Bigg Boss 12 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree VS. Surbhi

Bigg Boss 12 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says some weird things happen in house and today we got to see it more, see what inmates saw in house that shocked everyone because of Bigg Boss giving a secret task to Megha.

In house,
Day 76
Inmates wake to song ek pal ka jeena… ae mere dil tou gaye ja, All dance and enjoy. Dipika finds a lemon with spice and needles on it. She calls Karan and Sree. Dipika says we dont need to do it. Megha asks KV to not cross it, it has four needles targeting four people. Dipika says what rubbish is this? KV says there is something weird here. Megha says dont cross it. Dipika says its not a joke. Sree says who can do it? KV says people have to go to washroom, why someone would put it in infront. Dipika says it is in kitchen too. Megha says dont touch it. Megha says I felt someone jerking me awake. Jasleen says dont do it. Sree takes tissue. Rohit says dont touch it. Romil says dont risk it. Sree takes lemon and says my life have only death remaining so its okay. Sree picks up all lemons. Dipika says I dont believe in all this. Sree throws them out of house. Surbhi says go and jump out of house.

On stage, Salman says I will tell you later what is behind magic task. Salman connects call to house. Salman says two tasks were rejected in one week. Salman says to Surbhi that you are drinking water? in sipperr.. he teases Rohit. Salman calls Jasleen in witness box and says people alleged you being partial. Romil says Jasleen was talking to teams, she was talking about task and asking whose case would come up. Jasleen says I told them all that if cases would be weak then she would not take them on. Deepak says she war partial for KV. Salman asks Jasleen which judges sits with lawyers and criminals? all laugh. Salman says to Jasleen that there were 5 judges, as Jasleen was prosecutor, defense lawyer and victim too, is there any judges who talks about his past in case too? all laugh. Salman says Megha was giving tips to Jasleen. Jasleen says Megha just told me to follow right path. Salman says Megha told Jasleen that you have to make KV and Deepak criminals otherwise they would lose. Jasleen says I dont remember. Megha says I just did everything to win task.
Salman calls Somi in witness box, Romil and Jasleen have problem with her. Jasleen says when I was talking to Somi, she was fine but then she fought for KV and Dipika’s case. Somi says I saw Jasleen talking to Sree and knew she was partial, I tried to be fair but Jasleen got stuck and task got rejected. Romil says both Jasleen and Somi did a mistake, Somi became personal and called me weak in task. Salman says you wanted her to favor you? Romil says she accepted allegations like fake without any proof, I wanted her to be fair. Sree says if they want to be so great then why did they come in house? he doesnt know what he is doing in this house a lot of time, all laugh, you said I am better than you, you accepted it. KV says this is his ego. Salman says to Somi why you did what you did? you did very nice in difficult situation, you even handled Dipika well. Dipika says I just wanted to ask Somi if she was okay with me talking about Deepak’s attention to her, she said no so I didnt highlight it. Salman says you approached bench illegally. Dipika says we live together, Somi says why she brought it up? Dipika says it was Deepak and Somi so I wanted to ask her. Somi says I dont want to talk about Deepak and me anywhere. Salman says Deepak knows that but he keeps trying, how much insult you will get? she doesnt give you attention. Deepak says she is a good friend, we will meet outside. Somi says I am not sure, all laugh. Salman says to Dipika that why did you say your and Sree’s matter is personal? Dipika says it was just a reason to win a point. Salman says things are not personal in house but you looked very serious when you asked them to not talk about it. Dipika says it was my presence of mind, I wanted the topic of Sree cursing me to end and I said its personal. Salman says Somi did nice in task, he ends call.

Sree says to Jasleen that Somi was partial but she didnt show it, you showed it.
Somi says to Romil that I am standing with you but you are going against me and saying that I was partial? Romil says you were showing attitude. Somi says no.

Salman connects call and asks if someone wants to allege anyone? Surbhi makes Sree stand in witness box and says he provoked me and made me silent in task but when I did it then its wrong? Sree says you say cheap and personal words, you call me ****, you keep coming closer and pushed me in task. Salman says you both got aggressive, Surbhi says he pushed me. Salman says he provoked you in task and you provoked him next day so what is your allegation? Surbhi says he stooped low and called me characterless, that is crossing limit. Sree says it was not provoking, it was talking about my personal life, didnt let me and Dipika eat. Surbhi says whatever I said was him talking in this show, he insults people and I just repeated it. Salman says no matter what, you cant cross the line, you called her characterless which was wrong. Sree says she keept instigating and wait for one word to use against others, I am sorry but its her strategy. Salman says you cant call her that. Sree says I am sorry and I accept it was my mistake but she was literally not letting me eat food. Salman says when Deepak talked about chal chalan, it was same as characterless. Sree says I was talking about her character in show. Surbhi says my nature is like a kid, I wanted to provoke him for what he did in task. Deepak says we never provoked Sree, when he is captain, he makes everyone work but he doesnt work in others captaincy but he becomes cute and nice on weekend. Salman says to Dipika that Sree said people like them stand outside hotels at 11PM. Dipika says I stopped him. Sree says I accept it. KV says shut up Sree, Surbhi says you got personal with me. Deepak says he uses this langauage all the time. KV asks Jasleen to not defend him. Jasleen says I was not there. Salman says Jasleen you were there. Salman asks what did he say? Dipika says I dont want to repeat it, I stopped him, I know he says bad things, he says stuff in anger which he shouldnt do. Dipika says we were upset on Deepak’s comment but all his friends were standing with him, they keep taunting his cricket, family and me, they talk about his cricket career, slapgate incident, etc. Surbhi says if he gets personal then I will do. Sree says I accept I was angry but the way she was behaving was bad, I meant what I said because I got angry, people do mistakes in life so sorry. Salman says when you talked about people outside hotel infront of Dipika, Megha and Jasleen was way wrong. Megha says it was really disgusting. Salman says when a word was said against you then you raised hell but you three didnt do anything when he made that comment. Megha says I was upset, I cried too. Salman says we didnt see it, your reaction was not good. Salman says to Sree that you need to control your words, you need to keep up your dignity. He says to Surbhi that you know he loses words in anger, you knew he would say something so you should be careful. Sree says sorry and walks away from there. He says this is disgusting, they keep highlighting my mistakes. He goes in washroom with mop and hits it on wall and cries.
Surbhi says to Salman that I showed middle finger to him like him but he made it an issue, I know I provoke and do things out of limit, I deliberately provoked him using his words only. Salman says you know he would curse in anger and you wanted him to curse? you were on same level of provoking, Surbhi says he said personal statements to me. Salman says your level was way more, his case is in court so you have no right to talk about it, I have two cases in court too. Surbhi nods. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says its time to talk about evil acts in house. Salman calls Juhi Parmar and Sargun Join on stage. They reveal that their show Tantr will air from tomorrow. Bigg Boss fans will remember that Juhi had won the Bigg Boss competition in season 5. Salman says we did a task in house to promote your show in house. Juhi and Sargun leaves.

In house,
Sree is crying in washroom. Dipika asks him to come out.
Deepak says why didnt anyone stop him? Megha says it was not that bad, I didnt hear it clearly, he blabbered and went in washroom.

Sree is crying and breaking bottles in washroom. KV and Dipika stops him. Dipika says to Somi that Surbhi plans and then say stuff.
Megha says Deepak is equal to Sree in mistake. Rohit says how they can play so low?
Dipika says I lost patience with Surbhi’s words so I understand Sree’s anger. Dipika asks Sree to come out. Romil and KV consoles Sree. Dipika goes and consoles him. Romil cries and says to Somi that Surbhi Rana *****. Somi says they say stuff in anger, Romil says she uses it against people.

KV says to Surbhi that you provoked him so much that he said that stuff, you are wrong.
Dipika brings Sree out of washroom, she asks him to stop crying and caresses his hair.
Surbhi says to Deepak that I belong to middle class family, he cant call me that?

Romil says where was Surbhi’s character at time of Megha, you and me? that Surbhi Rana is honest and genuine? she is ******. Jasleen says you are right.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Sree doesnt realize his mistake. KV says he doesnt even say sorry. Rohit says he keeps talking about his world cup.

Romil cries for Sree. Sree consoles him. KV says to Rohit that Romil is doing drama too.

Salman signs off from show.

Sushant and Sara comes on stage. Salman makes them guess words with headphones on. They all laugh.
Sara and Sushant enters house, they give task to inmates where they have to tell how they are wrong? they have to throw balloons on inmate tied on wheel. Surbhi says Dipika is fake, Dipika says he plays bad game, Megha says Deepak provokes a lot. Rohit says that person is very selfish.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Now its high time…im eagerly waiting for kv and sree reunion…??i thoroughly enjoyed todays ep…

    1. Devinder _ uk

      If surbhi can take the aggression shd gives others the she should keep her disgusting mouth closed. Deepak is a two faced rat alo g with rohit and kv who has no backbone. He is worse then two faced. Saw how he showed sympathy to shree in nakli wayy and backstabbing when sitting with Deepak and rohit. This is the worse lot of commonors or and so called actors eg kv rohit etc. This is not entertainment. Shrubi has a mouth like a sewer.

    2. I too want that. ?

  2. Rajjo

    itni hi problem h bigg boss ko shree, deepika, megha n jasleen se to nikaal do na… evict kr do sabko phir krte rehna apne chamcho k saath show…hn to saare nominated kyun no eviction kr rhe ho… bahut galat h na shree, dipika jas n megha to kr do na bahr inhe kisne roka h bhai… i can’t understand why everytime these people need to give explaination…. rohit jab team blue ka hokar team red ki taraf se khel rha tha to vo mastermind tha but jasleen ne kiya to vo biased thi haan thi vo biased becoz she doen’t wanted someone from that team to be captain n i feel to some extent it was right according to her as any of the other team if given power will select jas’s team for nominations n that she knew… actually this whole bb is biased… dipika seriously doesn’t fits here… n shree also becoz this show tells to control anger which he is not doing at all and his haters know that so they keep instigating him always n when shree gets provoked n says anything they make issue…
    salmaan said this much to shree but to surbhi compared to him nothing… the way she was behaving in yesterday’s episode making sounds calling “ae chhotu”” disgusting why didn’t he said that as becoz she is a girl… you don’t have the courage actually you keep yelling at shree as its shree who gives footage n trp to the show… n its true…

    1. Rajjo

      sorry no one take it wrong… i said *jasleen didn’t want someone from other team to be captain which was right according to her…

    2. Ek baat mukhe samakh aya.. Trp aise hi milti h.. Jo sahi h usey blame karo.. Aur janta se reactions lo.. Surbhi ko kuch bol k fauda mhi hona tha host and show ko..

      Sree dpka jas and megha ko bol k fayda hona tha.. And actula m hua bhi.. Kal twitter dekhna and even telly updates hi dekh lo.. Log bhar bhar k comments karemge like u n medoing..

      Makers ko bhi pata h janta se reactions kaise lene h.. And unko bhi pata h sree is not wromg.. But they are using sree.. sree when he says badabout this show… Cz uskobhi pata h ki ye show k naam pe kya chal raha h.. Ye reality show nhi h cz yahan real kuch bhi nhi.. Sab kuch makers k hath m h..

    3. @Rajjo correct..

      Footage bhi inhi l9go k naam pe khani h.. Na trp bhi inhi logo se leni h..
      Milo toh h makers ko 2 din se bohot zyada trp.. Dekha nhi 81 comments they kal yahan..

    4. Rajjo

      yes absolutely correct yaar…

  3. Shame on salman

  4. Don’t know how to start…….sree’s emotional outburst was very real for me…….seeing him this way was disturbing…….I had tears myself when romil started crying……..I know what sree did was wrong but not as wrong as what surbhi did……..come on its a mental torture to see surbhi being supported by the host who should be unbiased…….
    I m feeling so bad…….
    Yesterday I said that what sree said was wrong but today its like she deserves it……..seriously……
    I want to write so many abuses for this filthy woman right now…….but I live in a civilised society…….I can’t spill dirt like her…….she us even worse than jagga n om bcoz at least they got what they deserved…….they were thrown out but surbhi#shit is not yet been scolded as she should be…….
    N today i really wanted to slap kV……..what the hell is this man trying to prove…….personal animosity with sree has made him null…….n dumb…..
    Salman didn’t even raise any deeoak’s natter regarding jasleen n dipika rather he wasted time on jasleen n somi by calling them in the witness box…….
    If sree wouldn’t have gone from there then salman wouldn’t have uttered anything against that filthy woman…….flop films gave taken a toll over his mental ability…….
    Sree was really hurt today…….be it real or not at least I was touched by it…….
    I saw romil cry for sree……..change if heart,mind n basically companion have taken the old romil out of him which I hated…….
    Deepak rohit n utmost shit surbhi r the worst contenders ever……bcoz salmon supports them blindly…….bullshit……
    Dipika romil sree keep up guys really…….
    I hope no one gets evicted…….bcoz I have started liking jasleen n megha these days……..

    1. @Nandini..

      I wish the same.. Is baar eviction na ho..

      But i am getting stromg feeling.. Eviction hoga mad megha eliminate hogi.. Which i really dont want.. I really liked shiv bcz he was a very genuine guy.. He got eliminate and now i like megha after him.. And if she will get eliminate then will be really sad…

    2. @XYZ, eviction has been cancelled as per the @endemolshinetv and @khbri reports. It’s a good news as there will be no eviction , there was a difference of very low margin of votes between Jasleen n Megha. If anything happens in the last moment , I don’t know.

  5. Salmaan ke chache ki beti hai surbhi tbhi darta kuch bolne pr……casonova bol diya .,slap matter ke barein mein bola .,middle finger dikha di, dhaka diya shree ko….then shree said one word for her in provocation……jb zuber khan ne galti ki thi gali di thi tb toh bdi class li gai…..imam ke timeout bolne pr jawalamukhi futta tha salmaan ka…..tanisha mukherji pr jb khushal ne khachra fenka tb kitna gussa aaya tha…….apna patience jb test krne ki bari aayi tb muder hi ho jaye dusro ko mat bolo be patience…….blo*dy bigg boss aise logo ko leta jo sirf headache hi krte tv tk on nhi kr skte yeh screams abusive language sune fighting n cheapness dekh lo……patiala babes 9pm pr sony tv pr aata hai it’s better than this stupid show..jb boring ho jaye then find any new thing to watch but never watch this bb

    1. Rajjo

      Omg this happens here…
      I was just wondering why bb majers can’t see social media bashing surbhi a lot… But now i think they will do as they want to… Today whole episode was in favour of surbhi n against shree… Why… Does they are waiting for the day when this psycho kills someone inside the house n then they will kick her???

    2. Salmaan n surbhi nd deepak ko bhi badly badh kiya tha but vo episode m nhi dikhaya , so ye pura kiya thara bigboss editing team ka ,
      Last time yahi hina k sath hota tha …pura focus in a negative way ..dekhate the , ….so trp ese hi milti h in logo ko , what can salman do in this ,

    3. Rajjo

      but that time most of the people were against her(hina) i guess so if they show her negative n gained trp was good for them but this time i can see lot of people supporting shree not becoz he says wrong n they are still supporting him but becoz he doesn’t start any instigation which is not required n also surbhi on the other side equally on fault if shree had gone purposely n said that to her then he was completely wrong but it was her who came first…
      so i just say that both are at fault equally then why to show one as victim n one as criminal

    4. @Rajjo..

      sry to differ…. but sree and surbhi both are not at fault equally… as sree never provoked anyone except vikas and kv in one episode.. but surbhi ka game plan hi yahinh h aur usko footage bhi provoking se hi milti h.. har baar ki tarah sree ne fir bhi surbhi ko kam hi sunaya.. jitna kuch surbhi ne bola wo uska half bhi nhi tha..

      surbhi hoti kon h kisi ki persona life pe comment karne wali….

    5. Rajjo

      dear xyz m also saying the same thing… mene makers k side se bola “ki agar unhe lgta h ki shree aur surbhi dono equally fault pr hn to to sirf shree ko galat n surbhi ko victim kyun dikha rhe hn… ”
      i said that becoz salmaan said you both were wrong so according to makers both are at fault
      i also know that this psycho is always wrong…

  6. Surbhi Rana is character less and shameful person. Sree is best

  7. I cried watching sree cry and I never cried before watching a emotional movie

  8. Jasleen se jyada biased to Salman hai. Somi too discussed her personal thing in panchayat and her judgement for Romil was influenced by her personal equation.
    Salman is like judge on weekend. Judge wakil ke saath nai baithta to Salman Surbhi ka case discuss karte usko bhaiya kyun bolne deta hai.
    Sree ko past m bahut advantage Mila but this time it was unfair to him. Uska character par bolna galat tha ,agreed. Surbhi ne Romil kly same thing Kiya. Infact Rohit went a step ahead putting allegations that he stares men too.
    What Surbhi did to Sree was not even in a task, so she intentionally bullied him which is an offence. Agar Bahar hoti to usko bhi maar hi parti Deepak k tareh. But wo ladki hai to Salman didn’t say her in same language.
    Neither Salman made Sree understand his mistake as he did with Deepak ki agar aapki bahen ko…
    Surbhi you say you are middle class girl. Sorry no middle class girl behaves as you do. Bully hona is also not cool. Aur jish behave ko apni personality bolti ho proudly sorry but you can’t be same at home or work place. Aur galti accept karke kishi par ehsaan nai karti. In BB loag galti accept karke Salman ko sorry Bolte hai jiske saath Kiya usko nai. Surbhi didn’t go to Sree when he locked himself in bathroom that was inhuman. Deepak too.
    Surbhi ko bully karne kly Bhai ka saath nai chahiye but dhamki deti hai ki Bahar uske Bhai marte if anyone behaves badly to her. Surbhi you are playing girl card so badly. Ek acha bhai tum jaise behave karti ho, pehle tumhe correct karta. Ishe ladki ko Salman ne kuch nai bola but garden mein kv k pass she was behaving depressed. Yesterday she was behaving as a person with hangover. She needs help. Ghar mein tum choti ho, ladli ho would Ghar par chor Kar aao. This woman is hopeless.
    KV ko jasleen kly neither man nor woman wale comment par aitraaz nai tha but aaj wo biche mein Surbhi kly bola. Spineless person. I want iski wife apne husband kly ek open letter lihke. As a woman she should not accept this. I am dragging her here as agar pati k saath hua bura lagta hai to uska kiya bhi bura lagna chahiye. And KV instigated Surbhi. Deliberately didn’t stop her yesterday and baki ko bhi roka aisa karne se. He should be shown door before anyone else.
    Salman asked three women to speak for Surbhi. Megha kly Surbhi ne bhi Deepak ko waise nai bola tha. Surbhi ne khud bola she knew ki Sree waise react karega she knew. That means she did it personally intentionally. So jab wo wahi nikalwana chahti thi muah se to baki Kya karenge. Bakiyon ne Mana Kiya Sree ko. Dipika was right. Aur baki react karte hai ya nai would unki marzi. Kishi chij ka part nai banega koi agar jaane bujhe koi wo kaam game kly karea. Reacting wrongly can be questioned but reaction Dena ya na Dena is choice. KV didn’t react yesterday. Salman didn’t ask him as he got scared.
    Voting is right and duty of citizens but no one asks if people don’t vote in election. Surbhi kly mujhe bura lagta but bus ushi sentence kly but I would not stand for her because for me involving family and career is equally wrong. Baki jo udhar hai nai game mein, na Sree na Surbhi should talk about them. They both went personal so I would not stand for either. Many people will differ but I think this way.

    1. I really felt lyk slapping dat surbhi wen she said shree behave politely on sat sun…. seriously shree is the most real person infront of salman…it was ms rana doing salman bhaiya etc…most fake contestant

    2. Rajjo

      i wanted salman to say plz don’t call me bhaiya now as i doubt you when you put allegations on your bhaiya also donno..

  9. This show seems to be very biased when it comes to surbhi.. she says stupid things, stoops to the level any normal person can never do, says she never crossed any limit and she is not told she is the one who is the root cause for all the fights happening in biggboss house.. In today’s episode too 90% of the times sree was being scolded for the word he used. What about all that surbhi told entire week. Any sane person will loose mind and say things one dont intend to, with so much provoking. What sree told is very bad and unacceptable but that was a reaction to surbhi’s reaction. As they say “As you sow so shall you reap”. She said and did bad she got bad.. About Deepika.. I do not understand why is she called fake. She cares for everyone. She respects everyone and treats every one with love.. In real life too (out side bigg boss) there are people who care for everyone around them, it doesn’t mean all such ppl are fake. It is also true that ppl have extra concern towards few ppl who are close to them. In this house it is sree for deepika. What is wrong in it she feels that he is like her brother so she stands by him and is concerned abt his image on show. What is so fake abt it. Any sister (real or muh boli) would do it to her brother.. she was equally loyal to karanveer too. She stood by him when he was abt to be captain. She stood by him when he was sent to jail for wrong reason. But it was Karanveer who always backstabbed or talked behind her back. She some how down the line got that vibes and gracefully distanced herself from him. From the time she has distanced herself from Karanveer she have never told any I’ll words to him. At the same time Karanveer has done everything a friend (be it in past) would Neve do.
    I also do not say Deepika is some kinda goddess.. she is a person who is not can’t fake for these many days. She is a calm, caring person by nature.. people are not able to digest the fact that she is real coz what ppl expect from contestants of Bigg boss is to act differently, fight shout.. but not being calm like her so she is being titled as fake which is completely incorrect..
    Anyways I would like to see her in finale and winning the show.

  10. I mean people might say “aisa kya bol diya surbhi ne sree ko” but if you pay attention it was more deep & hurtful than anything sree said in counter argument to more than half an hour ragging, for an instance she said “ball chut gai haath se” which is more heart wrenching than a word she intentionally provoked him to say later provoked him more with vulgar gestures and voices idk why no one bring up that in front of salman? But I guess he still wouldn’t have listened and still took her side

    1. Exactly! To understand this point people have to understand his situation fully but I’m afraid since people watch it just for entertainment most even don’t give a chance to analyse deeper meaning behind things being said

  11. Salman said jasleen was partial… How??? Somi was much more partial than jas…
    Always to start with sree is not good… Har baar yahin hota h hc members ki har baat ko itna bada nhi banaya jata jitna baaki logo ki choti si mistake ko bhi 1 week tak rubber koya jata h..

    Sree’s word was wrong.. It was an insult to s*x workers.. But it was appropriate for surbhi.. Bcz of her own behaviour..

    I am liking sree and dpka’s bonding now.. Atleast they have started to take standfor right person on right things… Todays sree’s reaction was justified.. And dpka’s that comment was good ‘i understand how sree is feeling as i got affect by surbhi’ s provoking..

    I didn’t like megha today when she said i even cried on sree’s comment.. When u cried? And that was not a comment on which u have to cry otherwise u r good as u always stand by sree jas and dpka either they stands for u or not.

    I am really liking romil nowadays as he has realize how pathetic surbhi is and even taking stand for dpka, megha and sree… To win the show is not a big thing as to wins the heart of viewers…

    Kv u r going wrong..and it will definitely affect to u in future.. U r loosing ur fans.. Only thing was good to sonsole sree and to tell surbhi she provoked sree…

    Ek time pe priyank bhi apni mistakes samajh gaya tha aur eliminatr hone k 3-4 weeks 0ehle se wo sudhar gaya tha.. Bit suchanti k sudharne k chances 0 pag rahe h..

    Deepak was saying sree didn’t realize his mistake.. So i wants to tell i can see his fear to be blamed as he said something which was going to be highlighted.. He was even trying to good with surbhi and he was scared when he was in. Jail…

    Deepak tpj startimg se hi galti kiye ja raha h.. Kab usko apni galti nhi dikhti tph sree k bare m kaise bol sakte ho.. As a viewer we can see sree ne jo s*x worker wala comment kiya uske turant baad hi usey realze ho gaya tha that he has done mistake..

    I domt why salman highlighted there 3 girls.. But i saw dpka jas and even megha said he should not said thay what sree said…

    @indian.. Read ur one comment where u write something like this….’sree and dpka should be loyal to megha as she supported them… ‘

    Yes i agree as megha always supported sree and dpka and even jas romil when they were right.. So they should be loyal tp her too..

    I was even shocked that sree took megha’s name for jail… Bcz usse tjode time pehle hi surbhi ne kitna bada f8ght kiya tha sree k sath..

    Megha ka sree ka naam lena was justified bcz sree ne usse pehle wale wrek bhi megha ka naam loya tha uski mistkaes ki wajah se i guess but sree ka surbhi ki jagah megha ka naam lena was not at all justified.. Jo apko provoke kar raha h aap usey punishment k liye priority pe nhi rakhte toh ye apki bewakoofi h.. I am glad dpka romil and jas ko tjodi akal aa gayi.. I hope sree ko bhi aa jaye.. And megha bhi ab thoda dimaag se kaam le.. Kisi ko bhi truat na kar k.. Not even dpka and sree..

    Bdw.. Wkw har baar hi unfair hota h aur is baar bhi unfair hi tha.. Y salman didn’t said anything when she do character assassination of romil.. Deepak said jas is neither men nor women.. Is baat pe bhi sapman ne kuvh nhi bola.

    Kisi bandi k loye aisa bolna bhi toh wrong hi h..

    And i have noticed one thing too… Jabse kv ne surbhi n gamg ka side lena start kiya h tabse salman ne bhi kv pecomment karna band kar diya h like bfr…

    1. Agreed to most of the points with a little modification.
      Surbhi was more wrong in this issue because she questioned on Sree’s past, someone who has lost his career because of this and who is emotional – shouldn’t be pushed to that level where u can’t control yourself. She was pathetic in the situation and even she made herself a victim to this “non-celeb woman” club! She was definitely wrong.
      On the WKW of the very first Samudri Lootera task, everyone was against Romil. Romil had said one sentence , “Iss ghar mein mera sabse zyada banta hain KV bhai aur Sree bhai se” that was the day when Sree had cursed him for being the ‘man’ and throwing water on a ‘woman’ sitting on the couch. That was a point when Sree-KV vs Romil ignited . Now, it is Romil-Sree vs KV. Relationships change everyday in this house and they are not shown where they r going wrong. We judge cuz we watch them. So, let it be, KV will lose fans… but if he stands for Sree, people inside will call him fake, if stands for Surbhi, people will say he’s wrong! As long as he doesn’t watch his journey, he wouldn’t get where he’s wrong. Usko wohi dikhta hain jo uske aas paas hain. He will be there for Sree but Surbhi is his friend too… so, let it be. And Never say Never! Megha was in the same position (if she had cried) because that comment was a little low. It’s a very easy human sentiment to shame someone by demeaning s*x! Matlab kuch vi ho jaye, motherf**ker to sisterf**ker to pr*stitutes… we go on them! And here I will love to appreciate Deepak. He is irritating , but he isn’t like Surbhi to attack someone’s career, neither he uses something to demoralise people who are trapped in the s*x trafficking. He irritates too much but never hits beyond the belt! And my love, Somi wasn’t biased according to me. See, at the last point, case were – Dipika’s less involvement vs KV’s fake mahanta. Is KV’s fake mahanta even a point to be justified in panchayet??? Somi didn’t go to anyone, she was fair enough. That I strongly believe. Surbhi should be thrown out of the house, and Sree must get a lesson to never shame someone next time.

  12. Sandeep Virk

    I so much hate surbhi Deepak rohit and more than that I’m starting to dislike Salman now…how could u Sallu? Seriously u r defending this filthy woman…seriously out of your mind man..and how can he prove jas biased and make somi man of the task…somi was equally biased..if she was fair then why in the last round she was adamant to judge dipika..seriously bb jae bhaar main..all r vain…and I just loved how dpka stood by sree in front of Salman…this woman is genuine and all those who r calling her fake should shut up now…and romil is turning out to be a gem day by day..I can see his frustration towards surbhi…Salman need to stop turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to surbhis filth and tackle her accordingly

    1. @Sandeep , Dipika is NOT fake. Her involvement is less. People see her only with Sree. She doesn’t go to Megha who loves her. That’s why people “term” it fake. She is totally genuine . And that’s a Karma where one day, all were calling Dipika fake just because she had chosen Sree to go out, and now, all needs to realise this that her vibes were and are totally real. She stood by him everytime and that’s appreciable. ❤

    2. I liked this thing actually that even if she was called fake she didn’t try to show other side whatever she was she kept remaining… N by the time people got it that it is her real side she is actually like that…

  13. 1 more thing-salman continuously blamed dipika for not saying anything to sree……..if idiot salman would have seen the episode then he would have known how strongly n strictly she scolded sree…….salman have some personal grudges with dipika I guess……he always blames her for anything wrong in the house……dumb head kahi ka…….

  14. @Airplanes…

    U said one day.. That i dont have any fav. Tph agra romil winner hoga then i will say he was my fav..

    Yes as i have started like him.. Just bcz of he is on right track now and if he will reamains like this till the end .. So i will not be happy if he wins the show as he is still not my fav but i will not be sad too…. As i dont dislike him now…

    1. @XYZ , Same I would say. 🙂 Romil is turning to be a sweerheart day by day. And if he wins, I won’t be ashamed to call him my favourite in the finals during the second half. In the first half, my favourite was KV for sure.
      And Romil is more loved because he has changed from being a villain to being a hero.
      Dipika was beautifully “correct” from the first !! (she is biased to Sree n covers his crimes but yeah, she never goes wrong herself) that is why, we are Loving Romil more than Dipika.
      Dipika was good, is good.
      Romil was bad, is good.
      { p.s. good or bad is relative. I m judging on the basis of issues that had happened }

    2. Rajjo

      liked the way dipika handled herself yesterday… she is a strong woman n need to be active in the show… on instagram its trending “lioness deepika”…

  15. Did anyone notice salman asked deepika and Megha what was being said about sree in the house? Producers really are showing him edited epi or else his reaction would’ve been same the way it was with swami om

  16. Romil tears today looked calculated and a way to gain sympathy you can’t just start crying for someone you were b*t*hing about two days ago he has took part in same kind of bullying before and took bullies side and was in kvs shoes at that time as well

    1. He has never been close enough to sree to see how badly it all affects to him, he was never in the bathroom to console him or to see him cry today he witnessed it all and that made him cry at least that’s what I thought but you could be right also

    2. @Anonymous I don’t agree that Romil tears were fake. If he would cry when Surbhi was telling all that to Sree I would still agree that Romil is faking as bullying pehle bhi hua hai.
      But I think he cried because firstly in a way Surbhi got clean chit from Salman, secondly Sree was actually helpless today and was insulted to another level by Salman. If Salman charges someone to HMs ushe gunehgar karar de dete hain. Romil would have been part of bullying previously but he knew his limits. This time Surbhi did something which was inhuman. Biwi, bacha, khel sab include kiya. Charges on Sree were not that much wrong but way it was handled was wrong. Anyone could have cried seeing Sree today. I think for the first time I am telling Sree was not that much at fault. May be Romil felt the same.
      And this week has been emotionally weak for Romil. Jab koi bhara hua ho pehle se to chota sa trigger works. Romil waise bhi Surbhi k against bhara para hai as she charged on him also but was not asked once to clarify by Salman.
      Romil ko pehle bhi dikhaya hai ki when Sree was saying that he wanted to commit suicide he was touched hearing that. He didn’t like akhara fight with him too. Aur pehle bhi he did say ki uske cricket kly jo uska fan hai wo part rahega hamesha.
      Today I really felt ki Sree ko nai aana chahiye tha itne controversial show mein as he doesn’t know how to handle anger and sayad wo aisa kabhi dekha nai logon ko. Uske manager ko batana chahiye tha ushe ki what to expect in BB house. Surbhi was as bad as priyanka jagga bus jagga ko nikala gaya aur ishe puchkara gaya.

  17. What do I say i kinda feeling worn out commenting about the negative points about this show and that is all it has left to comment on about 🙁 there’s never a satisfying upshot to all the villainous stuff that happens on weekdays everything is biased and host looks clueless like half the stuff is being hide from him, and why did he praise somi for?what did she do so exemplary that needed a shoutout? She’s being groomed to be in top 6 I remember someone said here that the HMS who were enacted by those colors actors will be top 6 and I now have some doubt about it too but truly if she made into top 6 then that’ll be the final nail in bbs coffin no one take it seriously, I want to know did Megha really cry? I don’t take her as someone who would lie exaggeration is one thing but I don’t think she would outright make up a scenario?and finally sree what do I say i really felt bad for him today even though his comment was wrong regardless of the context he shouldn’t have said it however if he was being called out over it then surbhi should have also been put in her place more strictly she admitted she provoked him for a reaction then why was she acting like a helpless being?

  18. Someone please explain me why was jasleen-somi non issue was discussed for half the time?& why was deepika reproached for showing concern about somi’s feelings? & why was somi praised while jasleen blamed for being biased when to me both of their decisions were influenced by their personal equation with HMS?how come surbhi was almost sobbing for what sree said when she moments later said herself that she provoked him for an ugly reaction and she has the nerve to call him sadist lol……….. there were so many topics salman could’ve raised and audience would’ve appreciated it but instead he talked about matter that didn’t even matter at all besides if that’s what he wanted to talk about then atleast better have been fair about it and gave credit qhere it was due like to me jasleen as a panch was more entertaining to watch than somi

    1. These are the topic were bigboss get trp, bigboss was not happy with their decisions to handle it themselves. Bigboss wanted a issue about these all things

    2. But there was nothing controversial about jasleen and somis topic?it was a maha bore it looked like to me they were desperately trying to give somi some screen time cause she totally faded in front of jasleen performance and her praise should’ve gone to jasleen & deepika they were the best performer of that task who actually filled it with life

  19. Sree needs to pay 2.5 crore off to colors and come out of contract then get out of that hell hole asap self harm isn’t a good sign whatsoever, when he said he tried committing suicide after match fixing allegations I thought he has left that all behind because you can only talk about this kind of stuff when you’re somewhat ready to move on, no doubt he’ll always carry the weight of being disgraced on false charges but i really thought that he has come to an understanding of compartmentalizing it & carrying forward but I guess I misjudged the magnitude of the shame & hurt he’s still holding onto and these episodes of mental torture where that specific part of life is used against him & then the perpetrator is made to question him over his retaliation is deteriorating his mental health, his reaction there was that huge cause he directly compared it as a replication of what happened with him in real life where culprits were left to roam free(their names weren’t even disclosed) whereas he was banned for life for nothing, if only Salman had said something to surbhi before reproaching sree for his comments then I don’t think he has had such an intense emotional outburst smh I deeply feel sad for him (hope he gets justice in his real life & mental peace) 🙁

  20. “Jab aapke( megh) saath hua tha tu aapne saara ghar sar pe utha liya tha”- and you salman embarrassed her for it called her an opportunist now asking for same reaction?but she did in fact took a stand for surb*t*h by sending sree to jail even though she was ruining her equation with him through it idk whoever writes wkw script need to be fired it’s always riddled with stupid logic

    1. Rajjo

      for this point even i want to ask surbhi “jab aapne jasleen k character k baare me bola, romil k character ke baare me bola vo kya tha… amrit ugal rhi thi aap…”

  21. Everything aside, did Salman bring up what Deepak said about Jasleen a few days ago?
    Something about not being a lady

  22. Evict surbhi rana

    very dissapointed with todays episode.i thought salman wil take a class of surbhi but nothing happened.just told her about her provocation that let sree to say that wrong word.i wasted time watching this episode.its better not to watch such show with filthy characters like surbhi,rohit.last seasons peoples who have class were part of house like kamya punjabi,gauhar khan,hiten tejwani etc.this season not so.

  23. News says guests tried to solve Sree and Surbhi’s problem. Aisa BB mein hi ho sakta hai. Itne burea spat k baad adult logon mein to dosti nai hoti bhai. Aur bachea jaise innocent hote ye logon to itna ganda jatea hi nai.

  24. AnuAnu

    So, I never understood some points is sree equality guilty in the captaincy task? From what I saw it was that surbhi who pushed sree but Salman said sree what!!!!!
    2. How is jasleen biased and not somi?
    She gave points to chaepak against sree’s case.if she was adamant on taking KV’s case then somi also were adamant on taking deepikas case. Bcz somi new if KV’s case were taken their team would loose. Bcz KV himself said he is a mahan in the show.
    3.salman asked three ladies why did

  25. WOW salman khan u wasted 30mins jsleen n somi when there ws no need and the rest off show tlking bout charactless word most biased host ever!! His still in shock over tubelight n rce 3 debacle!
    Y didnt he bring up regarding romil n surbhi fight where she degrdes romil for staring n mking a mockery of brother sister reltion!
    But no he had to talk bout deepika n shree relation cz its pure!
    Ps airplane golden heart romil has won my heart today

  26. AnuAnu

    So, I never understood some points is sree equality guilty in the captaincy task? From what I saw it was that surbhi who pushed sree but Salman said sree what!!!!!
    2. How is jasleen biased and not somi?
    She gave points to chaepak against sree’s case.if she was adamant on taking KV’s case then somi also were adamant on taking deepikas case. Bcz somi new if KV’s case were taken their team would loose. Bcz KV himself said he is a mahan in the show.
    3.salman asked 3 ladies why did ladies did stop sree what he said. I think Salman was sleeping when jasleen.,megha N Dipika clearly stopped sree and Dipika went to washroom after arguing.
    4.when KV was calling jas na women na mard Salman was also sleeping.
    5.when KV surbhi nohit was playing with somebodys garments Salman logged out of his social media accounts….
    6.when cheapak and surbhi called jas gold digger there was no khadkhara and no arguing.
    7.when cheapak said chal chalan Salman was like “” he didn’t say it intentionally ” and you” intentionally did it ” to phir bhai intention ho na ho if you comment on someone’s character they must either be deaf not to react like surbhi called you sree Casanova which is a strong word if u Google it and in return character less
    8. Character less vyakthithv heen hona right?
    Tho Phir surbhi har vakt Dipika ko yahi bolti hai….!!! I think Salman doesn’t know hindi.
    9 surbhi “I know I behave like a kid” konsa kid anger mein Gaali dhethe hai? I mean i have my sister’s kid at home what she does is cry on small things??????
    10.what if Dipika ask somi not to bring her and sree’s personal matter. Which judge agree not the bring her personal matter in court? If judge is okay and can do it then why not a lawyer. I liked the way Dipika said it’s my presence of mind. She was very good as a lawyer. She didn’t shout like cheapak. Of course Salman didn’t congratulate her but that stupid somi.
    11.whats with KV? I don’t what he is doing? He is waiting for sree to say or do something.

    13 what does rohit mean by world cup khelna badi Baat Nahin hai? Nahin 1 serial karna badi Baat hain ofcourse woh bhi controversy ke saath..
    Hmm let me think if I missed any points

    1. On All questions, I agree to you.
      Except point 2.
      1) If u judge Somi, then judge Jasleen too. Somi wanted Dipika’s case, Jasleen wanted KV’s case. Somi cut / Jasleen cut.
      2) Dipika’s less involvement vs. KV’s fake mahanta. Which case do u find stronger? If it was “KV’s incapability to judge between wrong and right” — that would be a stronger case.
      We can’t point finger at someone for being fake. How do u know who’s fake and who isn’t . Call it strategy if u are fake !!
      Jasleen 0 / Somi 1.
      3) Jasleen went to everyone . Somi didn’t . Jasleen 0 / Somi 1.
      4) Somi didn’t bring Sree-Dipika’s issue or Deepak-Somi’s issue because she respected the equation and u can’t call a relationship fake! Somi extra 1 point as she favoured both teams.
      5) Somi listened to all where Romil was accused to call her weak.
      Jasleen listened to Megha’s story, then told about herself as the victim to Deepak’s taunts. Somi didn’t ask Romil why he called her weak, she just listened to the lawyer. Jasleen herself became the lawyer and blamed Deepak for her personal previous issues.
      Somi 1 / Jasleen 0.

      Therefore , Somi was extremely fair as a Judge.

    2. AnuAnu

      @Arohi ofcourse KV’s he said he is a mahan in the fill in blanks task when kamiya, surbhi and Anita came so that case would have been easily won.

    3. 7) Ranbir Kapoor is casanova . He had a string of girlfriends . Sreeshanth dated 5 women before from the film industry as per I know.
      “Raat 11 baaje ki baad….” – To those women who do not date, to those women who are helpless to sleep! Difference .

    4. AnuAnu

      @Arohi it’s the context of calling one Casanova. Surbhi said you were a Casanova in a heated argument. And in the reply not to her face BTW ‘this girl is BEHAVING like those girls’.

    5. But usually character less ka meaning bahaut obvious hai. A matured man knows what it means when ur using it for a girl. Deepak nr bhi toh unintentionally bola tha tb bhi uski class lagi along with megha waise hi sree aur surbhi ki bhi cls lgi dono galat last week bhi aur iss week bhi.

    6. 8) If “characterless” is vyaktiwyahin,
      Then “chalchalan” is movement and locomotion. Right ?

    7. AnuAnu


      Totally disagree
      5.Somi did ask Romil why did you call me weak? So Somi also played victim card go and listen carefully. said somi respected private issues.. Then why did Salman ask Dipika only if a pack was formed?
      A pact is BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE!!!!!! So which judge form a pact with a lawyer? If she was so called fair???
      3.what you meant jas went to everyone? Kahin pe likha thaa? Vaise bhi somi ab kisi bhi club ke member nahin hain so she is usually seen with Romil. And jas ate with Somi that day usually she doesn’t. Go and watch episode clearly plz

      7.then why didn’t Casanova point wasn’t asked its the same meaning when it’s a man
      8.exactly my point Salman doesn’t know hindi. Why was the character less word given more importance than chalchalan? Then if it means locomotion in English then characterless in Hindi also fair
      9. Raat 11 baaje ki baad… is there any other women in the house that behave like her? Who push her chest against a man like she did? And the way she calls with a sound? Explain that if you can. Whatever sree said was an reaction to an action.

      2.kv himself said he is mahan and in the rihai task Dipika bought somi a hammer when she couldn’t have that’s what’s called mahanta not playing with somebody’s garments ?????

    8. @AnuAnu ,
      4.Somi listened to a certain point which Dipika came up with. Somi didn’t go to Dipika. Dipika went to Somi to ask.
      And Dipika respected her opinion . If Dipika had told this in the panchayet, it could be a different story leaving somi with no other option left.
      So, Dipika was wrong, not Somi.
      Somi is an individual too, and she was asked by Dipika. She replied on her own.
      Jasleen made discussions.

      8. that’s because housemates gave “chalchalan” more importance. Salman gave “characterless” more importance . Equality needed.

      9. True. I repeat that Surbhi was wrong. But don’t compare that with “casanova” word. U better say, “Surbhi demeaned Sree’s career. Sree demeaned Surbhi’s character.” That’s an equal point to fight for.Casanova is extremely polite compared to being called “pr*stitute”!

      2. Sweetheart , people call him mahan. Salman trolls him for being mahan. He is as he is. That lingerie thing was shameful! But it had nothing to do with his “mahanta”! For his mahanta, he sacrificed many a times. People just got a reason to hate him… but that incident had NOTHING to do with “mahanta” which he was accused for !

      Lastly, it was a tie when both teams got 3. Then at KV vs Dipika, obviously ,accusation on Dipika was stronger than KV. u can’t call “fakeness” to be a crime. There, Jasleen sticked to her point. Till then , Somi was fair enough .

    9. @AnuAnu, KV’s incident was not even seen by housemates . So, they couldn’t even put up that incident on behalf of KV at the panchayet. Logically , KV had no fault on their eyes. So, justified criminal was Dipika.
      Therefore , Somi was fair.

    10. 5) there is a mistake. That lingerie was thrown at KV. Don’t term that as “he was playing!” And social media is trolling KV, why not ROHIT ??? ? Just because they got one final point to blame KV for the first time (I agree he was wrong)

    11. AnuAnu

      @Arohi it’s bcz Rohit never played and said he is mahan. Simple KV did. And his wife’s open letter made him more mahan ??? the point is KV should have reacted the way he reacted on wkw against jas, megha and Dipika like why are u still supporting him?

    12. AnuAnu

      @Arohi Dipika went to somi ya phir somi came to Dipika there was some pact. If somi was so fair then she should have said ‘you can say anything in court there is nothing personal’ like she raised qns when Dipika called sree ‘bhai’ in court and she was immediate to respond along with Deepak.
      Hmmm justify that?
      Somi waise bhi kisi ke Saath discuss nahi karti and jas does so she may have done her daily routine.


    13. AnuAnu

      @Arohi really Somi is an individual too, and she was asked by Dipika. So you say Dipika started it and hence she is wrong. Right?

      You said somi is an individual too. She took Dipika proposal and took advantage which judge does that. There may be many to bribe you in the first place sweetheart..
      It’s your decision that’s make you a fair person. Got it?

      Again now my next point u said Dipika started it so she is wrong. Now in the Sree surbhi fight who started it??

      There is no smoke without fire…. ?????

    14. 11) When Sreeshanth leaves tasks, do you blame Dipika for that ?
      When Surbhi crosses her limit by stooping so low, why are you blaming KV ?
      KV and Dipika are supporting their friends , right ?

    15. AnuAnu

      When did I do that? At least Dipika argues with sree to some extent. KV as friend doesn’t. Remember when he said say sorry to Romil. He said “say sorry to Romil do it as a task”. And when sree commented on surbhi about the Raat 11 baje wala Dipika argued atleast!!!!!!!!!!! So Dipika is better

    16. 6) no special platform , correct.
      But in a show where Salman Khan was always biased towards Happy Club, where he never pointed fingers at Surbhi-Deepak even if they committed greatest mistakes, for the FIRST TIME, he slammed Surbhi and Deepak for doing character assassination .

    17. AnuAnu

      @Arohi was it equal to SREESHANTH’S? Did he say anything against Deepak’S comments on jas?

    18. 4) When ??? When did KV say that ? *.*

    19. AnuAnu


    20. 5) Let us assume “KV was playing” —–
      KV pulled down his own character .
      Sree calling Surbhi ‘call girl’—–
      Sree pulled down someone else’s character!
      Don’t compare these two mistakes.
      Call it “Surbhi vs Sree” —- Surbhi IS WRONG.

    21. AnuAnu

      @Arohi exactly my point. You said these were mistakes. Then why did only sree’s mistake was given moree imp???? This is what I have been trying to say.

    22. @AnuAnu..

      Wow… What a comment….
      Agreed to ur each point. ?

    23. Rajjo

      sorry to interrupt but i didn’t find salman slamming surbhi or deepak this time as he slammed megha in previous week…

    24. AnuAnu

      @Rajjo in wkw where they Callender jas a gold digger. But it was not that rude

  27. As Xyz said correctly, they are actually trying to provoke audience to get trp. Else ye show itna bhi Nahi chalta. Losers

  28. Sree ne toh bas 1 line boli …agar mujhe surabhi ne itna mental torture kita hota toh main use thappad maar k baahar nikalna pasand krti…. shame on salman… wkv was too bad… kv ne isi se bachne k liye happy club join kr liya….. salman always give egs of himself going 2 jail…. seriously ….everyone knws ki wo kaise aur kitne tym jail gya…. vivek oberoi ko toh ye maaf kr nhi paaya…surbhi ne iske saath kuch kiya hota tab samajh aata

  29. If that psycho SURBHI has said the same things to salman and provoked him will he justify SURBHI the same way he justified her against sree .. and what did say she is a middle class non celb that’s why she is hearing all this…madam actually you were being justified throughout the episode it was sree bashing from salman…and last when she saw sree crying she started to play the women’s card..non celebrity tag..
    Literally i was crying when i saw the emotional break down of sree..he has suffered a lot in his life and he is trying to recover from the past..when a person completely provokes him and on the Reaction of that if he passed such comments then how come we can say that he is completely wrong…he broke out coz he found that salman was repeatedly saying it was his fault and surbhi was not given any clas….
    I stopped watching this as this season is fully biased and covering up the wrong doers

  30. Deepak and Megha eliminated??

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