Bigg Boss 12 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi nominates Jasleen, Dipika, Deepak, Romil and Megha

Bigg Boss 12 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 70
Jasleen says that she is upset with Surbhi about how unfair and cunning she has become, I am irritate with your behavior not sending me to jail. Surbhi says I have to look out for my friends. Jasleen says you have changed in house, Surbhi says I saved my friends, you can say anything.

Sree tells Jasleen and Dipika about the match-fixing charges against him. He says I couldnt sleep after jail, it was hot there. Dipika says what were the charges? Sree says they blamed me for match fixing of 10lacs, I didnt do it, there are no proofs but they sent me to jail.. he cries and says I was not at fault, it destroyed me, I fell in depression, if my kids play cricket then I cant even go to ground to watch. Dipika hugs him and says you are strong. Sree says no. Romil and Megha join as Sreesanth completely breaks down. He recalls when he was removed from a cricket ground where a celebrity match was being played, as he was banned, I started crying there, I went to lobby but they asked me to leave ground completely, please leave, I was like okay dont worry, I was thrown from parking lot too and they said to never come to grounds.

Somi is talking to Rohit. Deepak comes there. Deepak says to Rohit that I saw Somi crying but I am hesitant to talk to her so I asked you to talk to her.

KV says to Somi that Dipika and Sree are weird, KV says Dipika is raising a child.

Somi and Jasleen talks. Surbhi says now people have rights to play game. Somi says are you taunting me? Surbhi says I didnt comment on you. Somi says I know everyone here.

Day 71
Inmates wake up to song dhoom machale. They all dance and enjoy.

Somi says to Dipika that Kamya commented that Deepak’s affection looks fake. Dipika says it looks fake from his side, Somi says I told him that I never gave him that kind of hints.
Surbhi asks Deepak if he is hurt? Deepak says Kamya called my affection fake.
Somi says to Dipika that if it looked like I got saved in charity then I dont want to be seen like that.

Surbhi says to KV and Rohit that I never liked Deepak, Romil and Somi down, I used to cheer them up but I noticed that when I was down, they never cared. Deepak says Romil said to sit with you as he thought you were down. Surbhi says I could say a lot of stuff against Romil, he talks in favor of Somi but behind her back, he calls her weak, this is all game for her, now he shows concern because of game too.

Jasleen is working in kitchen. Surbhi is washing dishes. Deepak says I will wash dishes. Bigg Boss asks Rohit to wear his mic. Surbhi says oh God. Surbhi calls Rohit and asks him to wash dishes as punishment. Rohit says I washed dishes last night. Rohit says I am not wearing mic, he starts washing dishes. Deepak sings around Rohit. Surbhi asks Deepak to not talk to him. Surbhi asks Rohit to wear his mic. Bigg Boss asks again. Rohit says I am not wearing mic. Romil says its your duty to make him wear mic otherwise we will be punishes. Surbhi says I am not his mom, I asked him but he is not wearing it. Surbhi says to Romil that I am not diplomatic like you, you called Somi weak against her back. Deepak says yes. Somi says to Romil that how can you say that for me? I am shocked. Romil laughs and says we were generally talking, I dont even remember it. Deepak says you said that Somi is a good person but weak contestant. Somi says to Surbhi why you didnt tell me before? Surbhi says Romil is fake, he taunted Jasleen about Anup too. Deepak says to Romil that you commented infront of Rohit. Rohit says yes, you called Somi weak. KV says this is not right. Romil says to KV to stay away from their argument. Deepak says I wanted to save Somi for my feelings but you said to save Somi as she is weak.
Dipika says to Sree that I am enjoying their argument.
Surbhi says Romil is fake, Romil asks her to shut up. They shout at each other.
Megha says to Dipika that Somi planned to go wild from this week.
Jasleen says to Romil that you said I wont be able to stay in this house more? who are you? Somi asks Romil to not say things about her.

Somi says my own friends are saying all that. Jasleen says I dont trust anyone here. Somi says all are like this here. Jasleen says only Surbhi, Romil and Deepak knows everything here. Somi says they three are same. Somi says you commented on me too. Surbhi says I commented on your face.

Romil says to Deepak that I was in Somi’s favor.
Surbhi says I just told Somi that she likes Deepak too and now she is miffed with me, now Romil, Deepak and Somi will reconcile. KV says that will be bad.

Romil says to Deepak that why you are fighting with everyone? Deepak says you call her friend and backbite her thats diplomacy.
Surbhi says to Megha that now Romil will say that Somi is weak contestant so dont spend time on her as she will leave.

Jasleen is getting ready. Deepak is wiping his eyes and looking in mirror. Jasleen asks if he is fine? He wipes his tears and says yes, I am fine. Jasleen says if you take part in all this conversation then it will come on you, you heard Romil calling Somi weak. Deepak says I took Somi’s name in top 6, I didnt agree with it, I will not let my feelings come inbetween, I sacrificed for her but not anymore, I will play my game now.

Dipika announces the LOC nomination task. The house is divided into two teams – Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, Jasleen Matharu, Deepak Thakur and Romil Chaudhary and Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth, Somi Khan, Rohit Suchanti. Surbhi will name the people whom she wants to nominate this week. At the end of the game, an entire team will get nominated. There is line of control in garden area, there are bunkers of both teams, there will be bomb blasting and at that time, Surbhi will blast bunker of inmate which she wants to nominate, there will be 5 blasts, whole team at the end will be nominated and other team will be saved, Megha is already nominated, all inmates can convince Surbhi to save them.

Jasleen asks Deepak if Surbhi will save them or not? Deepak says Sree helped her in becoming captain, KV is her papa, Rohit is her friend too.. Romil, you are her enemies.

Jasleen says to Surbhi that please think before nominating, you know who is deserving. Surbhi says what B team have done? KV, Rohit and Sree dances. Blast plays, Surbhi says Rohit breaks rules, Dipika is puppet of truth. She nominates Jasleen for not having her arguments and is a weak performer

Romil says to Surbhi that I should get a chance, I am weak too, I am sorry for calling others weak, I was in different zone last week. Jasleen says I want to talk to you. Surbhi says you are already nominated.

Blast plays, Surbhi says I feel A team is trying a lot. She nominated Rohit for breaking rules.

Blast plays, Surbhi nominates Romil for calling others weak.

Surbhi says to Deepak that you are not going anywhere, Sree saved me so I can save him too, I think Somi is strong, Rohit and KV are on otherside, you just chill in this team and not go against other team.
Blast plays, Surbhi says I want to nominate Somi as she is a tough competition.

Deepak says to Romil that Surbhi is favoring their team. Romil says try to change her logic, dont agree with her like this.

Surbhi says to Dipika that KV is my friend and Sree is my favorite, he favored me too, I am just confused about you. Dipika says I spend time with you. Surbhi says connecting it with game is different, you dont strategize with me. Dipika says I dont like to discuss strategy with me.

Somi says to Surbhi that Jasleen and Dipika have guts to be strong but I did my 100%.
Romil says to Surbhi that you said you will save that team as you think Rohit and Somi will go, so you think they are weak? Surbhi says I didnt say that. Romil says you called them weak indirectly, you have made your mind already, you called them weak by saving them. Surbhi says you are going to be nominated. Romil says to Somi that Surbhi said to Deepak that she wants to save team A otherwise Somi or Rohit will leave. Jasleen asks Surbhi to be fair.
Deepak says to Romil that she said that Rohit and Somi are her friends. Surbhi says Romil thinks they are weak, you are a wanna be.
Blast plays, Surbhi says I will save whom I want. She nominates Dipika for playing good in task but less involved in house.

Bigg boss says nominations are done. Megha, Romil, Jasleen, Deepak and Dipika are nominated.

Surbhi says to Somi that I talked to Deepak that your team have my friends more. Deepak says you said that there are three celebrities there and 2 of your friends. Surbhi says Romil plays with emotions.

KV says to Deepak that Romil thinks you dont tell truth.
Dipika says to Sree that Surbhi said I dont talk to anyone other than Sree, she planned to be wild till 10 weeks and then become domestic.

Jasleen says Surbhi didnt even hear me out, she hates me. Surbhi says you are not worth it, hate is a big word, dont take everything negatively.

Dipika sits with Sree and says I will sit with you only now.

Romil says to Rohit that Deepak have kicked my back, Deepak kicked me for love, my respect is gone.

Surbhi says to Somi that you wouldnt listen to anyone against Romil.
Romil says to Rohit that I am very close to Somi.

Romil writes sorry on tissue and says sorry if I hurt you. He puts it on Somi’s bedside table.

Surbhi says to KV that Romil might be a good person but he is playing bad game, Somi took care of him so much.

Somi sees Romil’s sorry note.

Deepak says to KV that I had a burst out of last few days, Romil does diplomacy and makes me get cursed.

Somi turns Romil’s sorry note away. Romil says people dont care about emotions.

Somi is sitting in garden at night. Deepak goes to check on her. He asks Surbhi to check on her but dont talk about him.
Surbhi goes to Somi. Deepak runs away from her.

Somi is walking in garden. Romil says talk to me, I am sorry, you are my good friend. Somi says you called me weak? you dont exist for me, I dont want to talk to you.
Surbhi says to Deepak that you should clarify with Somi, Romil will talk her back.

Somi says to Romil that my friendship made me biased about you but thank you for letting me know your thoughts, bye. Romil says I will pray that you win this show, forgive me if you can.

PRECAP- Dipika says Surbhi is fake. Deepak says you people chose Surbhi as captain. Dipika says she is full of aggression. Romil says Surbhi is fake.
Surbhi says Romil keeps eyeing Somi badly and calls her sister? Romil says how low will she stoop? she pointed at our relation, he wipes his tears. Somi says eww.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Finally Happy Club toot chuki hain ! ? I miss you, Shiv. U should’ve been here to enjoy the catfight. Coming to the episode , was Romil really wrong ? ? He said the truth – Somi is good from heart, but a weak contestant. Wooow ? with this, the Happy Club breaks making me happy. But individually, Romil told the truth, even Surbhi saved Somi’s team with a valid point ! ? Somi is weak – both Romil and Surbhi know. They are just saving Somi and have been doing till now. Somi should accept this now that she isn’t strong enough with her repeated one liners. Romil was right throughout the episode, I feel. But Surbhi is giving that little girl false hopes that she is a strong competition.
    And Dipika telling Shree that Surbhi has told she only talks to Shree ! LMAO ! She even complains to only Shree!! Deepak, Surbhi and Romil have just told the truth throughout… call it intellect or playing with emotions , Romil’s points are valid, justified and with logic.

    1. @Aarohi..

      exactly…. there were no frndhip… they were using each other…
      and to kept save somi is part of the game too… agar apne teammates save rahenge to nominations se save hone k chances zyada honge..

      but for the first time i liked romil for his valid points but dislike him too for saying sorry and justfying and giving bhaav to the useless girls somi…

    2. @XYZ, there are two versions of this story.
      1) If you are weak and you belong to a strong team with everyone stronger, you are overshadowed .
      2) And to cope up with that, someone stronger needs to save you.
      Romil knew that fact. He saved Somi wherever he could risking his game. And that was a friendship. But Deepak cheated on Romil by saying the truth to Somi. Even Surbhi supported that. Surbhi and Deepak pretended like Somi is an extremely tough competition and Romil had saved her because “Romil” feels she is weak.
      Deepak aur Surbhi ko vi iye baat maloom hain, but unhe accha dikhna hain in front of camera.
      And coming to Romil, he tries to pacify everyone he feels whom he has hurt – be it jasleen, dipika or somi.
      Somi is more jealous if Romil tries to pacify Jasleen. ?

    3. @Aarohi..

      “Somi is more jealous if Romil tries to pacify Jasleen. ?”
      ha ha….

      but i personally feel if u r right then u dont need to be clarify again n again
      1-2 baar samne wale bande ko samjhane ka try karo then let it be..

  2. Nivika

    Wtf….how low surbhi will stoop…,.how can she point out finger on romil and somi’s relation…romil ek bache ka baap hai surbhi rana…plz dont stop so low…worst captian…..

    1. @Nivika..

      actually i wants to see somi’s reaction in today’s episode..

  3. any publicity is good publicity surbhi was potrayed as most powerful today # BB gave her to nominate housemates lol lol lol # she decided it on her own choices ,she had a #BRAINFADE INCIDENT TODAY lol
    makers dissolved happy club as its 10th week now content will made out of sad club lol # megha was boycotted by cameraman after spitting incident and made her look like mr.india (invisible)
    BB making biased decisions no housemate is powerful than others but yet content to SURBHI WITH SCRIPT was given #SOMI got saved in friendship goals of surbhi ,wondering how long this will continue hahaha charity will be over soon #KVB has started playing his own game which is going nice it will pick up # acceleration and mileage soon ,deepak sudddenly got over the plot today i guess he is getting devoted to somi who doesn’t care for him at all lol # talking about jasleen is a waste of time # TUBELIGHT 2 will be released soon for her :))-
    SIMAR got worried unnecessarily today she knows she is safe still has done overacting today
    MVP OF THE SHOW :SREE DISCUSSED HIS BAD PHASE , as a good cricket fan we really appreciate his courage it takes guts to accept your failures # funny part was that ki sree was safe lol , i mean who cares for his nominations he is in finale already

    1. Amidst of all, your comment makes me laugh. ?

    2. @Airplanes..

      “makers dissolved happy club as its 10th week now content will made out of sad club lol ”

      It is surbhi herself who dissolved the group.. bcz now she is finding romil as a strong competitor and vice versa… as neha and sristy got evict and lot of celebrities was appreciating romil so she got affected

      and she was planning to go against romil 3 weeks ago.. bcz i dont think that can be the reason to fight…
      “tum 24 hours ghoorte q rehte ho”

      btw , for the second time liked ur comment except jas is tubelight…

  4. Hello friends…
    A big Hiii to all my friends @aarohi, @xyz, @hope, @nivika, @airplanes, @anuanu, @alfy

    Today’s episode was based on “USE N THROW” that means first you use somebody n then when you feel now the person used is your biggest competitor then throw him out…
    As today surbhi put allegations on romil was clearly seen as making HMs against him and of course the great deepak bhaiya(bina thali k baigan) gives fire to it more n more.
    Yes its true that romil treats every person in the house according to his profit n knows how to charge someone or how to blame n most of the time he wins the argument due to his mind as becoz he uses his mind… he also calculates things so that every task gains him something n uses the HMs…
    That thing is of romil its his strategy of playing the game n if his strategy works then it is good for him may not for others as he will play for him… he is wrong in doing that okay he is very wrong the way he uses everybody… but what is wrong with this surbhi n deepak now m not understanding it seriously…???
    I mean kuch din pehle tak yahi strategies aapko bhot achchi lag rhi thi kyunki unse aap logo ka bhi fayda ho raha tha par aaj wahhi cheezen chubhne lagi… pehle to tum bhi usi k ishaaron pr nacha krte the par aaj lag rha that he is using you… tumne khud uske saath baith kr kitni strategies bnayi hn vo bhul gye romil bhaiya aisa krna chahiye vesa krna chahiye, unke baare me bhi to btao jara sabko… i was feeling like ulta chor kotwaal ko daante.
    I liked the way jasleen said to deepak “agar aap uss waqt unke saath baithkr vo sab discuss kiya h to aap bhi utne hi gunehgaar ho” yes 100% true yaar today deepak was like i didn’t say anything only romil said… bhaiya krne waale se jyada sehne wala doshi hota h jab discussion hora tha n tumhe sahi nhi lg rha tha to tabhi kyun nhi bola itne din baad yaad aaya ki vo galat tha… this deepak is really very irritating how can he put those past talks today just to make everybody against romil…
    My comment is not about romil its about surbhi n deepak the way they behaved today even surbhi was like a nonsense person who just need attention… salmaan said right about deepak that if he behaves like this in his village he would be beaten for sure.
    For somi i want to say no comments actually she is a double dholki of the house… at a time she criticizes deepika n other time she is seen talking with her. she also criticizes everyone in the house like she is very best. Just she got to know that romil called her “weak” which she actually is she got hyper n forgot the sacrifice he has done for her… that time i felt romil should not have done that n today i feel yes romil should not have done that as she doesn’t deserve it…
    n tomorrow surbhi will cross limits… alleging a person of staring her sister… really yaar uski biwi h bacha h pyaara sa kitna girogi yaar surbhi is point ko to baksh do ye surbhi hamesha aisa krti h romil ghoor rha h romil ghoor raha h… tum itni koi miss universe nhi hojo vo tumhe ghoorega n he is hapy in his life plzzz stop this nonsense…

    1. @Rajjo, much love to your beautiful comment. I agree to all the points you mentioned . And I feel calling Somi weak was nothing but reality. Romil always tried to save his team of four, especially Somi, because he knows from heart that Deepak, Surbhi or him will get saved somehow as they are stronger than Somi, Jasleen or Rohit. Calling Somi weak wasn’t even Romil using somebody. And Romil’s charge on Shivashish was justified too, Bigg Boss khel gaya udhar pe making Romil more of a villain and evicting Shiv. I too don’t feel Romil is at fault anyway. He is smart, and he keeps his words. He never fakes something which he isn’t . Surbhi indirectly made Somi weak.

    2. Nivika

      Agreed to ur view…..
      And yes whats wrong in it when someone says truth ….
      Somi is nice person but a weak player….it 100% right..
      Ek baar nomination mein aake dekho somj…then u will understand who is week…ek baar hi nomination mein aayi thi but elimination cancel ho gaya tha…
      She only knows how to speak repeated one liners??nothing rather than this….
      And yes i must say romil plays with mind

    3. @Nivika…

      sry to differ..”Somi is nice person ”
      but somi is not a nice person too.. as rajjo said only on one word weak she got so much offended and forget all the ehsaans done by romil shows she is nothing but a bad person…

    4. Areh but Romil being her friend said Somi is a good person.

    5. @Aarohi..oops i misunderstood…

    6. @rajjo,Aarohi ..

      completely agreed with u..

    7. AnuAnu

      @Rajjo hi, agreed to your points somi is weak. Romil just said the truth. Surbhi is keeping Somi for her own good. If surbhis reason for saving Somi was her being strong contenter then she is fake. Sree earlier said that he will not not save Deepika from nomination because she is strong.and she calls Sree fake.

    8. Thanks to everyone for liking my comment i m more motivated to write… i thought maybe someone would not like like thats why i was writing earlier as becoz i cant specify who is my favourite here i just analyse she episode n write… but after reading you comments i got motivated to write so thanks…

      @AnuAnu everyone is fake here… just portraying a character not only simar just the thing is they can easily point out about her…

  5. Surbhi stop doing all this. I’m hating u also day by day like dipika. Yea she is always with Sree but plz apna standard itna mat girao. Somi is weak happy club ki last mein aati hai woh. Itne strong grp mein rhegi toh overshadow toh hogi hi. Hadddd……. Krdi surbhi rana tumne ek married man ke uppar aisa blame lga ke. Even somi Will hate u noww.

    1. Sacchi baat. ?

  6. TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL u nailed it today again # day by day u r inspiring your fans to love you and vote you again and again really superb
    don’t care about the allegations we fans know BB SCRIPT has made your fight fix with surbhi and somi , no regrets on somi as she is naive she is not getting which route she is following everybody knows it was our own # TRUESOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL who had held her safe from nominations and today it was surbhi , always deepak surbhi,KOHINOOR HEARTED ROMIL have saved somi ,anyways it is asked by BB to follow the script well and perform
    SIMAR AND KVB COLD VIBE WAS STILL THERE ,same as TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL had with kiddo sis somi # SIMAR FIGHTS WITH FLIPSHANTH IN INITIAL WEEKS now its happy club to fight among themselves and give content to the show

    1. Urrrghhhh.. the day u started commenting I had actually hated you for talking rudely to me and Xyz. But u seem sweeter and funnier. And your comments are just awesome. I had my share of BB with you..

    2. yes true @ aarohi,,, comment of airplanes is always nice bent towards romil but funny to read… keep it up @airplanes

  7. flipsanth is a good actor no doubt but today he was given the nice space to share his personnal beliefs and what he has gone throughin his bad phase of his life BB makers are throwing their trum card to help sree take the footage in the 10th week itself
    but if it was genuine then kudos but if this was for sympathy then also kudos # bb makers hel rhe hai # no ball par sixer woh bhi free hit free mein lol lol lol
    vote for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL INSPITE OF that MAKEUP SHOP JASS and see worthy contenders reaching finale# love to OJA # the more we vote # golden hearted romil the more we will see his presence he is a LEGEND WINNER for sure

    1. Liked no ball wala sixer comment……..kahan se latea ho ye dialogue. Try standup comedy man.

    2. @Airplanes…

      agreed to ur comment except jas is weakest one…
      the weakest person is rohit then somi nd then jas..

      “see worthy contenders reaching finale”

      No… somi and rohit are not at all worthy..

  8. @ Airplanes,
    correctly said you were spot on again seems like u are analyzing the game from every aspect which is nice ,u have really urged the silent readers to comment and yes you were again so true with your one liners loved it completely , thanks for the moodbuster

  9. This was the weakest most boring episode of the season seriously I have no nada zero interest in what romil said about somi or what surbhi thinks about romil etc etc etc I want to see Megha I want to see sree I want to see new chalak lomdi kV I want to see even jasleen can they switch their priorities according to what public might wanna see?& not show obviously jealous Bihar ka tuchcha Romeo betraying his friend for his Jaipur ki Juliet in front of whole house and somi my god she wants to be saved or not?this girl doesn’t want to look weak yet keeps begging to be saved which proves she’s weak I guess he just doesn’t want people to say it and romil doesn’t have to specify surbhi ranas plan I think majority of audience have already decoded it

    1. I forgot to add that why is surbhi is being given all these powers? She got one while sending HMS to prison then why this another opportunity was handed to her on silver platter?is this a confirmation that she’s a planted mess creator of bb?cause salman letting go of her all mistakes could’ve been them saving her image for maybe in respect of her doctorate degree(lol idk) or she could be of someone higher up relative or whatever but these powers to her are not done

    2. my dear sorry to say but this time bb wont show the characters you like to see as makers want aggression, fight, abuses which your favourites wont give… they play calmly n smartly use their every quality when time comes thats why they are pointed as boring… like today surbhi pointed…

    3. Sorry Jagganath but you wont see Megha’s chaul wala behavior too that often. Though she plays good but jab bolti hai to gawar hi lagti hai and she learned her lesson on weekend. Aur BB for the time being, usko jyada dikhayenge nai as people have been raising question on her winner title which is in a way insult to BB. Aur sayad uske script ka part khatam ho gaya. One week she had to boast about her winning title and perform task, other week again she had to perform task and make headlines for wrong reasons. But she has been consistent with task which is good.
      This week is devoted to Surbhi but not for her PhD degree in clinical research but in dirty politics. Ishe baar task wagera nai dikhana hai BB mein, the only motto is ki agla banda pichle wale se aur kitna niche girega and final winner decided hoga which most probably would be Dipika for no reason.

    4. @Hope..

      i will differ from ur comment here..
      as we see megha only one time did something bad… but we are seeing HC to doing worst things from the starting
      she did mistake and said sry for it… and if some one do a mistake for the first time then it should be forgive

      and i will differ here too… not only chawl person behaves like this many highly educated and raees persons uses bad language too..

      so someones behaviour has nothing to do with chawl

      and as most of the part of the show is scripted and i have said this thing jab koi banda zyada negative dikhne lagta h and makers ko usey save karna hota h toh us person ko next week k liye thoda positive dikhate h…

    5. @Jagannath…

      sabse zyada trp deepak surbhi sree latey h..
      sree knows very well he would be in top4 so he dont need to go low and he will not go low even if script demands it….. but these two flippers can go on any level… so now focus on them to get trp…

      cz fights get much more trp than any fun episodes

    6. @jagannath.. even i wants to see megha sree more.. cz they are far better than HC….

  10. Romil is going out 🙂 🙂 I just feel it if not this then next week but he’s going and will not be in semifinals moreover bb team keeps rigging everything and thinks people will ignore it lol it’s their fault this season is failing so badly……………,……………and yes another boring epi it was like stagnant constipated horseshit I’ll rather watch deepak being pain in the ass than them discussing a topic that’s obvious to everyone but the one(somi) topic is about, at least deepak being annoying invoke some emotions in you but this topic they’ve been going back and forth all throughout epi was less fun than watching static TV screen they even cut sree’s confession in half as well for this somi crap like c’mon 😐 if they wanted to show something related to surbhi then they could’ve gone for kV and her b*t*hing sessions those engage me, regardless in negative way,more than whatever this episode was ughh and surbhi is worse than romil! she’s everything that she’s calling him to be she’s so off about herself

    1. I think somi topic could’ve been interesting if she herself has taken it all maturely and showed it in her decisions and attitude, first foremost instead of shouting and blaming romil or her friends she should accept the bitter truth that she’s indeed somewhat lacking behind them second her approach towards game should’ve been to form new bonds and connection with other people beyond those three she has been relying on since her sister left

  11. Surbhi Rana is the cheapest contestant this season! Whatever might be Romil’s faults, misbehaving/eve teasing isn’t one of them. This is the same woman who used to give him head massages. And this is the same woman who felt uncomfortable with KV too and now, she calls him Papa?!!!! Is she mad? She reminds me of Pooja Misra, with her cheap allegations. Somi isn’t someone who can’t make out if a man is misbehaving with her and neither is she a beauty queen that every guy there would run behind her. Romil has a beautiful wife…Surbhi didn’t even think about his family before spouting her filth. I felt bad for Romil today.

    1. i also felt very bad for romil… how can she allege him for such nonsense… he had always told her that when he thinks about something his face gets stuck to someone or something it doesn’t mean that he is staring that… today she stooped seriously very low…

    2. @rajjo i agree with every comments of urs…
      No matter what romil says or does todays episode deepak clearly broke the bro code with romil hppy club over now the game will be fun

  12. Surbhi is shown saying worst thing ever but uske game point of view se wo theek hai as that will be last nail in the coffin of Somi and Romil friendship but her game is real dirty now. She is using emotions of people and blames Romil for the same. Romil ne game khela hoga and acha khela hai but not as cheap as Surbhi. Romil gave his captaincy to Surbhi, sacrificed for Somi and gave direction to directionless game of Deepak too. Agar wo use hue ishe sequence mein to bache to hai nai and achanak ab akal aa gayi. Acha hai fayda unity ka and jab head count ka game tha to sabne liya and now blaming on Romil. Somi should not complain as Romil ne uskly kuch kiya bhi ushne aagea badh kar kuch nai kiya. Somi is being fake as she is not totally cutting of anyone-Deepak, Romil or surbhi though individually she says one makes her uncomfortable, other told her weak. Bahen akele khel le kishne roka hai.
    Deepak is really confused at the moment. He had potentials but has lost direction. Kamya, I loved this lady in her season. She told Deepak is faking his feelings. Ok madam Kamya aur bhi loag wahan fake relation dikha rahe hai, ek ka fake prove bhi ho gaya….you didn’t comment about that. She told Romil too ki aap safe khel rahe hai when he was rapping on weekend. But agar Romil safe nai chalta sahi bolta to bhi tum manners nai, how come he told his about so and so if that person is from your fraternity. Romil ka choro how you know exactly ki Deepak’s emotions are fake. Bhai wo tumhare tareh wala expression nai janta hoga village ka hai. Dipika was also like haan fake lagta hai….Dipika when people call your relation fake you make an issue out of it, tum kya love guru ho? Waise ground reality is ki tum bhi jo bhai bhai karti ho ek baar bhi ushme sidaat nazar to aati nai. You will not even call your bhai on festivals after both of you are out of game. I don’t need to be relation expert for that you proved it in initial week only.
    I have noticed one more thing about Dipika, karti kuch nai hai but jab do loag larte hai to bolti hai main ishi ka wait kar rahi thi. Kuch aur karlo wait karne ke siwa. And her body language is as if wo teer bhi madam ne mara ho. When will you play your game Dipika???? dusre ke game hi count karogi. It is more important to be in game because you are strong not because opponent is becoming weak. Now even KV is playing better than her…negative to dono khel rahe hain. Ek tippini karte rehti hai negative sabke barea mein. KV atleast ek dusre k khilaf logon ko bharka raha hai to apne game kly, that too is ok untill he crosses limit ki do loag laar marea.
    But having said all that ishe baar sab aaram se baithe hain, dimag nai lagayenge because full on script di gayi hai har individual ko…..but flop script hai.
    One week devoted to one mudda aur kuch ushe week m uth kar aata nai bhale hi ushe muddea mein dum ek din drag karne ka bhi na ho.

    1. Liked you comment very much…
      Haan bhaayi iss baar koi dimaag nhi lgayega becoz sabko apni apni script mili h sabko apna character portray krna h… Kisko apni problems kab kisse discuss krni h vo bhi… N winner bhi fixed hi h baaki sab to bas apne ko tv pr dikhaane aaye hn…
      I am very disappointed as becoz this is the first season that i am seeing with full concentration following it on voot n making involvement in comments too… But m thinking that kyun dekhna shuru kiya isse acha na dekhti ya pichla season dekh leti… Sunne me aata h that bb10, bb11 was very much entertaining… My frnds used to tell me that…

    2. Awesome one. ? Everything u told about Dipika is totally justified . Totally. She would have got out of the house during this time if she had no Simar fans.

    3. @Hope..

      most of the things were true.
      but i will disagree on ur kamya’s point… even viewers can see how fake deepak is with somi… and i will appreciate somi only for one thing that she didn’t use deepak’s attention as game plan…

      kamya told what she see outside and its her pov…

      she said romil is playing safe .. which is true too .as viewers how many times we said this thing that deepak and surbhi are stooping so low but romil still maintained some decency… and not looking that bad as surbhi and deepak are looking

      and as u said now dpka is enjoying their fight.. then there were a time when HC members enjoys wolf pack’s fight too.. so what is wrong if opposite team is doing the same???????????

      atleast dpka and all are not teasing them for their fights .. but Hc members jab bhi wolf pack m differences hote they.. beech m koodte they , bully karte they and make fun of the ppls… atleast now wolf pack this decency to not bully them on their face….

    4. @XYZ I told about chaul thing because someone was using specific words as Bihar ka tuchha and all stuff. Not every person from chaul is bad neither every bihari is tuchha. There has been comments about Maharashtra supporting a specific player and being proud. This comment was reply to such community and region biased opinion. And yes Megha has been good in task but her behaviour has been bad more than once. Her language is foul.
      Kamya thing personally I think she should not comment about personal feeling of someone as she can’t be sure about it. Most ppl in house are faking one thing or other even Dipika is using Sree. Sree kuch na kuch karega so be with him to be seen more is Dipika’s game. Viewers are talking about that too
      Dipika can enjoy fight in HC but I mentioned that in context ki uske siwa bhi kuch Kar le. She doesn’t do much and is surviving because of fan.

    5. I didn’t pay attention yesterday (correct me if im wrong)but you clearly seem to have taken great offence in me saying *Bihar ka tuchcha romeo* as me being culturally biased or xenophobic, so just to clear things up I wasn’t profiling him or the people of that state that was in a direct reference to what vikas Gupta had said it was his words mockery that I was making besides I called him *tuchcha romeo* as in “cheap” romeo I don’t get it how it is considered bad?however anyway if you or anyone felt I was wrong then I’m sorry…

    6. “Not every bihari is tuchcha”- neither did I called them that it was ONE & ONLY deepak thakur that I called that please don’t twist words

    7. @ Jagganath I am glad to know that your comment was not intentional. I am not twisting words. Just wanted to convey that since we are part of a country with diverse culture we should refrain from such comments. Didn’t intend to hurt you.

  13. Sree’s life bitter experiences were saddening but now I’m worried cause ik that since surbhi and kV saw him telling it they’ll negativize and vilify it all for him with their sad little thoughts in their another maligning ” get together” as him & deepika is all they ever “discuss” about, I like megha deepika sree & jasleen as group hope they plays together as well but then again how’ll they play together when bigg boss themselves decides team just to have their desired outcome bleh besides does surbhi really thinks that deepak got more votes than deepika?if she does and it wasn’t a manipulation trick then LOL and romil is getting with interest what he entertained against sree in starting weeks however surbhi accusing him of having feelings for somi is worse than that sayyan bhayya quip she’s disgusting

    1. @sana..
      like ur comment…

      i wants to see sree,dpka,jas and megha as a team… but i guess dpka aisa hone nhi degi..


    why the f**k is every women in that house after sree apart from dpika but surbhi shristy yal so jelouse of her bonding with sree lmme tel u one thing these two are real they cannot fake for 24/7 its impossible these two are real bcause they are there for eachother no matter wat happens dey always got eachothers side thats what best friends or siblings are for these two r the real g nd kv wtf is his problem ya so jelouse of dem man ergh u really do make me sick kv i dont feel anything for u ew somi n kv saying shes rasing a child like really thats absolutely disgusting shes married and hes married hes got a kid god damit you need to grow ur too big for ur ego i only genuine love dipika sree jas megah nd romil thats it rest of u go fck with sme next man dirty lil lust it really made me ew when kv took nd strip his cloths i felt so uncomfortable rohit did shitawl but he was worser surbhi go up ya bfs backside u dirty women kv go to hel deepak ur pain in da ass fam he does my headin i cannt watch bb in peace when hes doing hungama its so annoying rohit worser he should be out next somi next surbhi next deepak next kv and those real ones remain inside
    btw love u sree dipika romil jas meg my fv x❤️?

  15. KV ke kehne par Sree and Dipika se patch up karne gayi indirectly and individually Surbhi. Ab to wo Sher bacha nai hai, isko lomry bacha Bolte Hain.

  16. Bahut Dino baad Jasleen ki koi baat achi lagi Jo ushne Deepak ko bola. She is more mature than him.

    1. @Hope..

      exactly… jas is not that bad..

      anup k sath ane k chakkr m uski image thodi kharanb hui h but she is not that bad..

    2. @XYZ Anup was base of Jas getting in house so that can’t be ignored. We all judge people in this game saying this player is fake or other is fake. Jasleen is fake with reference to that and that can’t be ignored and the way she handled revelation of same makes her look bad.
      She at times plays well but is fake.

    3. bilkul correct… usne bhot sahi bola… mujhe to kabhi kabhi jas achchi lgne lgti h bas vo confusing ho jaati h thodi dumb h pr aaj kal sahi lgti h

  17. Nivika

    Guyz did u saw RAJ KUNDRA’s comment on insta page of colors…on promo of shree telling his story about match fixing
    RAJ KUNDRA: Epic?

  18. Boya ped babul ka, toh aam kahan se hoye!

    Starting se hi pata tha koi frndshp Nahi hai, now these guys are onto eating each other up. Somi is just a pawn, the rest are using her to be seen on tv. And she admist it all, is giving herself unnecessary credit. She will be thrown out soon.

    As for the rest of the housemates, they shud not be discussing happy club at all and focus on themselves. Thou no one is worthy enough this season.

    Special mention: kv is looking so fake n stupid with this new lomdi awtaar

    1. @indian..

      “Boya ped babul ka, toh aam kahan se hoye!”

      ha ha… correct….

    2. what a proverb used… just bang on

  19. Deepika Should Win
    Sree Will Win,Showmakers are biased towards him and Romil
    KV Could Have Won
    Romil Has Paid The ShowMakers,so He Might Win
    Deepak Thinks He Is The Winner Already
    Surbhi Will Not Win
    Megha Will Not Win,as She Is Already A Winner
    Jasleen,Rohit,Soni Are Not Even Deserving to Be in The House
    The Best Contestant in BB12: Deepika
    The Worst : Romil,Surbhi,Deepak,Somi, Rohit
    Those Who Dont Deserve To Be Here: Somi,Rohit,Jasleen,Saba
    Those Who are Good But not for the show: KV,Nirmal,Saurabh,(First 2 Contestants to be evicted)
    Thode Who Deserve To Be Here: Neha,Anup,Shiv
    Those who are Fake: Surbhi, Romil,Deepak,Somi,Srishti,Sree
    Those who are Genuine: Deepak,KV,Neha, Shiv,Nirmal,Saurabh
    Those Who are Confused: Jasleen,Rohit,Megha, Srishti,Saurabh

  20. The nomination process of Bigg boss was very well planned. First time in the History of Bigg boss The so called Happy club members were seperated. I am feeling sad for Salman Khan among the others he just ignored their mistakes and also saved them from nomination. The tagline of Happy club was UNITY etc But when they are against each other where is their UNITY.
    The story or Sree was very emotional If his son plays a cricket he is not allowed to go on the ground to watch his son match
    The real mastermind to dissolve Happy club is non other than Kv

    1. M actually laughing as i remberered something… In the week where happy club was nominated n on the last day everyone was crying as it may be there last day in the house then Deepika gave band to them n sitting outside she was also crying not for them but for the UNITY they had which no other one had… Just after her crying the unity of happy club started to break as there was sudden rift between surbhi n romil i m like deepika’s crying had this much effect… Lolzzz

  21. Don’t know what is the crime that romil has done? He and every person in the house clearly knows that somi is weak…so he being a friend, tried to protect her and did his max to save her from nominations…

    Somi yelling at him doesn’t make sense at all…if you feel u r strong enough,get urself in nomination instead of being safe…she could have left the safe position for someone else and proved how strong she is by getting nominated…

    Romil (n happy club) has all the rights to save his friend, but I feel by keeping a weak player safe from nominations, u r snatching the opportunity of a strong player to be in the game…. (Reminds me of last season, Virshi saved puneesh from nominations n expected luv to be weak…on the other hand hiten had to leave…every one is*xpecting jasleen to leave and….who knows what is destined this time…
    Surbhi is too cunning…she also has the same thing in mind….somi n Rohit are weak n any one of them will leave this house,if Shree’s team gets nominated…
    On the other hand, other team have jasleen who is weak compared to the rest of members…she always had an enmity towards jasleen and BB had given her a chance in platter to get jasleen nominated…she used it…
    BB could have kept somi n Rohit in opposite teams…but no…it has to be in this way…

    KV has started playing… good for him…but I personally don’t like the way he is playing… anyways it’s a game and every one here is to play…

    Sree sharing his past was nice…he had gone through a lot…I am glad he got a platform to share his side too…
    (Out of the BB house topic, but wanted to share this…a supporting actress of regional cinema was accused of involving in s*x scandal…it came out in media n papers in the front page..her career was ruined. She fought in court for years and got justice…but in next day’s paper it was given in a small column and that too towards the last page… Media never bothered to report that news…no one literally got to know that she was innocent and she never had a medium to reach to public…her career was ruined and couldn’t get back to industry…)

    1. @jisha.. again like ur comment as i have same views….

      and the story u wrote in ur comment of a supporting actress is really painful … i wish she get the platform like this so that she can clear her image too …

  22. For the first time i am feeling bad for romil…bcz i dont think so he deserves this kind of behaviour from his own groupmates…. it is true surbhi formed HC but it was romil who always sort out the differences among his groupmates…

    as i knew it from the beginning , surbhi is psycho… jitna mahan and satyawadi hone ka natak karti h utni hi badi liar h…

    it was not only romil who called somi a weak contestant.. but i think rohit,deepak and surbhi agreed on it too..

    now somi is showing attitude to romil.. but it was romil who saved her..JUST BCZ OF SHE IS WEAK..AND HER CHANCES TO BE EVICTED IS HIGH…
    agar aap itna hi sahi gaalt samajhne wale ho toh jb nomination ka time ata h tab q weak ban jate ho…i appreciate romil to saved somi but to say sorry a person like somi without any fault is not right thing…

    i wants to tell one thing…sree is far better than HC… in actual sree is not flipsant.. THE BIGGEST FLIPS ARE DEEPAK ,SOMI,KV ROHIT AND SURBHI …..
    when he have to choose 7 ppls for nominations then he saved his frnds.. but when surbhi get the chance usne frnsdhip na dekhte hue sare strong logo ko nominations m dala..

    i read someone wrote., It was unfair to give power to sree to nominate 7 ppl when he became captain…but the actual biaseness is happening now.. as 2 of the weakest contestans are saved and that time eviction was not done.. and this time one of the nominated contestant is going to be evicted for sure…

    deepak first went to celebrities when there was theme of singles vs jodi.. then we went tO romil..

    when most of the ppl were against of surbhi .. he to went against of her.. and now romil is getting weak so he again flipped..WOW…

    I wish is baar somi nominations m ati aur evict hoti toh accha hota

    and kv is loosing my respect day by day… I know he came to play and win… but he should show some decency in game… as lot of his fans really respect him…

    if sree,dpka is reason for all the issues with kv and sristy then these 2 too have equal share…

    as i saw precap.. it is pathetic… surbhi is ssuch a psycho and ghatiya person….

    I wish romil k eliminate hone se pehle surbhi deepak and somi out ho..

    cz as i always said in HC members romil is better than these 3..
    surbhi’s decision is really god for the game pv.. but what reason she gave for romil is not at all right..

    And jo bhi log bolte they HC m bohot unity h bohot acche frnds h.. aaj pata lag gaya hoga sabko that sath reh k fayda tha isliye frndship ka natak ho raha tha…

    1. Girl, don’t call it “natak”. They were friends but not real ones. When a calamity strikes, we get to know the real faces. They were friends for sure but it is losing that charm. Nothing in this world is permanent .

    2. @Aarohi…

      I found only romil a genuine frnd but frankly speaking i have never found surbhi and specially deepak and somi a genuine frnd…

      and after watching precap i cant say surbhi a genuine frnd as what she said is pathetic…

      and i have seen only romil showed frndship with jas too… this is called real emotions jo bura waqt ane pe change na ho….

    3. @Aarohi

      we can have different pov on this..

      but tell me one thing.. just bcz of some one is looking threat .. how can a frnd (even if5-10 % of frnsdhip is genuine) raise finger on his/her frnd like surbhi ????

      and how can someone be flip like deepak… and how can someone be so rude like somi..
      somi can talk about it to romil and sort out the things but nah.. she made it an issue cz now everyone is against of him..

    4. Deepak and Surbhi spat on the plate on which they ate. Romil didn’t support Surbhi, went against her – everything is fine but he never said such a line to Surbhi which questioned her character. Deepak will take advantage in everything he finds nice. He listened to Surbhi yesterday , understood the fact and told Romil everything . Romil put light on it and showed Somi that even Surbhi too feels she is weak. Surbhi-Deepak weren’t capable of calling good friends .
      And Somi, she is just self obsessed , she doesn’t accept she is weak. So, she forgot what Romil did to her.
      So, basically when the situation came, those three flew away, they were friends for a season, not a lifetime

    5. So, that’s the answer. They were friends for a time, that wasn’t a drama…But things change :’)

  23. For the first time felt bad for Sree. I don’t believe in exposing vulnerable side or showing emotions to others because no one can really understand it except for person who faces it and everything gets diluted with passing time for listners. But to me harsh thing is that he can’t see his son play ?. Regardless of his past it will affect his kids future even if they don’t choose cricket.

  24. AnuAnu

    What was the surbhi saying Deepak got more votes than Deepika? Is that true? Because I want Deepak to get evicted at least before Jasleen ??????

  25. Up next, a movie on match fixer Sreesanth. Chir machaye shor.

  26. Surbhi telling Deepak that he will get more votes than dipika.. what a joke. Dipika is the strongest contender since day 1 everyone talks about Dipika. There is no conversation without Dipika’s name in the happy club… calling her fake, taking the kitchen, how she eliminated Sree, then about how she made KV captain, her relationship with Sree… the happy club has been giving her all the attention because they are scared of her fan following and want to taint her image. Dipika has conducted herself with dignity, never made dirty strategies and has not used abusive language ever. To do that a person has to real. KV has started playing a dirty game. Real naag he has become and all the time b*t*hing about Dipika with Surabhi. Initially he was my favourite contestant but losing respect each day… How low can Surabhi stoop, she is a drama queen and keeps saying I am this and this blah blah but she does not conduct herself well. Felt a bit bad for Romil but he ws totally exposed today.Deepak irritating fool. He has lost direction. Somi, you are weak and has been saved for four weeks now. She should have been evicted long ago. She deserved to go instead of Srishty.

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