Bigg Boss 12 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree, Surbhi and Somi saved

Bigg Boss 12 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 65
Rohit is sitting on Somi’s bed and partially lying on her. Deepak asks him to come to him. Somi says dont go there, I am ill, she stops him. Rohit says let me go. Somi asks Deepak who are you to call him? Rohit says leave me, Deepak is calling. Somi says Rohit is so nice. Deepak says die. Surbhi asks if he is heart broken now?

Romil asks Sree to clean garden? Sree says I will do it slowly. Romil says you can take some other duty. Sree says I am not doing anything. Romil says fine then I will do this with you too, see your game, Shiv is not here anymore.

Deepak asks Sree who are in top 6? Sree says tell Jasleen that she is not in top 6.

Jasleen says to Deepak that why you are deciding that I am not in top 6? Deepak says we were just talking.

Jasleen asks him to get lost. Surbhi says he gave his thought. Jasleen says I am not here to swim in pool. Megha asks them to not shout.

KV says to Rohit that there are two new groups in house, one is Sree, Dipika and Megha, second one is Romil, Deepak and Surbhi. He says we can make a third group with you and Sristy then we will decide which group to support, our group will be important then.

Day 68
The house wakes up to Amar Akbar Anthony’s title track, they all dance.
Sree says we will be given chance to save some inmates as per the song.

Sree says to Megha that I dont trust KV, its just me, you and Dipika in team. Megha says we can control Jasleen, she listens to me. Sree says we can destroy happy club if we remain together. Megha says we have to send Sristy and Rohit out. Sree says they are not grateful, I saved all and Dipika three times.

Sree is trying to make dosa. Dipika says you cant use this pan, its broken. Sree gets angry. Megha says let me try. He puts his pan on stove. Dipika says I dont understand why he is making it separately? Megha tries to cook for Sree but Sree says thank you, you eat it. Surbhi says why pamper him? let him make it. Sree says I was making it myself. Surbhi says she was making it nicely for you. She asks him to clean garden. He says I am not doing it, I am ill. Surbhi says you look fine.

Surbhi says to Deepak that you should be beaten for love. Deepak says we will leave as lovers. Surbhi says to Somi that you look nice with open hair. Rohit is trying to help Somi with pan handle. Surbhi says why Rohit is giving her too much attention? Deepak says he does is deliberately. Rohit hugs Somi. Surbhi asks him to stay away from Somi.

Surbhi says when Sree was captain, he asked everyone to work but he is not cleaning garden. She tells Romil that he is not ill, he is working out.
Romil asks Sree to do duty in kitchen, I will give garden to KV.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that you people got nominated because of someone so we will give a chance to save some inmates. Three housemates can save themselves. Inside a safe zone, three people can sit and has flags of all contestant’s names. Surbhi, Dipika and Deepak will enter the zone first. On every gong, housemates will remove one person from the zone on mutual agreement. The outgoing person will decide who will take his/her place. The persons sitting in the zone at last will be safe from eliminations. Romil is already saved then he will be referee.

Romil says to Surbhi, Somi and Deepak that you three can mutually decide to save each other. Surbhi says to Romil that we can give rotation to Rohit too.
Jasleen says to Megha that we should keep rotating, happy club should not get it.

Surbhi says to Dipika that I am giving 100% in tasks. Dipika says we all do. Surbhi says you are alleging me. Dipika says I am not alleging you, you are destroying house peace so you should be eliminated.

Jasleen requests the safe zone members to let her be saved. Deepak says you should not be insecure. Deepak says that Rohit should be saved., but Dipika refuses and says he never plays for me. With sarcasm, Surbhi suggests that Sreesanth should replace Dipika so she can save her relation. Sree says I have a lot of fans, I want to save my sister, she is not getting up. Sreesanth tells Surbhi he doesn’t need saving. Deepak says to Dipika that we can send you first then Surbhi can go. Dipika says why should I go? Surbhi says you are like a mata in this house so do it. Dipika says I am not here to listen to all this, she flips and starts shouting. Romil says if task gets discarded then we all will be nominated. Dipika says we all know who has less manners between us. Deepak says I can get up when buzzer plays.

Surbhi gives her position to Somi and says she works a lot in house so she should be appreciated.

Megha says to Dipika that we can keep shuffling between us. Dipika asks Sree to come, I want to see you first in my place.
Surbhi says to KV that lets see if sister will give her position to brother.
Megha says to Deepak that dont save Rohit and eliminate your friend Somi.
Sristy says to Dipika that I wont be captain and will never get chance to be saved so please think about me.

Dipika says I want to give my position to Sree as I think he is the only person I would give my position too.

Surbhi says to Rohit that I have to think about my people first. She says that her preference is Happy Club as they have been with her since a long time. Surbhi tells
Rohit she will not be able to help him.

Third gong sounds. Deepak switches places with Surbhi.

Fourth gong sounds. Surbhi replaces her place with Deepak. Karanvir expresses displeasure at how the Happy Club is playing a game to save themselves. Surbhi says to KV that I am attached to people, I wanted to give to Rohit but I did not because now I will be selfish and keep position to myself.

KV says to Rohit that we dont need a chance from others, we have to make options for us. Sristy asks Rohit to not feel down, you are not new here. KV says join hands and we will snatch opportunity, we will see which group we should support.

Jasleen says to Megha that why did you ask to not send Rohit in? Megha says Rohit is playing bad on both sides.

Fifth gong sounds. Sreesanth replaces himself with Dipika and says she is not fake and deserves to be saved.

Sristy says to KV that Megha is not alone, she is in group.

Surbhi says to Romil that I am not scared of nominations, we can save Rohit to make him on our side.

Sixth gong sounds. Deepak replaces himself with Surbhi.

Bigg Boss says next will be the last gong.

Megha asks Romil to not save Rohit, Romil says we dont have a problem with him.

Megha asks Dipika to save her. Dipika says she will only come out if Sreesanth replaces her. Sreesanth agrees. Jasleen respects Dipika.
Surbhi says to Rohit that I will give first call and bring you in. Romil says I will announce your call.

Dipika talks to Sree and asks Surbhi that I am going out. Surbhi says I asked you two times but you said you wont go and now you want to go? Deepak says Dipika you are changing words. Dipika says we are not able to mutually decide then we will both try to go out.

Last gong sounds. Surbhi and Dipika have an argument as both want to step out of the safe zone. All inmates argue. Dipika says to Deepak that you said if I go first then your team will go so its my turn now.
Sristy asks Surbhi to not listen to Megha and save Rohit.
Surbhi says to Dipika that if you wanted to save someone else then it would be find but you want to save Sree who doesnt need it. Dipika says I am done with you always preaching. Somi says this is not right. Surbhi says she wants to use her celebrity power. Dipika says what do you mean by celebrity power? She shouts at her. Surbhi says if you want to save Jasleen then its fine but why Sree? Dipika and Surbhi shouts at each other. Dipika says to Sree that I am going out. Surbhi says why she is taking Sree’s name without any logic when he thinks he is strong contender? Surbhi says to Rohit that I am sorry. Dipika gives her position to Sree. Sreesanth, Somi and Surbhi get saved from eliminations. Surbhi says sorry to Jasleen. Rohit says you are leaving, Jasleen says to Rohit that we are together, we will pack our stuff together. Jasleen says to Rohit that we are together, we will pack our stuff together, you can go too. Bigg Boss says nominated inmates are Karanvir, Srishty, Jasleen, Megha, Rohit, Dipika and Deepak.

Dipika says to Sree that I told KV that his captaincy was not good so he said that he thinks I am targeting him with you, then our bond started to weaken.
Surbhi says to Dipika that she didnt even ask you for a chance, when she doesnt get attention from Sree then she forgets you.
Sree says to Dipika that I am done with Surbhi, she keeps saying anything. Dipika says she keeps flipping more than you. Sree says I am a flip? I am Mr. Flip, she is baby flip.
KV says to Surbhi that Dipika is taking Shiv’s place, this task proved new groups and I am sorted now.

Megha says to Jasleen that if someon targets me then I wont spare anyone. Jasleen says why Surbhi wanted to save Rohit? Megha says I knew Dipika would not give me chance, Surbhi think she is too strong so can sacrifice for anyone, Jasleen says but why Rohit? she wanted to risk in 10th for Rohit? Megha says they need a servant too, Jasleen laughs.

Surbhi says to KV that I am irritated with Sree. KV says I am irritated with Dipika, like if she is eating then I cant see her face and just leave. Surbhi says I dont like the way he crosses limit in tasks, I think we should not entertain him, he doesnt want to do task. KV says its below his level. Surbhi says he thinks he is too above us.

PRECAP- In task, there is a hungry snake, his eyes will turn blue or green and he will eat the team of that color.
KV says to Rohit that this is our time.
Rohit and Deepak push Megha away, Sristy tries to stop them.
Sree says its one girl vs. two boys. Sristy says Megha is aggressive, not them. Sree says obviously. Jasleen says if you dont let me in then task will be cancelled.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL was the the best refree today !!!!! deepak got nominated today but will not go ahead of jasleen # MEGHA looked joker today even her darling dipika not saved her #jasleen and rohit pack your bags in reality lol# diamong hearted kv and srishty not able to convince anybody # dipika took revenge on kv and srishty via jealousy # good nobody listened to jasleen she is over doing things now time for her to go with dumbo rohit lol hahaha

  2. viewers are voting srishty to see her hairstyles and clothing brands # voting surbhi coz she is storm in the house #votes dipika coz she is SIMAR # votes sree coz he is from south and had played cricket # somi is voted marginally # votes kv on his recent shows but the entertainment is provided by one and only TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL and his friend deepak is supporting him nicely # rest megha is in the show to get mumbaikar votes # rest of all # dumbo pair rohit and jasleen are getting evicted soon # rohit should go enough of this idiotic fake bonding b/w him and srishty the jealous witch # tubelight jasleen has really gained fat by eating SIMAR KA HALWA lol

  3. viewers are voting srishty to see her hairstyles and clothing brands # voting surbhi coz she is storm in the house #votes dipika coz she is SIMAR # votes sree coz he is from south and had played cricket # somi is voted marginally # votes kv on his recent shows but the entertainment is provided by one and only TRUE GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL and his friend deepak is supporting him nicely # rest megha is in the show to get mumbaikar votes # rest of all # dumbo pair rohit and jasleen are getting evicted soon # rohit should go enough of this idiotic fake bonding b/w him and srishty the jealous witch # tubelight jasleen has really gained fat by eating SIMAR KA HALWA lol

  4. Pam105

    I feel Dipika should have given Jasleen the safe seat…Sree and her have the fan base… The possibility that Rohit would get eliminated is high…Rohit is more in favour of happy club…Sree and Dipika should have teamed with KV, Srishty and explained the strategy. Yet again they can’t seem to group together.

    1. KV has proved today he can’t be trusted in fact to me it was clear as crystal that he wants to play double game the day he step outside his group and tried forming alliance with deepak but people were so busy calling sree deepika flip and him a victim that thy didn’t notice what he is actually doing, he isn’t a sati savitri but an anaconda with eyes full of tears to win people sympathy by blaming rest of his group of breaking unity when he is the one who did it

      1. Hey Anon I too noticed that when he was advising Deepak to play against Romil but literally I was laughing that he is suggesting Deepak how to be clever in game. Even if he wants to be friend with Deepak, Deepak kab usko nigal lega aur dakar bhi nai lega KV ko pata nai lagega. Because Deepak se jyada game kly dosti aur kaam hone par dushmani KV kar nai sakta. He always chose wrong alliance but frankly uske paas option jyada hai nai. And one of the reasons he is behaving like that is ki no one is playing with him or for him, which KV did for his group initially.

      2. Karan is left out basically . That’s not backstabbing .

    2. @pam n Aarohi..

      Accordimg to me dpka dont want to unite as a group with kv srisrty and sree togather.. Usey ek individual person chaiye for different condotions and time and as per the game need..

    3. And if kv is forming the grouo then sree formed or changed the group time to time. After fight with dpka and sristy.. He formed group with jasleen nshiv then after fight with kv he shake hands with happy club..
      Then again get away with jalseen and happy club..

      Same happens with dpka..
      Bhai kv ko bhi tph khelna h ya nhi khelna h..
      Waise bhi sree megha and dpka bhi tph grp form kar rahe h..

      But difference is they have good choice and kv have the remaining ppls like sristy and rohit

  5. TRUE GOLDEN HEARTED SOUL ROMIL was really superb today , he managed therefree work in cool dignified manner he was fantastic superb magnificient lovely through out the task ,he is a gem of a person this show has got this season without him it WOULD HAVE BEEN A SIMAR HALWA show hahaha ,you are a deserving winner GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL ,you inspire fans everyday to vote for you everyday you are so true and honest you speak truth always and thats why we fans support you keep entertaining the fans the fan you are doing hope you reach finals and become a nation wide hero too # you are fabolous entertainer # let haters eat SIMAR KA HALWA and BUT YOU KEEP ON YOUR SUPER JALWA # true supporters are with you and you will win :))-# love u oj πŸ˜€

  6. in the mean while # sawubona to @pam 105 :))- hope you have enjoyed your bunny chow with bombay crush with rooibos tea in your stoep # cheers :p

  7. Only shiv n kv remains on their words..
    All says jasleen is a flip but usse bhi bade flip
    Dpka, sree, surbhi,deepak, sristy, rohit and somi h..

    Surbhi k liye sree do baar jb nominate hua tph wo dil ka accha ho gaya.. Bhai bn gaya jaise hi kaam khatam fir sree sree ka drama start ho gaya..

    I dont know sare girls ko including dpka… Jasleen se itni jealousy q h..

    Ek time tha jb sree dpka k peeche pada hua tha and jasleen k sath bohot accha tha.. Jaise hi jasleen se uska kaam nikla uske baad se wo jasleen k against ho gaya..

    The main reason i really dislike dpka is her all time sree sree drama.. Pata nhi kya hi show kar rahi h.. Jaise khud 0 h sree k bina kaam nhi chalega iska..

    Is season m except kv koi bhi values n dil ka tna sahi hi rha..
    Otherwise sree se somi tak sab matlab k liye flip hote h..

    This time i really dont want jasleen out ho.. I always feels bad for her.. Cz she 8s trying to involve in evrything but log intentionally usey include nhi kr rahe..

    And look at rohit’s over confidence.. Khud ne kuch kiya nhi abhi tk.. Atleast jasleen ne kuch toh task perform kiye h jahan team work hpta tha..

    1. KV and dil ka saaf????really? REally?ReALly?REALLLLLllllllllllY?LOL his strategy to which he discussed with shriaty and rohit which has been the same since start he just didn’t say it aloud is a proof that he is not at all dil ka saaf insaan

      1. So what….. ????
        happy club, dpka, sree and rests have already went that level in many of the tasks..
        So in comparison of that its nothing.. And he just discussed but didn’t do anything wrong..
        Ab. Bai dil ka saaf hone ka matlab ye tph nhi ki gam3 na khelo..
        Aaj tak happy club hi konsa without cheating k jita h koi task..

      2. @Anuanu..

        This is what i am saying.. Kv is not perfect at all..
        U hate him is ur choice… But.. To point put a small thing that he was instigating deepak in mid might doesn’t make him bad.. Cz each n everyone is doing the same..
        I guess u like sree more.. So let me tell u.. AIt was only sree who went against his group and bully his own teammates and gang up with happy club..
        It is sree who disrespect his own so called sister dpka..
        Some times i cant even imagine that how can some be create issue over everything..

        Dpka har do din m side change kar leti h.. Agar kv deepak ko romil k against karne ka plan kar raha h then deepak romil surbhi somi all uses the same strategy in egg task..

        Agar 4 logo ka ek bande ko us time pe jab wo lonely feel kar raha tha tab bhadkana galat nhi tha toh is time pe waise bhi happy club m darar aa gayi h.. Agar kv deepak ko bhadka raha h toh wo galat kaise hua?

        And sree kitna support karta h apni gang ko wo har task m dikha h.. Chahe wp starting k tasks ho.. Ya rangoli task, treadmill task ho ya fir koi aur task..

        U keep hating kv.. Np.. But to say deepak ko bhadka raha tha isloye fake h is not a reason.. Cz sab ye kaam 1st week se hi kar rahe h..

    2. @Anon, sitting here on the couch miles away from the BIGG BOSS house, we start judging people if they’ve done a single mistake. I ask you one question . Did you ever feel KV didn’t keep his words anyday? XYZ’s point of view is that KV is a man of words – and that view is relative, yet I feel it’s too damn correct.
      Same goes for Shiv. Just watch his interviews.
      He told “when happy club got nominated, Bigg Boss cancelled their eviction. On other days, things were different for eviction. So, yes. Bigg Boss is partial. But it’s their house, so their rules.” ❀❀❀❀❀ XYZ, u are correct for saying this that Shiv too remains on words. He said what he had said earlier . I literally loved Shiv after the interviews . He was a hero. He was Just amazzzing. KV sacrificed a lot, he is good from heart. If he makes strategies now, that doesn’t make him a bad person from inside. He is polite, controlled and chivalrous.

      1. @Arohi..

        I even started lik3 shiv even in presence of saurabh..
        Chahe shiv eliminate ho gaya ho.. Bit uane true respect eran ki h..

    3. AnuAnu

      True. KV is I don’t think KV is that good at heart. He was last seen with Deepak advising deepak to distance himself from Romil that too at night when everybody wasn’t asleep. And now he wants to form a group???? Sree at least support his gang in front of everyone.
      I really really really hate KV. I liked him in naagin as Rocky.

      1. @Arohi..

        I even started lik3 shiv even in presence of saurabh..
        Chahe shiv eliminate ho gaya ho.. Bit uane true respect eran ki h..

  8. Very funny today.laughed really hard when deepika told shree that surbhi is a greater flip .baby flip ,Mr funny.I’m totally with deepika .kvb has withdrawn from them so its only natural to not trust him n trust shree coz she knows no matter how they fight ,in d end they ll have each other’s back.n that comment kvb made regarding dips with surbi is so insensitive .I’m also happy she didn’t make megha coz she’s done that already n if she did ,obviously she will be termed as having gave up easily or mahaan.n why wld she make jass safe ,she doesn’t have any close bonding with her .shrishty shldnt have asked for it from dips coz dips isn’t a fool she knows shristy does not like her .I don’t know why people target dips in anything she does.I’m 100% with her decision today .and for surbhi to think shree has fanbase n can be saved,u never know coz I never tot he wld be eliminated n sent to secret room when he was.I’m glad they stood for each other .now they will no the power of sister -brother r/ship they always use against them .well played guys .I really hope kvb comes n join team with dips n shree as usual coz I like him n I like the trio.I really think jass deserves to stay back more than rohit .

    1. @Faty..

      true… jasleen is much mre deserving to stay in comparison of rohit…

      but most probably wo eliminate hogi as she is of no use in bb house… anup ko fir se bula k ek aur baar relationship ka sara conversation dikha k .1% bhi jo trp leni thi jasleen se wo le chuke k makers..

      and rohit abhi ek do week aur use ho sakta h..

  9. I feel the only thing Dipika has is fan base and bhai bahen relationship to rely on. I know many fans will disagree but this girl has been consistently bad in task and sanchalan. If she would keep her seat for herself, fine but why Sree? Bina Sree ko seat diye bhi wo tera bhai hai hi aur bich bich mein bolega bhi that you sent him out once. She should have given chance to KV, Megha or Jasleen. KV and Megha were nice to her and are good players. KV also has fan base but right now since no one in home shows any support to him, he needed that as motivation. He is feeling bad after that open letter thing was revealed. He needed to know that someone in house cares for him. And not to forget there was a time when Sree bhaiya was playing against her but KV even after instigation from other people was loyal to Dipika. Sree never needs to be saved. Sree ko BB jane nai dega.
    Dipika wasted one spot.
    Another thing what Romil and Srishty did in task to her was partially wrong as that was in task. She reacted fine justified. But she should have been more angry to Srishty as they are from same fraternity and still are part of same group. But she was more angry to Romil given both of them were never at good terms with each other and he said sorry just after task before Srishty did. I think this girl plays more on personal level than as per game.
    She is emotional and all and is a good person but her contribution to game is zero. When someone says she is strong contender I doubt for what reason???? Which part of game she did play?? Has she ever taken a decision that can be game changer or deciding factor in game. I am saying this as serial mein to Simar burea se burea situation ko change karne ki takat rakhti hogi, I guess. But yahan game point of view se kya?
    Acha khelo, bura khelo, morally strong view point dekar khelo but khelo. Playing BB as Dipika would be better than being saved for playing Simar for years on screen.
    Again it is my viewpoint but I don’t see that game spirit as other serial actresses who came in BB had.
    Kamya punjabi, Juhi, Sweta, Guahar, Lopa, Urvashi I don’t even remember their screen name after how strong they were in BB, I know them by their name. They really proved themselves. Kishwar … she literally gave away her BB winner title to whosoever was brother to her in that season. Bandi itni strong thi ki merely ushe prince ki jeet was charity of Kishwar.
    Atleast I expect thoda inme se kishi ki tareh khel leti bandi as she is not insecure about vote so she can play. Ishe baar ek bhi dhang ka player hi nai hai.

    1. Her presence was so strong during first two or three weeks that people still judge her on that while counting her as strong contestant, either it was cause bb showed her more or rest didn’t do much so she got stuck out the most but she left an impression & some credit goes to host also him pointing a strong contestant, Neha,as her shadow made a strong image of deepika in people’s mind plus some credit of it goes to her own decision of her voting off sree, it was a strong yet harsh move which set the solidified her as a player in other eyes but rightnow people only calls her strong cause of her fanbase

      1. I agree to an extent that in 1st few weeks she could play with celebs mind and overshadow them. Actually at that time point she played at cost of Neha and Sree but that was more like playing saas bahu. The only classic move was sending Sree out of house and I appreciate that till now as a good game plan but she ruined that too by crying buckets of tear as Simar:)

    2. Agreed….. dis tym nt a single player is worth to watch….worst contestants of all seasons…pta nhi ye log krte kya hain…ye nomination se bachne ka task bhi itna boring kr diya in logo ne….bas aapas me exchange krte rhe… ek toh bb ne starting me 3 logon ko place kis basis pe di….usme bhi 2 seat happy club ko….hadd h biased hone ki is tym toh

    3. @Hope, perfect comment. Every point in this was worthy enough to consider. This comment was ❀ I agree, agree n agree.

    4. excellent!! agree to all of your comments!!!

    5. @Hope..

      I think for the first time i am totally agreed to ur each point..

      nice one..

  10. Everything was serious deepika and surbhi were fighting and then there was sree, sitting behind them picking his nose than making small boogers laddos looking like natho halwai 😐 that was the only highlight of this epi… what irritates me was deepika getting all close to sree again leaving poor kV to fend for himself lol this has been her game plan since start to getting close with strongest celeb then work on cutiing all his ties to other strongest celeb whom he could form an alliance with and I agree with surbhi what was the logic of saving sree when you could save strongest player(megha) of your team instead? Megha & jasleen needed that spot besides kV is really a naag who was planing extremely negative plan against sree, game is one thing but plotting to corner someone and “down” them mightn’t even come in people with actual righteous attitudes dictionary he is a dirty player and his main target RN are sree and deepika…I kind of felt surbhi played a game today she knew sree/deeps/megha don’t want rohit to be saved so she pretended she wants to save him which triggered the opposite group to change and since it was last chance to switch she instantly was saved, achi bhi ban gai aur apne aap ko save bhi karliye kuch seekho isse kv she even manipulated her own group to not give her seat to deepak with same trick of saving rohit and then intentionally told deepika about it….I hope deepak rohit gets eliminated this week just so jasleen could have a last laugh

    1. I was so distracted from deepika & surbhi argument by that not-so-hygenic sree act lol now ik why luv tyagi is openly supporting him plus romil gave him kitchen duty HMS will get extra flavour on/in their food now πŸ™‚

    2. @Jagganath….
      well said… agreed with u totally…
      u got dpka’s trick to play…
      this is what i am saying from the starting about dpka….
      last time kv was totally wrong as dpka helped him for captaincy and he took her name for punishment…

      but kitni baar flip hoge…. pehle neha.. fir sree fir kv fir sree fir kv fir sree…

      dpa ka game kisi ko bhi easily hi dikh gaya hoga from the 3rd week of the game..

  11. better send dolly bindra in the house again she will take care of this #DAILYSOAP HALWA SHOW in a nice way hahhaha

    1. Finally something I agree on with you deepika has turned this all into saas bahu drama…if I can’t get good strategies and game then I would rather have fights then watching Rona dhona sorry bolna halwa banana then khana then so jana

  12. I will be clear cut here i don’t like kV anymore I had sympathy for him in that egg task but he has shown to be such a jerk and foxy at times which people again missed that I just can’t trust him to give my support to him. It’s like there’s another individual hiding behind whatever he tries to be and he thinks deepika will trust him?as if he didn’t immediately threw her under the bus when she was being accused of cheating FOR HIM, he broke the group by keep relying on deepak then kept blaming his own group members for ruining group unity, he is the one who has 5 people who knew him from outside saying he isn’t the same person in the house most believable being salman saying it since he has family connection with him open your eyes people he isn’t a sweet little red riding hood with sreewolf out to get him infact he’s the wolf in gettup of a simpleton and why should deepika sree or Megha come and discuss their plan with him or save him when he is already planning on backstabbing them?

    1. @anonymous
      Agreed to all your comments

  13. I hate when deepika and sree get on one side cause she turns into a mother India and I don’t watch this show for that, her drama and her baby talking to him is unbearable and his tantrums increase by 20000% with her pampering him all the time…sree was best with shiv he used to motivate him to do the task and not entangle him with pakao emotional drama shit yaar why they have to evict him?he might be the only one who used to do task with all his might without cheating and even encouraged the toughest to handle contestant to do them as well besides I love to see his bum dance today none of them danced like atleast do the easiest part of your job? were producers dared to hire the most boring and melodramatic contestants ever?cause these bunch of people are certainly proving to be just that

  14. Jasleen is fake however I don’t like how she has become a joke in the house, nobody has a right to joke about someone’s weight and this freedom that salman has given to HMS of mocking her on her weight is annoying to watch besides someone really need to drag this deepak from cloud nine and smack him hard on the ground his overconfidence is cause he knows bb is partial towards happy club and he will be safe like nothing of it you tuchchaas are earning through hard work so taunting and humiliating every other person and especially jass over her being weak among all contestants is blood boiling to watch

  15. I a sree fan saying this rightnow that either evict him or deepika from that damn house already like really it’s getting out of hand and I just can’t tolerate their Bhai behen saga anymore, she maybe have sisterly vibe or emotions or whatever for him but to me it comes of as her taking advantage of him when she couldn’t control him she ditched him with no remorse and form same sort of bond with kV now she ditched kV as per her convenience as sree & kV can’t stand each other anymore, as for sree he’s taking his relationship in this house more seriously then anyone takes even their blood relationships, he’s literally obsessed with it. In my opinion if both of them remain there game won’t get interesting whatsoever one of them has to be removed for it all to become intense & for it to reach its full potential, as for who has better chances of giving more to game then I would without any hesitation say sree! deepika is as entertaining as watching the paint dry on wall all she does is cook halwa or tag along the strongest celebrities for support or make it all into an ultimate cringiest serial smh bb team should’ve conspired to eliminate her instead of Neha I’m damn sure she would’ve added something better to show than deepika is

    1. By deepika needing support I meant inside the house cause she of course has pretty huge following even maybe bigger than sree idk

  16. Since they all were guessing top 6 let me guess mine as well so from happy club all of them will be there shocker isn’t it, deepika and sree will fill up the remaining two spots unless of course sree craving for dosa get best of him and he jump off the wall and go home in that situation megha will be given a chance……BTW why they’ve to make them all a task when they wanted at least two members of happy club get safe by giving them two seats?

  17. Missing you shiv ! Soooo want to see him again. He was so real and his cute dance.

  18. Deepika clearly went to Sree’s side because he stood by her when Romil shrishti did the chat show drama and KV stood by Srishti and said he found the act entertaining . KV was one of my favourite, but now he is showing true colours by forming his own group and instigating Deepak against Romil and telling Surabhi how much he hates Deepika. While Deepika always stood by KV and also joined hands with the happy club to make him captain and in the weekend ka waar instead of supporting her he said that she was a villain. Deepika is really strong and has played the game in a dignified manner without using abusive language like the rest of the housemates.

    1. I am with you here. And to all those who are saying that Dipika over reacted, tell me how many of you will like it if you were in her shoes?!! Coming to weak hearted Romil, he is such a coward and so unpopular that Bigg Boss doesn’t dare to allow his nomination to take place. Had he been popular, he would have been a part of the weekly public voting system. Loser!
      I hate Srishty now! If someone would have spoken about Manish and Rohit in this manner, she would have become physically violent! Cheap and jealous woman!

      1. I am not saying that her reaction was wrong but why it came calmly at the moment and loudly at night.
        Srishty any day would have reacted violent, firstly because Rohit is not bro secondly she has that habit. But Srishty would do that at the moment.

  19. I dont understand k bb srishty k itne against ku h?? Wo bhut entertaining h extra dose me dikhta h. But bb wo kbhi is time nhi dikhta. Fir bolte ki dikhti nhi. Uski galti na hote hue b aajtk use captaincy se door rkha or itni boori trh push hone k baad(physical violence) b saba k khilaf koi action nhi Or to or kal jb save krne ka time aya to puppy club k mmber ko or bhai behna ki jodi ko bitha ku. Ku bhai srishty k sath esa sautela behaviour ku???

  20. someone wrote.. kv was the reason for all the rifts btwn his and sree’s frndship..
    and kv didn’t discuss with his team about the strategy of the task
    so , sree starting k weeks m perform khud toh karta hi nhi tha na dusron ko karne deta tha… dpka/neha ne apna ek alag hi group form kiya hua tha.. sree ek time pe deepak se irritate hota tha and on the next moment uska bada bhai ban jata tha

    sristy se na tasks hote they aur na hi kuch aur.. same thing applies on dpka .. task usse bhi perform nhi ho rahe they.. and after neha’s eviction it was dpka who was getting close to saba/somi and then jasleen….

    toh apna game play karna kya galat baat h????
    jo log task ko seriously lete hi nhi unhe apne sath le k kya fayda..

    egg task se pehle it was sree who asked kv to give up his chance of captaincy for urvashi n bla bla contestants… tab kv ne bhi sree koi baat follow ki.. agar egg task m usne apna benefit dekha toh wo kahan se galat ho gya….

    after egg task it was kv who went to sree to sort out things but again sree showed his attitude…
    kv is not perfect at all…even he is dumb , he dont have back bone to speak against wrong
    but kisi k 3-4 mistakes se baaki logo ki badi badi mistakes kam nhi ho jati…

    he might be faking his personality… but fake kon nhi kar raha??
    sree dpka surbhi etc sab fake hi toh h… agar kv bhi fake show kar raha h toh problem q???

  21. Dipika being a tv actress thinks she is the mother of Shri n compares him with Surbhi (flip). U flipped with Romil n Shristy too. Shree needs to back off from Dipika n play on his own.

  22. @Hope, her reply was by no means calm initially either. It was a simple case of not bursting into anger in front of Farah Khan, the guest of the day. Don’t we do that at home? Wait for the guest to leave before giving someone a piece of our mind? I would have done the same thing if someone would have dared to speak in a similar manner about me.

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