Bigg Boss 13 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Vishal creates a good first impression

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Bigg Boss 13 11th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 45
12:30 AM
Vishal tells inmates that he can cook and clean the washroom so he is going to stay. Shefali says that is great.

2 AM
Himanshi laughs and tells Asim and Sid that they have got a new scapegoat, he can clean the washrooms too. Asim says he is taller than Arhaan, how will I fight with him? Sid says Arhaan was nothing but they all have come after watching the show. Asim sees Kisari hugging Vishal and says he is in his element now.

Sana asks Vishal that you are that Vishal which Arti likes? Arti says I just said that he is my sister’s friend. Sana says she said that Vishal is coming and I like him a lot and I can make a scene with him, Vishal says yes, I am that Vishal.

2:15 PM
Sid wakes up. Arti and others joke with him. Vikas tells Arti that Vishal likes you, you can make a scene. Arti says someone called me before the show and said that he is a nice guy so you can make an angle with him but I said that Yuvi I am not looking for an affair, I will make a connection outside the house. Shefali says he is a nice guy, he has brought so many shoes, more than me, he is tall too you will look good with him.

3 AM
Vishal talks to Mahira and Paras and says they don’t have a task spirit. Mahira says Sid is not my target anymore so I will target you now. Vishal laughs. Paras says you can play? Vikas says that Sid is loud, his ego is shown with some pride on screen. Paras jokes that he spits poison at others. Arhaan says he spits at you deliberately. Vishal says he kills others with silence.

Day 46
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song ring ring.. They all dance and enjoy it.

12:30 PM
Devo talks to Sana and says you made a lot of friends here, who is your best friend? She says Shukla. Devo says who is the mastermind? She says Shukla. Arhaan says why you think that? He hasn’t done anything like that, he just breaks things. Sana says he is aggressive. Rashami asks Sana why you called Mahira a sinner? Sana says I notice things, Mahira wants to enter the fights but if she is not strong then don’t get into the fights. Vishal says people use the same methods here and you all are at mistake. Rashami says you can’t win with aggression. Vishal says people make so much scene, Sid doesn’t lose control so he is the mastermind.

1 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. Sana and Sid are already nominated. Shefali is safe as a captain. She will get a chance to nominate one inmate directly. Shefali says I want to nominate Devoleena as we are not pleasant around each other. Vishal laughs at Devo.

3:45 PM
Paras reads the nomination task. There are two phone booths in the garden area. Bigg Boss will send two inmates from time to time and they can talk to each other for 15 minutes, person who puts the phone down first will be nominated and other will be safe. If both the inmates don’t put the phone down after 15 minutes then both will become nominated. Shefali will be in charge of the task and will announce the safe and nominated inmates each time.

4 PM
Sid tells Shefali that you are fighting with Devo without any reason, you are giving her too much importance, just give her back when she needs. Shefali says it’s a start.

Bigg Boss calls Rashami and Paras first in the booths. Sid says let’s go.
Rashami and Paras get on the call. Rashami says I am Tsunami, she says tell me good things about me. Paras says you are so sweet and nice. Rashami says who was not happy to see you? Paras says that Asim and Sid. Rashami says you will get saved so let me be saved. Paras says you came back. Paras put the phone down and hugs Rashami. Paras gets nominated.

4:30 PM
Paras tells Rashami that I promised to save you next time. Rashami thanks him.

Bigg Boss calls Mahira and Arti in the booth. They call each other. Arti says you said that my presence is useless here? Mahira says you are lost here. Arti says you are just behind one person. Mahira says because he was aggressive with me, I was in the top 6 but I didn’t get the votes so save yourself. `5 minutes end and they both get nominated.

5 PM
Mahira asks Arti that you thought I was copying Sana? Arti says you were trying to entertain like her but she does it much better. Mahira says Sana and me copying her? Never.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss calls Vishal and Vikas in the booth. They call each other. Vishal says it will be good to go ahead in the game. Vikas says nothing will come out of this. Vishal says you must have seen that I am good with you. Vikas says you said that you are going to raise my curtain, brothers don’t say that. Vishal says it was a game and I can’t make everyone happy, you are playing now. Vishal says this is my first week. Vikas says I can put the phone down but others will say that I got down. Vikas says today is my son’s birthday too. Vikas says, is it? Happy birthday. He puts the phone down and saves Vikas. Inmates clap for Vishal. Vikas says he did it for my son. I love you. Vikas hugs him.

5:30 PM
Vishal tells Vikas that you have to pack my bags now. Sana says I will help you. Sana tells Vikas that I will say that it’s my father’s birthday to get saved. They laugh.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss calls Arhaan and Asim in the booth. They call each other. Asim says you had a good vibe when you entered but then you went off and talked about my history, you point at my work and language. Arhaan says I have my opinion. Asim says you call me Sid’s shadow but you are lost since Rashami is here, you are just walking behind her. Time ends. They both get nominated.

6:15 PM
Asim laughs and tells Sid that I didn’t get him to talk, he talks so calmly after giving him an injection. He was talking sweetly but I went off and now he is aggressive again.

6:45 PM
Himanshi and Kisari call each other. Himanshi says give me a birthday gift, I am ill too. Kisari says then you should go home and take care of yourself. Himanshi says your respect will increase. Kisari says you are selfish. Buzzer plays and they both get nominated.

Bigg Boss says nominated inmates are Siddharth, Sana, Devoleena, Paras, Mahira, Arti, Vishal, Asim, Arhaan, Himanshi and Kisari.

9 PM
Sana tells Shefali that these inmates are giving me a headache. I miss Sid. Shefali says then talks to him. Sana says I am scared of him. Shefali says you said that you will fight with him and all that. Sana says I feel bad that he is ill, I didn’t mean those things, I miss him, he used to give me attention, I don’t get it anymore. Shefali says you separated yourself.

9:45 PM
Shefali tells Sid that she said that she is scared of you, Sana said that she will slowly patch-up with him. Arti says she wanted to talk to you but said that others will go against her, she said that Sid can just be normal with me, I don’t take Sid’s side as others attack me then.

10 PM
Bigg Boss tells inmates that when new inmates come then they need to leave their mark and impression on the show without wasting time. One inmate left in a week from here but still you people were not worried about the nominations because you all are sleeping except Shefali that became a captain in one week only, we don’t want you all to keep sleeping. We want to ask you who are two inmates that are sleeping and have worked way less in the show? You all mutually decide those names. Mahira says Kisari and Himanshi. Paras, Sana, Rashami, Devo say Himanshi and Kisari. Arhaan says it’s Devo and Kisari. Shefali says it’s Kisari and Himanshi. Kisari takes his name and Himanshi’s. Himanshi says it’s me and Kisari. Arti says it’s Devo and Kisari. Vikas says it’s Kisari and Himanshi. Asim says it’s Devo and Kisari. Sid takes Devo and Kisari’s name. Vishal says Himanshi as all are giving energy but not her and another name is Kisari. Bigg Boss says if someone is ill then that doesn’t mean that person is sleeping. Himanshi says I was vomiting all night, I am just soft-spoken. They all agree. Shefali says we have decided that it’s Himanshi and Kisari. Bigg Boss says they both will stay awake till our next order and you will guard the bedroom, if you both try to sleep then we will turn on the lights and all will have to wake up. Himanshi cries.

Asim asks Himanshi to tell Bigg Boss. Vikas says why don’t you talk even if you are ill? Himanshi says I have that energy. Paras says to Asim that we can be with her, don’t sleep and stay with her. Asim says we have to sleep. Sid hugs Himanshi and says you are not wrong.

11 PM
Bigg Boss calls Shefali and says you people decided that it’s Himanshi and Kisari that were not performing in the task but you all said that Himanshi is ill. We are giving you a chance to take someone else’s name.

All sit to take another name. Vikas says I can take my name. Rashami says you have to give a valid reason. The majority takes Arhaan’s name. Bigg Boss asks Arhaan and Kisari to start their duties.

1:30 AM
Kisari tells Sana that this decision was bad for me. I make decisions from the heart, I want to cry for myself. Sana says Bigg Boss wants you to raise the voice, not all are entertaining here, Sid is always sleeping but he puts his point across, he tells what is wrong and right, you put Sid as your competition and move forward in the game, raise the voice when you think something is wrong.

1:45 AM
Sana comes near Sid’s bed and puts a cloth there, she puts the quilt on him. She tries to leave but Sid grabs her and pulls her for a hug. Sana giggles and hugs him back. Shefali says they are back. Asim says if someone wants to become a friend then why not. Vikas and Arti smile too. Sans sleeps in his bed. Sig hugs her.

2 AM
Vishal tells Paras that only 4-5 people are working and others are just roaming around. Arhaan starts to sleep so buzzers go off and lights turn on. All wake up. Kisari and Arhaan start walking again. Kisari says I am awake. Asim says good morning. Sid says we are all gone now. Paras says Arhaan was just relaxing and the buzzer went off.

Sid and Sana are sleeping while holding the hands. Shefali says they are friends again. Asim says it’s good, why not. Paras comes there and sees it.

3 PM
Paras tells Mahira that Sana and Sid are back together. Paras says I don’t care where she is. Vishal says she wanted to go back to him. Paras says she was crying alone so I gave her space, she can go anywhere she wants. Bigg Boss says Arhaan and Kisari can go to sleep now.

PRECAP- Inmates joke about Arti and Vishal. Sana makes the bed for them. They bring Arti as a bride and Vishal takes off her veil. They all laugh. Mahira says they are ready to take the pheras. Arti laughs.
Asim shouts at Sid and says why you are saying that the bedroom is not clean? Arti is responsible too. Sid says talk calmly and shouts at Asim to let others talk. Asim says now you are shouting. Shefali says we are on your side. Asim says I don’t need anyone. Sid says don’t talk in front of others like this but you show your colors. Asim shouts that you said that you won’t trust Sana again but she hugs you at night and you are gone?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Biased salman

    I told u guys..shukla can’t be with anyone….he is very very dominating….arti realised it as he has insulted her many a times infront of others….and now asim

    1. phele episode toh dekh lo aj k fir react krna shukla ji par 🙂

      1. @swati. I’m watching since day one and I agree with swati. Shukla is not dominating. Vo to chutiya number 1 h. Aur itna irritating h jitna rakhi aur Deepak kalal combined bhi nahi ho sakte

    2. Shukla hurt Arti and nt even apologizing, Arti took the right decision . Sana didnt get attention with Paras so came back ,she is selfish.

  2. Now please don’t separate again especially asim why u r getting jealous be cool you also like sana bonding. We r happy to see you four again. Sana was worried for sid n she was hiding her feelings but in that group everyone tried to brain wash her that is why she did that mistake. But where she had to take stand she did that for sid. Even in other group she kept talking about him everyone knows that sana was missing him badly. Sana sometimes shows maturity n sometimes does thing in childish way that her nature.

  3. Shukla is not the showstopper of Bigg Boss

    Shukla is the most rudest person ever in Bigg Boss. I don’t get why people are supporting him? He is aggressive, doesn’t respect anyone, and is always trying to manipulate his group members or shouting at them.

  4. Trust me asim can not survive alone….he needs shukla but shukla can definitely survive alone

  5. Shukla doesn’t want friends he wants pawns to move in game according to his wishes, he doesn’t let his gang share their opinions freely he dont want them to form bond outside the group he doesn’t want them to have any individuality of their own in the game(eg-how he persuaded shefali to drop her rivalry with debo, he stopped asim from confronting tehseen so attention don’t get divided)he wants all of them to speak for his issues fight for his issues and speak only of his ideas so only he is highlighted…rashmi/mahira etc are the idiotic one who made him the most popular by always talking about him…

  6. Kya thakaa va episode tha, except for artist mahira a d asim none of them put effort in the task and made it so damn boring

  7. Shukla need to leave, if they don’t want to get rid of him then they should put him in secret room, him being there isn’t letting the game evolve like until he is in that house it’ll keep going as it is despite of so many wildcards new groups won’t form cause he won’t let them he has a really tight grip on his groupmates and rashmi’s group is too obsessed with him to shift the focus on something else, change need to happen because it’s becoming stale with same old dramas

  8. Although, Shukla does not sit around gossiping about others. He’s someone that is very egoistic and self-centered at times. Let’s not even talk about his aggression. Look at his size and look at Mahira, he’s double of what she is and yet that didn’t prevent him from using too much force. I believe in equality but the sad truth here is he is a lot more stronger than she is. That doesn’t mean, she should not play and be competitive. That was the whole moral Salman was trying to sell. If he is stronger than you, don’t play, don’t compete. Completely wrong. Aggression cannot ever be justified. Shukla does need anger management. He seems like the type of person who would say “if a girl hits me, I will hit her back”.

  9. To everyone thqt hates shukla must be a rashmi fan who backbites all day long about shukla but shukla never once backbites about her it was all on the face.. re al ppl show real emotions those who dont understand it are fake like rashmi and enjoy backbite i guess

    1. Lol 😆 ignorance is a bliss they say.
      You don’t have to be anyone’s fan to able to tell right from wrong. Everyone else besides Himanshi, Asim, and Hindustani Bhau seem very problematic in this bigg boss 13. Yeah, I agree Shukla has few good points like everyone else in the house but his arrogance, aggressiveness, and ego really overshadows all the good things he does possess.

    2. which bigg boss are you watching, only blady chukla backbiting in bb he is like mohalle ki aunty

    3. if the same aggressive nature displayed by other contestants i don’t think salman will talk nicely with them like he did to sid

  10. Not following BB13 much but from whatever I have seen BB13 is more than scripted and predicted show. Production team is trying to sell aggression as a disease and wants us to be sympathetic to person suffering with the disease.
    People told paras is double faced but to me he is one who knows game, is playing well and kept his promise. Mahira was called off for her game strategy and loud voice saying that she should not mess with men when BB gives task and in a way the other team was discouraged. But Sana- Sid bhakti continues and I don’t understand why friendship for convience is shown as friendship for life. Fully scripted.

  11. @Aarohi Missed you and it was nice reading your message

    1. hey hope ,
      kaise ho aap dost missed you too ; all is well ,
      airplanes ko yaad kiya ya nhi hahaa # just kidding

  12. akanksha bali

    asim feeling jealous from sana sid freindship

    1. It isn’t jealousy it’s realization that siddharth would have been super rude to him or anyone from their group if they had dare to mend their friendship with sana and they only distanced from her because he kept saying she isn’t trustworthy in the first place

  13. Haters here starts the day talking ill about Sidd only, and they look for reasons daily to talk bad about him like those mahans in the opposite group in BB house enjoy doing it daily. You like it or not He is the centre of attraction though you call him as centre of all problems. He is busy talking with his friends, patching with friends or fighting with his friends all day, and spend little time talk about others or care about others…. and give it back with full when he is provoked, that is the simple truth and that is what real Sukla is… if you need mouthfull then go behind him… stop talking about girls vs boys etc… they are all mature enough to handle themselves and create a scene to play victim card against Sidd…He doesnot require any anger management as it is a crazy big boss house where everyday will have its own fights, angers and hatred, it is not just happening now… but in all 13 seasons and the show is all about dramas and fights, loves and hatred only…. viewers look forward to such stuff only… and they keep providing it daily too. After the show when these guys come out BB house you will see them together celebrating and enjoying time together at least for a couple of months, the same color TV will organise the same to entertain audience… So let us not get carried away with emotions and keep watching the show with fun and have fun too…. Go for glory Sid, asim and team… this year is yours to rule…. 🙂

    1. Biased salman

      No one can be with him….even in real life….he just want to dominate and want others to listen only….asim and arti had no self respect that’s why they r with him…it’s not friendship…because the way he has shouted on both of them on many person will listen to his bullshit……..and everyone gives their POV..u r no one to judge

      1. yup and when others shout at him he can’t take it but he will shout at others
        when others are trying to maintain distance why the hell he goes to their face to talk

      2. chill friend, why so much hatred on Sidd, it looks like you are die hard fan Rash or Paras, if so your hatred towards Sid is justified, but for a normal viewers like me we dont have such hatred towards anyone…
        we like Sid n’ Asim and few of their team members whom we feel are genuine & not hypocrites… you keep hate him, but we will continue to support Sid n’ team until we feel otherwise.
        Let them have hatred and we the fellow commentators not have that pls… We like truthfulness even if it is aggressive and you may like on screen sweet n’ sugar coated behaviour… yes it is your choice and we have our choice too.. 🙂

  14. I m so Happy that Asim understood Shukla. Maybe he is late but better late than never. Shukla is such a dominating & disgusting person. When it comes to respect a girl he is just a zero. Shukla doesn’t show respect to any girl. I used to support Sid. But watching his behavior towards girls I was shocked. He is such a jerk. Better Asim plays alone. This would be interesting.

    1. and he also tells his group members to what to do it seems like they are listening to him and doing what he says and no individuality.even he tells to shefali why you nominate devolina arey bhai its her choice na
      same he did with arti and asim


    I really like to see the comments on various grounds blaming particularly for Shukla. Just imagine that if some one is not agreeing with your points, you simply blasted on him in this commentary box even though you both are not aware about each other. What is really happening at BB house, we don’t know as we are just seeing some of the videos on editing mode only for 1 hour. So, basically, to judge anyone based on the 1 hour episode is not good. This is my opinion. We all know that BB is scripted one & so just enjoy as you enjoy the movie.

    1. i agree with that we are just watching 1 hour but what about 23 hours we really don’t know whats happening really and i think its well edited show

    2. Meanwhile, you aren’t entirely wrong, I beg to differ. Some actions speak louder than words. Hence, due to severe aggressiveness he exerts on women speaks louder than his words. He may not be a bad person, but if you get on his bad side, regardless of the gender, his outcome of outburst will be the same. Also, who wants to look like a fool and lose their face in national TV, what the contestants do and say isn’t scripted. For example, you really think the show scripted Sana to go berjerk as soon as she saw Himanshi walk in?? The way she started hitting herself, looking like a complete lunatic. How much do you have to get paid to embarrassed yourself like?! Dignity and self respect cannot be bought. However, who stays or leaves seems to be decided by the show rather than the people.

  16. Who is sana

  17. Sana is tht person who really enjoys when two people fight over her, or literally, she causes rifts between people and then dances with joy
    Stupid n dumb, selfish lass
    God, she’s soo fake🙄

    1. I feel bad for Asim, and I pray tht his n shukla’s bond doesnt break cause of this flaky girl…I’m soo irritated with her behaviour, how do u suddenly walk away from someone, show him ill, then come back as if u did nothing wrong…
      she forgot wht she did to Asim and shukla?

  18. I feel bad for Asim, and I pray tht his n shukla’s bond doesnt break cause of this flaky girl…I’m soo irritated with her behaviour, how do u suddenly walk away from someone, show him ill, then come back as if u did nothing wrong…
    she forgot wht she did to Asim and shukla?

    1. hope they maintain their good friendship till the end… such a nice guys Sid n’ Asim are…. 🙂

  19. I have come to conclusion that everyone and everything find fans, even people like siddhartg shukla and paras chabra could find people relating to them and supporting them when both of them have lots of irredeemable “qualities”

  20. Asim is only with siddharth because he was the only one(& Abu malik) who took his side when paras was targeting him in the start, he made him feel comfortable there which none of them did, rashmi was nice to him one day then next she would be rude to him that’s why that big fight happened in 2nd week, he wasn’t fighting about Rotis it was about how she kept changing her tune towards him if she had been genuinely nice to him he wouldn’t have cut off all ties with her, people call him doormat but to me he feel he’s indebted of shukla for standing with him during first|second week and being with him just for that

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