Bigg Boss 12 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: 9 inmates nominated

Bigg Boss 12 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 41
Megha says to Romil that its a game, we all want to move forward but I cant move forward with people whom dont have mindset like me. Romil says come to the happy club if you want arguments. Megha says whats my importance? I will be sacrificed, if some member is wrong then I will not take its side.

Day 42
Jasleen looks at heart shaped pillow and says this time I wont need anyone, I will handle things, I have learnt a lot from you and I will do what you have made me learn. Somi hugs her sister’s picture and says my good good sister. Jasleen goes and hugs her. Somi says its okay if we dont have partners, we are strong. Jasleen nods.

Romil jokes about Somi uncomfortable when Deepak eyes her. Romil asks Deepak to not eye him, I am uncomfortable.

He starts saying poetry. Somi laughs and says you like to say rubbish, go and work, did someone slap you? Romil says yes. Romil says Deepak you were insulted, why were you eyeing her like that? Somi says you people are cheap. Deepak says to Romil that I felt bad because it meant I am eyeing her wrongly.

Sristy says to Rohit that Somi told me about Deepak eyeing her. Rohit says it might be. Sristy says Deepak likes her? you know he called Surbhi as Somi today. Rohit asks when are you marrying? She says next year, we have been dating for 4 years. Rohit says why are you marrying so soon? you are just 20. Sristy laughs.

Romil says to Surbhi that Megha will show her face when she feels angry, Somi says I dont like her taking Saba’s place on bed. Romil says she is making her own group, she has taken Shiv from there. She is focusing on Deepika only, she said that Deepika is Simar but I am winner.

Jasleen says to Megha that Romil avoids work. Megha says Romil is playing cheap game, I have to know what he is thinking, he is trying to bring me in his group otherwise he will plan to throw me out, when I said I was most intelligent in other Bigg boss and I am here too so Romil said that we wont let you be winner this time.

Somi asks Rohit if he is still in their club? Surbhi says he might fall in love with Sristy, he keeps eyeing her.

Surbhi says to Somi that Deepika was not seen last week and we have to keep it that way, Somi says let her be in kitchen only. Somi says she gets scared to say something to Sree, she is searching for a chance that Sree makes a mistake and she becomes great. Surbhi says Deepika thinks Megha is her competition.

Megha and Somi lies in bed. Megha says I miss Saba. Somi says I miss the love she showers. Megha says you can take me as your sister, I will stay with you as your sister, I wont let anything hurt you from my side, its a promise. Somi thanks her.

Day 42
Inmates wake up to song jaban-e-aali. They all dance and enjoy.

Surbhi asks Deepak if he is losing sleep in love? confess to me that you like Somi. Deepak blushes. Deepak has arm sprain. Somi applies spray to him and leaves. Somi says her balm must be working more, he hides his face.

Bigg boss says to inmates that only one will get a chance to celebrate diwali with their family, it will happen through nomination task. He calls Megha in confession room.
In confession room, Bigg Boss asks Megha to name two inmates whom she wants to save. Megha says I want to save Somi as she can prove herself. She says I want to save Deepika as she is not fake.
Shivashish names Sreesanth, Jasleen to save.
Romil names Somi as she is his friend, he saves Surbhi.
Somi names Surbhi, Romil to save as they are her friends.
Karanvir names Srishty to save as her colors are shown, he saves Urvashi for her simplicity.
Dipika names Sreesanth as she wants him to have a chance, she saves Karanvir for her bond with him.
Urvashi names Srishty to save as she is unique, she saves Sreesanth as she thinks he is clever.
Rohit names Romil to save as she is close to him, he saves Surbhi for always on point.
Srishty names Karanvir to save for standing up for her, she saves Urvashi for standing up her.
Sreesanth names Dipika as he wants to save her till the end, he saves Shivashish as he is a brother.
Jasleen names Shivashish to save as she has good bonding with him, she saves Sreesanth.
Surbhi names Romil to save as he is serious in tasks, she saves Somi.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that Deepak will get special power. Deepak gets the special power to nominate another housemate apart from Megha, Shivashish, Karanvir, Dipika, Urvashi, Rohit, Srishty, Jasleen. He nominates Sreesanth. Sree thanks him. Bigg Boss says nominated inmates are MEGHA, SHIV, KARANVIR, DEEPIKA, ROHIT, URVASHI, SRISTY, JASLEEN and SREESANTH.

Romil asks Rohit whom Sristy saved? Rohit says it might be KV and me, or Urvashi. Romil says leave Sristy angle, it affects us, go for happy club first, I take these things seriously.

Sristy asks Jasleen who took my name? Jasleen says I took Shiv and Sree, we three took each others names, Sree didnt take Deepika’s name. Sristy says Sree took Deepika’s name.

Jasleen asks Sree if he took Deepika’s name? Sree says I told Sristy that but I didnt, Sristy said it to start fire between you and me, she asked me so I said that I took her and Deepika’s name, now you act like you are angry with me, when you go out you will see that I took your name.

Deepika says to Urvashi that if you want to become captain then either perform well or take support, if you take support from Deepak then its fine, if his ignorance is affecting you then go and talk to him, fight with him. Sristy says you have problem with him ignoring you. Urvashi says we are sky and earth.

Jasleen asks Rohit whose name Sree took? Rohit says he took Deepika and Shiv’s name. He says KV took Sristy and Urvashi’s name. Rohit says Sristy must have taken my name because she was expecting that I will take her name.

Jasleen says to Sree that I am confused if you took Deepika’s name or not, I think you took my name. Sree says I took Deepika’s name, Jasleen says why you lied to me? all knew you took her name. Sree says she takes care of me, thats all.

Surbhi says to Deepak that you are my brother, dont be scared, say it on face. Deepak says what I have to say? Surbhi says tell her that you like her. Somi comes there. Surbhi says he wants to talk to you. Surbhi asks him to speak. Deepak blushes and says let me. Deepak says seriously I liked you, I used to watch you, if you felt uncomfortable then I am sorry, you are kind of like my idol girl, I like you. Surbhi asks Somi to talk. Somi says you are my friend, dont be hurt, control your feelings, I am sorry if you felt bad but I never thought you more than a friend, I will find a girl who you will like. Deepak goes to lie. Somi leaves. Surbhi says it is hurting? did you like it? you confessed and got rejected too, tell her she is a jerk, are you crying? Deepak says no.

Megha says to Deepika that if you are too good in this house then its called fake, I had to bear that too, Sree says against you and then you take food for him, its our nature. Deepika says I dont do it to show off but we have to draw a line. Megha says Romil keeps his group together, this is lacking in your group, there are many sub-groups here, Romil can pull KV and Sristy on their side, Urvashi can be manipulated too, you have to make bond with Sristy and Jasleen. Deepika says I am fine with Sristy but I get confused about Jasleen. Megha says its war for them so we have to take it as war too.

Urvashi comes to Deepak but he ignores her. Urvashi says dont ignore like this, tell me what you have in heart? Deepak says play nicely. Urvashi says you should control your language, whom I would talk to? Deepak says you are sitting with celebrities but you wont be able to put point of view infront them, I see it but you should see its weird. Urvashi says then why cant you say it softly?

Romil says to Somi that you broke his heart. Somi says he should focus on game, not me.
Urvashi says to Deepak that Saba=Somi was always against us. Deepak says they always asked me to sort it out with you.

Romil reads a task. The safe contestants have to rate the nominated contestants from 1 to 9 in decreasing order of them being most deserving of staying in the Bigg Boss 12 house. Romil, Surbhi, Deepak and Somi will do ranking of nominated inmates.

Surbhi says he is leaving an image, first rank should be for Sree as he is shown in game. Sree thanks and says I am sorry for my mistakes. Surbhi says we hope you follow your sorry. Karanvir is ranked 2 as he fights all odds, Dipika is ranked 3 for participating in house and Jasleen is ranked 4 as she has started talking. Jasleen says I feel I should be in top 3 as Sree gives up but I dont, KV bonds which I have done, he doesnt have a stand, I should be 2nd. Megha is ranked 5 as Rohit says that you asked me to not nominate you for whole season. Megha says I have to know people here. Deepak says you asked us to support you in captaincy task? Megha says you were asking me to leave task but not Somi. Surbhi says you dont listen to others, Rohit is ranked 6, Surbhi says I like your attitude when you stood up for yourself and Shivashish is ranked 7, Romil says you are putting yourself first. Shiv says I take stand, I fight with everyone, I should on 2nd. Srishty is ranked 8th, Romil says she is involved less. Sristy says no thank you for keeping me here, I am alone since start so I am strong, if Romil didnt understand me then I didnt understand me too. Somi says Sristy have put her point well, I think her rank should be up. Urvashi is ranked 9th. Rohit says I should be on 8th as I am new. Urvashi says I dont shout like others. Deepak says you get that feedback from outside too. They shift Sristy on 7th and Shiv on 8th.

KV asks Jasleen why didnt you target 1st position? KV says I am okay with 2nd, Jasleen says I saw myself 1st. KV says you dont have consistency. Deepak says to Romil that I didnt like Rohit giving up and asking to put his rank down.
Jasleen says to Megha that it was pointless, they backbite and now rank them on top.
Jasleen says I dont agree wit my ranking. Deepak says we dont think so. Jasleen says you backbite Sree and then rank him on top, dont talk to me. Deepak says dont say rubbish. Sree asks him to talk with respect. Jasleen says dont lose limits, I am elder. Deepika asks Deepak to calm down.

Somi says I didnt like Rohit trying to act great. Romil calls Rohit and says you wanted us to look fools? respect the rank we gave you. Surbhi says we are wrong if you dont agree with that rank. Romil says we wanted to keep you on 6th. Surbhi says if you dont like things then talk it out, our strength is our unity.

KV is trying to talk to Sree to sort things out but Sree has been ignoring him. Sree says to Shiv that he just asks me to come and talk, what talk he wants to do? I am not doing it. KV is waiting for him in garden.

KV comes to Sree and says I have been waiting, Sree says to KV that if you were waiting then tell me. KV says I was waiting for half an hour, you could have told me you were busy. Sree says I was coming in a bit, I was waiting for bathroom. KV says then you could have sent a message, I was waiting for half an hour. Shiv says he was in line for washroom. Megha says I stopped to talk to him too.

KV says to Deepika that Sree has no decency, he doesnt respect friendship, he could have said he doesnt want to talk, he didnt even answer me and I was waiting, he respects no one, he is not a kid, he is immature, I am ashamed of myself, I will not from now on, this is not Sree that I knew. Deepika says maybe he is stuck. KV says we are crutches for him and he is getting used to it.

Deepika asks Sree what problem he has with KV? Sree says he didnt take stand so I didnt talk to him, Deepika says what with Sristy? Sree says she has been on KV’s side. Deepika says you keep supporting people like Deepak but not give a chance to KV and Sristy? Sree says that is game but they hurt personally. Deepika says he was waiting for you talk, you could have acknowledged him, we wanted to talk to you to play as one for captaincy, Sree says I am not making any captain. Deepika says they are supporting me, Sree says okay God bless.

PRECAP- Vikas Gupta and Shipa Shinde from previous season come to home. Shilpa gabs at Vikas that she has brought her servant too. Shilpa says you people have cold water only? Deepika says no, Shilpa says then why are you all so cold? you all look scared to see us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope that in this weeks task they divide all of them opposite to each other especially surbhi and romil..then i would like to see how does happy clubs unity stands? But one thing i admire about them is that surbhi romil know how to keep their team United.. for that i like them..why is this idiot sree giving attitude to kv..I mean seriously he was saying I love you kv on sunday and again flipped today …I really cant understand him…megha is trying a wasted effort to bring these stupid ppl will never happen…leave sree alone..let him do his own thing..kv megha dipika srishty jasleen should team up and try to get urvashi somi on their side

    1. @sandeep..
      Agreed to ur each n every word.. πŸ‘

  2. Just love to see Shilpa and vikas together hope once again some chemistry between them will be seen I personally liked them both with each other….and about this season contestants they all are boring I mean I couldn’t understand shree’s nature….he is like an immature child just doing things blindly he has no specific strategy and he himself Don’t know what he was doing and why he is doing all this with kv I found kv most genuine person in this bb house….he respect each and every contestant I don’t like jasleen and urvashi please this time also double eviction happens……and throw them out……

    1. @meera… Agreed..
      Kv is sweetheart.. Bas dimaag use karna start kr de toh fans thoda aur support karne lag jayenge… And agar wo thoda acche se play kr lega tph finalist hine k cances bhi. Honge uske

  3. Wow sree shiv voting as brothers and deepika and sree voting really good bonding ❀️❀️❀️❀️ I didn’t like the ranging but I don’t know why.. I feel sorry shiv I’m Sri Lanka I can’t vote you but I’ll ready my self to accept if you evict or not.. I hope all is well..

    1. Hi I’m lahiru from Colombo who is your favourite and not

    2. Hi I’m lahiru from Colombo who is your favourite πŸ’

  4. I never mentioned this but today, I am going to say this – I love the team ‘Happy Club’. They can be loud, they can be violent, they can fight, they can survive – but you can never ignore the way Surbhi and Romil holds the team together . I don’t know what’s in their fate but as a team , the strength it bears is totally riveting.

    I really want to see a team for the finals – and maybe, till now all the contestants showed varible colours that it’s difficult for the best one to win ~ yet, I want Romil, Surbhi, Deepak, Deepika, Karanveer in one team one day.

    And for now, Deepika, Srishti, Karanveer, Urvashi should stay together . Just my opinion.

    The ranks were perfectly placed. And I really don’t know why they call it a game because the more real u are, the farther u will go…Just be brave enough to keep opinions . So, I really don’t get Shree or Jazz. I feel they are just weird. Shiv phas gaya unke beech.

    And Deepika. :’) I never doubted on her that she’s fake and won’t ever do that. Because in every family there is one woman who cares for u even if u go wrong… so, her concern is not fake. Just that I don’t want Deepika to care for Shree so much. Care for all of them.

    And news, Jasleen Anup’s relationship was fake.

    1. Not only jasleen anupji..evn urvashi deepak’s relation seems like fake.

      And as a team surbhi n team are good…
      But i really want to see them against of each 9ther in task.. And that would be a real fun.. Nd interesting….

      I think bb makers should design an individual task.. Kaafi time ho gaya team team ho raha h.. Last seasons m sabki capabilities judge hona was easy.. And there were lot of songle tasks.. Even kamya punjabi made a guniese world record in one of the task..

      1. @XYZ, try to remember that entry video of Urvashi and Deepak. Urvashi had said that she would tell Deepak that she liked him if provided with a chance in future. So, their relationship is like two good friends where the girl has feelings for the boy but the boy likes another one.
        But, Jasleen and Anupji came in as lovebirds and a highly controversial relationship it was for a girl to love a man who is much older than her. That news was fake and that is disgusting .
        And yeah, single tasks will judge the strength but till now, that happy club is more or less nice.

    2. Surbhi and Romil r not holding any team Arohi… They r totaly perfect with those contestants like saba-somi and Deepak who r equally cunning and wild like them. So it’s easy to stick together…
      On the other hand , there r many contestants who hav some ego problems like Sree, Dipika immaturity like srishty & Urvashi, good heart but confused like Kv and Shiv.
      jaz jumps both sides.. Mega knows what she wants but it’s not that much easy for her to unite the different different personalities esp when she came late… but happy club has same personalities only.. Rohit joined them on arrival mainly bcs he hates sree’ s game.. now he s also miffed with happy club… Dipie and sree thinks wht they say is right and don’t wanna sit under anyone’s leadership.. but they both r not good leaders…
      Manipulation , screaming , being physical , instigating, giving galis, playing victim cards are the only things happy club doing… They have unity jus bcs they all are same..

      1. @Ezra..

        but to form a group and stick togather is good strategy to survive as long as they can…

      2. See, basically Surbhi is very real. I mean she can boast about herself , she can use vulgar language , she is rough and harsh , I accept everything – but she is real. She is the one who will say in front of you.
        So, even if the team doesn’t work out in future, Surbhi will play for herself and she will tell it in front of everyone . She won’t betray . She has always told her first priority is Surbhi Rana. πŸ™‚
        Coming to Romil, he has a mind. And he uses it to keep his friends in control.

        Sree can never be in any team. Sree told so much about Deepika, instigated all against Deepika, made a drama to forgive her, and now betrayed Jasleen saving Deepika. He is not a team member ! One day, he will be all alone. Jasleen could have also charged at him saying why did he backstab her..
        And Deepika had the quality, she lost it babysitting Sree all the time.

  5. I really dislike sree today.. Surabhi n tean irritate krte h unka samajh ata h.. But y he was behaving rude to kv.
    As i said neither sree is dpka’s bhai nor dpka is sree’s sis.. Ye bhai behen ka natak sirf ek dusre ko game m help karne k liye h…
    One thing i really didn’t get.. Dpka ki sree k sath itni fight hui sree ne bhi dpka k sath fight kiya.. Kv ne sristy dpka sree shiv urvashi bla bla sabko help kiya..
    Sree ko toh zyada hi.. And in yesterday’s akhada. I think it was only kv who raise his hand for wolfpack team.. And today’s behaviour of sree was very bad with kv..
    I really dont like sree when he lied in yesterday’s egg task.. And today in nomination task.. He voted for dpka but he said to jasleen i vote for u..

    It is clear nominations se surbhi n gang ko bachaya jata h.. Ppl will say how stright n good they were today.. Actually unke team members ko ranking nhi deni thi toh better h fair ranking hi kar lo.. Agar khud involved hote toh unfair ranking hoti..

    It wasvery funny of sristy n jasleen thinks they have given lpt of content and they dederves better ranking.. 🀣
    And jasleen on 1st position.. 🀣… Bhai aisa kya kia h tumne?
    Megha ne marathi bb win kiya but still usey game khelne nhi aa rahi… How sad..
    I really didn’t ike sristy’s comment when she said megha dont deserve 5th position.. I think megha ne 1st task m hi khud ko prove kiya h and b12 m abhi ta uske jotna accha perform koi bhi task kisi ne nhi kiya

    Ranking was fair. Except rohit n shiv..rohit deserves on 8 shiv 6 sristy 7..

    I was laughing hard when jasleen was arguing ng with kv.. 🀣

    Today i really like shiv.. Bcz he was getting more opinionated and now he is started to use his brain a lil bit.. 😜

    1. XYZ,
      Indeed it was pre planned nomination task by BB.. if they were asked to nominate two for elimination , Surbi and Romil will get most votes. So BB wants to save blo*dy happy club.
      Deepak is already captain. Votes will b divided
      btwn Surbi ,romil ,somi only… Any blind can even predict BB’ s gameplan..
      Now Deepak s getting special powers again and again ,.. earlier to save Romil from jail , now to nominate Sree. Neha and shiv didn’t get any powers..!
      Totally unfair!

  6. And for the first time i like somi just bcz of she said they should place rohit on 9 as he wants to sacrifice his place..

    I really dislike surabhi.. Not only bcz of her loud behaviour.. But it bcz of she is emotionless… Jis din se bb house m enter hui h she was started to create difference btwn deepak n urvashi.. Bcz urvashi is not playimg accordimg to them.

    Bhai it was clear that jazz anup and urvashi deepak came as a couple.. And there were romantic angle too.. But in these 2 weeks when they had fight.. Deepak started. Liking somi.. And surbhi is sab ko bhadawa de rahi h..
    Ab sree sree ki footage ho gayi toh aise le lo footage fake love angle create karne ki koshosh karo.. Amd what about that girl jisko aap apne sath le k aye ho?

    I was really feelimg bad for urvashi.. She was trying to sort out things.. Deepak has no shame.. Game m itna bhi involve mat ho ki emotions ko ekdum hi side kar do..
    And It is my personal thinking.. If some one came as a couple then they should npt switch for the sake pf content ..

    1. @XYZ There was a time I also used to feel that Urvashi bechari hai but nai hai. She intentionally went to Deepak and tried to sort out seeking Shristy’ s advice ki captain banna hai to friendship karle. She started being rude again when she could not become captain. She went against Zodies saying ye galat kiya in pillow task and looked opinionated. But once she actually was with Celeb Didi Bhaiya she never said anything against them even when they were wrong. It is evident she is with celebs to be safe and to be seen with people that viewers recognize more. Of all the people Urvashi is one who can’t be called friend???
      Urvashi went to Deepak today because she knows Megha is trying to break wolf pack and Happy club and Urvashi ka comfort group ke so convenient bhaiya didi will soon sacrifice her. And last time bhi wo captaincy kly gayi thi Deepak k paas dosti kly nai.
      Urvashi ko yaad kab tha ki she came with Deepak.

      1. I feel that surbhi and may be BB r trying to enforce a romantic triangle here with Deepak somi and urvashi..I liked that somi clearly rejected Deepak.. I mean seriously Deepak is gone bande ka khud ka bheja hai he nahi..urvashi knows that surbhi Saba somi dont like her cuz she is in good terms with their enemies..romil surbhi r trying to do the same thing with rohit too that if you are a member of happy club then stop talking to srishti..why should he..who the hell are you romil to order around like this..for these reasons urvashi seems to be keeping distance from Deepak but at the same time srishti has no group so she is kinda hanging somewhere in the middle..and deepika knows after talking to megha that they need more ppl on their side ao these 2 are pushing urvashi to talk to Deepak now ….and it’s good if urvashi is trying to sort things out with Deepak but Deepak ka bheja fry hai..

      2. @sandeep virk……..agree
        Deepak ka bheja fry h…….lol

    2. Deepak was so condescending with his “agle chaar din ka dekhlo” comment to urvashi like he was taunting her of chances of her getting eliminated this week..he’s a snake and an annoying being I for first time cheered for somi for rejecting his fake trp induced proposal….besides I’ve noticed he always change his tone and attitude when he talks to urvashi it’s always bossy and negative

      1. @Anonymous , sandeep..
        totally agreed to u..

        @Hope.. agreed to u on this point that urvashi is not that seedhi jitna wo show karti h and deepak k pass uska jana bhi part of strategy h..

        but we can’t deny.. deepak always urvashi ko rule karne ki koshish karta h… on the other hand urvashi never stop him to do anything and to talk to anyone…

        and the point is they came as a couple and surbhi should not interfere in their relation…
        If u came here as a couple then think about the girl’ s dignity…

        sirf content dene k liye aap love angle banao this is not cool na…

  7. Merusha irani

    I loved watching this show when sreesanth was not there..somehow when he is on screen it makes me angry seeing him..I still can’t figure out what kind of a person he is.ita kot just about respecting women’s but he doesn’t even know how to respect humans.he imsults everyone by saying stupid stuffs.and this is really ironical as he himself is banned from would he do that ..he should be empathetic towards other..if he really wants to play he should play with some dignity..sorry to say but if he thought that this show will help him to get in people heart it’s really not happening as he is loosing his respect more by doing this kinds of acts..I left watching this show because of him..he is unbearable..will only start watching when he is gone…I hope he improves bcoz he is a horrible human beingπŸ˜‘

    1. Merusha Irani
      I agree with you..I used to defend sree till last week mostly because he was being targeted repeatedly..but today he was pathetic..why was he treating kv like garbage..sorry more excuses for you..noone made fun of him or irritated him today especially kv never showed any malice towards him..and the entire time sree was questioning kv’s personality his integrity and his acting..wth is wrong with you sree..sorry but aap bhi koe dudh ke dhule nahi ho jo bewajah kv ko target kiye ja rahe ho…this man needs to he totally shunned by everyone for at least one day and let him realize how he is damaging his image every passing day

      1. @Sandeep virk I agree with your each & every point..From the 1st day kv hamesa sree ka saath diya even itna kuch hone ke baad v in sultani akhara only kv ne support kiya tha but sree usko hi attitude dikha raha hai..even Mtv extra dose mei kal dikhaya tha ke sree ne kv ke profession ko leke v question kiya ke kv good actor hai ke nehi jaha pe jasleen shiv aur rohit v present tha..agar yahi baat uske bare mei koi karta to ke wo achhe cricketor hai ke nehi to ab tak bawal ho jata..usko dusro ke profession ko respect karna chahiye…kv ne sree ka mazak nehi banaya kavi but sree kv ke pith piche uska mazak bana raha hai..

      2. sree is acting against kv since he saw him getting along with deepak and doing planning plotting with him without sharing it with his own group besides since he entered the house again kv has been a bit distanced from him I felt that when that whole spitting fiasco was going on and he didn’t say anything to him like sree is kind of person who hold grudges and that’s what he’s doing now with kv and somewhat kv did that too one day ago as well..what i don’t like is both of them back biting each other like little kids

  8. Hi dear πŸ’πŸ’ I have mixed emotions towards them I didn’t hate anyone here but like their some quality..

    Sree- he really didn’t now how to play while angry he fully lost it’s not fault to hate more because he’s caring also when friends sharing matters with him I think everyone used him.. Personally like his speech that come without fack and emotional..

    Kv- he is sweet really he didn’t distrube anyone or played mind game and support his friends with pure heart I love that…

    Deepika – she really playing a good game and trying to keep everything attached with her so this is unnecessary for her but she did only for her caring..

    Romil:- playing intelligent and carefully with out break his controls…

    Jasleen – she didn’t speak anything bad about her friends and support them..

    Deepak- really he have sport sprit

    Urvashi/shristy- playing their own games with out hurting anyone sweeties..

    Megha- she have so much winning spreat and mastermind..

    And personally I watched bb for only shiv last for hitten and vikas..

    Shiv is innocent that shows like idiot sometimes and didn’t want to argue with anyone and hurts them that shows as following someone.. And he didn’t get pacient that shows as looser πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ whatever it is a feeling when see his appearance I feel he’s a good friend to join him.. Good partner to play with him.. Good housemate to live with him..


    I didn’t judge or hate everyone because theirs situation as competitors differently than viewers so only learned some goodness and avoid badness never insult them.. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  9. Happy club team… i do not like the members bc they are rude and annoying but they are playing very wisely. Jaise bhi hain… vo ek rehte hain. that is important
    i believed sree would change after his time in the outhouse but he is still rude and self absorbed. He came into this house to fix his image, but he has made it worse.

  10. Epi was boring at best I keep thinking challo ab interesting hoga ab hoga par ye suchtey suchtey 1 mahina guzar gaya aur kuch nai hua πŸ™ except for sree’s pointless and unfair bashing which has no firy comeout, and producers again made nominations into their favourite saving fest plus why romil is forcing rohit to commit to his group when none of them even bothered taking his name to save? Moreover Sree/dipika are irritating me with their ‘bond’ seriously and why Megha went to disclose her game plan to deepika considering deepika is the reason why they’re so divided RN her voting sree off put doubt in all of their mind and they don’t trust each other , why the hell kV keep saving uravashi? I get him doing it today since she’s the weakest and celebs will not be affected by one nomination but really she isn’t a bigg boss material and the way deepak behaves with her irritates me so it’ll be better if she go home, sree lying to jasleen was brutal seeing how much she had faith in him saving her and whoever enter the house better tell jasleen that anup jalota has already told the truth so she need to stop with her cring3y scenes about missing him happy club still irritates me to the core and the power they keep getting is annoying as well..

    1. @Jap..

      they are using rohit… rohit jaise aa k jitni energy show kr raha tha ab uski energy fusss ho gayi..

      the fact is romil and surbhi are togather .. they need some ppl so that they can collect votes..
      agar ye logo ko rohit se itna hi pyaar tha toh usey single vote bhi q nhi mila??
      and surbhi zabardasti ka deepak-somi relation banane m lagi hui h..
      but rohit can’t do the same thing with sristy

    2. celebs should’ve focused on saving srishty,jasleen and shiv the most those three are weakest when it comes to vote bank but strongest when it comes to task but instead sree and deepika wasted their one vote saving each other kv wasted one on urvashi knowing she don’t stand a chance of surviving longer than those 3 plus i do agree about deepik being a b*t*h to urvashi his tone always have malice and as if he thinks of her lesser than him

  11. Wear less atta jas

    what the f**k is jasleen tryna show is she jelouse of dipi and sree tf man shes f in head her bonding with sree no one can break dah but tf is wrong with her doe she was probly shitting her pants when she found out that sree to her name nd not dpka nme shes sucha looser what despo al m seeing is sree and jas together more dan dpka i swear i dont get dis guy why you even kept a bond with dah ugly slag dpka is much better than anyone else ya just so jelouse how perfect she is for the game sree is dumb i didnt like the yesterdays epi wre he ignored her nd pused his face away thats really cruel bout da rank i honestly tink dah kv or dipka should be on the top two nd sree on the third and forth shirsty fith shiv sixth rohit seventh urvash eight jas evil cow shes proper jelouse of sree nd dipka bonding shes tryna get close to him she doesnt want him near dipka nd bout der bond shes tryna break dah apart nd da way she said u took dpika name nd why lie to me you jelouse mofo i want dipka to get out of sree shoes so she knows his reality nd doesnt follow whatever he says to her i mean cmon focus on urself nd da game no point keeping relation with smone when u kno der al fake but love you dipka nd kv my top winners i hope you win dis show jas pls use less atta on ur face we al knw how ugly you look when u put make up on honestly you look more ugly both ways gtfo out of sree shoes nd leave him alone stop making him dance on ur ugly tunes nd fix da f**k up

  12. Romil trying to manipulate Rohit…
    What did he say , Shristy didn’t support Rohit so he should nt favour her… Really??
    Which one of the happy clubs saved Rohit??
    Rohit saved surbi too.. did she save him??
    I’ m happy that Rohit is a bit aware of their double game now.

  13. The episode was damn boring except for the precap part………shikas is back in bb house…….
    I have been waiting to see them………at least tomorrow’s episode would be nice……..
    God………excited as hell…… shilpa n vikas……
    Semi n deepak’s part was disgusting……..
    I think dipika srishty kv shiv n megha should be on one side bcoz sree is way too impulsive……..he is not sure what to do n what not to do……..still like him……
    The worst part of today’s episode was nominations bcoz now I have to bear this stupid filthy surbhi for another week……..
    KV was good today………hope that he continues it……..bcoz nobody else seems to be a winner till now……
    Last season was just so different firstly I thought hiten or hina then vikas then shilpa…… least there were contestants which we predicted would win right from the start but in this season there is nobody……..
    I like the celebs n shiv though……

  14. I hv started liking shiv s standing. But poor guy tik nahi payega zyada. Woh acha hai dil ka. Salman seems insecure of him (may b body wise) and nikal dega usko

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