Bigg Boss 12 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen breakdowns because of Rohit

Bigg Boss 12 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 77
Sree says to Dipika that there is no milk or sugar to make tea, they have stole it all. Dipika asks Megha. Megha asks if someone has sugar? KV says there it is, he gives sugar tablets. Dipika says what is this? we have to ask for everything?

Megha says to Somi that KV took sugar tablets, its not a personal item, he cant keep it in his things. She looks at cabinet but leaves then.
Dipika says to Sree that he gave tablets and then took it back, he is stealing, I will hide complete packet now. Megha comes there and asks for tablets. Dipika says KV hid it in plant jar. KV looks on. Megha goes and finds tablets in jar, she says we have to ask for sugar tablets too.
KV tells Deepak to hide sugar in shoes.

Megha asks Somi to sleep, there will be no food, they can make their food, we are not servants.

Deepak takes sugar from KV’s cabinet and takes out small amount. He shows Rohit that KV kept it in shoe box. He hides it there again. Rohit says what a man.

KV says to Rohit that I dont have respect for Dipika, Sree and Megha, if someone says something to her then how will her family and friends react? Surbhi says Sree will be beaten, I have family too, my brothers wont spare him.
Sree says to Dipika that they can come to me but my lawyers will handle everything. Dipika says this week will be tough, we have to listen a lot of things.
Surbhi says to KV that Sree is cheap and girls are protecting him. Rohit says he just got a catch in world cup and keep bragging about it. Sree says let me make it there then.

Romil asks Sree why he said words to Surbhi? Sree says it unintentionally came out of my mouth. Romil says you talked about hotel, people are helpless to stand outside somewhere. Sree says they are desperate, I was angry, she was personal so I said aggressively, I accept my mistake.
KV says to Surbhi that I cant look at his face, he lost respect.

Surbhi cries seeing Romil with Sree. KV sits with her.
Somi says to Romil that Sree and Surbhi both said a lot of words, Surbhi talked about his family and he talked about her character, both were wrong.
Surbhi says to KV that I want to beat him, KV says time will come, you dont have to do anything.
Somi says to Romil that Sree indirectly called her pr*stitute, his sorry was not good too.

Dipika says to Sree that you should say sorry to her. Sree says she kept talking about me today too, I said sorry infront of everyone. Romil says you can make her smile. Dipika says if you said something wrong then say sorry. Sree says I am not giving her importance. Romil says its just a sorry, you talked about her character. Sree says I am not a dog, she doesnt deserve it. Dipika says its about wrong words, you said sorry infront of Salman so say it one on one. Sree gets angry and says you want me to say sorry?
Sree comes to Surbhi and says I am sorry, sorry, sorry, he angrily leaves.
KV says wow, he lost his respect, this is the he was talking? Romil says I was on his side but he didnt mean it. KV says he didnt feel it.
Dipika says to Sree that this is not the way to say sorry, I didnt ask you to do it like you are favoring her, Sree says I want to sleep, she said so much about my family, she didnt care about saying sorry, you are worried that she is a girl and crying. Dipika says your problem is that we stand with you but you made wrong statement so you should say sorry. Sree says you want me to leave this house? you are saying all this sh**, I said sorry so now what do you want? she didnt say sorry. Somi says its about a girl here. Sree says come all of you here. KV says I came here to tell you that the way you approached was disrespectful, Sree says I dont care about your respect, you have said a lot too. Surbhi says its fine, I dont need it. Somi says this is his sorry? Sree says today morning you people were saying a lot of stuff too. Surbhi says stop it, dont talk about it, Sree dont talk and we will leave it. Sree says I got to that point because of you provoking, you didnt say sorry, she leaves. KV says Sree I dont want to see you, Sree says we will see for sure.

Deepak and Rohit are making coffee in luggage room, they take coffee from KV’s cabinet but Dipika comes there. Rohit laughs. They hide in washroom. Somi comes there and says you are stealing everything. She tries to take sipper from Deepak. Rohit says we didnt steal anything.

Surbhi laughs and says Rohit is like a thug. Rohit says Dipika saw us taking coffee from your shoe, we said its empty.

Somi says to Deepak and Rohit that my relation ends with you both, you are in both teams. Rohit says I am playing from Pakistan team. Jasleen says only you can have a thought like this. Rohit says nobody talked to you, Jasleen says you are stupid, you have no mind.

Megha says to Rohit that you are using too much sugar. Deepak says you make more halwa. Jasleen says I need sugar tomorrow. Rohit says I will take sugar if I get a chance. KV says they are having fun. Jasleen says we couldnt make tea today, we are requesting to not take all things. Megha says they have no manners, they are like monkeys. Deepak laughs. KV says I game them directions. Megha says then run kitchen too. Jasleen says I got coffee two times only, we dont get anything.

Rohit says we will not steal sugar.. if we do then we are not going anywhere. Somi says this is not funny. Megha says they want to be beaten, I will beat you here. Surbhi says they are joking. Jasleen says why not tell him to stop saying rubbish. Surbhi says he was joking. Jasleen says he can joke anytime he wants. Deepak says these are your manners? Jasleen says get lost. Megha asks him to get lost. Rohit mimics her. Megha says you are *******. Surbhi says they are having fun. Jasleen says dont talk to me like that ***. Rohit says I didnt say anything. Megha says I will slap them. Jasleen says I will beat them with broom, what do they think of themselves? Rohit comments on her. Jasleen shouts at him and says who is he to talk to me like this? Romil asks Rohit why you commented on her? He fights with him. Romil says you will comment on your mother and sister like this? Jasleen says he called me *****. Rohit says she started first. Jasleen cries and says I cant bear this. Romil says respect girls. Surbhi asks him to get lost. Deepak says you are double faced. Somi asks them to calm down. Deepak says Romil your time ended in show. Megha asks Rohit to not be so smart, Rohit says your days ended. Megha asks him to shut up. Rohit says I just said she is 250gm sugar.

Jasleen cries and says he cursed me, they are cheap.
Rohit says I dont curse, she started it.
Dipika consoles Jasleen. Deepak says Jasleen started it. Romil says you dont talk about respect. Rohit asks him to sit down, you lost. Romil says you take me out, come. Rohit says dont stare at me. Romil says I will. Somi takes him from there. Surbhi says I am ashamed that I called him my brother, he is talking about women respect but keeps commenting on me.

Somi says to Romil that they will hide sugar, thats why they are here. Romil says they give you things, you have soft corner for them. Somi says dont question me, cant I talk to others? I didnt get anything from them, you torture me with those words. Romil says I am so bad, dont talk to me. Somi says I didnt say that. Romil says Jasleen is my friend, she cried for second time. Somi says I was crying in task too but you didnt come to my defense, you kept talking.

Day 78
Inmates wake up to song ruppiya. They all dance and enjoy.

Romil says it must be about money. Dipika says yes.

Rohit says Sree keeps giving lectures to people. Sree says you are commenting on me? Rohit says you are done. Sree says you are kid. Rohit says I will bite you. Deepak says Somi increases our confidence unlike others. Jasleen says dont comment on me, I hate you.

Deepak says to Somi that you look nice. Rohit says she is pulling me. Somi asks Rohit to go and take bath. Surbhi says they look good together.

Romil says to Somi that it hurt that you said I torture, I dont deserve to talk to you. Somi says you were emotionally torturing me. Romil says I dont want others making fun of me because of my friends. Somi says your ego is big. Romil says I have been silent on a lot of things, I dont care about others.

Jasleen thanks Romil for standing up for her. Romil says I would do for anyone.
Somi says to KV that Jasleen is enjoying that my friendship is breaking with Romil, she is sitting with him like I used to do.

Bigg Boss says its time for nominations but Megha, Deepak, Romil, Rohit and Dipika are already nominated and they will be eliminated on the basis of 2 weeks votes.

PRECAP- All inmates are fighting to sit in bus to become captain, others have to pull them out to save prize money. Rohit and Sree argue. Sree charges at him.
Somi says to Romil that if I feel bad about something then I cant tell it to you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Please evict surbhi.

    1. mrs devinder.singh -uk

      here here – she is not two faced but triple faced person. i was going to say triple faced b—h. please salman dont come on weekend ka vaar and start defending these people, like rohit who just follows what others tell him to do no brain of his own, KV as well no mind of his own if shuribi is triple faced then KV has more faces like his tv serial characters maybe he thinks he is in a tv serial , deepak the rat and shurbi they have taken the show to gutter level and bb is letting it happen. as i said before this is the worst BB i have watched , in fact its so gutter level i actually dont watch till the end.

  2. Rohit ko baat karne ki tameez nahi hai.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: #SURNHI AND # NOHIT are captaincy contenders # makers are pushing them into lime light for more trp contents, looks like script says #SURNHI in semifinale week for sure !!!!
    pure commercial choice by makers forgetting the moral ethics # making audiences fool as always i mean didn’t they get any other worthy contenders lol on makers making the show bore day by day .

    1. oh no surbhi and rohit are contenders i mean how is that possible if it happens then surbhi will reach finals .bb makers will make surbhi winner oh god what is happening in bb house

    2. Rajjo

      i think bb makers have got the “kaala jaadu” from surbhi thats why everyone is pampering her so much… n now they are about to send her to finale…

  4. Firstly I am sorry for using the words-
    What does this blady rohit think of himself……..he is a big bastard……when he said sree ne world cup khela to kya i was like jaake pehle dekh bat bhi tumse bhaari hoga…….stupid moron…….
    Today he said ki wo Pakistan se hai……..I wanted to just smash his head into pieces…….kaisa insaan h yaar…….pakistan ka h to yaha kyu pada hua h…….if I would have been there then I would have slapped him…….I love my country more than anything……
    I m really losing it…….seriously…….
    Deepak is nothing but bullshit……..n why do they keep showing that somi……I just hate her voice……jitni gandi dikhti h utni hi h bhi…….she’s just using romil…..
    N why do this romil always justify himself in front of her……enough of this nonsense……she has always used him otherwise she would have been eliminated before saba…….she was far better than her……
    N precap is awesome……. I want sree to slap rohit hard……plzzzzz

    1. Rohit said somi cut ties with Pakistan not that he’s from there that’s some next level discrimination that political trolls do lol I wonder if that’s his part time job, being a social media troller? that’s why Megha & jasleen looked miffed over it later he tried to cover it and somi still laughed with him like an idiot game mein Jo rehna hai happy club ke sahare say

    2. Rajjo

      somi ko do nav pr sawaar rehna (deepak-surbhi and romil) h but vo ye nhi janti ki vo khud hi giregi chaahe abhi ya kabhi…

    3. I don’t know if u have properly watched the episode or not……..rohit clearly said “we r like Pakistan” n when megha asked who is Pakistan he said”main hoon Pakistan”…..

    4. @Anonymous

  5. Rajjo

    i have always heard that in last 1 month this show gets interesting… but bb12 i guess is going towards the other “i”… not “i” for “interesting” but its “i” for “irritating”….

    1. It was actually shaping as a good show last week until surbhi came and poked sree, sree emotional meltdown ruined the energy he had started to show because of her he’s again demotivated and sulking in the corner and others after him who can make show worth watching(Megha romil jasleen) salman even demotivated them as well now what is left is kachara group and their shenanigans which are vomit inducing

    2. Rajjo

      yes actually that kachra group is getting irritating day by day… which is shown most by the makers… i mean team has nothing to show so they are using someone emotional part to show… these psycho, deepak n nohit bully anyone until other one breaks down then they enjoy its not worth to watch… even if i don’t like jasleen but yesterday breakdown was emotional to see… i donno why rohit wants to be in bad books he is handsome does work out does he not want to get a positive role in serial or he wants to get negative role like hina khan got from her last year performance…

    3. So true I don’t know if it’s intentional or what but every time it seems sree is getting into the game makers either put a twist and ruins it or their pet surbhi ruins it with useless fights that weren’t even needed

  6. #KVB : what are you doing man you are really hunger stricken!!!!!# that you are hiding sugar lol , forgetting you are a celebrity but behaving like typical # CHUGLI CHACHI # ye kaise din dikha diye kvb tumne aaj coffee ,sugar par bhi hitlership lol # DUSHMANNI KI SHIDDAT HO GYI YAAR # NO FOOD CAMPAIGN against SWEET DIPIKA and SREE and TRUE SOUL ROMIL # bich mein fhas gyi bechari megha aur jass
    looks like she is the same dipika who had made halwa for you when task was going on and now you are so blind in revenge ki that u are stealing things or ( to be lenient keeping things ) away from kitchen for personal usage # man sharing is caring and you are really playing spoilsport !!! whats the fun to play weaker team fan do have guts and play for right thing rather than supporting losers like #CHEPAK AND #NOSHIT # FEMALE SWAMI OM #disappointment from u man i feel i was wrong to mention you as decent as hiten was in last season you are no were around anything till now in the show # come out of bhool bhulaiyya ( honey comb maze) until its too late !!!!! your fans have high hopes from you hope family weekend opens your eyes via TJS presence and you get clarity of the picture and stop being andhbhakths of this #CHOR COMPANY , dipika has nothing done anything wrong to you so far that you were saying u didn’t respect her # mate narazgi ke fog mein aap ek achi dosti kurbann kar rhe ho !!!!!

    1. And kv was saying to sree… U r loosing respect

      I really want kv eliminate hi k bahar aa k dekhe who is loosing respect more..

      And i guess kuch sections ko chod k sree positive bhi dikha h… Sree ki most of the fights kisi aur k provoking ki wajah se hui..

      Only one thing is bad about sree is to give up..and second mistake was to f9ght with VG.. Otherwise i dont think so jitna wtomg kv ja raha h utna kabhi sree gaya h..

      Kv fans are now feeling ashamed of to support him.. Dpka and sree k sath apko proble h o proper revenge unse. But bhaiye surbhi jaise logo k team ka sardar bn k galat ka sath de k even wrong ideas de k kv sirf aur sirf apna loss kr raha h..

    2. @XYZ, I am not ashamed. Romil and KV just exchanged sides. Wolf pack was positive, Happy Club was negative. Romil was negative, is positive. KV was positive, is negative. If we are loving Romil for his present, we must love KV for his past.
      So, I ain’t ashamed. I really love Romil now as I had loved KV one day. So, both are equal for me. They are looking ‘good’ or ‘bad’ individually because they are ‘in good or in bad’ teams.
      Hadn’t there been Romil-Surbhi or KV-Dipika fight, everything would have been like before.
      I can’t forget the goodness in him just because he has become loyal to another team, but I will forget the badness of Romil just because I have a habit to look into the whiteness of a sheet containing black spots.

    3. @Aarohi…
      jisse expectation hoti h agar wo banda wrong track pr jaye toh zyada bura feel hota h instead of that person jisse expectation 0 ho..
      as i have said this thing many times .. i had some expectations from kv and like me there might be lot of ppl who had expectations from kv … kv was the one who looks like calm and matured person in starting.. so as a supporter of him i cant see him like this..

      dpka and sree se revenge lo jitna lena h but not like this…
      kv ki har cheez ko defend karte 4-5 weeks ho gaye h but kv day by day worst hota ja raha h….
      na game plan h… na hi kisi sahi cheez pe stand leta h… haan surbhi ka sath de k salman se and hc se humiliate hone se zarur bach raha h..

      look at his attitude..

      jab romil galat ja raha tha wahan hum logo ne romil k liye bhi negative comment kiye they… kv k past behaviour ko hi dhyaan m rakh k uski mistakes ko 4-5 weeks baad point out karna start kiya h i think not even me but others too…

      as jagannath writes…. kv took stand for surbhi on s*x worker comment but not took stand on surbhi’s character assassination of romil and jas is neither men or women comment of dpk……
      so this kind of behaviour is not good at all may be bb house m zyada stay kar jaye but image affect toh hogi for sure…

    4. And sabse zyada bad feel tp seriously kv ki wife k liye hota h. Apne husband ko aise dekh k jisey wo itna defend karti thi. Usko ktnabura feel hota hoga..

    5. Is there any technical problem in this site??
      Itis not even taking the email id which is usimg from a long time..

      It isg giving duplicate comment error on first time when we submit the comment..

      Kindly do testing of this site and fix the issue so that user do not face this kind of errors….

    6. @Airplanes
      Literally….I hope kV gets a bit of advice from TJ…….I really like her……n most of all hope this dumb head follows her advice…..

    7. @Nandini

      indeed he has to coz kvb has just lost the form ,one good innings and support and advice from TJ , things can change as we always say #FORM IS TEMPORARY BUT CLASS IS PERMANENT ,hope kvb fans will get something to cheer up sooner , he was never bad by heart by he has kept his revenge in his heart which he should let it go inorder to play for right situations for right ppl
      good comments over in all nice to read :)))-

    8. R u guys really think Deepika is doing good? She is just using Shree’s emotion for her own benefit. She is using Shree and Karanveer in the different time.Biggboss12 will be interesting if karanveer and Shreesant will solve their problem and be kind to each other, all others in the house will then get a really tough time.I want to see Karanveer and Shree become friends. ab aayega game main asli mazza.

    9. @Cxxxxxx…

      yes sometimes she really do good..
      as she took stand for sree in wkw… and surbhi sree fight…

      but yes .. it is true she is using kv and sree as per the need…

      as u said i really wish the same… that kv and sree dissolve their differences and be like bfr as they were in starting.. and i guess there were two teams dpka-neha and sree-kv in starting………

    10. Rajjo

      i hope family week teach deepika something also… not to be inside shadow come out n be whatever you are… m not saying she is fake but she is just playing safe so i want to see how she conquer the circumstances when it comes on about her own personality n performance…
      want that her n kv grudges gets over as lot of people gained very much from their enmity so now i want them not to be together if they don’t want but atleast slve their problems together…

    11. Rajjo

      can’t say about solving the problem between kv-shree as i donno what will be climax for that…

  7. This show is pathetic and boring to next level. Must be last season of BB

  8. Why is everyone asking Shree to apologize? He has already said sorry to that gutter mouth in front of Salman on wkw… Frankly she doesn’t deserve his sorry…I wish he ignores that girl for the rest of the season.. she doesn’t deserve even his single minute attention…
    Did that girl say sorry to Shree at least for once? But none of them didn’t speak about that… only women have respect…
    Men doesn’t have to be respected. Any woman can come n talk nonsense like “Casanova, or intentions of him while looking, his touch was inappropriate while task” and can mince ur heart into pieces with talking ABT ur painful past…but as a gentle man, u r supposed to control urself…. if the pain is unbearable and u can’t control ur anger, u r supposed to say politely to her…”thank you ma’am.. I appreciate your kind words”
    That’s what BB wants him (Shree/ Romil) to do…
    She can yell at him, talk nonsense for hours…after all this she will cry and play victim card…
    I hate to see that Somi as nyay ki Murti…Y is BB portraying her like that…
    I don’t want to waste my time talking about bullies Rohit and Deepak…
    Felt bad for Jas and Megha…
    If BB had to keep it as no elimination then they should have made a new nomination for this week… that’s what they did when happy club elimination was cancelled…
    There is no point in this coz they just got a week extension for the nominated contestants…
    KV has completely lost the plot…he has turned himself into body guard of those bully group…
    I hope Shree doesn’t slap that Rohit…he deserves a few tight slaps for the kind of poking he does to everyone…
    At this point of game, I don’t want Shree to leave the show by slapping that bully..he is not worth it ..

    1. @jisha
      Exactly my point is…

      U know what is season m no one have bac bone so that they can speak up against salman.. Except sree
      U know wat i started like jas bcz of that incident where salman was defendig surbhi on smoking issue. That time jas was stick.on his words… Salmantried alot but she didn’t change herwords…. Again in this wkw… When salman was blaming her for partiality she was again .very strong on her .words..same thing happens with sree… M jahan wo wrong nhih accept nhi krta…. But dpka kvn all wkw m salman k judgement pe han ha bolte h and salma k judgement k baad ye logo thinkng n all kisi topic ko le k ekdum se change ho jata h

      Like now they are telling sree to saysry…. Surbhi ko kisi nenhibola.

    2. True…here every contestant’s right or wrong completely depends on what Salman says on wkw…
      Gauhar had the guts to talk against Salman…she clearly told him that you are wrong…I am saying what I feel and I won’t change my opinions under your pressure…she left the show when she felt it’s completely biased towards Tanisha…but BB had to bring her back on public demand and she was the winner of that season..

  9. # FUNNIER PART : megha and jass really took good class for the sugar thieves.
    megha was damm right by each and every word today for the #LOW STOOPERS !!!!
    bubbly jass lost her cool and cried by taking it to her heart which was bad to see , there is always a way to talk to a girl even when you share cold vibes with her #NOHIT is getting disrespectfull day by day so as that # TAKKU CHEEPAK !!!!
    loved the way our #TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL DEFENDED JASLEEN , it was so thrilling to see respect for you #KOHINOOR HEARTED ROMIL , achi class laga di aaj aapne #DO KABOOTROON KI :))- hahaha loving your support to jass and dipika , you have won hearts of fans they are respecting you everywhere on socialmedia ,loved to see that # you are taking stands for right things and you are a # TRUE and GENUINE FRIEND
    you are doing all the things which ppl have expected from KVB # jab kismat mein likhi ho achi cheezein to koi chah kar bhi nhi badal sakta #YOU ARE A LEGEND WINNER #LOVE TO OJA !!!!

    1. @Airplanes,
      loved your comments each and every word was nice and true ………its all justified about Housemates

  10. SREE is right on his own spot as seen from one side of the coin but as to some viewers it was wrong #HOTA HAI , aksar jab aapko provoke koi karta hai to aap apna aapa kho dete hai # RAISE OF NERVES but yes dipika and # TRUE SOUL ROMIL were right in the fact that it was the worst comment from you but being forcing you to say sorry was not justified i mean it was your call at last but chabbi to # KVB hi chala rhe hai # BAILBUDDHI SURNHI ko aur aag mein ghee bhi dal rhe hai # PURE REVENGE MODE ON HAI BOSS !!!!
    NOT A SINGLE girl will like to be shown as weak and victim , but its clear makers have made it a #DUKHI AATMA OF ABLA NARI on surnhi by highlighting sympathy towards her #BOTH WERE WRONG BUT SURBHI STARTED IT # they keep on testing low pateince of sree here and then always , jab jasleen aur anup par sawal uthaye tab character ghass charne gya tha aur jab #true soul romil par character ki battein ki tab ghass ko cow kha gyi aur itna provoke karne par jab sree ka ghussa phoota to khud ka hi gobarr karwa liya # SURNHI ne # slow claps !!!!!1 aur aaj ke show mein crocodile tears lol # jab mind cool hota hai tab samajh aata hai ki #GUSSE KE KOHRAMM mein humne kitna nuksan kar diya!!!!!# SEMIFINALIST SURNHI DHARANA :))-

  11. Kv the chachi has just completely lost it…….he is not seen anywhere and if seen then either he is polishing surbhi’s shoe or stealing eatable…….so he has come to this level……gosh…….is he the one whom I wanted to be in top 2-3…….seriously man……u r a very stupid person…….
    N this rohit said dipika jas n megha aunty…….. sorry to say but the biggest aunty n the cheapest aunty are u ……n somi#weakest#most irritating#dumbest after kV of course#second worst woman#cheapo’s crush……
    Lol……on bb for showing her sati savitri…….

  12. EQUATIONS ARE CHANGING : somi is getting jealous of TRUE SOUL ROMIL’s CARE for jassleen and its paving the way for her elimination soon ,but TRUE SOUL KOHINOOR HEARTED ROMIL has always been a true friend for jassleen and he had a friendly corner for her always despite sometimes jass was fighting with him too
    it happens somi by heart is nice but she is misunderstanding it that via the love saga between her and deepak will not take her long to finals and we are damm sure abt it # today she had started her backcounting days by supporting #CHUGLI CHACHI GANG

    TO BE FRANK : MOST GENUINE IN THE SHOW are TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL and TASK KILLER MEGHA , Too some extent FLIPSANTH AND SWEET DIPIKA TOO # JASS IS LIKE A KIDDO who gets miffed insecured at times but is nice by heart
    SWEET DIPIKA needed to raise her game and today as viewers we have seen a glimpse of real DIPIKA who stands for her words not over pampering sree has to go the same way as voters are keeping her no.1 in race # TRUE SOUL ROMIL FANS gear up folks !!!!!!

  13. once dipika meets shoaib in family weekend episode clouds of doubts will be over for her she will get clear picture of her potryal , she needs that meeting for sure at once # shoaika fans are waiting too :))-

    1. hello @airplanes im shoika fan i m eagerly waiting for their reunion in the show missed simar and prem very much i love them the most she is my fav
      aapne to dil ki batt keh di hope ye episode zald telecast ho jaye im full excited to see shoika
      thanks for the beautiful comment .love you bye

    2. Rajjo

      yes…. waiting for #shoaika… when in diwali HMs heard shoaib’s voice… everyone was like stunned n said how romantic voice he has… that perplexed every one like wow what a voice… this time want to see them together…

    3. # shoaika reunion will be the most awaited moment so far for the fans i can feel the excitement too:))-

    4. Rajjo

      yuppp @airplanes everyone is excited like me… 😛

  14. Such a boring episode, I almost felt like watching kahani ghar ghar ki cheeni kam epi.,it feels like makers are not getting any content and just stretching the unneccsary matters, what was this about, khana khazana or Chori Chori chupke chupke??
    Today’s whole epi was about 3 topics
    1.Shree Vs House
    2.Romil, Somi bond
    3.Kitchen Controversy
    Who will tell that the show is reaching its last phase?? Such a dull epi.

  15. Now I want to know what did kV say about deepika to sree?he was taken aback when sree brought that up it must’ve been really downgrading thing, I understand stealing some ration this shit happens in every season but lifting as much as that others don’t get it at all is really cheap and it’s not entertainment whatsoever & it’s not limited to milk sugar coffee either by jasleen’s word it seemed they even sneak butter & ghee also(I’m getting secondhand embarrassment by even talking about it) besides what is kV purpose in the show someone tell me?all he does is backbite sree & deepika or nitpick their every mistake or just instigate his adopted unhappy children against them he didn’t lose respect for surbhi for provoking sree he didn’t lose respect for deepak when he was making that jasleen comment or Megha comment or 100+ comments in front of him he didn’t lose respect for himself either when he was taking part in vulgar activities around the house b*t*hing some serious crap about sree & deepika but no he lost it for sree cause he said sorry without begging it and fake tears like him like really? he was being made to say sorry 90002829x time to a girl who started it all but hasn’t yet apologized to him once, someone who was still making mockery of him but anyways I wish people could see how wrong this all is yes sree made a really degrading comment about her but under what circumstances & condition? And he did get punishment for it this mistake was an add on to his already controversial image he’ll be asked about it even reprimanded if he stays in limelight however what about the girl who actually instigated him for almost 36 minutes before that word slipped out of his mouth then she followed him around imitating THE girls(I didn’t pay attention but after people mention it here I watched the clip again & she’s really throwing kisses & doing kissing sounds calling him chikana and all)I mean I’m all for equality but I don’t think people calling only sree out even get the gist of it and to me feminism doesn’t mean to support every girl even when she’s wrong no it’s about lifting women up in accordance and under limit of reasonableness (yes somi & surbhi I’m talking about both of you here stop ruining the meaning of feminism for people he has just been introduced to it)& sree has repented his share already while surbhi hasn’t, I just wish caller of the week ask kV why he’s such a huge hypocrite?and why somi is getting so much footage?she’s worse than deepak & rohit like she’s the personification of biggboss 12 boring biased & selective outrage ki dukaan…and deepika she is a mature person she knows what kind of mental state sree was in the why she poked him in the night to say sorry?she in fact raised the matter again for him to be questioned about or bashed for

    1. @jagannath..

      loved ur comment agreed to ur each n every word… ….

    2. I second every word! I am a woman too and I hate women like Surbhi Rana who play the victim card as soon as they realise that they have idiots like KV to support them. This is not feminism at all. This is vulgarity and crass behaviour at it’s heights! This is total unaccountabilty…this woman didn’t have the decency to apologise to Sree even once, because she was made to feel unaccountable by Salman Khan!
      I am appalled by this behaviour and also by the way KV is behaving. Or has he forgotten that there’s a real world out here, waiting for him?

    This video was not shown to us in wkw.It is of Surbhi Rana.

    1. Rajjo

      why didn’t they show that…??? m amazed everyone was shown just not her why???

  17. According to Kv,Rohit, Deepak and Surbhi they only play a nice game they only respect the women. When Rohit and Deepak were making fun of Jas Kv was sitting there and enjoying he was saying “Mazaa aa gaya”
    This people are stealing the basic necessities of Hms . They are stealing milk, coffee, sugar
    and hiding it under the shoe. Kv apko Dusri jagah mili nahi chupane ke liye
    Surbhi to Kv ” Mera bhai Sree ko jarur marega aur jail jayega” .
    Kv to Sree “he didn’t meant sorry”
    Kv ab Sree Surbhi ke pair pakdhe kya Sorry bolne ke liye
    And his next line “I have lost all the respect for this man”.Kv bahar aake apko sachai ka aaina dikhega.
    Rohit saying to Deepak ” Bas do world cup khel liya hai khudko badha samaj raha hai”
    Uske baad Sree “Pahele District level khel ke dikha”
    Rohit ne phir ek baad kahi
    Phir Sree “Tu baccha hai Dudh pe le”.??
    Mein chahata hu is baar DEEPAK out ho jaye

    1. Let him win at least one nukkad ka cricket match, before he opens his filthy and rotten, schooled by KV – mouth!!!! Baby faced devil…I really hope that he is kicked out before Jasleen!

  18. KV the man who was so called so concerned for dry and wet waste disposal and hygiene says to hide sugar and coffee in shoe. Gross man

  19. hi
    i am Asha

    rohith ko dakkhe marke bagado yar…

  20. @ airplanes,
    loved your comments……very nice loved reading your comments

  21. I feel jasleen and megha overreacted…They should outright ignore rohit and deepak…if they find these guys so irritating….it wasn’t that big an issue that jasleen started crying…

  22. All of you guys are bashing surbhi for provoking shree but what shree said was also wrong…it is quite demeaning for a girl to hear something like this…

    1. Then she shouldn’t have called him a Casanova and followed him around, calling out to him by making kissing sounds and “Eh, chikne”. I am sure that all of us know what kind of women behave in this manner. They have poverty and helplessness as excuses. What’s Surbhi Rana’s excuse?!! Or is that normal behaviour as per her? Sree is no saint and he has never claimed to be one. So, if you behave like a s*** in front of a guy like Sree, he will call you that!

    2. @ Devika… super comment… agreed to every point.
      If Surbhi can’t take it, she shouldn’t give that kind of talks to Shree…u get what you deserve…
      She literally was walking behind Shree and asking him to respond…he gave it back…she hasn’t come today to BB house and she very well knew how Shree responds when he is angry….
      He apologized for that too… though she didn’t apologize for her deeds…
      What is he supposed to do now? Bend his knees,Beg for sorry and plead her forgiveness…

    3. @devika i didn’t in any way support surbhi for her behaviour…it was wrong and definitely provoking in nature…all i mean is that sree is also wrong in saying what he said…Being angry doesn’t mean loosing your sh** and crossing the line…and you here are justifying his words and comparing surbhi to whatever your take is on “all of us know what kind of women behave in this manner”

    4. @Devika..
      nice explanation….

      @A…. i dont think so even a single commenter supported sree’s that comment here…

      but yes all are bashing surbhi bcz she was the soul reason of sree’s that comment…

    5. Why Doesn’t Sree take part in any task? Or he quits very early? I am surprised at this act of sree. He either sits idle during tasks or fight with someone or the other in the house. Good to see that he is not fighting with Dipka, Megha, Jas and Romil these days. But, overall its a disappointing performance from Sree. I expected a lot atleast during the Tasks.

    6. Rajjo

      @A this is what salman said that if surbhi knows that shree gets hyper n says somethhing wrong then why she went to him n provoked him that she accepted too… shree was wrong saying those lines but why surbhi went purposely to hear something disgusting from him… salman said “apni izzat apne haath me hoti h jab aapko pta h ki vo gaali denge to aap gaali khaane gayi hi kyun…”

    7. @A, I am not just justifying Sree’s behaviour, I feel like giving him a standing ovation for not getting provoked to the limit this girl was trying to drive him to. I would have been the first one to condemn Sree’s words, had he used it on any other woman! Any reaction is actually just a consequence. Sree’s words were a consequence too. And as I mentioned earlier, Sree is no saint. Btw, my take on Sree’s words regarding the women Surbhi Rana was trying to emulate, albeit unintentionally, isn’t the issue here. The issue is whether Sree’s words were demeaning or not. Today’s woman is all about gender equality and so, a woman should be prepared to receive whatever she gives to the world. And if a woman wants respect, she needs to command respect, not demand it.

  23. Why Doesn’t Sree take part in any task? Or he quites very early? I am surprised that still he is in the house with all his antics, Cry Baby, Fight with everyone in the house including his sis dipka. When he starts crying, the entire house goes after him and pacifies. What dirty tamasha he makes.

    And so is the case with Surbhi. Chatter Box. Blabber box rather. COntinuous shouting all the time. irritating too.

    Megha comes next with regards to shouting and saying i will slap you with my chappal and what not.

    Dipka has no time to give her 100% in anythinhg literally except trying to “Manafi” sree when he gets angry and to her misfortune, he is angry most of the times.

    1. Bani was same like him yet people used to love her she didn’t even have any other impressive credentials like he does( huge cricketer) but she was still adored by majority I guess these kind of people have somekind of unexplainable charm I too felt connected to him & bani as well at times besides this season nobody is likable either so he just pops up even without doing anything and to be really honest he only make tamasha after being poked rest of the time he’s busy cracking his weird jokes which aren’t ever shown on the main show sigh

    2. Rajjo

      shree n surbhi both are likes two side of a coin or banks of river they are just the same thats why they cant be together… they try to provoke each other but their style of provoking is different one starts the loudspeaker whose switch is damaged n cant be off n the other one just listens, seeks time n say something very wrong just in one word or a line which becomes equal to all the blabbering other one did…
      both can fight with anybody when they are in anger…
      just a difference shree himself never goes to provoke anybody as it will be useless…

  24. Rajjo

    best part was when romil said to somi “aapko unki harkatein kharaab nhi lagengi kyunki vo ape dost hn n apko cheezen mill jaati hn isiliye aap vo feeling nhi smjhengi” yesterday in whole episode this was the only best thing shown… seriously no one can understand the feeling of the situation until he/she is not there…

    for somi she is being in the middle n its obvious that both side will accuse her for taking her friends side… if she can handle it then be like this n get tortured that you feel always or if not choose one… but she won’t do that she wants be on both side so that she will be save either way…

  25. What was even this episode?deepika was going so right and all of a sudden she wants to conform to others skewed sense of justice?that’s why she couldn’t make a strong place for herself in this season she get salman’s words too in her head and lose the track everytime and her own pov ?? remember how hina used to get bashed unnecessarily yet she never moved from what she believed in that’s a characteristic of firm & strong personality which deepika seems to be lacking 😐 I don’t even want to discuss rest of the ??? that happened in this episode it isn’t just worth giving two cents moreover what I believe is creative team wants to make sree villain like they did with hina but the problem here is that there’s no positive force to make that narrative successful none of the contestants are capable enough to be “hero” to sree’s villain, kV at one point was but he isn’t that anymore since vikas came and kV changed his playing style he became totally negative and spineless idiot, had creative team let it all be this season would’ve been decent….. but inspite of what people say or feel sree do have a vigorous personality and as someone else here once said they wasted him and his potential by recruiting him for this season but I guess they were riding high on last season’s success and thought people will buy any sort shit like a hot cake and they’ll save money through hiring more than half good for nothing commoners

    1. Why Doesn’t Sree take part in any task? Or he quits very early? I am surprised at this act of sree. He either sits idle during tasks or fight with someone or the other in the house. Good to see that he is not fighting with Dipka, Megha, Jas and Romil these days. Overall, its a disappointing performance from Sree. I expected a lot from him. Atleast during the Tasks.

    2. Me too I was so sure he’ll be best performer bigg boss has ever seen considering his status as a cricketer with impressive & unique set of skills but he seems to be too depressed with whatever transpired in his real life that he just cannot focus on things most of the time as much as he could if he was satisfied with his own life, besides there are elements in the house who don’t even let him try either remember the egg task?he was ready to participate then surbhi poked him and threatened him by faux molestation charges if he dared touch her while doing task before that in jailer task he looked determined to win but then saba somi again played mental trick with him about him being physical with somi,in ghoda gadi task romil & deepak had said something really personal which people didn’t get at the time but it irked him but unfortunately he couldn’t even convey it well either to make people understand his side, in snake task it was already out of his team hands for him to try but I agree he should’ve tried to eliminate atleast one person of other team but nope he performed that assassination task brilliantly and in panchayat task he took it all too personally and he seem to have phobia of courts and anything related to it cause again of his real life another thing I wanna add is bb isn’t giving them creative non aggressive and fun tasks either so in short his mental state isn’t letting him give 100% in tasks he find it all silly & beneath him & automatically subconciously compares it all to his career where he was doing something monumental plus people in that house also demotivate him most of the times as well so overall result of it is what we are seeing

  26. Somi really showed what a hypocrite she is while talking to romil about surbhi & sree incident she counted everything sree said but didn’t mention once what surbhi was doing but I shouldn’t expect from her after all most biased points always have been hers since the show started just bc salman praised her judging skill doesn’t mean she really have them

  27. Hope Deepak n Rohit get nominated as well as their behaviour is so cheap, childish n boring.

  28. It’s time Deepak n Rohit get nominated for eviction as they r the mort irritable with their childish behaviour.

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