Bigg Boss 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarah is eliminated by Sid, Gauhar and Hina

Bigg Boss 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination & Eviction Special
Day 9
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song Disco Deewane. They all wake up and dance. Gauhar dances and enjoys.

10:45 AM
Eijaz asks if he can use the gym? Gauhar says you have to ask Hina. Sid says you can ask Nikki. Eijaz says Nikki ma’am if he can use the gym? Nikki says I am in-charge of my duties. You can ask Hina. Eijaz says thank you for your guidance. Sid laughs.
Nishant tells Nikki that he is provoking you to get attention.

11 AM
Jaan tells Nishant that I gifted a toy puppy to my ex and she gave it to someone else.
Eijaz tells Rahul that they are focusing on game now? He comes to Jaan and says what are you doing? Are you focusing on your game? Jaan says we are talking. Nishant says he should focus on his game.

11:15 AM
Eijaz asks for the items. Sarah says I want items. Abhi says we have to reasonable. Eijaz says I have got 1 item only till now. Sarah says I have nothing of mine, I am asking others to get things. I cannot deal with this anymore. Eijaz says I will leave my 2 items for you Sarah. Pavitra says I will get 4 items. Abhi says you can’t use 7 items in a day. Rahul says Abhi this is not relevant. Abhi says if you don’t have a solution then shut up. I am trying to get the items to listen to lessen. Sarah says I have no clothes. Shahzad says give some items to Sarah, she doesn’t have clothes. Jaan tells Shahzad that why you are talking out of nowhere? Shahzad says I want two items of my own.
Sid tells Hina that they don’t compromise on 1 item per person but when the task comes then they easily let a person win. We won’t tell them how to do it. Hina says I am not telling them anything.

11:30 AM
Jaan comes to Eijaz. Jasmin is working in the kitchen. Jaan asks Eijaz to not eat that much. Eijaz says to focus on your game, you are half hanging in the grave. Jaan says I was not making fun of you. I was talking to you normally. Eijaz says they had opinions about you yesterday. We had fun going on but people think that you people are making fun of me. Don’t focus on me. Jaan says I am not focusing on you.

1:15 PM
Abhi says we are cleaning the fridge so if anyone wants to save anything then save it. Rahul says I had my left-over food saved in the fridge. Abhi says we have kept it safe. Rahul says I don’t trust anyone, people are stealing eggs here. Abhi says you make no sense. Rahul says you talk about useless things. Do you want a screwdriver? Abhi says I will tighten your screws soon. Rahul says my eggs were stolen. Abhi says you are frustrated. Rahul says you look frustrated. Abhi laughs and says I am not from this side. Rahul says it was the first week so all were acting nice, now all will show their reality. Pavitra says no one was innocent before, they were all playing a game. Rahul says they are all showing their cards now. Sid and Hina clap for him.

2:15 PM
Nikki is steam-ironing boxers. Pavitra says whose are they? She says my ex-boyfriend. Pavitra says if you loved him then why did you leave? Nikki says I got bored. Pavitra laughs and says it’s my problem too. Jaan says she is giving him too much respect.

2:30 PM
Jaan is cleaning the floor. Eijaz pokes him and pushes him. Jaan says don’t do it, I am working here and I was about to fall down. Eijaz says don’t shout at me again. Jaan says then don’t mess with me again. Eijaz says fine.

7:45 PM
Eijaz tells Jasmin that I didn’t want you to thank me yesterday, you could have just taken my name. I misunderstood maybe. Sid and Gauhar watch them. Eijaz tells Jasmin that I probably expected you to say that people fought for you. Jasmin says I said that I negotiated with others, you made me understand to not fight with others. Hina tells Gauhar that Eijaz’s point about Jasmin’s dress was very silly. Sid comes to them. Jasmin comes and hugs Eijaz. Sid tells Jasmin that you said you would be strong from now? Now you are hugging him? You should have fought with him. Sid says he cleared his point of view. He is a nice person and I am not wrong about people. Don’t try to make us fight.

8:15 PM
Jaan asks Nikki what she thinks about Rubina? Nikki says she is doing a drama and will burst out soon. Nishant says she has a teacher attitude. Nikki says she does dominate at some points. Nishant says no she scolds like a mom. Jaan says I hate when she calls me Babu. Nikki says I hate it. Jaan says she washes dishes in installments. Pavitra says she makes everyone crazy.

10 PM
Nishant is sleeping. Nikki asks Jaan to go and ask Rubina to wash dishes. Jaan is sleeping too. Nikki says you both are calm people. Nishant says Jaan wouldn’t create fights.

Abhi says to Rubina that when tables will turn around? Rubina says we have to speak up. Nikki spoke up, we don’t like her but she is giving content. Sarah says she is being guided. Abhi says she is being guided and backed-up well.

Jaan comes to Rubina that I will wash the dishes one time only. You ask me to wash dishes before eating and then after eating. Rubina says I just wanted to clean some dishes before eating and then some after eating. We can do it in two installments. Jaan says no we will do it in one installment only. He leaves. Rubina says Nikki was giving him tips to go against me. Abhi laughs. Rubina says he is a fool. Sarah says he is a push-over.

Day 10
12 PM
Jasmin tells Jaan that we can talk about the items. Do you want three things? He says yes. Jasmin says you shouldn’t play as a side-kick. You should play independently. You should play like a lion. Jaan says what does this have to do with items? Jasmin says I am giving my opinion. Jaan says you fight for your things. Jasmin says I will fight for my things, I am a sensible person. Jaan says you can’t expect things from me. Jasmin says I thought you were a nice and considerate person but someone must have pumped you. Jaan says I have been nice till now but I don’t want to anymore. Jasmin says it’s my observation, I am not a dumb person to not see who is feeding you all this.

12:15 PM
Hina tells Jasmin that if I give you a task then you can 3 three items. You have to tell me who should and who shouldn’t get items.

12:30 PM
Jasmin talks to everyone. She tells Hina that Nishant should get 2 items as his gym clothes are stinking. She says I think Jaan should get 2 items. Hina says 4 items done, why others shouldn’t get items? Shahzad says we don’t have clothes also. Jasmin says I am asking for basic necessities. Shahzad says you can check my luggage, I don’t have items to wear. Pavitra says all can’t work with basic necessities. Jasmin says it’s not my concern. Pavitra says you are wrong today. Jasmin says my concern is to take a decision. Shahzad says I don’t agree with Jasmin. Rahul tells Nikki that they don’t have the power to decide. Nikki says you are smart. Rahul says you are praising me a lot these days. I see you eyeing me all day. Pavitra tells Jasmin that I don’t my clothes. Nikki tells Rahul that I have taken the things that I wanted. Rahul says you don’t have to blast big every time. Gauhar tells Jasmin that you wanted Salami packet, if you give up your 3 items then I will give you salami. Jasmin says I will let go of Salami as I really need my clothes. Rahul is eating so Nikki jokes with him. Rahul says don’t be so close to me. Nikki says you are my friend now. Rahul says I didn’t say you are my darling. Hina tells Jasmin that I can choose someone else tomorrow who might be against you Jasmin. Jasmin says I have made my decision. I will give one item to Eijaz, one item to Shahzad and 1 item to Abhi. I will take Salami and give up my 3 items.

1 PM
Rahul and Nikki are eating. Rahul says babu.. Nikki says I hate this word. Gauhar brings tea for Sid. Sid says I will fall in love with you like this. I have to protect my heart now. Gauhar says you say anything. Sid says I will forget what you said on social media. Gauhar laughs and asks him to shut up.

Gauhar is in the confession room. A fan asks who is your favorite and might go in the top 5? Gauhar says I have three favorites. First is Pavitra, then Nikki and then Eijaz. He has that quirk. It’s early about top 5 but I think Pavitra will definitely be in the top 5. The fan thanks her and ends the call.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that it’s time for the first nominations of this season. You will each nominate 2 inmates and have to give a solid reason. Nikki is safe from this nomination and no one can nominate her. You all will go one by one. You will break pots of the inmates that you want to nominate.

*Nishant:* He nominates Shahzad as they don’t have a bond from day one. He nominates Rahul as they have some negativity. He tried today but still, we don’t have a good bond.
*Eijaz:* He nominates Rahul as his energy is off. I don’t understand him and I won’t be able to adjust with him. He nominates Nishant as he is acting affected. He should come forward and show his real self.
*Abhinav:* He nominates Rahul as he seems lost. I have nothing personal but he doesn’t like to work. He is not welcoming. He nominates Nishant because he sprayed on his face. Nishant says you accepted my apology but you are keeping a grudge.
*Jasmin:* She nominates Nishant as she doesn’t have a bond with him. She nominates Jaan as he is losing his personality. He is being influenced. You shouldn’t have identity crises here. I am sorry Jaan.
*Jaan:* He nominates Rahul as he can’t figure him out. He talks too sweetly but his actions are different. He nominates Sarah and says I know this is surprising but her personality is not seen. I see her clones but not the original Sarah.
*Rubina:* She nominates Nishant for being too aggressive in the task. We are educated people so we shouldn’t lose control like this. She nominates Eijaz saying he can do anything to win this game. She says he had a sudden switch over. You can put your relationships at stake for the tasks. Eijaz says I take that as a compliment.
*Pavitra:* She nominates Rahul because I can’t understand him. I want to become his friend but I don’t feel his warmth. She nominates Eijaz because we had a strong bond, I wanted to talk to him only but his behavior is very changed since last two days. Eijaz nods and smiles.
*Rahul:* He says I don’t understand why people are saying it’s not personal. All are here for personal gain. He says my first nomination is Abhi as he thinks I am not welcoming. He says irrelevant things. He is picking up on me for some days now. He nominates Nishant and says equations are changing here daily. We do have negativity but things were changing and you shouldn’t have considered it. I wouldn’t have nominated you but you nominated me first.
*Shahzad:* He nominates Nishant as their vibes are not matching. He nominates Jaan as he is being influenced by others. He doesn’t have individuality.
*Sarah:* She nominates Jaan for being influenced, he is not using his mind. He is being used. She nominates Rahul as she tried a lot but he keeps picking on things.
*Nikki:* She nominates Shahzad for being irritating. He talks non-sense. He is lazy and tries to pick on useless things. She nominates Abhi and says he is lost since Rubina has come into the house. I want to understand him and become his friend. He can take his time. Abhi laughs. Sid says he is married and his wife his here. They still love each other.

Bigg Boss says the nominations are done and it’s time to announce the results. The nominated inmates are: NISHANT, RAHUL, SHAHZAD, JAAN, SARAH, EIJAZ and ABHINAV. Rahul says I love you Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says you freshers have given your decision but we have three seniors. They have some powers to change the game. We are giving them a right to mutually decide that one inmate among the nominated inmates who will be eliminated today only. All are shocked. Gauhar says we are sorry. Bigg Boss says scene palte ga. It’s nothing personal. All are in shock. Nikki tells Rahul that you won’t go. Don’t worry. Let’s go inside. Rahul is tensed. Nikki says don’t be scared.

Sarah says anyone can go. Jaan says I shouldn’t have voted for you, I did a mistake by voting against you. Sarah says you are very sweet, you are not using your mind.
Shahzad tells Jasmin that I tried telling Jaan to not listen to Nikki. Jasmin says we can have a very good friendship but he has to draw a boundary. Eijaz comes and hugs Pavitra. He says you are not going.
Shahzad tells Jaan that Nikki is shown as a strong personality and if you are sitting with her all the time then you look like you are being influenced.

6:15 PM
Sid and Hina take Sarah’s name. Gauhar says I don’t think so. Hina says I think it should be Rahul and Nishant. I think Rahul has interacted very less with me. Gauhar says Nishant had no interaction with me. I still see a quirk in Rahul. Hina says he does put across his point but he is not involved in this house. Gauhar says I have seen Rahul’s fights more. Sid says I think Rahul is opening up. I think we should give more time to Nishant. I want Sarah out because she is extreme of fakeness. She doesn’t have any involvement, she is having a picnic here. Hina says she is not feeling well. We should give her a week. We should give her a benefit of doubt. Sid says I feel Sarah deserves to go. Gauhar and Hina think they should decide from Nishant and Rahul.

7:45 PM
Gauhar tells Hina that I don’t see Nishant anywhere. Hina says I don’t see Rahul anywhere but if we agree on Sarah’s name then Sid has to agree with us also. If we have an understanding then we can pick on any contestants. Sid comes and says I want Sarah out. Hina says we don’t agree. Sid says we will not say it loudly. Hina says I agree. Sid says I don’t know anyone here. I don’t have any grudge against anyone, I am just looking from the game’s perspective. Gauhar says what do you see in Nishant? We think Nishant will be a disappointment. Hina says we are coming on common ground. We will support you now but later on when you disagree with us, you will go with our decision. Sid says sure. I will go with your decision later on even if I don’t agree.

8 PM
Bigg Boss says we gave a decision to seniors to choose one nominated inmate which they want to eliminate. The seniors’ decision will be last and that person will be eliminated now only. He asks about their decision. Sid says we were talking and came to a conclusion of three names. Two names were Nishant and Rahul. They should understand that they might have potential but they are not showing it. We have decided a name on the basis of not showing personality. She kept her personality hidden. You have to impress your seniors and save yourself. That person didn’t fulfill this duty. That person might have a lot of potential. Sid tells Rahul and Nishant that they were saved at the very end. He says with a very heart we want to let Sarah go. Sarah cries. Bigg Boss says SARAH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED BY SENIORS. Rubina hugs her. He asks Sarah to come out. Gauhar and Hina apologize to Sarah. Sarah composes herself. Pavitra hugs her and says you are strong. Gauhar brings a tissue for her. Eijaz tells Sarah that it’s not fair. Rubina says it is not fair. Eijaz says it’s okay Sarah, you will work your way around in your life. We will meet outside. Jasmin hugs her and cries. Pavitra hugs Hina and cries. Abhi hugs Sarah. Gauhar hugs her and says I am sorry. Jasmin asks Sarah who nominated her? She says Jaan only. They all hug Sarah. Jaan hugs her too. Abhi asks Sarah to not worry. Hina hugs her and says I am sorry. Shahzad says I will give you a call Sarah. Gauhar says sorry. Sarah says it’s fine. Eijaz picks up Sarah and hugs her. All clap for Sarah. Hina says she has done all her tasks well. Sarah says bye and leaves. Jasmin hugs Hina and cries. Hina says she had to go, it was her fate. Jasmin says Jaan shouldn’t have nominated her. He should have nominated me. Sid says then you could have been evicted. Sid says that’s not in your hands, we could have chosen you. You don’t know what is going to happen to you. People who are your friends will nominate you. This is different.
Jaan goes to a corner and cries.
Pavitra cries and tells Jasmin that Sarah was sure she wouldn’t go. I couldn’t tell her anything.
Gauhar tells Rahul and Nishant to think about why they got the most nominations. Sarah had one nomination only. Sid asks Rahul to show his personality.
Jasmin asks Jaan to not feel guilty. We all will nominate each other.

8:30 PM
Eijaz asks who nominated Sarah? Rubina says Jaan only. Eijaz says he didn’t feel bad.

Jaan tells Nishant that I did something which I would have never done. I have this burden now. Nishant says you didn’t know they will evict her. Nishant says Sarah must be feeling very bad.

9:15 PM
Jaan tells Rahul that I feel I don’t understand you. I knew you from before. I have been your fan because you have been close to Sonu Nigam but we always have this hot and cold vibe here. Rahul says if you are my friend then you are, if you are wrong then I will say up front. Nishant comes there too. Jaan says I want people who can tell me upfront. Nishant says we have to make a group. We are 4 and they have 6 people. Jaan says I am glad Rahul talked to me. Nishant says we have to make a group to fight. Rahul says I was alone here. Nishant says it was my feeling. Jaan says you are not alone. Nishant says let’s hug. They hug each other. Nishant asks Nikki to come. She comes and hugs them.

11 PM
Pavitra comes and hugs Eijaz. She says don’t worry, I was jealous. I won’t let you go. She pulls him aside and kisses his cheek. She says you were giving clothes to girls so I was jealous. Eijaz says go away. Pavitra says you can curse me and feel bad but I am not going. Eijaz says it’s a game and I will take you out if needed. Pavitra says you can do it. Why are you not listening to me? Am I not look nice without makeup? Eijaz says my mind is not working. Pavitra says you want some time? Eijaz says I have my time. Pavitra hugs him from behind and says you can punish me if you want. He ignores her but she keeps moving behind him. She goes to the washroom.

11:15 PM
Jaan, Nishant and Rahul sing Intehaa ho gayi paar ki. They all tease Eijaz singing. Pavitra comes and sits with Eijaz. They hear all singing and teasing them. Pavitra asks Eijaz why he is silent? He says I am like this since childhood. She says what’s your age? He says 50. She says you didn’t want to get married? He says I did but not anymore. Pavitra says why? Eijaz says I got scared. She teases him by caressing his ear. He smiles at her so Pavitra kisses his cheek and asks why he is hot? Eijaz says I am hot since the start. Pavitra says I am not leaving you anymore, I will make your food. I will become your tail now. Eijaz says get tied to me. Pavitra says you can do it, I did the mistake but it was your doing. Eijaz smiles.

Episode Ends.
PRECAP – Nikki asks Jaan to give her a head massage. Jaan gives her a back massage while she gives him orders. He laughs.
In the task, Eijaz and Nishant fight. Shahzad shouts at Eijaz. Gauhar gives the tasks to everyone. Rahul jokes with Sid to get some points in the task.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sarah didn’t deserve to go. This Pavitra us making me chuckle. The flirting with Eijaz is fun.

  2. I cannot wait for this week to be over that way these biased seniors can leave and the show can shift from “The Sid and Hina Show” to Bigg Boss 14.
    It’s funny how all these contestants flipped and are showing their “true colors” after the scolding yesterday.
    Also, the fact that these contestants have to argue for basic necessities is pretty pathetic. I think its a stupid rule from Bigg Boss team.
    I heard that Sara will be back in a week or 2. But I absolutely HATE Sid. It has to be his way, or the highway.

    1. Hopefully this happens but I still don’t understand y Hina & Gauahar backed off…

  3. I hate Sid so much for this..This is the very first tym I hv felt so bad on someone’s eviction..It was definitely not fair…Either Sid is tooo dominanting or Hina & Gauhar toooooo weak to stick to their point..They were 2 yr…This is bad..Kk..So basically how many weeks have Hina planned to be here or how many evictions she want to be a part of..Lyk seriously..It just got off my nerves when she said that we will agree but later u hv to agree..Lyk WTH..
    I don’t think I would be able to watch it further..It’s toooo much of seniors now..I would hv tolerated Nikki’s favouritism for another week but this is just too much for me…

  4. Amal

    They should just let them have their clothes and toiletries as there’s pandemic going on and hygiene is very important at this point of time 🙄

  5. Alister La Frenais

    Can the refreshers vote to have one of the seniors removed. There should be a level playing field, and the seniors should also be governed by the same house rules that are applied to the others. Also all the voting should be by secret ballot. Is there any chance of voting that smug Salman Khan off the show. Cannot stand the man!

  6. Abinav rocks 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖
    Love you Abhinav and Rubina 🕺 . You guys are the best and I love Abhinav’s calm, soothing and matured aura.

  7. This is what I was telling the other day. Hina is following the lead, I don’t know why? May be because Siddharth is favored by channel and so she thinks she should be in his good books. So there are seniors and then super senior. These 3 were talking about wrong done to Nikki, what have they done to Sarah. She did lift weights, sacrifice hair, had no clothes and performed task to level where she got massively injured. If being fake is the criteria, maybe being fake is her game. Like Nikki ka being unreasonable was. When these people come out of show mostly they are friends forever, so they all are fake. Hina was this strong lady in her season, so she is fake now or was back then. How do you settle your deals and pact putting someone else on stake. Maybe jija Wala majak Siddharth ne dil par le liya ya Sarah favoring himanshi last season as clearly he never forgets.
    These players are here for audience not seniors. BB ki awaz to shakal mil gayi hai SS ki. But wo aakhon Wala BB was just rather than ye revenge mode Wala BB.

  8. Mona146

    seniors should go they are not letting others do anything

  9. This forum is dominated by SID haters it seems, some people are so obsessed with SID and keep criticizing him for anything and everything from the day 1 … COME ONN…… SID is given a task to perform along with other seniors… what is wrong with that, while few hates him, millions of SID fans wanted to see him and happy to see him in the show… same applicable to Hina & Gauhar fans too…

    So keep whining about seniors though they are going to be hear for only couple of weeks. In early seasons too seniors came and stayed for few weeks to cheer up the show… had the seniors not there, this show would have had a dull start, thanks to them for making it watchable as many of fresher are acting dump….

    I would have been happy to see either Abi or Rubina exiting the show, and they are doing as if they have the extended honeymoon, sitting on the couch all the time and keep complaining about anything and everything in BB… irritating it is….

    Anyway haters will find their own ways and means to criticize you SID but for us you are the real BB man who never pretend to be a good man but talk and act always straight whether others like it or not. at least you dont act like holy man for the sake of camera & screen… it is always better to be straight than to act nice and sweet like a hypocrite….. I think many in this forum like hypocrite and hypocrisy…. We will definitely miss you SID after this week, hope you come back again to make it lively once again…..

    1. Finally someone said it
      Well said

    2. Shesha485

      Nice joke😂😂😅

    3. You dumb or what? It’s big boss 14, not the siddhart show. How can viewers get to know or find a fav contestant when you have a*sh*les like Sid trying to dominate and being a dick at every single time? You criticize Rubina and Abhi who literally the only one that have the guts to stand up for the arrogant, old seniors that seems to have a hard time booking other gigs and come to big boss which remind sme like your old seniors in school always coming back to visit your school or teachers because that is the only place they feel the most relevant since other places don’t give a fudge about them. Abhi is calm and collected, Rubina is fire and aware of the unjust in the house and speaks out despite getting hate. Same thing that happens to siddhart in bb13 remember? Most contestant hated him but the fans sided with him and same thing is happening to Rubina now so suck it up and try to justify Sid biasedness towards Nikki and that includes that two witches working beside him. The fact that Sids good friend Shefali J notice the unjust towards Sara shows how much sid has changed.

  10. Shesha485

    I am not watching it but following its news and some promos. It’s really irritating to see this Sid being overrated. Better name the show as ‘Siddarth Shukla Pampering Show’ rather than BB14. In BB13, he is dominating. Although I don’t like Shehnaaz, but she was true and supported Sid genuinely but Sid only used her clearly. And he could point others mistakes but if others did, he was fighting like a barbarian. He is not professional too. Fights for silly things like size of Vanity Van(with Rashami in DSDT) etc. thus spoiling the whole show
    There are some better contestants like Rubina, Abhinav, Ejiaz, Pavitra, Nikki(I think) and Jasmine (Idk but I like her)
    Just kick these seniors to the drainage. Always irritating From Day 1.

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