Bigg Boss 13 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahira evicted just 2 days before the finale

Bigg Boss 13 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 136
12 AM
Paras is scaring the inmates because of his secret task. He asks Rashami she turned on her machine? She says no, Paras says it was on. Sana shows the moon to the inmates. Paras says there is something wrong today. Rashami says this looks bad. Sana hugs Sid. Mahira says we should all sleep together. Rashami asks them to make braids of their hair. There is something wrong. Sid says don’t worry, we are all together. They all go inside and sit in the bedroom. Paras says I am sleeping outside, there is something wrong. Rashami says Paras needs water.

12:15 AM
Arti scares Mahira in the garden. Mahira says don’t do it with me, I am already scared.

Arti hides in the washroom to scare Paras. Sid hints at Paras to be careful. Arti scares Paras, he asks her to not do it.

Mahira tells Sana that this not a joke, I have experienced it before, she tells Rashami that I was shooting in an area and I went to the washroom, I fell ill there. I went home and I was scared. I went to the washroom and I was seeing poetry on the wall. I couldn’t comprehend what I was doing. I saw a shadow overpowering me and it made me scream from inside. My mom was worried but then I slept and I was fine then. Paras says she was laughing like a maniac in the mandir also. Mahira says I was acting weird as I was not in senses but then I vomited and it went away.

Vicky Kaushal is in the secret room. Bigg Boss welcomes him. Vicky says I am here to promote my movie. He connects his mic with Paras. Paras throws some things in the washroom area.

1 AM
Vicky plays with the bedroom blinds. Sana says Sid is outside. They ask Sid to come inside the bedroom area. Sid says I saw a shadow. They come in the lounge and get scared. Bigg Boss plays with the lights. All are scared and runaway. Vicky asks to throw the doll in the washroom area. The inmates get scared of seeing it.

1:30 AM
Vicky calls Paras and asks him to keep them in the garden so he can come inside. Rashami asks Paras if he is saying the truth? Paras says I swear on you, I saw someone. Vicky sits in the lounge and covers his face. Sana sees him and shows it to the people. They all get scared. Arti says there is no one. Paras sees him sitting in the bedroom area. He shows it to Arti and she runs away. Asim laughs and says he is headless. Vicky falls down. All are scared. Asim touches him and laughs. Rashami says runaway Vishal. Vicky starts dancing. The lights turn on. Vicky shows his face. He hugs everyone and says well-played Paras. Vicky sits with them and says I gave Paras a secret task. He asks who was not scared? Sid says Sana, Mahira and Arti were scared easily. Vicky says I have a horror film coming out. Vicky says I am a fan of Bigg Boss and says I feel there is something wrong in this house.

2 AM
Vicky tells the inmates that I am not going alone from this house. I am taking someone out from Sana, Arti and Mahira. All are tensed. Vicky gives the clothes to the inmates. He says you have to put your cloth on the bar. All do it. Vicky says these are the last minutes of someone. You can say anything you want. Arti thanks Bigg Boss and I am sorry for hurting anyone, she cries. Sana says thank you Bigg Boss for giving me this attention, if I leave then I want Sid to win. Mahira cries and says I feel lucky to be here. Vicky turns off the lights and clothes show Mahira’s name. Paras hugs Mahira. Mahira says my dream broke. She cries hugging him. Sana and Sid hug her. Bigg Boss says your time has ended Mahira, we wish you luck with your life. He thanks Vicky for coming. Rashami hugs her. Asim asks Mahira to be strong, you played really well. Mahira hugs Paras and says you have to win. Mahira says I don’t want to go. She says I wanted to be in top 5. Mahira says bye and leaves.

2:30 AM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to come in the garden area and stand in line. Bigg Boss says we want to tell you that Mahira couldn’t be a finalist but you six people are the finalists. We will know about the winner soon. The audience have started voting for you. Sid hugs Arti and Sana.

Day 137
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song aaj mein upar.

1:45 PM
Sana tells Asim that the runner up must feel very bad.

6 PM
All get ready. They see a mandap in the living room.

7:30 PM
Sana is in the confession room. Bigg Boss says we are getting marriage proposals for you. Sana laughs and says I am blushing. Bigg Boss says you have to give the invites to your housemates first, your wedding will start on 17th Feb.

7:45 PM
Sana dances on dhol music. The band comes in the house. All dance with them. Sana gives her wedding invites to the inmates. Asim and others congratulate her.

8:15 PM
Arti is in the washroom and cries. Sid asks if she is right? Rashami asks what happened? Are you sad that they are talking about Sana’s wedding? Asim jokes that they might be talking about Sid and Sana’s wedding that’s why you are crying? Arti laughs.

Rashami looks at Sid and tells Sana if she loves him? Sana nods. Rashami says did you ask him? She says yes but he said no.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks Arti to go to the garden area to see her journey.
Arti: Arti comes to the garden area and there are audiences for her. Bigg Boss says sometimes smaller plants can’t grow when biggers plants are protecting them. You were confused in the house but your brother’s message changed you and you became independent, let’s see your journey. The clip plays and it shows Arti’s entry in the house. Then people targeting her in the house and calling her confused is shown, Rashami going against is shown. Arti having a panic attack is shown. Rashami calling her insecure and then her getting saved. Arti having fun in the tasks is shown, Her friendship with Sid is shown, Kashmeera teasing her about Sid is shown. Sid saving and supporting her is shown. Rashami calling Arti Sid’s puppet plays, their fights are shown. Asim giving her mom’s letter to her plays. Krushna coming to the house is shown. Salman praising her plays and Arti taking a stand is shown. The clip ends and Arti cries looking at it. The audience cheer for Arti. Arti thanks Bigg Boss and says I was under-confident, just trust yourself. Bigg Boss says you had a memorable journey and your family is proud of you. The fireworks start around her. Arti thanks them. Bigg Boss wishes her for the finale.

Arti goes in the house and hugs Sid. She says they showed everything, I feel like I have won the trophy.

11:30 PM
Sid comes in the garden. The audience cheer for him. Bigg Boss says you were a star before coming in this house and shown in good clothes only but you were real here and didn’t think about your clothes, we saw you in shorts only. Sid laughs. You were like you are in real life, you played without any care. You made a friend in Asim who was new to you, you made many friends here and always cared for them. Your friendship with Sana was appreciated so much that it was famous as SidNaaz. You were hurt by your friends too, you were called aggressive but we saw you being emotional with your mom too, you asked your mother if she had any trouble because of him which shows your soft heart. Let’s see your unforgettable journey. The clip of Sid’s entry plays, his fights with Rashami, Arhaan and Asim are shown. Mahira choosing Sid to go on a date is shown, his jokes with Sana plays. Sid flirting with Devo, Shefali Bagga are shown. Rashami and Paras fighting with Sid plays. Sid challenging Arhaan plays, his fights with the girls play. Paras calling him a psycho and the inmates calling him aggressive is shown. Salman saying that Shukla is running the show. Asim trying to calm Sid is shown, his friendship with Asim and Sana are shown. His rift with Asim plays and Asim telling him that he doesn’t listen to anyone. Their aggressive fights are shown. His big fight with Rashami is shown. Bigg Boss asking them to stop their fights, Rohit asking them to stop their fights. Asim and Sid trying to reconcile are shown. Sid getting emotional is shown. His friendship with Sana plays, their attachment is shown. Sid smiles seeing the clip. The clip of Sana getting angry on him is shown, Salman scolding Sana and telling Sid that she might be in love with him plays. Sid saving Arti is shown. His fights with Sana is shown. Then his mom’s entry is shown. Sid gets emotional seeing the clip. His passion for tasks is shown. The clip ends. Sid thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says you were a hero but you are a zero that completed this show, you are as important as a zero in any calculation. The fireworks start around him. Bigg Boss wishes him luck for the finale.

12 AM
Sid comes to the bedroom and says it was so good. He hugs Sana and says it’s crazy. He goes and hugs Asim. Asim says I am happy for you.
PRECAP- Asim comes to see his journey. He takes off his shirt. Bigg Boss says you have become a famous name and you came with no popularity.
Sana sees her journey. Bigg Boss says you made everyone smile.
Bigg Boss tells Rashami that you had to face the situations in this house that brought up your personal life too, it was like your own tried to destroy you. He says you have played this show like music. Rashami says to her fans that your love gives me strength.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I saw many people feeling sorry for shehnaaz and I’m weirded out, she started this sidnaaz bullshit, she with paras help even put first crack in sidsim just to get close to siddarth even more, she was the first one who created misunderstanding between rash & sid, he was cordial till that day with rash but as soon as she told him made up conversation to sid he started to fight with her I’m baffled that nobody told siddarth about it nor salman neither any wildcard?it wouldn’t have mattered to him as he also had started to see he gets unlimited footage from her but still the whole first month and later they only fought cause shehnaaz reignited their rivalry by lying. This girl mightve gone through some serious mental abuse by sid but remember she never missed a chance to bully any contestant that was already being put down & was feeling low, first rashmi then asim she treated them like shit just to be in good books of sid. She might’ve been manipulated by vikas and others about sidnaaz popularity & sid needing her protection or whatever but there is something called self respect even asim was told about his friendship with sid being appreciated by audience he didn’t get back to sid no he maintained his stance without knowing if it’ll cost him a potential fanbase or support

  2. Couple of more days, and the most controversial & drama filled season will come to an end!

    Mahira is finally out, and I am guessing Aarti has become a finalist? Aren’t there usually only “Top 5 Finalists”? Of course she has become a finalist. Nepotism at it’s finest.

    I don’t like how BB had an audience during the journey clips. I feel that it is suppose to be more of an alone time thing to watch since a lot of emotions are involved.
    Aarti- I don’t like how Rashmi’s clips were shown constantly. She’s not the only one who talked bad about her.
    Sid- YAY! Sid and Asim might be back on good terms! They are both egoistic, but they made one hell of a team. I prefer SidAsim over SidNaaz any day.
    I am excited to see the rest tomorrow!

    1. very true pari …. i dont lie arti at all and her expressions are worst ..mahira is still better than her …vishal,madhurima,shefali bagga deserved to be in top 6

    2. Oh I agree, she absolutely did not deserve top 6

  3. Oh no… WHY SHEHNAAZ? Why is she doing a swayamvar? She is going to ruin her career before it even starts! I hate when this happens, when a person starts getting fame… they go too far and get fame hungry. She had potential for many other things, but this is going to give her negative attention. We all know these things don’t end well. They are annoying and cringy to even watch

    1. I just read upon it, some people are saying she is going to have her own show, like a comedy show. So whether it’s a real swayamvar or it’s a serial… we shall just see.

    2. @pari

      At present SG is too raw and inexperienced to handle a comedy show

      No producer in their right mind would bet on an entire show on her shoulders. It is a business after all.

      Cuteness and flippancy can only go so far.

      It took years and years of hard work, dedication and competitions for Kapil Sharma to get his own show.

      I don’t watch TV so much, so I’m not sure if even Bharti Singh or Krushna Abhishek have their own successful shows (not joint ventures: because both are leads/main comedians). Or for that matter Sunil Grover who has been in the industry far longer than I can remember.

      Whatever be her role in the upcoming show on 17th Feb, SG is having the last laugh, for she will be a continued presence on TV and making money there.

      Visibility, Popularity, Fame, Attention

      Those appear to be her mottos. No matter what price she has to pay

    3. I so agree with you. Sana has great voice and acts nice too. Don’t know why she took this show. No one marries at the end of the swamyavar. She will become butt of jokes, which she is already facing due to her behavior with Sid. She has far better potential than this swamyavar show.

    4. We will have to see on the 17th, what sort of show it will be

    5. Exactly the same thing I was wondering.
      Why shehnaz….swyamvars are always a disaster…making fun of marriage..just in my opinion.

    6. @SPJ I think it’s because she is so popular at the moment that they don’t want to wait or put a gap. So they are throwing this opportunity at her not for her, but for their TRPs… because we all know, Colors got SO much TRP because of BB the past few months. But we will find out Sunday, what is going on with her.

  4. So they again glorified shuklas aggressiveness today in his video with all those lion’s roar in background music WOW don’t they think it’s irresponsible on their end to promote violence & sexism when country is facing rampant hooliganism?

    1. Max of the people have this habit of blindly following the majority people’s opinion and making their views basing on that only.
      If majority bashes, they go along and bash too.
      If majority praises, they go along and praise too.
      If someone is found not resisting, you make full use of that individual even though if its not making any difference.
      Its literally annoying to see such views without any relevant support or base.
      You may be supporting any side but have ur individual opinion too.

    2. Please for the love of god let people share their opinions, you shared yours already. Not everyone has a rose tinted glasses on like you.

    3. @anon
      Do you notice, what’s the impact Shukla gave in this show ?
      Some people just come here to spread negative on him rather than supporting their fav.
      I see you not having any fav too, LOL!!
      What is the use of this view then ?
      Highlight is that, you are talking about responsibility and country while reviewing about an entertainment show, which is purely not intended to promote anything other than entertainment & their business.

    4. Yes I don’t have a favorite but I do watch this show and have full right to give my opinion as much as you do
      , just because mine are blunt doesn’t mean I’m spreading *negativity*, and why bother?don’t be like your favorite & let people share their POV in peace as well. Uh the same old @@dont compare show to [email protected]@ isn’t this show watched by 13 & over kids?isn’t it watched by almost all of india?do you think kids won’t get influenced by it?especially when those act of violence are being glorified?don’t you think they’ll take it as being okay seeing biggboss & superstar THE salman khan vindicating him over it?in fact zeroing down the invisible poking as a reason for his [email protected] behavior. For once forget about kids, you know what all of this has done?bolster bigots !they came out of woodwork & spreaded islamophobic comments against asim & his family, why?’cause his abuser wasn’t punished but glorified, don’t you think that sets a wrong precedence?

    5. I actually wonder he didn’t suffer u sow so shall u reap..he just got reaction of his actions..journey toh rashmi, Asim ND Sana ki BOHOT inspiring rhi hai
      But it’s ok..kuch toh dikhana hi’s ok

    6. Basically you showed lot of hatred and disinterest towards Sid. Shame on you

    7. Yeah but they could’ve tried to not show it as some honorable thing you know they could’ve chosen some other background music than those roars and I would’ve let it go. Oh well this year expecting anything sane from BB has been in vain.

    8. How can u even compare this aggressiveness to hooliganism.
      Its as if sid was not provoked and he was being agressive just like that. Why dont u complain abt Asim then ?
      He showed that u sld not cower in front of allegations if u believe in urself
      He showed and made a fine point girls and boys are equal.
      He was indeed a lone warrior where they used to gang up to him since start.
      All other ppl’s
      Game revolved arnd him. Frndship enmity. He has the max exposure in the show. He has a credible fan following.

      If u value betrayal , disloayalty , lies , stealing which all other housemates did then they are better than shukla who did not cheat , did not lie , did not voluntarily bring outside matter in big boss home. Gave 100 percent on the task. Played thru typhoid as he wanted to win and not give excuses. I still think his positives overshadowed agressiveness. Also pls remember u see 1 hr edited show. U might not be aware that what other might have been commenting.
      If he was so foul mouth and agressive why housemate who came out in thier exit interview said much. Devoleena even came and said he was real and constant. He was kind where it warranted. I did not see anybody. Rashmi even said he is good person but their temerament does not match. That is not hoologanism.

      But that being said there were other notable housemate who also played well. Asim shehnaz vishal paras. And if u r a supporter u root for that guy but dont character assassinate sid when u dont know the full picture.

    9. Well the way he was supported almost ‘praised’ for his violence by authority isn’t the reflection of the ongoing treacherous events going on in our society then what it is?it’s a huge show reaching to maybe almost all household of India, kids watch it and as if society isn’t already in shambles they can’t even escape act of violence serve as ‘entertainment’ in their leisure time, won’t they get influenced? Besides ‘poking’ isn’t an excuse, he provoked asim he provoked rashmi he provoked everyone as told by every single eliminated contestant yet they never lose their control, they never went berserk and tried to hit him they never gave awful threats to him. The impunity that he enjoyed whole season is ridiculous.

    10. Sorry @Noel n @Shav but you guys are being way more defensive. Every other fandom except sid’s fandom find him aggressive and even he himself felt that his behaviour was not right. You guys should accept that everyone has flaws. You like him cos you fing him right in many things. Anon was just trying to say that the makers tried to glorify his violence by lion roars was not right. Violence is not right whether it is action or reaction. They could have edited that or showed it as his shortcoming which he tried to overcome by showing his humorous side. Actually that was the only problem in his journey video they could have shown more of his sarcastic side than his aggression. Sorry if you guys felt offended only 2 days are left n no one will change their pov at this stage.

  5. Whole sidart shukla video was about asim & shehnaaz LMAO and some people say he was the backbone, he has done [email protected] in show except for fight with asim or get cozy or torture shehnaaz…

  6. Rashmi will win BC

    Thank god that swamvaar thingy wasn’t about rashmi & asim.

  7. This season may have been a super duper hit but bigg boss 11 remains the best season!!!!! It was biased but not this much no contestant in it was given as much preference by makers as this season all of them used to get around same footage vulgarity was rebuked as it should be in that season & this season only got interesting when asim came on front foot otherwise for me it wasn’t going good while season 11 was super entertaining since day one

  8. If you are a vivid watcher of bigg boss 13 from the beginning including unseen, you will surely notice two things.(if you are so keen in noticing, then only)

    One –
    Almost everybody in the house uses the word F–k frequently, its a normal word for them in daily life.
    They doesn’t see it as an abusive or disgraceful word to use in between conversations.
    Shukla uses it quite regularly when compared to others, and they telecast it more often but others using the same word can be seen only in unseen regularly.

    Second –
    Till now from whatever telecasted, you will never find a beep word or muting the sound for Shukla abuses. They telecasted it directly without any filters.
    The same didn’t go with others who give high abuses or intolerable words. They(editor) either chop it, mute it, or beep it.

    Recollect it calmly and notice it.

    And the most often negative lines we hear about Shukla is these two points only. No filter to his behaviour or abuses. He uses such nasty words to women also on national TV, such an idiotic person.
    Why to keep a filter that we are being noticed 24×7 ? Will that won’t apply to everyone here ?
    Why to be matured enough that you are elder one and experienced ?
    Is it biased that, they only don’t beep Shukla’s abuses ?
    Or is it promotion that they telecast Shukla only abusing quite frequently ?
    When Rajat sharma said, there is a lot which is unseen or not telecasted. Why were they silent everyone ? (They won’t take a single word against them, they are so self esteemed persons bla bla bla, they fight for their empowerment, they don’t take blames)
    Why you guys only promoting that Shukla was only shown mirror and not at all discussing about others mistakes ? Are you behaving odd like Shukla only going to win however ? Or feared of his craze ?

    A man cannot abuse women, but a women can do bcz its her self respect or something like outrage in audacity.
    Shukla never keeps a filter on gender, everyone is same in good n bad. Yes he keeps some consciousness at some particular moments about opposite gender. (Don’t need to mention those publicly)

    This is all about only his abusive attitude. (Most highlighted weak point in his game)
    I can give instances with proof, and I didn’t get to this judgement basing on single incident. It includes his whole journey.

    1. Watch today’s unseen videos.
      You will surely realize this and what fun they do inside the house.
      How cordial they live with one another, while we fight like hell outside.

  9. Many people are giving me advices here. I personally appreciate that and I accept the fact that my views are occupying more space and more restrained to Shukla only.
    It may irritate a few, i agree.
    But do notice that, i didn’t write anything irrelevant till now.
    I didn’t personally attack any HM or viewer here. (Differentiation between game and life should be noted)
    I do give my views only about game and i do write negative things about others but as a player only. Mind that. I don’t want to know their personal feelings or personal life and i am no one to judge those all or i dont have any right to give my view about that.
    I reply in many mixed emotions to others here,
    i suggest some things to people,
    i give harsh replies to some,
    Sweet replies to some,
    Normal replies to some,
    I ignore some views,
    moral policing to some.
    Its all because i am reading ur views completely and judging them.
    I may fail in judging some of them. And i do correct next time. Its not that i have a stamped view about someone.
    Many people come here, just to show hatred. Nobody questions them. Some irrelevantly hype their fav by degrading others. Nobody questions them also.
    Some talk pure outside things and character assassination goes on pure personal level. Nobody questions them if its on Shukla.
    Botton line is
    Shukla won’t explain himself or his actions to anyone unless its a must situation. (Like I explains in detail about him, to avoid misjudgements)
    If you like him, ok good.
    If you don’t like, good for you.
    That doesn’t make any difference with either of them.

    1. Kya @noel

      Don’t be disheartened by others’ comments.

      Accept that because this is an anonymous medium, people say things they would never say to your face.

      Lack of basic manners and rudeness prevails. That is a reflection of them not you.

      Do these people matter in your life? No… So don’t bother.

      Continue with whatever you wish to post here and don’t worry about the haters.

      Ignore those who can’t put a valid argument forward and hence resort to insults and character assassination.

      Chill and move on.

      Know that this is a show and that real life is very different.

      Value those who care

    2. Sure, i will follow these words.
      Thank you ☺️?

    3. Don’t just confine me to a tag like Shukla devotee.
      I never imposed you to blindly follow him or admire him.
      I just tried to show the depth and you can decide it for urself how much to take and what to take.
      My views are never one sided, its actually nobody’s side but an individual opinion which can take any side by their choice only.

  10. Both asim and shehnaaz are rising stars and they both [email protected] it up already, sana with this swaymvar drama and asim by proposing to that attention seeker himanshi. Shehnaaz is stalling her chances of having big projects by doing this stupid show which will only limit her image as a TV personality and asim instead of focusing on career will remain surrounded by controversies created by himanshi’s PR which she is already doing. Knuckleheads both of them.

    1. @ ‘sup

      More than knuckleheadedness, I’d attribute it to lack of experience, growing too fast and being unable to handle the popularity.

      They need good advisors and/or professional managers who will get the right projects for creating a longlasting public image.

      I blame their youth and the newness of this fame.

      Currently their respective families are doing a poor job of image management but cannot blame them either as neither family is from a filmy background nor from Bombay nor experienced in such matters.

      I wish both of them luck and hope they do well.

      Because what you said is right… They both truly are rising stars. It would be a sad thing to see them lose track or their talent wasted.

    2. Rashami rightly once said to Sana or Asim that this show is just a start, a paving stone for their career. How far they will go depend on their hard work, patience and discipline. This fame will remain till next season start. After that it’s all hard work. Correct words. Best example of these are BB season 11 finalists. Shilpa Shinde was extremely popular during her season and till the next season. But all everyone now talks about Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta. Shilpa is hardly seen anywhere and her popularity has dipped a lot.

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