Bigg Boss 12 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi makes Dipika cry

Bigg Boss 12 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 99
Inmates dance to song Urvashi.

Dipika says to Sree that people like you, you have changed a lot, you have controlled aggression and started performing in tasks. Sree says which task didnt I do? Dipika says activity room task, then some other tasks. Sree says I couldnt walk at that time. Dipika says look at the tone you are talking in. Surbhi says he doesnt want to listen to others. Dipika says to Sree that you dont realize it, she leaves.

Sree says to Deepak that I have performed and sacrificed for others. Romil says I feel KV is selfish, Sree was selfless. Sree says what great act did he do?

Sree starts with the Real Show with Surbhi, she says I am honest and genuine. Romil says I dont think so. Sree asks if emotional breakdown is her strength or weakness? Surbhi says its an emotion, I have worked on my aggression. Romil says she had strategy to show aggression and then become domestic, how did you change over night? Surbhi says I got feedback, I have worked on it, I think I am a winner to overcome that.

Romil says to Surbhi that you knew about this show so you didnt stop yourself before? how can you change your habit of 30 years? Surbhi says you were acting like Sree’s brother too. Dipika says Surbhi have created environment here, you provoke people intentionally. Sree says you acted and went to my parents, siblings. Surbhi says if you people are putting me down then its not good. KV says then you have the right to walk. Sree says you are taking her side, you are a criminal. KV says Deepak and Romil were with her too. Surbhi says people have problem that I am changing, I am not answering your insecurities.

Bigg Boss calls Deepak in confession room, he says you are given a secret task, you will be given a phone and we will give you tasks over a period of time and if you win tasks then you will be able to win Christmas presents for inmates. Deepak takes phone and says I hope to get presents for all.

Romil shows KV’s shoes on his bed. KV says nobody is sleeping there. Romil says see how crazy he it. Sree says very good, Dipika says there are so many cupboard empty. Romil says to KV that its my bed.

Deepak gets call, he hides under blanket, BB says first task is to hide Dipika and Shoaib’s picture and Romil’s frog and make others believe that KV did it.
Deepak puts Romil’s stuffed toy in KV’s cupboard.
He goes and hides Dipika and Shoaib’s picture in Shrishty’s bed.

Deepak says things are getting lost here, I lost my photo.
Deepak says even KV have left stealing so I will make others believe? He hides Romil’s plate in KV’s bag.
Deepak says to Romil that your ring is not in cupboard. Romil says you took it? Deepak says no. Romil checks his cupboard and finds his ring in KV’s bag and his son’s bag is missing too. Romil says who took it? Dipika finds her photo frame missing. Deepak says I think its KV. KV says its something related to nomination. KV checks bed and says your frame was in Shrishty’s bed. He tells it to Dipika. Deepak says I think its KV. KV says I am swearing that I didnt do it. Dipika asks Deepak if he is doing secret task? Deepak says no doctor called in confession room.

KV says I didnt take any stuff, you can check my cupboard. Romil and Deepak finds Romil’s stuff toy in KV’s cupboard. Romil says KV we found it, KV says I didnt do it, I think Deepak did it.

BB calls and asks him to give phone to Surbhi as he has done his task.
Deepak gives phone to Surbhi and says BB will call, dont tell anyone.

Surbhi gets call and BB says you have to make Dipika cry so Sree reacts on it.

Surbhi says to Dipika that I have always supported Dipika but she never does it. Dipika says you are wrong. Surbhi says you just care for your brother only, you are here because of him. Sree gets angry and says fake Surbhi is gone, you are fake, your reality came out? Deepak murmurs what task she got? Sree shouts at Surbhi. Surbhi says to Dipika that you are scared of Sree’s aggression. Dipika says you have no shame, yes I dont have any identity, I am not like you. Sree says play game in your house. Surbhi says Dipika got contendership because of Sree only. Sree charges at her and shouts at her, he says we did everything for you and you are doing all this. Romil asks Surbhi to calm down. Surbhi says Dipika is showing her aggression, I didnt use my brother for show. Deepak murmurs that Surbhi is using her strength so no one will doubt her.

Dipika gets emotional and says Surbhi can say anything but I dont believe that I play for my brother only and used him, she is fake and tried to be nice because of Salman.
Surbhi says in camera that I promised to not talk like that, I didnt mean anything I said to Dipika. Surbhi gets call from BB and says your task is done and give phone to Sree.

Sree says Surbhi is so disgraceful. Surbhi says come near and talk.

Surbhi tries to talk to Sree but he says that I dont want to talk to you, my wife was right about her. Dipika asks him to relax. Dipika says who is she to say that I am fake? I want to slap that girl, who is Surbhi? acting is my bread and butter.

BB calls Sree in confession room, Surbhi comes to him and whispers that its a secret task, take this phone and dont tell anyone. Sree takes phone from her.

Sree gets BB’s call and says your task is that you will dance while talking to everyone, Deepak and Surbhi have done their tasks.

Sree comes in lounge, Dipika says I am making tea. Sree nods and leaves.

Sree is dancing and asks who is winning? Romil says KV or Surbhi should leave. Sree says I think Surbhi should leave.

Bigg Boss tells inmates that Surbhi, Deepak and Sree were given secret tasks and they won their tasks so they have won christmas presents for you all, Surbhi have done such a nice work in task, we have arranged a party for you all, he asks Sree to put phone in store room. Dipika is surprised. Surbhi says my task was to make Dipika cry and make Sree angry. Dipika says it was your way, well done. Sree says disgusting.

Surbhi comes to Dipika and says I believe that you are a really nice person, I was doing my task. Dipika says you went overboard, you called me fake actor and all but I know it was your task. Surbhi says you are emotionally strong so it was difficult to make you cry.

Urvashi Rautela enters house with presents, she greets everyone. Urvashi gives presents to everyone. Romil shows his family photo. Dipika has got her nikah dupatta. Deepak has got his grandfather’s picture. Sree has got mug with his kids’ photos. KV has got necklace of his kids, Surbhi have got her school trophy.

All inmates get pizzas. Urvashi eats with them. She dances with inmates and leave. Surbhi says she is so pretty.

PRECAP- Guests will come in house and demand inmates to do weird acts. Hina Khan asks Deepak to go in pool and praise her. Deepak shivers and tries to sing. Hina asks KV to curl his hair. Dipika curls it, all laugh. Other actor asks Deepak to sing for himself in English, Deepak says I am a perfect person and I am the winner of this show.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Who is Urvashi. Was she also one of the contestants in any season?
    Sree I liked him when he told Maine kaun sa task nai Kiya to Dipika. Haan Sree ne task bahut nai kiye but kuch na kuch Kiya. Dipika thought ki Sree ko chup hokar sunna chahiye tha but why would he? Wo bhi last week mein. Bande ne madam se jyada content diya hai and if someone would say her ki aapne task nai kiye hain but have improved wo bhi nai sunti.

    1. @Hope,
      If the question comes on tasks,
      Dipika started them. Yes, she couldn’t do any task properly till the last. But she started to perform them. Dipika performed for the team or Sree.
      Sree always gave up. Agar task ki baat ati hain, from day 1, Sree is less than Dipika.
      Sree performed only the last task along with his team.
      Else, he performed less.


      Tasks – performed more by Dipika.
      Content given by – Sree.

      Aur baki sab in dono se zyada task kiya hain.

    2. @ Aarohi obviously for me Romil is my first choice. But Deepak is sweetheart.

    3. Lokesh

      Maine Deepak Ko vote Dia is bar


    5. HAHAHAH
      at least sree uthkar chala nhi gya -ye kehkar ki i don’t wann talk on this and this is what it shows his real self true self , agreed on point that dipika wanted sree to just listen with no reactions he isn’t a robo , he will answer the moment he disagrees , but simar is unforgivven and ab to sree ki bhi battein nhi sunti hai woh LOL

  2. @XYZ,
    Now come back! -_-
    Come, baby, come. And a merry Christmas to you. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! ❤
    Mahabharat ho gayi puri, ab aap aa bhi jao. ?
    No grudges left, choro kal ki baatein, kal ki baatein purani.. (I never protested against Airplanes because I NEVER felt that he was wrong !) 😐


    2. Rajjo

      haan yr… m missing her too… koi bhi ek gayab ho jata h to achcha nhi lgta either its you, airplanes, xyz or someone else…

  3. Dipika ka environment create karne Wala dialogue was right

  4. Bb se dekha nhi gya surbhi ko shant iss liye aisa kiya…secret task ke naam pr trp bdane ke liye phir bb kuch khel gye…feeling so bad for surbhi..
    Task bilkul bhi easy nhi tha jaise sree ne kaha dipika ko rulana was easy but sree ka interference tb hi hota jb dipika ke ipar kuch bola jata…aise toh vikas ki hina ko rulane(bb11) ki strategy bhi woh use kr skti thi but bb ki eye ne mental activities ko bhi pad liya aur yeh keh diya ki sree ko react krna padega…she did for housemates only..agar nhi krti toh gifts nhi milte as 3 ka krna zaroori tha aur uske aisa krne pr hi ek party organize ki gyi..yeh sree waise hamesha hu beech mein kood pdta hai aaj toh task tha but always do this almost sb ka acha bond hai kbhi kisi ko aise beech mein aate dekha hai..that is why it seems like dipika alone is not enough to handle criticism… Iss liye woh 7 rank pr aayi bcoz of sree kyunki uski ladai mein ghus kr support se zyada kuch or hi dikhta hai…apna potential dikhana hai sree aisa aisa lgta hai

    1. @RV,
      Fire !!!!!!! I agree to each word. To each letter.
      It was not 0.1% of easy. Melting point of Dipika has now reached an extremely high temperature. Heat was needed. Provided by Surbhi perfectly. And I felt lol on one thing.
      Who takes footage from whom?
      Dipika from Sree or Sree from Dipika?
      No matter what happens, the other person comes in between to act like a catalyst and gets all the credit. And at the end, catalyst turns into enzyme without even the slightest change in emotions.
      Yesterday it was a task.
      But Sree and Dipika felt everything was so easy and didn’t even forgive Surbhi.
      I loved KV, Romil and Deepak there.
      Romil and Deepak were having fun >,< and KV watching the matinee show!

    2. sree aisa hi hai in whole season # dipika always get overshadowed in his presence bandi thik se defend nhi kar pati with such intervention , but she is very clever lady her sixth sense is strongest in house # dumbo nhi hai woh she had eyes on everything the way she said deepak tumhe andar bulaya tha na biggboss ne shows ki she is in game # she had observations of every contestants doings , par kuch nhi kar sakti sree is always supportive for her its better for her to have popcorn and see sree handle mishandle the situation at times # mujhe to lga ki gyi surbhi aaj ek thappad to lag hi jatta:p

    3. Rajjo

      bandi shaatir h…

  5. Merry Christmas!!
    Charisma,Tripura,Diya(extremely sorry if I have missed any names)…….love u loads…….
    May u have the most happening Christmas ever……n may god fulfill all your worthy wishes…….

    1. @nandini????

    2. @Aarohi n @Hope……the above one is for u too……its a typing error…….sorry……

    3. Merry Christmas. ❤
      Warm hugs and eat cakes. :-*

    4. same 2 u :))-

    5. Rajjo

      love you @nandini… wishing all the luck n good wishes for you… merry Christmas!!!

    6. Lokesh

      Same 2 u mam, may u get all happiness

  6. Rajjo

    Hello everyone… Merry Christmas to all of you…
    Some mixed emotions episode but anyways light episode not full of fire… ?
    Deepakwas awesome he tried to handle the situation well n his coming to camera n apologizing with camera for his doing was sweet… Romil was so cute when he said jaane de unhone maa kasam khaayi h…
    Next coming to surbhi she did great job obviously her words will hurt deepika… As she said much and must say she had to wait long for making deepika crying I mean deepika didn’t cry easily wow… But after knowing that it was a task I personally feel it was up-to deepika only either she want to cut off that thing with surbhi or not… Words were hurting for anyone it would have been… But if deepika wanted she could have forgotten but I leave it to her only but I like surbhi the way was apologizing to deepika n her face in camera I was like just go n give a hug to her…
    I was thinking that even Bigg boss wants to see summary crying only else we hey he gave such task… Saab log use rote hue hi dekhna chahte hn kya????
    Shree dance was funny… Hahahaaha…. Even romil was epic dancing with him…
    Last week me Bigg boss is trying to show humor jo krna tha vo to kr diya ab kitna cover kr Paoge… khair nice to see hina… N jujitsu though I didn’t watch her season…. But maza aayega….

    1. Rajjo

      I meant Bigg boss wants to see simar crying only else why he gave such task

    2. Rajjo

      Forgot to say about kv… He was amazing yesterday he handled every situation with dignity…. Even he stopped shree to go in between deepika-surbhi…. Nice to see that… Shree jane de yaar…. Let it be….

    3. happy christmass rajjo ji
      and yes bina simar kaise banega apna true soul winner !!!!!!
      aasuon se trp aati hai par pyari dipika ko rulana acha nhi tha # kathor BB wale # unhe halwa nhi degi simar

    4. Rajjo

      yessss…. bilkul nhi dena chahiye… humor k phase me rulana chahte hn…

    5. Lokesh

      U r hilarious man ?? halwa nhi milega ???

  7. @XYZ…..
    Thank u for your yesterday’s comments……n yes I m from UP n a student…….
    When i was reading the comment i realised you r phenominally high on kind-o-meter…….my extreme gratitude…….

  8. KV is having sprain in his leg but he isn’t making any excuses and doing household works.. this shows he is a true gentleman..

  9. Romil was wrong when he said KV is the most selfish person and Sreesanth is selfless..
    KV is the one who sacrificed his daughter’s toy for Deepak. He put himself in nominations to save Deepika. He chose to go to jail with Neha. He slept outside jail when he was in good terms with Deepika so that she doesnt feel lonely and what not.. and i felt bad that deepak was also supporting Romil in his statement about KV being selfish..

    1. @Sangam,
      Sehmat hain hum iss baat se.
      When these people will get out of the house and if they watch the clips, they will realise what a good person KV was!
      KV ke liye I have stopped justifying .
      Because KV is kind-hearted —- we all know that. No more on that.
      If he would have played for himself , he would have lost the essence of Karanveer Bohra. ❤ It makes him, sweetheart.
      That goodness . That kindness . That honesty.

    2. Rajjo

      when he said that… i guess i missed something…


  10. Romil said he feels sree is selfless and kV is selfish. Tell in whole season when he found KV selfish. Acha karo tho Mahan and selfish , apne liye khelo tho sahi. Last week atleast Sree, KV and Dpka should be together. Dpka enough of grudges with KV. Enjoy the last 4 days

    1. @SSS,
      Romil is witty, u know. He never loses his calm on anyone. He won’t go against Sree even if Sree seeks footage by fighting with Romil.
      Naturally, bali ka bakhra will be KV. For everyone.
      But KV is the sweetest, kindest and the nicest man BB has ever seen. He is so good,
      People now feel he is selfish. Because they have never seen such a selfless person in their whole life. Ladka heera hain… humara KV. ❤


  11. Merry Christmas. Romil said he feels sree is selfless and kV is selfish. Tell in whole season when he found KV selfish. Acha karo tho Mahan and selfish , apne liye khelo tho sahi. Last week atleast Sree, KV and Dpka should be together. Dpka enough of grudges with KV. Enjoy the last 4 days

    1. hope this comes true ,but jo 99 days nhi hua woh ab kaise hoga :p

  12. AnuAnu

    Merry Christmas ??????? to all…. @Arohi, @Rajjo @Airplanes @XYZ, @Nivika @Ada @Pari @Nandini @Anon @Anon2 @Lokesh @Hope @Gayatri @Sandeep @Alfy sorry if i missed anyone

    Surbhi did a great job it was not easy to make Dipika cry it was not easy bcz Dipika doesn’t cry that easily now either it will have to related to Shoaib . I think Sree and Surbhi was better than Deepak bcz none believed KV might do something like that. But he was too funny.????

    The dance between Romil and Sree was great to watch. I am with Romil on Surbhi’s matter nobody can change over night I guess she is isn’t changed she is controlling herself kyunki agar she does something over the the top nobody will stand with her. And woh strategy ki baat jo Romil shared Surbhi didn’t have an answer for that.

    WHY was Urvashi inside the house she didn’t do anything. Aise toh gifts store room mein rakh sakte dhe. Or gifts should have hidden and HM have to find it from here and there. But Urvashi part was boring.

    @XYZ aap aayi nahi aaj?

    MERRY Xmas everyone lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. High-five! >,<
      I found Urvashi excessively boring. She was so plastic. No vibes, no life. Nothing …
      Merriest Christmas . ❤

    2. Rajjo

      merry christmas……. be happy…
      i agree to your every point…
      m missing @xyz too…

    3. Lokesh

      Same 2 u , and yup Urvashi ne kuch bhi nahi Kiya, probably utne paise na diye ho, ya fir wo kisi Ko janti hi na ho.

    4. @anu anu merry Christmas??????

    5. ANU ANU,
      have jingle bells all the way !!!!

  13. @XYZ alaeeee my chaantaaaaato aayiiiinhi…???????aajaooi yrrr bchchii wait krri h aapke comments ka????????????

    1. XYZ
      Come on yaar…aa jao aap…only 5 days r left…pls comment karo…miss you dear

  14. @ LOKESH, DIYA, NAINA PARI AND ALL THE REST OF THE LOT wish u a happy meery christmas
    hope u all will read the comments and enjoy it # miss u all

  15. Gayatri

    Merry Christmas airplanes,anuanu,xyz,ada,arohi,rajjo and all other members of this family…hope all are having a blasting Christmas..
    Btwn @anuanu malayali aano?

    1. gayatri
      happy merry christmas and happy holidays !!!!
      sweet payasam for you on this occasion :))-
      cakes and candies all the way !!!!!


  17. XYZ please aajaooooo?

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