Bigg Boss 12 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi goes crazy

Bigg Boss 12 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 31
Bigg boss shows new secret ‘I liked a girl but she actually turned out to be girl and it happened a lot of time’. All laugh. Deepak says this must be Romil, KV says I will stay away.

KV says to Deepak that Romil might be the one.
Deepak says I cant trust guys now.

Gong plays, Deepak and Shiv runs, Shiv presses buzzer and says my guess is Romil. Bigg boss says your guess it right. All laugh. Shiv says this is like a boss. Romil says Bigg boss this was a college story, doesnt happen all the time.

Bigg boss shows new secret ‘I had affair with two people in college”. All look at Surbhi, Surbhi says dont put everything on me.

Gong plays, Shiv presses buzzer, Shiv says its Surbhi.

Bigg boss says you are right. Shiv hugs Surbhi. Surbhi says I told two people. Sree makes fun of it.

Next secret is ‘I lied to my family and lost a lot of relations for a person I cared for’. All are guessing. Deepak asks Saba, she shakes her head. Surbhi takes Deepak from there. Shiv says really? Surbhi says I told you when it was me. Saba says to Deepak it can be anyone. Deepak says its Deepika, her husband is Muslim so her parents must have been against him.
Deepika says to Shiv that all are guessing its me but I am not, keep guessing. He thanks her.
KV says to Deepak that it can be Sourabh as he is from village. Saba says to Deepak that it might be me.

Gong plays, Deepak presses buzzer and says its Sourabh. Bigg boss says your answer is wrong. Shiv guesses that its Saba. Bigg boss says you are right. Deepak says to Saba that you didnt tell me. Saba says I told you, Surbhi says why you told him its Deepika first? Saba says I was playing first but I told him later. Surbhi says you are lying. Saba says I am not lying. Deepak says I swear she didnt tell me. Surbhi says you are a liar. Saba asks her to stay in limit. Surbhi says people are spitting on names, cursing each other here. Saba says I told Deepak indirectly. Surbhi says task has ended, Shiv got 5 points and Deepak got 2 points. Bigg boss says Shiv won and has become captain. Bigg boss says two secrets are remaining, lets guess who they belong to. First secret is ‘I didnt complete my graduation’. All guess it to be Anup, Sristy laughs and says its me. Next secret is ‘I saved myself from casting couch’. All guess that its Deepika. Deepika says correct.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Shiv said he knew from before. Surbhi says they must be lying, she must have told Shiv, Saba is a liar.

Deepak says to KV that I was losing so Saba told answer to Shiv and made him captain.
Surbhi says to Saba that I have a big problem with you lying. Somi asks her to stop it, you can look in camera, she did tell.
Romil says to Deepak that you might have not understood when she said. Deepak says she didnt tell me when I was guessing it to be Deepika.

Saba says to camera that I told Deepak it was me, I hope its in camera.
Urvashi comes to Deepak and says Saba did tell you that it was her. Deepak shouts at her to not talk to him, she leaves. Surbhi says Urvashi is a wrong person, Deepak is right to be like that with her.

Sree says to Deepika and Shiv that Surbhi has been shouting and cursing people here, I saw a clip when she was entering house that would do all this drama. Jasleen says she would put you in jail. Sree says I dont care about that, I am not sparing her, I will take on her and then you people jump in too.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Sree was saying you smoke in washroom. Surbhi says he is putting wrong allegations on me, he is very cheap and low level man, I will show him his place before leaving house.

Sree says to Sristy and others that it will be Surbhi, Romil and Saba. Sourabh says what Romil has done. Sristy says he keeps doing stuff to provoke. Sree says Romil sleeps in washroom. Sree says Deepak knows this too.

Day 33
Inmates wake up to song baby to bass.. they all dance and enjoy. Shiv grooves his bum, Sristy laughs.

Jasleen asks Deepak if its confirmed? Deepak says mine is confirmed. Anup says I have seen a girl smoking in washroom, its not right. Romil says this is a family show, girl’s family might not know about her smoking so dont talk about it. Jasleen says its against rules of house so we will talk, Surbhi was smoking in washroom, she came out and it was smelling, I asked her to not smoke in washroom, she asked me to not tell it to anyone, I saw a cigarette mark on tissue. Deepak looks on.

Deepak says to Surbhi that I am angry that I supported you, you lied to me, you were in washroom. Surbhi says I didnt lie. He says you do it so your mother cant see it.
Surbhi comes to Sree and says you have put wrong allegation on me, you are cheap and low-level man, if wrong allegation is put on me then I wont spare you, she shouts at Deepak too that I will smoke if I want, I wouldnt do anything which my mother doesnt like. Romil tries to calm her but Surbhi says this Sree is a jerk, he wants to bring this topic up so bring it on, whole India will know how cheap this man is. Romil asks her to calm down. Surbhi shouts to shut up, you all men are scared of a girl, you dont find anything against me so you put false allegations, I am lioness for my mother and I didnt do anything so why put wrong allegations on me? this man is a ******, she shouts at Romil that you are *******. Jasleen asks her to mind her language. Sourabh shouts that Romil is supporting, he was trying to calm you, if you dont understand then dont come to me. Jasleen asks her to mind her language. Surbhi shouts that I will not accept wrong allegations, you people can do anything. She shouts at Deepak that you are a wrong person, dont talk about my mother in show.

Somi says to Deepika that her face is red of shouting so much.
Deepak says to Romil that she was shouting on us so we had to answer. Jasleen says its not worth to talk with her, lets go. Jasleen takes everyone from there. Romil looks at Surbhi sadly. Surbhi comes to Deepak and says you people are cheaters, you are not friends. She goes to washroom. Saba tries to console her. Surbhi asks her to leave, all leave. Surbhi screams mama and cries.
Deepak says to Romil and says she came to me yesterday and didnt accept it. Romil says she should understand that her family is watching and if they dont like it then she shouldnt do it.

Surbhi says to Somi that they cant say I am doing anything against my family. Somi shouts at her to calm down.

Sree says to Romil that Surbhi said bad words for everyone, she shouted at Deepak too. Romil says Deepak is ready to nominate her too. He says promise and leaves. Deepika comes there. Sree says its peace.. she talked so bad. Deepika says Romil can go on her side so be prepared.

Jasleen says to Saba that I smelled Surbhi smoking so I will vote to send her to jail. Saba says why are you telling now? you should have told on time, this is not the way to send someone to jail. Jasleen says you wouldnt convict a murderer after two years? dont try to cover up your mistakes by taking her side, all are against her.

Jasleen says to Shiv that I didnt see cigarette but she asked me to remain silent. Shiv says we can take Deepika’s name for jail too. Jasleen says Romil have said a few words, Sree told me that he said some things but he didnt tell me what it was.

Surbhi is shouting and says I am Surbhi Rana and nobody can take me down, we will reveal secrets of bahu in house, never believe betrayers, Deepak and Deepika laughs.
Jasleen says to Shiv that I dont have animosity with Surbhi. Deepika comes there and says what a woman? she is going on non-stop, she is too wild for being wild-car entry.
Surbhi keeps rapping and insulting inmates, she raps for Sree. Sree laughs and says this girl is unbelievable. Surbhi says take stand for atleast on person in house. She mimics Shiv. Surbhi says someone spit on name so I took stant but people with big bodies dont do aything here. All laugh at her antics. Surbhi says my rule is to be with truth and I am brave and brave people win in life so I am winner of Bigg boss.

Romil says to Surbhi to eat something, if you are right then you dont have to give explanation. Surbhi says I will irritate him in my style. Romil says nobody saw it but why did you ask Jasleen to remain silent? Surbhi says if anyone talks about smoking so anyone would say to stop talking on camera.

Anup says to inmates that she is getting difficult to live with.
Surbhi cries in her bed.

Bigg boss asks inmates to mutually decide three inmates whom they want to send to jail, Shiv is captain so cant be part of it. Surbhi says breaking rules in house is a big thing, I heard that someone said I was smoking in washroom and Jasleen said it, she put wrong allegation so I take her name first. Jasleen says I asked you to not smoke in washroom and you asked me to remain silent, I didnt make it an issue but when Anup and Sree asked me, I said yes I was there. Surbhi says my second name is Sree for using spit, she takes Deepika’s name for throwing water. Sristy takes Surbhi’s name for disturbing peace, she takes Romil’s name for breaking rules, she takes Saba’s name. Somi takes Sree, Surbhi’s name, she takes Jasleen’s name. Deepak says Surbhi cursed people here. Surbhi says I didnt curse anyone here today, I talked about back of people, its not a curse. Deepak takes Sree’s name as he felt bad, he takes Deepika’s name for throwing water on his face. Jasleen says let me tell you what happened, she takes Surbhi’s name and says I didnt see her smoking, she asked me to remain silent and I didnt say anything, I am telling it was a doubt, Anup and Sree saw that video. Shiv says Jasleen said that there was cigarette in washroom. Jasleen says I didnt say I saw her smoking, we are all from good families, she keeps saying bad stuff. Surbhi says dont talk about family. Jasleen takes Sree and Deepika’s name. Anup takes Sree and Deepika’s name, Anup says that we dont even feel safe with Surbhi here, I feel like she should be sent out of house. Sree takes Romil’s name, Surbhi’s name, he is thinking about third name. KV takes Surbhi, Somi and Romil’s name. Shiv takes Surbhi’s name for shouting, he takes Romil’s name. Bigg boss asks for names. Shiv says its Surbhi, Sree and Romil. Bigg boss says as captain, Shiv have a right to free one selected inmate from jail and take someone’s else name. Shiv says I want to save Romil and send Deepika. Bigg boss says Deepika, Surbhi and Sree will be sent to jail, he asks Shiv to put them in jail. Sree is angry and throws things away. Deepika says its okay. Surbhi laughs and says I will enjoy there. Shiv says to Sree that you wanted to go to jail last night, Sree says not with Surbhi. He goes to washroom.

PRECAP- Salman says to inmates that I am shocked. Anup says I have requested to send Surbhi out of house. Surbhi says Anup is too diplomatic. Salman questions Sree’s sportsmanship and says when people see you like this, they will question that you played for India, you cant quit like this, Sree looks down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m laughing still and I’m happy to see shiv as caption but fear inside how will he manage because he’s still immature to understand this Bigg boss startagy but I love his character more anyways congratulations shiv🀞😊
    and surbi have some personal then why everyone involved in this and yesterday she says sree needs hospital but now she behaves but everyone are in equally rights and wrongs…

    Deepika lines of wild card and wild act is funny 😁 secrets are wonderful fun ..

  2. Kya h yaar bakwas

  3. First of all i dont like surbhi but today i didn’t find her wrong..

    if she was smoking then that is not a big deal… u can give any reason .. waise bhi aaj kal bb m reasons matter nhi karte..
    but surbhi ko jail bhejne ka reason tha wo mujhe sahi nhi laga.. cz india m most of the ppl family se chup k drink n smoke karte h toh us baat ka issue banane ki need nhi thi…surbhi ki acting thodi zyada ho gayi but she is not wrong this time
    second thing.. accha bura chahe jaisa bhi ho but surbhi perform bhi karti h n content bhi deti h..
    jasleen n anup toh kuch bhi nhi kar rahe..
    surbhi n jasleen k comparison m surbhi is better than jasleen… cz jasleen makeup chod k shayad aur kuch nhi kar rahi..

    and deepak… ye banda kisi ka saga nhi h neither urvashi nor surbhi…surbhi supported deepak in saba matter still he didn’t support her when she needed him…

    bdw, i like romil today.. he was the only one who supported surbhi…

    first dpka tried to be smart and rule the housemates and she failed badly…

    now sree ka game usi pe bhari pad gaya…sree ko laga tha ab sare housemates uski baat sun rahe h aur usi k according play karenge but actually wo double cross hua….. but i am not feeling bad for him…

    in this season commoners are much more smarter than celebrities…

    1. Xyz, nahi yaar .. smoke karne ke wajah se nhi..
      The accusation is she did smoke inside washroom., which is against BB rules.. it’s strictly written that to use smoke room only for smoking ( whoever it is).. but there r cameras in smoke room.. so Surbhi might hav wanted to hide herself from cameras while BB 11 too pictures of Shilpa ,sapna and one more lady ( Jyothi or Arshi) smoking inside smoke room was captured by cameras .. All Garwale is against Surbhi for smoking inside washroom only… Which she did to hide frm viewers including her mom for sure…
      Meanwhile m happy that Deepak is not captain… When he fails ,he gets angry over others he blames jasleen and Saba for not telling him secret… But he forgot what he did to saba and somi in task…? He changed his word for his own benefit..
      Agree that Anup , Jasleen not doing anything., Urvashi and Shristy r not visible much.
      Esp Shristy..!

  4. Poor sree..he didnt think that he will end up in jail with surbhi..I didnt understand why shiv saved romil and put dipika in jail..he should have saved sree as he seems more close to him this week..or maybe he thought dipika can handle him better so he sent dipika with these 2..surbhi seems a bit off sometimes..I think Salman should reprimand her for her foul language and aggression.. seriously if Salman lets it go this time this girl will totally drive everyone nuts with her antics

    1. @sandeep… shiv’s that move is correct..
      he was fair and somewhere he knows jasleen,shiv saurabh sab pyaade h jis din saba somi urvashi saurabh out hue ye log usi ka no. sabse pehle lagayenge…

      so its better safe side le k chalo… bdw i like his decision…
      bcz sree.dpka and surbhi made a mistake by their antics so they are well deserved to sent jail…

  5. I don’t know but I do have a habit to defend the one person everybody is going to judge! πŸ˜‚
    So, my statement goes like I don’t feel Surbhi was wrong today. She was instigating Sree and Sree was playing really dirty. When someone says him something, he makes an issue out of no reason. Doesn’t do tasks, doesn’t do household chores, acts like he is someone too mature, and always saying he knows so much about the others that it can ruin their lives !
    We know so much about him that now we can ruin him ! Maybe, he is real but he is no one special to deserve special treatment.
    Deepika is so wrong here to protect him from every odd, even Sree had told so much against Deepika.
    Surbhi is loud but real. If someone has no proof, how can she blame someone for this issue? If her minor fault is considered a crime, Sree had never heartily participated in tasks, he deserves more to be in jail for making strategies against people and not doing tasks.
    Empty vessels sound much !
    Karan being a sweetheart, Shiv being entertaining, Deepak having a sportsman spirit, Romil having a perfect mindset, Surbhi being real, Urvashi-Srishti bring sweet ~ I loved these people this week.
    And the best way to make Sree out is instigating him to the peak – as said by Romil.

    And Anup Ji, making everyone against Deepika, flowing with the river were equally faulty. At least, Surbhi’s slangs won’t harm the river from taking its curve…. She said what she felt, maybe, it doesn’t sound good – but doesn’t your silence or your “go with majority” attitude look more harmful to make u out of the house?

    1. @Arohi….
      for the first time i am completely agreed to ur comment…

      and one more thing i liked about shiv that he raised this point to jasleen that she said she saw cigarette …
      it is clear that jalseen is lying…
      If she is not lying then to smoke is ok too..

      1. Jasleen said ” tissue paper me cigarette ka mark dekha..”
        She also said she smelled cigarette when Surbhi came out of bathroom, and questioned her . Surbhi asked her to keep silent.. jasleen didn’t say she saw cigarette.. isn’t it Garwale who assumed so??.. my view is if Surbhi wasn’t smoking that day she would hav definitely told Jasleen,, ” it’s not me ,I too smelled it..”
        Or she would have made a scene that moment itself for accusing her without her mistake…
        Now no proof is left…
        Jasleen said Surbhi broke rule by smoking inside washroom..

    2. You seem right..quite honestly I haven’t liked a single contestant so far whom I would want to win..I m just going by daily basis whom i like or not based on their bahavior performance or overall presence in the show. Sree and surbhi r both giving content so I’m sure they will stay…anup is just a burden so they can take him away any day..his presence or absence wont matter at all…i just dont like surbhis nature of instigating and provoking..if she can mentally torture other ppl then she should be prepared to take it on herself as well..let’s see who Salman sides with tomorrow..from precap looks like he is roasting anup and will be fun to watch…

    3. Agree with u aarohi. I didn see the episode but what I understand from the written update is sree planned every thing. It was aplanned attack by sree on surbhi. This is whole a lie. He said he will make an issue and every others should support it. He didn see it is surbhi in the bathroom. Jasleen is lying. Deepika is fake. Sree is disgusting. He cant do any thing any thing at all. All are afraid of surbhi. Becoz she brings every one’s reality on their face. She perform well in task. More than than these self proclaimed celebrities. She is intelligent. Whatever she tells is to the point. She is entertaining funny and emotional. But she is real genuine. Sree dipika and all cannot digest that. I started watching this season after she came. Before that the show was outright boring. Romil surbhi rocks. They deserve to be in finals. There was a Neha who was good in the celebrities. Now she is also gone. Surbhi support with full heart when some thing wrong happens with any one whether it is saba sree Deepak shiv even though all backstabbed her and does not support her. Look at the heart. It is real . And in the b*t*hing sessions after sree n anoop came back. They were instigating all the housemates against deepika. They were influencing every one. But SURBHI WAS NOT THERE. SHE WAS NOT THERE IN THE b*t*hING SESSIONS. becoz she says every thing on the face. Not behind the back. Even though surbhi is agaist deepika she was not part of it. Even dipikas so called friends were there. Surbhi Rana respect you.

      1. Surbhi was aslo there when Anup was instigating HMs against Deepika.. She even asked Sree for details… I had seen videos where she is part of that campaign. Besides
        Surbhi b*t*hes a lot against many house mates too depending situations.. If she says ” me muh pe bolti hun” .. it doesn’t mean she never b*t*hed anyone..
        For my sense Jasleen didn’t lie… Surbhi is hiding… Surbhi is the liar.

    4. I second that

    5. XYZ ❀
      Ghosha ❀
      Sandeep Virk ❀
      Mumu ❀
      Hope ❀
      Thank you so much as I too have felt Surbhi was right yesterday.

  6. I like aarohi’s comment. Even I don’t like sushi but today she is right. It’s her personal life. Aur kon kehrahahe iye baat jaslin? Jo age barneki liye ek budhha k saat live in relation karti hey or sree jo fixing ki bajase ban hoyi he. Haad he yr.

  7. Exactly @Aarohi, I don’t understand why everyone is self proclaimed moral police. Why send someone to jail for smoking. I mean smoking is not a big deal and they are discussing it for so long. I mean come on we have people at BB home who talk 24×7 in english, don’t do their chores, create trouble in task. I also agree that Deepak is good player but not a good friend. Romil is atleast emotionally with Surbhi. Anup has problem with Surbhi but never had problem with Sree for being difficult. Anup is spineless padosan types. Liked that Sree came to Deepak to talk it out in last episode but after that the way he was crying was funny and for camera. Sree cried in bathroom, came out was quiet and listened to Deepika and when she was finished with usual sentence… which was not at all emotional thing Sree agin cried in loud voice. That instant trigger that makes a person howl …. is a drama. Sree is flip.
    Shiv is sweet and playing nicely without hurting anyone.

    1. Real bigg boss ankh

      Sree was(is) unstable but he wasn’t(isnt) cutting then using your own blood for tilak type of unstable he knows his limits I didn’t see him strangling romil with that wire cord that he took out in anger he shouted then waited ten minutes for fourother people come b/w him and romil before shouting again while I could definitely see surbhi slapping sree with the hot frying pan yesterday and would’ve slapped everyone who would comes in her way maybe that’s why bin paidey ka lota said what he said

    2. Agree that Shiv is sweet .. he didn’t hurt anyone intentionally.. he was funny during guessing HM’ secrets…
      When it showed on screen ” I learned galis since 2-3 years old”
      Shiv was saying ..” it mus b Anupji , bachpan me bahut gali de rahe the..fir pashchathap me bajan shuru Kiya…” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I was laughing for long time..!

    3. Agree with u hope. Then house mates should sent kV dipika sree to jail too for speaking in English all the time even after repeated warning by big boss. Let us se how these two fake people survive in jail with surbhi. Haha. But in jail they will be only rats or cold hens. Becoz both don’t have the guts to say any thing in front of SURBHI

  8. Real bigg boss ki ankh

    What everyone forgetting here is smoking in any part of house is not allowed and they might even had been made aware of it as an important rule that’s why they/sree raised it smoking wasn’t an issue but doing inside the house was which had played into contestant’s nomination before…besides deepak keep proving me right about him again & again he told surbhi what sree has been saying about her then completely flip when majority went against her he’s the biggest chugalkhor and he always do this then gets away without blame

    1. Exactly..!! Smoking inside house is prohibited..
      I too found tht important thing missing in comments of others…
      Jasleen started it by saying breaking rule is not fair….
      I even guess when Surbhi smoked inside washroom ,she might be on duty of house captain too…. Past 2 weeks she was the captain..

    2. @Real Thank you. Finally someone talking sense. People saying Surbhi was right? Like honestly? She effing smoked inside the bathroom which is against the rule. Three people Anup, Sree, Jasleen were saying the same things. Jasleen even found cigs marks on tissue papers…but stll people believe that psycho Surbhi and even more liking her? She saying 2mlogo ki tarah Sree ki g* nahi chatti mai. Honestly you find this kind of person real?
      Being.Loud.Doesn’t.Make.You.Right πŸ‘ Remembr that.

      1. @ABC and Hope…
        As i said… To not smoke ins8de house is rule and surbhi smoke there…
        But i dont think so sree ko itna bada issue banane ki need thi.. Jail to aap koi bhi faltu reason de k bhej sakte they.

      2. “Being Loud Doesn’t Make You Right”

        THAT’S IT..!!!
        U r right ABC..
        Kv and Srishty was sent to jail for kicking bathroom door.. kriti was nominated by BB for destroying mic..
        But Surbi was spared always , she broke the cup and lied it was by mistake…such a liar..!! Everyone knows that she did it intentionally..!
        Now she broke another rule..,smoked inside bathroom… It’s fair to send her to jail… Besides Deepika was sent to jail for throwing water and sree for using his spit to remove Deepak’s name… Then why can’t they sent ex captain for breaking important rule..??
        Sree should learn to control his anger .. so it’s very very fair to jail him with Surbhi.

      3. @ABC and @Ezra,
        My question is why did Sree poke his nose in the nomination task when his contributions to the task was a complete 0?
        Why did he make Deepika target the previous week, Neha before that week and Surbhi in this week when he is good for nothing?
        I just hate Sree so so so much, and even Anup and Jasleen too for going with the flow !

      4. Arohi,
        Sree is only doing what his immature mind asks him to do at times… He is waste ,so Anup also… That doesn’t make Surbhi innocent in the issue he raised..
        She did smoke inside bathroom which is a rule breaking… And HM can’t prove it by saying .. it’s in camera.., u know why..!
        So only situational evidence will b accepted as true or false…
        Surbhi is a liar for sure… So she will definitely lie especially when bathroom has no camera… Otherwise definitely she would bark on jasleen that day itself for putting wrong allegations on her instead of whispering on Jasleen’s ears like ” keep silent “…
        Now the biased host will support Surbhi by saying ” aisa kuch nhi hua tha…”

    3. Sree made an issue like he is the purest soul and he never did any mistake. Deepika was so right when she said He needs to leave !

      1. Real big boss ankh

        It doesn’t matter if he performs in task or not every week they are obligated to take name for jail so shree was only trying to count out genuine flaws that were enough to send someone in there, last time he took his name and was punished for it so obviously he wouldn’t repeat that mistake thus on house rule breaker basis he decided on surbhi which I don’t see as wrong whatsoever plus he didn’tmake an issue out of it with deepak’s super long nose surbhi herself made it by going berserk…I’m sorry I do find sree emotionally unstable but he certainly wasn’t wrong this time like once somi said surbhi first commit mistakes then try to hide it with her tears and loudness

    4. Your point is right..I have been thinking of it too..but the way they all brought it up after so many days and only to send surbhi in jail didnt seem fair…if they hadn’t done all this plotting and given their choice when BB asked to nominate jail inmates then it would have looked more appropriate..and I’m sure surbhi smoked otherwise knowing her nature why would she hush jasleen when jasleen confronted her outside the bathroom..surbhi would have murdered jasleen for wrongfully accusing her of such thing..
      I would appreciate if Salman at least explains to surbhi to keep her anger in check otherwise wo to sabke sar pe he char jayegi aur age se aur bhi bre badtmezean karege sabke sath

  9. Surbhi trying create vikas-shilpa kinda thing with shree

    1. Yeah..she is targeting sree for footage only…If she is trying to do that then it’s an epic failure..she doesnt have the humor and patience that shilpa showed..
      If I understood her correctly..then she thought sree will be with her after seeing all the emotional drama that these jodis showed post his eviction..I think they all had a feeling that sree is coming back so they were just trying to show how broken they were after he left..but when sree returned..he went back to his own teammates which irked surbhi the most..and her anger is coming out in different forms

  10. Either jasleen lied or just got afraid that she’ll make an enemy for next nominations and tried throwing shree under the bus later with her” I didn’t actuly see the cigerette stub” lol as for deepak kya he yaar why even people likes him?

  11. Seriously no one from sree’s management or family told him what kind of show he’s participating in?they didn’t prepare him for all the crap he could face there? Not even show one or two clips from previous seasons?tf he should certainly consider kicking his manager out and getting a new one who doesn’t get their client entangle in projects that do more damage than help their image cause he sure is looking confused and lost there ready to become raw meal for all those hungry lomdis

  12. I dnt like anyone this season. One person I liked is out. Surbhi ko aaj instigate kiya gaya. But I dnt feel bad for her. As this is exactly what she does to others. Jab dusron k liye gaddha khodoge toh ek din khud bhi usme giroge. She keeps talking shit about other ppl, jumping in other s matters, instigating ppl. Toh uske sath jab hoga toh jhelo bhi. Y look at just one day and decide who s wrong. She has been doing this since start.
    As for others: no one is less

    1. True.., Surbhi creates most dramas and is very loud and hurt others… Then she cries for sympathy.. during her first captaincy task – she created much drama and later started crying and eventually lead Neha disqualify Somi for no mistake…
      Vohi hai dramebaaz… But pointing her finger at others ,like she said
      “All dramebaaz and no dramebaaz log present hai..”

  13. Well done Shiv !! I have a feeling he will be a great captain. Um.. but lets see what happens.

    I am not supporting Surbhi. I kinda dislike her. Mostly because ahe shouts so much.
    But I loved the fact that Romil supported her.

    I don’t think smoking should have been the issue here.
    And now I’m confused. Aren’t there smoking area in BB house. As far as I remember there was such area in previous seasons.
    Yes, smoking in other places are restricted in BB house. So, if housemates could have given a proper justification on the topic.

    KV isn’t seen at all.

    Sree. Well.. he is so popular in Twitter. I mean, more than half of the tweets are about him.
    I also saw a tweet that said,
    “Love Him, Hate Him. But You Cannot Ignore Him”

    According to rumours, Sourabh has been elimated and there are 2 wild card entries this week. One must be Neha though.

    Sometimes we just know who ia going to take the trophy. Not because we like/dislike the person. But due to popularity between BB fans. So, Other Housemates should be able to turn the table and prove they can really do it!!

    1. I’m glad if neha is coming back..I hope she plays smartly this time and doesnt follow the herd blindly

  14. Sree doesnt deserve to be in the house.. he is lunatic.. achha hua cricket se he is banned

  15. Silent Reader

    Surbhi can smoke … But not inside the common washroom … She herself made that a big issue … She is the worst person in the house … She can say anything and do anything but no one should question here … Biggest hypocrite … She was blaming Saba that she lied to Deepak even when she don’t know the truth … Till now I’m not sure whoz my fav … Bt I’m damn sure that I won’t ever lyk this girl

    1. Silent reader,
      Totally agree with you.. biggest liars r Deepak and Surbhi and they r calling saba liar..

      1. Silent Reader

        @Ezra Haaan true … She called Saba a liar even without knowing the truth … Surbhi was provoking others till now and as soon as someone did the same to her she is behaving mental …

  16. Surbhi is a monster and a very wrong contestant in Bb12 she should be in mental hospital rather than in big boss house and yes she was a captain and was breaking the rules y smoking in washroom which is wrong and Romil should not be saved from the jail . This time Shree has shown his control on himself while surbhi seems like need mental help .

  17. If surbhi would have feared his family then she wouldn’t have abused and cursed on national television. She wouldn’t have the hidden fact that she smokes. Jasleen had no proof and she made a big deal out of it.All of them targeted her. Shree and Deepak are backstabbers. Deepak ne bhi aaj dikha hi diya. Surbhi supported him no matter what and now he cheated her. The only relief was Romil. I am really liking him. Him and surbhi are real and are not hiding their trueselves. Shiv made the right decision to send Deepika to jail. First time a captain made the right decision. Proud of him. All celebrities are boring especially Anup and Jasleen and Jasleen saying hum sab acche families se aate hain but you are staying with Anup and faking it all was kinda hillarious. πŸ˜‚ .jitna ye log surbhi ko target karenge utna hi wo audience ke zyada close aayegi. πŸ€“.I support Romil and Surbhi. 😁

    1. Agree with u Aditi. Surbhi never went back from accepting her mistake. When she pulled srishty’s hair she said sorry then n there only. And she again apologized to srishty in front of all housemates upon romil’s saying. If she actually smoked she would have accepted it. But actually it is a lie planned n executed by sree n team. No body saw it. Sree made a story n all the monkeys started blah blah..When false accusations come people react. Hats off surbhi. Anupn jasleen are total waste.

  18. And, Subho Bijaya to all of my friends here on BB tellyupdates. ❀
    Much love to you guys and happy dusshera too. Love from Kolkata.

  19. Silent reader,
    Totally agree with you.. biggest liars r Deepak and Surbhi and they r calling saba liar..

    1. All are liar..
      Here..kisiko game khelne aa hi nhi rahi h.. 🀣
      Har din koi ek banda dmart banne ki koshidh karta h aur next day wo banda bewakoof prove ho jata h..
      Example – deepak, dpka, sree, surbhi

  20. People are actually supporting surbhis POV? Hmmm what a sad day

    1. Anomaly,
      Keep on watching … On Weekends it will double.. πŸ˜ƒ

  21. Silent Reader

    I think most of the people supporting Surbhi are Sreesanth haters … Coz Hez the one who started this and since Sreesanth makes many mistakes , it has become a trend to blame him for everything and support whoever is against him πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  22. You might want to fix this part :
    “I liked a girl but she actually turned out to be (girl) and it happened a lot of time’. It should say turned out to be a (guy.)

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