Bigg Boss 12 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Neha becomes captain

Bigg Boss 12 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 11
Nirmal says to Sristy that Deepak made all spices for task.
Sree is at door and asks why they are not accepting it? he shouts and curses. Deepika shouts at everyone to leave, she says he is not well, give me two minutes with him. Deepika says sorry but give me time, all leave. Deepika asks Sree to calm down. Neha stops with Deepika and tries to calm Sree down. Sree says he wants me to beat him.
Sristy says to Romil that you have to accept that you hurt with water, Romil says you can make me hold feet but I will not say sorry for it.
Sree cries and tells KV that this show is not for me, I cant live here, for Godsake, I cant do it. KV says look at me, tell me who are they? you are crying over these people? Sree says how can he not accept?
Neha says to Romil that

we are actresses, our face is everything, you should have kept this thing in mind, you hurt my face with nail.
Sristy asks Sree to not cry over these, KV says all are against them, Sristy says your family is waiting for you.

All sit down, Romil takes KV’s name for not stopping Deepika in task. Jasleen says I thought Deepika has something against me, I stopped breathing in task, I didnt know why you did it with me, maybe you were angry so I take your name. Somi takes Deepika’s name for not letting her breath. Deepak takes Deepika’s name and says she was forcing a lot. Sourabh says Deepika’s name if all are saying that. Kriti takes Deepika’s name for forcing too much, Roshmi takes Sristy on basis of task. KV takes Sristy’s name for not doing work, they had power but Deepika did work. Neha takes Sristy’s name for not doing too much efforts, Sristy says Neha and KV did nice so I am taking Deepika’s name. Deepika says Sristy was less involved. Deepak says Sristy stayed on chair for more time and you people won on time. Bigg boss asks who they have chosen. Roshmi says we have selected Romil-Nirmal and Deepika. Deepika says I am not accepting it, Romil says me too. Bigg boss says they are chosen by inmates so you three have to go. Romil says I am not going when I performed wll in task.

Kriti says Romil is not going. Romil says I will cut hands if someone touch me otherwise I will cut hands. Kriti says dont threaten me that you will cut hands.
Deepika cries and says I didnt push anyone, I didnt hurt anyone. Urvashi cries. Deepika says to Neha and KV that I accept that I sat on chair for less time so you can take my name but I didnt push anyone, Neha says what they are saying cant be truth. Deepika says they are saying that I pushed them when I didnt.
Roshmi says to Romil that you are disrespecting Bigg boss. Romil says I am not going.
Romil says to Nirmal that I performed for this team, Nirmal says I performed for show, if we get saved then we will show them their places.
Sree says to Deepika that I will go if they both are going. Deepika says we have to share jail with anyone, I was chose and we need strength outside jail, she cries and says I dont have a brother and you are the one, you have to give strength, he says yes, dont worry.

Jasleen says to Anup that Deepika was rubbing so much, she enacts her, Jasleen laughs.

Deepika and Nimal goes to jail. Deepika says this is first jail time. KV says I will sleep outside, Deepika says are you mad? go inside. Sristy says this is wow, Neha says Urvashi took her name too.
Roshmi says to Romil that you can put me in jail too. Romil says its okay, I think I was not wrong, I will stand for my team and I will perform more after coming out of jail, I will fall more, I promised someone that I will bring trophy so I will go to any extent for it. Sristy says to Neha that all of them took Deepika’s name. Urvashi is crying.
Romil says to Shiv that Anup has so much experience, he said I was right but today he took my name? dont follow the herd. Deepak hugs Romil. Romil congratulates Sourabh, Sourabh says you wont meet? Romil leaves.
Romil goes in jail. Deepika asks KV to go, he says no.

Sristy says to Saba and Somi that I was involved in tasks, I ran to buzzer in conference, I won it, I had right to become captain, all took Deepika’s name. Saba says you are sad that you didnt become captain? Sristy says no I said that I will take it next time. Saba says you cant argue like us, Somi says Neha and KV did good task this time. Sristy says I know I will be a good captain.

Day 12
Inmates wake up to song sikandar, they all dance. Neha, KV and Sree are sitting outside jail.

Nirmal says there is no team now. Jasleen says dont be negative, its not like we dont have back of each other. Romil says you people just follow herds, it I was not using mind then why didnt you people? you people clapped and didnt stop, everyone wants to look big here. Romil says Saba-Somi, Deepak are my friends. Jasleen says who supported you are your friends? we will talk when you come out. Romil says I am chill, Jasleen says now you think all are against you? drink some team.
Sourabh says to Deepak that they will keep up, Deepak says I didnt stop Romil for water, he was hurting and when I stopped him, he said that they can leave task, he woke up your man, celebrities woke up Urvashi. Deepak says Romil is being lawyer here too.

Anup says to Jasleen that Deepak is hard working, Jasleen says Urvashi is not that strong, Anup says they do tasks, Jasleen says we can nominate ourselves for captaincy.
Deepak asks Somi if she is making him captain? Somi says we have to make house run, Somi says house will be destroyed, Deepak says so I shouldnt even marry?

Neha is in confession room, Bigg boss says two people will be chosen for captaincy, your team won task, so your team have right to choose two people who will compete for captaincy, you can choose a pair too but its upto singles if they want to or not. He says you cant choose Deepika, Romil and Nirmal as they are in jail. She says okay.
Neha tells KV that we have right to choose anyone for captaincy, KV says we can choose pairs too? Neha says why should we give them chance? we will choose from us? KV says superb. KV whispers that to Deepika and tells her that they are choosing singles only for captaincy. Deepika says to Romil that we have option to choose so we will choose singles only, we are choosing Neha and KV as they performed.
Neha tells Kriti that we won so we have right to choose and we can choose a pair too but let us think, Kriti says you won so its good. Deepak says to Sree that you can take decision, think about being a captain, Sree says its my choice. Deepak says you can have comfort.
Neha says to Deepika that let me talk to Sristy, Deepika says no, you and KV performed well, I am here as I got up from chair soon so its you and KV, no Sristy, Neha says okay.

Deepak was sleeping in day so Saba tried to wake him up but Deepak pushed her scarf. Somi says it was wrong to drag her scarf, Kriti asks Deepak to say sorry, he doesnt and leaves. Somi says to Saba that dont joke with Deepak if he cant respect us, nobody takes out side. Saba says it was mistake and leaves.
Saba lies in her bed and weeps.
Urvashi says to Deepak that why you do jokes like that? she is upset. Deepak goes to Saba and says are you mad, Saba cries and says its okay, I shouldnt joke with you and try to wake you up, Deepak says I am sorry if I hurt you, she asks him to give time, he leaves.
Deepak says to Somi that I said sorry to her, Somi says you literally dragged her collar, Deepak says it was not my intention to hurt her.

Bigg boss says to inmates that singles got a chance to choose two contenders for captaincy, he asks Neha to tell names. Neha says we have chosen Neha and KV. Sristy says I dont agree, I feel I should go for it.. Neha is stunned and says seriously? Sristy laughs and says I am joking. Neha says sorry Bigg boss, Karan and me will go for captaincy.

Somi says to Deepak that you cant be physical, Deepak shouts that I was not physical with her. Urvashi asks Deepak to leave, she pushes him away. Somi says you were physical, you cant pull on scarves like that. Deepak says she was pulling on my sheet too, I said sorry. Neha takes Deepak from there. Somi asks Saba why are you crying like a kid? Saba shouts that I am not crying, shut up.
Urvashi asks Deepak to not talk to her, Deepak says I will not be like what you want, Urvashi says those girls want what you are you doing, Deepak says they cant keep doing that and expect me to be silent, I said sorry too.
Saba says to Roshmi that Deepak dragged me with scarf, it was disrespect.
Urvashi asks Deepak to not joke with them again.
Urvashi says sorry to Deepak, he says its okay.

Sristy reads captaincy task, KV and Neha will fight and one will become captain after winning, its not easy this season, they will be Fizz captain so captain will win special gift from Fizz and only he can take Fizz drinks from fridge. There are two wickets in garden with their names written, buzzer will play and contenders will choose wicket keeper for them, wicket keeper will stand behind and Sree will bowl, wicket keeper will run out the contender he doesnt want as to be captain of house, then the one who gets run out most will lose and other will become captain, only pairs will be wicket keepers, people in jail cant participate.

Sourabh says to Neha that you can be a good captain.
KV says to Deepak that you can be with me.
Urvashi says to Neha that we want to choose KV as he is always nice, Neha says if Deepak chooses Kv then you can choose me, atleast one should respect me.
KV says to Anup and Jasleen that you know I want to be captain and I want to work.

Buzzer plays, KV chooses Anup as his wicket keeper. All clap. Sree starts bowling, Anup catches ball and throws Neha’s wicket, he says Neha doesnt have captaincy skills like KV.

Neha says to Urvashi that I am going to take your name so dont go back on me, Urvashi says I am still confused, Neha says dont do it.

Buzzer plays, Neha chooses Urvashi as wicket keeper. Urvashi throws KV’s wicket and says I want to give Neha a chance to be captain.

Neha says to Saba that I have an opinion but I will give it my way, Saba asks Neha if she will depend on others after becoming captain too? you ask Deepika everything, Neha says I will take opinion of everyone, you people should trust that I have capacity.

KV asks Sourabh why I shouldnt be captain? Sourabh says you have ability but its my personal choice.

KV chooses Deepak, Sree bowls him, Deepak catches and throws Neha’s wicket, Deepak says KV is leading, he gives his point of view, he tries to solve issues, he is my brother so it will be in my favor too.

Neha chooses Sourabh as wicket keeper, Sree bowls him, Sourabh catches it. KV says think before you decide. Sree says dont influence him. Sourabh takes off KV’s wicket and says you used Kriti’s issue as a problem instead of solving it, you made it a point to tell in nominations.

KV asks Saba why she wont choose him? Saba says you both are talented, let me choose. KV nods and leaves. Somi says they can change sides later too.

KV chooses Saba. Sree bowls her and says your decision is important. Saba catches and says both are equal but I want to give a chance to Neha as I feel Neha handles kitchen nicely and can handle house too, she takes off KV’s wicket. Neha is chosen as captain of house, all clap for her. KV congratulates her. There are gifts for her, she gets T-shirt, cap from Fizz.

Deepika says to Neha that you decide the names, I feel Jasleen and Sourabh became non-interested in kitchen in last some days, and we are eating their food only. Neha says I can ask Sourabh to shift with you when you come out. Deepika says Jasleen and Sourabh makes a similar style of food and they leave work when its about something else.

PRECAP- Ayushman and Taboo comes on stage, Ayush says keep using sucker, Salman says and be like Sree. Salman says to inmates that today will be double eviction, you people dont know anything happening in house so you deserve it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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