Bigg Boss 12 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sristy, KV and Sree nominated

Bigg Boss 12 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 15
Bigg boss says now Karan is kidnpper and Urvash is kidnapped by him, Deepak says we have to see how low he stoop. KV calls Deepak and says you have to shave your body hair, only leave your underparts but shave all hair. Urvashi says he will do it.
Sree says to Deepika that KV is getting super confident.
Deepak takes razor and shaves his head. Sourabh helps him. Deepak says we cut hair when someone dies in our house, KV says negativity died. Deepak hugs KV. Neha says Deepak fulfilled kidnapper’s demand and he accepted so Karan is nominated.

Deepika says to Jasleen that i didnt want to hurt you, I didnt want to go in nominations, Jasleen says if its against me. Deepika says I dont have anything against you, I wanted to talk to you, it was just

task, she hugs her.

Surbhi says to Deepika that it was my perception about you. Deepika says it was my task and I did it, Surbhi says you said that there is humanity in pairs, you contradict yourself.

Bigg boss says Sristy is kidnapper and Sourabh is kidnapped. Sristy calls Shiv and says you have destroy all clothes of you and Sourabh, shave your head and face. Shiv says thats it? Sristy says sorry to Sourabh, Sourabh says he can do anything for me. Shiv calls Sristy and says I didnt wear some branded clothes, can I keep them? Sristy says I want your perfumes, you can keep two sets of clothes. Shiv says you want all clothes of Sourabh? she says yes. Sristy says to Sourabh that this is not good. Shiv brings all his and Sourabh’s clothes. Sristy asks if all clothes are here?
Sree says to Neha that Shiv is destroying clothes of 20-25 lacs. Neha asks Sristy if she agreed? Sristy says I am not making Shiv do it. Shiv says no now you make me do it. Sristy says this person is crazy. Sourabh asks Shiv to not get hyper. Sristy says you have to talk to me. Shiv says I am not talking to you. Sristy says this man is crazy.
Deepak says to Sree that Anup can be saved but what if Shiv leaves because of this? Sree says but he cant destroy all of it.
Sristy cries and says to KV that ofcourse I wont let him to do it, she shouts at Shiv that you are a fool. Neha asks Shiv to calm down. Saba says to Sristy that you cant take demand back. Sristy says I can do anything, its my task. Deepika asks Sristy to calm down, he can fight back. Sourabh asks Shiv to not get hyper, say sorry to her. Shiv says I am calm. Neha asks Shiv to calm down. Sristy says to Sourabh that he is loser, he doesnt listen to others. Sourabh says I am angry at him too. Neha asks Sristy if she is backing out? Sristy says yes. Neha tells Shiv that Sristy agreed to get nominated. Neha says Shiv fulfilled Sristy’s demands so she is nominated.

Sristy is crying in bed.
Deepika says to KV that Sristy is competitive but I am shocked that she backed out.
Shiv says to Sourabh that I didnt say anything to her, listen to me. Sourabh says I am trying to make you listen. Shiv says you were shouting at me too, you were getting hyper. Sourabh says you dont listen to others. Shiv says my anger is real, its not for camera.

Bigg boss says Sree is kidnapper and Saba is kidnapped by him. Sree takes her to den and ties her. He calls Somi and says I want clothes of you both and you have to cut hair, Somi asks to negotiate a little. Sree says cut to boycut hair, he ends call. Somi cries. Saba says to Sree that she didnt cut hair so dont make her do it. Somi calls Sree and says I can cut till shoulder, Sree says cut to your lowest finger and give me Appy Fizz, Somi says its not mine, he ends call. Saba says she cant give you whats not hers. Neha says you cant ask for others things from here. Sree says I dont want to talk to you.
Somi cuts 2-inch hair, Neha shows small hair flock that Somi cut and asks Sree if his demands got fulfilled? Sree says she didnt give me Appy Fizz but I accept, I am ready to be nominated. Neha says Somi fulfilled his demands and he is nominated.
Bigg boss says nominated inmates are Anup-Jasleen, KV, Sristy and Sree.

Neha asks Sree if he forgave her? he says its okay. She says I missed joking with you, I will try to not hurt you.
Deepak says Urvashi that Anup can leave.
Neha says to Sree that Deepak wanted to come closer to you so he tried to make us all away from you.
Deepak says to Sristy that you did well, Deepika would have made Jasleen do it for sure but you didnt.

Somi says to Saba that Surbhi was overplaying a lot, she will start fights.
Sourabh says to Romil that she is starting arguments, Romil says she doesnt listen to me, even I am scared of her. Deepak says now you are Nirmal infront of her.

Day 16
Inmates wake up to song bedi. They all dance and enjoy. Jasleen hugs Anup. Sristy dances with Jasleen.

Surbhi says to Jasleen that Deepika was not asking for my clothes but I felt for you but you ended things with her when task ended? Jasleen says she came to me and cleared things, I forgo things which she apologized for, I know her behaviour, I dont forgive like that. Surbhi says you are right, she leaves. Somi says she is trying to get attention, Jasleen says Deepika is behaving nicely with me so I cant be the bad person.
Romil says to Surbhi that if Jasleen agreed to do what Deepika asked then we could have seen Deepika’s real face, Anup says but she cares for clothes more than me.

Neha says to Sourabh that you try to calm Shiv but he will burst somewhere, Sristy bursts too. Sristy says I burst on right time, Neha says dont jump in, let me clear. Sristy says I dont care, he is a loser. Neha says you are not in conversation.

Anup says to Romil that Deepika might have stopped Jasleen, Romil says Deepika could have told you. Jasleen comes there and says Deepika said it was all related to task. Romil says she shouldnt have asked for clothes but Anup could give up everything for you, Anup you should break up, Jasleen asks him to shut up. Anup says but she hurt me, Jasleen says I am sorry darling.

Deepika is cooking, Shiv counts rotis and says to Deepika that its enough.

Anup says to Sree and Surbhi that it hurt me that Jasleen couldnt give up her clothes for me.
Jasleen says to Deepika that Surbhi wanted me to over-react.
Sree says to Anup that I would think my girlfriend would give clothes too but she is infront of camera, Anup says its about sacrifice. Surbhi says testing love takes time.

Anup says to all inmates that I didnt like the way Jasleen played yesterday, she didnt give up her clothes and makeup for me so I am not with her, I am alone, I am breaking our pair. Jasleen says are you serious? Anup says I think about things, its not a pair anymore, I can stay here alone. Deepika says it was a difficult task, any girl wouldnt have been able to do it. Anup says it was just clothes, not life. Jasleen says I will talk to you later, she leaves. Sree says Anup you are right but dont break relation of 3 years for Bigg boss, Anup says small things matter in understanding people. Surbhi says he must have thought before saying all that, these things are more important than love.
Jasleen cries, Deepika says Surbhi is provoking Anup.
Saba says to Surbhi that why are you shouting? Surbhi says I talk like that, look at my hand.
Jasleen says to Shiv that dont know what happened to Anup.
Sree says it was a game. Anup says this my loss. Surbhi says Sree is getting diplomatic, Sree says she cant walk without clothes.
Jasleen asks Surbhi to not talk about personal lives.

Anup talks to Jasleen and says I told Deepika that you would come with clothes, I said you dont care for material things, you could get clothes in life so its my decision, it hurt me, I wish you all the best, you are talented, you will be a big star when you come out, I am getting away from you, Jasleen says atleast rethink that, I can give anything for you, you know that. Anup says I am different man, I saw what you can sacrifice. Jasleen says you know me. Anup says you could have atleast brought clothes in garden.

Romil says to Anup that how can you breakup? I was joking, you cant breakup for clothes. Anup says its not about clothes. Romil says I will be cursed that I said it first. Anup says I didnt do it as per your saying. Romil says there is always a second chance.

Sristy and Shiv are irritating each other since morning by singing. Sristy tells Somi that, he said ***** me, Somi says how can he say that to a girl on TV?

Sristy is crying. Neha asks what happened?
Sree says to Sourabh that Sristy sang loser to Shiv so Shi said *****.
Shiv says to Neha that Sristy started it, she sang 4 times so I sang too.
Sristy shouts that I am getting irritated. She comes to Shiv and says you are a cheap guy, I know you said it. Sree says I thought it was something else. Sristy says he is disgusting, Deepika says I know you ar right. Sristy says this is class he shows? Deepak says to Anup that she is bringing up arguement as she is nominated.
Jasleen says to KV that its a song only.
Shiv says she started singing so I sang too. Neha asks Sristy to not instigate him. Sristy says so he will abuse me? I can sing what I want so he can say that I am ******. Sree says to Shiv that you can sorry to her. Shi says never. Sristy says everybody should know that it can happen with any girl in house.

PRECAP- In tasks, Surbhi shouts at inmates to listen to her. Romil fights with singles too. Deepak shouts at Sristy, Sristy says the one who breaks my trust, I break their trust too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. 1st of all let’s talk about precap. It’s looking like macchi bajar. 😆
    Feeling bad for Jaslota😑
    Ye Surabhi toh Kirti ki mommy hain😲
    Bechara Romil😟😀
    Shiv and Sristy….. Uffoo!! Chhote bache😁
    Deepu and Nehu well played😚😚

  2. Sourabh and Srishti will make a good pair. *_*

  3. Hi today episode is nice

    in task shiv also create scene but shristi can’t control and fail to task and create scene i personally felt if she failed to gain sympathy because she thought if shiv done that then she should failed before audiance but in deepika she never fall like this she done her task nicely and get saved…
    apart from task but stristy is overeacting and shiv also have some fault but their equally in falt but she started song after task end so i think she is more responsible for this fighting … and shiv not criying or reacting is not matter to blame him in this situation and stristy speak normal and suddenly make scene but why?????
    but this fighting is not nessasory ..
    and shiv is hyper but not acting ..

    jasleen and anup…
    in task
    yes she didn’t sacrifice her dress and failed to keep her partner safe in real equally anup also considered it’s as his friendship breacking and will he never sacrifice his game for her dress .. They are equal in fault but why he judge his friendship in this task …
    and also surbi provoke this..

    according to game..
    deepika.. played well because it’s a game and jasleen faild here ..

    and shiv played well and stristy failed because of her hyper..

    and sree is good and he failed but manage the situation well..

    i hope big fight will happened next ..

    task is a game and apart from that everything will in Humanality to win biggboss …

    i like shiv saurab and deepika now..
    i saw this episode only and start from here..

    if i wrong then correct me and please adjest my English and if you wish then welcome me in this group and I’ll study everyone in next epic…☺☺

    1. Hi Ishani, I also feel Srishti is creating drama because she is nominated and obviously Vikas Gupta told her that she is not doing anything for the show. So she is over reacting to anything now.
      Same I feel about Anup and Jasleen. They didn’t get much attention due to their love angle so he is now playing this tactic to get votes as they are nominated with other strong contestants. I don’t like him. Jasleen is fine.
      Surbhi is just waste of time. So much irritating but this is what show makers want.

      Sreesanth was good in this episode…I like him for the first time in the show.
      Neha is love from the first day and doing best among all of them.

  4. MysticRain

    They can do anything when they are nominated to get votes. Jolata ji playing his lota for getting votes. Wow! 😐

    Sristi is like “aa bail mujhe maar” over acting ki dukaan

  5. Silent Reader

    Sree was good in this epi … Hope he’ll maintain this and won’t do anything stupid out of anger again . Neha showed how abgood sanchalak should be. Deepika also did task well .

  6. Thanku xyz for remembering each and everyone’s name. First I was200% for dpka and kvb but neha be MERI saari ki saari Dil kabhjakarliya.

    Ye Sahi hai ki dpka keep bdylanguage me bossiness hey.while convincing SREE or sristy she looks like entire responsibility of han

  7. Thanku xyz for remembering each and everyone’s name. First I was200% for dpka and kvb but neha be MERI saari ki saari Dil kabhjakarliya.

    Ye Sahi hai ki dpka keep bdylanguage me bossiness hey.while convincing SREE or sristy she looks like entire responsibility of handling ppl and things is in her hands.shld give little screen space to all. I felt very bad when Shree was saying ‘i can make neha cry on national TV &she is fake neither dpka or kvb stood for neha.atleast they can say she didn’t mean anything Weng by saying he doesn’t HV mntl strength.
    They are behaving as if without his grace they will be at loss.
    I don’t know why neha needs to say srry ,Muje MAAF kardia and all that,as if she is a all time BG culprit. Better to back off from him and play individually. Anyway he thinks she is fake.
    I know neha is not wnnng material but winning too many hearts.
    Ystrdy when sristy was shouting and crying a layer of tears was seen in her eyes and at the time of dpka going to jail also she had that light tears but she is not exposing. That is sign of genuine chrctr. Jasleen,Anup romil,Saba,dominant all are ok for me no problem.

    1. i dont know shree karne kya aya h bb house m… its good to be real…
      but yaar game play karne aye ho.. toh play karo.. ek bhi task perform karta nhi h ulta team ko bhi support nhi karta h
      kal ka task easily jeat sakte they shree and shrishty .. but nhi dono ko laga they are celebrity toh easily bach jayenge…
      shree ne mahan bana .. wo still ok tha.. but shiv ne bina kuch soche samjhe shout kiya shrishty pe.. ulta mahan banne k chakkar m insult ho gayi uski…
      this season is so boring.. no one is performing good except deepika…
      kv bhi bilkul nhi dikhta..
      celebrities only 5 h still dpka neha and shree kv ne pair up kiya hua h n shrishty is with no one…
      she is trusting dpk..
      but she dont know ki dpk ko bilkul trust nhi kar sakte..
      shree starting se hi bacchon jaisa behave kar raha h na entertainment de raha h aur na hi task perform kar raha h..
      still baaki 3 celebrities usko manane m lage rehte h sara time.. and shrishty ki choti si misktake ko bhi ye log bada bana dete h…
      i really dont like how all are behaving like father or mother of shree…..
      shree needs to understand abhi agar aye ho bb m toh atleast tas perform nhi karna na karo but apne teammates ko bhi na roko…

      1. I Agree with you.
        It looks KV has backed out a bit & shreeshant is nothing but a headache to other celebrities. Hope fans will save KV and shrishty this week.
        It’s very true that this season is quite boring. We have expectation in this forum only..but here many are not visiting even. Season 11 was very rich with comments.
        It was fun to read all of you. I feel many previous commenters have no clue of BB12 is on air.

      2. MysticRain

        Exactly I also think same about Sreesanth. He is not understanding the format of the show. I want him to be eliminated this week and come back as a wild card entry as a new Sreesanth full of energy, entertainment and maturity.

        I like Neha from the first day, Deepika behaves like a boss sometimes and didn’t take stand for her so called friend Behavior when Sree was upset with her.

        But I know Neha will not be the winner…🙁
        Let’s see who will emerge as a winner.

  8. Above cmmnt not dominant Saba and somi all are ok for me.sentnce mistake.

  9. Above cmmnt last line dominant word shld be replaced by somi,that’s mistake.

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