Bigg Boss 12 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree quits task for Dipika

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Bigg Boss 12 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 101
Inmates wake up to song Salam nameste, they all dance and enjoy. Sree kisses his family mug.

Bigg Boss says hotel task is starting again and Romil is guest here. Romil asks Deepak to clean bathroom. He asks Surbhi to make him watermelon juice. Gauhar Khan enters house, she hugs KV, she greets everyone. KV says Sree will be her body guard. Romil talks to Gauhar. Gauhar says you became lazy in between, be focused. Romil nods. Deepak says I have cleaned. She asks Deepak to make her tea. Romil asks Sree to get clean shaved and do makeup, he says I quit. Romil says you wont dance in saree? He says no.
Gauhar asks KV why he is not talking? KV says I do. Gauhar says you have to make everyone write your good qualities on your chest, take off your shirt. KV does

and says my heart is for you. Gauhar says Teejay will beat you. Gauhar asks Deepak to make nice tea.

Gauhar says to Surbhi that you have played nicely, keep the balance.
Dipika writes efficient on Kv’s shoulder. Romil asks Dipika to shout that she quit. Dipika says then I will be out of task. Surbhi says as referee that you can say it but you wont be out of task. Sree says she will quit in her dreams. Surbhi says let me handle. Sree says Dipika you do your task, it doesnt mean that you really quit. Dipika says Surbhi is taking my responsibility, if I am out of task then its my foolishness but I am trusting her, I quit, I quit, I quit. Sree kicks gate angrily, he says this is stupid task.

Gauhar comes to Sree that I like your bond with Dipika, its just 3 days left, ask her to put her nikah dupatta and Shoaib’s photos in store room, she doesnt have to destroy it. Sree says I quit. Gauhar says give her chance, Sree says she will do it but I dont want that. Gauhar says to Dipika that Sree quit. Sree says I am done. Dipika comes and asks what she asked? Sree says no, I dont want to play.
Romil asks Deepak to get waxed. Gauhar asks KV to give all stolen items to her.
KV comes to Sree and asks why he is upset? Sree says nothing. Sree says I quit. Gauhar says he has said once. Romil says he is saying quit to me too. Sree says Romil you are a loser, I told it before so I am done. Romil asks Surbhi to make him listen. Surbhi asks Romil to leave. KV asks Romil to not instigate. Gauhar says to Romil that if he is not doing the task then leave him. Sree says God bless you. Gauhar says to Sree that I cleared with him, Sree says I am out of the game. Surbhi says this is not the way, Sree says you are fake. Gauhar says I wont behave with guests like this. Sree says wow such nice girl.

Gauhar asks Kv to bring all stolen stuff, I want coffee. Gauhar says to Dipika that I wanted to give you chance through Sree but he didnt do it. Dipika says I would like to do it, Gauhar says it wont serve purpose.

Dipika gets emotional and says he just quit because he didnt want to put me in this position. Gauhar hugs her and says you are strong. BB asks Gauhar to tell who is her star, Sree quit and Romil’s orders were not fulfilled. Gauhar says all are nice here, Surbhi really worked hard. Surbhi says in video that I am an entertainer and I always work hard. Gauhar appeals to vote for her. Gauhar says to inmates that give your efforts fully. She says to Sree that all the best, she leaves.

Sree comes to Dipika and you staying here? Dipika says take your time, you quit because of me, thats why I am crying. Sree says I didnt want to do it. Dipika says then I should have not taken your photos in nomination task.
Romil says to Deepak that I just asked Sree if he quit and he got angry, Deepak says you started misbehaving. Surbhi says if that person says things then why do you people keep going to him? I know you well. Romil says I dont support him when he is wrong. Surbhi says you never stop him when he is cursing me.

Deepak says to Sree that Romil was misbehaving with you.

Dipika is new guest. All inmates run around her.
Dipika asks KV to make Deepak like a girl. She asks Romil to shave half beard. Romil says I am thinking. Dipika says you said yes first.
KV makes Deepak wear a saree, Dipika says I like his spirit.
Celebrity Tara comes in house, she greets everyone. Tara says lets eat first, she asks Romil to make green tea, KV laughs.

Dipika asks Deepak to praise Colors Bahu.

Romil starts shaving his beard but Dipika stops him. Sree says KV can show his body, all laugh.

Deepak sings yeh raat. KV takes off his shirt and seductively dances. He dances with Tara. Deepak then sings for Tara, Simar and Colors. All clap for him.
Tara asks Deepak to sing a song for her character serial killer.

BB asks Tara whom ill give star to? Tara gives it to Deepak. She makes a video with him to appeal for votes.

Surbhi is the last guest. She asks inmates to laugh, she asks to make Sree laugh too. KV makes Sree laugh. Surbhi asks Romil to become hen. Romil makes noises.

Guest Jasmin comes in house. She hugs Sree and greets everyone. She asks for water. Surbhi asks Deepak to put aba dabba at every sentence.

Jasmin asks Dipika to make tea for her and asks Deepak to sing in pool for her in hot shorts. He wears shorts and jumps in pool. He sings Yeh Raat ho naa ho.. lag jaa gale. Jasmin claps. Surbhi asks KV to propose Jasmin with passion. KV sits on knees and says you are heart beats, I want you to love me. Jasmin says your wife is watching, he says thats why I kissed hand only, all laugh. Jasmin asks KV to dress Romil like a girl.

Romil asks KV to dress him up like he wants. KV says its my task. Jasmin asks them to not fight. KV dresses Romil like a bahu.
Surbhi asks Dipika to give three points saying what makes her better than Sree. Sree says I have quit task so you cant take my name, you are referee so you should know the rules. Surbhi says I am the guest, she asks Dipika to ask him to stop talking like that. Sree says she is a fake girl.

Jasmin is getting massage from KV and asks Dipika to dance.

Deepak sings while Dipika does kathak dance. Deepak sings piya ghar aye. Jasimin says beautiful. She says you guys are playing and fighting and its good.

BB asks Jasmin whom you want to give star too? She gives it to Deepak as she loves his singing. Deepak and Jasmin appeals for votes for Deepak. Deepak thanks her.

Surbhi hugs Dipika and says you performed well, I was just doing my task. Dipika says no, you show yourself like that, Surbhi says it was a normal question. Dipika says your cunning side is not gone, you just hide it, Surbhi says I just asked you to tell why you are better, it was for you only, Dipika says you wanted me to put Sree down but he is my brother, Sree says I was not in task so why take my name? Surbhi says it was not difficult, Sree says you are fake. Surbhi says if this is your originality then its worst, you talk to celebrities like that? Sree says fake.. fake.. fake. KV asks her to calm down. Surbhi says I didnt ask for something bad, Sree says I was out of task. KV says let him do it. BB tells inmates that Hotel BB has ended.

PRECAP- Gautam, Priyank and Kamya Punjabi enters house and they bring a chance for inmates to win back prize money. They are challengers and inmates have to win prize money against them. Inmates fight against them. Kamya says they are aggressive. There will be a surprise mid-week eviction too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. AnuAnu

    @Arohi provoking is ok and if reacted it’s bad? Romil was the one who cried for Sree when he went through all those things bcz of Surbhi and now he is the one who is trying to get reaction out of Sree and Sree being Sree will react.
    And it’s true anybody can provoke anybody then why Romil all of a sudden chose Sree?? This is so unlike him if its his game what is difference between him and Surbhi.

    @Airplanes Gauhar ka actions scripted nahi tha but makes conveniently made Romil and Surbhi target Sree so that’s scripted?? What logic is that?

    1. Dude, Romil is very cool and bindass. He tries to bring out some fun element from every fight, from every scandal. That is his positive side. He can instigate anyone by making trolls on him! Now, it’s upto you.
      He didn’t come to fight. He just asked Sree to tell him “I quit.” Yes. Romil was having fun when Sree had told him he quit. Bande ko maza aa gaya woh sunke ! ? He enjoyed. Even if I was there, I would do the same as Romil did. Isme bari kaunsi baat hain ??
      Romil cried for Sree that day — Because Surbhi didn’t realise how far she went, and when Salman scolded Sree with just one line, Sree went into the bathroom to hurt himself .
      Woh dard dekh kar, Romil cried. :’)
      If “provoking” is a crime, then all the murderers would be out of the jail. Because either someone (lover) or something(money) forced them to murder !! In that case, the “lover” or the “money” will be inside the jail because they PROVOKED the murderer .

      1. AnuAnu

        @Arohi Sweatheart, you should look for provocation definition by Indian law then seriously it clearly says ‘person’ not person and property.
        Now by your definition then Surbhi calling Sree ‘Kaala Kawa’ is also justified ??????

      2. @AnuAnu,
        Wrong is wrong. Demoralising was done by Surbhi. Not appreciated.
        But Romil made fun of the fact that Sree couldn’t do a task. That is no way ‘WRONG’.

      3. @Aarohi……
        Do u really mean what u have written in the last parah……just to support someone or should I say oppose someone what sort of statement have u made…….r u serious……?!
        Guess u should read n think for a min about what u have written……
        Sorry to say but 2 min silence for such thinking……
        Since I want to become a lawyer……would like to tell……
        Moreover provocation is when a person has committed an offense caused due to preceding set of events that might cause him to lose control.
        Sorry to say but the last parah of your comment is utter nonsense……sad to wittness a person of my generation so obsessed with something…….
        Kindly take your words back…….as a sister like I m telling u to think about what u have written…….

      4. Rajjo

        @dear aarohi… i donno what you are trying to say as your words are giving wrong conclusion maybe your intention is not wrong but your comment didn’t went right… you can think about it once again… as @nandini said… it may give wrong influence…

      5. Seeing your comment logic committed suicide rip

  2. @Aarohi
    I was a silent reader till now. Today I can’t stop myself from writing after reading ur explanation on “provoking ” tooo good dear ???

    1. @Sanu,
      Thank you !! Keep posting your views. Much love. :))

  3. Gayatri

    @ arohi…its good that u support other it does not mean to demean the other person and makes others good by that….if you don’t like sree then don’t support him that’s it…i don’t know any other sree fan makes others down and makes their point valid in this fourm…
    Form the day 1 sree is like this..he has not acted or be in good books of any other person…he does what his mind feels to do…all other ppl in the house changes every time according to their need..he is the one who was same from the fst day…i agree he has anger issues…some times his usage of words are also so bad…but he is what he is ..
    Aftr all in bb house if somebody acts he is fake and if someone shows his nature then he is egoist .
    I dnt knw what do all want?

    1. @Gayatri,
      U are welcomed to judge anyone u like or don’t like. Be it KV or Romil or Sreeshanth.
      Keep your opinions .
      I will keep mine . Simple.
      I have not stopped you from keeping your views.

  4. Miss Aarohi get a life...huhhhhh


    Now i guess ..Why criminal activities are increasing in india…
    cus ur kinda ppl really likes provoking thing N negativity much more instead of calmness and goodness of someone

    #shame on u thnkng….

  5. AnuAnu now this is coming from a person who tweeted against Sree so many times and she tells i like his game and all she had clearly said that Romil and KV is her favorite. The way she talked to everybody else except Sree nd Dipika proves this.
    Such a hypocrite bhuveneshwari ji ko taunt karti ???????now by these tweet she proved she hates Sree from core. When Hina was in the house Sree behaved respect fully and I don’t think Sree disrespected her he just said quit. Usko yeh digest nahi ho raha hai that Sree actually said no to her task… ???????????????

  6. Gayatri

    Anu anu are you from Kerala?

    1. AnuAnu

      @Gayatri Yes i am from Tvm you are from? Is your favorite Sree?

      1. Gayatri


      2. Gayatri

        Yes dear sree is my fav…

  7. Gayatri

    I haven’t watched the gauahar’s some where in this forum i read a comment saying that gauahar was the only person who disagreed for salman’s taunt in wkw ..and she said her POV.. gauahar can tell her views and stand by it..its sree’s call to accept it or reject it…
    And there in that episode i didn’t find him disrespecting her…

  8. Why I find Sree a lil btr amongst all these- everyone else seems cunning. Sree has some personality flaws like every single human being on this planet. But he doesn’t seem cunning. Dat to me is more imp than anything else.
    I do have some take on what double game Gauhar tried playing. But I hate her so much that I won’t waste a single minute on her.

    1. AnuAnu

      @Indian you spoke my heart ?????

  9. Shree is so thick n disgusting with his attitude or behaviour. I wonder if he Knows the word (civil) to others. He opens his mouth to bite someone’s head off. He had no shame being rude to Surbhi in front of Gauhar Khan. He likes picking his nose as seen on cameras many times. What a filthy man with foul mouth n no manners as a cricketer. Time he gets evicted.

  10. @Nandini,
    I am extremely sorry if I’ve written something that sort of wrong. I’ve literally very less idea about law. I just know crimes watching CID, Sherlock and reading Feluda since childhood .

    What I meant is –
    Romil’s behavior was extremely kiddish. To go to Sree and ask him to say he quits! Different people react to this differently . For Dipika, it was a very normal thing to say “I quit”. But Sree reacted a lot when Romil did the same to him. In the heat of the moment , Sree had told Romil that Romil was a loser.
    Suppose, Romil was NOT Romil, but Romil were Sree —
    Then he would cry his heart out thinking how much he failed miserably in life!
    These little things do hurt too. To Sree, “I quit” seemed so much. To Romil, maybe “loser” has a different meaning in his life. :’)

    1. Rajjo

      its ok aarohi… its good you realise….
      i am happy that you put your point n views adamantly… this proves your true identity…

    2. If romil couldn’t take it then why he went to sree to give it? If he’s such a delicate bean that his eyes and ears explode with blood with small words then he should think before lighting fire under someone’s arse :)))))) or rubbing salt on something someone already feeling bad about :)))he should preserve his own respect himself and not provoke people whose reaction will come, bullying has adverse effects u know?:( it’s not always shits & giggles sometimes bullies get hurt too:(

  11. @Rajjo,
    Thankeeeeeeeeew so much, girl! :’)
    It means a lot.
    I am not against anyone commenting here. Even I believe @XYZ has her own views very different from me. I love everyone of you for one special writing quality each one of you possess . “Hope for her straightforward truths, Airplanes for his sarcastic shayris, AnuAnu for her set of points proving Sree correct, Tripura and Diya for always being sweethearts to me, XYZ for her strong stands for her friends, Sangam for loving KV, Yankee’s comments are amazing, you Rajjoji for being friendly to everyone and so on…

    But I never liked Sree or Dipika. And yes, you are correct . People think I am demoralizing them just because I say frankly about Sree and Dipika . I can’t help it. I never demeaned anyone from here. I just can’t sugarcoat my views about Sree and Dipika. Sorry.
    Main kisiko neecha nahi dikha rahi, I don’t like Sree and so I tell what I feel.
    Even at days, I tell good things about Sree too. Just like when Sree lifted KV up, or yesterday’s whole episode belonged to Dipika. ❤

  12. I haven’t commented since idk how long so kinda lost practice but *crackknuckles* I’ll try firstly sree never quit on romil’s demand which were totally repugnant imo, he said I’ll think about it and sat down with the razor in hand what ticked him was romil didn’t ask him just to wear a saree he asked him to shave his half beard do make up and then dance that wasn’t a task that was downright demeaning someone that’s bullying in its true sense he could’ve asked to just shave half beard or to cross dress & dance but he gave something that if y’all think deeply was insulting and was deliberately given to fulfil just that purpose it was one step ahead of the amount someone could take in name of self deprecation & fun & idk how sree’s perplexed attitude over it rounded up as him being “misogynistic”? As sana already said he’s the person who has done feminine acts before & is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer so touching on his effeminate side isn’t new to him it was about the whole thing and the underlying malice with which it was asked from and later that same malice was obvious when romil tried to mock sree that’s why whole house including gauhar too spoke against romil he was purposely poking him HOWEVER romil certainly has had issue with being presented as a woman considering he was pissed when kV was doing his make up and donning him in saree LOL…(don’t know why sree got angry over deepika doing her “iquit” task though that was beyond understandable to me lol)….moreover Surbhi was going fine then suddenly old surbhi kicked in and she gave deepika that task if she wanted to make it difficult for deepika then ask why everyone is more capable to win then her or stuff like that but no she has to include sree in it otherwise how she would’ve got reaction from him as he was just minding his own business hence then prove to audience that she’s less aggressive than him & gain sympathy for “improved” surbhi who has been cornered to be a villain of the house when real villain is sree but got away cause he’s a celeb and she is poor little commoner how sad bohoho smh she’s trying so hard to hijack sree’s journey so bad he’s the one misunderstood as villain not her…..i think gauhar’s demand to sree was too personal like sree’s wife said if she wanted to give deepika a chance if she wanted her to shine as she explained later then why she involved sree in it at all?she should just had went straight to deepi & behest her but no she ordered sree instead the guy who didn’t even want to ask his nemesis for her personal stuff to be saved, if she has been following the show she must be aware of his way of doing things thus of the outcome of her task yet she gave it to him cause, as I personally got out from it all, she wanted him to quit and create a drama in the house besides she was seen imparting advise but she gave none to either sree or deepika or deepak why? this shows she was somewhat went in there with partial mindset and carried on with it with her tasks given to hms OR seeing the difference in tasks given by her like emotionally charged task was given to sree only when the rest got away with light hearted ones hints at creative involvement here & gauhar was just a medium anyways whomsoever brainchild it was I wanted to see silliness all around like it was during hina was guest but whatever….can’t believe I’m saying it but I liked deepak in this episode he was too good to not to appreciate and he finally gave me reason to praise him once at least that’s all moreover why KV was so protective towards sree?lol he was the biggest shield sree had today & it was so sweet yet weird to see these two talking like genuine close friends I liked kV but somewhere in mid season he had became extremely negative but the way he carried himself in last few days was literally so damn positive entertaining & worth watching he took stand where they were needed and kept the environment funny & watchable when it was getting negative so keeping in mind these last 3 or 4 days I want kV in finale than romil and my top 4 are 1-sree 2-kV(cause he was a sweetheart in this week) 3-deepak(just cause he has remained consistent with his performance in tasks) 4-deepika (but I too have come to believe sree won’t win his all personality’s aspects aren’t still being shown)

    1. @jagganath: dude you have some patience to write this all down perfectly! I feel so bored with these ppl, Dnt even feel like commenting. I share the same preferences as yours.
      At least Sree has some level of emotional loyalty that others don’t have. Loyalty is a rare virtue these days.

      1. I too had quit commenting was just lurking around and reading comments which used to irritate me even more but I was(still am) so unenthusiastic about the show to even reply to people lol but today I just couldn’t control myself and decided on wasting time and writing on the POV that was getting too overpowered here and need to be splashed all over in atleast huge half wall covering comment…sree may be rude to some too aggressive to others but he is consistent in whatever he is and tbh he is an impulsive but sweet guy who is ccontinuously being put in an ugly situations, besides as you said a loyal person who never once compromised it for the game it’s a quality you don’t find often in this game..

  13. My chachi senses are sensing that my brethren Mr kV the mahachachi will be in top 2 and even win, all my chachis out there let’s vote for our ultimate chachi kV and support him

  14. All the family members that represented the HMS this season have such a strong personalities that I feel they deserve to be part of next season bb, actually let’s just have this as a theme for next season call all ex-contestants family members for next season hina vikas shilpa sree romil kv surbhi deepika etc all of the family that cane and fight for them should be part of next season

  15. Any show on format of Big Brother going around in many countries have loosely of same format. It is based on the stay of few unknown or may be known people in a confined space without any so called intervention from outside in kind of TV or internet or mobile etc. This is a isolation exercise in which house mates are tested week by week based upon their performance in house. Fair enough, but cut to Big Boss here if you are a celebrity you are sure shot to win albeit:

    a) You need not perform any task which are created not only to keep you busy but for some limited entertainment too.
    b) There poor sponsorer who foot the bill for you, but being a star you are not obliged to even do something in returns.
    c) You have right to belittle all sundry, as you are demi god/ goddess and have clear cut fan following saving you week after week.
    d) You have right to abuse any one.

    Now as we all know that BB has a different kind of viewers, who are much more mature and can see through the maker narrative. And predict the next day 100% correct. So please do something to entertain them, its their basic viewer right . Make a fair competition for non celebs , it seems that a Sumo wrestler (Celeb) is bashing a feather weight champ (non celeb). However hard the non celebs perform they loose on votes as PR machinery is working 24 x 7 for big boys and girls of the BB house.
    Add a clause in contract of Celebrities ( as they are paid heavy sum of money)
    ” Leave your EGO and PRIDE outside the door of BB house’.
    Also it is not that hard to respect others even a child can do so.
    Hope next season will not be ruined like this one. LUCKY BB13 waiting eagerly for you.

    1. “If u are celeb you’re sure to win”-eh manveer gujjar ring some bells to you?
      “Celebs can belittle”-celebs are the one who have always got demeaned not other way around, and commoners have advanced on expanse of celebs image by instigating & getting reactions
      “Commoners lose against PR machinery”- actually commoners have support of the bb producers + they have support of people like you who thinks supporting commoners regardless of their poor behavior is you being righteous + romil do have PR he has small media houses and big twitter accs in his pocket through his father’s money rallies are being carried out with huge investments posters are being spread not hand made but printed all throughout haryana and other connected places
      So commoners aren’t lachaar bechare you think they are infact instead they’ve more advantage than a celeb ever could

      1. Yankee

        Ha ha atleast you got it what I wanted to put. Any ways its not commoner or so called big star. Where is involment in game tasm etc.

  16. If deepika is under sree’s shadow then he too is burdened to play his part as a brother over game they both are restricted by each other presence and since bb was rigging everything they should’ve rigged either of their elimination as well just so other could play openly and breathe a little(preferably deepika because I love sree). Gauhar could’ve spared us of bhai behen saga and gave sree some other logical task which was challenging and he enjoyed doing it and we as well enjoyed watching it I mean she gave everyone task that were amusing but went all papa legba on sree’s ass and ask for something that he can’t do damn you gauhar why did you do that?and if giving episode touchy feely angle was the reason then she should’ve approached deepika for it WHY sree?

    1. I soooo agree that both Sree and Dipika have somewhere not been able to show themselves freely because of their bhai behen saga, and one of them should’ve been evicted long back. Even Gauahar and Surbhi gave them tasks related to each other so they both failed and it was very boring (apart from Dipika’s dance which was nice). If the housemates could evict one contestant like Hiten last season then I’m sure either shree or dipika would’ve been evicted by now. Even now, I only think one of them should go in the finale – they have not given enough to this show for both of them to deserve a spot.

  17. So people want sree evicted because he pick his nose O_O hmm

    1. Hahaha

  18. Gaihar have spoke in kvs favor always she even put sree & deepika down time to time with her tweets before slammed deepika for not sacrificing her jacket for kV etc and she went in the house with that same thoughts and her favoritism even showed with sky & earth difference in nature of tasks given if she wanted deepika to shine as she said she wanted to she would’ve tried giving her a positive task but she didn’t at all instead through sree & her later statement she tried demeaning her

  19. Gayatri

    @ arohi it’s not about sugar coating… i was just saying that keep your dnt defame the other ones… every one have their own fav bt just to make them top its not necessary to defame the other one…

  20. Guys please consider it a reality show. Watch it, comment about individual episode and favorites and enjoy. After Sunday this BB 12 will be no longer discussed. After Sunday these players too will move on.
    This show is about different ways in which different people handle a particular situation as no two individuals are same. Same is applicable to fans too. They react in certain way according to their emotional connect to individual players. Just enjoy it.
    Will have to read updates for midnight eviction because of time difference but really wanted to watch the episode in real time.
    Thanks Atiba for providing so quick and accurate updates

    1. Look who’s appealing to be cordial LMAO????? when xyz sandeep etc were saying that you having none of it now how come you’re sating the same thing?batti badi dair mein jali LOL

      1. @Anony First and formost thing I have said that before too. Secondly you must know a basic thing not to talk about people who are no longer commenting.
        Thirdly I raised a point when someone told that they are not talking about contestants anymore but commenting about people commenting on contestants. I think this is platform to talk about show.
        Fourth I told firmly doesn’t look nice to see people fighting in morning. If you conviently read what you want to read I can’t help.
        Fifth I replied to some profile who said that I am airplanes talking from multiple profile.
        I never told anyone hater or so. Never used bad language.
        Never tried to discourage anyone from commenting or told anyone wrong for their POV.
        Though I was told ki aap hamesha galat contestant ko support karte ho. Who can decide which contestant is wrong.
        Never told anyone ki aap mein tameez nai.

  21. Look at how Gobar is getting into twitter spats with Sree s wife??? Way to classy Haan!
    It’s high time gobar realize her season is over! It’s high time also for her to realize that she was just a “guest” and should behave like other guests!
    She was and is behaving way more than that! Guests of all people should mind their own business ?
    She thinks of herself as Mrs. big boss. No doubt she can’t grow in life, what is she known for anywys???

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