Bigg Boss 12 22nd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Salman confronts everyone

Bigg Boss 12 22nd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Waar
Salman Khan welcomes everyone to first weekend ka waar, he sings for bigg boss. Salman says we found the most unique love story, all are gone because we have a new sensational jodi.. Anup and Jasleen, all laugh. Salman says new people come and entertain in their style, I will shout, scold them but every year Colors make me do a season. Salman says Saba-Somi, Sourabh-Shiv, Roshmi-Kriti, Deepika, Sristy got nominated. Salman says we gave some news to inmates.

Inmates watch TV, Debang says new season is ruling charts and people are looking forward to Salman, he will talk about prank and Sristy backbiting Jasleen and Anup. Sristy is confused. Sristy says to Sree that I didnt say anything about them, I dont remember anything. Sree says you must have said something, Sristy says I just said that I dont get good vibes from there.
Saba says to Shiv that we will say that we did a mistake and will not do again.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. All greet him. Salman says this is my 9th season and I thought inmates will be smart but you guys.. Sristy there are cameras in house, Anup and Jasleen are mature couple, you are nobody to point at them, what problem do you have with Jasleen? Sristy says I am not comfortable with Jasleen, I am fond of Anup but Jasleen doesnt like it. Salman says you didnt say a word.. you people want to play a prank, he laughs. Salman says Sristy didnt say anything before but now she said that she doesnt like Jasleen. Sristy wipes her tears. Salman asks Shiv to bring Romil, Nirmal and Karan from jail. They come in house. Salman asks how Nirmal felt in jail? Nirmal says it was not nice. Salman says to Deepak that people are liking you, english is not allowed in house but you are doing good my dear. Deepak says good morning everyone, he says funny english, all laugh. Deepak says they are fun and life. All clap for him. Salman says Anup was right, there is no other show like this, he asks Anup to sing. Anup sings ram ram.. all clap for him. Salman says tell me who is villain of house? Sristy, Kriti, Deepak, Jasleen, Shiv, Karan takes Saba’s name. Somi and Saba takes Kriti’s name. Nirmal takes Shiv’s name, Deepika, Roshmi takes Saba and Somi’s name. Anup takes Deepika’s name. He says Deepika was careless about task. Salman says Saba is chosen, She has to put head on plank. Saba says people dont like straight people here. Deepika says Saba and Somi gets rude suddenly, they didnt listen to Kriti and Roshmi, Saba says Kriti’s attitude changed after taking charge. Neha says we have to compromise in family, they make issues without any reason. Salman says you say something and other get a chance. Salman asks Sree why he talked about upbringing? Sree says I was angry, task got canceled because of me. Salman asks Saba to not cry. He makes Saba sit back. Salman says I felt that this lot is energetic but first task was rejected. He asks Deepika. Deepika says we had to prove why pairs are not deserving but Sree didnt say anything and gave up in task, it was a task but he gave up. Salman says to Sree that you ran, pressed buzzer and then.. all laugh. Salman says we were waiting for your clean bold, Salman asks Deepika what points she have against Shiv-Sorabh. Deepika says Shiv doesnt work, Shiv was responsible for prank too. Salman says good points, I want to ask what about pair? why didnt you say at time of task? you could have helped Sree. Deepika says I was shocked that Sree gave up so soon, Salman says you didnt create a strategy. Neha says singles were challenging singles only. Salman says all celebrities look dull and pairs look energetic. Salman says Sree might have thought that fans will save him but Saba what happened to you? why didnt you say anything against Sree? Saba says we discussed points with Shiv but they didnt say anything. Deepak says they want to look too good. Salman says to Shiv that if you dont like something about someone so say it. Salman says it was told that task will affect nominations, Shiv and Sourabh wanted to look good but if pair won that task then they could have saved all pairs. Salman asks Shiv how e works in office? Shiv says I have to handle all business, I am trying to learn house work. Salman says DEEPIKA IS SAFE and SRISTY IS SAFE TOO. Salman says now its about pairs only, if they did task then they could have been saved.

In house, Sree says to Deepika that it was my fault, Deepika says you have to understand that they rewind whole week, Sree says I said sorry about things then why they are bringing it up. Sree says I used to be different, I didnt care about anybody but I changed, he is angry and leaves. Saba says to Karan that Sree is nice but he has anger issues.

Sree has locked himself in washroom. Karan goes to him. Sree says I am frustrated, I am done. Karan says you cant lose it like this right now, you cant be like this. Sree cries. Karan says you have to control your anger, they will raise points.

On stage, Salman says our talks affect inmates. Salman connects call back again. He asks where is Sree? Deepika says he is in washroom. Karan and Deepika brings him back. Salman laughs and asks if all good? Salman says to Sree that what happened? Sree says I didnt deliberately talk about upbringing, I am sorry. Salman says people do many mistakes, you need to toughen yourself, just be yourself. Sree says I am trying to communicate in hindi. Deepak says I am trying to make him learn, he made my hair today. Salman says it looks like a nest. Deepak says I wore suit for first time. Shiv says it was king-queen task, Sree’s deo fell on king so I said that king is being attacked, he looked at me and I looked at him, he said some wrong words, he said *******, he said silently, it happens but it was infront of all so I asked if he meant it so he said that he meant it. Salman says you heard that word for first time? Shiv says he called Romil that too. Salman says to Sree that you need to control yourself. Shiv says if he is continuing this then bring it on. Sree says first task affected house but I did second task and this happened, I wanted to impress king and it slipped from my tongue, it was my reaction. Salman says it happens in cricket but here people react so you need to be prepared. Sree says it might be my mistake. Shiv says I asked him again and again and he said that he will do it again. Salman says to Shiv that understand, Sree says I made you understand, Shiv says you kept sayin it. Salman says you people understand each others language? all laaugh. Salman says Kriti-Roshmi congratulations. Salman says all did nice in captaincy task, everyone was playing for their time but Romil which team were you playing for? you are fighting a case and then you take that side? Romil says I performed well in task, Sree and KV are close to me, I didnt like Sree’s reaction, I stole roses but I didnt expect that reaction, I felt bad that girls were running. Salman says it was in task, have you seen tasks of other seasons? were you afraid of making celebrities against you? Romil says no, I care about Sree and KV. Salman says you went against your team only, it was like making other team win. Kriti says Romil was slow clapping when we became captain, he stole roses, he wanted to look good on every side. Salman says we have a song for Romil, Kahin pe nigahen kahin pe nishana plays. All laugh. Salman says I like good people in house but Colors is not liking it.

Salman says to inmates that its time for caller of the week. Caller says I want to ask pairs that pairs follow Karan a lot but its pairs vs. singles, they shouldnt follow singles, Karan is advising everyone but he took Deepika’s name for captaincy, pairs souldnt follow him. Deepak says I felt Jasleen and Anup were unfair, they should have made sure that the one who did nice in task should be chosen for captaincy. Salman says question is that you follow your competitors. Romil says we have a clear concept but task situation changes, Salman says celebrities are clear about this. Call ends. Karan says I dont want people to follow to me, I dont want fights in house, I am like this outside too so when fights happen here, I try to solve it. Salman says people want you to use your mind first before taking advice. Salman says who is biggest villain of house? Romil, Deepak takes Anup’s name. Karan takes Sree’s name. Sree takes Saba and Sister, all laugh. Roshmi takes Anup’s name, Kriti takes Anup’s name. Salman says Anup got votes. Anup says I saw captaincy quality in Deepika so I saw Deepika’s performance, I thought and saw them and then decided. Deepak says so it proves that they had decided before task. Romil says they were not even listening to pairs. Jasleen says that after task, Anup felt that Deepika and her team did good so he chose her, Deepak says Anup said that he decided that Deepika could be nice captain, he didnt decide on basis of task. Salman says Anup will be sent to a room. Shiv takes Anup with him. Salman says to Anup that you can send Jasleen in your place. Anup says no, it was my decision and if I was wrong then its my place. Anup is seated in a glass cage. Anup have to put a pipe in his mouth. Some water comes from it. Salman claps for him. Jasleen asks him to change shirt, he says no worries. Salman says pairs are nominated, I will tell you tomorrow who is evicted, he ends call.

In house, Jasleen hugs Romil. She takes Anup to change.
Romil says to Deepak that Anup is taking their side.
Neha says to Sristy that they have advantage of numbers.
Romil says we have to make bonding with Sristy, we have to solve our issues.

Varun enters house. Everyone is elated to see him. Shiv dances with him. Varun says people are talking about you, Varun asks Anup to sing, he asks Shiv and Kriti to dance. Jasleen and Anup sings Saturday, Shiv and Kriti dances. Varun hugs Anup, they laugh at Shiv’s antics.

Salman signs off from episode.
PRECAP- Varun comes on stage, he raps about house. Salman sings with Varun. Salman is trying to do embroidery.
Varun gives a task to singles and pairs. Shiv snatches something from Sristy, Sristy screams that they cant do it like this in pairs. Sree is made to put face in canon, blast blackens his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Prettypreeti

    So first WKV..Salman was in good mood tday..Seriously colors want that housemates shoukd fight and create issues so that trp aaye..aaj koi kasar nahi rkhi mirch lgane mei eve woh fizzy caller..Salman himself said ki colors ko aacha nhi lgg rha..Masala chahiye aur iss season wale kuch zyda hi aacha bnn rhe hai.Shayad itne hai bhi nhi!!

  2. Right preeti bt today salman actually made the viwers and contestants understand many things. Aaj ka episode week days bohot entertaining tha aur romil ke liye gana. ?

  3. Right preeti lekin salmaan ne aaj bohot acha host kiya aur episode bhi baaki dun se entertaining tha. Sree ko ab strong hona padega and my favourite is shrishty.i dont know why neha and depika were targetting her in yesterday epi. Romil bhi shayad acha hai

    1. Yes even my fav is shristi.. but i also agree to deepika’s point that srishty should open up aur andar hi andar usko nahi rehna chahiye.. what i feel about beha right now is that she is looking like deepika’s shadow but time will tell.. my current favs are srishty kvb and sree


    Plzzzzzz friends any body tell how watch bigboss online .
    I mean I which website we watch big boss

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