Bigg Boss 12 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Rohit and Megha entered house, this week Deepak and Urvasi fought and broke friendship, KV and Sree broke friendship too. Salman says there are two groups in house, one group name is happy club whose members are Surbhi, Romil, Deepak, Saba, Somi and other club is wolf pack which has Sree, Deepika, Jasleen, Shiv, Sristy. He says we dont know which pack has Anup. Salman says there will be double eviction this weekend, Anup, Saba, Surbhi and Sristy are nominated. Salman says Jasleen, Sree and Shiv went to jail, Sree said some things in jail which created a havoc in house, let me show it.

In house, Deepak says to Sree that you said people who collect money from roads are in show now, I pray that you get mental peace. Sree what?

he says ******. Deepak says who are you to curse? Sree whispers to him. Deepak says you are a small person in big cars, I pray that you open your mind and have good heart. Sree says we dont talk to fake servants. Saba asks Deepak to calm down. Deepak says he is calling us beggars. Shiv says he didnt curse. Deepak asks Anup, Anup says I didnt hear. Deepak says people will know about your heart. Sree says you are middle person, pray that you remain in this show for life, I challenge you to meet me outside of show, people wont let me meet you. Deepak says I dont want to meet you. Sree says think before you talk, use your mind as captain. Deepak leaves from there. Jasleen says dont do all this, dont about levels, dont talk about movie dialogues. Bigg Boss says its time for Shiv, Sree and Jasleen to leave jail. He asks Deepak to free them. Deepak comes there. Sree says come ****, do work, good boy.

On stage, Salman says this is not an easy matter, how I will react, I dont know. He says its time to talk about a lot of matters. He connects call to house. Salman welcomes Rohit and Megha. Rohit thanks him and says we are enjoying, Salman says what about others? inmates say good. Salman says there is a villian chair in house, who you want there? Deepak says Sree, KV says Romil, Sristy, Urvashi, Shiv, Jasleen, Megha, Deepika says Deepak, Romil says Sree, Anup says Deepak and Rohit, Saba, Surbhi, Somi, Sree says Deepak. Salman says Deepak have got more votes to sit but I want Sree to sit on that chair. Inmates clap. Sree sits on chair. Salman says you start planning to send people to jail and you end up in jail. Sree says I dont know so ask Bigg Boss. Salman says Bigg Boss didnt take that decision, you start planning on Monday only but it fails. Sree says I dont know. Salman asks Surbhi. Surbhi says its about karma, he shows wrong signs and says wrong stuff then before going to jail he says sorry fakely, he is scared of performing and going to jail, he tries to trap people but ends up trapped. Deepak says he brags about his money and says stuff that we are nothing. Salman asks Sree why he is sitting on that chair? Sree says you asked me to sit but I am not sure. Salman asks Jasleen that Sree taunted or said dialogue in jail? Jasleen says he said that our security throw money from car and some people pick that money who are in this show now. Sree says did I say show? Romil says he keeps talking about crores contract, if people didnt pick money then he wouldnt be Sree, if we are commoners then we have made him star. Shiv says I was there, he said that they call weird people in show who pick money from roads, Deepak says Shiv gave him hi-five. Shiv says fair enough, he didnt take any name. Salman says let me say what Sree said, he said that ‘I was saying this is worst show but this is best show, we give money from cars to to people standing on raods, that people are in show to sit with us and eat with us, let them enjoy till they can’. Salman asks inmates who think its fair enough? Somi asks Shiv to raise hand now. Shiv says no not this. Salman says people from all walk of lives come to this show, there is not discrimination of cast and creed. Salman says Sree said that he will say words that will create hovac, Deepika was there. Deepika says I dont know what he was planning, last night he said that. Salman asks Deepika that you are his friend or spokesperson? Deepika says I try to make him listen, he got upset with me but I kept my opinion stand ifnront of him. Salman says we dont see that, it feels like he is always miffed and you keep pacifying him, we dont see anything else from you, it feels like you are losing sense of what is right and what is wrong. Deepika says its not like that, if it is shown like that then I will work on that. Salman says talking about poor coming in house is cheap, we all have come from nothing, those are men and real people, becoming something from nothing is great and belittling them is not good, its ridiculous, if its your thinking then you have to change it, from where have you come? Sree says God has been extremly kind. Salman says then you need to be kind. Sree says I am kind but I said wrong stuff but I have been targeted, Bigg Boss have not defined any line, I am sorry for what I said, I didnt do anything last week but few people felt that I had to go in jail, its nothing, they say bad curses. Surbhi says you say curses. Deepak says he curses me, Romil says he keeps threatening people here. Salman says Sree saw what curses he said, everything is recorded. Sree says I didnt say any curse. Saba says you said. Surbhi says we did mistakes but realizing and saying sorry is important. Salman asks Deepika if Sree doesnt curse? Deepika says he uses bad words, I try to make him listen but then I leave, I cant stop him after a point. Sree says I curse at myself. Shiv tries to talk but Salman asks him to remain silent. Surbhi says they dont tell him on face that he is wrong, they personally very lightly tell him that he is wrong, I asked Deepika why she didnt stop him when he was showing wrong sign to me? she said she wanted to maintain peace, when we do a mistake then its a big thing but they take his things lightly. Sree says you have said so many stuff, you say ********, Srubhi says I say sorry and stand by it. Sree asks her to stop it. KV asks to have some decency. Salman says one thing is clear that Sree has ego, what is it? it is about celebrity status or money or attitude? Sree says its attitude. Salman says you belittle people to make yourself look good, you think you can win the show like this? you should keep outside stuff outside. Sree says I dont always do that. Salman says when you stay silent then it wont be shown, when you do something then it will be shown, its one hour show so it wont be silent. Salman says why you ask them to meet you outside? Sree says they say stuff so I will not take action but outside. Deepak says he says bad stuff about us too, we have villagers too. Sree says I will. Salman says I hope he wont repeat this. Sree says you know I am not like this. Salman says that is why its shocking. Sree says its about a situation when you are tortured. Deepak says he starts these things, when I went to open the jail, he was calling me like a dog. Salman says we saw that. Salman says this is not the Sreesanth that people. He ends call. Sree leaves. Deepika says sorry to inmates, I have asked him to not say these comments. Somi says its about attitude. Surbhi says dont bring me all the time.
Sree says to Shiv that Surbhi have said so much but nobody said anything to her. Shiv says they didnt let me speak, Sree says to hell with them.
Sristy says to KV that Shiv is an idiot, they have lost respect for me.
Sree says to Shiv that I will bring matters too, he says to Anup that they care about my two words, I am a bad man, Surbhi and others are brilliant.

Sree is crying in washroom. KV leaves from there. Jasleen comes there and says open the door. Sree says I dont want to talk to anyone, nobody needs me. Jasleen says nothing is wrong with me.
Rohit says to Surbhi that Sree is a thin line between poor and rich.
Sree asks Jasleen to leave. Jasleen says nothing is wrong, behave yourself.
Surbhi says to Saba that he wanted to create hovac and now he is crying.
Sree is crying in washroom. Deepak comes there and asks him to come out. Anup asks him to come out.

On stage, Salman connects call to house and asks where are people? Shiv says Sree is in washroom. Salman says to Sristy that how you will rate Shiv’s referee in captaincy task? Sristy says 0, he didnt see Romil cheating. Salman says to Shiv that if Bigg Boss asked you to take one thing at a time then you didnt even allow spoons? we saw KV putting fingers in nose and then making Deepak eat with his hands. Surbhi says he was supporting only one candidate, he was in zone where he was just plotting against Deepak. Rohit says I was trying to make to Megha eat spices but he asked me to make Deepak eat. Salman says this was worst guide of task. Salman asks Sree why he started supporting Deepak? Sree says people thought he doesnt deserve captaincy then I thought Megha is already a winner, Deepak has worked hard so I thought to support Deepak. Salman says why did you change support? Deepika says we couldnt choose one person who we liked. Salman asks Jasleen why Deepika was not supportin Megha? Jasleen says Megha started handling kitchen but Deepika might have been insecure. Deepika laughs. Megha says when I went to kitchen, Deepika was feeling down. Surbhi says when Megha said that she will make food for everyone, Deepika was tensed. Salman asks who makes best food? Surbhi says Somi. Salman says when thins go wrong then I have to warn. Salman says when Rohit came, some people said some things which is wrong, I want to show you. Clip shows KV hinting that Rohit plays for both genders, Shiv agrees. Sristy says no. Then Shiv says that he plays on both sides. Then Sree enacts like Rohit and says its Purple the new black? He mimics Rohit like a girl. Clip ends. KV says I want to clear that I was talking about Sristy’s engagement. Salman says it was bashed on social media. KV says I am swearing on God, it was not about that. Salman says you people are on TV. Rohit asks Shiv to behave. Salman ends call. Rohit says to Shiv that you are still smiling? you can judge in one go? Sree says baby what happened? Rohit says you people are donkeys. Surbhi says leave them. Rohit says talk something sensible, I will beat you with this shoe you are wearing. Sree says come. Rohit says I will see what you can do. Sree says baby. Sristy says this is not right Sree. Rohit says we heard what Jasleen said. Jasleen says I didnt say anything, I swear on my mother, I didnt talk about you wearing purple, they talk about you running bicycle and all. KV says I didnt say anything wrong about him. Rohit says to Sree that I dont swing both ways. Surbhi says KV is wearing pink too. Sree laughs. Rohit says you can swing both ways too. Sree says I respect your choices. Rohit says dont laugh, I will take out your teeth, you will leave before me. Sree says this is me. Rohit says I will snatch your beard till you stay here.

On stage, Salman connects call to house and says you people must be insecure of wild card enteries. Salman says to Shiv that they were saying Rohit is most hot and you were looking jealous. Sree made joke of his purple shorts and you were wearing purple too. Salman says its not cool to talk about someone’s s*xual preferences. He says to Rohit that when I told you all this, you should have just told lightly that its not like that. Rohit says its a problem, I am completely straight, Sree says God bless you. Rohit says God bless your family. Sree says dont bring families. Salman says there should be limits of fights. Rohit says I am sorry for losing it. Salman says lets come to nominations.. I will tell tomorrow about evictions. He signs off from show.

PRECAP- Salman says we will tell statements, whom you doubt, throw egg on their heads. Salman says someone said Jasleen is a vamp. Jasleen thinks its Saba and breaks egg on her head. Salman says someone said to nominate Deepika, the more you keep her, the more will dance on heads. Deepika thinks its Sree and breaks egg on his head. Surbhi, Romil, Deepak fights with Jasleen, Shiv and Sree in Sultani ring. Surbhi says they use bad language. Jasleen says you do it too. Salman says today is double eviction.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow i actually hate this show! sree was scolded isn’t the reason like the way salman let commoners mistakes go and instead encouraged them for their “opinions” was pathetic…

    1. @jap..

      I am really pissed of with this biasedness.. And really i didn’t found sree in that much fault as salman made him a wrong person..

      1. It’s good if Salman point out Sree’s mistakes ,so that he can be careful in future ..but why Salman and BB always ignore the mistakes of opposite team…
        Saba also mentioned ” Rohit is girlish” to surbi and team and all agreed by laughing… Why those scenes were not included ..
        Surbi and Romil instigates and irritates others by saying many severe things , but Sree , KV ,shiv and jasleen only gets scolding for everything..
        Height of partiality!

  2. I’m starting to dislike Salman more compared to surbhi and gang…yes sree said wrong stuff but how about commoners…agar aap sree ko din raat galea bakoge poke karege to banda fir kya karega..
    This is the heights of hypocrisy and favoritism…they showed clips of wolf gang how they commented on rohit s*xuality…but very smartly left out when somi surbhi called him a girl etc…ho kya rha hai..Salman ka itne saal bigg boss host Karke dimag khrab ho gya lagta hai…he needs to take break now and let some fair and wise personality host the show…
    I loved how shiv tried to support sree but what happens to the rest…wo Salman ke samne bheege bakri kyo ban jate hain..ask him why cant he see the times surbhi used foul he blind…
    Enough is enough man..give these celebrities a break for once talk about all the wrong things these petty commoners are doing and saying

    1. Shiv tried to support him…. But didn’t u see salman stopped him and insult3d hum. Ye sahi h jo apki baat ko follow kare usk3 opinions dene k rights h but jo apke against bol raha h usey muh kholna ka bhi haq nhi..

      In last season it happened too.. Jab tak akash shilpa maa sholpa maa kar raha thata tak salman ko uski mentalon wali harkat entertaining lag rahi tji jaise hi usne shilpa k against bolna start kiya salman uske peech3 pad gaya.. Same thing happened to arshi.

  3. And who asked Deepak to sit beside jail and taunt sree..u already punished him..sent him to kal stop following him and get your f**king footage elsewhere…Hate these commoners man

    1. Dont know logo ko ye samajh q nhi ata.. Kisree k reactions milne ka reason kya h.?
      Reactions bhi tph isliye milte h q ki ye log be sir pair ki fights create karte h..
      And khud ko sree ki situation m daal k dekho.. 4-5 log mil k ek bamde k peeche zabardasti ka pad jayenge toh ye reaction milna is justified..

      And what romil said.. Hum lpgo ne sree ko wahan tak pohonchaya h..
      Tumn3 pohonchaya h se matlab??
      He was the fastest bowler.. And uski capabilities uski apni thi.. Janta ne vote kar k usey us lev3l tak nhi ponchaya tha.. Match fixing case etc jo bhi h wo galat h. But yaar isse uski capabilities 0 nhi ho jati..
      Aur rahi baat surbhi ki.. I think fake dr. H.
      Roadies m bacchon wala question poochn3 pe bhi usey uska answer nhi ata tha…

      1. Exactly , surbhi is dumb . Motivational speeker kese ho skti h ye . Iski to shakal dekh k log demotivat ho jaye πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Or isse kuch nhi hota except muh chalane k alava roddies m bhi yahi kiya yaha bhi yahi hoga isse , task to hote nhi h … Now waiting the day when salman take her remand , pata nhi iss season m hoga ki nhi 😁😬

    2. @sandeep..

      True.. Pata nhi ye commoners kon se aam janta ko represent kar rah3 h.. Cz i dont th8nk so aam janta aisi tph bilkul nhi hoti..

  4. Bullshit salman.. Sree ne aisa q bola k wo is week waise bhi jaane wala hai? Iska kya mtlb tha kya sree ka bhi contract khatam hone wala hai, but maine suna tha wo end tk rahega.. Without sree!!! Sree k bina to is season ka imagine bhi nhi karna h mujhe.. Agar sree gaya to bas bigg boss ko bhi bye bye.. Qki ye season me sab sree se footage le rahe h.. Sab gltiya krte h sab gaaliya bakte h specially Surbhi, lookin sab ko sree se hi prblm hai.. Q wo insaan nhi h kya,usko gussa nhi aata h kya.. Sree real hai at least fake to nhi hai.. 1hour epi me hum dekhte hai k surbhi romil dono sree ko instigate krte rehte h to socho 24 hours me kitna irritate krte hoge wo.. Or is per banda kuch bhi naa bole? Waah bullshit bigg boss, bakwas show..

    1. @shadab…
      Agreed… πŸ‘

  5. Today’s episode was a proof that salman khan is the dumbest host n bigg boss is merely a scripted show……..when he said shiv to stay quiet n targeted sree continuously…….I was like what the hell…….is surbhi his sister or what………she just knows how to scream as hell…….literally awful…….
    I know what sree said was wrong but he was accepting that he did it in anger n all…….but what about surbhi…….she’s the worst woman I have ever come across……..salman was ridiculous today not sree………
    Salman is openly supporting the commoners dammit ……..not done yaar…….
    Sree btw rose some important points-what about breaking the sipper……grabbing someone’s neck n all……..was it cool……..disgusting episode……..

    1. @Nandini.
      Spot on comment..
      Sree accepted his mistake.. But jab wo apni baat bol raha tha ki ye log bhi kya kya comments bolte h..
      Ye log bhi abuse karte h uspe salman ne ek single word bi nhi bola.. Usme even poocha tak nhi.. Bb 10 se pehle fir bhi salman thoda bphot dono side ki baat sunta tha but janse commoners celebrtirs ka chakkar start hua h tab se faltu ka drama start hua h kisi ek ko target karne ka..

      Even in last season almost sare contestents ko samajh aa gaya tha winner kon hoga..

      I would not be shocked agar winner romil/deepak ya surbhi hot3 h.. Not bcx of their performances but due to full support of makers n salman

    2. And one more thing.. Sree ka toh status fir bhi kaafi high h..
      Agar surbhi romil deepak saba somi jaise logo k sath mujhe rehna pad jaye metoh baat toh door ki baat shakal dekhne m bhi interested nhi houngi..
      Yahan baith k kisi k reactions ko blame larna is very easy.. But same situation m jab khif atey h tab pata lagta h what that person was went through..

      Is situation mkhid ko rakh k dekho aur socho ki kya aise logo k sath koi bhi normal banda reh payega..

  6. oh my god surbhi shouting on sree while rohit was fighting him made my blood boil why the hell did bb not show her comments on him?why the hell she was again saved from all the accusations and drama?and if they didn’t show she herself know she was taking part in that convo as well yet acted all self righteous

    1. @Anonymous..

      My blood was boiling too.. Cz clearly dikh raha h bb wale poori tarah sree k naam pe trp le rahe h..


  7. Wow…what a height of partiality and favourism..

    Look who is telling sree that u have ego problem..
    Ego problem toh aap m bhi h.. Aronit jaise seedhe bande ne tph apke sath aisa kuch kiya bhi nhi tha jo surbhi kar rahi h sree k sath…
    Apne toh apne ego k chakkar m arijit k gaaye hue ek song ko jo completed tha jab pata laga ye arijit ne gaaya h movie se hatwa diya aur usey re sing karwaya kisi aur bande se…

    Well done sree… U were wrong.. But… What u said or did was a action reaction.
    For the first time i really liked ur attotude.. Jahan galat nhi ho aur agar ho bhi and apki mistakes justified h toh ye attitude hona banta h… For the first time i really feel good just bcz of ur strong words..

    I really like shiv.. He is stiously very genyine usey pata h axtual m kon wrong h..

    Deepika, jakseen and sristy kya hi bolun in logo ko.. Agar apko koi cheez galat lag rahi h ya toh usi time bol.. But every timeekw m hi q yaad ata h ki hum toh bohot acche h sahi ka sath dete h.. Bcz these ppl really scared of salman..

    The ppl who are sayimg salman is god and he cant be wtong.. So let me tell u.. The person who is giving ego n all lecture to someone.. Is atual have ego problem.
    I remember an incident with a middle class lady..
    Salman was not in a good mood and rushing towards his car.. But the lady insist him to take a selfie.. Salman opened the window take her phone and rhen throw it outside..

    Sree is wromg but the person making him understand is much more wrong person..

    Sree ki abusive language pe itna bawal ho raha h but what about surbhi and gang.
    I have always noticed sree khud se kabho ye logo se baat karna pasand nhi karta but thses ppl always came to hime kust for the sake of footage.. Itni hi problem h toh just boycott him..
    Commoners task accha karte h.. But uske baad ki jitno bhi footage khate heo sab kisi ek ko pakad k jhagda kar k milti h..
    Ab chahe wo dpka ho ya sree yafir jasleen.

    And reason behind this that commoners are gettimg moren more worse just bcz of thry are unit3d tbey stays on their words..
    Plus theyare gettimg support..

    On the other hand celebrities are really scaredfor their image.. Aur ho bhi q na.. Salman se panga lene wala bachta hi kon h..

    And height of partiality is.. Jab priyank amd vikas pe unki s*xuality ko le k comment hue toh salman ko wo sab funny laga.. But this time salman ko ye serious mater laga..
    Agar us time galat nhi tha toh ab kaise galat h?
    Lat season m to 10-15 se zyada baa s*xuality ko le k baat hui.. Is baar ek line pe hi itnahungama..
    Abusive language sabse zyada use karte mne toh surbhi ko dekha h.. Uska naam aaj q nhi aya…
    Sjiv ne deepak ko kick karna plan kiya tha toh shilpa akadh puneesh arshi ne bhi priyank ko instigate kar k usey eliminate karwane ki plannimg ki thi.. Usi time un logo ko warn q nhi koya gaya?

    Agar apne hi favourites banane h and roght wrong doesn’t matter toh votes n all ka drama q..
    Is baat clearly dikh raha h ki commoner ko winnerbanana h.. Toh jaan boojh k unke mistakes avoid karo..

    And let me tell u. In todays episode.. I didn’t found sree that much wrong. Cz it was deepak jo uska dimaag khata rehta h sara time..
    Leave him alone na..

    And surbhi jab bhi bolna start karti h lagta h jaise script read kar rahi ho..

    Aur show ka toh kya hi bolo.. Even previous seasons tak k winner ne bola h dont trust the videos blindly cz ye log editing bohot xyada karte h..

    In last season many ppl said that thing ki kisi particular person ko abusive language ki clips nhi ati arshi akash hina vikas sab logo ne ye baat bohot baar boli thi.. But wo log actual m sahi they..

    But i am seriosuly happy.. Jase jawab sree ne salman ko diya na.. That was amazing ..
    And sree is not fully wrong according to me.. Cz aise mental logo k sath reh k aide hi words niklte h.. Aur nikln3 bhi chaiye…

    1. @xyz……..liked ur comment……..u spoke my heart out friend………
      Btw missing neeru n her extremely wonderful comments…….

      1. @nandini…
        Thanks… πŸ€—
        Neeru samaira naina and rest are not watching this season.. So they are not here to comment…πŸ˜‘

    2. anup jalota ka lota

      i agree about what you said about srishty and deepika but jasleen actually did point out to sree that what he said was wrong at the very moment deepak repeated it and it was her advising him not blaming but he was so angry for obvious reasons he took it other way and didn’t listen and she wasn’t blaming him infront of salman either

      1. Anup jalota ka lota πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£ this is very funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. And for the first time i really want is season ka winner sree hi ho.. Just to break salman’s ego..

    Sree bhi galat h ye mujhe pata h.. But ye bhi sach h kiuskr sath galat ho raha h isliye wo galat kar raha h.. So uski mistakes justified h..

    1. Well said. My favourite is Sree too. He is geniune.

  9. I don’t like sreesanth at all, he never adjust with the environment in bigg boss house, he always show his irritation to other contestants in house. In today episode he told that bad thing but he can’t accept the truth n gave explanation to salman in other ways n then cried. Sree say salman told nothing to surbhi , I think salman khan doesn’t said to surbhi saba somi deepak anything because this season is not gud n the trp is also low because contestants done nothing interesting in show so he want that more fighting in the show that why he doesn’t said anything to surbhi saba n somi deepak bacause they create scene in show n about kv salman tried to make him understand to fight but he remain silent in show, kv is gud contestants but he can’t fight n create scene in the house n bigg boss is show of fight, cleverness, planning against the other contestants n provoked them to fight n became bad.

  10. Salman khan is the dumbest host n bigboss is merely a scripted show……… disgusting episode……literally
    I completely agree that sree gave a wrong statement but what about surbhi rana…… she salman’s sister or what…….he has never ever pointed her whether she is violent or abusive………she is the worst woman or rather aunty I have come across…….
    Salman is openly supporting the commoners……..not done yaar……..
    She slams kV deepika srishty sree n earlier neha but he has never said anything to some filthy commoners……….

    1. M to wait kr rhi hu surbhi ke nomination m aane ka vo bhi celebrities k sath … Jaldi nikle ye pgl πŸ˜‚

  11. Why Salman did not bring Surabhi and Some saying about Rohit? He is much biased that’s why he is losing all respect in my eyes…. What Rohit said about Sree did not matter? I’m just hating big boss 12 from the core of my heart and even salman ….. Bb 12 ki jay ho… 2 months have come on an end but kabhi bhi usne Some, Surabhi ko kuch nhi bola…. They only target KV & Sree….. I

    1. @flyingfatty..
      Nice one..

      1. Thanks😊

  12. Seriously liked the way Rohit answered back to people talking about his s*xuality. KV man??? It was 100 percent evident what are you talking about, accept it. Even KV asked Shiv you understood na. And swings both ways never means engagement. One thing I liked today was when Salman confronted Dipika for playing a role. And seriously be it anyone we all have started from zero somewhere in life. Being human is more important than being celeb and the fact is no celeb has ever done what has never been done in history. Jab Tak sabse top par nai Gaye tumhare level par bahut loag hai and once you reap a bad name for wrong choices you make that takes you down in life. So working in TV serial or randomly doing couple movies which Don’t even do well does not prove anything much except that all are working to earn bread and butter.

    1. Is it true he said Rohit swings both ways or was he talking abt something else and BB edited it??
      Someone please tell me..

  13. last year to nai dekhae shilpa arshi ke comments vikas ki s*xuality ke upaar? aur vo to jo is year ke contestants ne bola usse zyada gerey we views the and 1 baar nai baar baar unlogon ne comments kiye the :DDDDD

    1. @hammer…

    2. is year bhi pora show nai kiya and jab last week deepak kv aur sab romil ke secret ka maazak bana rae the aur indirectly gay bol rae the jab to bada light way mein use show kiya tha aur salman ne bhi participate kiya tha….homophobic comments or attitude are wrong however bb and some people only take “action” over it according to their convenience and that’s even more disgusting

    3. Anup Jalota Ka Lota

      and both of them are invited for two days stay again lol it’s heights of hypocrisy and faux activism i wonder what they both will say if s*xuality topic is discussed again?

  14. And one mor3 thing.. I really dislike dpka.. Just bcz of she is not at all opinionated.. Changes sides as per the conditions..
    She is not loyal to anyone.. Har 2 min. M sides and words change karti h..
    Kindly ye bhai bhai karna band kar do.. Cz bhai behen jaisi koi cheez nhi h.. It is like sree sree kar lo thoda waise bhi task ho nhi rahe entertainm3nt ho nhi raha fights bhi ho nhi pa rahi.. Dikh3nge kaise..

    And dpka fair bhi nhi lagti kisi angle se

    1. I f**king hated when dipika said sorry to the commoners post salman’s accusations..most annoying personality after surbhi

  15. Now today i regret not supporting or believing hina last year i was in state of doubt when same shit was going on last season and didn’t understand that what her fans used to say was partially correct BB is biased and they decide early on what personality or character they’ll give to what contestant and it’s done through editing and over highlighting or totally not showing their statements, it was there last year but this year it’s so much on the nose that you just can’t ignore it and what happened with sree today would’ve been seen as justice if not for salman and bb completely ignoring or even hiding certain contestants mistakes that are 10x times worse than his

    1. @jagannath..
      Hina toh chodo.. Prevous year k winners like shweta gauhar ne bhi bola h ki editing bohot zyada hoti h..

      1. Bigg Boss Ki Ankh

        yeah lol and they all got abused by people like me who didn’t believe them at first

    2. Bigg Boss Ki Ankh


  16. bigg boss ki ankh

    So bb11 was partial towards shilpa afterall? considering they didn’t even show her clips of homophobic comments, which mind you were made multiple times, and other stuff that this year contestants are being reprimanded for?I just read yesterdays epi’s update comment section and i actually was reminded about how bigg boss posted that hina on fire video eagerly at the heights of timeperiod when people were just forming opinion over contestants but slipped the video about why she had that reaction when everything was cooled down and yeah i hated hina too over it blindly like a fool but nope not anymore i won’t watch this crap fest anymore unless they make it less staged

  17. I’m confused today what happening here everyone are in wrong but punishment is only for one person without allow anyone to argue and I’m feeling bad.. Shiv is have some thoughts na then why they stopped him ohhhh God and shiv you’re God or bad you didn’t want anyone’s praising and stands for sree in personal now I’m liking shiv more and more.. Everyone who supports sree and considering as relation go behind him it’s really hurting because everyone have feelings sree is beds proved its come without mind because everyone know we can’t abused about stats in public show so he need proffer advice not like this hurting treatment..
    I’m laughing when sree react and think he got crazy while flash back…
    I think this time he cried is a heart touching..
    Now I only like shiv….

  18. Aneurysm inducing episode today but atleast for the first since this season started comment section is looking as active as last year lol

  19. I don’t like rohan ‘s behavior , the way he is talking .. ki juta nikal k maruga nd whatever he said . Are bhai itna kya hyper hona , saaf bol do na that u re not gay what is the problem . I know no one has right to talk about someone s*xuality . But GAY is not gaali , why he is reacting like this , aap nhi ho aapko pata h that’s it , or nhi h to itni prblm honi hi nhi chahiye thi idiot , nd what about surbhi pure season m salman bolege bhi use ki nhi πŸ˜‘
    Only one thing salman did right today , telling deepika ki kr kya rhi h ye , nd ye kitchen kitchen kya krte rehte h , bhai cooking show nhi h ye πŸ˜‚.
    Vikaas nd shilpa are coming … Shilpa n statement diya ki deepika ko apne game p dhyaan dena hoga sirf kitchen se kuch nhi hoga . N i was like look who’s talking , jo khud pura season kitchen m nikaal diya , without doing any task …
    Anup ji n saba are going home for sure πŸ‘….

    1. Xyz… Exactly… My point is when rohit knows that he’s straight then why the hell did he bashed on sree like that… Its immaturity when you do not understand what happened and bash straight !!!… I know attacking on s*xuality is not good but rohit should know his limits from sree he was moving to his family !!!

  20. What kv did today is called a white lie lmao he really was making s*xuality comment who is he trying to fool?this is what sree vikas and that other chichura meant when they said he’s isn’t being his true self

    1. O really anon… Then stay with ur dirty thinking !!!

  21. deepika was my fave at the very start but i’m finding her to be weak minded and fake, why didn’t she fight back that she shouldn’t be held accountable for sree actions if not salman than at the very least give it back to hms like why was she trying to justify or apologizing to them?you just met the guy you aren’t his mother to take responsibilities for his mistakes besides if she consider herself to be such a thekedaar of sree then why didn’t she raise the point of him getting harassed night and day that’s when he spoke “bad words” pagal kutte ne thodi katha hai surbhi ki tarha jo bewajha bhoon bhoon kari usne…her behaviour today and since last few days made my transition to meghas supporter easier

    1. I feel neha will play along megha and kv..I’m not sure what’s sree dipika srishtys strategy if they even have any…

      1. Neha will try to distance herself from deepika at first but slowly she will be back to her starting self and stop giving her own opinions fearlessly I think Megha has more chances of allying with shree, jasleen and kv than Neha cause Neha is her biggest comp after deepika since she’ll split her votes of Marathi fans. When it comes to strategy and place in the house deepika is in the most insecure place RN and she did it to herself


    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Last season Tasks weren’t important since shilpa didn’t like doing them but all of a sudden one have to do it even if they die for them last year Kitchen was so important and *maa* tag was continuously given to shilpa this year kitchen is not so important last year homophobic comments were not a big deal even not shown on prime time since they were uttered by shilpa ji this year bbs become moral police atleast for certain celebs if not all the culprits but one things remain the same targeting the already targeted member of the house last year it was vikas/hima this year it is celebs/sree

    1. Totally agreed

    2. @Hema…


    3. Salman in BB 11 : ” Shilpa u made 5000rotis”

      Salman in BB 12 : ” Dipika Sirf kitchen me rehkar kuch nhi Hoga”πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

      Viewers ” Salman is same in every season , matlab the biggest Hypocrite !!! “

      1. @Reem..

        Sahi pakde ho.. 🀣

  24. about sree planning to intentionally comment something controversial in the morning he had already made the beggar comment as soon as he entered the jail donno what comment he was going to make next morning but it wasn’t beggar one

  25. This Sreesanth need to go out from the big. Boss.Everytimehe wants footage that’s why trying to become highlighted which is of no use.I wonder how come with that attitude he was playing in Indian Cricket team …
    Match Fixer that’s why banned from cricket..Shameful,,,
    Look at his attitude if he is that much rich then why is he still in big boss ..need to get out..

    In between XYZ are u related with Sreesanth or his family member who is doing his defence..

    I just don’t wanna see him Big Boss..shameful character..

    1. @sandy… Are u related to salman?

      Look at the comments.. Not only me there are lot of ppls who are supporting sree.. U know y?

      Bcz he is not wrong this time..

      1. XYZ, BANG ON !!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
        I dislike Sree for his arrogance and unsporty attitude.. but I hate surbi, saba somi deepak and Romil for their evil thoughts and dirty speech.. it’s obvious they hav major role in sree’s present behaviour… But biased show with biased host will favour them only.

        Shame on you Sandy!!
        Jus look at the comments besides XYZ… And will you blame all of them for relating to Shreeshant??

      2. @Reem…

    2. And one more thing.. For match fixing he has already got punished..
      And what about salman?
      And bdw… The ppl commentimg here in favour of sree are judg8ng him only bcz of his doings and what he is doing in a particular episode

  26. Hate Salman now. And hate this show. Itne mahaan bane hue hain sare. Jaise khud kabi kuch nhi bolte.
    N wt abt s*xuality, sab karte h aise batein. Inside ya outside. Shree k toh peeche hi pad gaye hain.
    Commoners ki har cheez is being ignored. There is no end to it unhone kya kya bola hai.
    Biased Salman. As always.
    Jo Salman k against bole use kehta hai aap toh aaj bolo hi mat.
    Salman khud arrogant h. Tabhi shiv ko bardash nhi kr pata.

  27. Bb lover srity

    Seems lk ppl out here are liking Sree n his antics which are totally worthless n next level to insanity mixed with his emotional wailing bouts 😭😭 out of respect the others never taunt him in his wrong doings they lv him fr wht he is fr the country…wild cards r superb…waiting to see more frm thm…n sree complaining abt deepak brking bottle ,wht abt him in the first few episodes with his own sipper n washroom antics.N salman ka kam hi hai sabki bajana chahe wo deepak ho ya the great sree,everyone under his radar πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›lk him or hate him u cant avoif him

  28. I do think that Sree said all those things intentionally … Now he might have understood the fact that whatever he says will be made a big issue … Best thing he can do is to remain silent for the next week … Don’t give them the masala they need … Saying more and more things out of frustration will only help the show … Let’s see what these ppl will talk abt if he remains silent . Already the show is biased … the way they edited KVB’s clip to show him in bad light was a cheap move

  29. What Sree said was a reaction. Aur is Deepak ko dimang nahi hai?always listening to Romil. And that arrogant Romil is the one who should be evicted, always tries to get a reaction from Sree. At least Sree doesn’t gang up, he plays for his own. Romil gangs up and plots, he cannot stand on his own.

    Why is surbhi wasn’t scolded for calling Rohit ‘beautiful’? Wasn’t that a s***** remarks?

    Salman following Karan Johar too much ‘#nepotism’?

  30. Excited for Sultani Akhada Team Wolfpack (Sree, Jasleen , Shiv) vs Team Happy Club (Surbhi, Deepak , Romil)
    Sree is going to perform some physical task
    I wish Team Wolfpack wins the Sultani Akhada
    It will be like tight slap to Team Happy club

    1. Akhil… What a f**kin funny name happy club… Where everyone goes on shouting and screaming !!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Vindy

  31. @Akhil..

    According to the news wolfpack wins the sultani akhada task..

  32. @Xyz It’s good to hear Wolfpack wins

  33. I dont understand whats the problem of salman khan is he jealous with sree or its all a DRAMA TO PROVE HIMSELF “MAHAAN”….. Woww !!! This is amazinn the allegation that WORST SHT HAPPY CLUB PUT ON SREE ARE UTTERLY BASELESS !!!… Here salman got the chance to highlight himself infront of india… Sree cannot say anything as bcoz surbhi rana is officially paid by bigg boss !!… Her contract is like she will say rubbish to anyone and just have to say a sorry to clear this matter but when someone else will shower his/her genuine anger on the other self that time that person will be the VILAAIN/VAMP…. I am damm sure next time Mr Salman is gonna put DEEPIKA on that bl**dy villain chair and will call her VAMP as she dont shout unnecessarily and casually do not present her called opinion !!!!… Talking about Rohit i felt somewhere sad for him as how sree enacted bad was really non receivable by everyone… Here they made similar situation of rohit as like PRIYANK SHARMA of season-11 !!… Kv & srishty were talking about their engagement ceremony i can see it on kv’s eyes that he is DAMM INNOCENT.. He cannot say anything like this about s*xUALITY at all !!!… Salman deliberately rammed kv’s image !!!… Shit surbhi… Each and everytime she will shout and no one cant oppose it also !!! Somebody throw that a**hole SURBHI RANA OUT !!!… And yaa surbhi you said naa i say sorry everytime whenever i do mistake, I PRAY FOR YOU THAT WHENEVER YOU WILL COME OUT OF BIGG BOSS that time WHOLE INDIA WILL CONFRONT WITH YOU !!!!… INDIA WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL SURBHI NANA OOPS RANA !!!!

    1. Sorry not their *the srishty’s engagement ceremony* pls dont take it wrong 😊

    2. Kv lied, he was taking as much part in s*xuality talks as any other hms he made few more comments about that guy being too pretty and romil being with him etc and when jasleen was telling sree something about that guy s*xual preference kv was sitting right next to them and laughed

  34. devinder - UK

    All of you are blind if you can’t see this is all scripted show from day one to finish . its so obvious.

    Sree gets picked on by all , everyone says things about each other , one day you are best friends , trusting next day those same mates are enemies . all bullshit.

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