Bigg Boss 12 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi becomes captain

Bigg Boss 12 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 80
Deepak says to KV that its hook or by crook. He says to Rohit that you did well, I pray you remain in 15th week too, you were cool last day, I changed my words, I felt guilty, you must be guilty too. Rohit says not at all. Deepak says you were scared that you couldnt beat from front. Rohit says I played smart.

Sree says to Dipika that kids are playing for now.

Surbhi says to herself that all are playing for themselves, I kept playing for them and till then I was nice.
Deepak says to Romil that I didnt expect Surbhi playing cheap game but she did, she didnt have guts to tell about her game, she will feel guilty soon.

KV says to Deepak that Romil and all are others double faced, we dont need people like them. He talks about Rohit and says he is double faced but Surbhi is true, she tells what she is doing but even Srishty said to not trust Rohit. Deepak says Surbhi was our own so it hurts more, we tell each other about things we do. Deepak says I will support Surbhi but I wont even tell her anything. KV says I feel like God sent me here to experience all this, success is that someone felt something for me. Deepak says Ifelt bad guilt yesterday. KV hugs him.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that all seasons were different and people remember it for their uniqueness like friendship, animosity, tasks.. this season have reached 12th week so we have to think about how people will remember this season, we have thought a lot and have come to conclusion that this season will be remembered for similarity, every individual have different personality but you all are alike, its like you all have no identity and personality, if two people are shouting then all start shouting, if one inmate gets frustrated and break things then all do it, may it be Srishty, Sree or Deepak. Deepak says sorry. Bigg Boss says this show is about mind power not physical power, so remember shouting and pushing from chest bumping doesnt show your power but shows that you dont have mind to tell your thoughts more nicely.. you all decide how to perform, you have less time so its time to change if you can because then you wont get a chance. Somi says sorry.

Jasleen says thank you, Megha says this show is about winning hearts. Jasleen says they dont know that you have to show heart in this show.

KV says we all react sameway in show.
Jasleen says what Deepak did in bathroom? it was scary. Megha says I cleaned it up. Jasleen says it was his weak time but you have to control yourself, you cant keep following others.

Megha says to Sree and Jasleen that imagine us in top 5, only us. Sree says Deepak can go, he cant compare with me, he did it as he couldnt bear his defeat.. people get frustrated here, I did a lot of hardwork so I cant remain silent when they raise finger on me, if they point at my family then they will have to run away from me.

KV reads task and winning team will get luxury things. Task will be between Sree and Romil, all laugh. They will be given used cars, they are dirty and needs cleaning, Sree and Romil have to make others agree to wash car for them and clean it. Deepak will be referee of task. On third buzzer, task will end and Deepak will tell whose car is more clean and then they have to name a person who performed so well, that person will win used car.
Romil asks KV to support him. KV asks Sree why he should support him? Sree says because you are fast and can clean nicely.

All come in garden. Dipika says will someone pacify me? KV says to Romil that Sree came to me first. Surbhi says in camera that I like them both, so I cant decide whose side to go. Jasleen asks Romil if he will remain her good friend? I will perform nicely. Romil says I will give name by performance. Surbhi, Rohit, KV and Dipika washes Sree’s car while others support Romil. KV is cleaing nicely. Jasleen stands on car roof and cleans it. KV washes Sree’s car, Rohit and Dipika brings water buckets for him. Romil asks Megha to work faster. Buzzer plays, Deepak asks them to stop. Deepak checks both cars and says Sree’s car was cleaner. Sree cheers and says I love you guys. Deepak gives them hamper. Deepak asks who was best performer? Sree says Rohit and Surbhi performed really nicely but lady’s first so he gives car keys to Surbhi. Surbhi is elated.

Surbhi says one task destroys relations and other mends it. Sree asks Jasleen why she stood on car? Jasleen says Megha asked me to go on top, Sree says we dont get TRP like this, your top shot must have been shown. Jasleen laughs.

Sree says to Surbhi that Rohit started provoking me, he was not listening to you. Surbhi says you and Dipika started arguing with me, you could say anything but not point on my dignity. Sree says I didnt mean it, you should understand what I have been through. Surbhi says nobody knows my story. Sree says you talked about slapgate issue. Surbhi says I wanted to make you angry. Sree says I thought you would never listen to me. Surbhi says you provoked me to that point. Sree says sorry.

Somi says to Romil that I know what you want to do, I have self-respect. Romil says what? Somi whispers dont tell me. Somi says I think I need permission to talk, can I talk? Romil says no. He calls Megha to sit with them. Somi leaves. Romil says oh God.

Somi says to Romil that you are not a good friend, I keep trying to talk to you but get lost, you are not interested. Romil says I didnt misbehave with you, I am in tension. Somi says you are mean, you dont think about others, you use others emotions. She goes to lounge. Surbhi laughs and makes fun of it. She goes to Somi and laughs at her, she says you act like choti bahu.

Somi brings milk for Deepak, he thanks her, she leaves. Deepak asks Romil if she is angry with him? Romil says she is not talking to me. Deepak bursts out laughing. Romil laughs and says she promised on bubble this time. Deepak says she promised on a dog.

Surbhi says to Deepak that we planned to eliminate Somi from bus task and then play our game. Deepak says no you took me in trust. Surbhi says I talked to KV, he was like all are playin for themselves and KV said that you wanted to eliminate me. Deepak says KV had twist in plan, we were not trying to cheat, I just didnt tell anything to KV. KV comes there and says I told him to take out my bag but lets decide in bus. Surbhi says you were still not sure? KV says I understand Deepak having soft corner for Somi but why you Surbhi? Surbhi says I had a bond with her, you all went against plan so I played for myself. Deepak says I said to take out Somi first. Surbhi says but then KV was out before her. Deepak says nobody gave me proposal. Surbhi says first proposal failed, my trust broke when KV was out, I didnt want to look bad infront of Somi too. She asks KV why he didnt take Somi’s name? KV says no I didnt, Surbhi says then trust between us was gone.

Day 81
All inmates dance to aowa aowa.. Sree dances.

Megha says to Jasleen that Rohit misbehaves with us so we will not spare him now, he sings for Deepak that he didnt get anything in captaincy task. Rohit comes there. Megha says you didnt get any captaincy. Rohit says I will miss you. Jasleen says someone is angry. Rohit says you both dont exist for anyone here.

Somi says to Surbhi that I am noticing Jasleen copies me, I wore indian dress so all are wearing indian now, I feel like she competes with me, she brags about her bonding with Romil. Surbhi says you are assuming. Somi says I am not an idiot. Surbhi says talk to her. Somi says I dont feel like talking to her, I used to talk to her but not anymore. Jasleen comes there. Surbhi says Jasleen you are wearing indian too, she nods.

Captaincy task is announced, Rohit and Surbhi will be stage manager. There are two stages in garden. Deepak will sing for Surbhi, Jasleen will sing on Rohit’s behalf.. buzzers will play, one inmate will sit on chair infront of stage at time of buzzer, then singers will perform, the contender which gets to perform three times will win task.. contenders have to make sure that inmates sit on their chair and stage and their performer is able to perform. KV will be referee.

Rohit says to Romil that I performed well in task.
Surbhi asks Somi to support her, she is close to her heart. Somi says you betrayed me.
Somi says to Rohit that you will support me if you become captain? He says yes.
Sree says to Surbhi that you dont need to ask me, I will support you.
Rohit says to Megha that give me a chance. Megha says you keep insulting us, Rohit says I will be improved. Rohit tries to talk to Sree but Sree says no.
Romil says to Deepak that I didnt talk to Surbhi but she is my sister. Deepak says I am with her too.

Buzzer plays, Sree runs and sits on Surbhi’s chair. Sree says Surbhi is my good friend, I shouldnt have said those words to her, I cant make up to her but I will support her from now on. Deepak comes stage and says I dedicate it to Sree for his wife. Deepak sings oh meri bhuvneshwari.. Sree enjoys his performance and hugs him.

Rohit tries to convince but Somi goes and sits on Surbhi’s chair, she says Surbhi is a strong contender. Deepak sings tumhe koi or dekhe toh jalta hai dil.. Somi blushes as he sings for her. Deepak doesnt look at her and sings yeh dil bekarar kitna. All clap for him.

Megha asks Romil whose side are you? Romil says I am divided. Megha says he broke your group. Romil says he did play for me. Megha says let me go, I am support Surbhi.

Buzzer plays, Megha runs and sits on Surbhi’s chair, she says she is way better than Rohit, I dont want Rohit as captain because he is not ready for captaincy. Rohit says only three weeks are remaining. Megha says let me talk, you dont know how to respect girls. Rohit says you dont know how to respect boys. Rohit says they will cut your talk. Surbhi says Megha is Bigg Boss Marathi winner and we respect it. Deepak sings oo re piya re. Sree takes mic from Rohit’s stage and laughs. All clap for Deepak. Bigg Boss says captaincy task ends, Surbhi got three performance and becomes captain of house. Surbhi thanks everyone.

Rohit, Deepak and Romil are mimicing Sree’s catching a catch in world cup. Sree says you are wrong, I caught it from short fine-leg to fine-leg. Romil says you caught it differently. Sree says Romil knows more about cricket than me. Sree says you are 11 years younger than me so you wont understand. Romil says I have had more than you. Sree says did you sleep with a man with 16 murders? Romil says I cant talk about that, I play smart when it comes to that. Sree says you were smart but I was not thats why I didnt go to jail. Romil says you are taking it wrong. Sree says thank you for the show, you saying I was not smart so I went to jail. Romil leaves. Dipika says leave it.

Sree is looking around in garden. Dipika asks what happened? Sree says I have to listen to everyone here, all are teaching me here.
Romil says to Jasleen that I see all kind of people too, I was talking about myself but he took it on himself. Jasleen says dont talk about sensitive issue. Megha says you stop it. Romil says he was bringing it up, he talked about sleeping with a murderer, I said I met a lot of people, I didnt mean to put him down.

Somi says to Megha that there are other beds so you can shift to other one. Megha says okay I will shift in morning. She goes with Jasleen.
Megha says to Jasleen that Somi was feeling possessiveness. Jasleen says I dont know why. Megha says why all girls are irritated with you? Jasleen says I had good understanding with Somi but then I became your and Romil’s friend so she might feel that her friends are hers only.

PRECAP- Salman asks Deepak and Surbhi if they like to disrespect people? He asks Surbhi that you see badness in people but what about you? You think you will win doing all this? Salman says to Rohit that what talent you have? You tell Sree that he does everything for footage but what about your footage? you have no right to pull people down like that. Sree cries.
Bigg Boss says its time to choose inmates who will go to jail. All are surprised. KV says Sree and Deepak broke property so they should go. Surbhi says the way Sree behaved in task was not good. Sree gets angry and says I am not going. He goes to washroom and says I am not going. Surbhi comes there and says dont act like this, Sree says all are snakes, I cant keep going every week. Surbhi says you cant act maturely.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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