Bigg Boss 12 7th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anup is sent to secret room

Bigg Boss 12 7th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Starts with Salman singing. He then says someone has gone in the house. Bharti enters the house and entertains contestants by roasting them. She calls Anup and Deepak to sing against each other. Both impress everyone with their singing. She then calls Neha to show her hidden talent of pole dancing. Neha does pole dance. She invites Jasleen next for pole dance, but her pole will be Anup. Jasleen dances around him and he manages to not move even a bit. Bharti then does seductive dance around Anup, he still doesn’t move. Bharti promotes India’s Got Talent show and then leaves.

Salman meets the contestants. Deepak sings a song that he made for Salman. Salman says good song, but he will still take his class. It’s fizzy caller time. The caller asks Dipika that Sree had told her he

has a lot of information about Neha which if he tells everyone, she will start crying. The caller asks shouldn’t Dipika have shared that with Neha. Dipika says Sree was very angry and in anger you sometimes speak such things. He didn’t tell what those things were. If he did, then she might have thought about sharing with Neha.

Now it’s Sultani Akhada time. Deepak and KV are sent to Akhada. In verbal round, they have to say why they are better. Deepak says KV is diplomatic, double standard. KV says at least he is not liar like him. If he makes a mistake, he says sorry. Deepak never says sorry. Deepak gets 3 votes for him. KV gets 10+ votes. 2nd round is also won by KV. Deepak will have to do all KV’s work for this week. Salman reminds Surbhi and Romil about that.

Salman tells contestants they are opening a room for the first time in this season. He sends Sree there. Sree sees his wife’s video. She encourages him to take part in all tasks and asks not to be too emotional and repeatedly says he wants to go home. He should give his best. Sree cries. His children also show up. Sree gets more emotional.

Salman says only time will tell whether Sree learns anything from this message. Bharti joins Salman on the stage and they entertain audience.

Salman meets contestants again. He reminds who are nominated. He takes Sristy’s name asking who she thinks got least votes. Then takes Sree’s name saying he will help her. Sree says he doesn’t know. Salman then asks Anup-Jasleen. Anup says maybe Sristy. Salman says it’s them who got least number of votes which is surprising because there was a lot of talk about their pair which was positive. Seeing all this, Bigg Boss is giving them one more chance. One of them will stay and other will go. They will decide among themselves who will stay and who will go. He gives them some time to decide.

Anup tells Jasleen anything can happen here and tells her to continue her journey. He will send her more clothes from outside. Jasleen says she was getting this feeling since morning. KV goes to them. KV and Dipika have tears. Salman is watching and says KV and Dipika have tears, but not Jasleen. She could at least pretend that she will go, but she doesn’t lie which is good. He says decision seems clear. Salman meets them and asks Jasleen their decision. Anup says they decided that Jasleen will continue. Salman says him and whole India knew this would be decision and everyone is proud of him. Salman says good bye to contestants. Anup meets everyone one last time before leaving.

Everyone is missing Anup. Jasleen tells Dipika that now she’s in her team.. singles team.

Later, Jasleen tells Shiv that she will meet Anup later, but she feels like lonely now. Like how he would feel if Sourav had left.

Later, Shiv changes his shirt in Jasleen’s presence. Sree says he could have waited a bit. Jasleen jokes that Anup left so he’s showing his body to her.

Later, Deepak tells Romil that you shouldn’t take this game lightly. This was all Jasleen’s fault for not sacrificing her clothes and thinking fans will save them. And the worst part is she didn’t even say once to Anup to stay. Other thing he felt bad about Jasleen asking Romil about whether you get right on property by being in live-in relationship. Romil says she purposely talked about being together for 3 years. She wanted them to talk about that topic.

Salman says housemates think that Anup is really eliminated, but he’s sent to secret room from where he will be able to see all action.

Anup enters the secret room.

Jasleen is sitting with Shiv, Saba and says Anupji, if you are seeing this, then I really miss you. Tomorrow again I will get ready and ask how do I look as always.

Salman says Anup will keep an eye on everyone from secret room, especially on Jasleen, and we will see what happens.

Precap: Shiv and Jasleen are having breakfast together. Shiv asks her whether her packing/unpacking is done. She says everything is done.. she was having so much stress because of him. Anup is shocked and asks whether she has any stress of him going. Jasleen is showing laughing. Romil asks her whether she is single now. She says yes and high-fives. Anup says such a shock.. Housemates /singles target Romil and Surbhi in a task.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. After a long time i really enjoyed today’s episode…
    It was fun to see bharti…
    Neha’s performance was awesome
    Dpka’s reply to the caller of the week was really good..
    Bharti ne dpk ki acche se band bajayi… Shakal utar gayi thi uski.. 🤣
    But i really likes deepak’s singing…
    Sulatani akhada task was very funny.. I am really happy for kv for winning all the 3 points..
    And salman’s anchoring was too good today…
    Specially when he was making fun of jasleen.. 🤣
    As salman said he and all the world knew it what decisionthey were gomna take..
    And i think that decision was predictable..
    But now i amreally excited to see anup ji’s reaction…
    First i was thinking jasleen and anup relation is fake.. And jasleen is true in their relationship.but as day passes i got to know jasleen is much more fake and it is proved today… She didn’t even say for once to leave and it was a big shock to watch romil and deepak’s conversation regarding property thing..
    @vidu.. Thanks for mentioning my name..

    And if ppl from the last season and others seasons are watching the show and reading comment here should comment here too..
    And it will be fun to read others comment and to counter back like last season.. 😉

  2. Jasleen is the most fake person in Bigg Boss 12. She is using Anup ji for fame.

  3. We all user want to cmnt,fight,laugj etc but this season is too boring to talk about.

  4. Hi XYZ,
    Can you please tell us your real name.

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