Bigg Boss 12 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree and Rohit fights

Bigg Boss 12 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 78
KV reads new task that their prize money decreased to 23.4K, they have a chance to win back amount, they have a task to win it back, its a captaincy task, whoever wins it will also be saved in 14th week of game. In task, there is a baggage room where there are school bags of all inmates, when horn plays, you will take one bag and sit in school bus, you all will be responsible for each other captaincy, when bus is on brake, the person who gets down will eliminate person whose bag they have with them, then he or she will put money envelope from bag to box there, that amount will be added prize money, whoever wins task, that person’s amount will not be saved, whoever is out first will become referee of task.

Megha says to Dipika and Jasleen that we will try to keep each others bag with us so they cant eliminate us.
Deepak says to KV that we can get 4-5 bags and then divide it. Surbhi says we have to make sure to sit in bus.
Dipika asks Romil to take each others bags. Romil says we have to win. Romil says they have three boys.
Surbhi says we have to get Romil’s bag.

All are standing outside baggage room. Surbhi asks Sree to not push them. Sree says I am making place for me. Rohit taunts him. Sree says you dont have much time. Rohit says I will beat you so much, dont cry. Sree says you are *****. KV asks Sree to stop it. Sree charges at Rohit. Rohit says he would sit down soon, Sree darling. Rohit says you have shown ****. Sree says you are *****. Dipika says can you both stop it? this is disgusting, Surbhi says you should have stopped before.

The door opened with a buzzer. The housemates pushed each other and ran inside to take the bags. Karanvir Bohra fell down and contestants ran towards the bus.
Sree didn’t allow Rohit to enter the bus, which ended up into a fight. On the other hand, Romil stopped Surbhi as she took three bags. He snatched the bags from Surbhi. Romil also stopped Deepak to leave the bus. Romil says you cant sit near door. KV says you cant push him. Rohit says they are useless. Sree says what can you do? Rohit says you want to beat me? Bigg Boss says you all have to sit on seats and tell whose bag you Surbhi says Romil snatched bag from me. Deepak have Romil’s bag. KV have Dipika. Somi have Jasleen’s bag. Sree have KV’s bag. As soon as the buzzer rang, Deepak ran out of the bus and submitted Romil’s bag and wrote Rs 10,000 on the board. Bigg Boss named Romil as the Sanchalak of the task. Rohit says I am coming 13th week, Jasleen says look at your face. Rohit says to Jasleen and Megha that you both are going.

Dipika says to Sree that you cant say those words, he can say anything but you dont cross that line. Sree says you have to follow a line too.
Jasleen says to Rohit that you cant be like me. Deepak says we dont want to become like you. Sree says to Somi that KV pushed Dipika. Somi says they have no manners.
Deepak says to KV we have to throw Sree out. Romil says you cant do anything. Surbhi says I have two brothers. Romil says they cant do anything. Surbhi shouts to not go on her brothers, I will beat you. Romil says come and slap me. He asks Rohit if he wants to slap him? Surbhi says this is referee?

Romil tells Sree that you can push and do anything in bus, not outside. Sree says bags will be snatched outside. Somi says you want him to push inside bus? Romil says no. Deepak says he talks about injuries and then taunt us for snatching bags. Sree says I will snatch bags now. Deepak says you cant. KV says you cant do it. Sree says you people are talking about respect? KV says you are degrading women. Sree says you want me to write a letter? KV says you are going on my family? As the gong rang again, All run to sit in bus. Sreesanth stopped Rohit from entering the bus, Rohit says you cant do it. Rohit runs and sits from otherside. Rohit says dont dare touch me again. Rohit says I will beat you badly. Sree says I didnt do anything, I just stopped you. Surbhi says Sree should be disqualified. Romil asks for bags. Deepak have Sree’s bag. Rohit have Deepak’s bag. Sree have Rohit’s bag. Brake plays, Deepak runs and gets down. He eliminates Sree for 20K.

Bigg Boss tell inmates that time for today’s task has ended. Deepak hugs Rohit. Jasleen says Rohit is loser.

Dipika gets angry and goes to sit in a corner. She cries. Sree comes to her. Dipika says who is Surbhi to tell me to support right sometimes? they go so low, Rohit and Deepak treats Jasleen so badly. Sree consoles her.

Somi says to Romil that I want to clarify I didnt mean it. Romil says I didnt want to make you feel small. Somi says Jasleen is your friend now? Cant I say something to you? Jasleen is bragging about her friendship with you, I am sorry. Romil says I know why people come to me, Somi says that comment fell from my mouth about Jasleen trying on you.
Jasleen tells Dipika that Somi commented on me and Romil, he is a married man. Somi says I didnt mean it like that. Jasleen says he is married, how can you say that? Somi says to Romil that I didnt comment on you. Romil says they are pointing on me. Jasleen says I am surviving on others?
Somi says sorry to Romil and cries. Romil says I didnt take you wrong, I know only you care for me, go to your team, I am single. Somi says I am with you from start, she cries. Romil says they keep saying anything to me, now they made bad too. Somi says sorry. Romil says I cant fight with you, you have a team, you have an identity so prove yourself.

Somi says to KV that Jasleen was alleging me joining her name with Romil, I just want to focus on my game. Surbhi says Romil is diplomatic *****. Somi says no. Surbhi says see his face, he talks to you badly, you allow him to be rude with you, you are his friend so bear it. Somi says its done now. KV says its better to be alone than caring for someone.

Surbhi says to Deepak that we can target Jasleen, Dipika is not a competition.

Somi says to Jasleen that I just said you are giving attention to Romil. Jasleen says you said that one man went from my side so I am grabbing another. Somi says I didnt mean it.

Megha looks at Romil and says I miss my friend. Romil says you keep saying things like that, he hugs her and says dont cry. Jasleen says you cant hug me? Romil says people will think bad. Jasleen says you used to look cute to me in 2nd week. Megha says from what angle? Romil says she has some feelings for me. Jasleen laughs and says idiot.

Romil says to Megha and Somi that Deepak is double faced. Jasleen says you are right. Deepak hears it. Dipika says to Romil that Rohit told Deepak that you called him mindless but Rohit is not trustworthy. Romil says their friendship was not worth it.

Day 79
The next day, housemates woke up to ‘Paisa Paisa’ song. They dance and enjoy.

Deepak says to Romil that we will eliminate Megha and Jasleen. Rohit says I will run with their bags.

Deepak says to Somi that Romil is not what he looks like. Somi says I dont care. Deepak says you do care, you get jealous. She throws slipper near him. Deepak says I will frame this slipper.

Bigg Boss says its time for task again. All rush to baggage door. Romil tries to pull them. Somi says dont touch me like that, she moves back. Romil says you are pushing others. Somi says you moved be back. She angrily takes off mic. Romil tries to pull Jasleen back but she doesnt. Romil says to Somi that I was just stopping you from pushing others. Somi says this is not the way, you cant pull me back like that. Rohit he is nothing. Romil says what you want to say? They comment on each other. Dipika says stay in limits. Gong plays, all run to get bags. Somi and Jasleen fights for pushing each other. Jasleen says Somi is a psycho for behaving like this, I cant do this. Jasleen says Somi was grabbing her. Somi says she was pushing me away. Jasleen says she grabbed me, I am not going in. Surbhi says Dipika grabbed me too. Dipika says I didnt hurt you, all get wounds in task. Romil talks to Jasleen and makes her sit in bus. Somi then asks Deepak to remove Jasleen’s bag. Gong plays, Rohit gets down.

Rohit says to Sree that you are already cleaned bold. Sree says what did you say? Rohit says he is a useless person.

Sree charges at him.

PRECAP- Rohit and Sreesanth once again got into a major fight. It turns out to be pretty heated as the duo get into a massive fight as Rohit keeps commenting on him and says get lost.
Rohit says to Surbhi that you grabbed me. Surbhi says this is a game now. Dipika says I am having fun to see them fight. Deepak says to Rohit that you betrayed. Rohit throws Surbhi’s bag and says I have to play for you people in 13th week too? I am playing for myself now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I dont know y… Jab priyanka jagga k 3 weeks badtameezi karne pe wo bhi usne bhi thoda bphot suna tha.. Agar usey insult kar k bahar fenk sakte h toh y not surbhi deepak and rohit…

    I saw that season too… Priyanka jagga was not really irriating like these 3… These 3 are behaving in a same manner… Chahe wo akashdadlani ho ya koi aur gande words itne zyada kisi nenhi bole.. Jitna zyada is season mbola gaya.. And salman and makers unhi logo ko sir bhi chada rahi h..
    Priyanka k season m toh salman badi batein kar raha tha… Abhi kahan gaye sare morals????

    Sree ko bas ye log use kar rahe h… But u know what… Isse sree ko hi benefit ho raha h.. Makers and host kitna bhi stee ko negative portray kare but public ko actual m pasand aa raha h.. And even most of the ppl want to see him as a wnr…

    I wants to remind one thing… Jo somi aaj jas ko indirect way m bol rahi thi that she is bonding with romil…. Somi was the one who tried on shiv… In the very first week somi was the one who planned the fake fight with shiv…
    Not even somi… Kriti and roshmi tried on him too..

    Y somi is so much jealous of jas and romil’s frndship… Jas shayad somi se pehle romil ki frnd. Bni thi as i remenber amd romil liked her too(not in that way)… Her comment was again kind of character assassination..

    What rohit think of himself… Pata nhi log itna over confidence latey kaha se h.. Matalb kl ka paida hua baccha sree ko insult kar raha h amd uske achievement pe baat kar raha h…

    I would be really happy agar sree rohit ko 10-12 chamatein laga k nikl jaye is pagalkhane se.. Cz seriously dpka, sree, jas, megha itna badbehaviour deserve nhi krte.

    I was feeling really bad for dpka… Usne life m kuch acieve kiya h.. Sge is a celebrity and she really deserve much more respect than these commoners…

    And ye har din rohit jo bolta h jas and megha k din khatam… So i really wish ki megha and jas se pehle rohit eliminate ho..

    Ohgod kuchsa maic karo ki atleast rohit ye dono se pehle out ho.. I wants to his face when he get eliminate bfr megha and sree…..

    And it looks like again surbhi n gang m se koi ye task win karega….

    1. Rajjo

      you are absolutely correct… iss baar show me inke paas dikhane ko nhi bacha h kuch isiliye kabhi rashan ki chori dikhaate hn to kabhi kisi ko tease krke unhe breakdown hone pr majboor kr dete hn usi se khush h iss baar makers…
      routine of somi to bas yahi ban gya h wake up-romil ko check krna-usko sunana jas k liye-surbhi/kv k paas jakr rona-main apne liye khelungi bolna-sleep…
      salmaan said on wkw you can’t bring those topics inside the house but rohit is still doing that as he knows shree will charge him n he will get a reason to blame him just like surbhi… kabhi to khud se khel liya kro beta rohit hamesha dusro k nakshe kadam pr kyun chalte ho…
      sorry but i wanted ki jas wkw me eliminate hi ho jaati to achcha hota… vese bhi use evict krna hi h to itne din aur torture kyun jhelwaya usko… agar unhe nhi krna tha to new nomination krte to achcha hota… fayda kya hua thodi aur dikh gyi screen pr bas…

    2. mrs devinder.singh

      seems like salman like to be part of the gutter show. time to give up young man, its far to predictable , u know when they are going to be Friends and when enemies . one day they all hunky dory next day they are fight like cats and dogs. somi plays both sides by being nice to both sides , she is playing a game desperate or what to be seen as a goody two shoes which she is not, just a cry baby.

  2. Show is had takpathetic ho gaya h ki mun karta h sirbhi rohit and deepak ko tv m ghus k maaro…

    Is show k bahar bhi life h… Ye log ek show k liye itna low kaise ja sakte h.. Isse farbetter last 2seasons k commoners they.. Atmeast kuch wrimg karme k baad 1 week tak ahaanti banaye rakhte they.

    1. Rajjo

      commoners me jeetne wala ek hi banda tha aur apne season me jeeta bhi @manveer gurjar… uske baad aisa koi commoner nhi aaya jisko dekh k lge ki vo jeet sakta h… iss baar k commoners to bas apni jagah hi bnaate reh gye… sab bas apna ullu seedha krne me lge hn… use kr kr k dusro ka khud aage nikl gye baaki peeche jo gya usse koi mtlb nhi jinse dushmani h unse to jaane do jinse dosti h unke bhi nhi hn ye….

    2. @Rajjo, yepppp Manveer was pure love. ❤ He was everything from nothing. He lives in our hearts even after two years.

    3. @Rajjo…

      even manu punjabi was far better than these commoners…
      us bande ne mistakes ki but he always realized his mistakes and game wise he was really good…

  3. I can’t see friends fighting like this. No matter it is happy club or wolf pack. Hope they patch up.

    1. They weren’t friends all four of them were together for their own benefit

  4. BIGGBOSS FOOTAGE ON SREE VS ROHITH # SURNHI SUPPORTING VILLAN TODAY , sree is answering the arrogance with provokes lol mentioning the #LETTER kv got upset # FUEL IN FIRE ADDED
    to be frank every time precap seems interesting than episode , boring day by day with no contents rather than character assasination #SREE vs ROHITH has happened and our simar raised the sudharshan chakra on both of them after 100 abuses
    SURBHI HAS BECOME MENTAL CASE -she needs treatment for sure #OM SHANTI OM therapy for her :))-
    NOHIT -HE IS A PROVOKER ,HM’s giving him unnecessary footage #AA BAIL MUJHE MAR TYPES
    DEEPAK- tomorrow you will taste your own medicine #MEDICINE OF BETRAYAL #POPCORN READY TO SEE THAT
    KVB-#FREE ADVICE KI DUKAAN #bad game from him # KHUD TO CAPTAIN NHI BAN PAYE BAS GALAT KO SUPPORT KARNA HAI AANKHE BAN KARKE #time is running out i wonder why viewers will vote you # reasons needed and invited too
    JASLEEN-jasleen vs somi # CAT FIGHT TODAY #regarding #TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL’S attention , both ladies getting jealous of each other demanding# SADDA HAQ ON TRUE SOUL ROMIL’S FRIENDSHIP HAAHAHA
    MEGHA -backcounting starts from today despite being strong #TASK KILLER time has came to say # CURTAINS DOWN LADY !!!!!#fingers crossed and i hope aap na jao :))-
    DIPIKA -very genuine sad to see tears in her eyes ab bandi ro bhi de to log simar ke aasu bolte hai anyways you are audiences fav contestant and beating you in votes is next to impossible !!!!but u never know #BB MAKERS ARE TELLING THAT YOU ARE NO COMPETITION FROM SURNHI’S MOUTH LOL #audiences are not fool lol that you will not keep dipika in top 2 lol
    TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL – sukh bhare din bito re bhaiyya dukh bhare din aayo re – yes this week was not meant for you to involve in controversies but you have done 100%BETTER THAN ANYONE OF THE MEN IN THE HOUSE , no problem that you have not become captain but you are safe and you are with #IMMUNITY POWER YOU ARE IN FINAL 2 FOR ME FOR SURE !!!!MOST DECENT AND DIGNIFIED WITH RESPECT IN THE HOUSE IS YOU NOW , you respect women , little bit of banter is fine its fun to see megha jass and you in #EXTRADOSE
    # questions do arise on your friendship with jassleen but its only the haryanavi accent which you ppl share nothing beyond than that and somi just feeling sidelined #YOU ARE AN ENTERTAINER FOR SURE # CHEERING THE WOMEN UP IN THE HOUSE EVEN SERIOUS SIMAR LAUGHS SOMETIMES LOL
    SREESANTH- stop abusing mate those spoiled brats doesn’t deserve your abuses also

    1. Jealousy is one of the realest emotions ! I doubt it’s one of the most beautiful one too. Everyone who is trapped in the house are living without families , without friends. And Bigg Boss is such an old jealous soul that he can’t see any two happy together. Every week he adds a tinge of drama letting everyone change views. Amidst of all, someone like Somi who rarely ‘plays’ the game, had got a family to hold tightly, grab it in the chest and never let go… Surbhi, Romil, Deepak – all 3 were her family Romil being the closest. If someone comes out of the blue to take her possession and her position, jealousy knocked the door long time back. Somi-Jasleen issue was justified. Completely.
      Surbhi’s psychology is another dilemma. I used to feel she was just loud, but what she did to Sree was pathetic after it was only Sree who had helped her to be the captain! That was a kind of betrayal if u smell the dishes properly. So, she is playing the game.
      Coming to Rohit and Deepak, sometimes I feel, the other way round, Rohit had come to Deepak and Sree to make them understand the meaning of ‘betrayal’! And he did a fantastic job !
      KV, we all do have bad days, sweetheart. As a person, he never abuses, curses, he is helpful, loving, sweet and possesses all the qualities of being a gentleman. Just that he has chosen a wrong team ! If u say, he doesn’t take stands on the right thing, remember, he never went against his previous team (Dipika-Sree-Nehha-Srishty) in front of the haters even though when they were wrong! He will tell you that you are wrong, but not in front of people who hate you. That’s a very genuine thing u need in a friendship. So, KV is lost now.
      In Sultani Akhada days, it was only KV who had raised hand for Sree even when Sree was worst that day! And when the same Sree vs KV day came, KV being better, whole team was with Sree but Srishty! So, yeah… He has got betrayed way exceedingly! First from them, now from them.

    2. i personally feel had their been neha for more kvb ,dipika and srishty bond would not have broken coz neha was really a sweet soul and most important she was the holding soul of that group ,at early times in initial days only neha used to correct sree with a perfect stand always which dipika is showing now #ACT OF BETRAYAL is hard to swallow but in order to win the show one must be aware that his role is being criticised out # reviews from outside must have given him a hint via # bubbly SURBHI JYOTI one of his friends but still family union will give him direction i still feel he is a climax hero #PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST !!!!!!

    3. @Aarohi..

      completely agreed…kv had chances to reach in finals for sure…. but abhi uske chances 0 h cz wo dikh hi nhi raha h…….
      2 celebrities finals m jayenge and wo h dpka n sree..

      and baaki 2 commoners honge finals m..

  5. Deepak is just too much. The way he was talking to dipika in the bus n in the presence of a so called gentleman kV…….it was very disgraceful……chirkut n all……n kV had no objection over n if dipika says anything to them then he comes n says u r wrong dipika…….who the hell is he#double faced person…..he is a big bore……
    When romil was in happy club I agree he did not talk firm stands but still he maintained a limit n asked his friends to do the same……but romil is also quite clever n its good to be one…..he did not cry when he met his family but he cried for sree……it could be a game but its a nice one…….I don’t like his equation with selfish somi though…….bcoz its not give n take its just give n give…….
    N I don’t know why bb is trying to portray some angle b/w romil n somi……..for god’s sake stop it dude he is a married man n a father too…….shameless bb writers n creative team…….
    Sometimes I really like sree dipika’s relation……..I get good vibes watching it…… is I guess the only long lasting relation of bb12…..
    When dipika was crying,the way sree was consoling her was an aww moment…….she had a good point in that…….sree need to control his words…….although I don’t agree to it completely bcoz its very difficult for him to do so…….bearing such people is indeed a big deal……
    In upcoming episode dipika’s gonna have an emotional breakdown, it’ll be sad to witness that……
    These people rohit surbhi n deepak r completely soaken in filth…….will have to take appointment even to meet dipika n sree’s pa……
    N the nominations r damn unfair……what am I saying the whole season has been unfair……lol……

    1. and look at surbhi… wkw m thoda bohot toh usey bhi bola hi gaya tha but she is still behaving like the same..

      matlab kya h ye bandi… atleast 1 week k liye toh thoda tameez se reh le…

    nice time to predict the flow of top 4 # cast in your votes # cheers

    1. Rajjo

      means shree n dipika are there for surein every format…

    2. indeed yes true dipika and sree are main value face players in the house and in the audience ,one is every one’s fav bahu and other is cricketer ppl love them both , they are TRP stocks of the game

    3. Rajjo

      @airplanes… Thats why they don’t need to do any task or create any drama becoz they know they are already in finals… Now i guessed it right… Lol??

    4. very smart :))-

    5. @Airplanes…

      i wants to see jas instead of romil… but performance wise romil is better than jas.. so

      it would be fair if these 4 megha,romil,dpka,sree reaches in top 4….

    6. AAP sad na ho madam ji aapki fav megha aur jassleen bhi honge fav 4 mein par acha rehta aap romil ki jagah sree ka naam leti toh
      #AAPNE ZOOR KA JHATKA dhire se dediya madam ji par koi gall nhi ji SADDA TRUE SOUL ROMIL TO LEGEND WINNER HAI !!!!!! hum aapke aur megha ke saath hai :p agar megha out ho gyi tab bhi aap sad na hona kyunki TRUE SOUL ROMIL FANS kisi ko sad nhi dekh sakte :))-humari tarah #hahaha just kidding want# TASK KILLER AND BHOLLI MEGHAJI to compete with LEGEND WINNER ROMIL for trophy for sure , kyuki fight equally attitude aur daring walon se hi competetive hoti hai # give your best at every moment # true soul romil and megha
      P.S: sree fans ab aap log na barash jana bas humari most senior member @XYZ ko ummed ki kiran de rhe the hum :p
      @ XYZ :good morning and hope your fav reaches final to compete with LEGEND SOUL ROMIL #CONTENT WARNING: All was done for entertainment this script by airplanes don’t exist anywhere and any coincidence is deeply invited :p

    7. lol ok but # TRUE SOUL ROMIL IS THERE IN FINALS for sure madamji !!!!!
      task killer megha vs legend winner romil :p

    8. @Airplanes…….even I have the same list.

    9. oh good to hear:)-

  7. I got a perfect word for somi#witch……..she is just like one……
    Whatever shit she said to jas is not at all acceptable…….she is the one who needs support not jas…….at least jas ne bheekh to nahi mangi ki save krdo mujhe……she is the one who has flirted with I guess every guy in the house except kV n sree bcoz they r out of reach………she is a perfect match for deepak……..both r cheapsters n experts in using friends#ram milayi jodi…….lol……

    1. @nandini..correct..

      even somi said she feels uncomfortable with starting weeks…aur us time toh kv baat bhi nhi karta tha somi se…

  8. actually to be frank its kv who is most vulnerable in the show , many will ask how can you say so
    the answer is simple kv is getting trapped in his own chakravyuh : he is in fight with 5 warriors (sree,dipika,romil,megha ,jassleen ) and second backstabbers kattappa( surbhi,rohit,deepak and somi)
    he is getting betrayed everytime surbhi deepak rohit kabhi captaincy mein contender banne nhi denge ,he has no choice except to give up # it would have been way better that u would have played alone like a one man army which was needed from you , the only brahmashtra that can save you is audience votes and trp contents !!!! till then RADHE RADHE !!!!!

    1. Like ur comment.

    2. appreciation by you is welcomed .thanks

    3. Rajjo

      Totally agreed… Even I feel bad for him… Kv doesn’t have any true friend here n with whom he is will not even consider him n with he is enmity we can’t say anything… He could have played alone that was much better as now his image is degrading becoz of surbhi n ol… I really wanted three celebrity in top 3 now too but lets see…

  9. # KOHINOOR HEARTED TRUE SOUL YOUR 2 MINS # SNEAKPEAK WITH SOMI WAS WAY BETTER THAN THIS WHOLE SEASON SOO FAR THE BEST MOMENT OF FRIENDSHIP GOALS YOU HAVE GIVEN TO THE VIEWERS # mesmerized by the sense of calmness and your habit to keep things in your heart just to not hurt others
    was best today #RESPECT TO YOU MAN !!!!KEEP IT UP U R A LEGEND WINNER !!!!!

    1. @Airplanes, if u watch his clips with Somi, that calmness, those expressions and that million dollar smile ~ are worth living for! I literally get butterflies in my stomach watching him nowadays. ? The only issue is he is married with a kid, and obsessions with committed men are unflinchingly honest !

    2. @ AAROHI,
      he has given us a break from all the chaoss happening in the house , i feel he has proved his worth that he is very good at heart and he don’t likes sad environment in the house he remained so calm and cool which was really commendable had it been koi aur unhone to #PAHAD SIR PE LE LENA THA ahhahaa just kidding ,he had tried to cheer up SREE ,MEGHA AND DIPIKA TOO ,HE IS COMFORTING JASS WHICH AT ONE STAGE SHIV USED TO DO (AS A FRIEND), and for a haryanvi man its difficult to express his joy via english contents as they are bubbly by nature # ANEK BHALLO ASCHE !!!!!

    3. Rajjo

      @aarohi… Omg butterflies haan… But yes that scene was awesome… The way he handled the situation was nice…

    4. @Rajjo, yooo girl !! He possesses that charm u know.. but his sense of humor is everything that takes away the crown. Hihihi *.*

    5. @Aarohi..

      i dont know y but from the beginning of the show i feels that romil is attracted towards jas reason can be anything.. and this can be happen with anyone… but as he is married so he has to be in limits… which is a good thing…

    6. Kohinoor hearted stuff is so weird and funny??

  10. I guess Makers have finally got what they wanted innit? by demotivating
    her regularly on wkw they finally made even Megha low on energy mission complete they ruined the whole season with their over controlling ways smh they just need to evict sree deepika Megha jasleen and even romil & give trophy to kobra club to share it

    1. Same! Makers have gone overboard this season to ruin it with their stupid storylines that nobody even care about like who freaking wanna see somi & romil “friendship”? They can show surbhi & kvs b*t*hing or sree’s being an idiot nobody wants to see his bratty side all the time like we get it he’s stubborn and somewhat spoiled but he also is good natured and crack stupid jokes a lot + if audience believe that he’s just what is being shown then seriously nobody is one dimensional and people need to know he isn’t either heck none of HMS are, and this season has most biased wkws than any season ever the way salman demotivate wrong people for doing things that could prove to be good for the show is annoying

    2. @Anon 2..

      absolutely correct..
      megha was so energetic….and even after her entry dpka and jas started playing good and got confident..

      but now partiality made her low confident…

      and as u said.. this season would be far better if makers do not control the eliminations and all the things happening in bb house then we could see real skills of the contestants

  11. This is my first comment.. although I was supporting Neha and kvb in the beginning,but neha to evict ho gayi and kvb has degraded his image like anything..I haven’t seen a person as bad as this Kobra club members…do they even exist for real? Godddd!!!!
    I agree wd most f d comments posted here because I too support romil,jas,sree,dips and Megha..(romil is my first preference and I want him to win the show?)
    And thank God,romil left dat happy club dat turned into kachra club..i can c much more positive comments fr him on social media now.
    I love d dipshree bond #sibling_goals.
    I wish jas and Megha na evict ho and takku evict ho jaaye
    Don’t know y but show k pehle din se hi takku se negative vibes aa rhe the(I hate such oversmart ppl)
    Deepak mujhe kbhi bhi pasand nhi tha but romil Ko betray krne k Baad and kV survi Rohit Ko join krke romil Ko bully krne k Baad to I hate him ..ugh!
    Aisa koi saga nhi jisko takku ne thaga nhi
    And regarding Rohit ,who the hell is he to say dat jas,Megha,ya romil sree out honge? Wo Bandar kya inke nakhun ki barabari v kar paega life mein?bada aya..and I just can’t tolerate how he instigates odrs.
    Kvb Chachi 420 h and ye prove v ho gya ..usko ye nhi dikha ki Rohit ne romil Ko maara ,Lekin jab romil ne use usike Bhasha mein jawab cheekh rha h..kvb is a moron really
    Lost all respect fr him
    And subhi uske baare mein to na hi bolu to acha h kyuki koi v ladki aisi harkat nhi krti h..chhiiii!!!! I feel bad for her parents..kitna shrminda hona par rha hoga unhe.khudko miss universe smjhti h kya jo romil tujhe ghurega,characterless shabd iske liye kuch galat nhi h.kvb ka touch to Ganda tha na fir ab kyu usse chipak k baithti h?dogli Kamini neech!!
    I so badly wish ki takku evict ho jaaye..plz guys,esp sreefam vote for jas and Megha and romil Ko to hum kr hi rhe h..
    P.S-i love all Ur comments ,
    @airplanes and @aarohi deserve special mention..baaki log k comments v bare entertaining hote h??

    1. lovely comments diya and thanks for the appreciation # keep posting your wise comments :))-

    2. Thank you so much. ❤
      Keep being opinionative. 🙂 And yeah, Airplanes’ words are way more better than mine. I too fall for the sarcasm everyday !

    3. @Divya..

      correct… romil was good in first 2 weeks…
      and again when his own group betrayed him.. he came back on right track… and now he is again looking good..

  12. And somi had SOME nerve to berate sree for his comment that slipped out of his mouth after an hour of provocation wow hina wale slow claps for her??? ye bandi Jo sabko tameez ke gyaan deti hai said something about jass so demeaning and somewhere on the same line as that sree’s comment then scratched her like a lunatic, she was literally behaving like a b grade movies vamp today lol and I kinda started to like her in mid season *facepalm* ?? sree Megha jasleen deepika & romil were indeed got the short end of the stick cause other team doesn’t have a burden of how they’ll be treated on wkw on their behavior and they had more physically strong members who were ready to go to any limits to succeed regardless if they’ve to get physical and they have a clear strategy as well idk if sree/romil team had one or not but it was clearly shown others were playing in aggressive mode & have clear cut motive besides I think Megha would’ve tried to find a loophole in the rules and given them upper hand had salman not pulled her leg over it last time ugh seriously bb team is the biggest culprit for whatever happened this season half the time they cut off things that could make show more likable but change their decided track for each contestant make salman bash wrong people and raise wrong issues choose caller of week that promotes their own agenda etc etc etc I can’t even imagine how badly they have set celebs(or even surbhi) to be bashed by public just bc they never shows the whole picture these HMS will be remembered as biggest disappointment when in reality(as jap said many times) editing team is the one who has ruined this season the most sree isn’t just an angry young man or a villain he does have a funny side even surbhi has funny side which btw is much more entertaining then her discount Dolly bindra wali side kV is more vile than shown romil is just a PJ cracker than a jhola chaap mastermind & megha/jasleen are more involved in game behind the scene than shown if anyone that’s being shown as it is then it’s deepak rohit & somi these three are irritating….I never really appreciate romil but I like that he tried to comfort Megha besides his little comment while somi & deepak were talking was damn funny moreover I literally felt the helplessness in romil team even through the screen lol they will get bashed on wkw if they put incentive in doing task and they’ll still get bashed for not taking enough chances so either way they’re doomed I wish somehow deepak get less votes and get evicted I just want to see him go in front of jasleen and Megha that’ll be the most exciting and satisfying moment of this season

    1. @Jagannath..

      again i loved ur comment…
      each and every word is too good…

  13. And bigg boss call itself a reality show like really? Sree apologized genuinely to surbhi which bb never showed why?see the video guys –>

    1. By the way before people start calling me a PR both anon comments are by same person aka me and I was just reading through twitter and found these videos but not at the same time so made two comments in excitement so people could get the clear picture of what’s going on and not get fooled by bigg boss team

  14. Kitni baar maafi bolwaoge bichare se? He has apilogized to surbhi like 4 times already and last two times it was heartfelt but it was never broadcasted 🙁

  15. We all know why no one is getting evicted. BB knows that the players of this season all are boring. They are keeping all the rude and obnoxious ones.

    1. eviction is confirmed almost just 26 days left and 10 candidates are there, we will have a eviction for sure just looking #DIPIKA #ROMIL#SREE#KVB#DEEPAK in top 5 considering the ongoing survey .
      ORBIT MALL TASK WILL FOLLOW FAMILY REUNION EPISODE # DEEPAK AND #ROMIL will go out to meet audiences and for sure surbhi will reach last week but will be evicted on day 98 :p

  16. What nonsense is this man the show is getting disgusting day by day seriously what kinda filthy animals are these lot proper dramabaza they are you need to grow up and act your age Karanvir surbhi rohit deepak what kind of filthy animals are they are you serious how much are you going to taunt these poor people can’t you for once leave these lot alone seriously seeing dipika crying broke my heart these people who taunt instigate shouting you people have no idea how annoying and irrating it is look at her man she’s not even that women who would smile thru the pain she’s been crying so much that she doesn’t even look after herself she’s looks abosolutly depressed stress in pain you people don’t even realise what you lot say always end up saying she’s faking grow up for once what kind of heart do you lot have can’t she even cry naw. Honestly seeing dipika crying literately got me in tears these filthy disgusting people say so much she stil doesn’t care but yet you people don’t realise that she keeps it inside herself she tries to be happy but inside she’s dying she does a lot for others keep them happy no matter what happens she’s always there’s for that person I appreciate everyone single one of you who stud up for dipika and who’s there for her and nt calling her fake it really means a lot and especially sree thank you so much for being there for her if it won’t for you then I seriously don’t know where this show would be right now I love dipika and sree bonding it’s really cute and emotional at something but seeing them two together is like a true siblng love which is amazing stay blessed you two I really wish these two are the top two finals meg jas rom you doing al well and Nd others r lost asf no lies. If sree gets evicted I swear I won’t even watch this man why didn’t you evict when surbhi got physical in task when she grabbed shirsty by her hair and when she grabbed dipika by the neck that’s was over the limit and sree gave that slap straight on I support him #KICKROHITNDDEEPAKNDSURBHINDKVOUT
    Stay strong dipika sree romil jas Meg somi love u al x

    1. @Alina…

      on word for ur comment…

  17. Useless show, useless people. It is not a family show. This show is only for mean people. Salman should not host this kind of show. Of course, Surbhai, Deepak and Rohit came from a bad family. We can see their upbringing and status. Who will get married a girl like Shurbhi, who will give a job Deepak. Rohit ahs no chance to get work in T.V. and movies. My 11 years girls ask me People like these kind of people, please shut down the T.V. No moral values, no entertainment. We like Salman Khan that’s why we watch it, not for contestants and show.

    1. have gone through your comments and i agree to most of its contents despite having a pinch of some disagreement , via seeing surbhi deepak and rohit in show we can say they have stooped low but never to forget #STRONG VILLANS LIKE AMJAD KHAN,AMRISH PURI, PRAN,PREM CHOPRA ,SHAKTI KAPOOR AUU agar nhi hote to AMITABH BACHCHAN SIR thode tasteless hote
      i am not taking sides of them at all but the truth is in a movie VILLAN is as important as HERO woh batt alag hai ki makers ne surbhi deepak rohit somi aur kvb ko negative dikhane ki bharpoor koshish ki hai but my new friend ji ye cheezein audience kabhi accept nhi karti agar ye #POTRAYAL SIMAR SREE MEGHAA JASS KARTE
      indeed show mein dirt , character assasination dikhate hai BB makers but ab T 20 SE T10 ka zamana hai #FIGHT BHI SUPERSONIC DJ SOUND MEIN HI HOGA AUR HUMARE KAAN KE PARDE PHATENGE
      # 11 years old girl hai aapki its sweet to hear but ye dramas samay se pehle kids ko mature aur galat contents de rhe hai # just a suggestion jab bhi surbhi chillaye tab VOLUME MUTE kar dijiye ya phir switch over to # RADHAKRISHANN OR DISCOVERY #yakin maniyega this will work in your favour # no offence to anyone
      p.s: RADHE RADHE !!!!!

    2. bina villans ghar suna suna lage re :))-india public wants masala and fights to vote upon # from next season this show will be called as #BIRBAL KI KHICHADI

  18. Sree – I know Sree have made mistakes inside the show. And of course, I condemn it whenever he is wrong. But my gut says he’s good. He’s provoked so much. To the point that would make anyone go crazy.

    Did anyone notice WKW episode? The one when Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput came for promotion of their movie…

    After Dipika was splashed with water baloons, Sree made her wear his jacket. I don’t think their sibling relation is fake. Atleast it isn’t now. At this point of the show.

    KV – When you entered the show, I was so happy. I actually thought, I would support you no matter what. I don’t care if you take sides in the show. It’s a game you’re playing. But it’s more like you’re turning negative. And it’s a disappointment for me who have been your fan since ever.
    After all you only get disappointed with those people from whom you have expectations. And since I liked you before the show, since years, I felt the way I’m feeling.

    Dipika – Initially, I never thought about it much. But she is a good person. I guess.

    Romil – He is shown positive. That’s nice.

    Jas – I’d started liking her. Stay Strong.

    Rohit – I actually thought, you’d enter to make some changes. Sad.

    Megha – She does her task well.

    Somi – I don’t like her.

    Deepak – Let’s not talk about him. My head hurts.

    1. @Osika..

      agreed… sree is not that bad .. he has anger issues but at the same time he is an emotional person..

      yes u said it right… sree and dpka’s bonding is looking genuine now.. and i found sree more genuine than dpka … from the starting of the season i said dpka is using sree and kv as per her needs.. but only in these 2 weeks i found her genuine too

  19. This is my first comment in this forum and i m really shocked to see that what the makers have done of this season… Constant bullying by some housemates who r not even worth of being called as housemates. I have been supporting romil from the very beginning and i m glad that he left that so called happy club after seeing their true colors… I jst wish that he wi s the show…
    Also i ws nt getting good vibes from tht deepak rohit n surbhi… And they are proving it why… They mst b thrown out.. I dnt knw why n how they r getting saved… Urgghhhh
    This surbhi needs to be in a mental asylum for torchuring someone to that extent…. N deepak n rohit ka ti kya hi khna… Har baar kisi na kisi ka character assassination krte rhte hn… Even surbhi too.. Pta nahi how is she a girl… Not even a single quality of a girl….
    ??bas romil n jas na evict ho… Because they both r playimg really good

  20. This is my first comment in this forum and i m really shocked to see that what the makers have done of this season… Constant bullying by some housemates who r not even worth of being called as housemates. I have been supporting romil from the very beginning and i m glad that he left that so called happy club after seeing their true colors… I jst wish that he wi s the show…
    Also i ws nt getting good vibes from tht deepak rohit n surbhi… And they are proving it why… They mst b thrown out.. I dnt knw why n how they r getting saved… Urgghhhh
    This surbhi needs to be in a mental asylum for torchuring someone to that extent…. N deepak n rohit ka ti kya hi khna… Har baar kisi na kisi ka character assassination krte rhte hn… Even surbhi too.. Pta nahi how is she a girl… Not even a single quality of a girl….
    ??bas romil n jas na evict ho… Because they both r playing really good
    N is season mn to mujhe prgm dekhne se zyada acha to aap sb k comments pdna lag raha h….
    @Airplanes @XYZ n @aarohi… Go kn with such comments they really make me laugh… And ur comments r always to the point n correct


    2. @wishi..

      and deepak ka dusron k liye dialogue hota h..”Aurat ki izzat”
      bhai pehle khud toh seekh le aurat ki izzat karna… madam olne se girls ko unki respect nhi badh jata and seriously jab wo jas megha and dpka ko madam bol k baat karna start karta h
      haddd irritating lagta h

      bdw …thanks for the appreciation.. 🙂

    3. Why d’ya guys don’t write even when you read our comments? Keep writing. With the flow or Against the trend. 🙂 And I didn’t know I write funny things ! Still, a smile from a stranger is worthy enough . So, thank you, thank you. ?

  21. I soooo hope Rohit gets evicted before megha and jas. And Deepak wayyy before the finale (so that Romil gets his fair share).
    Can Somi plz mellow down her lipstick shades if not anything else. Her nature will be the same trashy one. But plz dnt try to look like a diva. You fail miserably.
    There is no end to what all can be said about the cheap group. It only ends up boiling my blood, so would refrain myself today. Just one word for them. HATE

    1. @indian

      “I soooo hope Rohit gets evicted before megha and jas”
      i hope and wish the same…

  22. its only the content someone is shown more and some is lessON A GIVEN DAY , no matter what #TRUE SOUL ROMIL is still in the game
    and those who called him #JHOLACHAP lol don’t forget one bad day doesn’t takes the WINNING ATTITUDE of the person its your perception and TRUE ROMIL IS GIVING CONTENT TO VIEWERS IN A SWEET MANNER its not always about abusing # HUMOUR IS one thing he offers to the show which more of the HMs don’t have and some ppl take it as PJ ,even his PJ is way better than DRACULA TONE OF SURNHI .he is there to win the show # believe that !!!!!

  23. Aaj majea Romil k Thea bus, do ladkiyan bande kly lar rahi thi aur Romil Bhai sahab purea line m angrazi bol Gaya jasleen k aagea.
    Deepak was funny with his chappal wala comment.
    Dipika why do you take pressure to show ki tum stand leti ho. Salman hai high court ka judge nai. Your stand should be I don’t want to take stand for people who purposely do things to get footage.

  24. Jasleen was right Dipika, tumko class teacher Salman ka favorite banna hoga so called stand lekar as instructed usko nai banna. Moreover stand should be taken for things you really feel about not because someone told you to take stands.

    1. @Hope..
      and nice comment…

  25. You know guys im very sacred for wkw cuz there is one snake and other strong players and cuz Deepak will be out for sure but not da wolf pack

    1. lol y scared agar daroge to apne fav ko aage kaise motivate karoge , so chill take it easy koi bhi snake ho audience will take care of it # deepak ka content hai show mein he is not going anywhere anytime soon # good to see koi deepak fan bhi hai yaha lol

    2. Deepak won’t go as most probably he will win ticket to semi finale. And for his commitment to task he deserves it.

  26. I doubt whether Sree slapped that baby faced devil, but if he did that, I am with him one hundred percent!!! About time someone slapped some sense into him. Does he even know whom is he misbehaving with? Megha was right in saying that he doesn’t know how to speak with his elders. Sitting miles away, I feel like slapping him as soon as he misbehaves, so I can really empathise with Sree and the rest. It’s as if the happy club has been briefed to misbehave as much as possible. Disgusting lot!

  27. Kv is not doing anything…All he does is defend the happy club…somi doesn’t really deserve to stay in the house…she is doing absolutely nothing…idk but i have this funny feeling that deepak would be eliminated this week….and i really hope this happens…and some where i hope that rohit goes before Jasleen and megha….it would be so much fun if this happens

  28. Hi everyone … I was a silent reader I guess from past 2 seasons… Iove all your comments… I actually want to write today as I am completely fed up with all the partiality that is being showed towards the so called HC members #psychosurbhi#loudspeakersomi#sarmedard Deepak #rohit(I don’t know if he’s even worth mentioning)…. They are doing nothing except bullying other HMs…. Every weekend Ka war is dedicated for the gyaan baato samaroh of Salman khan… I was a fan… But now only disappointed…. I was actually waiting for him to say atleast something to that shitty guy Rohit…but no… obviously his over confidence has reached to other level….n Deepak omg I literally want someone to hit him and Rohit for real…. I wish Megha Ka chappal pad jaata us din… They are such a ruckus…. KV has lost his charm… No hopes left…. Romil is playing well… I am glad atleast he speak up… I wish Deepak is eliminated this week..?

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