Bigg Boss 12 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Hina Khan and other celebrities in house

Bigg Boss 12 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 100
Inmates wake up to song dost ko salam karo, they all dance. Sree says they have created hotel outside. KV wishes Christmas.

KV reads that all are nominated and someone will leave before reaching finale, they have a task to get saved. In hotel task, some celebrities will come to appeal for votes. One inmate will become guest from time to time and all other inmates will become staff of hotel, guests will give tasks which are difficult to do but others will try to do it. Celebrity guests will come, they will give a star badge to person whom they like as staff and shoot a video appeal for votes, Surbhi will be in task and referee too. Sree will be first guest, those who quit, cant come in video appeal.

All are running behind Sree to help him out. He asks Dipika to do his hair, he asks Deepak to bring water. Surbhi says my guest doesnt want to give me task.

Celebrity guest Hina Khan comes in house, she greets everyone and says this is last task. She asks Dipika to make tea for her, Dipika says I am making. Kv hugs and says merry christmas. Hina says I will begin with jail, she asks who is lazy? She asks Romil to clean jail. Hina asks Sree to make others quit. Sree says I want them to clean carpets. Hina asks Deepak to take off clothes and sing in pool for her. Deepak sings ek chand for Hina in pool. Hina acts like he is singing for Somi.
Sree says to Dipika that I dont know how to do all this.
Deepak says to Hina that my sisters like you a lot. Hina says water is not cold. She asks Romil to clean.
Sree gives chair to KV and says I have done all this as hotel staff in London.
Deepak jokes with Hina and pleads her to let him out. Hina brings him out.

Hina asks Deepak to squats. Deepak says I am hurt, Hina says I will give another task. She asks Deepak to clean luggage area. Hina says I dont like KV’s hair, Dipika asks if I should cut it? Hina asks her to curl his hair.

Hina asks to Deepak to shave one side, she asks Surbhi to do it. Deepak nods. She asks Dipika to do KV’s noodle curl. Hina checks Deepak’s one side shaven and laughs.
Sree and Hina comes in jail, she checks that its cleaned and praises Romil.

Hina asks Deepak to give her foot massage. Sree asks Surbhi to give her mattress. All laugh at KV’s curl. Sree asks Surbhi to give him single mattress. Surbhi says I can give double mattress, single mattress is of Dipika only. Dipika says I can give it to Sree directly but not because Surbhi is asking. Hina says if she makes her give it then she will get star. Surbhi requests Dipika to give her mattress. Dipika says they all stood against me so I can leave a star for this, Surbhi says dont take is personally. Surbhi says I am referee and can use my power too. Sree says I am disappointed. Hina says if Dipika gives it then everyone will get star otherwise not. Dipika doesnt give it.

Romil is trying to fold double mattress. Hina says it looks comfortable. Sree says no. KV and Romil ties it and makes it a single mattress. Hina lies down and asks Sree to try. Sree says its too high, I dont like it. Hina says in camera that all are trying, staff is trying a lot.

BB says Hina’s time has ended, no one quit and no guest was satisfied so Hina will decide whom to give star too. Hina says all did nice work, its not against anyone. She gives star to Romil. Hina and Romil makes a video, Romil asks for votes. Hina appeals for him. Hina says you are all nice. BB thanks Hina and says its time for you to leave. Hina wishes everyone and leaves.

Surbhi says to Dipika that well played, you wanted me out, I am happy that you have your mattress.

BB says next guest is KV. Dipika says with this hair? and laughs. KV changes clothes. All are laughing at his face. KV says dont laugh at my face, its an order. All try to stop laughing, Sree laughs.

Guest Juhi Parmar comes in house, she is promoting her show. She greets everyone and asks Sree if he wont talk? Sree says I am just cleaning. Juhi asks Romil to make coffee for her. KV says only I have coffee and I wont give it to anyone. Romil asks KV for coffee.
Juhi asks Sree to change Deepak’s hair style.
Romil requests KV for coffee but KV doesnt give it. Romil tells Juhi that only KV have coffee. Juhi says I will give you punishment if you are not giving me coffee. She talks to KV, KV says he fights with Surbhi a lot so you can ask him to tell why Surbhi is better than him to win the show. Juhi says great.

Juhi says to inmates that I am a guest and I didnt get coffee so tell me why Surbhi should be a winner? Romil says she is passionate, she can provoke others but I dont think she can win as people cant change so suddenly. Surbhi says they should appreciate me trying. Juhi asks her to hug everyone. Surbhi hugs everyone and says they are my competitors but I have worked hard on myself.

Juhi asks Deepak to praise everyone in English. Deepak says KV is like a mouse, I will be winner of this show, you all can go.

BB asks Juhi whom you want to give star too? Juhi says Sree started cleaning as soon as I entered house. She gives star to him. Sree says in video that I didnt change, I am like this. Juhi appeals for him.

Deepak is new guest of house. Celebrity guest Ranveer Singh Waghela AKA Shashank comes in house and greets everyone.

Deepak asks Surbhi to drink tea in Sree’s cup which came from his home. Surbhi requests Sree to give her cup but he says its from my family. Dipika says Deepak played. Sree says I cant give it so tell her to leave. Surbhi tries to request, Sree says no, I dont want disturbance. Surbhi says I will keep trying. Sree says I wont give my kids cup to her. Sree says Surbhi you didnt save me for myself but for camera, you dont deserve it. Sree says she has to quit, Deepak says its possible. Sree says its waste of time, she talked badly to my sister, I did everything for her but she is fake and never changed. Deepak asks to do Romil’s waxing. Romil screams when its done.
Surbhi says to Sree that I have saved you a lot of times. Sree says you are just doing it for sake of camera, you just act for the show. Surbhi says you have said bad stuff to me too, you said everything is your strategy. Sree says you are fake. Surbhi shouts that you keep calling bad words to me, you are fake, when same is said to your sister then you feel bad? Sree says you instigate others. He goes in jail to clean as Shashank asks him and asks Surbhi to help him.
Romil is angry and punches wall.
Dipika says to Surbhi that you are nice for 2 weeks but you didnt make any relation in house, you are bearing because of that. Surbhi says Deepak and Romil have said stuff behind your back but I say it one face. Sree says you are a liar and fake person.

BB asks Shashank whom you want to give star too? He gives star to Romil. Romil appeals for votes. Shashank appeals for him.

Surbhi cries and sits in corner.
Deepak says to Romil that I got you a star, you said you are only commoner? you think that. Romil says I think that, I will say anything in video, I am playing for myself. BB says today’s time for task has ended.

PRECAP- Gauhar Khan enters house. All are excited to see her. Gauhar asks KV to take off his clothes. All laugh. Gauhar asks Sree to ask Dipika to give her nikah dupatta and Shoaib’s picture and put it in store room. Sree says I wont do it, Gauhar says atleast try to play, for her, show you are a game. Sree shouts that this is me. Gauhar says I wont behave like this with guests.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. That sree comment “kitna bekar guest hai” was for himself & not for hina he wasnt able to make hms quit task that’s why he was joking about himself that’s why kV laughed or he would’ve raised whole house otherwise if it was for hina even reviewers said it, I hate how badly editing team STILL trying make him look negative

    1. AnuAnu

      @Fana you could written this in capital letters. ??????

  2. Sreeshant ko pata chal Raha hai ya nai ki woh bbme kyu aaye hai. ..image badalne aaye hai ya aur kharab kerne … Deepika lomdi ki saath dekhar khud ka wajood kho Raha hai..woh kitna bevkuf hai sabko dikha raha hai

    1. sree will not get the trophy ye feeling aa rhi hai either dipika or TRUE SOUL ROMIL WILL GET THE TROPHY # SIMAR BAHU KE CHANCES ZYADA HAI KYUNKI SREE KO LADNE SE FURSAT NHI , DEEPAK HAS LESS FAN BASE AND TRUE SOULROMIL KO LOG VOTE DE RHE HAI PAR # DESH KI HALWA BAHU KA SWAAD MOM .CHACHI, UNCLE AUNTY BEEJI,SABKO LAG CHALA HAI and youth to jewellery exhibition dekh kar pagal ho hi chuke hai upar se shoaib bhai ki fan following # sree ke chances less aur dipika ke chances high hai though TRUE SOUL ROMIL FANS WILL KEEP ON TRYING TO MATCH DIPSTARS 😛

    2. AnuAnu

      @Tripura Sree came here for telling his side of story in match-fixing case. If he was image conscious then he wouldn’t have behaved and said those things like others who are image to protect. And let me remind you he knows he is short temperd otherwise he wouldn’t have said his name as bad behaved player in True or False task plzz go and watch that also if you get time after hating Sree

  3. Hina rocks nd her judgement for romil is too good becoz aaj schmm dmag dkhadya bndd n sb ldte rhe vo bhlaii lgya good for gm ..nd kv looks so hilarious pr u nd dpka sth m pyaare lge ranveer n koi parthi playni kiya bs bna mtlb romil ko star d dya vo mujhe theekni lga nd dpka apni jgh bilkul theek thi ki it’s 14th week nd wse bbi kl vli fail in acting vli btko lkr shyd she is upset nd uski jgh koibhi hota to sm reaction aata kuki aapke hardwork k bre m jb koi sawaal uthata h to vo bura lgta h bht or chahkr bhj mn s nkklti nhivo bt nd its a fact pr surbhi k lye mra b dil rota h bht mtlb sch m chng hui y nhi do not matters what is important ki abhi vo calm nd composed way m behave krri h nd roz ronn ko hojti h tb mujhe bhi rona aajta h 1 brko kj kitti akeli pdgi bhle hi its paytime pr y with interest pay hora h ab nd sree hdh krte h kbhj kbhi mtlb agr aapvo cup d bhk dte ti kya hojta aur nhi bhi dnatha to stop this rude behaviour nd yes jo aapne bt rkhi theek h ki mri bhn ko y bola pr fr hisaab s aapkato purA career hi ??lgarkha h surbhi n fr ku aap abtk support krte the surbhiko nd sm with d gadda issue bhai efforts to dekhta nd sm for dpka manaki upset thi surbhi s pr y to khi s bhi nomination k tasknhi tha agr surbhi ko star milbhijta to whats a big deal y to 1 tym ps appeal h wrna itni bewkuf to janta bhini h ki in guests k appeal p vote d gi vo bt alg hoti jb y guest log khud s bina kisi task k apne favourite k lye vote appeal krte nd dpk looks cute halaki for a little bit tym i found hina thoda sa naraz towards dpk pairr dbwann k kya zrurtthi vo to use b pta tha ki dpk mnani krta nd same jail m khud jne s uskk hth gnde hojte hilarious nd not again agr y editing team ki wjh s asa precap h tokoini pr agr y sch hua to i hate sree mtlb gauhar khan jisne is pure season sree k lye social media pr positive reviews dye nd vo ase insult kre mtlb kya smjhte ho sree aap kgudko ..sree supporters don’t mind but sree don’t deserve to be a winner for his badtameezi wle acts phle vikas ab gauhar nd surbhi to permanent target bn gyi h bhlki surbhi k case m tit for tat pr what grudges he show wd guests its not good though dpka shaantkrati dkgaidi h precap m pr I’m sure he’ll shot on dpka too nd romil k vo head bump hon k bd mukja marna y darsharatga like JAAT haryana ka??nd ab comp. Bhi pura zorishoro s chlra dpk kobhi romil ko 2 star milna psndni aaya halaki ranbeeer agr dpk ko star dte to fair hota

    1. @ada…

      aap apne comment m kuch bhi likh lo even sree k against bhi tab bhi smile ati hi h mere face pe…
      bdw.. nice comment…
      it was truely fair reviews……

    2. Tqqqqquuuuuu itna appreciation mre ghr k log ni krtehongg??so sweet of u

  4. XYZ I’m missing ubht shara yr aajaoooi

  5. Queen.alina

    wel done dipika and sree u did so wel its only a task god damit calm da f**k down seriously its only task you have to options either do what ya told to do or quit simple and wow dipi did so well proud of you both and about survi being in da bathroom and dipi came and she was talking and wen she left the face she gave rah she looks hella fake baby its karma you do shit like this to people instigate make them look b karmas a b*t*h ill hit u 10x harder thats wats happened i feel so bad the whom i felt sad for was surbhi but today na man doing faces behind dipi backs bruh i just cant shes look fake inside and out shes just tryna fit in win evryones heart make people believe thats shes changed when shes not omdz man just go back for who u was pls stop dis baby wala acting its really annoying i want the old swag baby one thats suits u so much that time u had respect idk what changed u after salman bashed u could of stayed the same but change your attitude the way u fight with people there could of been changers but idk man whats gon into u ps it depends on u i aint u tbh i wish u al da best haha deepak looked funny but today was ok lub you sooooooo much dipika and sreeee???ik these haters wil be barking 24/7 non-stop hgh as always?❤️

  6. For me it was a treat when Romil and infact whole other side of team made that mattress and more than Sree Dipika’s plan failed. Dipika ka face dekhne layak tha. Dipika was in staff but she didn’t cooperate with Surbhi but jab Rohit ne same apne team k saath Kiya tha they told him gaddar. Quit karwana bus Sree ka kaam that, Dipika ka nai as Sree was guest not Dipika. She gave logic ki wo merely nominate hua to main itna Kar sakti Hoon uskly. Dipikaji Sree ne khud ko Jo nominate Kiya aapke liye utne ke aas pass isko rakh Kar Jo aap prove Kar rahe ho, good game but dono cheeze kahin comparable nai hai.

  7. @airp1lanes bhaiya aapne kaha Romil Ko trophy door nai hai,uske reply me Maine aapke muh me ghee shakker Kahi ..but meri comment aapke nahi,koi aur ki comment ke neeche aagayi??

    1. oo so sweet of you dear thanks and yes i hope TRUE SOUL ROMIL will win the trophy

  8. Come na XYZ……..thaare bina mazaa koni aata h……..

  9. And if someone thinks I m a Sree hater,
    I m equally angry on Romil, Deepak and Dipika too !
    Whatever Surbhi told to Sree while abusing — long back — was very less compared to what she said to Romil.
    Surbhi assassinated Romil’s character.
    But if she told 10 words to Sree, Salman and Bhubaneswari returned back equal 10 words to her.
    Even after that, Manu, Pritam, Juhi made her feel lonely.
    I hated Surbhi at a time too. But now, Romil , Deepak , Dipika should have gone to her at least once to ask how she is.
    If they don’t forgive, then they are equally criminals like Surbhi.

    1. @Aarohi we know you are emotional. I too felt bad for Surbhi. But ye game aisa hi hai. Sree kly Surbhi ko daata pari thi but Romil kly Salman ne nai data tha. Simple hai jab jisko badhana hai badhate Hain game mein.
      Aur ek rule hai jab Surbhi rula sakti thi ushne rulaya. Jab ye loag rula sakte Hain ye rula rahe hain.
      Romil ne fir bhi ek task mein Surbhi ka saath diya.

    2. @Hope,
      Mujhe sirf iss baat ki dukh hain,
      Surbhi made Sree cry, Romil cry. But at least, whole house was supporting Romil and Sree at that time.
      But now, Surbhi is all alone!
      Agar Somi rehti, toh i wouldn’t feel this bad cuz she would have a friend .

    3. 10 words to sree?woah this is heights of forgetfulness or maybe biasedness in your case, calling someone mentally disturbed sadistic showing prejudice over skin color calling him “phokat ki rotiyan tod ra hai” ghatiya insaan casonova harassing that person about MOLESTATION charges she could frame him in multiple times, taunting on their most precious part of life which they’ll not be able to live again and was forcefully and unfairly taken away and saying what bcci did to him was right aren’t minor insults she almost blamed romil of being characterless but she did 100x times worse than that to sree and after doing that she still got the chance to be a “panelist” to judge him and act all righteous so keep your judgement, which by the way shat on facts, in your pocket or just just don’t speak about sree at all if don’t know how to put forward a nonpartisan POV at least not completely contradictory to reality

  10. XYZ come on yaar…I’m missing your intake on all these have to comment…4 din to bche hain show khatm hone main…pls aa jao…fir to next year bb13 main he milenge..pls come back

  11. Yankee

    Hi friends what an episode on Christmas Day. Hina Khan don’t know her performance in previous show but she rocked the day with her energy. Now to focus on the housemates in the fray of winning trophy this year.

    Shree: Well aggressive as always, as a guest of hotel cornered Surbhi took sweet revenge. Ruined the beautiful atmosphere by high volume gave bad taste. He was lucky that he was on good side of Hina today otherwise god knows what he would have done on her demands. In precap still fighting with Gauhar. Well he did remain focus of BB12 all these weeks. AGGRESSION

    Dipika: Tried hard to be good person all fourteen weeks and failed all the time not bonding with any one other than her brother. She has only one quality to speak for herself sometime in high tone and anger. Shadow of so called front runner, don’t know if it was her limited capacity to remain safe. She didn’t play at all with other players of the game, no versatility. OVERCAUTIOUS

    Deepak: This was his chance to get vote appeal but Hina nailed it by giving star to Romil. He survived in the show by switching loyalty at all the time to gain from either back biting or ditching his friends. He cause of differences between Somi and Romil as he twisted Romils concern for Somi in a negative way. He used all Urvashi Rohit Somi KV B Romil. And Shree Megha and Jasleen (buy targeting them). He was also culprit to break happy club along with Surbhi. MATLABI guy JEALOUS

    Surbhi: Only achievement was fight with Shree to get bytes. Provoked him to get victim tag easily forgetting her own words and catching what ever Shree said and did. In a big way created a bad vibe. Even din’t spare Romil. LOUD and FOUL MOUTHED

    KVB: Well did his best to remain away from limelight but Shree brought him in front sometimes. Imagine if all housemate would have been like him then what would have been of the show. He is being dragged while few entertainers like Jasleen and Neha evicted much earlier. SWEET and CALM Om Shanti OM

    Romil: Again proved that he is the Gentle Giant with sharmily ankhen” and kind heart. He won the heart of the guests by even not able to provide coffee to guest otherwise bang on target in task like Mattress, Jail, comments on Shurbhi and his crafty advice and sportsmanship in removing his hair. Now why he is ahead for me one main reason that stands out his calm composer through out the show no high volume or bad words. Strategy maker loyal friend did not hurt anyones feelings intentionally. Aggression only with himself if at all. TWO STAR and Video appeal shows his presence looming large over Trimurty of the show Shree Dipika KVB. If voting is based on the fourteen weeks of this show, he have good chance of holding the Trophy. WINNER

    This was my opinion of this year no hard feeling to any one views. Try to enjoy this period of going year with different season all around globe.

    1. @Yankee,
      This was aweeeeesomeeeee !! I loved it.


  12. PlssSsssssss aajaooii xyz agr aapni aaoge to m bhi silent reader bnjaungi ab m b comment tbhi krungi jb aapaogee

    1. Ada
      I know I miss our sweet buddy XYZ too…come on yaar…at least come back for your friends..
      If you dont like someone’s comments or language then dont read or respond to them..just ignore naa…why did you stop coming…I’m also ignoring to read some ppl here cuz then I go into a negative zone so I just scroll down…you do the same…but pls aa jao

    2. Sach mmm @sandeep virk ignoring is the best tbi g u can do for gain peace so please ignore the co.ments which bother u just come for our sake yr bb bhi khtm hojyega fr to nxt yr hi hogi bt aajaooooo plsss??xyz

    3. @Ada n @Sandeep…..
      I think she might be busy……bcoz the spat won’t be the reason for her absence……

    4. @Nandini.

      U r absolutely correct.. ?
      Matlab kkitna janti h ho yaar mujhko..
      I like it… Bhabhi ji h wala.. ??

      @ada and sandeep..
      Yesterday, I was busy in ofc party
      And again going on a ofc trip with team members.. So would not be able to watch bb and neither to read comments…

      If i will come back bfr finale then definitely will read and write here.. Till then
      Be happy.. Party hard like wild animals

      And write comment like this… ??

      Monika Rajoriya is my full name u can search with this name.. Only If u guys wants to connect on fb….

      Bb ka craze toh bohot pehle hi khatamtha. 1 month pehle mne bola tha i like to talk to some of theppl here..

      U guys are awesome.. Aap logo ki tareef tph bphot0ehle bhi ki h i think sandeep ko tohpata nhi kitn8 baar uske comments pe bola h u seems like mature ??

      Ada and nandini are girls but i have doubt about u sandeep.. R u a girl or boy???

      Aur jagganath jap neha indian etc ko bhi bula lo aur khoob sare comments karo aap log.. 4 days baaki h wo log bhi ayenge toh comment section aur accha lagega…

      Till then bbyee… God bless u guys.. Aur haan next year bhi zarur ana aap log… ????

    5. @XYZ…..or Monika ji…..
      Will definitely connect with u next year bcoz I m not on fb still……but next year pakka……enjoy the trip……????

    6. I won’t disclose my real name……it’s upto u to identify me when I will send u friend request……lots of love……n yes jo log humei pasand hote h unke baare mei humei pta hota h????

    7. @nandini..

      Sure dear… Apko pehchaan hi lenge hum..

    8. And take care of ada on my behalf…

    9. XYZ
      Thanks dear…its good to hear from you…and yes bb is dull these days…but for me it’s like a very floppy movie that you start watching and you hate it but you still feel compelled to end it cuz you just cant turn off…and yes I’m working lady …teacher by profession happily married and a mother of two handsome boys 6 years and 3 years old…I’ll look u up on fb…you are a mindreader or sumthing..cuz when I woke up today I was gona leave u a msg here to look me up on fb cuz you seem like a very mature and sweet person and a gr8 friend…
      NANDINI ADA we will keep commenting here for few more days mates!!!

  13. 1. Sree and Deepika should always sacrifice their mattresses, photo frames , cups etc . If surabhi can have a fight for secret task (off course for all she did), deepika can genuinely reject to offer the mattress for the task. She played her game. What’s wrong in that. In the finale week that was right to play for themselves.

    2. Sree, I do derstand your hindi issues coz I am a keralite and in schools we learn to use aap for elder people. From tv series only i understood that we can use aap to a child also. . . But it’s high time to stop digging the last shits coz you won hearts when you forgave her from heart. . .

    3. Deepak : The most cunning and Selfish. He is only focussed to win and some how. Giving Cup task surabhi showed how crooked he is. . You have to be focussed but no need to create rifts

    4. Karanvir : He is not in the right place. He doesn’t know what he has to do.

    5. Romil : I love sreeshanth to win. But I love this man. He is intelligent man with true emotions. He is focussed on the game with humanity, do not like his tauntings
    Especially with megha. Now he is more dignified personnel

    6. Surabhi. . Appreciate your efforts. Your aggression took you to 10th week . I remember the pagal fight with Jasleen, it was surabhi who interfered and spoiled the envt and sent jasleen to Jail. She has been doing from the beginning and family week made her realize where do she stand. From there she has worked well but I am finding it difficult to digest which part is genuine.

    1. Annnnnnu
      Well done…I love your analysis…after today I am admiring Romils presence of mind and winning attitude again…he didnt give up in mattress task today and came up with an idea which noone else could think of…I would love to see kv in top 3 but I know he wont make it…my top 3 would be sree dpka and 3rd place between romil dpk…or I’m even ok with sree dpk romil in top 3…but after all the insults and abuses dpka went through at the hands of these ex HC members (and ppl on this platform) I really want dpka to be in top 3 with sree…let’s see what happens

      nice comments keep on posting annu :p

    3. @Annnnuu,
      I agree to 90% of your comment.
      Appreciated. ❤
      Just don’t feel Deepak is that bad. Everyone came here to win the show other than KV.
      Koi show karta hain, koi nahi karta hain.
      If selfishness is Deepak’s vice, the amusement he frames is his virtue.

      Dipika was not wrong on her part. She did not give the mattress. Okay. Sree was okay too. Not giving the cup was a part of his task too.
      But the tone, the body language and the behavior while not giving something — did hurt someone a lot!

  14. AnuAnu

    BTW Gauhar ki fav Romil and KV hai kal agr star inhi dono mein se kisiko mila toh would Sree haters still say that Gauhar is biased?? Just a thought ????

    1. don’t worry anu today dipika will get 3 stars and whole limelight will be on her coz yesterday TRUE SOUL ROMIL STOLE THE SHOW # GAUHAR IS A TRUE SOUL TOO even if she give star to shree it doesn’t matters to bashers coz gauhar’s presence in house itself enough for them # MESMERISING GIRL GAUHAR # ATTITUDE , AADAYEGI , PUTTING POINTS AUR KITNA KUCH GAUHAR IS SPOT ON , looking forward to watch her tonight , just hoping sree promos were just for attention !!!!

    2. @AnuAnu,
      Absolutely it’s upto the viewer. If Sree performs something beautiful, and still the star is given to someone else, it is UNFAIR.
      When Juhi Parmar arrived, KV or Romil didn’t perform something so well. But Deepak did sing a song. And that was an entertainment.
      I feel that star had to be given to Deepak.

      And in case of Gauahar, when she entered BB season 10’s house, her best friend Bani was a contestant. She met Bani and then went to Manveer. Told Manveer he had been her favourite after Bani.
      Her favourite was Vikas too in season 11.
      Just saying randomly, Gauahar’s favourites have been my favourites too. ❤ I really love Gauahar.

  15. @XYZ
    :-))aap christmas pe bhi nhi aye new year pe hum baat hi nhi kar payenge……missing ur views……

  16. Hello everyone!!merry christmas
    Mere jaane ke baad to aapne shayari band hi kardi Nandini aur Ada… @Sandeep virk nice comments
    Update padhkar lag rha hai ki romil ne toh kamaal hi kar diya..waise bhi mere liye he is in top for romil dipika only 4 days are left..

    1. @Me……
      Kuch h hi nhi shayari krne ke liye……kya likhe…..?
      Aap romil dipika ko support kr rhi h…..achhi choice h……?


    This one is a beautiful performance by Dipika and Srishty. Both are BEAUTIFUL ! ❤ Just do watch it.

  18. Xyz love u bhtttttttt shaaraaaa itte achche log to mre lye known people nhi h jitne aaphogye ho?????mujhe bhi lga tha ki shyd u r bg in Christmas Eve

  19. @so many monika rajoriya r there how do i identify uu

    1. Ada
      Ya I was also confused…there is too many profiles with the same name so hard to identify

    2. @sandeep virk sm here mujhe b ni smjhaayaa

  20. Today I guess we could have a midnight eviction. Otherwise too many housemate remaining in BB house. Any guess who could be this time? Hope not anyone of your favourite guys. Best of luck to watch it unfold.

  21. Feel sorry for Surbhi. Her drawback was retaliation for being provoked by Shrees (The demoralising phrase people wait outside hotel after 11pm). Overall she is clever n fluent with flowing speech n gives frank opinions on people’s face. Agree she did go overboard in anger but she is not an evil person. Hope she gets more votes for the finale. Romil is my favourite as he is grounded with his cool nature n hope he is the winner.


  22. @Anuanu I don’t hate Sree infact He is among my top3 and was in my top 2 list. Not agreeing to someone’s game is not hatered.

  23. @Anuanu It takes seconds to greet

  24. I am waiting for midnight eviction tonight. Far too many housemate in BB house. Any guesses guys ? Hope favourite of you guy is safe. Let the deama unfold tonight.

  25. Olene Haselhorst

    What your declaring is totally accurate. I know that everybody need to say the exact same issue, but I just believe that you set it in a way that every person can understand. I also appreciate the photos you put in right here. They suit so effectively with what youre trying to say. Im guaranteed youll achieve so many men and women with what youve acquired to say.

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