Bigg Boss 12 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree quits task for Dipika

Bigg Boss 12 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 101
Inmates wake up to song Salam nameste, they all dance and enjoy. Sree kisses his family mug.

Bigg Boss says hotel task is starting again and Romil is guest here. Romil asks Deepak to clean bathroom. He asks Surbhi to make him watermelon juice. Gauhar Khan enters house, she hugs KV, she greets everyone. KV says Sree will be her body guard. Romil talks to Gauhar. Gauhar says you became lazy in between, be focused. Romil nods. Deepak says I have cleaned. She asks Deepak to make her tea. Romil asks Sree to get clean shaved and do makeup, he says I quit. Romil says you wont dance in saree? He says no.
Gauhar asks KV why he is not talking? KV says I do. Gauhar says you have to make everyone write your good qualities on your chest, take off your shirt. KV does and says my heart is for you. Gauhar says Teejay will beat you. Gauhar asks Deepak to make nice tea.

Gauhar says to Surbhi that you have played nicely, keep the balance.
Dipika writes efficient on Kv’s shoulder. Romil asks Dipika to shout that she quit. Dipika says then I will be out of task. Surbhi says as referee that you can say it but you wont be out of task. Sree says she will quit in her dreams. Surbhi says let me handle. Sree says Dipika you do your task, it doesnt mean that you really quit. Dipika says Surbhi is taking my responsibility, if I am out of task then its my foolishness but I am trusting her, I quit, I quit, I quit. Sree kicks gate angrily, he says this is stupid task.

Gauhar comes to Sree that I like your bond with Dipika, its just 3 days left, ask her to put her nikah dupatta and Shoaib’s photos in store room, she doesnt have to destroy it. Sree says I quit. Gauhar says give her chance, Sree says she will do it but I dont want that. Gauhar says to Dipika that Sree quit. Sree says I am done. Dipika comes and asks what she asked? Sree says no, I dont want to play.
Romil asks Deepak to get waxed. Gauhar asks KV to give all stolen items to her.
KV comes to Sree and asks why he is upset? Sree says nothing. Sree says I quit. Gauhar says he has said once. Romil says he is saying quit to me too. Sree says Romil you are a loser, I told it before so I am done. Romil asks Surbhi to make him listen. Surbhi asks Romil to leave. KV asks Romil to not instigate. Gauhar says to Romil that if he is not doing the task then leave him. Sree says God bless you. Gauhar says to Sree that I cleared with him, Sree says I am out of the game. Surbhi says this is not the way, Sree says you are fake. Gauhar says I wont behave with guests like this. Sree says wow such nice girl.

Gauhar asks Kv to bring all stolen stuff, I want coffee. Gauhar says to Dipika that I wanted to give you chance through Sree but he didnt do it. Dipika says I would like to do it, Gauhar says it wont serve purpose.

Dipika gets emotional and says he just quit because he didnt want to put me in this position. Gauhar hugs her and says you are strong. BB asks Gauhar to tell who is her star, Sree quit and Romil’s orders were not fulfilled. Gauhar says all are nice here, Surbhi really worked hard. Surbhi says in video that I am an entertainer and I always work hard. Gauhar appeals to vote for her. Gauhar says to inmates that give your efforts fully. She says to Sree that all the best, she leaves.

Sree comes to Dipika and you staying here? Dipika says take your time, you quit because of me, thats why I am crying. Sree says I didnt want to do it. Dipika says then I should have not taken your photos in nomination task.
Romil says to Deepak that I just asked Sree if he quit and he got angry, Deepak says you started misbehaving. Surbhi says if that person says things then why do you people keep going to him? I know you well. Romil says I dont support him when he is wrong. Surbhi says you never stop him when he is cursing me.

Deepak says to Sree that Romil was misbehaving with you.

Dipika is new guest. All inmates run around her.
Dipika asks KV to make Deepak like a girl. She asks Romil to shave half beard. Romil says I am thinking. Dipika says you said yes first.
KV makes Deepak wear a saree, Dipika says I like his spirit.
Celebrity Tara comes in house, she greets everyone. Tara says lets eat first, she asks Romil to make green tea, KV laughs.

Dipika asks Deepak to praise Colors Bahu.

Romil starts shaving his beard but Dipika stops him. Sree says KV can show his body, all laugh.

Deepak sings yeh raat. KV takes off his shirt and seductively dances. He dances with Tara. Deepak then sings for Tara, Simar and Colors. All clap for him.
Tara asks Deepak to sing a song for her character serial killer.

BB asks Tara whom ill give star to? Tara gives it to Deepak. She makes a video with him to appeal for votes.

Surbhi is the last guest. She asks inmates to laugh, she asks to make Sree laugh too. KV makes Sree laugh. Surbhi asks Romil to become hen. Romil makes noises.

Guest Jasmin comes in house. She hugs Sree and greets everyone. She asks for water. Surbhi asks Deepak to put aba dabba at every sentence.

Jasmin asks Dipika to make tea for her and asks Deepak to sing in pool for her in hot shorts. He wears shorts and jumps in pool. He sings Yeh Raat ho naa ho.. lag jaa gale. Jasmin claps. Surbhi asks KV to propose Jasmin with passion. KV sits on knees and says you are heart beats, I want you to love me. Jasmin says your wife is watching, he says thats why I kissed hand only, all laugh. Jasmin asks KV to dress Romil like a girl.

Romil asks KV to dress him up like he wants. KV says its my task. Jasmin asks them to not fight. KV dresses Romil like a bahu.
Surbhi asks Dipika to give three points saying what makes her better than Sree. Sree says I have quit task so you cant take my name, you are referee so you should know the rules. Surbhi says I am the guest, she asks Dipika to ask him to stop talking like that. Sree says she is a fake girl.

Jasmin is getting massage from KV and asks Dipika to dance.

Deepak sings while Dipika does kathak dance. Deepak sings piya ghar aye. Jasimin says beautiful. She says you guys are playing and fighting and its good.

BB asks Jasmin whom you want to give star too? She gives it to Deepak as she loves his singing. Deepak and Jasmin appeals for votes for Deepak. Deepak thanks her.

Surbhi hugs Dipika and says you performed well, I was just doing my task. Dipika says no, you show yourself like that, Surbhi says it was a normal question. Dipika says your cunning side is not gone, you just hide it, Surbhi says I just asked you to tell why you are better, it was for you only, Dipika says you wanted me to put Sree down but he is my brother, Sree says I was not in task so why take my name? Surbhi says it was not difficult, Sree says you are fake. Surbhi says if this is your originality then its worst, you talk to celebrities like that? Sree says fake.. fake.. fake. KV asks her to calm down. Surbhi says I didnt ask for something bad, Sree says I was out of task. KV says let him do it. BB tells inmates that Hotel BB has ended.

PRECAP- Gautam, Priyank and Kamya Punjabi enters house and they bring a chance for inmates to win back prize money. They are challengers and inmates have to win prize money against them. Inmates fight against them. Kamya says they are aggressive. There will be a surprise mid-week eviction too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rajjo

    Hello friends…. Watched todays episode but didn’t watched yesterdays…
    Everything was okay but I found something for the behaviour of shree. There are many possibilities of his attitude in todays episode…
    1. He wants to be villain by acting rude with everybody he did that so much for no reasons sometimes as he is going to be cast as villain in his coming movie.
    2. He didn’t asked deepika about gauhar’s demand as he did not want that deepika give her precious things,being a brother that was the loveliest thing if it is like that only.
    3. He is playing with deepika, just using her for his own benefit and if today deepika had given her things then she would have been loved by everyone n his part of footage given to deepika which he does not want, he didn’t gave her the chance so that she can prove herself it can be his love as brother or strategy as competitor…
    Nice to see deepak doing all the effort n at last getting two badges… his singing is awesome lag jaa gale was mind blowing… n deepika’s dance was gracefull…. Loved it totally nice dancer she is…
    Effort of surbhi must also be appreciated she too gave her 100% for the tasks… last wala part mujhe extra laga dragging…
    Omg… kv is so funny to watch yarr… his tactics are damn good the way he proposed jas too good… mujhe bhi aisa munda dila do bhagwaan… when shree was sitting alone he went to ask him whats the problem nice gesture.
    Hahahaha… romil was irritated while kv was doing his make up n making him wear saree its ok romil, deepak took it so sportingly you can too nothing bad in that… his cucudukoo omg hahahaha… hilarious…. Today surbhi was using her mind gave everyone the tasks related to the contestants only like what they have been doing till now…

    1. @Rajjo,
      Yeppp. More or less, you’re correct.
      Watching Sree for so long, I don’t really think he makes strategies. He attacks at the field directly. What Gauahar said was absolutely true. He is STUBBORN and INFLEXIBLE IN HIS APPROACH .
      It can either be positive or negative.
      He doesn’t change his decision and stays at that point unless his mood changes! Thus, UNPREDICTABLE .

    2. Shree and Deepika are fake … if they can torture Surbhi in task than they should take it sportingly ..

    3. Completely agree with u @Rajjo……

    4. Do you really feel sree didn’t want dipika to look good by not asking for her marriage outfit?to me she & his relationship looked even more precious when gauhar revealed to dipika why he quit and it benefited her more than her sacrificing would have that’s what I believe

    5. Rajjo

      M just telling the possibility what people can think of shree’s behavior…
      Personally I feel that he genuinely didn’t wanted to make deepika in a dilemma as a brother which is a sweet gesture…. He chose to quit rather than even asking her… Very nice

    6. things are getting closed fastly but not fights in house ,
      with surbhi being evicted hope it halts

    7. Sree to ek number ka namuna h

  2. Huihui *.*
    It was such a lovey dovey sweet episode. ❤ Let me sum up. Showstealers —

    SREE : I don’t feel he disrespected a guest today. It was his call to ask for the dupatta and the frame from Dipika, and he didn’t want to bring her sister in that situation. That part was very respectful. It’s not just for her sister, he didn’t even want to ask Surbhi for the tissues at a time. :)) He was sure about his decision, stood by his stand till the last. The intention of him for doing this is appreciable. ❤ Well done.

    DIPIKA : Four things.
    a) She was looking very pretty in that pink kameez and her dance was so graceful.. So so beautiful it was ! ❤

    b) I found a soft corner in her heart for Deepak while doing the task for the first time today. She was like an elder sister to him and appreciated Deepak by hugging him when he sang for the two bahus. That gesture was very appealing.. and I liked it. ❤

    c) The way Dipika politely told Romil “mat karo” with a smile when he started trimming his beard. That Dipika was very very sweet. ❤

    d) The way she laughed at KV, told KV to dress up Deepak, wanted to prove herself by giving the dupatta – everything was very nice of Dipika today. ❤ She participated in the task wholeheartedly with all the housemates, her crying in front of Gauahar was very very genuine, I feel. I loved her today. ❤

    ROMIL :
    a) He is charming indeed. With the smile, even more.
    I saw him today going against Sree when he was called a loser. Commendable. Romil never fights with Sree because he avoids it..

    b) He made Surbhi dance for him when he became the “guest”. This part wasn’t shown. But he did. And Surbhi and he conversed in “tu-tu” tone (which gives me the sibling feeling) against Sree’s bad behaviour.
    That was very sweet. ❤ High time for a patch up.

    c) Romil’s perfect words thrown to Dipika comparing “sochne ka time chahiye”, he would do that, WE ALL KNOW, he just played with words and that was funny!

    d) His act in front of camera when Dipika and Surbhi were fighting at the last. It was lolwaa !

    1. *her sister = *his sister.
      Grammatical error. Pardon me.

    2. @Aarohi. We accept your apology but please be careful in future. I saved u this time from Grammar Polic but won’t be able to do it in future. ok

    3. Aarohi
      I agree with your points…romil was funny at the end…but I’m still disappoint with srees behavior…

    4. Rajjo

      For that Deepak wala thing I agree dipika was cute today… Earlier also I found her treating deepak as his little brother when he dance with Jasleen n his steps were funny then deepika came running n pulled his cheeks…
      It takes courage to say I quit just Because you don’t want your sister to be in dilemma… Hats off shree for that….
      Romil’s was to be seen while wearing Saree…

    5. AnuAnu

      @Rajjo ????

    6. good points # keep it up !!!!

  3. Wow I love that gesture of sree saying I quit there. That’s totally what a brother do in reality. A brother can never see his sister giving any compromise on someone else demand. Also Deepak is coming back the old one that we loved I really liked his comedy side again.. Surbhi is pretty well showing his helpless side for sympathy. But people are not that stupid to believe that. Kv is a gem by heart just wish he had a mid along with his heart. Romil is playing a pretty strong game. He deserves to be in top3 for sure.

    1. @Ash,
      Sree’s brotherly love. True.
      Deepak’s comedy recovered. True.
      Romil deserves to win the show. Very true.
      KV is a good human being. True.
      Surbhi is showing her good side, partially true.
      Because she has to show it. People didn’t leave her with any other choice!
      I liked your comment, girl! ❤

    2. true soul romil deserve to win !!!!! # loved it the most :))-

  4. Why sree why why why ?? I wana come to bb and shake you so hard to bring to your correct senses…why did u quit man…it was a simple thing to do and dpka didnt have to destroy sumthing…u should understand…romil surbhi dpk were all good today…romil wanted sree to dress like a girl…poor guy himself ended up in a saree…he was so angry when kv was putting saree on him…dpk looked cute ….it was fun…I feel eviction will be between kv dpka

    1. He not just wanted to dress him like girl he asked him to dance like “kinnar”(eunuch) and then gave dipika that I quit task just to rub it in srees face then went up to him to incite him….surbhi & him can act innocent but they have been trying to provoke him even gauhar said it to romils face and dipika on surbhis either of them doesn’t deserve to win if bb choose a commoner then it should be deepak considering his funny bone is back and he was hilarious today

    2. lol ,
      it was the task true soul romil has to perform and being in competiton he has to play don’t put allegations unnecessarily that he wanted him to dance like the way u said , its not the provoking that u r calling # it was genuine and true soul romil was making him say so in the task and what sree replied that u are a piece of sh*it and then in return romil said u r a loser # go watch it again hope you figure it out well then # deepak not gonna win kuch bhi karlo
      its fight between deepika and true soul romil and kvb for the trophy considering these 2 days and poll results
      dipika is leading the way but true soul famdom is getting closer to her votes numbers !!!!
      # shocking sree and kvb are on almost equal voted till now but nowhere in comparision to dipika votes # lets see bahu wins or a wild card warrior !!!!
      lol lol lol

    3. He used that word while giving sree task im not at all talking about their feud later, plus I don’t have the video neither do I know how to work around cutting out part of epi to show you wait for tomorrow someone will certainly post it & if they don’t then watch cutless yourself

    4. Umm are you sure? Not that he can’t say things like this however I will wait till the video proof don’t wanna be like rival HMS fans who were targeting sree for that “bekaar ki guest mein” comment and end up getting virtually b*t*h slapped by hina herself( I advise to rest sree fans to do the same don’t ruin your repo)

    5. AnuAnu

      Sree didn’t quit Romil’s task and why he didn’t shaved his beard plzz read my comment 2 nd point..Romil first provoked Sree you can see what Deepak said about this in video and everybody was with Sree in this even Surbhi bcz Romil was wrong here.
      And it’s like Sree fans Vs everybody else here. What ever said in defence of Sree they will always target Sree. For those I recommend reading Hina’s tweet on Sree and this video also

    6. Rajjo

      It was hilarious to see romil like that… ???? camera just then showed shredded looking at him only… H add haha

    7. Rajjo

      I mean shree not shredded

    8. @Sandeep Virk,

      First time when Sree told quit, it was his EGO. He didn’t want himself to dress up like a woman on national television. Sree is extremely misogynistic, as much as I understand.
      •He is soft towards women because he feels women can’t take the attack. Women must take responsibilities equally like a man.
      He doesn’t give that responsibility to any woman in the house.

      •He tells Surbhi that she can’t become “DOMESTIC”. Sree and Surbhi are equally aggressive , then why should only Surbhi be docile? If Surbhi abused him, Sree gave it back equally ! If Sree can’t be KV/Romil, why will Surbhi become Nehha?

      • He didn’t want to dress like a woman.

      Second time he told quit, it was SELF RESPECT. It was genuine love for his sister. He didn’t even want to bring his sister in that situation. He didn’t even want to ask her.
      He didn’t want to win a task by letting someone sacrifice.

    9. He quit cause gauhar asked him for dipikas dupatta dah-ling and if it comes to being any kind of phobic or showing institutionalised societal transgressions then it’s romil who showed a downgrading mentality when he asked sree to wear a saree shave one side of his beard then DANCE LIKE A KINNAR

    10. Aarohi
      I know and I agree with all your points…but sree should understand it was not a big sacrifice for dpka to put her dupatta and frame in storeroom as only 4 days r left in the game…and it was fair when sree rejected to do shaving and saree dancing condition put forth by romil…in a way it showed Romils mentality only as noone else as a guest made such disgusting demand…I didnt like Romils attitude in that part…otherwise everything else was fairly well done by all the rest… I just liked when kv was telling sree just to say I’m trying…it was good advice and how he was protective of sree and fought with romil when romil was just trying to tease sree after he had told Gauhar about quitting…I just wish to see sree and kv face to face in grand finale…if that happens then it would be a dream come true for me… I remember once sree called kv langra tyagi(frm saifs movie) when he was whenever I see kv walking with a cane I remember langra tyagi character and it’s funny in a way

    11. Rajjo

      Agree to your points aarohi….

    12. Anonymous
      I didn’t mean that why sree quit romils condition of saree and all…it was too bad of romil to even make that kind of demand…I only meant it when gauhar asked him to put dpka 2 things in store room…he should have at least spoke to dpka or said that I’ll think..I should have explained my meaning more clearly

  5. surbhi rana evicted on day 102

    1. Wtf ?! I thought KV would go.
      Should I be happy for KV as he has been my favourite or sad for Surbhi who needed to prove the world that even she is capable of getting loved ? :-/
      I m happy for KV…
      But I m feeling empty for Surbhi too. :’)

    2. Rajjo

      So sweet aaro… In dilemma either to be happy for kv or sad for surbhi…

    3. I RESPECT YOUR EMOTIONS BUT IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN # HAR KOI WINNER NHI BAN SAKTA ‘ but you must be feeling it more coz pehle somi chali gyi phir surbhi depressed ho gyi aur at last evict ho gyi # CONGRATS ON KVB :))-

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Even I like KV n Surbhi. I didn’t want either of them to go. Though I like KV more

    5. Arohi get a life for your self instead of blaming and demeaning sreesanth, focus on supporting your fav. blo*dy hell. You guys talk like ita your portal and everyone has to suppoert you. f**k shit . Get a lofe and do something good in your life.

    6. Rajjo

      Everyone is just giving his/her point of view… No one is demeaning anyone… No one is supporting anyone if they are wrong… Aarohi is my friend but some points I don’t agree n I not support her in that… But for a show we will not break friendship na…???
      From wherever I miss seeing aarohi must be doing great in her life…

    7. @Rajjo,
      That’s so sweet of you. I m not at all hurt, baby. I m doing great in life and so is Aishwarya. She is actually hurt as I told so much against Sree.
      But I m not sorry. I respect her pain. But I won’t coat my bitter true feelings for Sree with pseudo beauty.

    8. Rajjo

      @aarohi… i am fed p of this type of way of talking… i know you say very much against shree n deepika becoz you don’t like them but you didn’t say anything against anyone on this portal… bas problem ye hoti h ki jab aap deepika k against bolti ho to unke fans ko lta h ki aap unhe neecha dikha rhi ho aur is wajah se vo aapse bure tareeke se baat krte hn… mujhe bhi kai baar aapki baate nhi achchi lagi hn deepika ya shree se related but kabhi bhi mere comment me rudeness waali tone nhi aayi hogi… becoz jo baat pyaar se samjhayi ja sakti h use rudely kyun bolna…

    9. How do u know?


  6. the day belongs to deepak he had got two vote appeals ad surbhi got one star she gets 1 vote appeal , interesting thing was to see that dipika has not got any star nor did kv # strange

    1. @Airplanes,
      It was a correct decision. KV and Dipika didn’t do something extraordinary to receive the stars. Deepak and Romil deserved them.
      And Sree didn’t.

    2. sree gave up it was ok from his point of view no doubt many sis would vote for him on this gesture , but according to the GAUHAR’S WORDS – SIRF STORE ROOM MEIN RAKHNA HAI , i may sound rude but yes just 3 days left aur kisi show ka itna level nhi hai ki marraige ka lehenga ko touch bhi kare # bawal machana to nhi na hai makers ko
      but what sree did was his choice one has to respect but his stubborn look was not at all pleasing in the episode at all
      deepak is like zinda dil insaan koi bhi celebrity dass bar sochta jo deepak ko karne bola gya
      for example agar sree , gaurav chopda, rohan mehra kisi ko bhi bolte to sunne se pehle hi no keh dete
      agar aapne gaur farmaya hoga to ye dekha hoga makers have always kept sree in shells in such tasks # MAY BE IN CONTRACT SREE WOULD HAVE STRICTLY TOLD THEM NOT TO PERFORM ANY SUCH DUTIES ON HIM !!!!

    3. Noone really asked dpka and kv to do any extraordinary task the way guests made dpk surbhi and romil do things…maybe it was hesitation on guests part or they were instructed to do things the way they happened…but I thought eviction will be between kv and dpka…I didnt expect surbhi to leave like this after winning a star…to me it seemed like a nomination kinda task wherever the ppl without star will be chosen for midweekeviction….

    4. KV deserved one he was way too funny (& friendlier with sree I don’t know how that happened but both of them were really sweet to each other)

    5. @Gumnaam,
      If that is said, then KV deserved all the stars. He was polite to every guest.
      But as per tasks were given, Deepak was given better tasks. So, he got a plus point there.
      Dressing like a woman, singing, diving into water in the December at night — he deserved.

    6. EVEN KVB WOULD HAVE GOT THOSE HE WOULD HAVE GIVEN IT TO DEEPAK AND DIPIKA HE IS SUCH A GENTLEMAN BY HEART I WONDER HOW A CELEBRITY OF HIS STATUS IS THAT KIND SOFT HEARTED THE LOVE he gave to deepak was way beyond deepak’s dreams but yes he supported him like an protective elder brother throughout # love him to infinite

    7. Rajjo

      I was feeling the same kv did lot of effort even not being physically well… He curled his hair, wow Alisha, proposed Jasmin, n for others too he did what he was supposed to…
      Deepika too she danced, makes tea n whatever she was asked to do…

    8. Rajjo

      But seriously I fell kv n deepika were not given that type of task though which they can prove themselves… Even shree too

  7. coming to the episodic analysis:
    true soul romil has done reasonably well today !!!! despite that fight with sree all things were all in favour but two superior contenders will fight each other for sure # thinking of competition
    sree once again was rude through out the episode # have to say mood spoiler of the day in task !!!!
    gauhar is such a darling she is a real winner # the way she assigned tasks were so cool and classy # she was the real charm in the house # love u gauharr
    alisha was more interested in funnier task # deepak’s make and song was hilarious lol , the beauty lies in sportsmanship od deepak he has won deserving stars
    jasmin was nice too she wanted to get pampered lol # kv was such a nice to all the 3 house guests
    dipika was crying coz of sree’s sacrifice # seemed stretchable to some extent
    pool song from deepak was done quiet well # definitely romil was looking way funnier than deepak as bahu
    dipika finally used her # trum card of colors bahu # without appeal she had appealed
    golden hearted romil was again bang on he tested dipika to quit in a witty way
    dipika seems babysitting sree again
    i wonder had dipika played with other housemate things would have been different
    dipika’s dance was nice to watch she looks like a trained classicl dancer # face expressions were good
    all in all good episode

  8. Things I loved,


    everyone was given a good job. KV was to be told all his virtues. And I believe that activity boosted his self-confidence. Now he knows people love him. He is sooooo good. He came to console Sree, went against Romil for Sree. That old bond is nostalgic. Sree had written that ‘SUPERMAN’ on his chest (not shown on TV)… that was sweet, too.
    Sree’s stand for Dipika, Dipika’s crying, Surbhi’s sanchalan, Romil’s give-back attitude after being called a loser — everything was justified. I loved it.

    The icing on the cake?
    When Gauahar gave the star to Surbhi and what she told to Surbhi. That was badly needed. For Surbhi.
    Now I feel peace that — she feels now that — someone loves her too ! Gauahar lifted her self confidence. And that was really appreciable .

  9. I really liked dipika’s dance…….cute n graceful……??
    Deepak was a really entertaining bahu……jab unhone ghoonghat kiya tha aur alisha aayi to unhone ghoonghat hataya…….uss time unke face itna cute lag rha tha……aur romil ne bhi jo getup kiya tha bhut wadiya tha……..vaari jawaa????
    Deepak performed the task really well……
    The song deepak sang-lag jaa gale is one of my most favourite ones……?
    The last Precap was also a myth?but I m happy this time?…..
    I didn’t like the way sree gave up yet again……he is a wonderful brother but every time this attitude is just not acceptable……
    Precap is interesting……

    1. Yes dpkas dance was too good and the smile on her face when she was dancing was so sweet

    2. Rajjo

      Lag jaa gale is one of my favorites too…

  10. why sree was behaving so weirdly? show aisa jeetna hai toh bhai its disgusting. deepak ne bhi toh kal game khela tha he knew ki srre surbhi ko mug nhi denge but then also she tried so that yeh reason koi naaa de ske ki tuune koshish nhi ki? aaj usne(surbhi) agar kuch kr diya toh bura kyon lg rha hai dipika ji… yeh kya mtlb hua sree ki task se bahar toh aap se related kuch nhi hoga…yeh toh sidha sidha attitude hai aaj aap phir usse provoke kr rhe the. u have lost the rigjt to pojnt ur finger on her kyonki ab aap bhi aisa hi behave kr rhe ho..
    hate u sree ..ur disgusting …..

    task hai dipika ji sb aissa hi hota hai..tum kro toh kuch nhi.. surbhi u asked a good ques…bohot acha tarika tha inn dono ke liye(bhai-behn).????

    dipika ko mid week mein evict kro plz…yaa phir sree ko waise woh honge toh nhi warna dekhme ko milta ki akeli chipika kya lr skti hai???

    get out dipika
    ab tumhe sree ka unnecessary provoke krna nhi dikhta..bohot sunna rhi thi surbhi ko ab kya hua…romil was right ki aap ?sry tum? apne bhai ko sirf defend kr skti ho bss…issse zyada tumhari krne ki kuch aauukat hi nhi hai
    sasural simar ka????

    aur sree ko main nhi janti..????

    1. Agree with first half…I don’t think Dipika and Shree can say anything to Surbhi beyond this point because they have also played as per their convenience and said many things to her when they have felt like. If Surbhi has been evicted mid-week then I’m really sad because in terms of playing well and doing tasks + showing motivation she has been wayyy better than Dipika/KV and even Shree and totally deserves a spot in the finals :(. If the top 2 end up being “task-quitter” bhai and “dukhi aatma” behen then it will be the most unfair decision in the history of bigg boss.

    2. AGREED!!! Aj tk kbi task ni kia na dpka ji ne actual me task aise hi hote hain to surbhi ka dia task sunnkr baukhla gyi.ha ha ha

  11. Kv also performed well in all the tasks assigned to him but sadly he didn’t get any star..

    this is whatt makers are serving to the viewers :
    # height of babysitting she has done , par jo dipika show ko de sakti thi woh humesha se hiddened he reh gya whole season
    #DIPAK- he is getting energetic day by day he is claiming victory but its not gonna happen
    # KVB- had tried his best throughout the way he has finished the tasks were so much entertaining
    # surbhi- evicted on 102nd day

    1. So true @Airplanes. If Romil wins I will be so happy. But if not him then Deepak.
      Feeling bad for Surbhi if she got evicted. No doubt she was bad mouthing but she was not the only one doing that. No one can deny that she gave much needed content to the show when rest of the house was sinking. The only thing I didn’t like in her was her unrealistic change of behavior. But that will be a good lesson to the girl that people can accept improvement but not total change in personality

    2. @Hope,
      ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ perfect .
      Surbhi was the only one doing that. So sooo true.
      Why is Surbhi expected to be ‘DOMESTIC’ by Sree when Sree isn’t as sweet as KV ?

      Why Surbhi’s wildness is wrong when Sree’s aggression is a part of his character ?

      If Surbhi abused Sree, Sree abused everyone . Sree and Surbhi were TAKKAR KA ! The only person in the house was Surbhi to go against Sreeshanth. And Sreeshanth had already abused people so much that he needed someone to give it back to him. Surbhi’s arrival was Sree’s time for destruction . And it needed guts. Surbhi had it. She is fire.

      Yeppp, and I too want Romil to win. He deserves it.

    3. AnuAnu

      @Hope @Arohi Surbhi had stratergies Sree never said he wanted to be domestic or sweet like KV. Yours truly Romil xposed Surbhi and when he pointed out this she never had an answer.
      I personally never wanted Sree to be like KV KV is special bcz he is sweet agr sabhi ek jaisa hota toh koi bhi special nahi. Sree is good at heart he is actually an emotional fool.
      Difference between Surbhi and Sree is that Surbhi does provoking intentionally and Sree like @Airplanes said slip of tongue ??????

    4. Rajjo

      agree with you @AnuAnu… my favorite dailogue of shree will be “mene khudko kiya, mene khudko bola…” hahahaha

  13. I literally wanted to see dipika having a star?but anyways she did well……still I m sad bcoz her dance was terrific,jasmine should have given it too dipika??

    1. she danced very nicely even defeating bollywood heroines at times she has a face to become yash raj’s production leading lady against good guy even shoaib bhai can be telecasted opposite to her

    2. Itni tareef HALWA SIMAR ki…..aankhon par yakeen nhi ho rha…….
      Waise thoda zyaada ho gya……??

    3. Rajjo

      @airplanes… Wow…. Great thinking so then I feel give her a movie what’s need of giving her trophy….
      N the trophy goes to deepak ??

  14. dipika being potrayed as nice and sree as negative at times , its high time he should focus on game rather than surbhi # instead of shouting in the house both should clear it out by sitting alone but thats impossible
    true soul romil and dipika deserve to be on stage as of now # commoner man vs desh ki bahu simar # will be happy to see golden hearted romil win !!!!!
    his funny antics were too much hilarious # seems like two aunties were fighting and one naughty kid was having so much fun over that matter # completely stole the limelight
    dipika showed a big heart by stopping true soul from shaving his half beared # it was healthy competition and good gesture by her
    the way gau harr consoled deepika was soo soo nice # best moment of the day
    deepak has become joker in the show jaise chaho chala diya, but his smile is a answer to all the challengers

    1. Rajjo

      Seriously I found the episode much sweet inspite of those few fights n ol… Their small small gesture were attractive…

  15. PRECAP :
    housemates will definitely get the lost money back and the challengers will find it tough to stop that whole prize amount will be back to 50 lakhs and trophy will be awarded to most deserving and worthy contender TRUE SOUL ROMIL HAHAHA

    1. Aapko romil pe kitna confidence h n its really nice……par sometimes it is surprising too……your confidence reminds me of the one which i have on rohit sharma……despite failures i applaud him……or blame others for it……haha……on his century i have sweets……in this forum everybody has changed their opinions n choices but I must say u r adamant right from the start.

    2. sree gave up it was ok from his point of view no doubt many sis would vote for him on this gesture , but according to the GAUHAR’S WORDS – SIRF STORE ROOM MEIN RAKHNA HAI , i may sound rude but yes just 3 days left aur kisi show ka itna level nhi hai ki marraige ka lehenga ko touch bhi kare # bawal machana to nhi na hai makers ko
      but what sree did was his choice one has to respect but his stubborn look was not at all pleasing in the episode at all
      deepak is like zinda dil insaan koi bhi celebrity dass bar sochta jo deepak ko karne bola gya
      for example agar sree , gaurav chopda, rohan mehra kisi ko bhi bolte to sunne se pehle hi no keh dete
      agar aapne gaur farmaya hoga to ye dekha hoga makers have always kept sree in shells in such tasks # MAY BE IN CONTRACT SREE WOULD HAVE STRICTLY TOLD THEM NOT TO PERFORM ANY SUCH DUTIES ON HIM !!!!

    3. NANDINI ,

    4. The best comment I have ever read in my life??…….he is definitely a class player…….

    5. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes I do have much more wider view than yours about Sree. You have problem with Sree’s attitude and Dipika but never Romil’s attitude. He was irritated bcz KV dressed him like a women kyun irritate sirf Romil hote hai kya. And I’d Romil’s get irritated its okay?

      You were the one who there is no makers ka Haath in task but only for Sree there is a contract. Now this is contradiction… ????

  16. fight between sree and surbhi and sree’s outburst and abuses were again negative for him in these last 2 days
    best thing to watch in today’s show was : clash between sree and romil followed by dipak’s antics he kept coffee back in his pocket and his pool and bahu tributed song and last but not the least kvb’s thumb kiss and true soul romil ‘s funny actions
    rest gauhar khan , alisha panwar and jasmin bhasin were the show stoppers !!!!!

  17. kVne aaj Bhut entertainment diya..jab surbhine hasne ke liye kaha,tab kV Shreeshant Ko dekhke Shreeshant ke expressions muje Bhut acha laga..Deepika lomdine un donomke bond thodi..Romil kV se itna Chidta kyu hai..romil bhaiya kV Ko thoda pyar dedona itna Chido mat woh fake nai hai?gouher Khan over acting kerke gayi hai..guest hai guest ki tarah nai rehkar Romil Ko orders de Rahi hai

    1. @Tripura,
      Yesssss ? Please tell Romil to be sweet to KV.
      Our KV is the sweetest of all. *.*
      Actually sweetheart, that was just a situation where Romil didn’t want to dress up but did just for the sake of task. :-/ So, he was irritated . Not really with KV, but with the situation .
      And at the first, Romil was shouting at KV because KV supported Sree.
      Romil was right from his side. And KV is as usual, the most decent one. ❤

    2. @aarohi..yaa didi you are right ..kV jaise sweet persons Ko kyu nai jitate audience?

    3. koi baat nhi TRUE SOUL ROMIL ke fans ke natte se hum hi keh dete hai :

    4. kuch bhi kaho par KV h to ek number ka item lol

  18. times haved changed kaha ek finger touch hone par bola gya tha ki deepak how dare you touch me
    aur aaj jab deepak jab simar bankar song ko sing kiye to ek jhappi as gesture of appreciation
    dipika is changing for good as she stopped true soul romil too but at times called him he is out of his mind too when deepak spill the beans of negativity for true soul romil # dipika ji just like you true soul is dignified male in the house just like kvb , he competes in the game but he respects all the ladies in the house too he is a true soul gem golden hearted kohinoor romil
    last week surbhi was on top by winning the ticket to finale but she got evicted first too lol # what goes around comes around

    1. I really don’t know this.. but is dressing like a woman very shameful according to men? :-/
      I wanna know this. Sree said quit. Romil was not enjoying this drama. Just did for the sake of task. Is it ?

    2. lol if that was the reason guthi /sunil grover would not have been popular i guess
      but the harsh reality is something else people like it on tv for fun but in reality its termed as bad in some places , some called it as # chichori harkatt ( have read one interview against guthi/sunil grover ) some called it as unnecessary , if we include our own ppl this society will not accept such work as fun task almost 88% of the male elders in the house will call it as “unnecessary” but for a bro sis bond a brother can always play with her sister in a teasing way , a boyfriend can be dressed as a female to bring smile on a girlfriend , a husband can also bring a smile on his wife’s face , a male friend can bring a smile on her female companion # but yes society never accepts such fun in a right way rather they will term the incident as vulgar
      my this comment is based on an interview of guthi /sunil grover who also told that his own kids ask him dad why you dress as women # truth has always been my policy but on national television most of the people consider it as point on their male ego
      # male ego and girls attitude always are completely parellel wheels god has given to individuals to use for the beneficiary of a society :))-

    3. @Airplanes ji,
      Aap mahan ho. ?
      Kya baatein kaha apne… touched the soul. ❤

    4. Typed twice. Pardon me.
      Romil being the most dignified man – ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Trueeeeeee ! *.* He respected every woman, let it be his behaviour or his judgement in equality . He never quit his task to give a chance to a woman just because she is a woman. He played like an equal competitor. He was cute and funny and impressive towards every girl in the house. His shayris in Diwali for Dipika and Megha – were sarcastic , yet humorous, and didn’t demoralize anyone. He was told that he stared at Surbhi in a wrong way whom he called ‘sister’… that day, those tears, which he had covered with his black hoodie cap — it was an epitome how he respected his relationship with Surbhi. Be it Dipika or Jasleen or Megha, he treated everyone with dignity, respect. He might not show his emotions to the world, but he has to be respected as a person. Because for him, respect comes before love !
      And why just women?
      Men and women must be given equal responsibilities and same privileges.
      Romil did that with every housemate.
      He listened a lot, but was calm, composed and dignified while keeping his opinions .

    5. aaro,
      just typed the flow of emotions via the questions:p
      i know its easier said than done !!! but have to try all the way :))-

  19. I really don’t know this.. but is dressing like a woman very shameful according to men? :-/
    I wanna know this. Sree said quit. Romil was not enjoying this drama. Just did for the sake of task. Is it ?

    1. It is not at all shameful…….but it is funny n everybody is not charlie Chaplin who’d make fun of his own to bring a smile on people’s face…….n look deepak did it wholeheartedly…….he enjoyed n so did the audience………all the fingers aren’t same so is the case with people……:-))

    2. @Nandini,
      Yeaaah. Thank you. ❤
      This is true. Deepak did it wholeheartedly.
      That was nice of him. :)) all fingers aren’t same. True words.

    3. FOR ME A GIRL DESERVE THE LIFE SHE WANTS AND MEN DEFINATELY HAVE TO SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR JOURNEY DESPITE LEAVING THEIR OWN PERSONA GETTING FADED AWAY # MAKE THEM REALISE WHAT TRUE POTENTIAL THEY have coz if one can see his mother and sis as most strong why not the other womens coz everyone comes from some ground but the struggle to proof is same # just an understanding and little bit of handling of mood swings by men can do wonders !!!!! just my view point

    4. @Aarohi Gambhir did wear saree publicly to support a social cause and I don’t know much about his game now but he touched many hearts while standing for people who are not considered that significant in our society.
      And wearing saree at least in this game was for fun.

    5. @Hope,
      Yeaaaaaah. I know that. Gambhir was my favourite, is my favourite . He had done it and it wasn’t a big deal. That was very very sweet of him. Even KV did it for many shows. ❤

    6. Dressing up in saree isn’t shameful but shaving half moustache and beard and then asked to dance is for any sensible person, sree would’ve done it if it wasn’t for that next demand which was disgusting BTW you can give it new colors of him being misogynistic or patriarchal to demean him and use serious issues just to put down a reality show contestant you don’t like as much as you want but the reality remains intact that sree has done womanly acts before and if he had problem acting effeminately then he would never have learnt bharatnatyam or showed his skills in it many times on the show :l warm regards xoxo

  20. Sree apni bahen kly pyar dikha raha hai but she didn’t had to destroy duppata. And dimag se dikhta hai Dipika is strong so he should have had given her a chance. Though I thought when people told ki Dipika is being over shadowed by Sree, it is not right. But knowingly or unknowingly aisa ho Raha hai.
    Deepak again proved metal in him.
    KV kash tum aise suru se hote.
    Romil, good try to make Dipika quit.

    1. @hope agreed

    2. Rajjo

      100% true… this is the thing i wanted to say… knowingly, intentionally or unknowingly emotionally it is being happened…

  21. Dipika and KV were equally good and entertaining today as Deepak. Both of them deserved stars. Sree even in last week also same moody. He should respect guests and games. BB has suported him a lot. Itne tantrums koi commner dikhata tho ab tak ghar me nahi hota. I like him but somethings about his behaviour upsets too
    Everyone does task you can’t help

    1. Commoners would never have faced what he did to throw attitude like him so I don’t think we can even hypothetically say “if commoner” in that same context

    2. YOU HAVE SPOKEN A LOGICAL SENTENCE # no doubt commoners agar waisa karte to 1st week mein hi evict ho jate acha khasa mahaul gham se bhara ho gya :((

    3. Ill just elaborate on @kvss point ,Sree is put into situation to react that way as he is a celebrity favorite of many & has certain amount of screen time which they all knows about thus whoever is in opposition will get as much attention as him so his reactions benefit the person putting him in it while no one would’ve bothered any commoner with such provocations cause opposition gain nothing so commoners have not even a 1% chance of being in srees situation and thus proving your point that IF they were in his footsteps they were thrown out cause they would never have been in it cause nobody would provoke them to

  22. Loved the episode 2 watch oh finally dpka ko dance krne ko bola nd surprisingly vo superrr s uprrr tha jiske lye jaismine ko dpka ko ⭐️dna chye tha as according 2 me nd yes sree k give up attitude worst part of whole season nd 1 br puchto lna chyetha dpka s may be y usnn bond ko preference dneklye kiya ho y kbhi vo koi cheez kisi s mngne ko puchna nhi chahta may be its his sweet side ki kisikk emotions s judi cheez vo nhilna chahta pr kbhi kbhi villain lgta h kk jan muchkr he wants to stoop dpka low aaj dpka roiii bht bura lga nd even she asked gauhar for giving her 1 chance but gauhar denied koini it’s her call pr gauhar n fair judgement kiya nd how dpka showing sweet gesture 2 dpk was sweet even she herself wants dpk 2 be in finale nd sabse achcha lga that moment jb romil ko half shave krnn s mna krdna nd romil n jo task dpka ko dya vo khi s bhi shinhi lga ab game khelne k bd ptachlta h ki kon jeeta y haara pr phle hi boldo ki jbrdsti i quit bolo bna mtlb ki footage nd sree khud playnhi krnachahte to it’s his call pr why everytym he wants dpka unkk according chle agrnhi to argument pkki h kv nd dpka m bhi sweet moments dkhre h ajkl nd deepak bb12 kj dulhaniyaaa ?????surbhi n aaj que. Glt pucha agr phle y task hota tb shyd dpka replyy bhii krti pr ab 3 dn k upr vo bb k ghr k bhr bhi apna relation continue rkhna chahti h use khrsbku krti nd yes 1 reply dpka easily d sktithi ki sree glt h pr dpka is smart nd very well aware of sree ka gussa jo ple s chingari thi usmm ghee dlke vo aag ni lganachahti thi ladna ni chahtithi 1 statement k upr sree pura 1 dn argument krtt jaismine n alisha doesnt make any difference bit gauhar rocks nd aaj k bd koini khega ki dpka commoners nd celebrities m frk krti h dpka ko romil n kitchen k vo part saaf krne ko kha jisko vo bakhubi krti dkhaidi even asked surbhi too so sweetly ki kya krna h line m khade hooo was so funny?loved kv pura mastikhorrrrr insaaan h kaash starting s hi asahota dpk or h entertainpiece bnjte..dpka rocks today

    1. Wahi to……dipika ko 1 bhi nhi mila…..??

    2. [email protected] aapke kl k comments bhi superb the i was a little bit busy thatswhy not able to comment?

  23. Why everyone is pampering Sree

    1. its all halwa effect !!!!
      now babysitting sree has become usual sight 3 mahine se yahi dekh rhe hai , makers ko thoda plot change kar dena chahiye tha par no ways they themselves thinking sunday aaye trophy do bhai aur boriya bistar samet ko ghar bhage jaldi se hahaha lol

    2. AnuAnu

      Bcz he is a child from heart ?????

  24. Sree or kV are MY winners

    Kvb & sree aren’t innocent or spotless both have done things and have their own share of ugly stuff hidden in their bb closet however I honestly feel these two have been less cunning compared to the rest in that house. They are like black swans stuck in between famished vultures out to get them and their juicy meat with tricks & planning you just can’t tell when is one of them is plotting against one of them at what time & if they’re really their friends or foe besides what romil or surbhi did today may come off as them doing their task but the negative connotations romil’s every word to sree has had(& he apparently also used kinnar)is annoying atkeast to me and surbhi since yesterday has found a new way to poke sree to get reactions, kvb was fully used by hc I admit he let that happen butwhatever he did was cause deepak & rest of them were so convincing about their concern towards him that he just couldn’t figure it out

    1. changing names and again pointing out the same thing on TRUE SOUL ROMIL will not change the results once again i m telling you are on wrong track lol , you just have GRUDGE AGAINST HIM NOTHING ELSE AND YOU ARE USING SYMPATHY FOR KVB VIA SREE # FLOP STRATEGY COZ INDEED THEY MUST HAVE BEEN RIGHT NOW RELAXED BUT DON’T TO FORGET sree CALLED HIM CRIMINAL TOO

  25. Dipika, I liked her today

  26. Anup jalota the great

    Surbhis tasks could’ve ended it all on fun note her tasks were good if she hadn’t asked that particular thing to deepika she went personal again and why romul was so co*ky today?


  27. Is that k”nn*r thing true? Or is it just a misunderstanding?


  28. AnuAnu

    The best part of today’s episode was KV ?? consoling Sree and going against Romil only for Sree ❤️thank you KV my one vote goes to you for this . KV AND Deepak were only the 2 contests who were entertaining meaning they made us laugh.
    1. I am glad Sree didn’t ask Dipika to sacrifice he didn’t even say the demand to her. He did the same for Surbhi also.but I didn’t want him to quit task. Btw everybody is saying Sree said loser to Romil which we were shown. But we can also see Deepak and KV saying Romil started it by instigating Sree that’s why KV stood by Sree. I hate Romil for that.
    2. @Arohi I don’t know about Romil but I think not sure Sree didn’t shave his bcz in kerala every grown up men carries beard and moustache it’s like a prestige thing here. Saree pehna I think he was okay with saree and women acting bcz he have done it many times before. He used to imitate Dipika and Jas also.. So i think it’s not a shameful thing for him.
    3. Dipika was so beautiful in the lavender color dress. She was getting back on Deepak for insulting her as he always points out Dipika as Simar. I say it’s good bcz it was a entertaining. The way she told Romil to stop was nice gets bcz he said he is keeping beard bcz his wife told so.
    4. Deepak I wish he had shown this side of him earlier weeks. He with Surbhi made hell in the house.
    5 Surbhi back in her asli roop. She is still the same. She gets irritated seeing Dipika and Sree with so strong bond which she couldn’t make with Romil so she instigates both of them.
    6. Romil I didn’t like him in this episode the way he made Dipika say I quit was not okay for me bcz I find him most entertaining person after Deepak . Dipika could have keep this in mind and shaved his beard but she didn’t.

    My complaints to BB team
    1. Why do Sree or Dipika have to sacrifice their family things. Can’t you just ask Romil to sacrifice his OJ’s bag or KV for the locket from Bella or Deepak for family photo which did not even sacrifice in the nomination task?
    2. Why was the task to write good things on chest given to KV bcz i think Sree was the best candidate for that. For KV everyone have a goodbye point but for Sree it could have more watchable. He asking Surbhi to write something good about him.
    3. Why Deepak has to go to the pool every time.? It was repetitive

    @Arohi I appreciate the time you took for writing good things for Dipika. ????it was nice to see you appreciate her (I am not a Dipika fan neither a hater I only want Sree to win) but just saying it was good to hear from you.. @XYZ should have been here to read this ..

      ANU EVERYTHING IS DONE BY MAKERS AS IT IS THE MOST SCRIPTED SHOW IN INDIA # ITS A FACT # NEITHER surbhi nor true soul romil is villan rather its their role play against sree and dipika respectively # DEEPAK IS NOT GONNA WIN COZ HIS VOTES ARE LESS THAN ALL PPL EXCEPT SURBHI

    2. @AnuAnu KV had previously destroyed his daughter’s soft toy to save Deepak. And for Romil, he would give away OJ’s bag as we know he can do anything to win and that money too if he gets will be for OJ.
      Gauhar mentioned that she wanted Dipika to do it to prove herself in game and so she did give that task to Sree. Gauhar had good intentions. Surely Dipika would have had done that as she has mental strength and is mature to know that she will get that duppata in 3 days. Her love for her husband is with her anyway 24×7. I remember how strongly she did talk about Shoiab being her strength and feeling him with her, when she was talking to Surbhi about it.
      And even Sree knows if task is about showing mental strength no one can match Dipika and Romil. That is why at times I told these two are very similar.
      I think Sree got miffed when Dipika told I quit. But for me she did right by not giving up.

    3. AnuAnu

      @Hope Dipika had already said that she would give the jacket to only Sree so it’s not something she needed to Prove. it’s like makers wanted Sree to react make him villain again. If her stronger point was being checked then she would have given a task to pamper Romil or any thing related to Romil or Surbhi

      Gauhar BTW talked to everyone except for Sree-Dipika about their games. As I said yesterday her favourite is Romil and KV

    4. @AnuAnu,
      Makers toh sirf eviction plan karte hain.
      Baki sab toh Ramji karte hain.
      Sree was given a task, by GAUAHAR, what is there to do with makers ?
      He didn’t do it, cool. I respect .
      But when Romil was showing him the mirror that “HE HAD QUIT” , Sree couldn’t digest his failure .
      And called Romil a loser.
      It was completely Sree doing, Sree judging and Sree reacting .
      World will provoke, Sree needs to handle it well.

      Sree’s decision — I respect that.
      But he was Wrong with Romil.

    5. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes Gauhar is coming from outside and Romil is an insider. Gauhar actions may he scripted but not the ones inside we saw yesterday how KV told Juhi to do task with Surbhi and Romil it was his idea. And also yesterday Sree asked Romil to tell an idea for task so I don’t think Romil’s actions were scripted by makers. This is my Logical view

  29. Queen.alina

    Today was just superb amazing I loved it dipika danced so well I loved her dancing it’s was beautiful mashallah?I loved the way how everyone participated in the task enjoying having a great time it was really good coming to kv he was too Flirty towards these womens but he did so wel I loved his acting greeting getting deepak dressed it was cute n funny? I loved the way deepak did the task it was bang on the way he sang that song omg his voice is so nice and when he dressed up as a Bahu he looked soo cute? romil did wel but I didn’t like the way he goes to dipika that say I quit I found dah awkward and when sree didn’t ask dipi about the jacket and the wedding dupatta he did the right thing what are Bro’s for hmm ay he took my heart away big up g much respect❤️wait coming to Gauhar did she take revenge on dipika because look she’s a good friend of kv right and when dipi refused to sacrifice for kv and m sure she didn’t like it and when she got the chance to ask sree about the same thing he refused I’m sure she did that for a revenge that’s just some next level huh clever minded but I love Gauhar I love sree I love dipika I love kv and dipika has a blessing heart when she stopped romil for shaving the beard that’s was just dang sick?❤️overla surbhi ugh what do I even say about her I liked the part where she said to everyone to laugh and laugh at sree as he’s out of the game but the face that sree gave had me dead?but other than that it was good

  30. Queen.alina

    Another thing kv and dipika did so well only these two didn’t get a star why that’s so tight man I really wanted kv and dipika to get a starit’s seriously not far
    I wish gauher gave a star to eaither dipi or kv but I swear I feel bad☹️

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