Bigg Boss 12 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: KV, Dipika and Deepak are safe

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Bigg Boss 12 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show, he says Sree finally talked about slapgate incident in house and Surbhi became captain. Then Megha lost her calm on Deepak. Salman says KV, Deepak, Sristy, Rohit, Jasleen and Dipika are nominated.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says you people were energetic but some people were sleeping in task. He shows Romil lying down, all laugh. Salman says you people should remember this is not a resort, you all are working here. Salman asks if he felt bad that Dipika didnt consider him when it was time to give people place in safe zone. KV says my name didnt come up so I know my position now, we have a cold vibe going on. Salman asks Dipika why Sree only? Dipika says I wanted to exchange with someone who would give seat back to me, I dont

trust KV, KV didnt take my name earlier to save me, he could give preference to Sristy. KV says why she cant talk to me? Surbhi says Dipika keeps changing her preferences, she gave everything to KV captain earlier and now she is with Sree. Dipika says people were talking KV was not good captain, I tried to talk to KV but he was rude, he seemed confusing, I have kept my distance after that. KV says she was not talking like a good friend, she was like we think you are not a good captain. Surbhi says Dipika talks when she knows is about her gain. Salman asks so on which number is KV on Dipika’s priority list, Salman asks Surbhi. He is not on the list at all, she replies. All laugh. Salman says Somi didnt change her seat after she went in safe zone. Deepak says we didnt know how many times buzzer will play. Salman asks Romil why he thinks Somi is weak? Romil says no, Salman says why she didnt give her seat to anyone then? Somi says I talked to Deepak. All inmates say no. Salman says Somi got saved in charity. Somi says it was friendship. Salman says then why you were saying you are not weak? I have told you what I should, change the game.

Salman says to Deepak that you cant get physical in this house, think the way you talk in house, if you talk like this in village then.. you will get beaten, you are not like that in village, you know you will be beaten badly but you feel like you have license to say anything in house? He then asks him for the meaning of chaal-chalan and the usage of the word in his fight with Megha. Deepak says that the word he chose was wrong, but he didn’t realise it at the time because the context he had used it in was clear in his mind. He realised that the meaning had been unclear only later. Salman says what if someone says your sister has bad chaal chalan? Deepak says I didnt mean it. Salman says then you should have said sorry to her. Megha says I tried to stop you. Salman says to Megha that I am coming to you soon. Salman tells him that he is too irritating, be sensible, make your parents proud. Salman tells Megha that it seemed he was a sorted person when she entered the house. However, it now seems that she is not able to make her place in the house and is frustrated about it. Did you behave in the same way in Marathi Bigg Boss? No, right? Then why here? Salman says it is his mistake as a host that when he told her she was not visible on TV, he didn’t intend she will choose to be seen spitting at people and throwing shoes at others.
Salman says that despite knowing that Deepak used the word incorrectly, his intention was not wrong but you raised that issue deliberately but you went too far, do you really want to be known in society as someone who spits and throws shoes? Why do you lose your self-respect and for whom? Megha says Deepak keeps talking about my character, it was irritating. Salman says if you dont like his face then dont look but why talk about his looks and standard? Deepak jokes and then you get too upset. Salman says that Megha doesn’t understand Deepak’s humour and gets offended, and he tells Deepak that when he knows Megha doesn’t understand his humour, why do it again and again? Salman says to Megha that you are nominated directly for next week as a punishment.

Salman says Rohit played for other team and Jasleen didnt like it. Salman says that Jasleen and her team don’t think much of Rohit anyway, then why do you expect him to not betray them? He specifically brings up her “let’s use him as he doesn’t have mind” comment to Dipika. Jasleen says she doesn’t remember it but Dipika confirms she did say it and I said to not do it with him like this. Salman says to Jasleen that you remember Anup or forgot him too? All laugh. Jasleen says it was not my intention. Salman says to Rohit that your idea was fantastic. Rohit says that the others in the team are usually not involved in the task anyway. It was KV who talked to him in the restroom and asked him to play for the red team instead of the blue team that Rohit was a part of. Salman says that the credit for Red team’s victory goes to KV but Surbhi became captain, Rohit is a child and KV is brain child. All clap for KV. Sreesanth says that such cheap idea can only come from KV, he says Rohit insulted females. KV says that we have love and respect for Sreesanth but he never supports or encourages others. Salman says that it looked as if Blue team neither had strategy nor a wish to win, other team had strategy so they won, well played Megha and Jasleen.
Salman asks Surbhi why she sent Jasleen to jail. Surbhi says that Jasleen interferes in other people’s affairs and creates unnecessary drama. Salman says by that measure, Somi also deserves to go to jail because she involves in others fights too. Somi says its not like that. Jasleen says she is irritating. Salman says Somi doesnt have her fights. Surbhi admits that yes, she did, but since Somi is her friend, she escaped. Salman asks Dipika whether Surbhi was right in sending Jasleen to jail. Dipika says that no Surbhi was wrong, she always told me to do the right things but now she did the same thing as captain. Salma says that’s why you should never say never.

Salman connects call to caller of the week. Caller says to Megha that you used to say Surbhi uses bad language but what you are doing is a lot more than Surbhi, you said to Jasleen that happy club needs a servant who is Rohit now. Megha says my personality is strong. Caller says your personality is looking bad. Megha says she gets too irritated by Deepak and she loses her composure. Salman says that that is the game. Megha says he uses too much bad words, Megha agrees that it is the mind game and she has lost. Salman says you should be happy there is no Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om in house. He ends call.

In house, Deepak and Somi are crying. Somi breaks down after receiving the criticism she did from Salman. Surbhi says you should take it positively. Megha asks Somi to learn from it.
Deepak apologises to Megha for his use of chaal-chalan, and Megha apologises for her reaction.

On stage, Salman connects call to house again. Salman says the contestants have to choose someone as the biggest ‘gunehgaar’ and the majority vote goes to Megha. Surbhi, Megha, Dipika and Sree takes Deepak’s name. Time for Megha to go to torture room. Megha says I am already inside one. She goes in room, foam is thrown on her face.
Salman says Deepak, Dipika and KV are safe from nominations.

Sree asks Jasleen why you took Megha’s name to send to torture room? Jasleen says she was wrong. Megha says she is dumb, you wanted to look good infront of Deepak. Megha insults Jasleen. She calls her a dumb, brainless beauty.

Megha comes to Jasleen. They both say sorry to each other. Jasleen cries and says sorry. Megha hugs her and says I love you. Jasleen says we love you.

In house, Colors actors will enact housemates in house. Jai will play Deepak, Preeto will play Megha, Bela will play Dipika, Mahir will Sreesanth, Aditya will play Karanvir, Vishaka will play Somi. They all dance in house.
Bela as Dipika is working in kitchen and says bhai will eat dhosa. She brings it for Sree, Mahir as Sree says that its not round, I dont need it anymore, he says in camera that I want to leave now.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Colors Stars go in house, they makes inmates perform on challenges. Rohit and KV dances without shirt. Sree gives a dance performance. Anita aka Vishaka asks if Deepak gets stuck with Megha in a lift then what will you do? Deepak says first I will ask her to take off her shoes, all laugh.
Two nagins Vishaka and Bela wants to marry Salman. Salman says years old nagins want to become my girlfriends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Those colors actors only enacting sree deepika kV deepak Megha & somi is a subtle signal that these will be top 6 and romil surbhi were planted by colors team to create different scenarios and situation I mean the way surbhi changes her POV is weird and bb team always protecting her is so on the nose that you can’t deny it wbesides this sudden change towards romil as well is weird

  2. Today Salman was hinting that Dipika and KV should patch up. KV was the one who distanced himself from Dipika while Dipika always stood by him. In the secret nominations task, dipika took Sree and KV’s name to save them but Kv took srishty and urvashi’s name. If Dipika woukd give up her seat to KV, he would surely give it to Srishty or Rohit who were less deserving. In one video clip he also said that he hates dipika and was seen plotting with Srishty to make friendship with deepika. Here I think Dipika was more genuine about her friendship. Hope KV realises his mistake that he and rohit played with the happy club and did not get any advantage. The happy club took it all. Hate Surbhi when she manipulates words and accuses dipika and pretends that she is very honest. Salman showed surabhi her true face today. Rohit being praised by Salman is not fair. The way he treated Megha and Jasleen was very bad…. it could be because Vikas is supporting him. For once romil and srishty were totally ignored. Happy that Somi’s true face was revealed.

    1. Don’t worry kV the half cooked srk certainly wouldn’t have catch the hint iska upar ka mala khali hai next week when deepak and surbhi will do cheerharan of his ego na jab iske samajh me ayega but then he’ll cry aur baddua dega baith kar sree deepika aur unke pore khandaan ko aur public iski gandi si acting dekh ke sath me roe GI aur sree deepika ko kose gi

    2. Love your reply!

  3. All i want to know that is surbhi bigg boss herself? Whole wkw are always dedicated to her perspective it’s like she give producers stories to carry on with bb was drooling over romil then surbhi fought with him said he’s sleeping all the time and bam that same week they showed presentation of his sleeping poses…

  4. If jasleen said they’ll use rohit & it is such a bad thing then what else did kV did? Rohit really thinks he did something really ground breaking when it only broke his reputation and now seeing he has no incentive in that move whatsoever he weaken his position as a player in peoples eyes too, and jasleen & him doesn’t share a good bond so it shouldn’t have worried or hurt him what should hurt him is someone who called him his friend used him he should be worried about that and if he has even 10% of brain he would try to use it and build his own path and follow it instead of blindly following kv

    1. Rohit bajega dono side se he thinks kV will keep his end of words then no he’s in for a shock but this guy deserves it, kV himself has unsecured his position as a player by going against people who gelled up with him from the start for the people who won’t give him preference over themselves especially cause he’s a threat to them cause he himself is a celeb with a fanbase

  5. Lot to say.
    First, Shree had accused Rohit of taking his father’s name and calling him ‘Flipshant’ that day, Megha had accused Deepak for devaluing her character using the word ‘chalchalan’ !
    I found it funny, though Deepak and Rohit were at fault . I mean why will Rohit insult your father when “you” are inside the show, why will he bring your father in between if “you” are the culprit ? Why will Deepak call someone characterless who had nothing to do with character that day ? That really made me think people can target anyone using a single word which they unintentionally used, which had no intention to get fit in the frame, yet, those words can’t be taken back.
    Second , KV’s point was clear today. I support KV and blame Dipika for the massive misunderstanding . We too want our friends to say things at our face directly . It felt like Shree had instigated Dipika to go against KV and maintain a distance, which was not the case. Dipika should , “MUST” stop prioritising Shree . Shree isn’t a kid !
    Third, Finally Somi Khan’s faults were shown to her. I loved the fact that she took it seriously . But yeah, she was the actual footage seeker if Jasleen’s only crime was seeking footage. Jasleen is way better than Somi and telling it to her face and telling that Deepak is irritating to his face – tight slaps each one deserved from day 1.
    Fourth, Megha does her tasks well, even Rohit admitted. But, she has to survive and she mustn’t give importance to what people say. Salman was correct that out of frustration against Deepak’s constant talks , Megha took the opportunity of the word Chalchalan.
    Fifth, KV’s deserved respect has been finally returned of him being the mastermind for the team’s win.
    Sixth, I feel now Rohit’s words were pathetically wrong. I don’t support him. But his betrayal was not wrong. It was justified for a team which took him for granted !
    Seventh, KV told today Shree ko sab perfect chahiye… ? I agree. He too betrayed after going to the inside of the snake but he couldn’t see boys insulting women, and so he stopped his task without protesting ! Lol ?

    1. Agreed to your comments Aarohi.
      I am glad that KV spoke about his difference with Dipika without sugar coating stuff. I would add Yes KV and Rohit ko koi fayda nai hua red team ko jeeta Kar but at least now ppl won’t take them for granted. I watch BB on internet as I don’t watch channels on TV so was wondering that promo showed Salman saying bit more to Megha than shown but that part was missing in the show.
      Liked how Salman handled both Megha and Deepak according to gravity of their mistake. And he was right to say ki mudaa uthaya Megha ne. Definitely Megha was not sorry for what she did even when she said that she is angry to herself. She said sorry to BB and Salman but not once to Deepak heartly but Deepak did. But time will say who will improve from here, among these two.
      Jasleen too was treated haste haste pyar se for comment on Rohit. Actually this is fact ki ghar m Rohit aur ushme jyada farak hai nai.
      Comparing everyone in house at the moment Surbhi is playing most cunning double dholki. She is conveniently on both sides. She knows ki captain banne kly support liya task m wolf pack ka but wo ushe jyada consider karenge nai so this girl keeps coming back to HC after dissolving it for getting sympathy and favor in captaincy task. I used to like her previously ki khule m khelti hai but now she is not doing that. So she has lost her unique charm that she had. But ladki khelti acha hai.

      1. Yes yes. Thank you Hope for reminding me these points . This betrayal was necessary to make others know the importance of being in the team. KV had always stood by Dipika, choosing Urvashi or Srishty over Dipika to make them safe was his confidence that Dipika won’t leave being a strong player, which Urvashi or Srishti wasn’t . But Shree is a good player and Shree went against Dipika a number of times. For Dipika to choose Shree over KV was just like forgetting best friend after getting girlfriend . Now, the good part is, Dipika got to know the importance or will soon get to know, and on the other hand as @Xyz said earlier that Surbhi’s team has now stopped bullying her. And after yesterday , she owes her captaincy to him.

    2. AnuAnu

      @Aarohi how would you know someone’s intentions? Sree made it an issue because he thought Rohit knew it was his father’s name. After BB told him too cross check did he made an issue out of it? And don’t comment on South culture if you don’t know it.

      1. Areh yaar, even if someone curses someone’s father in a fight, that curse isn’t dedicated actually to the father but to the son. He made it a point to go to the confession room and complain like a kid whether Rohit abused his father or not ! Why will Rohit even do that ? Flipshant doesn’t mean his father flips when Rohit doesn’t even know his father !

  6. TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL was being missed today in the entire episode, its ok its the demand of the script show and makers will evict srishty surely as if they have eliminated her already she was not at all seen today in her last day of the house, day 70 is exit day for her well tried srishty without you kv will feel bad and thats for sure # my wishes to srishty fans don’t give up hopes vote for # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL and make him win no point in voting SIMAR as she is the indirect reason for srishty to leave # TRUE ROMIL fans urge you to channelise your votes TO TRUE SOUL ROMIL and BABY HEARTED KVB #love to all !!!!!!

    1. Enough of your stupid bullshit!! Are you from Romil’s family?? Looks like you are! That’s why u keep praising him. Romil is a cunning fox. That’s why he has graduated law college. So cunning and fake! 24/7 he’s planning and plotting in that head of his!! He got his courage to stand against others when he noticed Surbhi voicing up against celebrities. Ever since then he created a group for his own gain to nominate celebrities only and get them evicted one by one. When someone goes against him, I’ve noticed several times he teaches them a lesson by sending them to jail or not helping them become a contender for captaincy. And then smirks and taunts them! So revengeful !! He does favours to others only to make others support him when time comes! And you call him golden-hearted?? MY FOOT! You must be someone from Romil’s family!! Romil is disguisting and pathetic! Typical corrupted lawyer from India! Sree was exposing him yestrday about his fake concern towards Jasleen. And Romil got angry and was discussing that they should’ve sent Sree to jail. That was truly fake care towards Jasleen. Jasleen can be easily manipulated when in need, and Romil wants to be in her good books so that she’d support him when needed. Whenever some celebrity voices against Romil, he goes to butter up them. And Romil himself said that ‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer’ That’s what filthy lawyers do! He tries his very best with others by taunting and instigating celebrities to bring out their inner demons and make the public hate them to reduce their votes and get them eliminated! And that evil smile he gives when he succeeds in his evil plans. Disguisting!! The thing is there is no unity among celebrities, because they think other celebrities are competition for them and not commoners. That’s why every celebrity tries to join the happy club to eliminate another celebrity. Such a shame!

  7. salman was biased towards her PAMPERING DOLL SIMAR and rude to BABY HEARTED INNOCENT KVB # he was blindfolded of sree’s words of beating deepak outside and inside # typical flipper
    SIMAR is not going good as she had missed a friend in kv # 2 arm distance from him lol SIMAR he is one of the most decent guy in the house after TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL you have made him a cheaplooking person tonight , to which atleast kvb fans will too agree to some extent for sure # SIMAR and FLIPSHANT :ek myan do talwaar hai kisme kitna damm dekha hoga mazedarr !!!!!till sree flips its all 5 fingers in profit for u SIMAR but once he changes sides which he will soon as the script will demand then you will feel the pain of betrayal which kvb is going through #u are favs for some but you will definitely loose kv fan’s fandom after today’s episode for sure #nooffence to SIMAR KA HALWA FANS
    after sristy is evicted will be interested to see how how survive 70-84 days first and then move to 91st day slowly and steadily

    1. Agreed to every point . But u know what ? That doesn’t matter. ? The humor you possess with the perfect blend of sarcasm ~ it’s a better moodbooster than watching the show itself . I just want you to know that I have become your fan. Jabra fan kinda… Sir or Ma’am , you are just too good ! ?

  8. I always had faith in salman’s verdict and today again he proved that only he can manage bb house. I always knew that rohit ka kbhi kisi ko khyal nhi aaya so hi betrayal was fot his friends only nothing else. Blue team ki koi strategy nhi thi, WOW SALMAN U NAILED IT WITH THIS SENTENCE. Those who think that salman is bring partial sry but his point of view is always acceptable. What dipika said that lets usr ge doesn’t have mind clearly justifies that agar blue team jeet jati tb bhi rohit ko davedari nhi milti. Everything has been sorted aur jo log rohit ko nishkasit krne ki baat kr rhe the to hell with them. Agar yeh drame nhi honge toh tum log bb dekhoge haddddd hai mtlb. Yehi sb agar blue team krti tb kuch galat nhi hota. Those who r cursing rohit r sree and dipika ‘s supporters. When rohit acted as a game changer and not a gaddar dont know what is there problem. Jab jo galat hai woh galat its not that ki hum jise support kre woh galat nhi ho skta

    1. spot on! Sree and Dipika claim to be so fair, but fact is they are just another team in the house like HC, difference is they don’t have majority right now! Sour grapes.

  9. ((So i said if salman wont scold rohit and deepak i wont watch the show but since he(regardless mildly) chastised deepak I’ll continue with this torture and watch rest of the season just bc it has become a habit to watch this show even though its a bad habit)…To salman hawaa de rae hain rohit ke task wale behaviour ko jaise inhone om jagga aur akash ko di thi aur jab ye kuch beyond explainable kare ga to bhar bhar ke joote marenge only person secure from that is surbhi till now bandi ne itni galiyan di rules todey irrationally behave kiya yet she always is treated like most honest person and as a moral compass of the house yikes I wonder what other housemates think about it or they’ve come to believe it since salman keep regurgitating it every wkw? tbh some HMS seems to have fallen for the mind tuning in wkw like deepika the way she keep saying “surbhi aap se expect nai tha” bhai why were you expecting a rational reaction/action from someone like surbhi who till now has proved to be a nutcase?(if deepika says this sarcastically then she doesn’t insinuate it with her body language at all)just bc salman says it doesn’t mean they have to believe it…KV thinks he’s playing smartly but he has dug his own grave by openly being in opposition of celebs I know for a fact commoners will use him and then get rid of him asap now only his fans can save him cause otherwise he ruined the game for himself, Megha calling jasleen dumb was actually harsh even though her frustration is justified considering he got away without any punishment and she was punished for same mistake 3 times in a row however she shouldn’t have to be rude to someone who she calls her friend(despite that friend took her “enemy” side)Salman looked off towards sree today he wasn’t entertaining his answers at all and how come they showed their china made mastermind negative point? How that even happened?

    1. Jaganath
      Love ur comments

  10. makers have made deepak’s character a hybridisation of swami om and a-cash lol where as megha is potrayed as she is going to stand for the elections of head for WOMEN RIGHTS !!!!!DOING ALL ANTICS TO SEEK VOTES and behaving like a mixture of rakhi sawant and dolly bindra # at least she has not got down to jagga’s extent which is a bit commendable lol
    somi was shown the mirror tonight # if two monkeys are fighting she should act as the cat there # indirectly salman accused her for using high quality vocal chords and low quality HMS earphone coz somi’s decibel was above supersonic range tonight lol
    TUBELIGHT MAKE SHOP JASLEEN is being escaping but # bakre ki amma kab tak khair manaogi aap :))-
    rohit with his flop show and dumbo behaviour made himself look like a cleat white faced monkey again he is # BAILBUDDHI of the season # surbhi really talked like a cricket commentator and that too like a mixture of harsha bhonkle and moronkar # somi # FAKE SNOW WHITE has woken up from her slumber to get rented brains from salman
    srishty srishty oh dear reality is way too bad for you # being evicted # HAIRDRESSER AND MORNING RAPPER AND DANCER GONE # makers should give deepak a bikini and song should be played aapka kya hoga zanabe ali in morning after srishty exit

    1. My God ! ????? This comment is f**king awesome …. you described the housemates like no one could do ! Made my day.

    2. Epic one ! >,,<
      Guys, to all of you, at least go through them even if you hate Romil. Airplanes isn't that bad a person , if you get the humor, u will really enjoy reading his/her comments . ?

  11. I not support kv, rohit and deepak. This game ka aall mastermind rohit hei. . I hate rohit deepak and kv.Cheap game 1st start and irritate person rohit hei, not sree.When competer use cheap trick more time on another competor.1 st time and 2md time competor maintain silent.but repeatedly start blame and irritate to other person.That time competor not silent.Because his self respect ki bath hei.

  12. MNC AND BMC officials have made megha their ambassador for stopping noise pollution in mumbai but some modi bhakths accuse her of not maintaining swachta in india # issues to be sorted soon fans hoping as she not raises her shoes again , may be this time jasleen’s PATIALA juttis will favour deepak’s welcome
    MAKERS should end the kvb and simar’s fight as we have been seeing this melodrama of hers for years its looking like the sam plot like in serial simar # kvb the icchadhari nag VS FLIPSHANTH BHAKTH SIMAR KA HALWA LOL
    BB MAKERS you have given TRUE HEARTED ROMIL FANS a weekend rest , to be frank it was really a tension free week with no hateRED for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL despite that bimbo aunty megha accusations and that TUBELIGHT MAKEUP SHOP jassi :p

    1. Dude, you’re just f**king awesssssssome. And I mean it. U described each one of the characters in the funniest way possible and these descriptions are just amazing >,,<

  13. I felt bad for romil today… it’s like giving a lollipop to a kid and snatching it away from his hand as soon as he starts to eat it, he was made to believe he’s the best among them all but out of nowhere they emphasized on his weak point today that too with so much enthusiasm, it kinda feels like bb has changed the script and romil doesn’t have an important role in it anymore if they carry on with pointing fingers on “golden hearted” romil then it’s over for him that’ll be a confirmation

  14. just like in cricket sarfaraz dhokha deta hai waise hi kya FLIPSANTH BHAKTH SIMAR ko bhi dhokha milega # janne ke liye dekhe SIMAR KA HALWA POORI show jo SIMAR KA PAV BHAJI SHOW ban chuka hai
    we all know fans are voting for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL with utmost passion , keep voting foR KOHINOOR HEARTED , INTELLIGENT, GENEROUS ,MOSTLOVING ,CAREFULL ,INNOCENT ,CALM AND COMPOSED ROMIL, by doing this fans are gathering blessings from HEAVENS :))-
    and for all haters of GEM HEARTED ROMIL :

    1. Airplanes dude how many times l would have to correct you it’s not TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL but it’s FOUL SOUL BLACK HEARTED ROMIL

  15. Bb won’t ask surabhi why she commented on Sree that he used that situation esp when he said that to make her captian, hypocrite girl with hypocrite bb.the caller is always CVs only megha is at fault , Deepak is baby who drink milk.atlest today bb showed what romil is doing and somi her real face, she deserves it bcoz of her behavior jasleen.

    Kv did mistakes but whatever he is a genuine person I felt.he didn’t get the support he wanted from celebrities but in reality he got a lot but he could not understand and confused.if the person is confused, don’t know how to plan it doesn’t mean that he is a dumb

    Who is surabhi to give judgement in weekend ka war , really I felt to a shut up.but Deepika reply to her was nice

  16. Somi ne conveniently favor accept Kiya HC se and then is blaming them only ki ushe weak dikha rahe hai. Romil asked her for her strategy and she had none.

  17. Pam105

    Meanwhile on Twitter

    Bohot hi sahi se samjhaya #SalmanKhan ne !

    Dil Ko chain nahi mila !

    Thodi gandi sunate cheepak ko zyda acha lagta, waise hi joote ka nishana miss ho gya !

    #BB12 #BiggBoss12 #WeekendKaVaar #WeekEndKaVaarWithSalman

  18. Pam105

    Unseen Undekha
    #Jasleen ”Aaj mere sapne main salman sir aaye the”
    #Sreesanth ”salman sir aaye the matlab aaj aapko unke saath stage pe khada rehene ka mauka mil sakta hai”

  19. Salman was almost perfect today with views but one question remains how cn surbhi be such a flip for cptaincy she cried when sree told his slpgate story but soon as she becme captain she goes shree acted now that is double standard frm surbhi !!!

  20. Your Comment Best epi and Salman khan best reply to Deepak he was just compared Deepak with Priyanka jagga and swami om.. He just indirectly show that that is his “owkaad”… May be he show it in a funny way but it’s true that everyone has not that ability to get the position where Deepika is… She and shree are rocking… And wait where is that “airplane” man don’t you see what did Salman say about your owner golden heart romil… Here in the show specially today he is just showed as a sleepy head.

  21. I was waiting for this salman …usually he used to praise all the HC or ignores their faults but today he gave class to all those HC members …due to his ignorance HC members made lot’s of mistake..they taught this time also salman will as usual ignore them..

  22. I watched all uncut videos and kV is really a naag surbhi & him were sitting in every corner of the house and were crapping all over sree and deepika. Things they said about them were negative to the core as much as that you’ll start hating on sree deepika if you weren’t shown their side, their b*t*hing was beyond the game they were going personal and then there were sree deepika Megha and jasleen who were busy in discussing their fun life stories…

  23. Am back and I would like to say a quick Hi to my precious frnds here. xyz, Arohi, sandeep and some few. I read your comments daily, but i don’t keep my opinion until it’s necessary. By d way i missed you guys.

    Well coming to this season, i don’t hav any favourite contestants. I just wanna say what i observed in them.

    Romil – plays according to his benefit. If only he has some benefit in supporting another person, he will do it by hook or crook and he isn’t any mastermind. So called romil fans needs to understand this. And we have a very die hearted romil fan here, who abuses others views like he gave birth to romil??. Vikas is the mastermind and will always be.

    Surbhi – This girl changes her opinion like a dress. She changes her statements according to salman in wkw. She abuses everyone very badly and still she doesn’t get scoldings from salman. I wonder why. Coming to her game plan, she will be in the good books of sree for 3 days and for 3 days she will be with happy club. Did anyone observed it? On wkw, she will be in good looks of salman.

    Deepak – this guy always try to poke people and gets succeed. He always gets the reactions from other contestants like how he wants. But he needs to talk respectfully. He is playing good.

    Megha – oh yeah, first she just wants to make a team. In making a team she didn’t played well and always keep repeating i won marathi biggboss. I think she needs to stop making a team and play alone. She is doing good omitting the things of raising slippers or spitting on people.

    Dipika – girl, you seriously need to stop following sree and play your part. She is good in playing all she does is give unnecessary attention to sree which is not looking good.

    Sree – well, i don’t see him playing. Not mind. I feel like everyone in the house keep giving him unnecessary attention starting from dipika to romil. Before a task can start, they say i wanna see how sree will play and target him as he is some king. But sree uses that attention very well by doing anything and always be in camera entertaining by something or other.

    Kv – i think he needs to stop first making his own team involving srishty and rohit. He was good at first. He needs to play his game alone. Surbhi is instigating him against his frnds sree and dipika. And he is getting manipulated well. He isn’t using his mind. Dipika supported him that much to become captain. All he did was fight with dipika.

    Jasleen- she is strong, i wish she should have played like how she is playing now from start.

    Well don’t ask about rohit and srishty bcz srishty doesn’t do anything except filling ears of kv on dipika a and getting jealous by jasleen. Rohit don’t mind.

    Somi – she needs to get away from the love angle happening between her and deepak. She needs to stop dancing on happy club tunes and take stand for her. I wish saba was here instead of somi.

    1. Well said…
      Seriously a person is called# MASTERMIND when he thinks all ups n downs of the situation according to every person being in that situation and then does his action which will cause benefit to him… Mastermind knows how anyone would react on any particular moment he creates that n take advantage of that… But i seriously don’t find romil doing that… He maybe a good player for the show but not a MASTERMIND…
      N yes KV is lacking behind… He needs to grow up from there and being in shadow of #Surbhi… She will use him n will throw like a napkin in dustbin like she uses everyone according to her … I want KVB and deepika to patch up not for deepika but for KV becoz after shristy he will need someone…

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