Bigg Boss 12 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Captaincy task canceled

Bigg Boss 12 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 74
Inmates wake up to song tumhi ho bandhu.. They all dance and enjoy.
Romil says to Somi that this song played because of friends defending and not defending in task. Somi says if you want to allege me then do.

Sree says to Romil that Rohit irritates me too much. Romil says he is irritating you so you take action, you find these people in world too, they are just side line people left to poke you.

Jasleen says to Romil that I cant be silent and listen to others, I cant be artist like this, I will tell you few things outside of house. Rohit says tell me too. Jasleen says he does this to poke others. Jasleen says you find anything wrong with you? Rohit says I work on my mistakes, I am confident and I feel safe. Megha says he is too confident. Rohit

says Jasleen and Megha might both go. Romil says to Jasleen that you pick fights with him.

Romil says to Somi that you were supporting Deepak against me, I wish you are not playing mind games with me, I am worst enemy. Somi says I am not scared of your threats.
KV says to Deepak that Romil is clever and uses people, its his nature here and outside. Deepak says he is my friend.

Somi says to Romil that you think I was defending Deepak? Romil says yes, Somi says I just did what was fair. Romil says you made up your mind to save Deepak. Somi says I didnt want to just follow Jasleen, I didnt defend him, just pointed out on his right deeds, he was wrong for insulting women, dont allege me, care for my emotions. Romil says you had emotions for someone. Somi says you know that I dont feel that way for him, I cant keep explaining it.

Romil sings and asks Somi to not show attitude to him. He says dont talk to me, talk to my manage, is Deepak your crush too? Somi says dont talk to me, I am miffed. Romil says only I understand you in this house well.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that its time to choose contender for captaincy, you all have to mutually choose four inmates who played well in task, Somi and Jasleen couldnt reach a decision in last round and had to be rejected so as punishment they cant become captains or cant give input to choose contenders for captaincy. Jasleen and Somi smile and leave. Sree says Deepak, Dipika and Surbhi for me. Romil says to Dipika that I was standing in whole task, Dipika says Romil was more active than Megha. Sree agrees.
KV says to Surbhi and his team that I was totally involved in task. Sree says I want to vote for Romil and Dipika. Megha says I will take my name, I fought and got point from Deepak. Deepak says to KV that you didnt have any case, you didnt fight. KV says that should give me point that they didnt have any case for me. Rohit says you didnt have involvement then. KV says I give point to Surbhi. Rohit says I want to become contender.
Megha says to inmates that listen to me. Sree laughs and cuts fruit in kitchn. Megha stands on table and asks inmates to listen to them. KV says you cant stand on table. Megha says I dont find Romil fit for this because he couldnt prove himself innocent when his profession is saving people by talking. Sree says dont bring profession. He goes to Somi and Jasleen and jokes with them.
All inmates talk and decide to choose Deepak, Surbhi, Romil and Dipika, Surbhi says Megha doesnt agree with it. Bigg boss says these four will have a task soon.

Jasleen taunts Rohit that someone wanted to become contender. Rohit says I gave my contendership to Surbhi, you eat watermelon and remain silent. Jasleen says he keeps misbehaving.

Megha says to Jasleen that my team doesnt perform. Jasleen says its understood that Romil and Dipika’s name will come up. Megha says I am here to cut grass? Somi says dont lose temper. Megha says people are fake here, if you react then you are aggressive and if you dont then you are fake. Jasleen says you had less involvement in task. Megha says I was sleeping? Romil says I was involved in task all the time. Megha says why didnt you prove yourself innocent then? Jasleen says it was mutually decided to choose Romil. Megha says to hell with them.

Captaincy task is announced, Dipika reads that four contenders will not play in task but they will choose representative. There are four swords dug in stone, representative have to protect sword for their contenders, if sword is out then contender will be out of task.. inmates can talk to representatives and ask them to move away from sword to eliminate their contender, if representative wants to leave protection then they can leave, nobody can forcefully bring out swords from stone. Deepak chooses KV. Surbhi chooses Megha but Megha says let me think. Dipika asks Sree if he is going for her? Sree says I am not playing, she says you are my only option. Sree says I am not doing. Dipika asks Megha, Megha agrees to do it for Dipika. Surbhi says you gave your word to me first, its okay. Romil says to Jasleen that you have to fully do this task for me, dont move, this is about your performance.
Surbhi asks Rohit to play for her but he is angry that she chose Megha first. Surbhi says I didnt choose you because of stopping urine, Rohit says I can pee there only, Surbhi says I trust you, I know you can do it for me, you will play for me now.

Bigg Boss asks to announce their representative. Dipika chooses Megha, Deepak chooses KV, Romil says I choose Somi.. Sree says she is ill, Jasleen says she will have to leave, Somi says yes I have health issue, Romil chooses Jasleen. Surbhi chooses Rohit. Bigg Boss says Somi will be referee.

Buzzer plays, all protectors stand with their swords. Somi says if you move a little away from stone and someone takes out sword then person will be eliminated. Romil says to Deepak that Rohit doesnt have focus on sword. Deepak says to Surbhi that lets irritate Megha.

Sree says to Rohit that come for a wrestling. Surbhi says why you are not standing for your sister? she keeps doing things for you but now she is alone, you are not protecting her sword. Sree says keep shouting. Surbhi says I like to irritate you. Sree says I am the weakest here. Rohit says you want to take me to washroom? Sree says I can throw you and take out sword, I will be disqualified, you family is watching the show so dont let me say things, I will meet you outside. Surbhi asks him to not start. Sree turns to leave, Rohit asks if Sree got scared? lets meet outside. Sree says you are done now. Rohit asks him to sleep. Sree says Surbhi sorry. Sree says you want me to show 2015? meet me outside. Rohit says you want me to start about outside? we will have to go to washroom. Surbhi says do it after task. Dipika says to KV that you wont help me? I stayed with you when you went to jail. KV says then you removed my name from your list.

Romil asks Megha to take off her boots, its making her too tall. Megha says its about my strength. Rohit says she won one show, you dont know much Romil. KV says may the best men or women win. Deepak says Jasleen is not even woman. Megha says someone told me that I am not going anywhere. Somi says Jasleen is doing it for herself. Deepak says to Romil you told Rohit that I dont have a mind. Romil says I just said that I wont talk to you. Deepak says then take stand, I went to you when you were crying, it was my humanity. Romil says you always come to me, I dont come to you. Deepak says I came to you as a friend but you are egoistic. Romil says you have small pea size mind. Deepak says I dont want to talk now, you will get your footage. Romil follows him.

Sree says to Rohit and KV that you are a celebrity, they will show peeing on HD. Rohit says get lost. Jasleen says Rohit control your tongue. Surbhi asks Jasleen to not take footage. Jasleen says look at his words. Dipika says Surbhi doesnt do anything just keep shouting and irritating others, Surbhi says you have no identity, your brother didnt even consider you. Dipika says bring some new words. Sree says to Rohit that you do gym, your will get cramps, you know a lot of things happen in sets. Surbhi stands infront of Sree and asks him to take her on. Sree moves closer to her. Surbhi says he pushed me.
KV says to Deepak that Jasleen is little distracted, try her sword.
Rohit says to Sree that you are *******. Sree says keep talking like that. Surbhi says you cant threaten him, whom are you fearing? who do you think of yourself? Sree says you just talk, you cant do anything. Surbhi says get lost. She makes weird noises infront of him. Deepak says Surbhi is wasting her energy.
Sree says to KV that I will make them angry, it was my work in cricket, I made Lara angry so who are these?

Surbhi says to KV that you could have asked Sree to move back from me. KV says I sent Deepak a lot.
Jasleen says to Rohit that do this for yourself but dont torture yourself, this Surbhi is weird character. Sree says to Rohit that I just wanted to make you feel what it feels like to be irritated, Surbhi is like a sister, tell her that. Rohit says you talked about your son, Sree says it was nothing. Rohit says I was joking about beating too.

Megha says to Rohit that you are wasting time, I will stand here for 4 days too. Romil says there is a guy Nohit called Rohit, all laugh. Rohit is on urge of peeing. Megha says this will affect your career, its just a start, dont pee on camera. Romil says let me tell you a story, once a guy peed on camera, it was shown and he was named NoPee. All tease Rohit.

Megha asks Rohit to go, he will get cramp. Rohit says I dont have a cramp. Megha says you dont have blanket, Rohit says I took you on in snake task, you are nominated, not me. Megha says we will see outside, you are nothing. Surbhi says Megha dont make issues, you know what Salman said about you. Rohit says to Megha that you are cut too. Megha says say bad words from your face. Rohit says my face is very good. Rohit asks Surbhi to bring sipper, lets play fully. Surbhi says really? Rohit says yes, I will play fully. Surbhi brings her sipper. Dipika says I dont want to see this. Deepak says wait, Rohit asks to bring blanket. Somi says this is my blanket. Surbhi says this is my blanket. Surbhi and Deepak wraps blanket around Rohit, Deepak asks him to look inside. Rohit pees and says its wonderful. KV says brilliant.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that contenders are not playing but their representatives are so your job was to make other contenders leave swords and take them out of task but you all failed, you all are sitting and doing nothing so we are changing few things.. now buzzers will play after time to time and one representative have to leave task at that time, they have to decide who will leave.
Surbhi says to Deepak that we have to try till last. Deepak says to Rohit that if its KV and you till last then leave task, let KV win. Deepak says to Jasleen that you need support in game so show support. Jasleen says dont threaten me, I will not go before Megha, take out Surbhi first with mutual understanding.
KV says to Surbhi that first take out Megha, then we will go for Jasleen. Surbhi says okay. Surbhi tries to talk to Megha but Sree argues with her.
Romil asks Rohit to show humanity and show support, I took care of Surbhi, I never cursed her but she never supported me. Surbhi says to Sree that get lost, who are you? nothing. Sree shouts at her.

Buzzer plays, Surbhi asks Sree to get lost, you are cheap. Somi says we have to do voting. Somi votes for Surbhi, Rohit votes for Dipika, Megha votes for Surbhi, KV votes for Dipika. Somi says there is a tie now. Bigg boss says when two sarpanch couldnt reach a mutual decision so how will four representative reach mutual understanding? but as you know, at buzzer someone will have to leave otherwise task will be canceled. Deepak says Romil became captain two times. Romil says you became captain for three times. Sree asks Surbhi what can you? Surbhi says get lost. Romil asks Deepak to leave and he will leave for Dipika. Romil says to Rohit that I would support you but you are not contender. Dipika says to KV that leave for her, KV says you are not a friend, dont ask for favor when you dont have any friendship, do not expect anything from me. Dipika says then dont come to me and talk nicely. Bigg boss says as you people couldnt reach a decision so this task is canceled and there will be no captain in house for this week.

Surbhi says to KV that Sree is talking about curses? he cursed the most in show, he kept telling his emotional stories and reached here and this Dipika have nothing of her own. KV says I am looking at you fairly, you have to know where to stop, Surbhi says I was thinking it was fun but he kept provoking me. KV says he said that he provoked Brian Lara so Surbhi is nothing. Surbhi says if this is the way he shows his nature then its bad.

Somi talked to Deepak and says Dipika asked me if she should use Deepak’s behavior towards me as an argument to throw you out of panchayat task. She says that I dont disrespect your feelings but there needs to be a limit, she doesnt like others making fun and joking about it, Deepak says I will ask them to not joke about it to you.

PRECAP- Deepak says Sree disrespected this show so he should go to jail. Surbhi takes Sree’s name too. Sree says I am not going. Dipika says no one is right here, all curse here. KV sys wow very good Dipika. Surbhi says look at this girl. Surbhi taunts Sree for being egoistic and liar, she says he has a sister without any identity, cries that wrong happened in his life. Sree says I dont care what happened with me. Surbhi says go and run coward. Sree says keep barking. Surbhi says you keep chanting to beat someone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nivika

    Deepak commented on jasleen’s gender today…
    How ghatiya insaan he is….
    Dil ka saaf and honest…shame on u deepak thakur…
    Acha hua jasleen ne yeh baat nahi suni nahi toh aaj deepak par uss talwar se hi war ho jata๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
    What if caller of the week is for deepak about this sentence…
    What will be others reaction and jasleen’s??
    #shameonudeepakthakur….thodi sharam karo…

    1. @nivika
      I wish Salman throws surbhi Deepak and rohit out…and trust me caller of the week will never question surbhi or Deepak…I’m pretty sure caller will question dipika or sree looking at tomorrow’s precap…jasleen is emerging as a strong contender these days…I hope she doesnt go this week…
      And only when you think surbhi cant think or talk lower than she this girl really surprises you..she is definition of filth and gutter or even worse…
      I’m liking romil so much now(I know I said in yesterday’s comment too)the way he was singing and talking to was adorable…now I can see him in top 3…sree and romil top 2…and in top 3 dipika or jasleen…but I know noone else will place jasleen in top 3..I feel she is much more deserving than dipika megha kv and all the others

      1. @Sandeep I agree.. Romil is doing great. I love him too. I don’t really want Dipika or Sree to be in top 2, Romil and Jasleen should be there in top 2

    2. @Nivika,Aarohi and sandeep…
      totally agreed to u guys…
      caller of the week ne aaj tak i think HC members se koi question nhi kiya aur is baar bhi nhi lagta deepak ne jas pe jo comment kiya uska itna issue banega…

  2. Nivika

    Aab game mein jamega raang mil bethe hai teen log….๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    1. 100% true… i always wanted all dimaag se khelne waale log ek saath n that is happening now..

    2. @Nivika , Rajjo..

      sry to differ u here , but i really wants to see romil alone for sometime bcz he did the same with lot of ppls… uske sath jo surbhi deepak and somi ne kiya wo wrong tha but isse romil ne jo baaki logo k sath apne HC members k sath mil k kiya wo mistakes kam nhi ho jati…..

      and agar sree,dpka ab romil k sath team up karte h toh ye jas n megha k sath unfair hoga cz these 2 supported them time to time when they needed these 2…..

      so wants to see dpka,sree,megha and jas togather instead of romil-sree and dpka…

  3. Please some one kick this Deepak out of this show

  4. I felt bad for Deepika when Shree denied…he was her only option… any ways even if he said yes to her, she will loose coz he doesn’t have patience..
    I didn’t understand what was the point of arguments during the task…task was just convincing the other party to leave the sword… instead everyone started yelling at each other…
    I loved romil suggesting Sree to ignore people like Rohit…I hope he uses it and ignores them…
    I personally feel he n Deepika should ignore them completely… By giving them reply or actions, u r giving ‘footage’ to them…
    Surbhi stooped very low this week..
    Honestly Megha and jasleen deserved more than these bully Rohit, Deepak and Surbhi…
    But sad that one of them will go this week…

    1. @jisha..
      But aur kitne time tak sree ko defend karenve yaar… Hadd hoti h give up karne ki.
      It looks so bad each n every time he denies to perform.. As al contestants are equal.. Baaki sab kya rakh channe aye h yahan.. Baaki sab nhikar rahe task perform?

      Frankly speaking apne gve up behaviour se wo sportsmanbhi nhi lagta kahin se..
      Agar kisi aise bande kosree k ye epsodes dikhao aur baad m bolo ye bnda fastes bowler tha and indian team k lye play kiya h.. Tph wo bnda in episodes ko dekhne k baad blv hi ni karega

      1. True…he gives up so easily… every task he is like I am not doing this…he Really need to work on them…
        Megha is killer when it comes to tasks… actually she showed every member how tasks should be performed…

  5. i just want to say that hats off to #shree Dipika, Megha, Jasleen, even kv(for earlier) for living in a house where everyone is always bullying you, mocking you, mimic you, keeping an observation on your every action whether their action is same or not… seriously its a very big deal to be there and maintain your decorum.
    whatever happened today what that #PSYCHO surbhi did today after seeing that i can say seriously i may can’t resist there even once the way she provokes anybody is next level yaar n #BIN THALI KA BAIGAN(i got a new name) deepak adds fuel to it always… today nobody paid heed to him but he was saying “aur jasleen na to men hn na women” what the hell was that… i want on wkw somebody ask him that plzzzz…
    Like deepika i find Kv is also lost somewhere okay you are playing a game but your target is not to break the happy club n take the position of the leader there being a friend also you can tell surbhi whatever she is doing its right or wrong why i am saying that becoz earlier when these only surbhi n deepak bully dipika or shree kv used to feel bad n says how they can bully someone upto this level he used to feel genuinely from heart we have seen that but today he is not having problem doesn’t he now feels that maybe they get hurt really… i can’t differentiate actually fans can’t differentiate between the two sides of kv that which is right n which is wrong…
    omg today after enjoying 2 months today somi said to deepak about his uncomfortableness… wow badi jaldi nhi yaad aaya aapko…
    don’t want to say anything about #NoHIT, JAS, Megha as nothing much was there about them say… just felt bad about megha maybe she is nice person but gameplan is lacking somewhere… she becomes aggressive like shree but gets lost…

  6. ๐Ÿ˜Œ My KV told Surbhi to know where to draw the line. ๐Ÿ˜Œ I want you to be back like this, baby…No more wishes ๐Ÿ˜Œ and Deepika and KV look like best friends who fought for someone else ๐Ÿ˜ฃ please come along!

  7. Nivika
    Deepak will say uska intention woh nhi tha. And no caller will ask nor will salman. Coz its ok. Rohit ko gay bolna was not. Jo woh actual main hai. Sach nhi theek hai na. Jhoot is ok. This is bb rule.

    1. Nivika

      But salman had spoke on that topic in wkw hooe so this weekend…so called dil ka saaf deepak ko salman bhai iss baat pe bole…

    2. @indian.. Even salman will say uska intention ye nhi tha..

    3. @indian.. Even salman will say uska intention ye nhi tha..

  8. lOK so it has came down to proverb :khoda pahad nikla chuha and gayi bhaiss pani me # task ki ho gyi dhakki tikki
    no captain in the week lol makers will evict non content givers for sure
    jasleen is coming up good she is taking stands at times but kept loosing it too at times
    megha ji seemed glum in her inferiority of not making it into trust books of # SIMAR and FLIPSANTH and she got miffed of TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL being the captaincy’s contender# fair by some means unfair by many means :))-
    DISAPPOINTED WITH FLIPSANTH he not stood for SIMAR, her caring pal thats not the gesture any body would have expected , i wonder how SIMAR have felt badly but she had gulped her emotions very well today , as it was his best chance for him to support her to make her win but what he did he just gave up # kudos to megha she stood for # sweet dipika and then become the sweetest supporter for our simar
    #KV man man oh man !!!!going wrong as u have taken path to follow #SURBHIMANIA# in actual he has become papa of fake vienna # supporting #NAAPAK !!!! i think audience will be disappointed with you supporting deepak and you were rude to # SIMAR # you know what u should have tried at least to patch up with her by showing your support # to be frank kv you are revenging SIMAR COZ OF FLIPSANTH , we know u feel for her as aa friend and u thought she betrayed u for FLIPSANTH but if you would have supported her instead of that idiot deepak then you would have got a lot better praises but annyways we will she how you manage this # BUNCH OF FOOLS (surbhi,nohit, naapak )
    #DEEPAK LOST HIS BRAIN SOMEWHERE today the comment on #jasleen was pathetic # going on gender of such a beautiful bubbly girl is not at all accepted # he had shown his illiteracy again today !!!!!
    # NOHIT lol PEE MAN OF BB HOUSE , for supporting surbhi # HEIGHT OF DUMBNESS LOL # idiotic support
    #SOMI was given the sanchalak task which she performed at a better level despite being ill # GET WELL SOON SOMI

    TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL you are superb man u are a winner for sure today the show belongs to u only # kohinoor hai kohinoor # HIRA HO HIRA # GOOD TO SEE # ROMIKA BONDING with FLIPSANTH #continue the way u are playing and make us even more PROUD # LOVE TO OJA !!!!! I THINK you have listened me via telepathy # NO HIT HAHAHAA U SAID EVEN YOUR HEART IS HEARING YOUR FANS NOMENCLATURE WOW SUPERB @ LOVED IT # LEGEND WINNER !!!!!

    1. Perfect one. โค I agree to each and every point . Romil and Jasleen are going superb. Truly amazing . โคโคโค Romil must win but if tables turn, I will be happier to see Jasleen win … from ground to touching sky. Megha is good too, but as per votes, Megha or Jasleen will survive this week. ๐Ÿ™
      I don’t have any fetish for Shree or Dipika. They don’t deserve to win. But they should be in top 3… Sree n Dipika are good, but not the best. If we see journeys, Romil and Jasleen improved a lot. And both of them deserve to win. โค
      My KV will be eliminated soon, I don’t see him as a winner. But I want him to come out as Neha – with much love n respect. It’s not his Surbhimania, he is tired of being used up, he couldn’t digest being betrayed by Dipika. So, let it be.

      1. @arohi
        I humbly want to ask u that when did dipika betray kV……..I might have missed it I guess……lol

      2. @Nandini, we do little stuffs for our friends. But we want our best friends to reciprocate the same love and attention . If u watch Neha’s interview , she told the same about Dipika. She felt that the love wasn’t completely reciprocated ! So, naturally , we make a boundary of expectations from them. KV was a friend , but it hurt him when after his one week of captaincy, Dipika came n told him “hume ap galat lagte ho” or something like that…
        KV’s point was- if u are my best friend , confront directly Then n There. Not after a week, and don’t use the word “hume”, it looked like Sree and Dipika together felt the same and told him after one week’s of silence. There, he felt betrayed from Dipika whose first priority became Sree even when Sree was against Dipika for a while, not KV ! That particular incident changed KV’s point of view. Now, all are against Surbhi, and Surbhi’s thing is if u are in my team, I will support u… KV got the attention here which he badly needed from Dipika.

      3. @arohi
        N for this reason he had already sent dipika to jail………friendship in this house means give n take n dipika has always stood up for kV not like him……he b*t*hes about her…….
        KV is a confused soul…….
        N instead of being constantly supported by dipika he took her name for torchor also…… its kV who has always betrayed n used dipika…….
        N the reason behind that captaincy matter u r giving is not justified……one never breaks friendship just bcoz of this stupid thing n befriends such stupid creatures like surbhi deepak n rohit…..
        I m okay if he isnot good with dipika n vice versa but at least he should not support surbhi deepak n rohit in their wrong deeds…….

    2. after your comment now i get it that actually what surbhi wants to prove she wants to the biggest psycho villian of BIGG BOSS of all season and of tv… her competitor are the names u mentioned liked rakhi sawant, dolly bindra, priyanka jagga, swami om,

    3. @Airplanes and Aarohi
      totally agreed with u..
      Even i would prefer mrgha and jas as a einner but it is n9t going to happen for sure..

      I have started likr jas not bcz of her task.. But how she handled herself after anup’s eviction..
      Hc members except romil taunt her for her relationship with anup.. I saw she was weak and ppls even including sr3e and dpka was not talking to her much.. No one was including her so that shr cant even look in episode.. And like this her chances would be sure to get eliminate… But hats off to her spirit she doesn’t loose her confidence..

      And same thing for megha… I personally really like thos women.. Bcz i do respect her alot..

    4. @Airplanes and Aarohi
      totally agreed with u..
      Even i would prefer mrgha and jas as a einner but it is n9t going to happen for sure..

      I have started likr jas not bcz of her task.. But how she handled herself after anup’s eviction..
      Hc members except romil taunt her for her relationship with anup.. I saw she was weak and ppls even including sr3e and dpka was not talking to her much.. No one was including her so that shr cant even look in episode.. And like this her chances would be sure to get eliminate… But hats off to her spirit she doesn’t loose her confidence..

      And same thing for megha… I personally really like thos women.. Bcz i do respect her alot..

  9. Surabhi gelling Deepika you have no identity In tasks.
    In nominations, she is like aap toh celebrity ho, aapki toh fan following hai. Why u need immunity? Common man needs it.
    What a logic !! Slow claps for this gutter mouth ..

  10. Deepak and surbhi are most irritating . they should thrown out

  11. Kvlover ๐Ÿ’–

    I love to read everyone’s comment here , nd for the first time I think to comment today .
    So i m commenting about kv only ,
    a video is going viral in which kv puts a ##BRA on his head , people are making it such a big issue , everyone is saying that his real face is what they shown in video or bla bla….
    Let me clear one thing ,,,…. Surbhi throw bra on him , nd whe she being a girl have no problem nd chilling with him , nd they were joking … He didn’t comment anything bad ….
    Nd when Deepika found one underwear she was to openly discussing about , that whoes underwear is this nd than rohit came nd they discuss … whatever there discussions i don’t care , but the fact is ki tab koi kuch nhi bola
    I m also a girl , nd jab hum apne friends k sath comfortable hote h , sab masti krte h …or jo jabran ka issue bana rhe h ,so it is just ki agr surbhi comfortable nhi hoti to vo khud nhi fekti uske upr …but people are so narrow minded ๐Ÿ˜ ki unhe ye bhot bada issue lag rha h
    Undergarments hi to h yrrr ,….itna kya
    Just wanted to put my point of view because i was irritated seeing peoples reaction ,,, like don’t know what he did ….for them he did a crime .
    Inshort log kitna bhi dikha le there mentality will remain same ..
    Because i didn’t find anything wrong in that video , it will be wrong if he comment anything bad with that bra..
    Nd if surbhi finds it uncomfortable ,,,but she was cool that shows… She was okk with it ….
    Its just my opinion , harsh feeling for anyone โ˜บ๏ธ
    Nd @XYZ , nd Airplanes …guys i love to read your comments specially ๐Ÿ’•


      Check this video, I wonder why people don’t slam Salman?

      1. Cause he didn’t touch it neither did upen touched it nor those garments belong to anyone plus kV isn’t really getting negative comments over just this incident there have been many times when he has said really vulgur jokes and give double meaning to totally normal conversations

    2. @kV lover
      It was not anybody’s undergarment…….. it was lower which rohit wore thinking it to be his but it was of dipika……..n she was discussing how he could do that………it was not someone personal stuff…….agree it or not kV has been sickening in this matter…….he is being trolled as he took that thrown bra n put it on his head……..n surbhi said that the owner might not like what he was doing……..surbhi threw that to him n he reciprocated in a disgusting manner instead of keeping it to its place……..

      1. Kvlover ๐Ÿ’–

        Lower incident was different nd that underwear incident was different ,,, mene video dekhah 1 baar nhi 3 baar just to confirm …nd i saw that was underwear..
        Lets just not discuss it more , because i know people will not understand as they thik BRA ko sir p lagane ….means kisi ki disrespect h lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

      2. @kV lover……
        I actually have not come across any such video…….but if what u r saying is true then I condemn it for sure…….but kV is definitely wrong……being a girl of modern era I don’t support such actions…….
        I m not a blindfolded fan of dipika…….lol

      3. @kV lover
        I actually have not come across any such video but if what u r saying is true then I condemn it for sure…….but kV is definitely wrong here……..
        I m not a blindfolded fan of dipika………unlike a few…….lol

  12. AHEM AHEM!!!!!
    tomorrow TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL will save sree from jail by winning the # key to success contest for sree and simar , once again # TRUE SOUL KOHINOOR HEARTED ROMIL WILL STAND TALL AMONG ALL ODDS !!!! ALL HAIL LEGEND ROMIL
    # THE BEST TRIO OF THE SEASON IS COMING UP # ROMIKA-NTH # makers have their trum card for trp and now the trp will raise by 100% for sure # the best three will be seen sharing a good bond hopefully , nice to see sree and romil are beginning to understand each other and simar too is taking part of conversations with them but still she had trust issues with him but koi nhi # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL will make her feel comfortable soon with his trust proof #JASLEEN YOU STOOD FOR ROMIL TODAY WAS SO THANKFULL # WE owe jasleen a vote fans do vote for him and bubbly jasleen too !!!!

    1. what a name you gave… ROMIKANTH… nice trio i also wants to see them together…

  13. AnuAnu

    I think by aukaat Sree means ‘right’ in the sense ‘who gives you the right to say that?’ waala right. I am not sure. I am from Kerala and I don’t know the correct word for that?
    not that I am supporting what he says…. It’s just a thought, ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  14. This show is getting more and more pathetic..

    Bhai kon si aam janta hoti h aisi..
    Sry gyys for usig foul language but ye jo suchanti aaj kal indirect way m sree pe comment kar raha h.. Sometimes jab ye tucchon wale expressions deta h jaise chochore ladke jab girls ko chedte h.. Tab sach m ye banda gay lagta h..
    Aur sreeki language ka mazak bana k aur uske jaldi jaldi baat na kar pane ka mazak bana k eo sirf sree ki hi nhi un sare logo ko disrepect karta h jo different languages use karte h.. And hindi m weak hote h..

    Again n again washroom wala comment kar k kya provee karna chahta h.. Matlab bilkul bacchon wali harkatein h.. Jas ko har din chuggalkhor aur idhar se udhar karne wali aur har time dusron ko kosne wale lpgo k jaise suchanti ek hi baat bolta h jaise jas k din khatam bb house m.. Bhai pehl3 apna dekho kya kar k tikey hue ho game m..

    Dpka ka kya hi bolun.. Startimg se strong feeling h that she is fake and using her relationship..and i will say it again too.. Megha jab se ayi h dpka ko itna support kar rahi h bit har baar ki tarah dpka sirf aur sirf sree sree karna chahti h.. Dpka aaj jo itna fair ban rahi h romil ko captaincy k liyr nominate kar k.. Tab kahan thi aap jab har baar log wrong reason pe roght logo ko jail bhejne k liye naam lete they.. Khair chodo hi is baar tph kisi bhi person se expected mhi h kisi bhi cheez pe stand len3 k liye..

    Feeling bad for m3gha.. Uska luck kharab h jo sabse best perform karne k baad bhi continuously koi usey kabhi consider nhi karta…. Is baar ka toh thik h.. But what about last tasks???
    Is season m mujhe personay sabse zyada real megha lagi.. I like her alot.. She is a very strong lady.. Even i like her anger today.. Ad that was very real.. Us situation m agar hum bhi hote toh shayad yahin reactions hote.. I personally feel megha is much better than dpka.. Task m le lo ya dikhne m.. Dpka always as a sanchalak bekar rahi h.. As a captain bekar rahi h.. Tasks m sirf 1-2 acch3 perform kiye h.. Beech m toh dikhna hi bamd ho gayi thi.. Agar dpka and mrgha ki performance comapre ki jaye tph megha is much better.. Except her one mistake…

    Sree ko bas give up karne ata h.. Atkeast he should play for his fans.. Gadhe h kya iske fans jo isey support kar rahe h.. Sree ko uske fans har baat pe justify kar rahe h aur yahan sree har cheezm give up karta h.. I know usey patah top 3 m ja rahahwo.. But still apne fans ko disappoint toh na karo..

    Surbhi is nothing bit a baddimaag girl.. Jo aaj usne sree k sath kiya h wahin agar kisi aur ladki ne kar diya hota toh sab uspe chad gaye hote ki woman card play karti h n all.. Baat sirf itni h.. Ki jo dab sakta h log usey dabate h..
    Matla. Q kitna mardana banne ki koshish karti h surbhi.. Ajeeb si lagti h yuck si jab ajeeb ajeeb mental ali harkat karti h zabardasti ka menly voice m chillana tart karti h….
    Kos baat ka ghamad h isko.. Roadies m bhi gang leaders se badtameezi karti thi…

    Mano ya na mano.. Romil k group tootne se sabse zyada fayda romil ko hua h..
    Aaj romil ko surbhi and deepak bekar lag rahe h but kal tak jab yelog hai bhai karrahe they tab inki sari harkatein acchi lag rahi thi inke sath dusron k dimaag k sath and emotions k sath khelna and bully karna accha lag raha tha..
    Indirect way m sabse zyada fayda isse romil ko hua.. Cz usey ek new team mil gayi.. Andbura karne k baad bhi aaj sympathy k chakkar m uske sara bully part and all khatam ho gaya..

    Kv ne dpka ko na bol k aaj sahi kiya.. Cz agar dpka ne kv ko favour kiya tha toh kv ne bhi dpka ko favour kiya h…. But viewers pov se cz surbhi ko benefit hone wala tha so this was wrong..

    Deepak intentionally bohot kuch bol jata h aur fir anjan banne ka natak karta h.. What was that comment.. Jas na woman h na man..????
    Matlab mental h kya ye banda jo muh m ata h bak deta h.. Aur koi isey samjhata bhi nhi.. Mere samne bolta na aise toh definitely 4-5 chaaat khata…
    I am glad megha ne slipper fenka ispe..
    Jas ne aaj bohot sahi koya convince na ho k..

    Saw the precap… Somi aaj tak sirf ek hi reason se sai lagi tji wo tha deepak ki ashiqui ko bhaav ma dene pe.. But fiy somi ne ab depak wale matter pe footage khana start kar diya..

    And one last thing… Pata nhi meri soch logo ko kaisi lage aur mujebkaise judge kare.. But agar priyanka jagga galat thi.. Aur wo logo k character pe baat karti thi abuse karti thi..
    Toh yahan surbhi ne usse bhi bohot zyada kiya h…
    Difference is jagga gusse m bolti thi.. And surbhi bully karte hue thode km agression m foul language use karti h.. Aur jagga was better cz wo har 2 din m nhi badal jati thi.. Bit surbhi har 2 din m badal jati h.. Har 2 din m ganda bol k sry bol dene se apki galtiyan km nhi ho jati..

    1. Megha didn’t have that much involvement in the gaon task to be honest she deserves to be captain and is probably the best performer but four people who were chosen today were clearly more involved

    2. Sree didn’t take part cause he has zero patience level and by know he must be aware of how these kinds of task go so by not doing it he gave her better chance to be a captain as as soon the task has started half of them have jumped on him and he had left screaming his lungs out

    3. Deepika kabhi captain hi nhi bani so we cant say she will be.. good or bad

  15. i think sree known he get irritate easily so he didnt take part in task

  16. Hello friends!!long time no……
    I actually stopped commenting bcoz of the boring track but today I really wanted to…….as of now I think kv has lost it completely……..
    Deepak gave a statement today about jasleen”ye to man bhi nhi air woman bhi nhi”n kv#the most respectful person for some people didn’t say anything to him…….I really applaud megha that she threw her shoe n spit over him…….he deserves many shoes on his dumb head…….has kv dipika is not ur friend now n…….hello she is the one who made u captain……u got it as khairat……disgusting man……how can he stoop so low……u r playing evil……
    N rohit(kaash iska naam rohit n hota bcoz rohit sharma is my favourite cricketer)……..but anyways he is the worst contestant…….a few of the people here started like surbhi after sree-kv fight so I want to ask are u rigid with your opinions now too…….
    N somi was more than partial yesterday otherwise it would have been 6-0(dipika with 6)…….her defending skills were awesome……..deepak to jhandu h……
    Surbhi is such a ghatiya woman……..I hope she is thrown out n she pushed sree too…….kV taking her side was atrocious…… suddenly surbhi is her friend cum sis……
    Dipika should have been the captain yr#disappointed…….
    Romil was better this week…….but he is cunning…….at least he is not chugalkhor chachi…….
    Guys have u seen kv disrespecting women personal stuff…….he is filthy……
    Deepak rohit n surbhi should be thrown out salman khan…….if u really have guts to throw then throw them out…….

  17. makers have halted the kvb, simar and sree’s reunion may be for 13th 14th or even 15th week !!!!
    from today’s episode kvb was so adamant that he will not give up for dipika
    its ok she had maintained a distance from you and even you are in sad frame of mind to just make her realise her mistake and her blindfoldness towards sree but if you would have gave up for her you would have set up the bar man !!!! you lost that oppurtunity # forgiveness is a must in a cute friendship # to kya hua she made u out of the list in the weekend’s episode and now you had made her out of the list by saying that you are not my friend
    drawing conclusions ye saaf dikh rha hai ki aap simar se khafa ho sree ko lekar not coz of her but kvb if you would have stood for her today then i bet you dipika is not a that type of lady that she would have let it go !!! she would have reciprocated her thankfulness to you at correct time too and thats im not saying as her lawyer to be frank lol , yes at times she becomes #MOTHER INDIA but you can’t ignore her respectfull chidish BROSIS content of the show
    to all kvb fans ,we know some are upset with dipika’s behaviour towards him but inorder to cherish a moment one has to stretch his hand first and been the gentleman guy kvb is should stretch hand of friendship to simar # maaf karne wala humesha bada hi hota hai par kvb par surbhi ka saya hai abhi to :))-
    RIP SHILPA SHINDE’S HUMUOR LOL she has shown the world she is #FEMALE SWAMI OM ,
    see buzzers as we know # EVERY COIN HAS ITS TWO SIDES # same as that twitter video was # some will lay blame on kvb’s character some will defend him but its clear that surbhi rohit and deepak has been telling non veg jokes to each other and in that trio we have seen a # BALI KA BAKRA KVB being part of it willingly or unwillingly only #EDITORS must have known as the footage was leaked on more prior basis to gain # TRP
    # AAJ KI DUNIYA SANSKARI HAI waise bhi such non veg jokes are considered us unsocialistic !!!!!for the older ,mid age generations but youth as we all know its a daily routine # more often slangs came to us in different ways its upto us how will deal with # EITHER with smile or with SHYNESS!!!!# caution: there’sa limit on everything as a celebrity we just have to be slightly be carefull kyunki ye zalim duniya # TILL KA TAAD ZAROOR BANAYEGI !!!!!! # love to all # DIPIKA AND KVB FANS and yes jinko ye pasand na aaya ho woh dekhe somi ke dialogues !!!!! hahaha just kidding # love to all !!!!1# kvb man maaf karo aur aage badho ye zid chhodo aur play for right thing !!!!!!

    1. Dil khush kr deta h aapka comment… Refreshing…

    2. @Airplanes , I just wonder how people change.. It was u who went on irritating us taking our names, and blabbering Romil, Romil, Romil… And even Romil wasn’t that sweet initially like he’s now! Beauty is relative , and Romil and You are love. โค At least at this phase. Your fluent sarcasm is totally โค

  18. I support dipika from Tamil Nadu..

  19. @ ANU ANU: its awesome news all credit to TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL !!!!! SREE IS #MACHAN MAN

    1. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes you are a Malaya?

      1. AnuAnu

        @Airplanes you are a Malayali? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  20. Sree sree sree why did you have to go to kV & gossip with him when he’s shed his friendly mahaan shell already and has been role playing surb*t*h tharki papa for so many days?he’s a naag and now I get why everybody from him to kamya to sana to salman kept saying he isn’t really like the way he was trying to be and honestly if he says he has distanced himself from deepika cause she did that first then he’s the bigger liar than deepak he has already started conspiring against depika even before she permanently shifted her alliance to sree & has been continuously b*t*hing about them and have been harbouring nwgativity for them besides how easily he sweep deepak pathetic transgender quip for jasleen under the carpet when he has been on the verge of making issue out of nothing since so many days over things said by sree & people closer to him honestly I’m sorry kV fans but I’m finding him disgusting as much as I like watching him trying to be srk from don but his attitude and partiality is pathetic & he needs to reconsider his plan before he turns everyone against himself, deepak should be dragged through filth for comment over jasleen and he cleverly started fighting with romil to distract people who might’ve heard him say it, sree is honestly a child who is very innocent yet bratty and annoying but very sweet at times as well I’m already feeling bad for him for what will happen in tomorrow epi and deepika has up her game so much idk why they’re saying she has no identity of her own like people have gone to finales with signature friendships, mother-son relationship & rivalry why she can’t have her signature bhai been relationship it’s her strategy duh (even though it’s irritating as a viewer but still)what does surnhi rana’s identity in the show again? China made swami om?or kabadi bazaar priyanka jagga?what is her role beyond being a loudspeaker of this season?as soon as romil got away from his happy club he’s becoming likable and seem logical however if it’s for game & to be in good books of remaining members I don’t know but his approach towards sree deepika Megha and jasleen was nice today, if it was in my hands alone then jass Megha deepika & sree would’ve been the finalist sigh

  21. Biggboss should evict surbhi rana and deepak thakur badtameez hai dono ke dono and rohit suchanti has no respect left for himself also
    @ airplanes, agreed to your each and every word you have described every character perfectly really loving your comments very very nice and funny
    @Aarohi ,@rajjo,@kvlover ,@xyz loved your comments too .

  22. thanks to all # aarohi #rajjo# kvlover#pari # naina # …#xyz # pam aunt #sapphire for all the praises and compliments # hope to keep it up # cheers # jaddu ki jhappi to all
    pardon if i forget any other names and if i do then have a caddbury silk as a token of appreciation for you all # paytm-ed the bill to #ATIBA -the pearl woman :))-

  23. It’s just a little bit difficult to say deepika is fake or not for me anymore since I’ve seen her genuinely say and understand why sree didn’t want to be in the dock in panchayat task that showed her emotional involvement with him though I can’t deny this one thing either that she was definitely shuffling kV and sree all season long she only got with sree when kV ditched her over a mistake she committed for him that must’ve sealed the deal for her which she even said in wkw indirectly that she chose the one who’ll remain loyal to her regardless of the situation(& there was an opportunity to be with sree since shiv had just left & he needed someone to rely on & in comparison he’s a stronger contestant than kv), it’s a truth that misunderstanding between sree & kV was infact made into a rift by her at first she added fuel to fire & then she made kV feel special for whole 3 weeks then abandoned him after he abandoned her so they mutually abandoned each other lol and as usual kV is holding grudge against her for thing he was responsible for as well besides kv if you want to make a place for yourself in the game doesn’t mean you’ve to get in cahoots with the disgusting creature named surbhi rana and vomit shit all the time NO you could’ve won this all with your dignity intact but you chose to reveal your worse side smh moreover I really hope Megha heard what deepak said about jasleen and both break his bones together for it he honestly deserve atleast one smashed rib and rohit suchanti need to stop taking acting classes from kV he’s giving over exaggerated expressions…

  24. i like megha, romil,jasleen and dipika…..surbhi and deepak to pagal ho gye hai ekdam se aur rohit ne to aaj sipper mein hi kar diya ewww……surbhi bahoot chillati hai kann phad deti hai
    @Airplanes, aap mere fav ho apke comments dil chhu jate hai aksar ……aaj ke comments bahoot ache hai ……pehle jaise

  25. All are question to sreesanth why he is not helping to deepika or your sister. But that is sree ki strategi hei. Sree want deepika in captain ka roop mem Come in bigboss. but why he is not helping to deepika. Iska mathlab yah he ki sree understand surbi, deepak, rohit and kv group ke bare mem. Sree saw their aggression and irritation for sree greater than deepika in 3days. “Deepika choose sree” that is surbi group ka plan. Their understand deepika choose his brother sree. Surbi group understand His nature and emotions (feelings)and aggression ke bare mem. So they have to easily irritating to sree and take Deepika captainancy. But sree understand surbi group ka intention. So he understand he is not long time standing infront of sword task with surbi group irritation and that affects deepika ka captainancy task.So he is is not directly support to deepika. But he indirectly help to deepika. when Megha supports to deepika, surbi group ka plan flop. So they alleged to sree he is not help to his sister deepika. Thats it.

    1. @haritha..

      It is not about he is not helping his siter..
      Its about ki 2 months ho gaye aur apne ek bhi task perform nhi kiya..

      Gussa baaki logo ko bhi ata h.. But they are performing na..
      Is task ka chodo.. Bit baaki sare tasks m bhi sree yahin bol k bach jata h… Matlab kab tak a8sa hoga.. It is really unfair to those ppl who are fighting for that position..

    2. @haritha..

      It is not about he is not helping his siter..
      Its about ki 2 months ho gaye aur apne ek bhi task perform nhi kiya..

      Gussa baaki logo ko bhi ata h.. But they are performing na..
      Is task ka chodo.. Bit baaki sare tasks m bhi sree yahin bol k bach jata h… Matlab kab tak a8sa hoga.. It is really unfair to those ppl who are fighting for that position..

    3. @haritha..

      It is not about he is not helping his siter..
      Its about ki 2 months ho gaye aur apne ek bhi task perform nhi kiya..

      Gussa baaki logo ko bhi ata h.. But they are performing na..
      Is task ka chodo.. Bit baaki sare tasks m bhi sree yahin bol k bach jata h… Matlab kab tak a8sa hoga.. It is really unfair to those ppl who are fighting for that position..

  26. @ANU ANU : hahaha just had tried you to cheer you up in your familiar accent !!!! :)))- hope you enjoy that # love to kerela ppl one of the nicest and open hearted ppl to welcome a friend always !!!!! # cheers to u :))-

    1. AnuAnu


  27. @AAROHI : khoob bhallo !!!!! :))-

    1. Smart. I mentioned somewhere about names in Bengali Dictionary. And AnuAnu is a South Indian name probably.. Ummm.. Sherlock, checked. Sarcasm, checked. Opinionated, checked. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Sir/Ma’am, you are just awessssome! I’ve completely become a fangirl n I want to meet u someday. U r just too good.

  28. 30/11 ke updates q nhi upload hue and Tak?

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