Bigg Boss 12 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Saba and Somi fight for next captaincy

Bigg Boss 12 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 16, 3:15pm

Bigg Boss gives this week’s luxury budget task called “Jwalamukhi” which will affect next captaincy as well. Individuals and from pairs, 1 person will enter the group. Pairs will decide between themselves. Volcano is set up outside which will burst time to time and throw out balls. There are containers for every participant. After certain time whoever has least number of balls in their container will be eliminated from task and captaincy. At the end whoever survives will be winner of the task and next captain. Anup-Jasleen say Jasleen will go from their side. Deepak from his pair, Sourav from his pair. Saba from hers and Romil from his.


Sristy asks KV his preference. He gives his name first, then Sristy.

Romil and commoners discuss

they will have to save pairs and target weak individual players first. Sristy, then Dipika, Neha, then KV.

Buzzer rings. Everyone runs to book their container. Surbhi helps Romil. Sree takes objection she can’t help him. They decided to send Romil for the task so now only he will do the task. Romil argues. Individuals asks Bigg Boss to clear confusion. Bigg Boss says partners cannot come in the task area, but are allowed to help in strategizing from outside. Surbhi and Somi will be sanchalak of the task.


First volcano erupts. Everyone runs. Sree stands still as he can’t run. Romil keeps balls in his hand. Deepak asks him to put in container and then sit on the container. Sristy tells Sree even if he takes 2 balls from them all, then he will survive. Sree refuses. Sree is out as he has no balls in his container.


Second volcano. It starts raining. Bigg Boss postpones this task.


Sree tells individual contestants that he was really going to hit Romil. KV asks why. Sree says he said some wrong things.

Jasleen and Anup are sitting quietly. Romil tells Anup to do something. Jasleen asks him to stay out.


Jasleen, Sourav, Saba discuss that Romil is playing smart to be captain, but it should be one of them. If they have less balls, then they can give to each other and help them. They think of taking Deepak on their side, but Jasleen says he won’t come. After Saba goes away, Jasleen and Sourav tell each other it should be one of them.


Surbhi tells Deepak Sourav Romil that Sree is playing very smart. He doesn’t do any task, but still manages to show like he’s great person. He knows very well Dipika doesn’t like him and talks about him on his back, but still he’s maintaining good relationship with her.


Commoners discuss they should make Saba Somi captain. Urvashi says Deepak should be captain. Anup says Deepak is strong, he can become captain next time. Majority vote for Deepak. Saba, Somi say they never get support. It’s better they play separate. Anup says him and Sourav are supporting them. Somi says she doesn’t want to discuss anymore. Saba says when any work or such thing comes, they take Saba-Somi’s name first and when it’s about right or winning task, they never choose them.

Outside, Neha asks if she should go inside. KV says leave it. Saba Somi start crying. Celebrities check inside now. Deepak says good drama by them. Somi says she felt bad hearing their views. Deepak says they didn’t say anything bad.


Sree tells KV and Shiv that Romil is teaching him laws. He will show him. Romil asks what he will show him? Sree says when time comes, he will show him. Shiv takes Romil away. Sree tells KV that Romil wants him to get mad, but he won’t. He is relaxed.


Surbhi asks Romil what they were talking? Romil says something about law, so he thought it must be about him. Sourav says they were talking about something else. He just overreacted.

Day 17, 8:00am

Dance on “Radha” song.


Sristy tells Sree if her and KV are out and she has to decide whom to give her balls between Neha and Dipika, she will choose Saba/Somi. She won’t give to Neha or Dipika because they never consider her.

In living room, Deepak tells KV he had a lot of respect for him, but he says something to one person and something else to other person. KV says don’t respect then.

Bathroom area, Sree tells the girls Deepak is digging hole for himself. Deepak says something which offends Sree. He goes to living room to fight. Deepak says he heard Sree’s convo about something like setting up with girls. Sree says he’s just making up stories and gets angry. Celebrities try to control him. KV says he’s gone mad, he doesn’t know what he’s talking. Deepak asks Sree why he’s lying. Tell truth what he had told him. Sree asks him to come to him and fight. He removes mic and says he’s done. Celebrities pamper him more saying Deepak is instigating him purposely. Now KV is having arguments with Romil and Deepak why they are taking out same topic when it was decided to move on.

Surbhi, Romil, Deepak, Urvashi say they thought Neha would take stand for herself, but she is just saying quiet. Deepak says when he talked to Neha yesterday, he found out a lot of stuff. Neha comes and tells Deepak not to drag same topic. She will take all blame on her that she said it. Deepak says she should have said in front of everyone then. Neha says let’s go. Deepak says let it be. If someone says anything about him, he will obviously defense himself.


Deepak tells Neha someone moved his stuff from his bed without asking him and someone put shoes in his drawer. He doesn’t want to change his bed. Neha goes inside to ask who did it. Shiv says he told Sourav to do it. He will ask him to move back. Neha asks KV whether he put shoes in Deepak’s drawer. KV says whole bed is not his. He used drawer on the other side. Neha calls Deepak to show which drawer is his. KV’s shoes are in his drawer only. Neha asks KV to put it in her drawer. Deepak says he doesn’t have problem.. it’s just whoever used drawer should have asked him.


Next task round. Saba steals balls from some celebrity’s container and then complains celebrities hurt her while they were trying to stop her. Sanchalaks say whoever hurt others will be disqualified. Neha says she grabbed whatever came in her hand, she doesn’t think she is wrong. Saba complains to Sristy. Sristy says her intention wasn’t to hurt. Saba says she pushed her and this is 2nd time. She keeps blabbering about Neha. Neha and Dipika just laugh and ignore her.

Buzzer rings. Dipika is out this time.

Commoners are still fighting about whom to make captain. Saba refuses to make anyone else captain.

Next round. Romil tries to steal balls from KV’s container. KV demands to disqualify Romil as he got hurt when Romil pulled container. Sristy steals from Deepak’s container. Saba was standing there, but doesn’t do anything. Deepak and other commoners accuse Saba of favoring Sristy. Saba says she didn’t see it.

Commoners decide to make Saba captain.


Again arguments between Saba and Neha. Neha says she will push if she comes to steal from her container. Jasleen is out in this round.

Sree tells KV, Neha, Dipika that commoners are ready to make Saba captain. Neha says she will make deal with Saba that she will give her balls if she agrees to not talk about gaali topic again.

Precap: Saba asks Bigg Boss to interfere. She is not here to take beating. Neha says it’s okay for them to snatch, but not okay when she tries to defend? Saba, Somi have argument with Surbhi regarding taking swear of mother.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Silent Reader

    I like Sree … He is very entertaining … esply in ED s and all … Bt he seriously needs to be doing tasks … Only words , no action … I want any of his fan to call him and say how much eagerly they are waiting for him to do tasks … Don’t know whether it’ll make any difference … Bt I wants him till the end.

  2. Sree should at least try to participate he was standing idle. Thus, didn’t sound good. Surbhi is there only for T R P. Romil is a looser and always pretend himself to be true that he is not. Deepak is disgusting and always irritate every one. Same for Surbhi. Both always try to divide everyone. Sree demands babysitting and cry. He should be bold and tackle all the difficulties with patience and intelligence. He is also supposed to get evicted this week. Dipika, Neha are playing with complete dedication and perfection. Surbhi will get eliminated like Dhinchak Pooja in last season entered the house in 6 Week and was saved by Big boss. And next week got nominated and evicted. Deepak is only there because of Urvashi. She is a nice girl. Through the core of my heart I hate Surbhi and Deepak.One……. out of Neha, Dipika and KV will be winner. All 3 are going right an deserved to be winner

  3. I like dipika she is playing really well…. I want celebrities to win bb12

  4. Hello guys, i comment very less here and this is my first comment in this season ,but i am reading your comments from last 3 seasons of bigg boss , i am big fan of this show and Salman Khan. Today i am just sharing my views on contestants of this season.

    Dipika- She is my favourite contestant of this season. She is playing really well and she deserves to win.

    Nehha- I like her. I know she was not seen that much in last two weeks but now she is improving herself and no doubt she is one of the strong contender.

    Karanvir-He is playing really well. He is a calm person.I like him and i know he can also win the show.

    Sreesanth- He is a good person but don’t want to participate in tasks. He needs to imrove himself and he should know how to control anger.

    Srishty-She don’t know who is with her and who is not. She is trusting wrong person like Deepak but i know she is good from heart and playing a fair game

    Jasleen & Anup- I think Jasleen is a good player but she is not playing a fair game, about Anup ji i don’t know what to say.

    Saba & Somi- I don’t like these two in starting but now i think they are showing their real image to us. They are not fake. Right now, i am liking them.

    Deepak & Urvashi- Urvashi is sweet. Deepak is a back-biter. He always try to create fights in the house but he is entertaining.

    Romil & Surbhi- Hating both of them. They both want’s to create rifts in the house and trying to break others relationships.

    Shivashish & Sourabh- Sourabh is a humble person. He is good. Shivashish is ok-ok. I don’t hate any of them.

    1. U have said it all n we share same opinion .Im totally with u .

  5. Sorry i post same comment 2 times by mistake

  6. OMG pls salman shld take a class on this deepak guy,while d hell does he like to create rifts ?Must u gossip or tell others what u know will cause tension .I tot he was OK from d beginning but nah!he’s proven me wrong hate people who instigate that’s why I like KV .And opinions differ sometimes we need to calm n show people the gud side of others instead of causing more drama .Gosh he pisses me n he’s so loud .have u noticed how surbhi was yelling during d task as sanchalak,pls really want someone to stand up to her if not she’s gonna create drama in d house .she’s rude n talks anyhow .I really hope one of d celebs wins n wish shristy bonds wholeheartedly with d other celebs coz I like her too.

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