Bigg Boss 13 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sana’s father taunts Paras badly

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Bigg Boss 13 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 109
8 PM
The doorbell rings and Mahira’s mother enters. Mahira runs and hugs her. Her mother says that you are my pride, my son. Mahira cries and brings her inside. Mahira’s mother hugs Sid and says you look nice. She hugs Arti and says you are very nice. She hugs Asim and says you are Mahira’s brother, all laugh. She hugs Rashami and says don’t take things seriously. Rashami says no she is a child. She hugs Paras and says I should beat you, she says your friendship is nice, your girlfriend Akansha is nice, don’t kiss her, I don’t like it. She tells him to let Mahira do her fights, she can answer them back. She goes to Sana and says don’t cry, you are a child, I like your friendship with Mahira, don’t fight because of Paras. Mahira sees her name’s tattoo on her hand. Her mother meets Vishal and Madhu. Vishal flirts with her mother and says I wanted to meet you.
Mahira talks to her mother. Mahira says why did you scold Paras? He takes care of me. She says he is your friend but we don’t like him kissing and all that. His girlfriend Akansha is very nice.
Rashami tells Paras that you have no future after this show, not with Akansha and Mahira. Paras says no mother would accept this.
Mahira’s mother tells Mahira that Sana is very nice. Mahira says you just watch 1 hour, you know I don’t like to talk bad about girls. Mahira’s mother says I know, she hugs her. Bigg Boss says she has to go now. Mahira asks her to say good things about Paras. She comes to him and says don’t feel bad Paras. She hugs Paras. Sid says Mahira must have asked her to say all that. All laugh. Her mother hugs Arti and says call me to your wedding, she says something in her ear, Arti laughs. Mahira’s mother asks Sana to be Mahira’s friend. Sana says I will take care of Mahira. Arti says she told me that she likes my pair with Sid. Mahira asks her mother to say love you to Paras. Her mother says you love me Paras? He says love you.

8:45 PM
Paras tells Mahira that what did you tell your mother to say to me? Mahira says to say I love you to you. Mahira says she said that people would make it look bad. Paras says she said to be careful. Mahira says she said that Sana and I look nice as friends but I told her that you see 1 hour, we are here 24 hours.
Vishal says someone does the act and other has to bear it. Madhu asks him to not forget his standard, you are still a prisoner, get lost. Rashami takes Vishal from there to take him to the washroom.

9 PM
The doorbell rings and Sana’s father enters. She runs and touches his feet. He hugs her and makes him meet everyone. He asks Sid if she is irritating him? He says a lot. He tells Vishal that Sana took your side so be nice with her.
Sana talks to her father. He says don’t take what you have with Sid ahead, don’t say that you want Sid to want to win, I want you to win. Also, don’t take Paras’ name, he is your biggest enemy, he doesn’t want to see you as a finalist, Sid cares for you if you have feelings for them then don’t do it here. Sana says no, I have the attachment. He says people like SidNaaz. He says don’t cry, don’t beat yourself. He says you have earned this respect, they are liking you, people cry when you cry. Sana says really? He says yes, focus on the game, you are not jealous, your level is way more than her, Mahira is good but Paras provokes her, he keeps telling her that Sana is jealous of her. You should entertain people. Sana says it’s just one month left. Sana tells him to not de-motivate others here. He asks Madhu and Vishal to live in peace. Sana asks him to praise Sid. Sana’s father hugs Sid. Sid says she is very nice. He thanks him for taking care of Sana. He tells Mahira to not listen to Paras. He used to tell Sana initially that Mahira is jealous of Sana and now he tells Mahira that Sana is jealous of her. This is all Paras’ mess. All laugh. Sana’s father says that Paras started this jealous angle, he should respect girls. He tells Arti to not twist Sana’s words, you change your party a lot. He asks Sid to take care of Sana. He leaves the house. Sana says don’t mind, my father is like that.

Sana tells Sid that he said that people like SidNaaz because we have a limit, he said to not cross the line, he said that he doesn’t like Paras and Paras doesn’t think good about me.

Mahira asks Paras if he said to Sana that I was jealous of her? Paras says you both didn’t get along initially, I said that you are pretty and if a guy is not flirting with her then the girl can be jealous.
Arti tells Sana that I won’t talk in your matters, I never tried to ignite a fire. Sana says my father can have a different mindset.

10 PM
The doorbell rings and Parag enters. Shefali runs and says, hi baby. She kisses his head and jumps on him. Parag laughs. She kisses on his lips. Parag meets Paras and hugs him. Parag comes to Asim and says you were my favorite, when you talk to my wife like that then I don’t like it. You knew Himanshi for 5 weeks and you would fight for her, Shefali is with me for 10 years so if you talk to her like then I won’t spare anyone. You didn’t do any favor on her, someone is waiting for you outside too. He hugs Arti and says you are everybody’s favorite. Parag hugs Asim. Asim gives him a hug. Parag thanks Sid for taking care of Shefali. Parag greets Sana and Rashami. Parag goes with Shefali. Asim says he said that some friend is waiting for me. Sid says so Himanshi was a time-pass? You have a girlfriend?
Parag meets Vishal and Madhu.
Shefali hugs Parag and kisses him. He says I missed you so much. Parag asks Shefali to not be passive, you are a goon, come on the front foot. He says Rashami back-bites too much.
Mahira teases Asim that dear someone is waiting for you outside (mimicking Himanshi).
Shefali asks Parag if he talked to Himanshi? He says yes. She says did she break-up with her boyfriend? Parag says yes, she sent the message for Asim that she is waiting. Parag massages her feet and says I miss you so much. Shefali says it’s good here but I miss you here.
Sid teases Asim that if Himanshi is waiting for you then you will sell her old ring?
Bigg Boss asks Parag to leave now. Parag lifts Shefali and comes out. Sid asks Parag to clear who is waiting for Asim? Parag says Himanshi said that she is waiting for Asim. Sid says thank you for clearing. Parag leaves. Asim goes from there and says Himanshi I am coming.

10:15 PM
Sid hugs Asim. Sana tells Asim that I told you that he would not tolerate what she had with Asim. Shefali tells Asim that Himanshi sent that message. Asim says I don’t want to be the reason for her breakup. Arti says she might have fallen in love with you.

Sana tells Mahira that my father asked me to not beat myself. Mahira says it doesn’t look good.

Shefali asks Asim to be careful, they are provoking you. Parag was very happy. She hugs him and says I am happy for you. She jokes that Asim is happier than me.

Rashami cries and tells Vishal that seeing Sana’s dad made me emotional. I couldn’t have that feeling, I feel lonely. Vishal says you are a strong girl. Rashami says my dad should have been with me.

Sana tells Mahira that your mother said that we are making them sad by fighting. Mahira says Paras was saying the same thing. Sana says my father said something else, he doesn’t even want me to take Paras’ name.

Asim tells Rashami that they said that people are provoking me, I talk to you and Vishal only, you don’t provoke me. Rashami says maybe it looks like that I am provoking you. Asim says they don’t like our friendship.

Vishal talks to Asim and says don’t think about Parag’s words. Asim says I told them that I am standing up for Rashami, Vishal and Madhu.

Paras tells Mahira that I got angry with Sana’s father. Mahira says shut your mouth, if someone doesn’t like you then they would say it. Paras says your mother is like you.

Asim tells Rashami that I miss Himanshi so much that I use her perfume daily but I can’t believe this. Rashami says this is cute. Arti says you wouldn’t lose hope. Rashami says he said that he would wait for Himanshi for years. Asim says I would have done that.

Day 110
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song budhu sa mann.

9:15 AM
Sid asks Rashami if she will have tea? Rashami says you made it? He says yes. Rashami says will you bring a cup for me? He says no, you are thinking too much.

Paras tells Shefali that Rashami will show emotions more.

Sana says my father said we don’t clean our dirty kitchen, we keep filth here. Sid says I keep filth beside me (Sana). Sana says you are calling me a gutter? Rashami says why do you do that Sid? Sid says you are jealous that I called her a gutter and not you? Sana says Sid’s thinking is filth, aww my baby. Madhu grunts and says I am hurt in jail. Sid says you both are legends.

11 AM
Arti tells Rashami that you are being an idiot about Arhaan, Rashami says things will be clear outside. Arti says you look emotionally desperate. The things that you got to know about him would have put me down so much. Rashami says I didn’t want to drag that. Arti says I wouldn’t take him back. Mahira asks Bigg Boss to send her clothes. Paras says you want to meet your mother in law (his mother). Mahira says don’t say all that.

Rashami tells Arti that I know you are thinking right. Arti says you have guts. Rashami says I feel lonely, even my family is not mine, I am done with this life, I am dying inside. These 3 months were not easy, I feel suffocated, I feel like crying, I don’t get anything easily in life. Arti hugs her and says God is watching, don’t worry.

Paras tells Mahira that I try for you both to get along. You didn’t like me hugging her so I stopped it. She said I love you to me so I forced her? Her father should control her, I am like this, why was he taunting me?

12:30 PM
Asim sings romantic songs and uses Himanshi’s perfume. He tells Sana that I talk to her perfume bottle, I had hope. Sana says when it happened? Asim says it was a different feeling, I missed her so much that it used to pain me. I couldn’t say it to her. Sana says don’t leave her then. Sid says heart can change, give it max. 1 year. Asim says I don’t change.
Vishal says to Rashami that Himanshi is keeping her options open.

2:45 PM
Sana tries to talk to Arti and says you are showing attitude. Rashami tells Asim that I won’t allow you to disrespect me. Sana says things happen in the fight. Rashami says you taunted me that people know what my stories are. Rashami says you should think before you say things. Sana says you people make issues of everything. Rashami says you come only when you need us. Sana says I said that we all know each other’s stories here. I told you to not act great against Madhu, she leaves. Rashami says she is crossing her limits. I have cursed Sid, I was fighting but I didn’t expect all the kids to taunt me, she is crossing her limits. She cries.

3 PM
Sid comes to Rashami and asks why she is crying? Rashami asks him to go for a smoke. Sid says cigarette is not important. Shefali says leave her. Sid says I am talking. He asks what she wants? Rashami says give me some space. Sid says I will give you support. Rashami asks him to bring water. Sid comes inside and says Rashami was crying. Arti says she is upset so don’t tease her. Sid brings Rashami’s water bottle and sings a song. Asim laughs.

3:30 PM
Asim says Arti’s mother in law (Sid’s mother) is coming so Arti will wash the whole house. Arti says it’s about SidNaaz and not me. Asim says it should be ArtiNaaz. Arti says my childhood dream is to marry so why you want to spoil that, just because you have got Himanshi? I can drag Chao in this. Shefali says don’t talk about this. Asim says you said that Sid’s mother can like you. I was joking. Shefali asks Arti to not over-react. Asim says sorry to Arti. Sid says you want entertainment? Asim says go to Rashami if you want that. Sid says Asim’s behavior is changed. Asim says don’t start entertaining when you don’t know how to do it. Sid asks him to stop it. Asim says you are not sitting with Madhu now? She was your darling. Sana says I am his darling, Sid says no.. you are my sweetheart.

Shefali tells Madhu that he is not taking any medicine. Madhu says it’s just swelling, he was not bleeding. Don’t exaggerate it. Vishal says she will see the karma. Madhu asks him to not say anything. Vishal says Karma is hell for you. Arti asks him to stop it. Shefali says shut up both of you. Vishal says Karma will see you. Madhu comes out of jail and says I am here to spoil your life. Vishal says you have no respect. Madhu gets angry and throws water at him but Sana and Arti stop her and say don’t do it. Vishal says I didn’t say anything. Sid takes Madhu aside and says don’t throw water at him, you can fight him but don’t throw water, he is poking you and winning at making you angry, you are losing to him, don’t do crazy things. Shefali asks Vishal to end this, she said that she thought to hit you on the bum, don’t poke her because she does something and then you can’t take it.

4:45 PM
Asim’s brother Umar enters the house. Asim goes and hugs him. Umar says you are very strong. Asim asks if their mother is fine? He says all are fine. Umar meets everyone.
Umar tells Asim that people are loving you around the world. Asim says Himanshi gave a message that she is not marrying. Umar says there is nothing like that, everything is a lie.

PRECAP- Sid’s mother enters the house. He hugs her and gets emotional. Sid makes him meet Sana. Sana blushes. Sid makes her meet Rashami and says Rashami tests my patience. Rashami says he takes care of me and I take care of him. Sid’s mother tells him to be happy and wear full clothes. Sid laughs and hugs her. Rashami cries. Sid asks what happened? Rashami says all parents are coming. Sid consoles her and gives her water. Rashami’s niece and nephew enter the house. She is surprised. They ask her to become friends with Sid again. They make Sid shake hands with Rashami and make them hug. Paras’ mother enters the house. He hugs her and cries. Paras makes her meet Mahira. His mother asks him to take a stand, she tells him that you don’t have to be a Godfather. Since you are with her and Sid’s side, you are not seen. I shouldn’t see you kissing or getting touchy with her. Paras says don’t worry, they won’t come now. His mother says that many girls can come and go but I will bring the girl for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG, some of the favourite moments are going on in th house now, not for this season only but for the entire history of bigg boss. Loving it the time watching.
    But have to care some of the views going on social media. So thought of projecting my view of family round. If any errors, pls point me out. I will not argue definitely.

    Family round makes us enable almost 50% how the HM’s will behave at their house, what are the expectations on them by their family, some similarities between the HM’s & their families, how they were brought up, how would they react to various situations if they are really at home and most importantly they are real or fake in the house(only HM’s not families)
    Wouldn’t be appropriate to say that by seeing the elder ones in their family, we can guess where they got these qualities from. It would justify to some extent only, not completely. Bcz every individual is different from one another in personality (attitude n behaviour wise not physical appearance)
    Anyhow, i would appeal to all the viewers that don’t put negative views on the families. It’s hardly 10-15 mins they would meet their beloved ones and some manages the time factor exactly and some couldn’t (to express what all they would like to share) Some will utilise the best of the chance, some may fumble on their words.
    Whatever may be their views and whoever they may support or oppose, but don’t see them as rivals or treat like your own family (in giving opinions only, nothing to do with hostility)
    I would conclude saying the most important point.
    Don’t compare one HM’s family member with another HM’s family member, bcz everyone has their unique way of expressing their love n care n possessiveness. I have seen a lot of criticism on the social media platforms which really hurts, doesn’t depend whom they are supporting or opposing.
    And give your positive opinions till whatever extent you want, but don’t hurt anyone intentionally.

  2. Update complete guys

  3. Rajjo

    Once @CS7 said that the way of Sid maybe different but his aim behind is always logical… Today we can see that also either its about consoling Rashmi or about advising Madhurima he tried his way to make it happen…

    1. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. I love it when the family comes to the house because that is when everyone gets emotional and finally they all share a heart felt bond! I am so glad to see majority of the house getting along. Watching Sid and Rashmi be civil is probably the best part. You can tell majority of the household is happy from the heart. They haven’t seen their family in months, I get anxious if I don’t see my parents and siblings for 3 days!
    We will see Sid and Paras’s moms tomorrow, also the rest of Asim’s brother’s visit, I believe Rashmi will be the only one left.

  5. Family round has changed the entire house equations and some of the best moments are being witnessed. And i am unable to find any negativity or wrong points and all are perfectly expressing their POV. Hope so the fanbase also mends their POV, and it’s all about the game only and all rivalries till the bigg Boss house only. Was a treat to watch them all like this, but having some sad feeling to see Vishal n madhu like that.
    The HM’s have almost shown them transparent today and hope everyone will get, what they are expressing rather than what we are expecting.
    Rashmi is the clear winner of the episode in my POV. She has first time expressed herself without any barriers and is properly justifying herself now.
    Paras is showing high spirit of sportsmanship in the house now, and whatever he may express later but was appreciable how he is handling at that moment. He is accepting the most rather than blaming somebody else.
    Mahira has proved her loyalty and more over she proved that she can independently raise her voice without any support.(conversation with mom)
    Arti is having a gala time, sometimes high on feelings and sometimes low on confidence. Yet she proves herself what she is, a reliable person when someone is sad. She gives a better shoulder to the person and advices the better only max times.
    Zariwala is the most settled person today and has got some great inputs, is able to make the changes in her game.
    Asim is the most excited person in the house today, getting a great news input. Hope so the news is true and not any strategy. Will not go by the promo to a conclusion, wait till tmrw. Other than that news, he is the only one person today who is not up to the mark.
    Vishal n madhu are having tough times in the house, hasn’t changed a bit which is worrying but HM’s are capable of bringing the change.(should be positive max for both)
    Sana is just being herself like everyday she is, not any improvement or decrease. She has got some valuable inputs(in her POV) and will witness how she puts in action. After many days she has got very less screen space and the result is we are watching the show delighted.
    Sid is showing himself more open now and it seems to be like clearly high on the family round ocassion. Whatever he may do, but it’s only helping others which is good news. And max people are being happy at the moment with his words and actions.(highly appreciable)

  6. Superb episode. Everyone was good. Sid improved a lot and wish he continues this till end. I love to see Asim, sid and Rashmi together. Madhu should be eliminated. Too much she is.

  7. OMG! Asim was so happy… He was in cloud nine n his brother is ruining it🀦…

    1. He’s not ruining it but making it…when himanshi was inside.. asim’s game ND attention got very much diverted..ND if himanshi wanted to and any msg for Asim, she could have sent through Umar, why parag?? Naagin ND Asim had fight ND r not in talking terms…their might have been a possibility of parag not telling Asim about her msg…this msg can actually affect his game… that’s what Umar is saying that focus on game ND not on himanshi, who is not present in the house anymore

  8. Rajjo

    What will Paras do now? His game is almost exposed… I will be focusing on him now like how he manages n manipulates the thing in coming days… As becoz top 4 are confirmed but for the fifth spot there will be war… 80% I think it will be Paras but anything can happen…

    1. How did you find out about the top 4?

      1. Rajjo

        I mean see its almost confirmed no… Top 4 will who other than Sid, Sana , Rashmi, Asim???
        These four are the strongest right now… But if in coming days equations changes then I can’t say about that…

  9. Exclusively for Sid.
    Many people must have got this doubt that Sid is over reacting now a days and is faking much than his original behaviour and is doing for the sake of audience only. You may be right in some sense, bcz he has changed a lot. Can say a different version with modified features but main body is always the same. (Appearance and reaching Max only matters) The roots are same in his game plan, but the way he is choosing to represent his game is been changed completely.

    The day he received the letter from his mother, he has been so much influenced. Till then, it’s all about venting his aggression and keeping his point only by going to any extent.(won’t say he is wrong till then, his way is little confusing, unable to reach straight but thoughts are clear as real always)
    His interaction with other HM’s has drastically improved and Sana came like a hurdle in his game. He went back step once again in the game. And i admit he is not up to the mark when he is with sana Max time. He couldn’t focus on his game Max times. But came as a great relief that jealousy task and the hurdle was removed from his game. Back to the powerplay.

    And he is here now, the most happening guy in the house having a clear interaction with every HM almost. And yes sana will be both a positive and negative in his game. Positive is bcz she is the representation for his patience and caring and proves not aggressive always. Negative is bcz he had lost his plot in the nonsense of her. Max times he was unable to express himself completely and is being restricted.
    My analysis is not based on few moments now or before, it’s only to show that he has improved a lot compared to the old times and has brought the entire house under a single roof.( The interaction between them)
    But few may not agree with my analysis basing on the progress he made. You are absolutely right bcz Sid is already a champion before entering the house. Just that he needs to improve his words and control his aggression. So you can’t see a drastic progress.

    A person who does a mistake is never a bad person. But a person will be bad, if repeats that same mistake and never realises that it’s a mistake.

    1. Rajjo

      For Sid-

    2. No this is the real sidπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—+ promo was the best. Sids moms entry n rashmi crying made me cry too.

  10. Well explained the situation between both. A mother will always be a mother for anybody and understands the child in best possible way. Regarding Vishal n madhu spat, madhu’s mom view.

    1. Also whats with all this Himanshi track? Is this for real or just a way to distract Asim? I’m not liking this at all. Hopefully Asim doesnt lose his concentration from the game.
      I’m really liking this bonding between Asim, Sid & Rashmi. Hope this continues till the finale.

      1. Himanshi has confirmed self that she has sent a message to Asim on one of her interactions with media. But what that message would be, she didn’t reveal. She herself has to reveal this now else everyone develops their own narrations and expectations.

      2. It’s a lollipop handed to Asim named himanshi as when she’s was present his game actually got very much affected ND via this msg I guess it’s a trap to effect his game.. hopefully Asim listens to each ND every word of Umar ND focuses on game only as it’s clear..if u want to and any msg you will and via his family member ND not via someone else(parag)..

      3. Have a look bro !
        It’s a long interview but
        Last question is your required answer. Go to the end and see the last question’s answer by Himanshi self.
        And after reading it, definitely you will realise.

  11. For those people who question, why Sid has interacted much with only madhu regarding their fight.
    Vishal is a sensible guy and is in the game always and thinks in the game only. He doesn’t do anything out of the box and he has shown his gaming skills. Vishal was never a split personality. And madhu was quite opposite between both of them. And she Badly needs some advice to further prevent any damage to both of them.

    I am not against the individual anytime, i am always on the topic or issue. So don’t judge me like pleasing everybody. There is a difference, if you can sense it.

    1. Rajjo

      I told before too that “You can improve only those who can be improved” that’s what Sid is doing… He knows Madhurima needs some support and advice hence he is giving the same… I liked the way he stopped Sana from saying anything that triggers Madhu because its all about poking…

  12. I really loved today’s episode. I & everyone else were literally waiting for the family week since ages. BB really made us wait a lot. Mahira’s mom, Krishna & Asim’s brother brought lot of positivity inside. I really liked how Krishna & Umar advised their siblings nicely. But I really did not like how Sana’s dad behaved with Aarti & Paras. That was really uncalled for. During the family week, you are supposed to forget & forgive everything & everyone.
    I also didnt like how Parag unnecessarily targeted Asim. If there’s someone who really troubled his wife, it is Paras who character assassinated her.

    The promo where Sid introduces his mom to all the inmates is so cute. Looking forward to it. And also Rashmi’s union with her nephew & niece already brought tears to my eyes.

  13. Pradeep Varma

    I really feel emotional today with Rashmi’s statement. She really needs mental support and that is the reason why she wants to believe Arhaan as he gave support to her during her disturbed period. Just forgive Asim, but I really like the way of Sid & Aarti to keep happy her when she was sad. These three were really had a good friendship in past. I think so. They know each other very well.

  14. Just saw the interview of 2 mothers ( mahira’s mom n rashami’s mom) n 2 fathers ( asim’s dad n sana’s dad) speaks the diff itself. Starting from mahira’s mom she made it very clear that mahira needs to take her own stand n maintain distance with paras would have appreciated her but after her remarks on sana n rashami….. Sana’s father was also clear in her views regarding her losing plot in her game n sid’s matter. I disagree with him that rashami instigates sana while it us rashami who advised first to focus on her game. Liked how he reprimanded paras for creating a rift betw mahira n sana. Parag totally changed when he entered the house outside he was furious over paras n sid for character assasinating her wife but flipped once he entered the house as his wife. For him calling his wife not trustworthy is a bigger offence than calling her a cougar. He also said that rashami instigates asim against shef but it is the other way round. Loved asim’s reply to shef.

    1. I don’t want to argue Parag was right or wrong. But giving you two hints. Rest is upto you.
      Hint 1
      Parag shares very good relationship with Sid n Paras outside which is visible on screen. So he can clear it off air, and no husband will reveal such comments on air again which keep his wife’s self respect at stake. He gave slightest hint to Sid, that he talks rudely with girls for which Sid immediately responded in a funny banter. And really those comments made by them are only for certain extent and that’s in game only. Nothing to do with her character and they never repeated the same and shares a very good bond with her in the house rest of the time.
      Hint 2
      If you take it as warning, it’s your perspective. He just showed his concern for his wife as Asim shares for Himanshi. Present in the house, she has some strong rivalry with Asim n Madhu only. So he schooled both of them extra. It’s not only Asim in particular but madhu also. Perhaps warning tone might over shadow his concern. And that too Asim is a kid when compared to both Sid, paras in understanding and maturity levels.(relationships and sled realisation)

      1. Sorry CS7 but i was talking about his tweets before entering the house. I hope you remember when paras n sid were in secret room paras said ” agar mujhe kisi se nafrat hui h toh shef h”. Even sid said ” wo married h aise kisi ke saath chipkna achha nhi lgta”. Parag on this tweeted that paras bhai kehlane ke layak nhi h agar mila toh faad dunga” but when he entered he gave him a tight hug as if paras had done nothing wrong.

      2. Yes, i got your point. And no feeling is permanent in bigg boss house. It’s all about that moment some comments and actions. And as i said, Parag shares a very good relationship with both Sid n Paras.
        Anjali, i have a request from my side to you. Can you please share your views regarding Asim n Rashmi friendship after the watching today’s episode also. No offense, just asking your view. Hope you don’t mind it.

      3. Sure @CS7 even i was thinking to write something on their friendship, will surely give my views after today’s episode. I am really grateful that you asked me to put forward my pov. Even i appreciate your comments n views.

    2. 1 nagativity apart from Madhu and Vishal… how Asim was reacting when Sid was talking with Rashmi and Aarti. He was trying to be normal but his face expression was like not liking Sid’s around.

  15. The way rashami broke down today brought tears in my eyes. She has gone through a lot in her life n has no one on her side. It is the first time in bb that the family members of a contestant have denied to meet them. Even rashami knew that her family members wont turn up to meet her. I feel that someone from her family should have accompanied the kids who could console her n guide her in her game.

    1. Rajjo

      I too felt bad for Rashmi today… It was real emotions that took way to come outside she is broken totally… Seeing everyone’s family members especially parents coming if you know that no one come from your home is such a bad feeling that no one get other than that person…

  16. Sana was wrong in her arguement, rashami was upset cos sana said ” tere bahar ke chithhe kholu abhi” n her anger was justified. It is rashami who has helped sana whenever she needed but sana remained ungrateful towards her. Liked how sid n arti consoled rashami. The interaction betw asim rashami n sid is healthy. Madhu is a cruel woman who isn’t even guilty about her doings. I hope she is eliminated at the wkw.

  17. Aadhira


  18. #anjali why shahnaaz was wrong??
    Can u explain..
    she only want to say that vishal throw water at madhu then she reacted. I must say the way madhu react was wrong. But sana only said throwing water is wrong and he provoked madhu.

    1. @Abhinav yesterday sana said to rashami “tu koi sati savitri nhi h tune bhi chai feki h” when the matter was about vishal n madhu she also said ” tere bahar ke chitthe kholu abhi” which was edited but today when rashami confronted sana she admitted that. She twisted it n said she was reffering to tea incident to which rashami replied that she is lying as she clearly said ” bahar ke. In vishsl madhu fight also sana supported madhu although she was wrong just to get some screen space.

  19. and to rashmi shahnaaz meant that rashmi also throw tea on shukla. and rashmi over reacted in that..
    she also give wrong advice to sana about sid

    1. Rashami didnt give wrong advice about sid she just said that if sana loves sid in the samd way as she loves arhaan then she should see it outside bb house n concentrate on her game here n give sid some space. Same thing was said by salman, hina, n to some extent her father also.

  20. and to rashmi shahnaaz meant that rashmi also throw tea on shukla. and rashmi over reacted in that..
    she also give wrong advice to sana about sid

    1. this shenaz is over acting ki dukan hai…these days i dont like her,she is spoiling sid ‘s game

  21. and to rashmi shahnaaz meant that rashmi also throw tea on shukla. and rashmi over reacted in that..
    she also give wrong advice to sana about sid

  22. Madhu was completely wrong in the fight. Intially both were throwing water on each other n laughing later madhu asked vishsl to stop but he tgrew water on her face with force which was wrong. Madhu then overreacted n hit him with pan. If it was in heat of the moment she could have atleast apologised. But instead of apologising she said that its just swelling. She was laughing along with sana. Sana said that vishal is creating a scene just to gain sympathy. Also the way paras n shef were discussing that rashami will open the door just to act sweet was cruel. As if only their feeling is genuine n others r fake. Like sana said ” twada kutta tommy sadda kutta kutta”.

  23. Good afternoon folks,
    One of the best episodes of BB 13. Full of true emotional exhibition, bec the kind of pressure and trauma these 10+ contestants undergoing for over 100+ days is truly toxic and unbearable at times… so everyone venting out their truthful feelings…. it is indeed good morale boosting before finals….

    We comment everyday from this side watching it from TV, some time passionately and some time ruthlessly according to our favorite’s performance, outcome, either uphold and down grade other contestants… at times so badly according to our mood swing which is quite unfortunate… even i used to be very harsh at times while commenting .. not always…. πŸ™‚ But none of us may not know how and why they behave like that, is it scripted that way?? or is it bec of things which we dont have the privilege to see as we see only 1 hour of their 24 hours life every day…

    Every parent is different and unique in their own style and nature, and we shall not judge them wrongly and criticize too.. they have absolute right on their children or sibling which is unquestionable, and they see it in their perspective what is best relationship for their kith and kin. So it is better enjoy watching than to comment on it… πŸ™‚

    Truly happy to see the best camaraderie between all except Vish-madhu…. especially happy with Sid-rash-asim, more specifically Sid care n’ concern towards rash as she was feeling all alone with her relatives…. it is indeed pity n’ painful… having so much wealth without parents and blood relatives is pitiable, it should not happen even to our worst enemy or to anyone… felt sorry for her…

    Not interested to comment about Himan-sim love angle, bec if she broke the fixed engagement just for a 5 week old love, then it is ethically wrong bec it is not between two individuals but two families / relatives involved. Whom to blame if it is true??? i leave it to you for your own judgement & perceptions. It is unpardonable… and such relationship wont last too…..

    After seeing the promo, eagerly waiting for the arrival of Sid’s mother, Rashmi’s niece n’ nephew, and others… hope it would be good episode too…. πŸ™‚

  24. Madhu is such a vicious person. Big boss should have evicted her immediately n not put her in jail when she hit Vishal with a pan. She looks like a wild animal ready to attack Vishal again. Family visiting the contestants was very good. Hope Rashmi gets to c her mom or brother.

  25. Hello guys I just can’t wait for salman khan to get angry in madhu for hitting visual with a pan get set for the weekend episode because it will be lit

  26. Paras game has been revealed I am so happy that the parents who come to the house pointed out his behavior and warned against him

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