Bigg Boss 12 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree, Shiv and Jasleen in jail

Bigg Boss 12 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 39
Surbhi says to Romil that they backbite and then go back to each other.
Sristy says to Deepika they are not liking that I am taking your side.
Buzzer plays, Jasleen asks Deepak to eat chilies, she asks him to not eat it. He says I will eat it if you have brought it. Saba says you have given him second time. Jasleen says this is task and I can do what I want, he can leave if he cant eat it. Deepak pukes. Rohit asks him to leave but he denies.

Rohit brings chili juice and asks Megha to drink it. Saba says this is too much. Rohit says if its too much then talk to Bigg Boss. Shiv asks if she has eaten everything? She says yes. Deepak says then drink this too. Megha says dont interrupt when I am talking, if I am not answering then dont think I will

remain silent. She shouts at him and says I will drink. She drinks chili juice and asks Deepak to not stop her when she is giving her point of view. Deepak says I will give my point of view too. Megha says I am talking to Bigg boss and he is jumping in.

Romil brings bitterguard juice for Megha.
Sree says to Jasleen that Deepak is doing good so let him become captain. Megha drinks bitterguard juice. Se pukes a lot. All look on. Saba asks if she needs water? Megha says chilie went in my nose, she washes her face. Shiv says Megha you are playing nice. Deepak says you are saying like she is playing alone. Saba says to Megha that you have done nice. Megha screams and cries. Saba says your health is important. Deepika asks her to come out, its enough, you have done impossible, what are you doing? Megha says this will wipe my hardwork. Deepika says think about your fans. Sree says you have our respect, what are you doing? Megha says I deserve a small respect, I just need small amount of water. She thanks Sree and Deepika. Sree says to Deepika that Deepak should leave, he has humanity. Deepika says he doesnt.
Buzzer plays, Romil brings water for her. Saba says Megha your health is giving up. Shiv and Deepak rubs her hands. Shiv asks Deepak to leave for her. Surbhi says she doesnt want to win captaincy in charity. Shiv says its not humanity now to leave for her? Jasleen says Megha didnt stop anyone from giving anything to her but Deepak was asking to not give him bitterguard.

Sristy says to Rohit that Megha came two days back and she is playing so well, why didnt you support her? today’s hero is Megha not Deepak, she became contender in two days when we couldnt, I told you to not get involved in gangs and supporting, you are becoming Romil and Deepak’s puppet. He says I am not.

Megha says to Deepak that let me become captain, I have promised someone to become captain. Deepak says we have worked so much to reach here. Megha says I can get down only if you promise to support me in next captaincy and never nominate me. Romil goes to Saba and tells about Megha’s deal. Saba says this is not done, she cant ask for next captaincy, its not healthy for her now. Surbhi says its not right. Romil comes to Megha and says we cant promise you a lie, we cant do it.

Megha asks Romil and Deepak if they two are with her to make her next captain? Romil says I am with Deepak. Megha says you are not with me? Romil says I can support you to become contender. Megha says I can become contender on my own. Deepak says we will support you to become captain. Romil says if I get contendership for captaincy then I will be neutral. Megha gets down from train and says I got clarity on many things. KV hugs her. Shiv hugs Deepak. Urvashi says to Megha that you have earned respect and that is a lot. Bigg Boss congratulates Deepak on becoming captain. Deepak says to Romil that Megha was falling ill. Romil says we have done a deal so we will not go back on our words.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Sree said in task that he would support me. Surbhi says dont fall in emotions. Deepak says you and Romil are happy to see me as captain but Urvashi didnt even congratulate me. Surbhi says all thought you were wrong and she was right but she plays her game. Deepak says she justs says a taunt and leaves. Surbhi says she didnt support you in task.

Sree says to Deepika that I dont understand KV’s friendship, I know a lot about him, he is in my friend circle, I know how he is, I dont like inbetween fake and genuine, its not him, he wants to look like baby boy, he is character like that.

Day 40
Inmates wake up to song mohabbat hai mirchi. Sristy dances with Urvashi and Shiv. Deepak dances around.

Shiv says to Anup that they wanted to support Megha and then supported Deepak, now what about work? Anup says 8 people are ready to back out in his captaincy.
KV says to Deepika that I genuinely loved you. Sristy says to Deepak that they dont treat us well, if game is so important then they will make us loser everytime by not respecting.

Sree asks Deepak to ask inmates to come to divide work as he is captain.
Deepak comes to inmates and says lets come to decide about work, Deepika says we are coming, he leaves. Urvashi asks if we are working in his captaincy? Anup says ask Sree.
Sristy says to KV that how can they change opinions?
Sree says to Shiv that leave it for today. Shiv says are we supporting Deepak? yes or no? Sree leaves. Shiv says to Anup that he is not giving clear answer.

Deepak says Megha, Somi, Saba and Deepika will work in kitchen. He asks Urvashi to work in washroom with Shiv. Sristy says I want to work with her. Deepak says you people have already decided what work you want to do. Sree says if someone doesnt want to work then its their problem. Deepika says if they volunteerily asking for work then whats the problem. Shiv says they are ready to work then what is your problem? Deepak says you have already discussed. They both argue with each other. Deepak says boy and girl will work in washroom, Urvashi says then I am not working. Deepak says okay you are not doing any work. Jasleen says I will clean utensils with Sree.

Deepika says to Saba that Deepak only follows Romil.

Urvashi says to Sristy that I was angry on Sree. Jasleen says I expected that from Deepika.

Deepak says to Deepika that I was playing for Urvashi. Deepika says you get so emotional in task that you get rude with people. Sree says Megha asked water from me, Urvashi brought water for you, she is very nice girl.

Deepika gets emotional and comes to Urvashi, she says I feel bad with the way Deepak treats you. Urvashi hugs her and says its okay.

Sristy says to KV that Deepika and Sree changed and went to Deepak’s side, I am angry. She cries.

Surbhi asks Saba if she thinks I am crazy? Saba says no. Surbhi says I am gold medalist and people call me crazy. She is taunting Jasleen. Jasleen leaves. Surbhi says Jasleen keeps pointing to others.

Jasleen says to Sristy and Urvashi that Surbhi have started taunting me.

Sree asks Rohit which name he is going to take? Rohit says Jasleen. Sree says we can take Romil’s name too. Rohit laughs and says we can take your name too. Romil comes there and laughs. Sree says Rohit is saying he will take my name. Romil says I can take KV’s name. Rohit says Jasleen called Surbhi crazy too.

Anup asks Jasleen if she is not able to handle herself? Jasleen cries. Anup says you need that strength, people shouldnt hear you cry, dont cry, look at people and see where they are wrong. Jasleen says I dont cry like this. Anup says one secret is that you look nice when you cry. Jasleen laughs and nudges him.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that its time to choose people who will go to jail, this time it will be different. Confession room door will open for sometime, persons who enters room first will have right to choose people who will go to jail, they cant take Deepak’s name as he is captain.

Shiv, Saba and Rohit enters confession room. Shiv takes Romil’s name for jail. Saba says Shiv couldnt handle things last night so he should go. Rohit says I want to send Sree to jail for showing wrong signs to Surbhi.

Megha says to Deepak that people didnt wash dishes. Deepak says Sree had to do it. Sree says I have done garden. Sree starts cleaning kitchen. Deepak says you just wash dishes. Sree says its okay and starts brooming.

Deepika says to Sree that there must be a reason for you working? Sree says I will not work as a slave, I will go to jail. Sree says I will not do work from tomorrow. Deepika says then dont do it. Sree says I am not Shiv and Surbhi’s servant, I wont work if they take my name without any reason.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that Romil, Shiv and Sree have been chosen to be sent to jail. Deepak have right to save one inmate and send someone else in his place. Deepak says I want to save Romil and send Jasleen to jail. Surbhi laughs. Deepak says because task was going nicely but she said that Surbhi has come from mental asylum. Jasleen says I didnt say that. Bigg Boss says Jasleen, Sree and Shiv will go to jail. Deepak thanks him. Jasleen says people curse here ad I just said that she is mental, I didnt talk about mental asylum.
Sree says I am not going, Bigg Boss can do anything. Deepak asks him to not be angry.
Jasleen says to Surbhi that you have said a lot. Surbhi says I went to jail, I curse and I accept it.
Sree says to Jasleen that I didnt do anything wrong so I am not going. Deepak says to Sree that you showed finger again this week on couch. Sree says you didnt show finger. Sree says I am not going, you can do anything. Deepak asks Bigg Boss to tell what to do. Sree says I never said no to jail but I am not going till I get a clear picture, its setting to send me to jail anytime, if I did a mistake then its fine, I want to know who took my name, baby(Rohit) must have taken it.

Deepak asks Shiv to make Sree listen, he says he wont. Jasleen says to Deepak that stand against your group too, why didnt you go against Somi? she said a lot of stuff, she called KV a lot. Deepak says Somi called KV idiot too, she said sorry later. Jasleen says she curses a lot. Urvashi says Saba broke plates too.

Sree says to Shiv that why should I go? I didnt do any mistake, they talked about my wife, family and kids. Jasleen says we should go and show them. Sree says I cant go on their path, I have always followed right path. Sree says to Shiv that why should I go? Shiv says you should show how good you are. Sree says Romil didnt do any sin? Saba broke plate, I was calm whole week. Deepika leaves. Shiv says to Sree that its their strategy, we can go but they cant stop us. Sree says okay, I am going.

Jasleen says to Anup that this is pure revenge. Sree angrily goes to jail. Jasleen says they should be ashamed of doing all this.

Sree says to camera that this is worst show ever, they are trying to get shit out of me, I have been punished for no reason. He talks in english. He takes off his mic. Jasleen says its okay, I am here with you, I didnt do anything. Sree says I dont give attention to these actors. Bigg Boss asks Sree to wear his mic. Jasleen asks him to wear it. She tries to make him wear it. Deepak asks him to wear it. Sree says they are letting people pull on hair, grab necks and be fine with it, this is worst show ever.

Saba says to Sree that dont be angry. Sree says I didnt do anything, they said so much about me, I remained silent, they called me ******. Surbhi says dont bring past things, I can hear things, you dont mean your apologies, why are you talking about backs of people? dont come to me, dont talk about my topic. Sree says dont waste your time, we dont like each other so dont talk to me. Surbhi says become logical in your life. Sree says may God bless you.

Somi says to Rohit that I think she interests you, my eyes are sharp, I saw her trying to find you, I dont know, its controversial. Rohit says she is sweet.

Sree says game will be interesting from tomorrow. Shiv says you always say it. Sree says this week was starting, Deepika says he did what he said. Sree says you will see drama tomorrow. Sree shouts to remain awake. Sree says I am suffocating, he puts his head out of jail. KV comes there too.

PRECAP- Deepak says Sree said that when we ride in cars and throw money out, some people run to grab that, those people are in show now. Deepak says to Sree that your heart is black. Sree says I dont talk to servants.
Salman says I will make Sree sit on villain’s chair. Rohit and others clap. Romil says he is talking about commoners picking up money, if they were not there then Sree wouldnt be Sree. Surbhi says he plays fake game. Deepak says he shows his money and reputation. Salman asks Sree why he has ego? Sree says I have attitude. Salman says this is ridiculous. Sree walks away from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salman ne last season me bhi yahi kiya tha yaar.. Shilpa bhi to kitna bolti thi vikas ko uski s*xuality per lekin tab salman ko nhi dikha tha bhi bahot gussa aata tha us per or aaj bhi… Ha sree ne wrong bola but kya wo akela hi hai jo abuse krta h bad language use krta h? Baised host.. Bakwas bigg boss😠😑

    1. Shadab,
      I totally agree with you..put Salman in bb house with surbhi Saba somi for 2 weeks and see how they will toast him for all the mistakes mr Salman has done in his lifetime…why cant he acknowledge for once that these commoners are provoking sree so much that he ends up saying bullshit which he otherwise never will if not poked 24/7…why cant they look at the hundred times when sree simply smiled to all the verbal abuses of SSSHIT (surbhisabasomi) women…seriously sree go home…you and your family dont deserve this nonsense…

    2. Han ye jasleen ko kitni choti baat pe jail bhej diya…romil ko hi jana chaiye tha…or sree k abuses se bhi jyda to mentally abuse krti h yeh surbhi…

      1. Arey yaar starting m saba somi ne see deepika kv ko kya kuchnhi bola h.
        Daily uch ganda bolna start karo aur fir baad m sry bolo.. Aisi sry ka kya matlab banta h

        Surbhi romil saba somi footage k liye pagal h.. Koi ek bnda pakadte h
        Zabardasti ka uska dimaag khate h aur agar samne wala banda e logo ko respond kar deta h.. In the same way they bullied that ppl then in wkw.. Salman us bande ki watt lagata h.

        Matlab pehle zabardasti ka target ho jao.. Fir bina kisi mistake k aise bnde se faltu ka suno jisme khud bohot acce kaam nhi kar rakhe h..

    3. @shadab… Show kitrp hi aise increase hoti h…
      Last season m bhi yahin hua tha.. In starting weeks vg ki midtakes na hone pe bhi useyblame kiya jata tha.
      Same ting happened to arshi.. Everytime without any reasonsab usi ko jail bhejte they..
      Its not about right or wrong…

      1- its about favourism.. The person whom salman liked the most wil stay till the end and his/her mistakes will never be point out

      2-its about trp.. Bb makers mplement this startegy to take side of mostnegative person of bb house.. Ad target a person for the whole season

      3- its about who is standimg against whom..
      In last season hina hit arshi in sultani akhada out of the rules.. But salman didn’t say anything.
      When hina-vikas stand against each other salman always tok vg’sside..

      When its comes to vg shilpa, salman always took silpa’s side.

      Bdw it is like 100 chuhe kha k billi chali haj… And its really suits on salman..

      If sree was match fixer then salman is not a saint too…

      1. I disagree with u , yes salman is biased but here sree did mistake , nd Don’t like your last line ..if sree was match fixer then salman is not a saint too… People always judge person on the basis of their past mistakes ..he also did things , but today because of his being human .. charity many peoples are alive , his NGO is bearing medical expenses of thousands of people …… And it is a scripted show , bigboss team give him rough topics on which he talk in show plzz don’t blame him 😊😊

  2. Salman is being biased surbhi is very annoying.

  3. This show is seriously very annoying..why did dumbo rohit take sree name for jail…seriously Deepak rohit are chamchas of romil surbhi…and even if jasleen said surbhi is mental then she is right…somi Saba surbhi all say horrible things to others why cant these 3 go to jail…stupid rohit..he will be the first one these commoners will sacrifice when it comes to nominations…all he done ever since he came is follow romil and surbhi instructions blindly…and now sree will make things even worse in his anger…I feel bad for him…he should have never come in the show…he cant take this much mental pressure…I hate salman’s biased judgements each time…why cant he warn surbhi romil to not poke sree unnecessarily…but no…surbhi is the spoiled brat of BB and romil her vazeer

    1. Pata h is sab m gadha kon h?
      Sree kv shiv sristy dpka anup urvashi jasleen… Har baar ye logo ko har ek punishment k liye
      Dusri team k bnde ka naam lena chaiye..

      Fair unfair goes in hell.. Inlogo ko unite ho k tsrget karna chaiye saba somi deepak romil and surbhi ko.. But mahan banne kchakkar m and salman k favourism k chakkar m ye log kuch bolte nhi.. Kuch tph salman ka dar h air kuch ye log brainless bhi h..
      This is hadd of bewakoofi.. Mne neha ko abuse karne se nhi roka toh me jaunga jail..
      Mme ye word use kar diya me jaunga jail..
      Depika madam always take wrong decision.. Uski bailbuddhi m bas yahin ata h pehle celebrities m se nikalo kisi ko. Saba somi surbhu romil ki fan following mere se kam h toh me winner bna jaugi..

      Bhai pehle present situation ka toh socho..
      Problem in logom hi h..
      On the other hand.. Surbhi romil and deepak ek dusre k liye always stand lete h
      Unite ho k khelte h.
      Ye logo k decisions same hote h..
      But sree n grp k decisions akways at the end change ho jate h.
      Deepak ka sabko pata h wo bnda kaisa h. Sree kvbhaiya kar k ata h. Kaam nikalta h aur nikl leta h. Aur ye log bewakoof ba jate h at the end..

      1. Itni akal to nahi h in celebrities mein ki kaise in lombdiyo se tackle kre…. Showpiece” anup g ko bahar nikal jana chaiye pehle to…taki jasleen kuch open ho ske….

      2. decision koi or nhi ye gadha shree krta h. pehle deppika k tym ki me ise iski aukat dikhaunga,sab celebrity bko uske agnst kr dia fir kgud hi dcsn badal lia ki me deepi ko support krunga,fir kaha deepak captn bna to sab boycott krrenge fir kgud mukar gya ki me to chamcha giri krunga ab.

      3. @Appy , sonnu .. correct…

  4. Koi romil or deepak ka sir porh do please…inko dekh k hi sir dukhne lgta hai….

  5. itna paisa hai toh sa** bigg boss kyu aaya sree..nikalo ussko show se..itna ghamand bas 50 match khel k..sachin se kuch sikh le sree

    1. I’m sorry but I disagree with you…sree said these unpleasant things because he is constantly abused insulted degraded made fun of by these commoners non stop…he ignored their comments hundred times with a smiling face but for how long can a person tolerate without reacting…this week there were other ppl who did or said much more inappropriate things and deserved to go to jail…but no..these commoners only have one agenda..insult sree…I would like to see when only these jodis r left and they have to nominate each other…then I would like to see how each one of them reacts…

      1. commoners and celeb no difference.. commoners k liye hi woh log celeb bane hai..toh phrghamand kis baat ki

    2. @vinta…
      Sree is not right in everyting but not wrong in every matter too..
      Afar koi nda zabardasti ka fotage khane k liye kis ek bnde k peeche pad jaye..
      Toh bhai samne wale bnde k yahin reactions honge and this is the human nature… Aap kisi ko daily for ur own benefit poke karte raoge tph ek point pe aa k banda outburst hoga..
      And this is what happening to sree..
      Bdw.. Agar i would be on sree’s place aise mental logo k liye mere reactions yahin hote..

      Aur agar koi person kisi ko begger n all bolte h toh kya koi jata h aise bnde k pass?
      Then y these ppl goes to sree n talk… Just for the sake of footage…
      Aap jao hi na sree k pass.. Baat karna band kar do as simple as that… Sabse accha boycott kar do usey agar itni hi prblem h.
      But na… Nahi karege ye log boycott.. Qki A-Z footage in logo ko sree se milti h.

  6. Now i think , there is a problem with sree . He doesn’t know what he is saying , whatever he said to deepak was not good at all . I don’t understand why he came to bigboss , khel to kuch rha nhi h , nd he is not the only person jo abuse krta a , surbhi too used abusive language . But this time take it on another level . Calling someone begger or his reaction was like jaa thu thu … Jese kute jo krte h πŸ™„.
    At least jesa bhi but deepak is playing , nd sree ka khud ka koi stand nhi h har 2 min m switch krte h .
    All of the sudden kv se itni prblm ho gyi πŸ˜’
    Nd why he is lying middle finger to show ki thi unne . Saaf dikh rha tha. To accept it na 😢
    Or surbhi ko bhi salman k extra dose ki zarurat h..she is sometime extremely irritating
    Nd somi is telling rohit that shristi likes him . Like come on bahar bf h uska πŸ˜‚.
    N where is deepika πŸ€” show m existence ki khatam ho gya
    New wildcard neha is coming πŸ˜πŸ˜‹.
    Hope she will play now ..maybe double evection is going to happen n Anup ji going for sure nd other one may be saba or shristi .. m se koi ho 🀨
    Letss see ..again sree rono dhona going to happen in bathroom nd as usual deepika bhagegi peeche πŸ˜‚.

    1. @Xyz…
      Not even dp n name… Ur way of writing is just like me..
      But the dfference is i am supporting sree in this matter…
      I am agreed to ur single word except sree’s begger comment.

      Dekho yaar surbhi ne bhi kv k sath kuch episodes m badtameezi ki h.. Even uske looks ka bhi mazak banaya h.. Saba somi ne bhi starting weeks m bohot sare wromg words use kiye.. Abuse sab kar rahe h.. But the main problem is in logo ka naam kabhi q nhi aa raha h wkw m….

      And mother sister ki gaaliyan sab de rahe h.. Which are not so different meaning from showimg middle finger…

      Ab aap gesture show karo.. Ya words k through usi baat ko bol do..
      Meaning change nhi ho jata..

      Again n again kisi bnde ko khud se uske status pe comment karna aap toh bade log ho n all. Kar k irritate karna.. Ye sab anrtics se koi bhi irritate hoga hi..
      Aur haan status pe baat karna bb house m sabse pehle romil deepak surbhi saba somi ne hi kiya tha..

      We are not god.. Ek time tak poke hone k baad aise hi words niklte h..
      Jb ye log kuch na hote hue bhi itna kuch suna jate h celebrities ko. To fir ye logo ka time bi toh ayeha na sunne ka..

      And bdw, salman ko sree k begger bolne se zyada show k content pe again n again comment karne se hogi.. For sure.

      1. Hey i have no problem with sree . But after watching yesterday episode .. I don’t like him ..but i know this is for time being because from the starting i m supporting him . N when u support someone , u want ki vo galat na dikhe but here sree ki image bhut galat dikh rhi h .
        N whatever i write becz of frustation . So srry πŸ™ .

      2. @Xyz..

        Arey yaar dont need to be sry.. Its ur ooint of view.. And after watching all this anyone will get frustate…

    2. @what.. neha is coming?? πŸ™„

      I hope she will play good this time and not let down her supporters…

      1. Yes it is confirm.

    3. Oops.. I didn’t notice ur dp has been changed too.. πŸ˜‘πŸ™„

    4. He never lied about MF it was cheepak chugalkhor new footage khaing story about him showing it again to the khan sisters that he refused to accept…I was thinking why he all of a sudden flipped on cheepak but now if I look at it he was upset about him blaming him over something he didn’t do

    5. I second that. You wrote it so well.

  7. Ohhh god seriously .. this sree is 🀐🀐
    Don’t Know what he is trying to do , he doesn’t realize what he is saying . Nd i think unki soch bhut choti h … Like from tthe beginning vo ladkiyo ko kam samjte h. Even in starting when salman ask him ki aap agr womens k sath match keloge to easily play karoge tab bhi yahi bola tha ki ha. And he shows middle finger to surbhi . N lying now that he didn’t show , bhai accept it na that u have shown πŸ™„
    Now all of the sudden he thinks kv is not real , he is faking , what he knows about him πŸ˜‘
    And people out there also know him 😏 what he has done or not . After so many years he come to clear his image , but now he is ruining his image .
    I seriously liked him but his behavior force me to dislike him πŸ˜–
    Surbhi all time provokes him but i think she is playing her game after all this show is for this **** only 😬. Whatever he said to deepak was not good at all , he called him begger . Everyone knows who did ***** for money πŸ€‘.
    But seriously he only treat people according to his mood when he is in secret room .. after listening deepak song he said that deepak genuinely love him n bla bla…
    With in 2 weeks he call him begger n all
    I think salman did right ..he need heavy dose
    Again he is going to cry in bathroom 😬
    Its my point off view no offense plzz

    1. He’s not lying, he accepted about showing surbhi middle finger in the jail but it’s deepak accusation about him showing finger again while both surbhi and saba were fighting him that he denied

    2. @Anu.. I disagree on this thing that sree thinks girls are weak..

      This is the girls only who show themselves weak..

      Abusive language use karni ho ladna ho ya task m animal ban jana ho.
      Tab feminism yaad nhi ata.. Task m boys ko upar chad padte h ye log push n all karte h tab gender difference yad nhi ata..
      But jab same cheez bnda karta h toh chui mui n jate h aur sara feminism yaad aa jata h..
      Aap task start hone se pehle hi bol dete ho ki ye tp aisa karega.. Waise karega.. Bhai if girls andboth are equals then y u r saying girls n boys thing by urself..
      Bb house m waise bhi boys sezyada girls animal bn jate h tasks m..

  8. if salman chastises sree in wkw then it’ll certainly be justified this time considering his beggar statement was ugly however salman should at the very least say a word of displeasure to surbhi over her behaviour as well then and if not then it’ll be heights of partiality, she has been provoking him and other housemates continuously, broke so many rules but let alone eviction she hasn’t even gotten a warning over it …besides how come salman, bb and certain ex contestants are suddenly awakened and understands that being homophobic and anti lgbtq and passing lewd comments about it is wrong?last year puneesh arshi and especially shilpa weren’t even properly warned for being repugnant about this same matter…sree better not leave the show just yet cause if he does he’ll be doing biggest disservice to himself what he said about deepak was downright disgusting and he needs to realize it and world needs to see that he regret it or he’ll always be remembered as the abhorrent person over the thing he said in justified anger…i’m all of a sudden loving jasleen her facing surbhi and showing her truth is nice romil and deepak are annoying this new guy is bigger flip than sree and deepika need to play her own game i don’t know what happened but she’s coming out negative now

    1. @anon…

      Totally agreedπŸ‘

  9. okay so sree discussing with deepika how kv is behaving differently than real life has left me wondering how much truth it holds as this is the second time someone has said that karan veer isn’t what he’s portraying himself to be and i kind of believe it i mean who give those over dramatic expressions in real life?and both times it was someone who knows kv from a very long time and is in his friends circle..

    1. @Anonymous..
      I was thinking the same…
      I dont know sree ko kv se suddenly itni kya problem ho gayi…πŸ™„

      1. Is it pattern for Sree, sometimes he says he knows all about Neha and can make her cry. Now he knows all about KV. He is not news channel or what? Khabbri

    2. I think KV real me bhi itne dramatic expressions deta hai…jahan tk maine KV ki videos dekhi h with his daughter’s bella n Vienna… Baki thoda hidden side to hum sbka bhi hota hai in real life…. Atleast deepika jitna fake to nai lgta…

      1. Yes I agree with u @Sonnu KV real life mei v aise hi hai..mai bahut saal se usko follow karti hu & uska bahut sare interviews mei v dekh chuki hu kv ka bolne ka tarika hi aisa hai & it’s not fake at all…Sree pehle v Neha ke bare mei aisa kuch bol chuka hai aur avi kv ke liye bol raha hai..

      2. Sree even said Vikas is fake and was advising them as per script and sree is very real.. πŸ™„πŸ™„
        Seriously this guy has some major ego problems and is ready to gossip about others personal life on spot for silly misunderstanding… Does he really think he is Mr.perfect..
        All are stupid celebrities who changes colours frequently & Jodis r devil’s Kith and kin only…
        Just praying for Surbhi and khan sisters to be kicked out by their favourite host…

      3. not just his expressions but the way he’s showing himself out to be incapable and dumb is what i can’t digest either vikas that other guy who sree refused to participate in game with and now sree all three of them said the same thing that he isn’t a simpleton in real life that he’s being in bb heck even salman at one point hinted that, I’m not saying he isn’t the nice person however his foolish attitude is what i was miffed about and after four people who know him personally saying what they said i’m not buying it anymore either…what he said to saba “mahan banke trophe jitunga” that is his gameplan

  10. Waiting for Neha to come 🀩 now she will play the game 😎

    1. And that game will be who remains out of all cameras range the most πŸ™‚

  11. jaggu dada naam hai mera

    sree is hina/vikas of this season not bc he has their abilities but based on hms unnecessarily tageting bb making him villain befaltu ki salman ki class…

    1. @jaggu…
      Actually problem sree k sathbhi h.. He is not strong on his decsions and words…
      No doubt mistakes toh usse hui h..
      But usse 2000 times zyada mistajes karne wale logo ko abhi tak single word bhi nhi bola gaya h..

      And this is true. Sree ko trp k liye jaan boojh k target kar rahe h..

      1. Even though I like Shree, I will agree on this point. He doesn’t stay put on his decisions and words. He say lot of things and make decisions when he is angry and then regrets it later.

  12. The matchfixer should be kicked out

    1. If not kicked out , let’s vote out him in next nomination..

  13. Go kill yourself Surbhi ranuuuu

    What’s wrong with salman why always slam on sree face man tf at least leave him alone for one f**king once I think salman is scared of surbhi dats why he ain’t able to take action against her nonsense he’s so scared of her man bro you tell others to be a man but Mate look at yourself your disgusting taking surbhis side what the f**k man salman is f**ked in head he needs to realise that the one he is supporting she’s mental can’t trust her with her antics and about the smoking she did smoke why tf did salman cover that up for what the f**k he’s supporting people with the lies ruining ur own image and making them look bad mate we ain’t blind we can’t se everything this girl is a betray get her out of the big boss she’s a mental pyscho and whatever Kriti said about her I support her 100per idgf what others gona say but salmani needs to take action against surbhi why u so scared of her are daft where your akal sending sree jas shiv to jail without any reason why since when did bb allow sending people to jail without any reason this is rubbish you better take justice for dipi how she got grabbed by her neck and how surbhi fell that was a drama I swear if I was there I would’ve killed that pyscho cow ugly slag and you can clearly see how fake fall drama it was on the camera u can see she was smiling this girl it’s awfully disgusting I wonder what ya parents are thinking especially ya mom mate think before doing dis disgusting act ugly shitwhole Love you dpi kv sree shirsty jas

    1. Totally agreed with ur each n every point…

  14. I know not only Salman but show makers too are biased……………but towards Sree. Can anyone give me single reason why Sree was given second chance in the game. He talked about Surbhi’s career, seriously of all people he is talking about it? I am not even talking about cricket, did he put in even 20% effort in any task. If a sportsman flips every 20 second, leaves every task before even starting it…… I don’t have words for him. There are lot many people way richer than him in India. And if he is so rich why came to expose his dark side on national television, for money………………..right? There are so many players out their outshining India’s name in a better way. Sree has not done this to Deepak first time and before even excusing him for his bad hindi, he knows what he is talking. These are my views but if Sree feels so bad for sharing screen space with beggars who defeat him everytime in the task, I pity him.
    Liked Megha’s spirit. She is a strong lady as of now.

    1. Why producers are biased against sree?Well He is a big name and maybe biggest celeb after jalota in the house people actually wants to follow his every move so making villain hero etc out of him will have bigger impact and thus higher trp, bb uses this trick every season but it seem to be magnified last and this year besides I don’t think he was actually evicted based on votes it was all according to me was staged to fool hms into thinking he lost votes battle and was evicted that’s why he was so cocky about being in top 6 the first time he entered the secretroom cause he knew he got good amount of votes……as for his beggar comment he’s wrong no excuse there he has some serious anger management issues and he needs to sort them out with his arrogance

      1. @jap…

        Each n every word is true… πŸ‘

    2. True that.

    3. Hope, you’re just so awesssssome… πŸ˜‚
      I agree to every point.

    4. Has he said ” beggar ” aur ” naukar” ??
      Both r wrong anyway…

  15. I would also blame Deepak and other HMs for Sree’s present behavior, itna pichea pichea jatea hai uske. Stop doing it, Sree bhaiya, Sree bhaiya. Fan hone or chapluuush hone m difference hai. Why they feed his ego, complete ignore maaro.

    1. @hope…
      Ignore nhi marenge… Qki wo 1 hour k episode m dikte hi sree k naam pe h..

  16. My quick review –

    Sree is like a box of coins that sounds more than it values. Why is he so much against KV now ? That KV who always stood by your side.

    Deepak – Maybe, I don’t like him but I won’t deny he is a strong contender.

    Megha – Strong contender.

    Deepika – I used to love her. But she didn’t rise to the expectations . She has become like that boring Shilpa Shinde who was always in the kitchen, not participating in tasks and why is she supporting Sree all the time? Sree is wrong and supporting wrong is also wrong !
    She looks biased now.

    KV – he wins hearts. πŸ™‚

    And as per news, Neha is going to come. I will write after she comes. I m just so happy that finally someone comes on public demand.

    1. Agreed on Ur views,
      But I felt Shilpa was better than Dipika..
      She completed dwarfs torture task, robot task without giving a damn reaction, robbed Vikas’ money without letting his team know about it.
      Apart from her tortures to Vikas she was entertaining too… what Dipika did till this time? Never completed single task… Nor supporting his own team members.. foolishly tried to wipe Deepak’s score board Infront of all… No strategy no leadership… totally boring contestant… She tried to show Shristy as useless and Sree can’t survive without her.. ( Shristy managed to show herself as good but dumbest.)
      She is irritating me when ever runs behind sre e… Sree..Sree …Sree.. aisa nahi…vaisa nhi….
      Sree…sree…. Sree…. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
      It’s our dispointment that couldn’t a find single favourite even after a month…

  17. Yaar I like sree. But us ka thora samaj hi nahi ate. Woh itne ghamand mein kyu rahta hai. Jise woh apne money ka raop dek raha hai. Yeh us ko apne fan ko dispont kar rahe hai.
    Oh I hate surbi. Woh sai mein pagal hai

    1. @khushi.. Agreed…
      But smetimes we dont want to say these things but ppl like surbhi deepak romil provoke t that extent so that a person says wrong things in response…

      This is kind of action reaction..

    2. Khushi
      I agree with jasleen that surbhi is mental..about calling Deepak beggar..I really wana see the entire might be tweaking done by bb to incite ppl curiosity and it may not be as bad as shown…I really hope sree can rise above all these negativity thrown against him and present himself as a better person and contender…
      I’m excited that neha is coming have to unite these brainless and spineless celebrities and give a tough competition to these overly spoiled commoner brats…

  18. Why these ppl go to sree again n again.. Agar apko uske behaviour se and way of using words se itni hi problem h
    In real world, koi bhi sensible person status pe comments sunne k bad wo bhi jab repeated ho this thing… Aise bnde k pass wapis nhi jayea khud se baat karne.. Except j apko us bande i need na ho.

    Same case applies to these ppl… Bhai apko itna problem h boycott toh kar k dekho..
    Aise bnde se matlab hi na rakho..

    But galliyan sunna sunana trp n content k liye chalta rahega…

    Sristy jasleen depika n all ko kabhi aise reactions q nhi milte… Qki wo log aisakuch bolte nhi jisse aise reactions mile…

    1. I hope surbhi insults kv dipika srishty jasleen in the same way she does to sree..only then these idiots will get along together to face her…

      1. Surjiwan (Vancouver)

        You are right.

  19. Salman Khan, commenting about Sree’s arrogance, is ludicrous! Especially when one recalls the way he had behaved with a young and then-newly successful singer, a couple of years back. I can’t tolerate Surbhi Rana’s high pitched screeches, sitting far away from the actual location. And that has made me realise that Sree is a very, very strong person to be able to tolerate a banshee like Surbhi 24/7!!!! About Sree being arrogant, who isn’t if endowed with all that he has? Who is Surbhi Rana? I had never heard of her, before Roadies…so where does her attitude come from? My God! I really, really can’t bear her voice anymore. Somebody get her out of the house!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. @Devika….
      Correct…. πŸ‘
      Roadies m bhi pagal hi lagti thi aur yahan maha pagal..
      But difference is wahan bilkul perform nhi kiya yahan kar rahi h..
      Wahan k gang leaders isko bhadawa nhi dete they aur yahan isey iski har mistakes pe support mil raha h.

      1. Totally agree with you!

  20. The producer has paid huge amount to sree and to get some output they are keeping him in the show despite his bad behaviour.Sree shouldn’t have come to bb ….what is the point of getting huge money by losing the remaining respects you have he should have return the dealer money and leave the show.Its not only sree celebs are not performing.its commoner who put their full efforts in the task.if not them then this season of bb is not worth watching.surbhi,deepak,romil,saba,somi and now mega gave their cent percent in the task.I like them for their efforts.Though they are loud specially surbhi but they are clear in their stands unlike celebs who flipped their decision according to their mood.I want one of the commoner to win this season.If this happens then it will be a big slap for those who think that by having fame and money they are bigger person than other.

  21. I like what Surbhi told about captaincy task and no mercy requirement for a woman. I liked Deepak’s spirit for game too.

    1. Actually . Dil ki baat . Giving up for someone to look Mahan isn’t really Mahan. I loved Deepak’s spirits.

  22. I am shocked to see how much love people have for shree . But in all honesty he doesn’t deserve it. He is one of those contestants who people love from the outside but cannot tolerate if they are with them.
    Shree talks crap and thinks no end of himself.
    Koi dhudh ka dhula nahi hai .
    Not even shree
    Talks about women respect but doesn’t think twice before saying crap about them either.
    His problem is he tries to show that he is very righteous but he isn’t.

    Who is he ?
    Eventually he is a player who got kicked out of cricket because he was fixing matches.
    He has no right to say shit to people. When he himself couldn’t stay true to his profession.
    He can’t do anything and everything and get away with it. People talk about commoners and others poking him.
    Do you remember the shi* vikas had to go through at the hands of other contestants. There was a time when he was all alone. Crying literally begging shilpa to stop. But hahahahaha shilpa yaar she is so entertaining. Wow she is the best. Most entertaining. Queen of entertainment.

    But when the same is happening to shree
    Haere such monsters, which heartless people shame in them

    I am sorry jab ye tab galat nahi tha
    Toh ye aaj bhi galat nahi hoga
    And nahi hai
    Sree unlike vikas brings this upon himself.
    Gets offended over slightest of the things.
    But doesn’t want want others to mind his words.
    Why ?

    Only you have self-respect
    Not others?

    This is the worst season in the history of biggboss.
    Zero entertainment
    100% faltu.

    Ps:- like I said koi dhudh ka dhula nahi hai. Koi bhi nahi.
    Dislike all of them equally just don’t understand what’s up with people ‘s affection for sree.

    1. Shilpa was a true entertainer, while Surbhi isn’t. She is extremely irritating, Shilpa never was. Vikas started the ball rolling in the outside world by ruining her career, literally! She was totally justified in whatever she did to him. They could never break Shilpa because she was not an uncouth and mannerless person like Surbhi! Sree is hateful too…but Surbhi is irritating. I like her only on Saturdays, when she comes across as a mature and balanced woman. Since she is from the medical field, I doubt whether she is this aggressive in real life! And that’s the reason I find her fake.

      1. “Since she is from the medical field”-just bc she’s a dentist doesn’t mean she is emotionally intelligent person many people become doctor through backdoor means or through parent’s money just for status or cause they’re confused about their career she’s one of those cases

    2. shilpa didn’t drag vikas family or gave him all kinds of galis that ever existed or called him “dhabba” on his profession or “kalankit insaan” etc etc etc list goes on, she sometimes used to be really disrespectful to him and people used to still take her side, i agree, even then i used to hate that and said it aloud then got attacked on twitter lol however her behavior was never psychotic it was all harmless shenanigans and it was even understandable considering their history outside the house however what surbhi is doing with sree is unnecessary and harassment and yes he’s wrong with his little comment about deepak(what i got from promo and shiv comment that comment wasn’t targeted towards him it was in general for surbhi and her gang) and deserve to be chided however so does surbhi and deepak as well for spreading false story about him showing middle finger again besides what i don’t understand is why MC BC galis are not taken as seriously as middle finger was by these hms when both things basically have similar meaning?

      1. Really when you are angry you say what is in your heart or think. You have forgotten this “dn’t reply when you are angry”. It is always said that you should not take decisions or speak something when you are angry because you will regret it later, because your emotions overwhelms your logical side of brain and you do something or say something which you don’t want to. You expect someone to stay quiet and do nothing after being insulted like abything for more than a week, slow claps for your bro.

      2. Sorry the last comment was not meant for you but it was meant for this person called @aditi

  23. Got to see episode. Liked his one liners when in jail he told Bhai har baar yahi bolte ho. This guy is funny. I don’t know why but I don’t like Urvashi. She is selfish. For longest I thought Deepak is rude to her but not now. Most surprising was when Srishty told her task kly sorry bolde Deepak ko and she exactly followed her instructions.

  24. According to latest news
    1) There will be double eviction Anup And Saba
    2) Neha is having re-entry in the show
    3) Vikas and Shilpa will also be coming to the house
    4) This time there will be different Sultani Akhada It will be team vs team

    1. Wow… Just wowww..!

  25. This is not a family show. People like Sree, Anup Jaolta should not come in this house. Girl like Shurbhi Rana is slur on women. Deepak is quiet uneducated person, no manners at all. Romil your education is zero. May be you get your lawyer degree by cheating. Salman sir, you should not host this kind of show. It does not suit your image and stature. We watched this show only for Salman, not any more. People are very irritating and annoying. It seems to me few people came from uneducated family. Surbhai, Romil, Deepak, you guys are useless and good for nothing.

    1. @Surjiwan..
      Absolutely correct… πŸ‘

    2. agree with u.

  26. Surbhi, Somi, Saba these three are the most third class and worst mentality peeps in the whole house !!! That time when somi called kv blo*dy idiot infront of whole india nobody alleged her for that and deepak can never put somi in jail as he is LOVERIA NAA !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… Stupid people… I understand jasleen do a lot wrong these sometimes but calling surbhi MENTAL is NOT A CRIME !!! SURBHI HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT SHE IS A PURE MENTAL !!!!… SHE NEEDS A PSYCHIATRIST I AM SORRY IF SOMEONE IS OFFENDED ITS MY VIEWPOINT !!!… The way surbhi behaves with everyone is irritating and worst !!!… Deepak is a bl**dy Chameleon of the house and if i talk about sree is a DRAMA KING & ENTERTAINER BUT NO HE IS NOT ALWAYS WRONG !!!… If a person that also a famous public face / cricketer gets so much tortured, slammed and tearred by the so called commoners in the house then NONE HAS THE RIGHT TO STOP HIM FROM USING FOUL LANG !!!… Nonsense Surbhi rana, surbhi rana etc etc she is always right but when it comes to jasleen and sree then its so wrong !!!… Precap is weird !!!… Who the hell salman is to put sree on villain’s chair it should be DEEPAK/ ROMIL/ SURBHI RANA AUNTY !!!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    1. @vindy..
      loved ur comment..

    2. Vindy
      Thanks ….I really feel the same way…I wish someone could just slap Salman and bring him to his senses so he finally can recognize all the damage this spoiled surbhi is doing to others especially sree

    3. Applause for this comment! Who the hell is Salman to call Sreeshant “ridiculous”. Sreeshant who has represented India and has contributed a bit to India’s respect and recognition is insulted like anything and people expect him to act like a saint. Yes I agree the vim mixing incident was totally wrong, I will be disappointed a bit with Sree if he is not able to justify his action. But I will not lose respect for this guy. I feel really bad for him like this show is getting on his nerves and we can see that he is losing control over his actions and emotions, there is a limit to a self respecting with so much achievement in his pocket to hear and not say word.

  27. According to latest news
    1) There will be double eviction Anup and Saba is going to be eliminated
    2) Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde is coming to the house
    3) There will be re- entry of Neha According to PUBLIC DEMAND
    4) This time Sultani Akhada is different It will be Team vs Team

  28. People supporting Sree here must understand that even if you are angry then also you will speak what is hidden deep inside you. He has spoken what he thinks. He is wrong and what wrong has Surbhi Deepak and Romil have done, i am unable to see. Unka sirf ye fault h ki wo celebrities nahi hain isliye log unhe support nahi karte. Agar surbhi ladka hoti aur tab ye aggression dikhati tab nobody would have said a thing. And sree ko faltu photage chahiye

  29. ek bat manni pdegi ki bb ne is bar shyd beggers ko hi entry di h tbhi itni ayyashi or pesa dekh k ankhe chondhiya gyi h dimag khrab ho gya h.. last yr jo b commner the chahe arshi,akash, punish bandagi etc sab ek reputed n well financed family se the. to unke attiquets itne bure nhi the jitne gande is saal k commeners k h.

    1. @Appy… cz commoners ne last 2 seasons se yahin seekha ki support celebrities se zyada commoners ko milta h mistakes hide karne k liye..

      celebrities ki alreay fan following hoti h agar wo log mistakes karte bhi h toh bhi votes milenge hi..
      but jab commoners mistakes karenge toh unhe votes bilkul hinhi milne..
      and theme toh justify karni hi h makersko.. ab end tak sare celebrities ko rakh k sare commoners ko toh 1 by 1 out karenge nhi..

      and last season m bhi ek do commoners ko again n again bachaya gaya tha aur usse pehle wale season m..

      public akal se paidal toh h nhi jo unko smajh na aye ki om and priyanka ko votes kahan se mil rahe they
      rohan mehra ko kam votes mile ho ye possible hi nhi tha cz uski fan followingbohot zyada thi and same for priyank..
      still ye log bohot sare faltu k commoners se pehle nikal gaye..

      toh abhi makres ki startegy h khud ko justify kaise kare toh cz continuously 3 seasons tak toh janta ko bewakoof nhi bana sakte toh ab ye log celebrities ki mistakes toh bohot bada bana k dikhate h and commoners ki mistakes ko chupate h jisse public ko bhi lage nhi commoners zyada deserving h..

      bdw, really agreed to ur comment

      1. ya i guess u r right. if i wer a celebrity , me ab kbhi ati hi nhi ese show me jaha izzat ki dhajjiya ud jaye

  30. I just wants to say one thing…

    jitne bhi contestants bb house m atey h sabko pata hota h befaltu ki fights create kar k jitna content mil sakta h utna sweetn geuine ho k nhi mil sakta…

    i really dont think so ab tak koi bhi insan itna zyada negative raha h jitna zyada makers show karte h…

    jo thoda bhi jaan boojh k content dene k liye negative side show karne lag jata h usey makers joker ki tarah show karte h..

    the best example is.. priyanka jagga ,kushal and baba om

    priyanka jagga jab first week m hi eliminate ho gayi thi sabko pata tha she is kind of negative personality..
    but just for the sake of trp ye log wapis usko le aye… jab tak chaha trp k liye uska use kiya..

    same happned in case of baba… us bnade ko continuously 3 baar elimination se bachaya..
    usey joker ki tarah use kiya
    agar wo banda hi sahi nhi tha toh kya matlab tha wapis lane ka usko…

    kushal raise his hand on andy… and salman throw him out of the house.. but after some time fir le aye usko show m…
    sab kuch trp ka khel h… jisme logo ki image spoil hoti h…aur makers ka paisa banta h..

    i literally hate hina.. but after watching some clips i thought ye log jaisa show karte h always zaruri nhi waisa hi hua ho..and ye logo ne apni trp k liye uska use bhi bohot acche se kiya..

    i really wish next time koi celebrity na hi aye cz pehli baat toh freedom of speech h na bb house m.. sab salman se dar k rehte h.. apna point of view log dete nhi… wkw m ekdum se change ho jate h..and dusri cheez makers sirf sur sirf unki image k sath khelte h…
    inka season toh hit ho jata h.. but kuch contestants ko uske bad results bohot time tak jhelne padte h..

    I just saw sneak peak.. and it is ridiculous…..
    jasleen flipped again… i dont think so dpka k kitchen wali baat ka itna issue banna chaiye tha..

    makers jin clips se unka fayda hota h bas wahin dikhate h…

    last year in starting week hina and gang ne shilpa and arshi ko bohot bully kiya tha 3-4 weeks nikal jane k baad tak hina n gang ki wo videos na main episode m dikhayi gayi aur na hi jab ye sab hua us wkw m..
    but after some time jab hina thoda negative prove hone lagi toh makers n uski wo clip dikha di…

    so , its clear no one is that bad in real life.. jitna yahan aa k ye log negative lagte h…

    1. last year in starting week hina and gang ne shilpa and arshi ko bohot bully kiya tha 3-4 weeks nikal jane k baad tak hina n gang ki wo videos na main episode m dikhayi gayi aur na hi jab ye sab hua us wkw”>>believe me that wasn’t done to hide hina or her gang “ugly” side infact instead it was done in arshi and shilpa’s favour cause hina gang only had that attitude towards them cause of their constant homophobic comments towards priyank and vikas and if they had shown the “goo nikalo iska” clip then they had to show shilpa and arshi’s pov also which would’ve caused same controversy that is happening now with kv/sree and rest so they did that to save their entertainers image and which people still aren’t understanding i hated hina too after seeing that video but after watching the whole thing and what was she reacting to i really didn’t know what to believe anymore from the image bb made of rest of bb hms last year

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