Bigg Boss 12 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Hina Khan and other celebrities in house

Bigg Boss 12 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 100
Inmates wake up to song dost ko salam karo, they all dance. Sree says they have created hotel outside. KV wishes Christmas.

KV reads that all are nominated and someone will leave before reaching finale, they have a task to get saved. In hotel task, some celebrities will come to appeal for votes. One inmate will become guest from time to time and all other inmates will become staff of hotel, guests will give tasks which are difficult to do but others will try to do it. Celebrity guests will come, they will give a star badge to person whom they like as staff and shoot a video appeal for votes, Surbhi will be in task and referee too. Sree will be first guest, those who quit, cant come in video appeal.

All are running behind Sree to help him out. He asks Dipika to do his hair, he asks Deepak to bring water. Surbhi says my guest doesnt want to give me task.

Celebrity guest Hina Khan comes in house, she greets everyone and says this is last task. She asks Dipika to make tea for her, Dipika says I am making. Kv hugs and says merry christmas. Hina says I will begin with jail, she asks who is lazy? She asks Romil to clean jail. Hina asks Sree to make others quit. Sree says I want them to clean carpets. Hina asks Deepak to take off clothes and sing in pool for her. Deepak sings ek chand for Hina in pool. Hina acts like he is singing for Somi.
Sree says to Dipika that I dont know how to do all this.
Deepak says to Hina that my sisters like you a lot. Hina says water is not cold. She asks Romil to clean.
Sree gives chair to KV and says I have done all this as hotel staff in London.
Deepak jokes with Hina and pleads her to let him out. Hina brings him out.

Hina asks Deepak to squats. Deepak says I am hurt, Hina says I will give another task. She asks Deepak to clean luggage area. Hina says I dont like KV’s hair, Dipika asks if I should cut it? Hina asks her to curl his hair.

Hina asks to Deepak to shave one side, she asks Surbhi to do it. Deepak nods. She asks Dipika to do KV’s noodle curl. Hina checks Deepak’s one side shaven and laughs.
Sree and Hina comes in jail, she checks that its cleaned and praises Romil.

Hina asks Deepak to give her foot massage. Sree asks Surbhi to give her mattress. All laugh at KV’s curl. Sree asks Surbhi to give him single mattress. Surbhi says I can give double mattress, single mattress is of Dipika only. Dipika says I can give it to Sree directly but not because Surbhi is asking. Hina says if she makes her give it then she will get star. Surbhi requests Dipika to give her mattress. Dipika says they all stood against me so I can leave a star for this, Surbhi says dont take is personally. Surbhi says I am referee and can use my power too. Sree says I am disappointed. Hina says if Dipika gives it then everyone will get star otherwise not. Dipika doesnt give it.

Romil is trying to fold double mattress. Hina says it looks comfortable. Sree says no. KV and Romil ties it and makes it a single mattress. Hina lies down and asks Sree to try. Sree says its too high, I dont like it. Hina says in camera that all are trying, staff is trying a lot.

BB says Hina’s time has ended, no one quit and no guest was satisfied so Hina will decide whom to give star too. Hina says all did nice work, its not against anyone. She gives star to Romil. Hina and Romil makes a video, Romil asks for votes. Hina appeals for him. Hina says you are all nice. BB thanks Hina and says its time for you to leave. Hina wishes everyone and leaves.

Surbhi says to Dipika that well played, you wanted me out, I am happy that you have your mattress.

BB says next guest is KV. Dipika says with this hair? and laughs. KV changes clothes. All are laughing at his face. KV says dont laugh at my face, its an order. All try to stop laughing, Sree laughs.

Guest Juhi Parmar comes in house, she is promoting her show. She greets everyone and asks Sree if he wont talk? Sree says I am just cleaning. Juhi asks Romil to make coffee for her. KV says only I have coffee and I wont give it to anyone. Romil asks KV for coffee.
Juhi asks Sree to change Deepak’s hair style.
Romil requests KV for coffee but KV doesnt give it. Romil tells Juhi that only KV have coffee. Juhi says I will give you punishment if you are not giving me coffee. She talks to KV, KV says he fights with Surbhi a lot so you can ask him to tell why Surbhi is better than him to win the show. Juhi says great.

Juhi says to inmates that I am a guest and I didnt get coffee so tell me why Surbhi should be a winner? Romil says she is passionate, she can provoke others but I dont think she can win as people cant change so suddenly. Surbhi says they should appreciate me trying. Juhi asks her to hug everyone. Surbhi hugs everyone and says they are my competitors but I have worked hard on myself.

Juhi asks Deepak to praise everyone in English. Deepak says KV is like a mouse, I will be winner of this show, you all can go.

BB asks Juhi whom you want to give star too? Juhi says Sree started cleaning as soon as I entered house. She gives star to him. Sree says in video that I didnt change, I am like this. Juhi appeals for him.

Deepak is new guest of house. Celebrity guest Ranveer Singh Waghela AKA Shashank comes in house and greets everyone.

Deepak asks Surbhi to drink tea in Sree’s cup which came from his home. Surbhi requests Sree to give her cup but he says its from my family. Dipika says Deepak played. Sree says I cant give it so tell her to leave. Surbhi tries to request, Sree says no, I dont want disturbance. Surbhi says I will keep trying. Sree says I wont give my kids cup to her. Sree says Surbhi you didnt save me for myself but for camera, you dont deserve it. Sree says she has to quit, Deepak says its possible. Sree says its waste of time, she talked badly to my sister, I did everything for her but she is fake and never changed. Deepak asks to do Romil’s waxing. Romil screams when its done.
Surbhi says to Sree that I have saved you a lot of times. Sree says you are just doing it for sake of camera, you just act for the show. Surbhi says you have said bad stuff to me too, you said everything is your strategy. Sree says you are fake. Surbhi shouts that you keep calling bad words to me, you are fake, when same is said to your sister then you feel bad? Sree says you instigate others. He goes in jail to clean as Shashank asks him and asks Surbhi to help him.
Romil is angry and punches wall.
Dipika says to Surbhi that you are nice for 2 weeks but you didnt make any relation in house, you are bearing because of that. Surbhi says Deepak and Romil have said stuff behind your back but I say it one face. Sree says you are a liar and fake person.

BB asks Shashank whom you want to give star too? He gives star to Romil. Romil appeals for votes. Shashank appeals for him.

Surbhi cries and sits in corner.
Deepak says to Romil that I got you a star, you said you are only commoner? you think that. Romil says I think that, I will say anything in video, I am playing for myself. BB says today’s time for task has ended.

PRECAP- Gauhar Khan enters house. All are excited to see her. Gauhar asks KV to take off his clothes. All laugh. Gauhar asks Sree to ask Dipika to give her nikah dupatta and Shoaib’s picture and put it in store room. Sree says I wont do it, Gauhar says atleast try to play, for her, show you are a game. Sree shouts that this is me. Gauhar says I wont behave like this with guests.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. true soul romil u rocked in todays episode clean sweep kar diya , aap jaisa koi nhi # true legend winner # kohinoor hearted person # lots of love to you # 2 medals from visitorsthat too from hina and neil was so rocking !!!!
    u nailed it true soul !!!!! # half of fame !!!!!
    guys vote vote vote coz voting lines open till wednesday 10pm !!!!
    silent readers do vote for true soul romil !!!!

  2. the humbleness in true soul romil was commendable , wow thanks to hinaji and neil bhatt for giving the medal to deserving star romil # love u hina fans and neil sir fans for the love on insta and twitter a big hug to all who voted for true soul romil # hats off to you guys and girls # all sweet ladies and charming uncles # daddiji and daddaji aap sabko bhi pranam and thanks for voting for true soul romil
    @ fenu bro lo kardiya shukriya sabka !!!!!
    ab to treat banti hai !!!!!

    1. Lokesh

      What u Worte fenu, so r u any registered member aap Aastha di ho ,Medha di , Vivianne bhai, Sid bhai , p lata di ,who r u ??

    2. I guess Jenshad fan. :))

    3. HAHAHA lokesh you have to find it out :p

    4. shukriya ! zaldi hi mulakat hogi aapse waise angel ko manao yaar ruth kar baithi hai humse tum to jante hi ho mere se zyada aapki sunti hai woh kabhi kabhi to main sochta hoon ki main hi kabab mein haddi ban jata hoon sare caring aur pyar sab aapke liye aur hum to tehre pardesi sath kya nibhayenge
      apne page par aao waha batt karte hai aur arzi lagate hai aapki angel ko gayabb na ho jana phir se nhi to jawab hum dete dete thak jate hai unhe kabhi itni fikr humari ki hoti to hum to satwe aasman pe pahuch jate chalo kal match hai subah jaldi uthana hai ,good night ,abhi unhe khuskhabri dete hai ki unke best friend urf eid ke chand dikh gye humme

    5. Hllo who is this angel?if [email protected]

    6. hello dear ,
      was busy , but koi nhi aapke aur angel ke liye hum hazir hai , inconvenience is regretted ,unhe sikhayat kaise ho sakti hai aapse , will talk to her don’t worry , don’t feel # J of me , apki aur unki dosti karwana humari zimmedari hai bas aap efforts karte rahiye
      page was not loaded lagta hai kuch technical issues hai will meet you in a weeks time for sure , aur rhi batt angel ki to unhe bolna unki marraige ki shopping ki zimmedari hum aur aap sambhal lenge , unhe bas list tyar rakhni hai
      bro will catch u at the page when the issues get over ye biggboss page hai , so many sweet ppl here , jab kabhi time mile aajaya karo , new years mein milte hai #mummy ji ko namaste boliyega zaroor :))- aur yes angel ko humara adab farmaiyega !!!!!
      ye code unhe de dijiyega – 4HFZCP86 #[email protected] AKU CINTA AMU :))- WOH SAB SAMAJH JAYENGI 😛

  3. coming to analysis :
    so lovely to see hina back # our komolika was bang on so much positivity in the house , she really made kvb hairstyle look funnier and that deepak’s task was all lol , but indeed she was enjoying legpulling him , masagging of feat in some grudges was done ( at least i feel ), but sacha and nek banda #deepak has done it with gracious # despite true soul won stars deepak was no less in his efforts # hina ji ne jamm ke khunass nikali di deepak par karma returns back lol # had this was done with sree i wonder sree kya karte ,
    anyways as a viewer it was funny
    just loved the way hina appealed for true soul romil !!!!! and that gesture of her chalo chalo romil wow !!! ab trophy door nhi hai bro # u rock it man !!!!!

    1. chepu chipika ka naya fixer saiyann

      ghanta tere gadhe sree or romil jitenge dono bandar hai sale aur woh chipika rone dhone wali faltu ka cheekhne wali wahiyaat aurat apne saiyyan sreesanth ke aage piche ghumte rehti hai aur itna jhotha hai tera romil or woh fixer ki kya bolu aur chipkali chipika to bhussgol hai bhussgol , tu bhi chu hai ek number ka aur sunn surbhi to sher hai woh tere fixer aur gobar chipika se bahoot achi hai aur tera waqeel to gadha hai
      bahuut sara make up puth ke kuch nhi hoga samjha sali rahegi to kali kawwi hi tere chipkali aur fixer ki chuth tere mein muth

    2. LOL ,
      MAINE KAHA THA ZYADA MAT PIYA KARO , SAMBHALTE NHI SAMBHALTA TO , NIMBU pani piyo aur zab nasha utar zaye to aana
      DIPIKA IS A DIGNIFIED LADY , DON’T DEMEAN HER LIKE THAT , AGAIN I TELLING you , if u don’t like her let it be don’t do character assaination without having senses ,jo man mein aaya woh bol dete ko bina soche samjhe CHARACTER CERTIFICATE kripya na de to hi acha
      AUR RAHI BATT TRUE SOUL ROMIL KI TO WOH WINNER TO BANEGA HI BANEGA # YOUR WORDS IMPLIES YOUR DARK BELIEFS # TAKE A CHILL PILL AND INSTEAD OF ABUSING TRY RADHE RADHE # GOD BLESS U MATE # itni hatred achi nhi , the kind of words u have mentioned to address me shows your frustration # keep on abusing but airplanes will keep on pinning his thoughts # MY WAY IS RIGHT WAY find your RIGHTWAY !!!!
      many girls and respected ppl here , just try to add sugar to fingers before typing , HOPE THIS WILL HELP YOU # GET WELL SOON !!!!

    3. Aapke muh me ghee Shakker??

  4. task matress issue again lol,
    sree and deepika were adamant in the name of task sree and deepika were enjoying it well , surbhi keep on trying but deepika and sree nhi manne
    finally enter hui star winner romil ki aur unhone apna mastermind lagaya aur gadde ko double kar diya # clap clap clap for romil !!!!!!
    lad surbhi deepika aur sree rhe the par achai hina ji ne romil mein dekh li # girls like mastermind ppl whose brains clck at right times # romil nailed it !!!!
    sree’s behaviour was someway bad for surbhi in these last days # aisa to sree nhi tha pehle se i think he is still in last task zone # arey sree bahar aaofight zone se ladte hue ache nhi lagte ho aap
    gadde ko lekar surbhi ko evict karna was totally not justified , rather sree has shown personal grudges isse acha rehta ki aur kuch bolte karne ko # first house role from sree was not fully pacifiedbut indeed it dissappointed me at times !!!!

    1. @Airplanes agreed

    2. nice to see the agreement hope # cheers

  5. Nice episode I enjoyed it.. the funniest part was everyone laughing at KV and he was ordering them not to laugh but no-one was able to control their laughter.. ???

    1. Lokesh

      Yup bro that was best

    2. even we couldn’t controlled our laughter lol

  6. One song for KVB:
    Tumsa koi pyaara koi masoom Nahi hai.. kya cheez ho tum khud tumhe maloom nahiin hai…

    1. I love it. @Sangam. ❤❤❤❤❤ KV is the bestest.

    2. yes kv is soooo cute.. even in anger he was looking so sweet…

    3. Pyaara-est and Masoom-est too.

    4. arz kiya hai :
      ek sacha dil sabke pass hota hai
      fir kyun nhi sab par vishwas hota hai
      insaan chahe kitne bhi aam ho
      kisi na kisi ke liye khass hota hai !!!!

  7. Lokesh

    Thanx Atiba , so fast u haven’t get leave for Christmas, in between merry Christmas [email protected],Aarohi hope,xyz,anuanu,Nandini,Rajjo,Sandip,Ada anon 1 and 2, Sangam, kala,tala , cutie pie,or kuch Ajeeb se nam wale , somil, sorry if I missed someone.
    Coming to episode , Hina Khan ne energy di acchi wali, gud decision to give it to Romil because there he played nicely with Brain skills, kvb ??? kya Bana diya tha wo to saubhagyavati bhavh wala Viraj lag rha tha or 3 idiots ka virus.
    Deepak bechara ,pool me Gaana, Hina again proved Karma.
    Dipika je ne bhot himmat dikhayi but in vain in front of team effort.
    Juhi Parmar shown some strictness as mature lady , kV to bhul hi Gye he is also guest. Poor trick of hiding coffee waise maza aata hai celebs Ko choti choti choriya karte dekna.
    Sreesanth g down to earth , Kam me Lage huye.waise jail ka bed sree ne better lagaya compared to Romil Usme acche se nhi Kiya.
    When Deepak became guest, wo real guest have nothing to do waha to bas Surbhi hi thi in real Avtar and Sreesanth g dialogue wo mug chai Pino ka nhi h it’s family. Again Deepika g have nothing to do there .
    Kvb the Viraj dobriyal , jaalim ne romil Ko bhot pain diya ?? romil screamed, and hitting that door ?? childish.
    Waiting for Deepika g to be the guest , ek ek ka badla chun chun ke lengi??, aur romil wo pata nhi kya karenge but both Deepika and romil must go for some smart move for tomorrow and Gauhar also.mazza aayega.
    Again hina ne char Chand lagaye the way she zealed up all and romil won 2 stars most deserving upto here and Sreesanth g with one also.

    1. Lokesh

      @diya Priya Pokemon Yankee and my sis Snehal also merry Christmas.

    2. dipika ji ne mehnat dikhayi aur halwe ko chhodkar chai bnayi # finally unhone hina se nhi pucha halwa khayengi aap :p LOL
      BRO jab baal jatte hai na to india america aur america ghatkopar lagne lag jata hai # dard e ehsaas for romil :))-

    3. Merry Christmas all!!!thanks Lokesh….today was a good episode…hinas energy reminded me of last season…I feel the task dpk gave to surbhi was impossible knowing dpkasree equation wid surbhi these days and throughout…for that dpk deserved to win the star…and it’s my opinion ….that way sree romil dpk would get one star each

    4. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too.

    5. @Lokesh,
      Merry Christmas to you too.
      Yeah, everyone of you are correct in analysing today’s episode.
      U are seeing the goodness and the analysis is perfect . ❤
      But aj, I don’t have a mood to see the happy moments. It was pathetic to see Surbhi cry. And that too on Christmas. So, pardon me..

    6. @lokesh..

      merry xmas and happy new year.. 🙂

    7. Lokesh

      So u came back , gud to see u mam.

  8. the damage surbhi has done seems never ever repaired !!!!
    at times she demeaned true soul romil tab romil roya tha aur aaj true soul ne dil se bola she is not a winner # loved his honesty , jhoothi tareffein nh ki bande ne # love u true soul romil
    at times feel bad for surbhi was feeling connected to her but all house turned against her except kvb who maintained his own stand
    episode ka naam hona chahiye tha- lage surbhi ko 440 volt ke current ke jhatke
    shayad waqt isse hi kehte hai ek samay surbhi ne true soul romil ko akela bataya tha aur aaj she was totally down and exhausted # duniya gol hai surbhi , mauka mila to mar do chauka nhi to khud ki team ko dooba do lol

    1. @Airplanes,
      God gives us pain along with the strength to endure it !
      When Romil cried, Somi and Megha were by his side consoling him. Whole house was with him. There are two shades in everyone. Let us guess Surbhi has a darker shade more.
      But don’t push her so much that she loses her goodness. None is there, I repeat, NONE.. none is there who isn’t vulnerable at the deepest of heart. Even Surbhi is.
      But when she is forced to this level,
      At least she needs friends. To endure the pain.
      She is completely lonely. Which Romil WASN’T .
      Which Sree WASN’T.

    2. AARO,
      yeah she has been suffering a lot in these last few days !!!! hope BB not demoralises her much after breaking her confidence to that level

  9. Poor surbhi got cornered today…romil and team was good in the mattress task…good thinking by romil…kv was supportive in the hair curling but man he looked like a ghost after makeover…I liked how romil punched at the door after he bumped his was funny…I felt dpka sree were right in a way for not helping surbhi due to her past spats with them but somewhere I felt bad for her too cuz she was trying too hard to convince….

    1. Lokesh

      Hmm I too felt bad for her , no o e should cornered in last week at least

    2. @Sandeep,
      I agree. She was trying so hard. She is not that bad to deserve all this. Bahaut ho gaya ab..

    3. I [email protected]…….but I m not at all sorry for surbhi.
      After whatever shit she’s been doing right from the start she deserves this…….
      She is cornered by happy club members only bcoz she befriended only them n she use to brag about them so much especially to dipika……..baakiyon k baare mei to wo kya bolti aayi hain humei btane ki zaroorat nhi…….

  10. I loved Hina…she was full of fun and enthusiasm…it was too good when she made dpk go in pool and sing…romil was the right candidate for a star from hina

    1. I didn’t like hina bcoz she asked deepak to massage his legs…….would she ever ask sree dipika kv to do it??…… was not a cool thing…….deepak did it with no grudges…….very well but I didn’t feel it right……..

  11. Sree throwing blankets behind sofa while cleaning the room is me when my mother ask me to clean the house LOL

    1. Gayatri

      I couldn’t watch the episode as my dth signal was not getting due to bad weather…what ever from the written update i think what sree did was may time does he help surbhi? When ever he helps her ..she hasn’t given anything nice in return..the main reason for which surbhi became captain one time was when he said about his slap incident and what she did she just gave that favour back in retrun through the way of sending him to jail the very next day..
      And airplanes loved your comment.. “cup is not for drinking coffee kya usme barf jamayenge”
      Will share my other views aftr watching the episode…

    2. LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE views after u watch the episode :))-

    3. I have done it too many a times……lol…..

    4. @Neha ??? I too used to do that in name of cleaning my room

    5. and that too when one doesn’t won to do it anytime # sab acha to hai hi isme kya thik karna jao aap sone do mom hahaha :p # conclusion of the task :p

  12. FLOP MAKERS ne aaj surbhi ko dhokha de diya shayadd hi itni helpless aur alone kisi bhi girl ko dhikhaya hoga show mein # roadies show se kya bna diya surbhi ko
    today’s episode the behaviour of sree to surbhi was unnecessary rude at times # sree indeed u were rude man but she is still a girl some decency was required on your behalf it looked to me as if sree was still thinking of that secret task words and today he reacted for that in other way round # DEEPAK NE AAPNA GAME KHELA AUR AAG MEIN GHEE UNINTENTIONALLY DAL DI LOL # cup is not for drinking coffee lol to kya usme barf jamayenge haahaha

    1. Lokesh

      Nahi bhai acchar Dalenge??

    2. lol kaun si achar # halwe ki?:p

    3. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes barf nahi memories jamayenge….

    4. hahaa anu ,
      sree will make jelly beans with ben ten tattoes on them !!! zoom zoom zoomer yo yo yo !!!!!

    5. @Airplanes…….
      I don’t think sree was wrong in disagreeing to share the coffee mug with surbhi…….its his choice but I agree he should have been polite……..he was pretty rude……

    6. SREE is still in that cry task mode which i feel was the reason he errupted on surbhi but to a girl sree has to be slight bit polite coz it was not the way a winner should be dealing things
      dipika hold things to her but she not crosses the line and thats why audience see winner in her not in sree !!!!!

    7. Airplanes
      I also made a similar with both my sons pictures on it and seriously it’s not for drinking…its for memories to cherish to keep with you for your entire life…did u ever see sree drinking from it…I woudnt do it either and wont allow anyone to do the same…so srees rejection was justified and surbhi should have understood his reasoning but surbhi being her usual self doesnt know when to stop nagging…and the rebuke she got frm sree was well deserved for trying to emotionally blackmail him…

    8. according to sree it was justified , according to surbhi she has to try # despite not having a good equation among them BB makers made surbhi vulnerable in front of sree , coz shree is a celebrity he don’t care for votes much but surbhi being a commoner she wouls have like to fullfill the task and get a voting appeal for her via a celebrity # simple as that # its a fact and two sides of the matter is justified , but sree has to be polite no matter what surbhi is still a girl and sree being mature enough at age of 36 # sree revenged surbhi for dipika matter , had it been dipika he would have broken that glass too # sreepika goals

    9. @Airplanes For me cup nai dena, ok Sree’s choice but uske baad Jo bola uski jarurat nai thi.
      Surbhi had to try till last and she did it.

    10. hope , i totally agree with you and manna padega surbhi is very very mentally strong girl # aise strength bhagwan sabko de !!!!! to overcome hardship moments in life !!!!

    11. @Airplanes and @Hope,
      As always, you two are rockstars !! ❤❤
      I agree. I agree. And I agree. To all both your words. :-*

    12. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes ji you have to understand agr woh normal cup hota toh woh log kyun maagte? Since it’s special to him they made such a demand.

    13. @AnuAnu,
      Hina had broken her sher singh cup which was with her for more time. And here, he was wanting to have coffee in a cup which he received just yesterday !
      Sirf 7 din baaki hain, u will be leaving this house, u will get back your family.
      Okay, Sree did a good job by not giving the cup as it was a task. I agree.
      But the tissue papers ? weren’t those a big sacrifice ?
      Surbhi used to write her everyday’s memory in those tissues. She will never get these 3 months back in life. Sree will get his family back.
      KV’s soft toy, Somi’s family photos, Dipika’s hoodie —- all these were very less as a sacrifice compared to Surbhi’s sacrifice. According to me.

    14. AnuAnu

      @Arohi I am sure it was and thankful to Surbhi that she sacrificed these things for Sree but Sree also didn’t wanted to ask that tissues bcz He respected her emotions kisi aur ki tarah Sree didn’t request for her sacrifice even Sree told Surbhi to do that. So when Sree says he don’t want to sacrifice his cup she should have respected that everything is not a task. So she keep on going behind him and Sree being Sree told those things to make her quit. And guess kya huwa suddenly in the finale week Surbhi is victim and Sree is again villain… This is what I have been trying to say everybody points a finger at Sree make him villain of the house but nobody in their comment even mentioned how Sree gave a chair to KV when he couldn’t stand.Sab KV ko sweet bolte hai Sree sweet nahi hai I agree but nobody didn’t even mention Sree but said KV cute and sweet.

    15. @AnuAnu,
      I told that day I had forgiven Sree for all the bad he did to KV. It was the sweetest gesture by Sree to support KV while standing in akhada, or lifting him in arms.
      That was very sweet of Sree. ❤
      But Surbhi is all alone now, at least if he ignored her rather than cursing her, she wouldn’t feel that much worthless.
      KV ko kyun nahi itna kuch bola jata?
      Kyunki woh kabhi mauka hi nahi deta.
      And not only Sree, at least Romil, Deepak or Dipika should have gone to Surbhi… to give her a shoulder to cry on.
      Mujhe bura iss baat se lag raha hain ki she has no friends to share her pain..

    16. considering sree’s big heart i was disssappointed there anu , he knows surbhi is not gonna beat him in finale but the way he vented out his anger was very shocking to see he had been of revenge mode , courtesy surbhi that girl kept pleading in the name of a task i are watching sree being a villian but the way im viewing BB Makers have made surbhi plead to sree in the name of task the moment that girl broke out was not at all good for anyone , i feel to say i was disappointed with TRUE SOUL ROMIL he also have not got to her in her tough times , which i will not cherish on his behalf , acc to me he should have consoled her no matter what the situation or bond is # may be the pressure of finals or some grudges left !!!!
      had i would have been there i would have wiped the tears from that alone girl
      being targetted is like one person is being pierced with arrows !!!!

    17. @Airplanes,
      I love you so so sooooo much! ❤ This is just exactly what I would do even if I were Romil. He should have consoled her no matter whatever the situation is. That’s just the point . Exactly this one.
      This is divine. ❤

    18. AARO,
      you are such a cutiepie # appreciated your view points on surbhi’s case # just wanna give u a jaddo ki jhappi one more time # the way yoou took stand for her is commendable # salute u !!!!!

  13. I don’t think hina should’ve interfered in that sree- surbhi gadda thing they all have their own bonds and enemies like she did in last season and she was trying to be diplomatic there when it’s a game for the housemates and that too last week of it so everything is fair in it overall I liked her challenges the best and her presence was the most fun and she’s extremely purtttttttyyyyyy

    1. had she would have not inteferred sree would have lost more pateince and would have got frustrated and in frustration he could have slipped his tongue again as always the case have been then simar will have to make halwa again to make the gussa away !!!!

  14. AnuAnu

    Hi everyone.. Today’s episode was okay – okay for me. Sree and KV was so cute together. It was a nice gesture from Sree for KV and salute from KV??? to Sree. The way Sree hid the blankets under the sofa I used to do it when somebody comes to my room but I put it under bed. I didn’t want Sree to sacrifice anything for surbhi bcz she doesn’t deserve it from them. The way she made that weird face for Dipika in washroom was disgusting proved she haven’t changed, then she does lonely loneliness drama.
    I felt bad for Surbhi yesterday but with that face today ????.

    I wish Hina had given the star to Deepak bcz he shaved half beard and made him do more works. Ranveer I found him very calm and doesn’t want to indulge in fight.

    KV wahhh kya task kiya aapne ??? you showed a funny side of you with hair kajal and all and on the other side you asked Juhi to make Romil say why surbhi is deserveing and made Deepak ask Sree’s cup via Surbhi who says KV is confused???

    Why was jail cleaned twice?

    I don’t like Gauhar and Kushal also but after Beyhadh it’s okay okay. I want to see what Sree said to her. I want Gautam to enter the show as guest.

    BTW anybody noticed this order in which HM images are shown before starting of the show its Sree, Dipika, KV, Deepak, Romil and Surbhi and after break it’s Sree Romil and Deepak. Does it change with every ad? I only seen it once

    @XYZ aap abhi tak nahi aaye?

    1. Lokesh

      Ha wo change hota hai 1st sree, Dipika, kV Surbhi Deepak and romil tha on 24

      you liked sree words but pardon some of the words were quiet harsh at times and as a winner which u see in him have to have a slight of control on his angry young man mood swings , for the last two days in house his decibel has been overpitched defeating surbhi’s previous best of 20kdb lol

    3. @AnuAnu…

      going on a long trip..

      bdw…ye comment toh read nhi kiya apka…but i always appreciated ur comments..
      u always come up with valid points…
      i like the way u explains each n every thing so clearly..
      so keep it up.. 🙂
      and enjoy the finale week.. from my side too.. 😉

  15. Kvb looked so damn fine in curly hair ?? tell me he got such cool and handsome look then why he ruins it with his long hair and that too parted in between and with those chest baring jackets? besides when sree refused to give the mug first time & that too with genuine reasons then what will asking and annoying sree again and again would’ve changed?surbhis continuous appeals only escalated everything and ruined what was a light hearted and fun environment and srees mood(why did romil punch the gate though?)juhi parmer shouldn’t have made surbhi say sorry to everyone AGAIN it wasn’t needed at all and hina is one hot gal I just want to run my fingers though her hairs once?

    1. don’t tease sher khan :p
      yes yes that jelly bean cup hope simar don’t use it for making halwa cake in that magical cup :p
      surbhi ko aisa karna chahiye tha ki sree ko cellotape apply kar khud bhi cellotape laga lena chahiye tha toh task dekhne mein aur shanti mil jati # kan pakka diye the dono ne chilla chilla kar remote bechara woh bhi hang hogya tha aur volume button ne to veer gati ( route to heavens) hi leli thi !!!!!

    2. If she would’ve applied tape on srees mouth then how would she had got the attention she needed badly?what she did today in a way is called provoking to get a reaction to make her look like a victim she poked him constantly even though he had already refused to cooperate with her but she kept pushing his button

    3. AnuAnu

      @Chachi420 agreed on Surbhi wala point

  16. I can’t believe this that surbhi ki aatma sree mein bhi aa gyi hai..pehle hr wajah se surbhi sree ko blame krti thi now he is doing the same with her toh koi right nhi hai uss pr ungli krne ka..woh bandi roadies xtreme mein bhi aisi hi thi(she is being real) gussa aata hai toh aata hai usse rokne ki koshish nhi ki but sree ne sirf footage ke liye gussa kiya, door bang peya…how can u man call her fake..apni behn pr baat aati hai toh hi toh pagalo ki tarah beech mein chalang lagata hai waise baki sb girls nhi hai..sirf teri behn hi insaan hai, girl hai haddd hai mtlb.


    Jb start se lekar ab tk hum sb sree,romil,kv,deepak,etc….sb ke one-liners bhula chuke hai..move on kr chuke hai toh toh uske (surbhi) yaaad rkhne ka kya mtlb hai. Sree ne sorry hamesha camera ke liye bola with full attitude jb ki surbhi ka sorry kafi decent tha ek politeness thi uski awaaaz mein. Kv ne surbhi ka bdla liya romil se coffee chipa ke haaaaaaaaaaa?????very good.
    Kv bohot acha hai usne surbhi ka saath diya I respect him and bless him with lots of love.

    Romil ne 10th week ki baat ko cheda kyunki usse yeh baat digest nhi ho paa rhi hai ki surbhi ab wild kyu nhi hai DISGUSTING????


    Bohot si baatein hui hai why surbhi is accountable to humiliation and answerable to all statements and ques????

    Surbhi deserve nhi krti tera cup sree toh tum kya deserve krte ho sree bhai aaram se bhi toh baaat ho skti thi lekin nhi u want to show ur attitude show it..

    For me sree doesn’t exist woh evict ho, winner ho, yaa failure I don’t care….

    Tumhara usko captain bnana, nomination se bachana sb genuine insaan ki nishani aur uska sb kuch krna footage khaaana
    Kaun baaat kr rha dekho toh
    FOOTAGE KING WOW!!!!!?kaise kr leto ho tum yeh sb Sree.. whatever.
    usne tumhari behn ko insult kiya toh tume bhi toh kisi ki behn ko insult kiya tit for tat is not always required… for me 3 of them r losers and will remain so..deepak, karanvir, and surbhi r best.

    Gauhar ko bhi nhi choda..ab behn convince kregi aur jake emotional hoke sry bolega chal naaaa main hoti toh tujhe btati teri zubaan mein bda aaya sreesanth hoga apne ghar pe.
    Yahaan game khel rha hai toh thodi izzaaat krle first we have to give respect and then we receive it.


    1. @RV,
      I read every word of your comment.
      What can be more true than this ?
      Perfectly told the whole scenario I felt.
      Just I salute you, man!
      This was fire !!!
      I agree by every line. Footage seeking , bringing the past. Everything . This was incredibly true.

      Just one line – Sree, Romil and Dipika are NOT fake. But they should have forgiven.

      Lastly, tomorrow Gauhar will be coming. Now let’s see, sweetheart. Ek newly printed coffee mug is NOT more precious than the tissue papers on which Surbhi wrote everything !
      Sree will get his family back, but Surbhi won’t get this Bigg Boss memories ever after in this life.

    2. aapne kerosene to nhi pili pani samajhkar
      mat nikalo itna aag
      ki mit na paye aapke daag
      haryana fans will offer you MAKKE DI ROTI AND SARSOO DA saag

    3. AnuAnu

      @RV Sree sirf ghar pe Sreeshanth nahi har jagah Sreeshanth hai BTW. Log Sree ko kis liye pasand and respect karti yeh aap samjhoge nahi kyunki aap wahi dhekthe hai jo BB makers prime time main dikhate hai. Kabhi Sree ko blame karne ne ke baat time milta hai toh Voot dhekhiyega zarror..may voot enlighten you… ?????

  17. logical point of view of a critic:
    today they have shown sree’s rude side and his rage of anger towards surbhi , going by the promo if its true then he had fought with gauhar which will definately not be accepted on social and tv industry too , as a result he will loose some supporting fans too coz of his disrespect
    this will favour the second most vote getter dipika coz she was calm and composed until the matress task #sree khud hi negative ho rhe hai 2 days se its ok surbhi ko bash karna tha but this will not gain him real fan votes , all votes will automatically go in favour of simar
    have to say desh ki bahu is leading way ahead in competition of legend sree
    commoners are trying to get close to some extent but being practical aise to simar is leading # sree is axing his own leg via his words which are not good to ears of viewers
    again today he said # bakwass guest aaye hai ( twitteratis are criticizing him )
    if you respect simar then respect has to be given to hina and gauhar too and to some extent even surbhi why coz it was revealed surbhi have raised questions to win the task
    disappointed to say in matress task sree looked off beat to me

    1. Normally , Sree calls Surbhi using “tu”.
      And to Dipika it is “aap”!

    2. Aarohi
      If you notice sree says aap to surbhi in normal conversations but when surbhi is in her negative avatar and abusing him mostly those r the times he called by using tu and its justified…the way dpka cares for him and the bond the share ofcourse he respects her and pls you cannot compared surbhi and dpka in this context and dont look at it from gender point of view just to prove sree negative…if he doesnt have a good equation with surbhi that doesnt mean he doesnt respect women ….

    3. thats a great point # its wrong on his behalf at points the way he treated a girl was not good according to me he should respect competitors not rage her like that !!!!

    4. Don’t they’ll still say what they wanna say lol it’s useless

  18. I wish there was a kishwer prince kind of task now just so sree can see dipikas real face and get out of whatever spell she has him under, it’s ridiculous how he’s trying to do everything for her to the point of fighting her fights and she stops him when he goes out of control with her BhAI BHAI shrieks but won’t mind feeding him with her dislike of everyone he’s proving to be a bigger bailbuddhi then kV is and I don’t like him but feeling a little bad seeing him being used like a puppet

    1. @Anon I agree to certain extent

    2. Anon
      Dpka doesnt have yo sacrifice her spot in bb to prove anything and sree also doesnt need to do anything like that…this is the last week and they both are trying to win…in kishwarprince task it was not done 3 days be4 finale…and if u remember kishwar was already nominated and due to the spitting incident she knew she will get evicted high times….so it was a very emotional but at the same time a very calculating decision…

    3. SO WE CAN HAVE A BIG LOL ON SREE at times :p

  19. This is now too much.
    It has crossed the ultimatum.
    *SREESHANTH* and *DIPIKA* are the most UNCOMPASSIONATE , REVENGEFUL , REMORSELESS, CRUEL, INHUMAN people in the Bigg Boss season 12!
    Too much.
    Now it has turned to complete biasness !

    Ladka pehle middle finger dikhaye toh “Ladki ne bhi toh middle finger dikhayi thi!”

    But everyone came here and the mudda was — “Surbhi Rana disrespected Sreeshanth by showing middle finger.”

    Why man? Wasn’t it Tit for Tat? Phir kyun iye topic AGAIN ?
    She provoked Sreeshanth for one week, got back a tight slapfrom Salman the very next week. Then why again this ?
    Why are people judging only Surbhi even now?
    Surbhi-Sreeshanth fight IS OVER. Get a life now.
    How many times she has to apologize???
    She is crying every night, she is repenting everyday, saying sorry, trying to behave good —- NOT FOR WINNING THE SHOW but because SHE HAS LOST ALL HER CONFIDENCE AND FEELS SO UNWANTED AND UNLOVED !

    1. yes juhi parmar decision was like poori innings kohli ne runs bnaye aur man of the match shastri ko de diya gya hahah !!!!
      aap cricket follow karti hai to ye do teer se ek nishaan hoga :p

    2. I don’t think they are inhuman but yes they (especially Dipika) does NOT know how to forgive! And if you cannot be the bigger person and forgive someone then you are not any better than them. I get such negative vibes from Dipika, and I feel like both Shreesanth and Dipika do “bhadkane/aag lagane wala kaam” when the other one is angry rather than calm them down and show some maturity. Can hardly believe these housemates (apart from Deepak) are in their late 20s-mid 30s! Really immature and petty people!

    3. @Shivi Shivi Shivi,
      Trueeeeeeee , babezz!! ❤ It’s even on my mind.

    4. Yesss…these are the right words to describe shreeshant and Deepika s characters

    5. makers are showing one sided view its getting clearer they will neither make sree or surbhi as winner their HALWA BAHU will be their choice to avoid any controversy :p

    6. Haha
      Aarohi I expected these feelings from you…you are a true hater of dpka sree…after all the things surbhi did and said to these 2 you are saying dpka sree should have helped her…if surbhi can insult abuse harras dpka only yesterday for the sake of task (u defended surbhi in that one too)why sree dpka cant do their own task…according to u sree dpka should help every1 then get abused by the same ppl that helped and do satsang in bb

    7. @Sandeep Virk,
      Surbhi abused Sree, true!
      Start from the day Surbhi came into the house.
      Surbhi started first, Sree gave it back.
      There is no less where Sree didn’t abuse Surbhi.
      Everything was fine. Both were snake and mongoose. Surbhi did action , Sree gave reaction .

      But from the day Sree’s wife came –
      Was those words needed when Salman had already bashed her the previous Saturday ?
      2 minute ke liye chalo maan lete hain, that was a wife’s emotions…
      Pura hafta sun liy usne.
      Okay. But yesterday an actress came and told her, “hug and say sorry to everyone for whatever u did.”
      Whaaaaaat ?
      Why ?
      Action and Reaction should be of equal force, why is she still apologizing ?
      I am 200% sure that Kumkum ma’am didn’t even watch a single BB episode !
      That was very insulting.
      Manu Pritam came. Told the same thing to Surbhi… ab bahaut ho gaya.
      Even if she tries to stay calm, it’s called faking ! She isn’t faking , she is scared of hatred.

    8. But now its unnecessary… When surbhi did all that her fans were also feeling disgusted.. But now jb sree aur dipika galat hai toh hai we wont support anyone unnecessarily…wo sry feel kr rhi hai uske tone se pta chalta hai jbki sree hamesha salman ke samne sry full on attitude se bolta tha.lagta tha ki situation ko avoid krne ke loye aur salman ki scolding se bchne ke liye sry bola hai..aise hi toh usne tum logon ko apna fan bna liya..sree ki tarah ho dil mein grudge rkhte ho

    9. AnuAnu

      @Arohi I wonder where were the haters when Sree did something for Surbhi. Was there eyes closed? Anyway Surbhi played her game now get it now Romil said about wild and domestic stratergie of Surbhi seee everybody is against Sree now. She has played women card and yes Footage kisko milti hai Surbhi by Sree Sree doesn’t need footage and he doesn’t say sorry for camera and cry for camera like Surbhi nahi toh woh washroom main Jaake nahi rota??????

    10. @AnuAnu,
      He could have not given the coffee mug. It was absolutely fine. I have no problem on that. It was a task. And Sree should have ignored her. But the behaviour was not appreciated.

  20. Deepak killed two birds with one stone today he knew sree won’t give surbhi mug and surbhi will not stop irritating him which will result in sree losing his temper again thus bad publicity for sree and surbhi out of the task but the way things are going I will not be surprised if surbhi make it to finale as lots of people are sympathizing with her forgetting her season long mistakes

    1. No one’s forgotten her mistakes but people have forgotten Shree’s mistakes which is why it’s not fair to only target Surbhi. Why does no one point out how Dipika covers Shree’s mistakes all the time? She will either be quiet and just stay out of it when he’s going wrong, or she’ll start defending him (and trust me, he’s wrong in most of those arguments). Ever since KV said Shree is not like this (aggressive) outside the house I no longer think Surbhi is sooo bad. At least based on her behaviour since 2wks I don’t think she deserves this, especially from Shree, who is the 2nd most badtameez person in the house after her.

    2. People have forgotten sree mistakes?LOL they hate him so much over them that even when he doesn’t do shit they still twist his words edit videos and make reasons up to get him dragged besides he was continuously punished whole season for his mistakes & many times without doing anything how many times did surbhi was?his mistakes weren’t covered more than half the season like hers he was verbally abused made to feel like culprit while real culprit sat and clapped while he was getting rebuked over her mistakes, how many times did surbhi went through a class on wkw?only 1 & how did she react? Called everyone and their mother partial forgetting everything was in her favor openly till 12th week she can say sorry she can shed tears and people will feel sorry for her cause she is a commoner and apparently celebs are devil who should be crucified over their every mistake but if a commoner gives BC mc and varieties of other galis calls your families profession culture & religion out or harass you it should be dropped on the first site of tear from their eye cause duh they are a commoner afterall

    3. @Shivi,
      Sweeeeetheart ! ❤ I agree to this. Definitely I do. That’s the only case people are not getting. ‘UNFAIR’ is just the point u mentioned about. Commendable, Shivi.

    4. @Anon2 Okay first of all I’m not part of any fanclubs so I haven’t seen any of these hate videos…and secondly…it’s a very simple logic – Surbhi knows all her mistakes now and she is clearly trying not to repeat those things, and it was going well until that task after which clearly Shree has lost it and is using this as a chance to bully her. I don’t care what both of their past mistakes are (they have both done lots and both have apologised on various occasions also) but if you look at the situation today, clearly Surbhi is being cornered and Shree is being rude. I don’t support any of Shree and Surbhi’s past mistakes, but you cannot hang on to the past for the rest of your life. Forgiveness is a virtue, and most people don’t have it, so never mind.

  21. And who was Srimati or Sumita Devi ???
    Deepak gave a perfect performance, but did she just give the star to Sreeshanth ??? :-//
    If this is not biasness, what is it?

    Hina Khan wasn’t biased the previous year, not even biased now. Did a good job on her part.

    I shouldn’t tell this but I cried today. Watching Surbhi Rana like that. It was sickening to watch Sree.
    So much footage seeker these people are.. one inside toh one inside…
    One is killing a person’s soul everyday inside house, and one is Shilpa Shinde calling a dead person’s death wasn’t an accident but a crime !
    I guess she killed Danish and now putting the blame on Vikas… pathetic !!

    Surbhi Rana gonnabe the next Hannah Baker now. Everyone is just tearing her soul apart…
    already she has got murdered,
    how long ???

    1. Even I felt that she was biased a bit…….n she is juhi parmar#bb winner…….don’t know which season bcoz this is the second season I am watching…….

    2. juhi’s decision was just like a wrong umpire decision unfortunately BB MAKERS DON’T GAVE HMS a DRS REVIEW 😛
      i know you feel bad when such scenes comes better to avoid that negativity , 2-3 scenes waise hue too insaan jo tv se bahar hai wo emotional ho jaye perfect time chuna hai makers ne ab iss weekend par salmann to kuch bolenge nhi results dekar jane wale hai sirf , to iss week surbhi rana ka band bajana hi makers ke menu mein hai

    3. AnuAnu

      @Hope wish karne keliye baki 5 log dhe aur sabhi wish karne lage toh clean kon karega and didn’t you hear what she said ‘Sree played his role’ what was the task for??? I guess you guys hate Sree so much that you shut down your eyes and ears to all good things Sree does

    4. Aarohi
      Smriti decision was fair…I dont shree with the last guy who came…he should haven star to dpk for giving surbhi a task she could never complete…what romil had to do..just a little bit of waxing…and romil already had a star…so dpk deserved the last one today

    5. I meant I dont agree with the last guy who came and gave star to romil

    6. @Sandeep From where I see first thing when we got to a hotel is staff wishes the guest so I think the reason Juhi gave Sree star for was not valid.
      He was cleaning for guest, so true but if a guest notices that staff didn’t greet??? that’s not acceptable

    7. Then dont u think surbhi should have stopped following sree around and nagging him like a 3 year old when he clearly told he wont do it for her…surbhi is the main culprit here…she knew the consequences but she still did it to victimize herself and gain sympathy….wht didnt she try to request dpk fo give her something else to do…try to reason with him and dpk is her friend he should understand

    8. Wow only logical comment in sea of comments! She knows how to get reaction especially from sree that’s why she kept bothering him even after he politely refused the first time & in the end portrayed herself as helpless, result of it all is she is getting way more attention & sympathy rightnow then she would’ve got if she had won a star so in the end she fared better whoever won that task, she’s one smart chick who knows her camera angles and strategies

    9. It was trial and nothing she clearly said that she wont stop trying sree jb sb kuch ignore kr skte hai toh yeh kyun nhi?

    10. lol it was forced decision from juhi parmar to give star to sree # i mean if she had made her mind that early then why she made kv and romil roam on coffee , it was previously decided as the moment she entered in house :p

    11. @Chachi420..
      “Wow only logical comment in sea of comments! ”
      ha ha ha…
      i randomly read this line.. and i was laughing hard…

      good going chachi420… der se aye aur atey hi chaa gaye…

    12. @aarohi u cried seeing surbhi dnt blame u her face is scary lmao karma bites back hard so dnt feel sorry for her also incase u say shree is worst he might be worst but surbi is fake i still dnt knw wat is she a dolly bindra or a karan mehra type shree is real

    13. @Alfy,
      I didn’t tell Surbhi sudhar gayi hain.
      I didn’t tell Surbhi is acting to be good, either.
      My point is — Surbhi received so much hatred that lowered her self confidence,
      and now she talks politely just to be told ‘good’ by people. She wants to feel loved.
      I never judge people on the basis of gender. But I will do on the basis of age.
      Agar Sree usse bada hoke bhi usey maaf nahi kar paya, toh what’s the difference between Sree and Surbhi ?
      Had anyone forgiven Surbhi now, I don’t know what Surbhi would have done in future, but woh insaan bhagwaan ban jata/jati.
      Bolna aasan hain “karma f**ks”,
      But “Mercy is God’s gesture.”

    14. AnuAnu

      @Arohi Surbhi ki bhai hokar Romil kabhi Surbhi ko maaf nahi kar saka toh Sree is far away

  22. AAJ KA EPISODE BELONGS TOTALLY TO TRUE SOUL ROMIL # romil ‘s wax was ouch moment lol and it was its pain that he banged the wall # dard hota hai bahoot jiske sath hota hai aisa LOL hahahaa it was hilarious and so much laughable , acc to fan base ,

    acc to prediction gulati will give star to sree
    gauhar will give star to deepika /deepak
    priyank sharma will give star to sree / simar

    1. Aarohi
      Sree did many times..he forgave her he saved her in nominations he helped her in captaincy he apologized to her for the wrong things he said he hugged her first after sree wife scolded her and what surbhi did to return the favor each time I shouldn’t have to remind you if you r watching the same bb…and still you would expect sree to keep supporting her and take her to finale with him why just to prove to ppl that he is older and mature and can forgive ….I’m sorry…sree doesnt have to prove his maturity like this…and what happened to surbhi today was sad and I feel bad for her…but surbhi herself is responsible for that noone else..
      And if ppl say that she got the most scolding in family week Salman rebuked her on one wkw tgen sree has gotten same treatment ten times more than surbhi and it’s no excuse for sree to treat her differently than he did today in the task….yes I would have appreciated if sree controlled his anger but he couldn’t and the outburst happened but surbhi started it so she had to receive what she was trying to give

    2. AnuAnu

      @Sandeep ?????exactly my point. Nobody counts what Sree did but when Sree says something I don’t from where people starts bashing him.

    3. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes really Gautam is gonna come?????? ?????????

    4. YES SO EXCITED FOR THAT EPISODE !!!!! # gautam’s presence is just spellbounded !!!!

  23. Loved Hina, her looks and she gave interesting task. Juhi was little bit boring. Don’t know why she gave star to Sree as jish role ki baat Kar rahi thi wo assign nai hua tha Sree ko. And stuff ka pehla work greet karna hota hai that is hosting.
    Rest ppl ko assigned work karna tha not as per their own wish.
    KV was good in task.
    Dipika today enjoyed her work. Good
    Felt bad for Surbhi
    Romil turned that mattress task in Surbhi’s favor. Good
    Romil ne Surbhi ki tareef Kiya bhi and in task also ushne apna point of view change nai Kiya. He said his point too and her strength too
    Deepak entertaining

  24. KV ne sahi Kiya nai hasne ka task de Kar. He was fun and too cute

    1. lol kvb task are also kiddish like him he is still a naughty child from inside

  25. Today’s episode was an average one…….but romil played well…….he was phenomenal in the task……his body was all red n he was in pain still he waxed……loved him today……
    I felt sree was quite rude towards surbhi but she is no abla naari…….as she presented…….he didn’t want to give her no problem but he could have replied her in a polite way……
    KV was looking good n cute with curls……..haha…..n deepak was looking comical……
    As dipika said deepak khel gya…….so true…….he intentionally gave the task to surbhi bcoz he knows that sree would not at all give his coffee mug to her……I can understand actually bcoz I can’t share my coffee mug with my family pic with anyone…….n especially someone whom I don’t like…….
    In precap sree is just so harsh…….I don’t want the precap to be true…….n if its true then I don’t want dipika to support him in any way……..bcoz this is literally disgraceful…….bcoz


    2. @Nandini,
      ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ All hearts for your words. True judgment. Coffee mug na dena — was absolutely okay if he really didn’t want to give. [ Not because it’s a family gift, but because he had to make Surbhi lose a star. That was okaaay.]
      But saying that those tissue papers weren’t a big deal, or talking in that way to her, that was harsh on that little girl.
      I agree she had abused Sree more than this, but Sree had his friends beside him. Surbhi has none. :’)

  26. Guests seemed already determined to give their badges to particular contestants like if it’s about task then hinas badge should’ve gone to deepak juhi’s to surbhi & last guy badge to idk sree/romil…sree might’ve come off rude to people but to me he was totally right he didn’t want to give his mug as it has his kids message and photos and he told surbhi so at the very first request then why she kept coming behind him leave the guy alone already even I was getting annoyed by that though I agree with some juhi shouldn’t have asked her to apologize to people again I find that kinda humiliating

  27. Wanted to ask something not related to bb…….plz tell…….its related to cricket actually…….

    1. Kindly ignore this one……have got to know about it……

    2. HANUMA SCORED 8 RUNS THE PLAN DIDN’T WORKED IN INDIA’S FAVOUR , I hope rohit would have opened

    3. @Airplanes…….very very well……
      Exactly…..he is one of the best openers that India has ever produced…….#Hitman……
      At least 1 baar to unhe chance de open krne ka……..this Ravi shastri disappoints me every time…….khud to kabhi achhe player bann nhi paye…….pta nhi kya problem h……hain nhi to……

  28. How did loud as a highway’s truck horns surbhi became abla naari always a bechaari? When salman scold her he didn’t ask her to become next dipika kakkar, honestly everyone is feeling bad for her and I just don’t give a damn as I feel she’s doing it for camera it’s her way of emotionally blackmailing audiences

    1. AnuAnu

      @Yes why does she always cry in front of camera near the sofa, washroom ka woh camera etc.. And I guess nobody seen the face she made for Dipika when she turned away. Before that she was praising her such a hypocrite.. But I guess since opposite was Dipika nobody seem to care and everybody else is busy targeting Sree ????

  29. I don’t think nikaah dupatta is a photo or a mug that you can get again in some values it’s passed on to daughters as well and it’s not to be used in such stupid games, so if gauhar ask for it then I’m sorry I find her wrong in that sree behavior might’ve been or not crude but that demand is not at all done…..why HMS family sent such personal gifts when everyone knows bb always use it to play with ones emotions?

  30. Iam feeling very bad for Surabhi..Akeli pad gayi bichari..and lots of hateness to sreeshant and Deepika from me..deepika Ko itna unforgiveness nature ho tho life me unke saath koi relation nai Deepak bhi Surabhi ke saath acha nai kiya

    1. SREE deepika ko batt rakhne hi nhi dete woh bandi ya to chup hokar halwa banati hai nhi to bechari sree ko shanth karane mein uska time chala jata hai # content de bhi to kaise de sare focus sree ke fight par hi chala jata hai aur uss topic ki center of gravity dipika rehti hai lol haha # KIDDO SREE !!!! CHILDISH

    2. she is self centered person she make relations according to her convenience its good in a way but yes her stubborn nature and unforgiveness at times is difficult to tolerate # hope shoaib bhai works on her on this aspect aur thoda comfortable feel karaye logon se miljulkar rehne mein , may be her previous life was not good that she had become unforgivven !!!!

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