Bigg Boss 12 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohit changes game

Bigg Boss 12 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 64
Somi and Sristy are making halwa. Rohit asks what they are doing? Sristy says we are hungry. Somi asks to wash dishes so nobody knows.

Day 65
Naagin plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Megha shows halwa throws on floor. Megha says Romil is the worst captain as the utensils are still lying dirty. Megha says we clean kitchen at night but this happens when we wake up. Dipika asks Somi why she made halwa when Romil told me to not use sugar. Somi says we just made for everyone. Romil asks Rohit to set utensils, Megha is taunting.
Somi says to Romil that Megha is calling you worst captain. Romil calls Megha and asks what worst he did? Megha says you didnt see if kitchen was cleaned, you were awake to eat halwa but you cant see work

is not done. Romil says Rohit didnt do his work so its not my fault. Megha says its captain’s fault.

Rohit asks Deepak why he didnt wake up last night to eat halwa by Somi? Surbhi says Deepak is not important. Deepak says over. Surbhi says curshe is over? Somi says bro calm down. Deepak says dont call me bro, I will talk to you alone. Somi says I am not talking to you alone. Deepak says we never talk alone. Surbhi says dont smile at him.

Inmates come in garden and sees a big snake set there, KV says its really good. Surbhi says my papa. Jasleen says what is happening? Surbhi says my dada. They all look arond. Jasleen dances like naagin.

Karanvir announces the luxury budget task, which will have an impact on captaincy also. There will be two teams. Team Red consisted of Karanvir, Romil, Somi, Deepak and Surbhi and Team Blue has Rohit, Dipika, Sreesanth, Megha and Jasleen. Sristy cant be captain so she will be referee. When alarm plays, snake’s eyes will turn either blue or red, whichever color it is, snake will eat one member of that color team and eaten member will go in belly of snake. Inmates can control which color snake can take as there is a lever which has blue and red sides and whichever side it is, eyes will show that color. The team whose most members are outside the snake when the task ends wins. In start, both teams will mutually send a person to turn lever.

Deepak says to KV that we need a strong person inside belly.
Sree asks Megha to go inside first then call Dipika and Rohit. Rohit says we have to control Surbhi too.
Rohit comes to Kv, KV says this is the time to flip things around, you show Sree that you are playing for me but play for us.

First buzzer sounds and the game starts. Deepak says to Rohit that you go as blue team. Surbhi gives him a kiss on head and says you are game changer.

Megha says to Rohit that you have to play for us if you want to become captain, we give you this chance to go ahead as captain.
When the hissing sound plays, Megha enters the snake’s belly in the first round as all mutually decide it.
Surbhi says to KV that I am going inside next. Deepak says you have to go against Megha.

Dipika says to Sree that we have to be strong inside, they can call Jasleen too.

Romil says to Rohit that this is your chance to be seen, they didnt send you first.

Sree says to Jasleen that I will go last, tell Rohit that we are helpless outside house, we are giving chance to Rohit but he is a fool like KV. Jasleen says if he betrays then thats bad.

Rohit asks Megha to call him inside first. Megha says then we will have less people outside, I will call red first.

Dipika says I talked to Megha and asked her to call people frome red team. Rohit comes there and says I talked to Megha, she is calling from red team.

Deepak says to KV that Rohit is telling plan to his team but they will not trust him.

KV comes to Rohit. Rohit says your team member is going then I will go and call someone. KV says call from blue team then.

KV says to Surbhi that Rohit is going next.

On next hissing, Megha turns lever to red. Jasleen says to Sree that I want to go, Rohit cant do anything. Red team decides to send Deepak inside.
Dipika says to Jasleen that Sree is right. Jasleen says Rohit can take their side, we cant send him right now.

Deepak asks Megha to take first step, Megha says I took thats why you are here. Deepak says you get angry. Megha says you called me a buttering person. Deepak says you do that, you dont listen to people. Deepak and Megha argue. They both try to grab lever. Sristy says this is your call. Deepak turns eyes to blue. Rohit says I am going as we decided before. Dipika asks him to discuss, we want to send Jasleen. Jasleen says we can change sequence. Rohit says you people didnt tell me. Sree says we called you here thats why. Jasleen says if you dont want to play then leave, you are crazy. Rohit says you took someone’s change. Dipika asks Rohit to calm down. Rohit says I dont think girls can handle Deepak. Dipika says I dont want to take risk with sending Rohit inside. Sree says Rohit you go inside. Dipika asks him to not help Deepak, we are trusting you. They send Rohit in snake belly.

Dipika asks why Sree why he sent Rohit inside? Sree says we will know now if he will betray. Jasleen says it was a mistake, we shouldnt have taken a risk by sending him. Sree says you were fighting in a team.

Jasleen says to Sree that Surbhi was sacrificing for Rohit so he will support Megha now? Sree says he is wearing blue so he should support blue.

Megha, Rohit and Deepak are fighting for lever. Rohit and Megha are trying to stop Deepak. They turn lever to blue. Rohit keeps the lever on blue. Rohit tells Megha he will support the Red Team as they are their friends who will support him and Blue Team members will never support him. Megha calls him a traitor. Surbhi says friendship is great. Romil says he is supporting his friends. Megha says to Rohit and Deepak that you are both going to lose to me.

Dipika says to Jasleen that you were right about Rohit. Sree says its because of Jasleen, she says no. Sristy says to Surbhi that Rohit changed the game and Megha is tensed because of it, she laughs.

Rohit says to Megha that you cant do anything now. Jasleen looks from outside and says I am enjoying the show. Megha tries to forcefully turn the lever as Srishty tells her not to be aggressive. Deepak tries to push Megha aside but Sristy stops him. Sree says I am going inside, they are stressing a girl so I will slap them. Megha tries to push Rohit from lever. Romil smirks at Dipika. dipika says you people are double faced. Romil says you are double faced. Sristy asks Megha to not be aggressive. Rohit says to Megha that I will punch you. Sree asks Megha to let kid play, its okay.

Hissing noise plays, Sristy says eye color is blue. Jasleen says I want to go. Sree says let me go inside, I will beat them. Dipika asks him to calm down. Sree says I want to go.

Megha applies lotion on hands, Deepak and Rohit jokes. Sree says its one girl vs. two boys. Sristy says Megha is attacking them and they are stopping her. Sree says obviously you will support them. Sristy shouts at him that we all know who is double faced here. Sree says you are a baby. Sristy says you are baby. Jasleen says I am going inside otherwise this task will end, she says to Sree that I dont agree with you going inside.

Megha shouts at Rohit that dont come near, you didnt brush? he says no, Megha says your mother did make you learn that? Rohit says dont bring my mother in this argument, swear on your son, Megha says you brought my son too, Sristy tries to stop them but they are both hyper. Megha asks who is he to call out to my son? Sristy says calm down. She comes out and says blue team decided that Jasleen will go inside.

Deepak says I will stay here and win trophy. Jasleen says sing. Deepak says you keep eating. Jasleen says I am not eating from your house. Inside belly, they all run to grab lever. Jasleen asks Deepak to stop it, she says you both are double faced, Jasleen says to Rohit that you should be ashamed of betraying. Sristy asks them to move away from lever, its breaking. Jasleen asks Rohit to not do cheap acts. Rohit gives her a flying kiss. Jasleen asks her to stop it.

Sree is emotional. Surbhi says to Dipika that if he says that he wants to beat them then why would you let him go inside? Dipika says we are not manipulative.

Sree is weeping and says to Dipika that Sristy misbehaved with me so much. Dipika says people will do that here, they are just putting allegations on us. Sree cries. Dipika leaves from there.

Dipika sits in washroom and says I have one relation here and I get taunted about that, I take decisions from heart here.

Bigg Boss says today’s time for task has ended, inmates in each place will remain there.

Romil asks Sree why he is crying? your family will not like to see you cry like this. Sree says I am trying a lot.

Romil consoles Dipika and says your husband would be hurt to see you like this, you can beat me if you want. Dipika laughs. Romil says you are good now.

Sristy says to Surbhi that Jasleen commented that you didnt bring love angle here? I wanted to break her face but I didnt reply.

Somi cries and says to Dipika that I look weak, Romil is always with Deepak and Surbhi is alone, they are not putting in any strategy or any plan, it makes me look weak. Dipika says you need to find your place in house. She leaves. Romil comes and asks what happened? I kept you involved in task. Somi says I dont think so, you can anything, Romil leaves.

Sree says to Dipika that if Neha was here infront of Rohit.. in start, there were a lot of girls. Dipika says I miss Neha. Sree says I dont babe. Dipika says stop calling me that. Sree says my wife must be jealous, I dont even talk this much to my real sister, I dont talk much so my wife gets angry, I cant woo a girl, I have got a sister who cooks for me. Dipika says I make work done. Sree says you give me food so thank you. Dipika says what are you. Sree jokes that he is going in jail again.

PRECAP- Rohit and Sree are fighting over lever. Rohit says call cherry master Sreesanth. Sree says to Dipika that he cant call my and my dad’s name,. Sree gets angry and takes off his mic, he says I have to teach the kid. He takes off his waist coat and enters belly of snake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nivika

    Really liked dipika and shree’s the end of episode😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. AnuAnu

      @Nivika I like them tooo

  2. again as usual TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL WON THE HEARTS he stoOd there to make SIMAR happy # he is a GEM OF A PERSON # loved it he is the nicest person in the house, he is caring ,he is clever he is too good at everything # disappointed with megha she is a tubelight who fights with TRUE SOUL ROMIL GOLDEN HEARTED MAN !!!! day by day TRUE SOUL ROMIL is proving he is a great guy he keeps the tension free environment in the house # get going GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL we are with you # fans of SUPERMAN ROMIL ROCKS # keep on voting guys ,he will rock the show with his blessed pressence # love u oj :))-

  3. Wat kind of task it was!! Why big boss never mixes the happy club and wolf pack…. this is d reason happy club always wins the captaincy task….. in this season the tasks will never become interesting….. agar team members mix up hote tab game kuch aur hi level ka hota….. intentionally dey kept kv and rohit into difft teams (n kv in red team) bcoz dey already planned in d previous episode …. dis season is totally one sided n i feel winner will be definitely frm happy club…. shame on u bb team fr cheating the viewers…

  4. Pam105

    I wish team selection could change abit…Sree, Romil, Somi, Jasleen, Rohit in one team and Dipika, Surbhi, KV, Deepak, Megha in the other. It would be fun I think.

  5. such a childish complaint box is megha she is always after GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL , it was nice that he didn’t care at all for her foolish words and thats the way it should be # lol on megha dhade voters now you will fail against TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL FANS votes # ROMIL TRUE CHAMPION is rocking he has shown today that he uplifts the mood of sad ppl in the house # ROMIL IS SO COOL AND was KOHINOOR HEARTED TOWARDS SREE AND SIMAR , he has made it clear he respects all and is standing for the truth always #HE IS A GEM PERSON # magnificient persistent cool charasmatic responsible carefull lovefull etc etc # love from TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL fans # keep voting him and keep enjoying ROMIL’S JOURNEY # awesome guy TRUE SOUL ROMIL !!!!!# WINNER ROMIL # CHAMPION ROMIL

  6. I wish sreeshanth controls his anger and does the task calm and composed…good at heart, but super sensitive and no control over his anger and language…if he could overcome that or at least try that he could go long ( in BB house and real life)…
    I kinda like Deepika Sree relationship…they have different opinions and fight with each other and then sort it and stand by each other when needed…
    I like kv too…a genuine guy..he feels kinda left alone coz of Deepika Sree and Salman ignoring…I feel sad for him…
    Deepak seems to be Shana person..u can never ever trust such guys…
    Srishty tries to be oversmart..I felt so and a bit jealous too…for the amount of attention they are getting…
    Surbhi is loud, but she plays her game which is fine…
    Jasleen seemed to be a potential player at the kinda getting weak… may be coz of Anup issue…felt sad for her today…she gaining weight should not be an issue with any one, not even to Salman… I admire the way she handled it by giving them back…
    Rohit – to be frank, I don’t know what kinda player he is…but felt what he did today was wrong… back stabbing ur team was so not done…after Sree trusting him and letting him go even after Deepika and jasleen doubts…I think he had a fair chance to prove his loyalty and perform task and thereby he could shut jasleen and Deepika’s mouth…but…he took the other way…
    Somi – I don’t find her interesting…I feel she should leave now…
    Romil – is playing the game and definitely deserves to be in the game than somi, srishty and Rohit…

  7. ROHIT was a joke today hahaahha # double crossed allblue team members lol hahahha

  8. Drama queen Sreesanth don’t act so much, go slap a person first rather than barking like a dog. Crying criminal match fixer has no shame. Sristy told the truth so accept it you, but you won’t as you are a sissy s*xist.

  9. It’s Rohit the game destroyer….. Not the game changer

    On weekend ka vaar salman will say to blue team.: Aapko pta tha ki rohit aapki side se nhi khelega toh aapne usko kyu bheja.. u guyz lacked strategy ..
    Nd to Rohit: Well played …aapne toh game palat diya…(bcoz he is playing fr happy club)
    N den
    Hahahehe {evil laugh by Sk n Happy club members}

  10. What a game!! One sided game. This house is really stupid. In each and every task why does Bigg boss keep the happy club together. And todays episode was okay okay. I seriously want this Rohit to get eliminated yaar. He is too much. Kabhi bhi flip hojata Hai. Srishty is also dumb girl. Srishty aur Jasleen dono Bigg boss house mein fashion Karne aaye Hai. Both of them don’t play game. Aur deepak, seriously man this person is dumb. Konse planet see aaya Hai yaar. Khud ka mind toh use nahi karta air logo ko taane detha Hai. Seriously this season is really dumb. Half of the people don’t know what game they are playing and the rest are so intelligent that they are titled to be fake.
    This season is the worst season ever seen.

  11. I hope sree beat the crap out of deepak and that other venomous chichora tomorrow and Megha and deepika jump in and kick srishtys teeth out these idiots literally made me turn off the stream it was THAT annoying, the way these two behaved with Megha was beyond disrespectful, i can’t digest the fact that shiv & Neha were unfairly evicted to keep these low class crass beings like seriously I didn’t start watching bb to tolerate this 99rs sale brawl heck it isn’t as ugly whatever this shit was…. Moreover sree still doesn’t understand this game whatsoever backstabbing backbiting cheating manipulation fake relationships are core of it it’ll be better for him to get out of it but before stepping out do me a favour and punch rohit & deepak maybe yehi subh kaam karke ajae bahar besides kv all in srees face while whole red team and sanchalak were already fighting him is exactky why i dont like him now if sree started giving back people will be all like aww poor little helpless kv getting bullied by sree same thing happened last time..another thing surbhi/kv etc kept comparing rohit being a b*t*h to sree doing gaddari in vikas task well first of all he only did that cause vikas intentionally not letting him play & he was open about it while rohit has given properly betrayed his team…last thing why and how can they eat so much halwa?diebetes ka dar nai hai inlogon ko?

  12. So bb again made the task in happy club ‘s favour 😐 put them in one team and their chamcha in another to betray it later they’ll present it as romil the china made mastermind *masterstroke* when it was the most obvious thing that could happen, even jasleen guessed it sometimes I wonder is sree really that innocent or he just haven’t followed previous seasons to know how this show works to not understand what was transpiring in front of his eyes ugh and the way those two khachchar have treated Megha & jasleen was disgusting and srishty saying mwgha was aggressive was even more pathetic than what was actually going on in there

  13. lol hahahaha pammy aunt wanted teams with sree and TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL !!!!!# nice but get that straight its always good to have abd and faf on one side and the mzanzi girls like kaap and tyron on the other side # game on !!!!!

    1. Why are you so obsessed with Romil? Please reply normally I’m politely asking you. Don’t start with your hahaha’s and lol’s in the reply. I’m asking you genuinely.

      1. Bcoz he is romil’s brother….. as psycho and bewakuf as him…

      2. muje toh lgata hai aye romil ki family m se hi hai koi πŸ™‚

  14. Are we sure deepika and sree have brotherly sisterly feeling for each other and not hiding some—other— kind of feelings with this relationship they’re trying to show?

  15. When will deepika sree stop crying I understand that sree relieves his frustration anger through crying but why does deepika cries? She had no reason to do that today or it was just the helplessness in game that made her shed tears but then she’s always crying without no reason…to some extent I do get sree crying cause I’ve lived with someone who channel his anger through it when they can’t do anything else about the situation however it’s getting annoying

    1. What about Surbhi crying? Strange you have not commented on it. She cries and tries to justify herself each time what an honest and geninune person she is. Let the public decide that. This is how I am but I am honest. Bull you talk about everyone, and never spare a minute to run down someone and put herself high. Also she is so unkept. Hair not combed, always a cry baby.

  16. Last week all happy club was nominated but no one went out as it was Dewali according to Salman . Dewali was week before , it was drama to save all members of happy club . This week very cleaver big boss choose two members of happy club Deepak and Surbhi and one member from rest Deepika . Romil was safe being captain . Result three out of four are safe from happy club rest all are sided play . It means you have to be ill mannered , rude,loud,badtmeez to enter big boss house . Salman loves all of them and always rude to kv and Deepika . Hate to watch

    1. To the point . Romil Or Deepak is going to win . Rest have come for picnic. Big boss or Salman can’t speak against happy club , may be scared of insult

    2. Nd one more thing except nomination of happy club wen the eviction got cancelled earlier the nomination continued for the next week but dat week wen happy club eviction got cancelled… next week fresh nomination happened…. why big boss? …..

  17. Firstly what Rohit did today was wrong for his team but right for him, galat khela ya sahi but khela. Yesterday Dipika went beyond being selfish to play Bhai Bhai, she didn’t care about what importance task had, today Rohit did the same. Her game yesterday hardly made any difference, his did. This is karma, Sree and Dipika went on to show yesterday that they two are enough for each other. I don’t know real reason why Rohit did that but if I was there I would do the same to these Bhai bahen to let them know you need team not pair to win. For rest of team members it was bad but Megha ne Kal Dipika ka ego jhela aaj iska.
    Megha and Rohit thing was bad and unfortunate. She should not comment on upbringing of any mom and he should have not done what he did. Surbhi has been branded evil for bad mouthing. These two went on to put things in full action, slipper, arthi….sorry no mom behaves like her and neither do celebs do that what these two are doing. Megha needs to watch how she talks otherwise she is good player.
    If I go by updates as have not seen episode, Dipika had problem when Sree was compared to her husband in a task. Today Sree told his wife would be jealous, what was that??? These two told Bhai and husband can’t be compared and this guy compared his wife and bahen….may be just changing gender in question changes everything. Bhai Teri bahen aur tu har din flip hote ho. People have to guess everyday ki aaj saath khel rahe ho ya ek dusre k against, your wife defends you even when you are totally wrong and has done beyond any sister would do. Get some life.

    1. Pam105

      I agree with your pov.

    2. Megha shouldn’t have but what she would’ve done when that [email protected]@t was continuously manhandling her touching her the way he held her both hands and danced with blowing kisses was molestation then later he went on taunting her so the first bad thing that came in her mind that might back him off from her was that mother line and it wasn’t even that bad what came after was more pathetic then how he was being before and today if he had played with their team they might’ve given him a chance to be captain

      1. This was clear ki captain to nai banta wo because Megha jab se aayi she wants to be one and jasleen bhi itni giving nai. Knowing what Anup told jasleen knows she is in danger. Aur Kal save hota to aaj captain banne ka koi Matlab hota na. What if wo Chala Jaye weekend par. Yesterday it was more crucial to jasleen, Megha and Rohit when they could be saved but Dipika wasted that chance to show love for bro when bro didn’t need it.


    I didn’t like any of this shit wtf is rohit and deepak problem wow rohit ya a right two faced seriously left ur own team just for another mental happy club seriously use ur brain ya dickhead I liked how romil consoled dipika and sree its was sweet bless and why the fxck are you guys voting deepak so much I need this b*t*h out of f**king house he’s so fcking iratting asf ffs I wonder why he f**king signed da contract for bb he’s so sucha back stabbed what i don’t like about this person is that he doesn’t respect women’s he goes over the limit there’s always a limit to everything which he doesn’t f**king have he’s mental he’s dumb he ain’t no clever than a daft f**k I wish rohit did hit megah because I want this khutta to et excluded from bb forever I need these mofos out asap pls stop supporting and making more votes for rohit and deepak he needs to gtfo and see da f**king reality if you don’t respect women’s no ones gona respect you ugly lil bastards I loved how jas supported her team well played you guys I wish sree beats tf out u both why ain’t bb saying shit this is so f**king bs I seriously love sree and dipka bonding is freaking cute and stop f**king saying why she crying seriously she’s a human probly she felt helpless I would do the same ting if I was in her place y’all need to use ur brain sometimes kv get lost I really don’t like what u did this time shameful lil lust

  19. OMG Sree kills me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ whether you like it or not but this guy is full on entertainment and always changes his words to confuse people πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ I actually like him sometimes when he loses his cool at everyone in the house

  20. romil is such a golden heart……

    1. He’s such a golden heart such a mastermind that first strategy he had was to send deepak for megha and surbhi for sree just cause both of his pillaes act third class and could irritate them surbhi again with her warnings of molestation to sree which to me are biggest disservice to any women she helps perpetuate the idea that we blame guys without a reason and cheapak with his taunt and disrespectful behavior with Megha when task was all about strength

      1. @sana…

        loved ur comment…

  21. Sree is also talking about Srishty and Rohit in bad light. Character assissnation bus Dipika ya jasleen ka hota hai? And ye aurat ko tang Kar Raha Kya hota hai? Bhai Sree ko Jane do, I want to see marta hai Kya because he just talks. Surbhi did say right that Sree also changed side in rangoli task. Banda ushe samay rone lagta hai.

    1. Sree changed side after saying so loudly he didn’t break anyone’s trust and that too after his appeal to play was rebuked by vikas while rohit acted as if he’ll play for his team he didn’t share his motives clearly that’s called betrayal of first degree and the next thing he did with deepak to Megha was appalling so I don’t know to me he’s triple worse than sree and 1/2worse than surbhi and if shiv can be thrown out of house than this cretin can surely be kicked out for being lowlevel behavior with a woman double his age

      1. Matlab koi guest ek din humein hamare Ghar m important na bole to hum Ghar k khilaf ho jayea, that is what Sree did na.
        Rohit’s behave to Megha was bad. I won’t justify that but Dipika and all told him humne sequence change Kar Diya jas will go. Aapsi sehmati bol bol k last m Dipika agreed to what Sree told and they didn’t consider that jas didn’t agree. That is playing in pair which revokes team against you. Jas asked Dipika that she doesn’t agree and is Sree aapsi sehmati epitome.

    2. Sree and jasleen were saying the obvious truth rohit has been trying all his might to start a live angle with srishty and either of them didn’t involve srushty in it with bad light they were taunting rohit and his cheap stance to play game sree said “lover aur DOST to saath denge na” and jasleen said “love angle chala nai ” their was nothing degrading there while deepak had called jasleen a gild digger

      1. Ok if that is the thing agar Rohit ko bhi bola to ladke ka character assissnation nai hota Kya. Kya pata jasleen kly Jo information Bahar se aayi Deepak considered it as evidence as you are saying ki Rohit ka evident tha that he is trying on Srishty. And when one says love angle to isme do loag involve hote hai sayad.

    3. AnuAnu

      He is not the only one who talks about them.BTW they are shown that way. EVEN We are outside the house and we feel something cooking between Rohit and Srishty then a person inside the house who watch them 24 hrs a day wouldn’t feel the same way..?

      There is no smoke without fire… And the editors of BB adds fuel to this Fire

  22. Somi ko lagta hai ki usko weak samajh Kar bachate hai to tab bolna tha jab bacha rahe hai. Tab to safe ho li.

    1. This one I agree with you she’s such a hypocritical idiot

  23. @Hope :wat u said S exactly right if Sree tells her babe or jealous thing it’s right for dipika but Wat others said in tasks dat too in a comic way she made it big n made dem bad.. N using bhayya she can play in nominations but Wat rohit did today S right thing . . N she kept kv aside without any strong reason n by d way kv S lot more better Dan dipika.. I don’t accept dipika as a strong player..

    1. I don’t feel bad for anyone but sree he actually trusted rohit at that point & send him in against deepika who he never not listen and imo he might’ve even fight for his contendership later but the way he betrayed his trust wasn’t done..rohit doing what he did wasn’t needed red team would still have won since jaskeen was going next and her and Megha couldn’t have overpowered deepak he is physically too strong to hold his ground and when another red team contestant would’ve come it would’ve gone in red teams favour he ruined his repo with half the house and his behaviour with megha ruined his reputation outside the house but it did one thing that kV said pull him up on all polls and in radar but at qhat cost?

    2. AnuAnu

      FYI, on Monday episode Dipika asked sree not to call her babe.

      1. @AnuAnu… in today’s episode she asked sree again not call her babe..

  24. GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL won the hearts of of SIMAR FANS TOO AND the way he handled emotional SREE was just so SPELLBOUNDED # awesome TRUE SOUL ROMIL # TELLY UPDATES change the title to GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL HAVE A KOHINOOR HEART towards the one who consider him as their enemies :))-#again a big lol on megha dhade she is unnecessary asking for footage by fighting with TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL !!!!keep voting for TRUE SOUL and enjoy the show # cheers to team of telly updates !!!!# lol on all GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL haters # SREE SUPPORTERS u have seen how our GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL supported him today he is a competitor in task but outside task he is a KOHINOOR PERSON !!!!

    1. U r too much obsessed of Romil. Aren’t you.

    2. AnuAnu

      You are seriously a family member of Romil?

  25. Poor airplane is looking like a fool actually. Asli main. Hahahahaha. Limit me defend karo Ya. Itna senseless mat ho jao defence k chakkar main ki apni khilli udwa lo

  26. Rohit was fooled by the happy club once again and he betrayed his own team. When has the happy club ever saved him from nominations. Surabhi kept telling him she will save him in the last nominations but didn’t. At least Sreesanth saved Rohit and put the whole happy club into nominations but our biased Bb saved them. Now the happy club knows if Somi will go into nominations, she will be evicted. So she has been saved three weeks without coming into nominations
    KV was instigating Rohit to go against his own team and said they will not make him captain, what advantage is Rohit getting by playing against his own team… the happy club is just using him and getting majority… KV is also losing his mind. He had a good chance of being a winner and he has blown the chance… Sreesanth atleast has shown his true colours right from the beginning… it was good to hear sree and deepi talking aboot Neha… I miss her too.

    1. Surbhi after telling rohit that she’ll save him she immediately went to deepika over stressed the notion that she’s saving him so that deepika change her decision to stay and switch so she doesn’t have to, so basically she played reverse psychology trick with her

  27. Even manu Punjabi said that the way bb is presenting romil and showing his every side when most of the time they cut clips of other doing bigger and better things is a proof that he’ll win it’ll make for a good journey video na that an eliminated contestant came back and become a *mastermind* form *genuine* friendships and won ugh….

    1. Bhaiyya ye kaun hai meri dp mein?

    2. @surya
      Nice observation. I feel the same

    3. But how’ll they justify kV deepika and mainly sree losing to him they clearly have huge fanbases? In fact sree one is so big and dedicated that they even helped/ing vote other contestants (RN they’re voting for jasleen & Megha) that are in his favour along with voting for him

  28. Lover isn’t a bad word to me and rohit is srishty’s lover at least that’s what he desperately trying to convey to audience why it’s being seen as such a slur?sree said it when srishty was idiotically calling Megha aggressive when two men were dragging her held her both hands touched her inappropriately that was more disgusting to me than sree saying that but I guess people have own prerogative and priorities…I would rather raise an issue about a woman getting physically exploited and made to feel lesser and helpless than a non native speaker uttering random “bad” words

    1. @anon
      Bilkul. Abhi yahi somi ya Surabhi hote megha ki jagah toh itna bada issue ban jata. Megha is brave

  29. I can’t freaking believe people are liking this rohit on twitter just bc it looked like he somehow down sree like betrayal is one thing but what he did with Megha was despicable, deepak and him should be thrown out asap if showing middle finger is bad on national television then what deepak and rohit especially rohit did is against basic values of Indian culture you just can’t treat a woman like that it was pathetic that wasn’t him doing task he could’ve done that by keeping his focus on lever but instead he harassed Megha and srishty is someone who I didn’t expect that kind of behaviour from how can she not stop him from doing that crap why was she smiling? it was harrasment srishty why were so happy about it instead you were victim blaming?

    1. @Ruchi..


      i dont know why ppl cant appreciate megha’s effort..

      romil is golden hearted bla bla bla… surbhi is so genuine and straightforward.. sree is emotional…
      har koi in logo ki tareef karta h but i really dont think so .. itni continuous way m WITHOUT CHEATING kisi ne megha jitna accha perform kiya h…

      and sristy is nothing but a that typical girl jisey sabki attention chaiye aur jo bas dusron se jealous hona janti h.. now i am feeling good she got pushed by saba.. and got punishment to not become captain again…

      “I can’t freaking believe people are liking this rohit on twitter just bc it looked like he somehow down sree like betrayal is one thing but what he did with Megha was despicable”

      exactly.. i dont know kahan se atey h aise log jinko sab kuch dikhte hue bhi right and wrong samajh nhi ata ya fir dekhna hi nhi chahte..

      in last season priyank ko salman bohot sunata tha for his disrespectful words towards shilpa and arshi…
      ab dekhte h salman is baar kuch bolega ya nhi..

  30. Bb lover Srity

    Shristy looks so old without makeup.She is abt to entr 30 bt she looks mre thn that n sometimes c is irritating lk surbhi n deepak.Jasleen just to b seen is taking unnecessary fights too in some instances making her irritating smtimes

  31. AnuAnu

    Who do you think will go out this week? I want shrishty or Rohit to go..

    1. koi bhi sensible banda yahin dono ko eliminate hote dekhna chahega..
      even deepak bhi chalega..

      but is week sirf jasleen k chances h as she cant make noise like happy club and new puppies of happy club(sristy and rohit).

    2. @anuanu
      I want all of dem to go. Lol specially
      Rohit shristy Deepak somi surabhi

  32. Only one thing i have to say is… its only megha who is continuosly performing very good in each and every task… and really shame on rohit and deepak…

    this is it is not megha at all who started fight..

    and what to say for sree..
    starting se jis bhi team m sree jata h wo main reason banta h us team k harne ka..
    dpka and jasleen used their brain.. but it was sree jiski wajah se megha and jasleen suffer kar rahe h…
    rohit’s comment was pathetic… rohit n sristy ne bhi aaj tak toh kuch kiya nhi bb house m.. na toh tasks perform hote h aur na hi entertainment milta h in logo se…..

    kv is loosing his charm day by day.. i know its not only dpka’s fault or kv’s fault..for all the rifts btwn the trio’s frndship… but still kv should remains with celebrities side..or he should play as an individual… happy club m gum ho k reh jayega warna ye banda…

    i am really liking jasleen these days too… i wish is baar jasleen save ho jaye.. cz she is better than sristy and rohit in all perspective… i can see jasleen as an individual but can never see sristy a player who should be even stay for 2 months…

    and now a days sristy is looking so much negative.. her expressions can make anyone angry…

    1. @xyz
      Agreed. Jasleen is definitely btr than these two. Megha is winning spirit too. But winner is fixed. Ghatiya hearted romil

    2. AnuAnu

      @XYZ agree about Megha

  33. and shayad makers ne somi ko do lines bolne k iye rakha h..
    “tameez se baat karo”……….

    1. AnuAnu

      @xyz agreed. I
      She has the most annoying voice like Karishma in BB 8

  34. Salman is no bhaijaan he's as pathetic as any other mannerless person

    Salman presented permission to body shame jasleen on silver platter I was shocked then and I’m still confused why he commented on her weight? Some are doing it in funny way(sree deepika surbhi romil they all were joking to her about it in an uncut) but deepak and rohit did it in taunting way which is worse

  35. KV advised srishty to play in aggressive stance for her captaincy task BOOM banned for whole season! he again advised rohit to be a traitor BOOM it ruined his reputation lol why people even listen to kV in the house his advice are catastrophic

    1. I agree all these silly ideas come from KV…why doesn’t he ever do something himself? Maybe then he will deserve to stay in this house…right now he’s coming across as confused.

  36. lol @ indian is typical a CRYBABY of SIMAR and SREE # LOL on you for your comments :p# have your HALWA and try to look clever as TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL :))-

    1. Awwwww. Bura lag gaya? Awwww
      Lagna bhi chaiye πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  37. lol on all haters of TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL hahahaha

    1. Ghatiya hearted Romil ki ghatiya hearted sister Surabhi ne use uski asliyat dikha di πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  38. Yaar ye airplane paid PR, bichara bina comment padhe kuch bi likhta hai.
    He thinks I like Simar, LolwaπŸ˜‚
    He actually doesn’t think that. Par abhi use lag rha hai ki Deepika se romil ko competition mil sakte hai (two top fixed) Isliye he is like every romil hater is Simar lover.
    Bhai mere we have started big boss itself. Coz its all scripted and fixed winners and fixed PR s like u. 😏

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