Bigg Boss 12 18th November 2018 Written Episode Update: No Elimination Today

Bigg Boss 12 18th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Special
On stage, Salman says Shiv broke the rules and was expeled. Salman says one will be eliminated today. Salman welcoms Farah Khan. Salman asks what she likes about contestants? Farah says lets talk about them, let me show you?
Dipika: She is like a cry baby. She truly thinks of Sreesanth as her brother but he only takes advantage of it and never returns the emotions.
Megha: Clip shows Megha trying to help Sree without any reason. Her fights and getting upset.
Deepak: Farah says his hand is in sling but he fights the most in tasks. Clip shows him fighting with inmates and his hand out of sling. Is like Katappa (of Bahubali), his hand is in a sling but whenever there is an active task, he is the one who gets most physical
Sreesanth: Everything that happens

in this house revolves around Sreesanth. Two specialties: 1. He always says he will not go to jail, but later he eats food and then goes to jail. 2. He always changes what he says – insults someone else and then claims that he is insulting himself.
Farah says to Salman top three are Sree, Deepak and Dipika. Salman dances with her and takes slefie. Salman says she will go in house, she leaves.

Farah Khan enters the house. She greets everyone. Farah sits with them. Farah says Surbhi you look good today. She tells Dipika never to stop Sreesanth again when he gets angry. Let the audience see what happens, she tells Dipika. Farah says we will mimic Gerua. Deepak and Somi try to dance to Gerua
The two can’t stop giggling even as Deepak does a good job of lip syncing to the song. But Farah is not impressed with their no cordination. She pushes Rohit to replace Somi and to dance with Deepak instead. The results are hilarious and the contestants can’t stop laughing even as Farah yells instructions at them from the sidelines. Rohit romances with Deepak who is uncomfortable. Rohit hugs him and kisses his head. All clap for Rohit.
Farah says we will have a talk show of Sristy and Romil. Romil does a fake chat show as the person who interviews Srishty who mimics Dipika. Sristy says I was sad in house. Romil asks you like saiyan (husband) or bhaiya (brother)? Sristy says saiyan is in my heart and bhaiya is for money. Dipika is not impressed. Srishty then imitates Megha Dhade and the way she yells and takes off her shoe as if she will hit him with it – something Megha had done earlier. Next, Srishty imitates Sreesanth. She climbs on to her chair and pretends how he always tries to get out of the house, but Sreesanth doesn’t find it funny. Farah says to Romil that you host nicely.
Fara announces a task were tree have some allegations. Farah gets the contestants to match one contestant with one sin. The contestant is then given a punishment.
Laziness: Vote goes to Romil. He has to shine shoes.
Anger: Vote goes to Sreesanth. He has to stand there with a tape across his mouth as everyone else comes by and tells him what they want to say. Surbhi says he should use mind. Deepak says you keep bragging about money, dont do that. Farah says to Sree that you should be sportsman and we like when you do tasks.
Hunger: Jasleen. She has to drink bitter gourd juice. All clap as she drinks it.
Greed: Deepak. Farah gives Deepak a chance to take a briefcase of Rs 5 lakh, even though it will be cut from the final winner’s prize money. Deepak says I have confidence that I will win this show and its my prize money to take, its not about money here, but what is in it is actually a mirchi ka laddoo. He has to eat it. Dipika says we are all here for money but we have to be sensible.
Lust: Surbhi votes for KV but others vote goes for Rohit. Surbhi says he flirts with all the women. Farah says you flirted with him in start. He gets a face full of black smoke.
Proud of their looks: They vote for Jasleen. Farah says she didnt give up her items and now she has to sacrifice 5 kg of her personal items.
Jealousy: Vote again goes for Jasleen. KV says se gets jealous of Sristy. She is dunked in a bucket full of water.
Farah gifts Sreesanth the ‘key’ to the main door, all laugh. Farah asks people to wake up, she greets everyone and leaves. Dipika says to Romil that I will talk to you later.
Dipika says to Sree that they can say anything to me in house but I wont bear comments about my husband, I was supporting Sristy against Rohit even if she sits with him. Sristy says Romil wrote it but I know it will be blamed on me. Romil says it was wrong comment? Deepak says it looked bad calling it like saiyan and bhaiya.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. He says we will do a task. Salman plays fill in the blanks with the contestants. During the task, the contestants have to point at any other contestant and wonder what they are doing on the show. “If they had then why did enter the show.” KV points at himself that if I am so great then why did I come in show? Megha points at Romil and says he thinks celebrities dont care about show, if you dont want to be famous and is commoner then why did you come in show? Somi points at Sreesanth and says if you have so much money then why did you come to show? Dipika points at Romil too and says you are not involved in house. Sreesanth points at KV, repeats what KV had said about himself. Rohit points at Megha and says she keeps bragging about marathi BB winner,if she has ego then why did she come in show? Srishty also points at Sreesanth and says if you had to go out soon then why did you come in show? Sree says thats my strategy, Sristy says let me speak. Salman adjudges KV the winner and says he will return the gym equipment that had been confiscated from him. Salman ends call.

Sristy says to Sree that why do you take every comment negatively. Dipika tells him to stay quiet and corrects his pronunciation of a Hindi word.

On stage, Salman says we talked to Deepak’s family and now we will talk to Somi’s family. Somi’s family from Jaipur jokes about Deepak’s interest in Somi. Somi’s mother says its a joke and we feel bad about Deepak. Saba says she had noticed the interest when she was in the house. Somi’s mother finds the interest very funny. Somi’s mother says that Deepak has won the hearts of everyone in Rajasthan just as Somi has won the hearts of the people of Bihar (Deepak’s home state). Somi’s mother says our family used to not talk to us but now they are calling and are proud of daughters, thanks to you. Salman says you have given them nice upbringing, God bless them.

On stage, Salman connects call to house and says we talked to Deepak’s inlaws, I mean Somi’s family, all laugh. Salman lies to Deepak and says she is very angry. He asks Somo to bring some gift from store room. Somi’s mother’s message plays in the loudspeaker and Somi gives him the gift she has sent for him – a Rajasthani turban and a box of sweets. Somi says love you mom. Somi makes him wear it. Salman says my family is against me by supporting him, all laugh.
Salman asks Sristy and Jasleen to come to Sultani ring. Sristy says I have to change clothes? Salman jokes to wear KV’s clothes.

In Sultani ring, in first round they have to prove why they are good against other one. Srishty says Jasleen is too loud. Jasleen says Srishty is not able to put forth her point of view, she is not strong, I was strong after Anup left. Sristy says I was strong as a single from start. Jasleen says Srishty is moody. Srishty says she is not moody, but even if she is, she is fine with it. Rohit and Sree whistles for her. Srishty says she starts fire a lot. Eight contestants vote for Srishty. The first round goes to her.
In the second round, the two get into Sumo suits and they have to push the other out of the designated area. They both start fighting. Jasleen throws her out easily. In second round, Srishty puts up a fight but Jasleen throws her easily. Jasleen manages to push Srishty out twice so she emerges the winner of the wrestling round and the Sultani Akhada. Salman gifts her a medal.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says its time for elimination. Salman says whom do you think is going? Romil says I feel Jasleen is going as Anup met her too. Salman says Jasleen is eliminated. Rohit is relieved. Jasleen gives coffee to Dipika. Salman connects call again and says we were wrong, its Srishty who is going out. Salman then reveals that there is no elimination today.

In house, Srishty hugs Dipika and asks her to listen to her. Dipika says its not done, there is no explanation for this.
Dipika says to Romil and Srishty what gave you the right to get personal, Dipika asks Romil and Srishty. ‘Did you not have enough aspects about me on the show to make fun of?,’ she asks both of them. ‘And how can you, Srishty, do this to me?’. Srishty says it was not that bad, calm down. Dipika says you cannot go beyond this house, it was bad. Romil says it was a funny statement. Dipika says I dont find it funny? ‘How can you talk about who is more important for me, my husband or Sreesanth?’. she yells at Romil. ‘My husband is my life!’. Dipika says you people do it deliberately. Sree says to Romil you cant bring her husband here. Megha asks Romil to say sorry but he denies. Romil insists that this was not intentional. Sreesanth also tells Romil that he was wrong. Dipika yells at Srishty that she is disappointed that Srishty of all people did this joke. Surbhi and Deepak also tell him the same thing. Romil says she should have asked politely.
KV, Sreesanth console Dipika.
KV says to Romil that if she is hurt then you can sorry.
Depeak says to Romil that you can explain to her. Romil says she can talk to me but she started shouting.

Srishty also breaks down quietly and tells KV that she doesn’t understand if Dipika wants an explanation or not. KV consoles her.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Three inmates have chance to get free from nominations. Inmates have to mutually decide. Jasleen says I need it right now. Deepak says you feel insecure. Megha says I need this chance. Dipika says I gave it last time. KV says if you dont respect this show then you dont deserve to be in it. Dipika says then you should be nominated first. KV says to inmates that we dont have to ask now, we will snatch it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ye galat Kiya bigg Boss 12 fake hai trp nai bad rai to aisa kar rae hai mujhe to lagta hai inhone happy club me se kisi ek Ko winner Bana diya hai isliye pichle hafte kisiko Ko bhi eliminate nai kiya jaise Surbhi romil or similar Deepak ne koi rule thoda hi nai hai bahut Sai bigg Boss 12

  2. Deepika’s outburst is not solely based on this incident … They’ve been making fun of her since long … She didn’t react that tym and it was all piled up in her mind … Sree used to react instantaneously and that’s why hez okay after every fight … If you don’t say what you want to say in the right tym , this will happen … She has tried alot to stay calm , bt this tym the topic was on her husband whom she loves alot ( I personally really like their love story ) so she outbursted and all that anger she had in her mind came out . So I find her reaction genuine . Romil and Srishty could’ve said sorry easily and ended up the matter there but they tried to justify themselves which didn’t look good .
    And Srishty u are not a kid , If u felt those lines were wrong u shud’ve not done that . Romil wrote those lines agreed but u were also part of the act and u can’t say that only Romil is the only culprit here . Srishty always have this ‘I’m so right’ attitude and I hate her for blaming others for her mistake .
    I don’t like Romil either .
    And why did Surbhi voted KV for lust !!

  3. I know what Romil said was personal but the Deepika started shouting was not fair. Romil ko maafi maang leni chahiye thi taaki woh shaant ho jaati. 😎Deepika aur sabhi singles ki team pehle bahaut acchi lagti thi mujhe but jaise deepika sree ke aage peeche ghoom rhi that’s not looking nice. Fans ki wajah se ab tk BB12 mein hai warna agar koi commoner aisa hota toh kbka eliminate ho gya hota. Also ab Deepak aur thoda Romil bhi interesting lgne lga hai mujhe. Rohit sirf sristy ke saath hi nazar aata hai
    Yess, bilkul tasks he takes part very nicely but I want him to be in limelight ad I like him and want to lose interest in him.

  4. I don’t understand why are you defending Romil and Srishty . If you heard the statement carefully in the conclusion it says Bhaiya is more importance. I think the reaction of Deepika is Justified.

    1. Akhil you are right .. and i dont know bt agr deepika na aesa kiya hota tou romil lr parta …. us sa tou sabr ni hota pr is maharaja sa sabbAadb ho k baat kry waooooo……..aur agr deepika kehti k biwi ya surbhi or sirishty kehti biwi man ma surbhi dhan dhan ma tou ma dekhti romil so callleddd tameezzz… backstaber fake lomri

  5. Liked Farah comment. She was so true about Sree . Pehle jisko gali deta hai jab wo insaan gusha hota hai sree goes back to favor that same contestant so that audience says dekho samne wale ne gali di but he is so good. Dil ka acha hai but he is using people.
    Romil and Srishty ne jyada kuch nai bola Deepika ko Jo task see Bahar tha. Shaiya aur bhaiya ko kuch burea light mein compare nai Kiya, like not as to comment about her character. Baki do par bhi comment hue. Romil ne shoe polish Kiya, made no issue. Sree hota victim card karta mere dushman khus honge, mere saath ye hua and all.

  6. Romil said unintentionally wo pata chal raha tha. Dipika reacted at moment that was right baad mein Jo Kiya that was dragging. Must be built up wo actually hide karte karte hota hai.
    If we see Jasleen to usko jealous bola. I hate that lady came as fake Jodi but chugli jyada Srishty kart hai. Jasleen didn’t make issue of being said jealous.

  7. TATTI HEARTED ROMIL and GOLDEN TEETH SRISHTY crossed all limits, it is seen that they both are jealous of sree and dipika as all other inmates are. But rather than romil’s instigation for the saiyaan bhaiyaan incident srishty’s part was more astonishing because for most of the time she remains in wolf pack but when it comes to herself she flips. Sometimes she pretends to console sree just to steal footage from dipika, it seems in some scene she is unnecessary as ‛kabab meh haddi’ between the bhai-behen duo.

    And GOLDEN MOUTH surbhi also broke rules of BB House by not obeying bigg boss but was still not punished. Megha took her shoes to throw on deepak but beyond these two major incidents, shivashish was thrown out of house. They both were also responsible for disrespecting the show .

    Jasleen and rohit really had good luck they have no brains of their own but pass their time on bigg boss house, either by eating, sleeping or flirting.

    Somi is make up ki dukaan. She just roam along with romil, and stretches a small reason of fight like elastic.

    Only sree, dipika and KV are genuinely entertaining, they stand for each other, support each other, have cute tiffs between each other but ultimately they reunite. However I miss the trio moments, today when sree and KV consoled dipika it proved that they are still there for each other. But when KV went back to srishty it created a little bit confusion, that either he is in dipika’s side or srishty’s.

    Love sree dipika duo.
    : )

  8. oh makers !!! # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL vs GEM HEARTED SIMAR have started # CLASH OF THE TITANS haahahah , liked the way GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL not backed off he decided to stay on his point by not saying sorry why would he as host farah said he was NICEST #love you farah for that and its all been seen GEM HEARTED SIMAR has gone a bit far every lady loves her husband as her life but she should have talked to TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL politely and sort it out then she could have been right but by doing this she got a bit carried away may be its the result of salman saying she is not in lime light # to all GEM HEARTED SIMAR fans if u all are dissappointed with TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL then have a chill pill dear all :p# the more you get angry the more # true soul golden hearted romil will do better

  9. DIAMOND HEARTED KV you are going on nicely but some where down the line i feel you are just a bit short of SIMAR’S popularity ,you have to raise your game more as these 6-7 weeks will decide your role in the house # come up strong dear DIAMOND HEARTED KV # all the best keep on moving u will reach the finals along with TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL AND GEM HEARTED SIMAR and FOOTAGE DOSE SREESANTH #your bonding with srishty is good but don’t spoil it with simar she is your true friend too but she has more footage for sree to offer as dear farah too pointed it out # pay for yourself and your close friends # it seems you are a lone warrior despite being in a crowd !!!!# cheers to all

  10. TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL was not wrong at all but for an EMOTIONAL SIMAR it got carried away she has to understand why there is wolfpack and happy club , she has to support goodness of TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL there’s no doubt he thinks her as tough competitor but she has to understand the sportsmanship too,every comment she started crying ,earlier sree saga then fight with kv and now with TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL , u have blind fan following but in the game u have not reached the peak level and its a fact to say instead of fighting better compete with TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL then we will enjoy more as viewers , just calling shoaib shoaib will not make u stronger # anyways TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL FANS are yet again with him no matter whatsoever FARAH SAID YOU WERE NICEST and thats said it all to all SIMAR fans , viewers are more SIMAR FANS not KAKAR’S fan

  11. to be frank # DIAMOND HEARTED KV is just missing a support like KOHINOOR HEARTED VIKASH AND HITEN if he would have got that he would have been superior there’s some thing that HMs are not able to trust him fully he is a diamond hearted guy but he is being not getting the love in house which he is actually deserve to get for all in merlin’s sake he is way too good than that flipper sreesanth but channel is biased towards DIAMOND HEARTED KV as it was in last season with their pampering doll shinde but in actual she was vemonous who on time biten KOHINOOR HEARTED HITEN coz she was afraid of him and she accepted it shamelessly lol, i just hope DIAMOND HEARTED KV survives the days from 70-84 well enough so that he could reach finals to compete with TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL ,SIMAR , FOOTAGE DOSE SREE :))-# MOST UNLUCKIEST EVICTION IN 12 SEASONS SO FAR WAS ### EVICTION OF KOHINOOR HEARTED HITEN ###BY HMs channel was biased to him coz they knew that hitenfans would have kicked witch shinde’s fans out in numbers #hope it won’t repeat this time and its not KAKAR who does that :p# watch it out DIAMOND HEARTED KV !!!!1

    1. Woooooow 😂 your comments are terribly funny. I just loved it and agreed point to point .

  12. time has came for the makers to throw their trum card # highlight kakar as if she was faking it till the 9th week and a sudden change has occured in the 10th week now whole lime light on her is required # despite that TRUE SOUL golden hearted ROMIL is winning hearts

  13. Sree has a pottymouth and I’ve seen videos where he was obscene and other HMS were enjoying it and equally participating in it even maybe some started it(the innuendos they were joking about with roshmi and that bj talk it was disgusting at least for me idk maybe people have opened too much but to me it was vulgar) however I find it really annoying and unfair that people who point these things out and make them an issue & behaves as if their forefather have monopoly on sophistication were supporting or took that puneesh and bandagi and akash and shilpa side last season sree is wrong but he isn’t doing half the crap those people or HMS of older seasons did where was this same outrage?(even this season some of them discuss shit which is vile and totally ugly but never jas anyone raised a voice against it with as much dedication that they show with sree but in fact laugh like in romil case and do victim blaming instead)Why was these ugly creatures got the support of y’all last season?just BC now the contestants you support are in competition against sree doesn’t mean you’ve to be a hypocrite and create an issue out of thing that was done 200% times worse last season and you supported it, seriously I’m talking in general here and I get really angry seeing how people change their criteria to measure a contestant innocence…irony is some shilpa fans are also supporting him just cause she is even though RN he is in same position as certain contestant who they have and are abusing till this date….besides why salman keep commenting on jasleens weight?why he’s making her so conscious he mightn’t have faced it since he is THE sallu(yikes) but some people are sensitive about these things and if that someone who’s so looks conscious that they couldn’t get rid of their makeup then he shouldn’t go there plus if HMS started joking about it as well then he’ll act as if he didn’t encourage it and how can body shaming anyone count as funny?

  14. Pam105

    News that Romil’s time in the luxury task was not faster than Rohit’s. Deepak cheated. Any thoughts on this? Check out Youtube, twitter. Cheating, Stealing, Katappa with injured hand, much talented is he?

    1. Yes u r right…….even I have heard of it…….
      N this is disgusting…….so salman should now tell who’s the worst sanchalak of the century…….
      It was kinda visible as romil is an uncle…….he can’t run as fast as rohit for sure……

      1. Pam105

        I actually timed the task myself now and Romil’s time was 53s…Rohit 49s

  15. # Deepika Seriously over reacted
    Jab # Romil and shristy bol diye ki vo intention nai tha ,sorry bol dia aur kya chiye isko ?
    Jab ye Deepika ka bhai # Sree
    1. KV ko bola Deepika ki # Salwaar k peeche chupja bola tab ye behen kyo wahan se chali gyi ?? Kyoki bhai ne bola tha isliye ?
    2.Deepak ko choosle bola,
    3. KV k khaandan k uper bola,
    4. Vikas ko mard hai toh he toh khada hoga bola
    In sab mai deepika kahin stand nai lee ,
    bhai nahi, bhai nahi
    Bhai galat hai bolti thi bus
    Salman said deepika kam dikh rhi ho isliye for footage itna over react kr rhi.

  16. Sometimes I feel like puking when I see romil……..he is a very bad contender even worse friend and worst as a human being…….CALLING ROMIL GOLDEN HEARTED IS INSULTING MANKIND N EVEN YOURSELF IF U R A GOOD PERSON…….
    Whatever bullshit he said about dipika was not funny……n even his friends did not support him this time as he was at fault…..a big one this time……
    Someone here said that- I m happy that romil sticked to his point n did not say sorry……like seriously dude……I mean r u a human being even…….this is disgusting……even being a romil fan u should say that he should have said sorry at least……instead u r blindly suporting him…….
    No elimination…….. as expected.
    Somi n deepak just spoiled a beautiful song……..they r useless……
    I hope this time salman says something to idiotic romil n srishty for making personal comments……
    N btw srishty is completely involved in rohit still when somebody b*t*hes about them then she feels bad n now she is saying utter nonsense snouts dipika n sree just bcoz she is JEALOUS of their bro-sis relation……..n romil being being a mature person(at least by age) should have thought before…….

    1. Hey Nandini, that guy/Gul Airplanes is just a blind follower of Romil. He doesn’t have any sense about other people though he appreciates KV and Dipika but he doesn’t have his own stand. He/she just feels what Master Romil is doing is the only right thing happening in this world. Well, he/she needs to get over that HEARTED episode.

  17. Pam105

    Dipika’s is justified in her reaction…Yes as to why she reacted now and not other times has nothing to do with her wanting footage…This time they spoke about her husband and his importance in her life…for me personally a husband and wife’s relationship is sacred and no one has any right to comment or make it into entertainment. The way that saiyaan aur bhaiya was mentioned sounded like swear words to me. Disgusting! Even Somi and Deepak said so to Romil. Clearly shows Romil’s 2rupee mentality! Imagine if someone asked him who is more important his wife and son or Somi..How would he feel? As for Srishty she should have known better…So what if it was Romil’s script…She still went ahead with it…She could have said no to that part but now she wants to blame Romil entirely…If the tables were turned and such a statement was made regarding Manish and Rohit, she wouldn’t like it just as she was effected previously and cried about it… Dipika clearly feels strongly about relationships that’s why she told Srishty what Rohit said to her earlier instead of backbitting about it…That was telling enough. I really dislike this angle Bigg Boss is using by forcing these love angles be it Deepak and Somi (at least these two are single) or Rohit and Srishty. I’m sorry so what if this is a show…I don’t think anyone male or female should be disrespectful towards their partner by allowing such rubbish angles. Rohit should also stay within his limits and respect Shristy as Manish’s fiancee. This in not done in the name of entertainment. After all the concept of this show is shown a reality t.v. If I was Dipika I would have shoved my shoes down their throats.

    1. @pam
      Loved ur comment. You are absolutely right

      1. Pam105

        @Indian Thank you.

    2. Good view Pam, totally agree with u
      The people who values relationships only understand it

      1. Pam105

        @Teddy. Thank you.

    3. Good view Pam
      Totally agree with u
      The people who values relationships only understand it

      1. Pam105

        @Teddy (Jo). Thank you

    4. @pam great review, good yaar
      People who values relationship will only understand

  18. Salman khan is an idiot

    Lol salman kept making comments over jasleens weight gain and maybe cause she was trying to maintain decorum or just to be respectful to SK or anup jalota took her brain with all his bags, she didn’t say anything about it and now HMS are cracking weight jokes about her andik they’ll do it over the top and then salman will act all righteous

  19. lol registered members are talking to take their slippers out hahahah # kudos to them for their SIMAR DEVI and thinking TO BEAT TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL lay a nail on him then u will know what TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL FANS will do its india if u have right to take of slippers and beat then fans have right to shut your violence up # that much hatred for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL is very disappointing it was an act and even the host farah said it was nice then you thought that you will bad mouth TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # TOUCH HIM na then you will know the power of TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL FANS !!!!# telly updates cancell the registration of this pammy aunt lol hahhahaa

    1. Pam105

      And what does India have to do with this? What are you trying to imply about Indian fans? Cancel my subscription? If you have that much power to threaten to shut peoples opinions then go ahead if it makes you sleep easier.

      1. Pam105


  20. lol SIMAR makes noise pollution in bb house makers should ask her to not raise decibels # may be some # naggins effect or dayans or black magic performed on her by sree # she was hilarious completely lost it FOOL SIMAR lol

  21. No one is deserving enuf for being a winner. Planned scripted show which promotes all the wrong things. Its getting worsened evry season. But good to see support for genuine souls like shiv and neha

  22. If Dipika got offended by Romil n Shrishty act rather than yelling she should have opened her mouth before Farah left the house. Dipika likes to portray a good image by pampering Shree all the time.

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