’s not seen much…but honestly I love her n her personality…she doesn’t get into others matter and make mudda out of it and get footage ..forget others, she didn’t even use her n Sana mudha for footage…which clearly means that she doesn’t want to play dirty and humiliate Sana…but when she talks, she is crisp , clear and to the point..for Shukla getting dragged in Sana Asim matter,she mentioned it… she performed well in first task…
    Sid got to know the real side of Vishal from the video..Sid had a first impression of him being a man of his words and clarity in thoughts… Asim was warning and stopping him against trusting Vishal.. Sid now understood that Asim was right in his place…
    Happy to see Sid Asim are back…love to see their friendship…that hug…. himanshi n Shefali was genuinely happy…arti was like eating a ginger… Now that she has chewed it, she had to swallow it…not happy yet trying to look happy…
    Wanna see Sana reaction on Asim sid matter…
    Sana n arti were adding kerosene and petrol in the fire….

  13. Basically if you dont be in a group ur a coward wow big boss and salman are great 1 man playing his own game aka vishal but his called a coward i taught cowards be in groups alone b’s a lion lol but here if ur playing alone ur no lion

  14. Devo-sid were a headache today…I just don’t want Asim and Sid together..he’s strong and can be alone, he doesn’t need anyone to stay in the house no matter he wins task or becomes captain or not… because it’s not friendship, it’s just a strategy which is very one sided…as soon as as Salman praised him people forgot everything hope he realises that what’s happening and doesn’t become emotional with Sid🤢🤢🤢🤢

    1. Bigg boss don’t want sana to Winn as she is receiving more votes copared to women contestant and himanshi Target sana and sana don’t give a shit about it and please Bigg boss don’t ruin sana image she have pure heart and she is real today episode i was sad because she was seems not happy the whole episode God please help shehnaaz Bigg boss should be bunned and we are watching Bigg boss just for shehnaaz and many people Salman is the biased host Bigg boss today it was boring without shehnaaz entertainment shehnaaz backbone of Bigg boss

  15. Shehnaz does not keep secrets but she is a gem for laughter. Aarti speaks her mind with honesty. Asim n Sid n Vishal never back bite like Rashmi, Devo, Mahira n Paras. Himanshi, Khesari n Bhau observe. The worst character is Mahira because she interferes everywhere with her shrill voice. She talks like she is genius. Wish she gets evicted soon.


      All your points are absolutely right. Regarding Mahira, I think during the first week, she was normal but after getting in relation with Paras, her normal nature convert to worst nature.

  16. I have seen himanshi videos too but I think himanshi is more clever than sana..someone safe sana from her.. Now I understood why sana got nervous to see her because the way she twisted her words n manipulate the whole things but sana we can feel.she is pure from heart. She sometimes talk wise n sometimes become child but sidharth know her well only he can protect her otherwise paras type boy make the girl life like hell. Remember pratiyusha benerji her life wrong decision about boyfriend and her life.

  17. Please read the comments of sushmita simmysanyal she wrote about sana please all read this comments

  18. Asim is rocking!!!

  19. Finally… Salman appreciated Asim today 💙… Sid and Asim are back together…☺️🤗

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