Bigg Boss 12 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree and KV fights

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Bigg Boss 12 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 92
KV says to Romil that we will stick to our promise, all promise that we will not change. Deepak, Somi and Romil promise. Romil asks Somi to take stand for him against Surbhi, Somi says that I am not promising.

Romil says to Somi that I would remove KV infront of you. Somi says I would support Surbhi infront of you, she needs a chance. Romil says what if they bring me and Surbhi infront? Somi says all will play for themselves first.

Day 93
Inmates wake up to song swan mein lag gayi.. Deepak dances with KV.

Surbhi says Deepak is dangerous emotionally, all are his brother and sister except Somi.
Sree says to Deepak that I would remove myself. Deepak hugs him and says trust God.
Somi says to Romil that you all were

discussing, if you want to follow yourself then why discuss? Romil says I am thinking as you change your decisions. Somi says you are selfish.

Deepak says to Romil that talk to everyone, Romil says Somi said she would remove infront of Surbhi.
Somi says to Surbhi that I would consider you for chance. Surbhi says its between you and me.
Dipika says to Sree that they are already near the bus, then there is no chance to get in.
KV says Sree will try to scare. Romil says just give Sree pump that he is already in finale.

KV says to Deepak that if nobody gets contendership, we can atleast say that we all tried. Romil says Surbhi can play. Somi says we should give others chance. KV says we four stand for each other.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that today’s time for fire task has started, all go when buzzer play and two inmates will sit in truck. Buzzer plays, all run to truck and Sree gets in from otherside. Sree and Deepak sits on seats. Dipika says you have to enter from backside only. Sree says I dont care. KV says you cheated. Sree says you are a cheater for life. KV says Sree is cheater, give it to Dipika or Surbhi. Sree says I am not giving anyone seat. Surbhi says you can give it to Dipika. Sree gives seat to Dipika and argues with KV to not talk about cheating outside of show. KV says all have seen you cheat in life. Sree says I also know what you have done. KV asks him to hold his tongue. Sree says he is talking about my 10 years of life, I will show. KV says I can show you too, I am talking about show. Sree says you are talking about my jail, I won that case. KV says I didnt bring that case here, I am talking about show. Sree says I will see you Bohra. KV says I dont want to talk to you.

Buzzer plays, Sree and KV’s picture are shown. Deepak says KV has one cross and with another one he will be out of task. Dipika says Sree has improvement. Deepak says if you say KV is nice then why he shouldnt stay in show? Dipika says KV is a great person but he created confusion last day too. Sree says I am feeling bad to cheat for one time and he is always cheating. Dipika says if I see their journeys, KV is always confused but Sree’s aggression has gone down. Deepak says he has permanent behavior, he has zing to win. Dipika says you all cheated yesterday and didnt give us seat, Romil says I left this seat for Sree. Dipika says you all wanted us to stay back in show. Deepak says you have to perform in this task, we cant mutually decide on this. Dipika says I am not going to agree, you cant put words in my mouth. BB says you both cant decide on a name, as per task you both have to mutually decide otherwise as punishment, you both will get cross on your photos. Dipika says I am giving valid point. Dipika says KV has one life gone so I am ready to save him. She burns Sree. Sree says to KV that you are world class cheater. KV thanks Deepak. Sree says thank Colors.

Dipika asks Sree that she heard everything, I was doing my task. Sree says fine. Dipika says dont do it if you want.
Romil says to KV that Deepak have a chance.
Dipika says I was counting your strengths but you ended it all by fighting. Sree says forgive me, you are great. Dipika says this is a way to talk? you interrupted me.
Romil says first Deepak can go and then Somi can go. Somi says I want to go first, dont treat me like a toy.
KV says to Deepak that let Somi go first so she trusts us. Deepak says Romil is playin with you.
Somi says to Romil that you are mean, I dont want to play with you.
Deepak says to KV that if its between me and Romil then Somi will choose him so I want to play for myself.

Dipika asks Sree what has hit you? why you are arguing with me? Sree says I am a cheater and he is great. Dipika says everyone knows that KV is a good person. Sree says he called me cheat but he is nice? Dipika says you want me to be away? he says do what you want.

Sree says to KV that he should watch some news too, always looking for nagins in dramas. Somi says dont talk about personal things. Sree says I am not talking to you, you are younger. Somi says dont talk to me like that. KV says I always stand by your fight for life, it was about bigg boss. Sree says you take revenge always from me, what problem you have with me? KV says you always think that about me, you talked about my family. Sree says you are a nobody, you dissed my dad too. KV says I never dissed your family, dont talk to me for 13 days. Sree says you are an actor. KV says stop talking about my problems. Sree says look at your pony. Kv says you are making fun of my hair? Sree says roam around with them. KV says my foot was hurt and you made fun of it too. Sree says yes I am a cheat, I lost 10 years of my life because I am a cheat. Sree knocks on door to confession room.

Sree says to KV that you are piece of si**. KV says mind your language. Sree says you talked about my 10 years of life. KV says I didnt talk about that, mind your language, I was sad for you. Sree says you are a nobody for me, I feel sorry for you. KV says say it, Sree says *********. KV says mind your language.

Dipika says to Surbhi that task stopped for sometime and starting again. Deepak says I am ready to give seat to KV. Deepak says we have to mutually decide who will get seat. Dipika says why cant I decide who will come on my seat? are we puppets that I cant give my seat to anyone I want? Deepak says task restarted and I dont trust Surbhi. Sree says KV have no guts, he is handicapped, chachi. KV says dont talk about my character.

Sree says Kv has been used by Romil and Deepak like a chewing gum, he is a chachi. Deepak says KV is coming on my seat. Dipika gives her seat to Surbhi.

Dipika and Deepak’s photo are shown. Surbhi says I want to save Dipika because she is a dignified player and not fake, Deepak has problems. KV says she is dignified lady but Dipika has always played under someone, she doesnt care about anyone. BB asks them to take decision. Surbhi says Deepak should be burnt. KV agrees and they save Dipika. Dipika says to KV that I am not here to make relations here, I connect with some people and dont try to please everyone, if I was a failure then I wouldnt be here. KV says I didnt call you failure. Sree says he is a chachi. Dipika says let me talk to him Sree, she leaves. Sree says this is how KV respect women.
Dipika says these people shout, throw and push each other around but I cant do it. Sree comes there. Dipika says when I try to talk to you in stress but you dont listen and consider at all.
Somi says to KV that I want chance now.

Sree says to Dipika that they are using KV like a chewing gum. Dipika says you shout and talk.

Sree brings water for Dipika, she smiles.
Romil says to Deepak that Somi is going as per equation? Deepak says all are playing alone.
Sree says to Dipika that this is last time offer, I am going then wont comeback, I will give you hand and if you dont stop then brother is dead. Dipika smiles and shakes her head, she says what is all this? I am not giving it, you hurt everytime.

PRECAP- In phone booth task, Surbhi says to Deepak that you are fake and hurtful person. Sree says to Deepak that you play with emotions. Romil says to Deepak that he destroyed his 10 week friendship in a blink. Dipika says he has been absorbed so much in game that he hurts people around, even if he wins, he would be a bad person. Sree says to Surbhi that I told you my 10 year old secret just to make you captain and you sent me to jail after becoming captain. Deepak says Surbhi changes color like a chameleon.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kv didn’t comment on his cricket career. He only said that sree cheated in the task and makers manipulated it to show KV in bad angle and u know how sree is. Rai Ka pahaad banana koi isse sikhe

    1. AnuAnu

      @Sangam then why is still everyone blaming Sree?

  2. Fall 7 times, wake up 8! They say. Sreeshanth cannot accept failure. OR, Sreeshanth brings up issues to fight unnecessarily to get footage.
    Any one of the two.
    KV had clearly said that the world knows that he had had cheated – Even we know that – Sreeshanth went to opposite team favouring Shilpa Shinde which is a cheating to own team. KV didn’t mean what Sreeshanth exaggerated in front of camera just to get more controversial ! Bhai, aap jit gaye ho. Good job. Har din aap ek step upar ja kar bhi neeche aa jatey ho !!
    And he made such an issue – tomorrow when his kids will go to the same school with the daughter of Dhoni, it might happen – Dhoni’s daughter calls Sree a cheater… toh kya aap duniya ko jala doge? Log toh kahenge, logo ka kaam hain kehna! Aap kya 2011 ke baad ghar se nikle nahi ? Does your wife take you everywhere by a car which remains isolated by bombs surrounded ? Dipika and Bhubaneswariji must stop babysitting him now. It’s been many years and he can’t get over it. Koi kuch bhi bol de, ap naya tamasha bana lete ho. Iya phir aap as a person “FAILURE” ho, or aap bahaut baade actor ho! Footage-seeker. This was disgusting.
    Bhai behen kuch karte toh nahi hain, sirf footage chahiye.

    1. Don’t bend backwards to defend kV on this point he meant what sreesanth took it as

    2. You want him to get over something that is impossible to get over lol you people are getting blind in your hatred for him or love towards kv…defend kV all you want but in a way that isn’t “inhuman” in its real sense not the word you all keep throwing around for srees mistakes

      1. @Kelp No one is saying to get over it but to move on and he has moved on. He is working in movies and appeared in realities shows. He is also in a way using victim card in quick intervals, it is very much evident. Clearly if Dipika was dramatic yesterday yes Sree was dramatic today. Why should people not see his mistake when that is what he shows. We don’t know about cricket thing but we know his behavior in the show.

    3. Although I am not a fan, I have to say this – Sreesanth was caught cheating? By whom? Was it proved? I was under the impression that he was acquitted due to lack of evidence. Do you really think that he would have gotten away had he actually cheated? It was a very high profile case and no one who has ever been accused of cheating in the IPL matches, has gotten away scot free. But, Sree was acquitted.
      KV meant every word of it. The best part about Sree is that he knows a lot about KV too, since they know each other at a personal level too. But he hasn’t even exposed him. For that matter, many people know about KV. But since it doesn’t pertain to the show, people are not making it an issue.
      I used to like KV so much, but now, I regret the fact that I couldn’t see how rotten was he earlier.
      The only person who has shown true leadership qualities is Romil and I hope that he wins. But I think Sree will win. And maybe he needs it more than Romil, not the money, but the trophy.

      1. Well said dear

    4. Well said Arohi?

    5. N the Oscars goes to sree fr his mind blowing acting in bb12 house

    6. Lokesh

      Well said Aarohi

    7. @Devika,
      People here take words more than they understand intentions.
      Sree kuch boley toh — film ka dialogue hain.
      KV kuch boley toh — he meant every word of it!!!
      KV ne har ek point mein Sree ka saath diya, the actual fact is — Sree plays the victim card every week — being more controversial will either fetch him the trophy, or will clear his past image ! Agar aise select hota hain winner, next year se bigg boss nahi dekhungi…

      1. He never was with sree. The nae he got chachi is perfectly right. He has this work in the house. Yha ki baat wha. And har cheez ko dramatize karo and then say yr meri personality hai. I mean what the hell. Sree verbally lada hai usse. But more than karan sree has given support to karan. So plz stop defending a negative person. Just by showing yourself mahaan everywhere, you cant be justified.

    8. You know what you should really watch your words before speaking. For defending KV, you really cant bring the other person down. So thi ka and write. Whatever anyone does in real life is non of your business. Admin I would request you to kindly stop posting such comments.

    9. agreed

    10. @Aarohi..

      Agreed sree exeggerate the topic… And it was npt kv who started the fight and he doesn’t mean to say about sree’s matchfixing case..

      But as he have talked about 10 yrs waste ofur life n all the things.. Plus to say like this wo toh puri duniya ko pata h kon cheater h did not go well with sree
      Kv’s intention was not to say like this.. But as sree have charges amd most of the hms ave said about matchfixing in fights… So it s normal for others but not for sree….

    11. AnuAnu

      @Arohi cheater says who the man who discovered word cheating inside BB house.
      KV meant every word but when he realized Sree is getting out of control he used Iss show mein waala drama

    12. Excuse me ma’am i think u are forgetting the fact that sree is a celebrity and he does not need any footage.yes he undergone difficulties in life,yes he was accused of match fixing but let me ask u a question who doesn’t have a problem in life?everybody right and i think u are unaware of the fact that he was proven innocent in all the cases so plz think twice actually not twice million times before comments such vulgar things and what do I mean dipika ji and bhubneshwari ji should stop babysitting him.they don’t need to babysit him since they are his dear ones and they are upholding there responsibility wholeheartedly so at least respect such pure bond and have a reality check before commenting such rubbish and let me remind u that an proud.of the fact that i am his f an so check on!!!!!????????????

  3. Bigg boss editors should be paraded around on donkeys for their third class drama creating technique? even though I didn’t really say anything bad about deepika yesterday but I still am feeling guilty for letting out my deepest darkest thought about bhai-behen relationship? well in today’s epi they did look and feel like real cute bhai behen(usually they together look irritating but today both of their gestures were really sweet) sree said the truth about kV he is letting romil & deepak use him to the fullest and still isn’t getting it that’s a shame honestly deepila sree & him couldve been unbeatable if were together alas, he’s on point about him being revengeful person as well and kV can act clueless or say he didn’t mean it his fans can say he didn’t but from my perspective he did taunt sree on his career and later covered it up but whatever it may have hurt sree of course but this whole mess at least showed sree does have controlled his anger a bit and was funnily fighting the half time moreover why did deepak romil & kV had sree on their mind while discussing their “strategy” when game was in their hand already??that came off really foul…besides it’s confirmed to me now that somi, in her own words, a battameez girl an irrational stand offish person who thinks shouting in cold tone is her taking side of her friends who almost every time are in the wrong

    1. I agree, I mean what else could he have taken it as when kV is the only one who had already heckled him on this same thing before like surbhi fought with him a lot went as far as chaffing about him not being able to play again but even she didn’t dare touch this topic and kVhad so sree mind will go there obviously and today too it was obvious when he talked about “duniya ko pata hai” then immediately tried distracting but as you said it’s fine as at least it made us see that sree somewhat has tone down his anger and people might find it all too aggressive but I find his behavior funny(I swear I didn’t hit my head)he was fighting like a typical school boy,and I was happy about that he made sure to clear all his points before one of them use it against him…..somi is everything you said but I felt angry yet a little bad for her the way romil played with her yesterday she shouldn’t have talked with him ever and yet she still was trying to help him today

      1. Me too srees behavior was weird yet funny

    2. @Sana
      I totally agree with u…kv really meant to demean him by using words like “dunea ko pta hai aap kitni bre cheating karte aye ho”…it doesnt seem like in the context of today’s task or any house related tasks cuz so far sree hasnt cheated in tasks (as far as I remember in bb12)…and even today if sree got in the fire truck it was only to pay back for what kv and team did yesterday…he promised sree dpka yesterday that they will rotate turns and later himself admitted infront of camera that he cheated as he wants to see how it feels to cheat like others…so pls kv bhagats srop defending this dogla person…and I like the way dpka defended herself and sree today ….how come dpk has a problem if dpka showed him the mirror of his reality…truth is romil dpk somi r all scared of nominations (and its justified in 14th week of season)but that doesnt mean the ppl infront of u cant try to save themselves….and it’s the same dpk who once hid the horse head to win…and he had problem with the way sree entered the truck….what about dpk and romil both got into the truck before even the buzzer played…

      1. Agree with you wholeheartedly.

      2. Exactly duniya ko pta hai. He clearly said it about his cricket and then he himself covered the topic and I dont know what this somi is. She never has her own issues and hmesha duaro ki ladai me beech me pad k khud ladna shuru ho jati hai.

    3. @sana..
      nice and true comment…
      agreed to all points
      except.. i found sree poked kv 2-3 times… which i didn’t like…
      kv ne apko kuch bola uska jo bhi intenstion tha apne usey suna diya baat khatam but fir se usi baat pe baat karna more than 3 times was actually looking he was making it an issue…

      1. What if kV poked him again and left him fuming?? By now I’ve learnt to take behavior exhibited in episodes with grain of salt as half the time editing team either cut off the whole convo to give it their own color or just don’t show a whole chunk before the fight to let us understand the whole issue and it comes out one sided…

    4. AnuAnu

      @Sana very true if he wasn’t then what did he mean by PURI DUNIYA KO PATA HAI TU CHEATER HAI???? KV is such a ___I don’t have any words for him.
      Then when Sree started saying case waala mamla he added ISS SHOW MEIN TU CHEATER HAI? Really when did Sree cheat. Agar Sree ne KV ko kaha dha toh we have so many instances to prove

  4. Cmon be fair people

    I’m with sree on what happened between kV and him today KV face was telling in what context he called him cheater that even world knows about too(not the exact verbatim)just bc it’s sree doesn’t mean we have to be unfair about the situation you know:))

  5. Gayatri that task vikas was the one who didn’t allow sree or didn’t trust sree and didn’t allow him to play for the team sree was continuously asking them what should he do bt vikas was the one who instigated everyone against sree in that task….. in such a situation if another person supports us we will slide to that area thats human nature ..
    I don’t have any hatred towards KV he is a good and genuine person and i also like him a lot…kv wouldn’t have meant that comment regarding his case and the same way sree was affected by such things as he has been facing those cheating taglines for the past few years…in such a situation even if he is trying to regain his new life it does not be that easy….so in this case both have their own perspective

    1. @Gayatri agree to last part that may be both have their own perception

    2. @Gayatri,
      I guess there will be a technical issue.
      I replied to your comment, but net got disconnected and it showed I posted one of my 16th December’s update comments.
      Let me see it,
      After it gets posted.

  6. Wat ever Sree does wid kv today was only for footage sake a man stoop dis level S disgusting instigating kv later to say u went into personal.. Kv said u cheated in task but Sree turned into other way.. If Sree wins it’s a disastrous season.. I can bet kv S a gem of a person.. He don’t manipulate n make people bad like sree

    1. Agreed. :))

    2. AnuAnu

      @Xyz go watch the episode from beginning. He Clearly said poori duniya… When Sree argued he changed it to Poori duniya jaanti hai ki tu ISS SHOW MEIN CHEATER HAI. Bhai.. I didn’t know that. Where as I know KV cheated in Captaincy task with help of Dipika, snake task and fizz task.. Kya Iss poori duniya mein i am not there as I didn’t know when Sree cheated???

    3. AnuAnu

      If KV reach top 4 this is failure season

  7. @aarohi didi…bilkul sahi Kaha aapne dono contestants ke wajah se bigg Boss Bhut boring hogayi donomke fake bhai,bahanke pyar dekhne ke liye hum baithe hue hai kya …ye dono aate hi Mai channel change ker Rahi hu..muje Surabhi,ya somi winner hone per bhi inkaar nai hai but these two disgusting persons me koi winner nai hona chahiye

    1. @Tripura,
      Thank you.
      Dipika’s love for Sree is not fake, sweetheart .
      Dipika is NOT fake. Just I hate that she is closed in her world.
      She is not fake.

    2. AnuAnu

      @Tripura Sree boring.. Then how come there is 104 comments in this page for this episode.

  8. I used to find kV dumb even sympathized with him after his blunders against deepika & sree but I found him disgusting today sree might’ve been **aggressive** **dramatic****attention seeker** etc etc etc etc to some people but to me his reaction was mild and if kV brought up something that he personally learnt about that someone almost took their life over it then he’s vile and please sree wasn’t reading his words wrong that is what he implied don’t insult your intelligence just to defend him please that’s all
    P. S- to everyone, don’t come & argue cause we both know we won’t agree heck there isn’t anything to find a common ground on if you support kv especially

    1. @Anon 2
      I feel the same way dear…kv always got benefit of doubt in these type of scenarios with sree but enough is enough…kv is turning out to be more spineless day by day by being with the wrong ppl…nowadays I’m liking the new surbhi compared to kv/romil…

      1. Yeah it’s always like sree must have done this or that to provoke personification of everything good Mr kV when in reality he has been a revengeful person who act all nice on face and always planned behind peoples back to hurt them plus just because sree’s reactions aren’t filtered sweet coated jingles doesn’t mean he’s always wrong…as for surbhi the way she has been going if she was like this whole season she would’ve been on everyone finalist wish list

      2. Agreed if KV is genuinly a good person then after loosing the task he wouldnt had cursed rohit that iskinto bahar jake band bajaunga. KV is the most fake person in the house. And hes also tge onr who keeps saying that main common man ki tarah behave karta hu and thrn in the same sentence he flaunts that he has done alot of work that is ewhy hes her. . Cmon mann bullshit everyone behaves like common man.

      3. @Sandeep……agree on kv being dumb……very dumb actually…..
        My top 3 for this week r the same…..

      4. True @anon2 whenever something happens which include sree & some other hm even if that hm has been a complete bane of this earth and people have already agreed on it but if he/she is against sree then every kind of excuse is given in their favor they become world class person with godly qualities..

    2. @anon2
      I felt the same…

    3. AnuAnu


      PEOPLE GET OUT OF THE NAAGIN World.he is not charming Rocky

  9. I don’t know what to feel about kV & sree matter as I find both sides explanation really valid it looked like kV was talking about sree in the way sree said it but kV bewildered look when sree accused him was equally telling so I feel it’s better to not comment at all about it:| as few other mentioned, sree really is showing a change his anger used to be really off putting before but today I find his every move…hilarious? It was kiddish his insults were immature everything about it was funny idk some may hate it and i used to hate his drama too at ine point but today there was something really funny about it, i loved deepika today her aura is coming off more and more filled with assertiveness & she is to the point, deepak romil both at this point trying to cut other out of the race but acting all friendly on each others faces & in front of a gadha & gadhi(kV & somi) they’re trying to exploit for their own benefit this is true quality of a cunning & contemptible person they don’t deserve to win give the trophy to bigg boss himself or give it to next year winner with his/her own trophy but these two don’t deserve it…

    1. @Jagannath
      Yep……deepak n romil don’t deserve to win……
      Gadha n gadhi……. Lol……

    2. Go and listen to kvs dialogues again he really was referring to srees cricketing career and controversy later just looked shocked when sree said it cause it is a quite big issue and he could’ve been called out for it on wkw so he started covering his trails, I too feel sree was funny in his reaction it was too childish however I think he will again get rebuked for his continuous usage of “f*ck off” against kV(on a personal level that word really isn’t a big deal to me but I don’t know people have different level of tolerance for abusive language)

      1. AnuAnu

        @Jap agreed on what KV said and Sree’s reaction to it. He didn’t have to spit. That’s what makes me angry on him.. Now the people will talk about it for life

  10. @XYZ,Rajjo,Sandeep virk,Airplanes,Neha Chandra,Ada
    I know the episodes r quite boring but plz comment:-) bcoz its just 1.5 week left to discuss…….:-))

    Coming to the episode
    Firstly, 2 mins silence for those who called dipika fake after seeing yesterday’s promo…….
    In kv -sree’s fight I think sree was at fault a little more……..kV didn’t had the intention to touch that topic regarding match fixing he clearly meant it for the game…….I suppose sree took it wrong……. but I must say the strategy of sree to get on the vehicle was awesome……..n funny……
    One thing see said absolutely correct that deepak n romil r using kv while romil was busy giggling……..
    Romil is trying so much to put his brain n make people work according to him but its not working now sir…….
    When sree was shouting on kV in anger while kV remained silent somi unnecessarily poked sree……… is she mad or is she mad…….she doesn’t want anybody to interfere in her matter but she pokes her nose in every matter…….. Height of insanity!!!!!
    One more thing I think dipika is a lawyer rather than romil bcoz her verbal n oratory skills r way better……. quite impressed…….
    Sree-dipika’s bond is really beautiful……… people poking them it trying to prove them wrong or fake r wasting their time……..they have build up a very sweet n special relation……..
    Whatever may happen or however way they fight they patch up in a rather loving way…….one of the most beautiful relations I have ever seen in bb…….

    1. Hi nandini thanks for asking,I was wondering why xyz and airplane is not commenting, I felt good to read comments than watching it.i don’t want Sree and Deepika to neither sacrifice nor fight with each other. opinion to kv is fluctuating bcoz sometime feeling he is Good the next moment feeling bad.

      1. I agree……kv n sree’s matter was 50-50……but I think kv might not have meant what sree took it as…….but anyways…..even I don’t want sree-dipika to fight…..they r the strongest companions this season……

    2. Rajjo

      Hiii nandini
      Seriously in last days m fed of this….
      Yesterday both were right on their points like kv didn’t meant that n shree took it on his cricket as he used to listen these allegations from before …. The only thing is at last kv proved to be a calm person n shree a provoking one…
      In last shree said the correct thing that romil n deepak are using kv… 100% right

      1. @Rajjo
        Absolutely…….kv was very calm while sree was continuously provoking him…….

    3. @Nandini..
      correct… even i have 60-40 feelings for sree and kv respectively..
      no doubt sree rubbered that cheating topic… but his reactions was not totally wrong
      when he was sitting on couch and his facial expressions and anger was very real..
      but after that what he again n again poking kv was not at all looking good…he abused him too

      1. @XYZ
        Yes……sree should keep a good tongue…….abusing n cursing will just harm him bcoz kv won’t give him anything as a reaction to make an issue of……n it’s quite a strong point of kv……newton’s third law isn’t applicable here……?

      2. Yes I agree…sree was wrong in the continuing provoking abusing part later on…he should have stopped…but at the same time I have noticed he cares about kv more than anyone else in the house…for example he asked rohit to tell kv not sacrifice for Deepak…he told dpka to think about saving kv…he said himself I would save kv if I have to make sacrifice for him in the jin task…and in this week task he was disappointed again with kv when kv ditched them and made pact with wrong ppl who will wholeheartedly sacrifice him without even a blink…so he cares about kv in his own way but he doesnt express it…on the other hand kv is just a lost cause…he cant differentiate anymore what’s right or wrong for him being in the wrong company and under their influence (most of the time) kv unnecessarily pokes sree and as we all know srees levels of reaction are to some other level…I feel if kv and sree are sent on a date (lol I know sound weird) without dpka then they will become old pals…dpka has a huge hand in keeping these 2 apart…maybe she is afraid that then she will be left alone or what not…but I really would like to see sree kv in finale

    4. @rajjo I don’t think kV proved to be a calm person to me he came off as really shrewd and devious he was commenting mean things in low voice to irk sree and sree being sree was giving over the top reaction so sree was noticed by the public for his reaction but nobody paid attention to what kV was doing just bc it was in mild tone

    5. AnuAnu

      @Nandini watch the episode and insta videos clearly it was pre planned. KV meant each and every word

  11. Lokesh

    Not again sree, either u r a grt actor or what I said earlier ,don’t accept ur mistakes u r like a pampered child who never get scolded so so much diplomatic, today I made some respect for kvb. He is really gud.
    I m not gonna cast a single vote to sree the most egoistic and over exaggerated personality even Somi is better then her. This season is a big failure thodi bhot izzat romil Deepak Surbhi shristy logo ne bacha li warna celebs to SAB bakwas hi the

    1. “He…..never…get….scolded” someone please tell me did I read it right?

      1. Lokesh

        Written that about his personal lyf not in BB house

      2. @lokesh dude he has life ban on him his father got depressed he tried taking his life over it he was kicked out of stadiums & community halls his friends dumped him over his ban he was harassed by media he went to tihar he was harassed by his neighbors that he has to change houses he didn’t used to get hotel rooms half of his community boycotted him coukdnt go out of india(for sometime)to form a new life couldn’t go to any gathering without insulting gazes and questions following him NOW that’s way heavier and affective than a scolding and if you’re talking about his parents then he was a brilliant student and proved to be a son that everyone ask for(made them proud at such a young age with his career) then what would they scold him for?,….
        (Some people will say I’m looking for sympathy as they say for sree for bringing these things up after being pointed about them but no I’m just replying where if needed to be brought up again)

      3. @lokesh dude he has life ban on him his father got depressed he tried taking his life over it he was kicked out of stadiums & community halls his friends dumped him over his ban he was harassed by media he went to tihar he was harassed by his neighbors that he has to change houses he didn’t used to get hotel rooms half of his community boycotted him coukdnt go out of india(for sometime)to form a new life couldn’t go to any gathering without insulting gazes and questions following him NOW that’s way heavier and affective than a scolding and if you’re talking about his parents then he was a brilliant student and proved to be a son that everyone ask for(made them proud at such a young age with his career) then what would they scold him for?,….
        (Some people will say I’m looking for sympathy as they say for sree for bringing these things up after being pointed about them but no I’m just replying where if needed to be brought up again)

      4. Lokesh

        Yup u wrote everything correct but y to go on those matters always, I know it’s impossible to forget everything,but he is telling to those who are still unknown it would be much better if a movie on his lyf will be made then PPL will know the positive side and as u said he was a very bright student and his parents proud of him then I must say not only his parents but our country too,( I respect him as a cricketer) proud of him, that means his upbringing is very nyc then it clearly shows he is doing acting to seek attention by provoking everybody everyday and showing fake.i must say he can’t win by using personal lyf . BB is totally different game show, sorry if I hurted ur feelings ? peace!

      5. @lokesh sometimes HMs bring up those matters not him he just explain/fight them or sometimes when you’re alone with nothing to distract you you start reviewing your life with a microscopic scrutiny especially the bad & ugly part and blurt it out to first person(deepika) near to you that’s what happened other half time with him he never brought it up as a way of to seek attention

      6. Lokesh

        Hey mam ur comments are really appreciating. ????

    2. You really find somi better than sree¿?????¿?????¿???????????¿??????okay it’s time for me to quit coming here I’ve read and seen enough goodbye tellyupdates

      1. Lokesh

        In comparison to content

      2. Lokesh

        Dont go from the page , we r not here to fight , it’s about giving POV s, not that much serious to leave the page

    3. @Lokesh,
      Spot on. Bang on. Truth.

    4. Are u kidding……sree has not been scolded?????
      It is well……joke of the year……?
      N secondly somi being better than sree is a myth just as few people think that somi is better than dipika……
      If this is true then somi should win……right…… bcoz nobody is better than her I guess??

      1. Lokesh

        Taking it wrong girl, I commented on personal lyf not about bigg Boss house, as I found his behaviour little childish. As per maturity I wrote Somi is better than sree, not in BB house, if u guys found this a joke then lol, I don’t care as it’s my pov only.

    5. Lokesh,u r absolutely right..TBH I m tired of sree’s sympathy card and always yelling “BB open d door I want to go home.”
      He was talking abt preference yesterday but he is d person who has got max preferences..Salman always talks to him politely even wen he’s at fault.ab logo Ko survival pasand aa rhi h BCS she’s playing wd sree dips..and sree shd know wat goes around comes around..if u can mock others’ family members (kV,romil) ,if u can say dat “wakeel k Naam pe dhabba h tu”,den he shd b ready to get back d same..and Salman is so biased ds year..sree ka insult insult baki ka insult is nothing?woow.pehle to doubt tha,ab sach mein lagta h agr sree winner Bana to undeserving winner hoga..this season was such a waste BCS f ds daily soap drama of bhai behen

      1. @Diya very well said

    6. Commenting on someone’s personal life whom u don’t know is not good either…….anyway sorry I took it wrong……

      1. Lokesh

        Yup commenting on personal lyf is wrong, but I just observe his behaviours and moods so got such odd conclusion, in btw glad that u understood what I wrote.?

      2. His behavior is like that not because he has been pampered all his life but cause of hardships he faced in last 10 years he isn’t mentally fit he’s suffering from PTSD and depression that’s why he has such an extreme mood swings and its a shame that people take it as acting when it’s him being really vulnerable and sensitive to things that trigger him otherwise the base behavior that’s constant with him is his sweet and helping nature that’s his real self….

    7. AnuAnu

      @Lokesh never get scolded?? Watch the episode from beginning of season. And please don’t vote for Sree, if he doesn’t win by 1 vote let it be. He has won hearts after coming to BB not bfr

  12. KV meant exactly what sree understood there is not even slightest chance of thinking he didn’t BUT sree stretched the matter like a chewing gum but then again who am I to say that maybe he was pissed that much over it or maybe he was recounting kvs attitude with him past 3 months or maybe as some of you & some reviewers are saying it was for footage but I can bet my (imaginary) 50 crore inheritance that kV was indeed ranging sree on his career….

  13. Sree might’ve been aggressive & deepika boring to some but I’ve been noticing that whoever goes on their side start oozing likability and have positive image, it happened with kV then jasleen then romil then rohit and now is happening with surbhi

    1. Lokesh

      Kyunki kisi Ko footage nhi mil ti to wo shant hi thence to positive to dikhenge hi.
      Deepika frndshp karte nhi,idhar ka grp baat karta nhi to ladenge kisse,so they look positive

      1. No romil got lots of footage when he was with sree dipika surbhi is too now it’s just that they behave positively and doesn’t have b*t*hing and hurting another contestants sessions, they act mature and in humanity limits

      2. Lokesh

        Then y he came back,he was also knowing ye bhai behen bhav nhi dene wale

      3. @lokesh he came back cause he wasn’t able to rule over anyone on the other side he couldn’t manipulate non of Megha sree deepika or jassleen like he did with his own group

  14. People abused hina so much for calling bb edited show dekhlo ab khud bb is proving her right with it promos

    1. All kv wanted was seat in fire brigade for his friends Romil. So he used the word cheater dunia janti hai . His motive was to make sree angry and give up his seat . Sree controlled his anger and left seat for surbhi or depika. Deepak thinks he is very cleaver but he is meanest person I ever saw in big boss . Surbhi has changed lot this week and looks better now . Romil is very mean and selfish person. Kv what can I say is brainless . So I poor girl don’t know what to do at least she is not selfish or mean . I vote for deepaka and sree . I love their bond . They fight but they way they talk after that reminds me of my brothers who are no more . They make me cry and emotional .
      Good luck to good people

      1. @Raj
        I m so sorry to hear about your brothers……
        Their bond is lovable……

      2. AnuAnu

        @Raj lots of love to your comment

  15. @Gayatri,
    I m saying that only. KV is just one of billions. BCCI banned him in 2011. He is habituated to listen to this shit since 2011. Does he react everytime like this or is it just for More than love, a respect coated with fear – works for Sree. Sree wouldn’t have come to this show if he had nothing to prove to this world. Sree should feel grateful to Bigg Boss.
    Not Bigg Boss.
    ‘Nepotism’ is such a strong word, people forget to understand what’s what. Not nepotism here, but if someone is very popular, people tend to follow his/her words blindly as if they are the ultimate truth.
    Neither Salman Khan nor Shahrukh Khan watches the show. But, whenever they(salman khan) just give a hint to mock someone, they leave their own thoughts, become puppets at the hands of Salman Khan, start mocking that very person for a wrong which only Salman Khan can see and once again come into slavery! Same for KV, DIPIKA, SURBHI, ROHIT!
    Personally , this one quality is something that I hate from my core of heart.. people who don’t have opinions !
    Romil is the only person who uses his own mind and I am very proud of him. Very very proud of him. I don’t know why, but everytime I feel, you SHOULD listen what the other person is saying if u’re inside the Akhada with Sreeshanth.
    The biasness for Sreeshanth is so much inside the house and more in the akhada– is just because he is an international cricketer.
    All fears him and respects him, but if he can get that respect even after THESE THREE MONTHS abusing almost everyone,
    what wrong did Romil do ?
    Is it because he is a commoner just like us without whom even celebrities are incomplete ?
    Guys, think.
    Think hard. U aren’t sleeping like Romil. U are keeping your minds slept.?
    My 7 year-old sister wasn’t even aware of Sree’s career, lekin Sree ne khud k baare mein jitna kuch bola usse usey pata chal gaya… Sree is FLAUNTING HIS FAILURE. But, dude, we don’t even care what happened in 2011.. we are living in 2018

    1. @Gayatri,
      I m extremely sorry for this. Lol…
      This comment was one of my previous ones… got posted by technical issues. Extremely sorry for this. Sorry and Sorry. ?

    2. @Aarohi so true. Loved your comments.
      When people say how that person was talking to Sree, he is international cricketer, agreed. But cricketer ko mujhe cricket ground par dekhna hai, idhar Sree as a contestant dekhna hai.
      Same for Dipika, at least aaj Kal khel rahi hai ladki. But she says main Dhaka dhuki nai Kar sakti. Madamji Romil hilta bhi nai hai but khelta hai. Dimag lagao jyada dum nai lagana wahan.
      Romil, Deepak chahe Jo hai khelte hai and acha try karte hai. Loved blunt answer of Deepak to Dipika, madamji perform karna parega.

    3. Lokesh

      Indeed ,aaap ek hi matter bar bar open Nhi kar sakte,isse trp nhi milegi, nhi footage,, jabardasti ek hi matter re open karta hai,2018 me ye nhi chalega,we r watching for some entertainment not about past lyf, we all know case is closed and he is not guilty then what’s the need?

    4. AnuAnu

      @Arohi go and watch the first episode he said he was opting this show bcz he wanted people to listen to his side of story.. I think he the only one who lives by it in the house
      You said about your little sister.. What he came here is then fulfilled even a 7 Yr old now knows his story. If he was an ego maniac he wouldn’t have taken his name for Zero task.

      BTW Sree Sirf match fixing case se clear hua hai BCCI NEVER LIFTED BAN ON HIM TILL DATE. you should know that a person who has played international cricket is not here to hear all this from random people who have no connection to his life.

  16. @Gambhir,

    Honestly, Dipika is not faking her love towards Sree. That is very clear. She genuinely cares for him and loves him being a sister.
    But the situation is just like “Sasural Simar Ka”.
    There is a protagonist Simar (=Dipika) whose only motive is to save her family(=Sree) from people.
    Did she ever make Roli (=Srishty) the main lead?
    Srishty used to wait at the doorstep to pacify Sree.
    KV used to console Sree.
    Neha used to go against others to help Sree to cope up with his aggression .Sree has no fault in that.
    But Dipika (aka Simar) was very possessive being a parent, she didn’t let anyone come close to him, kept him in an ac plastic box,
    and her only work was that!

    Naturally , people saw what they wanted to see.
    a family drama. If u really check, Dipika snatched Jasleen’s position too and kept Jasleen at an invisible distance from Sree.

    Jasleen, Srishty, Neha, KV — they were there when Sree was low, but Dipika waved them to “stay away for 5minutes”.

    1. @arohi told u dnt watch precap n judge i knew kv wouldnt do such cheqp stuff lol

    2. Agree with you ?

  17. Dipika ne apne Bali aate hi bhai ki Bali de di. She got tested and I am happy.
    Surbhi itna bachea masum jaisa camera m kyun bol rahi. Agar improve Hui to logon k saath improve ho camera m nai.

    1. @hope
      Dpka is not a devi…she is a contestant and she put a cross on sree because he didnt have any half cross…and dpka already had half cross…in that case of she had let another cross then she would have been out of the race… so dont try to make it look like she ditched sree or cheated him

  18. He never was with sree. The nae he got chachi is perfectly right. He has this work in the house. Yha ki baat wha. And har cheez ko dramatize karo and then say yr meri personality hai. I mean what the hell. Sree verbally lada hai usse. But more than karan sree has given support to karan. So plz stop defending a negative person. Just by showing yourself mahaan everywhere, you cant be justified.

    1. AnuAnu

      @Aishwarya agreed I think people got a thing for Mahanta

  19. A #genuine guy lol

    Everyone seeing a genuine person in kv guys you all watch TV a lot and even considered a real life as tv. Even a child can know by a person’s tone when is he really and when is he acting. Open eyes. On Romil he is a genuine person for sure. But his genuineness is cruelty. But I like him at least he didn’t painted himself in white to hide that. Same way I like sree as well no matter what people think just he don’t cover himself in some mask. But Deepak, KV, Somi and somewhere Deepika all just are so great in hiding the true self. And if people like the masks they you are all fooling yourself. Try to see inner side. Romil and sree are only deserving ones.

  20. In BB12, only Sreesanth’s actions are justified. Whether it’s his anger, emotions, abuse or drama. Everything is ok when he does it. He doesn’t mean it when he says bad about others.
    But for all others, they are fake and wrong when they get angry, when they show their emotions etc.

    1. True @rosh..and one more thing.. wen he abuses odrs families (kV,romil) ,wen he tells romil dat u r dhabba as lawyer tab kisiko nhi dikhta. Bt even wen kV didn’t talk abt his career yesterday,he made such a scene..he’s getting on my nerves now..honestly sree and Surbhi r just two sides of d same coin.faltu ka sympathy card aur drama bas

    2. Lokesh

      Indeed, wo kare to raaslella, baki kare to character dhella

    3. @Rosh and @Diya,
      On point !!
      Sree demeaned almost everyone. But all are pretending to be blind. Sree demoralized every individual on their status — let us assume, all were his #emotions and came out in heat of the moment ! He didn’t mean it.
      Then I tell, KV didn’t mean it too.
      I love @AnuAnu here, she says it if he is wrong.
      Sree is good from heart, and so is KV. But
      That was Sree’s exaggeration on the topic.

      @XYZ, u are right. Sree took it in the wrong way, but he has to accept that to survive in future.

      Sree ka gussa, emotion sab real lagta hain,
      Aur dusre kaare toh kyun unreal ?????

      1. AnuAnu

        @Arohi lots of love to you… Today also I find Sree’s spitting very rude but KV said it intentionally.

  21. Two minutes of silence to Dipika haters. She totally rocked in the episode today. Whenever it comes to a verbal, sensible fight no one can beat Dipika, not even Romil being a lawyer. The way she argued with Deepak was awesome.Deepak when he cannot defend says yeh mat boliye… Also how she explained to KV that she stuck to only one relationship right from the beginning and how others made relationships which kept changing with each task was too good. KV did mean about Sree’s career but covered it immediately. He has taunted Sree earlier about the same so sree took it that way. But agree that Sree really went on pulling the topic like chewing gum… speaking of chewing gum he was right that hc was using KV like chewing gum. They have only used him till now. Deepak is favouring KV because KV has promised him work outside the house. KV was one of my fav earlier but totally disappointed with him now. He has really stooped low and lost his mind.

    1. @Charisma…

      As i dont found dpka completely genuine all the time… sometimes she looks genuine sometimes she looks fake depends on the situation..
      but yes today she rocked… her replies to deepak n team was amazing but when dpka and kv was talking and sree came in btwn her reactions was looking lil bit fake there…

  22. One of the most entertaining episode of this season.. And that fight btwn sree amd kv was very funny…i thoroughly enjoyed the episode
    and i didn’t find this fight is going to be sour sree and kv’s relation.. ?
    Sree’s tuti futi hindi is so cute… And today he was acting and looking like south hero…
    I found romil dashing in blue sweater.. Plus his smile was too good whrn sree was calling kv chachi.. And romil’s switched to serious mode suddenly when sree said to kv u r nee chewing gum for romil.. ? ?
    Now comes on serious topic
    I found sree was in more fault… Actually it was sree who started the fight.. But this is npt first time whrnkv said puri duniya ko pata h.. This word DUNIYA can be normal word for anyone but not for sree cz he had a blame of match fixing.. So he took it inanother way..
    Plus kv directly havve talked about sree’s 10 years time of waste..
    So neither sree was wrong nor kv.
    The only falut of sree was to ise slangs.. And rubbered the topic..
    One thing i dont like about somi.. To talk in someone’s fight.. If u already knew sree will not listen u then y u were giving ur views… And then again tameez se baat karo start..

    Deepika is giving faltu k over reactions too.. Matlab salman ne jab tak class nhi liya surbhi etc ka.. Tab tak aap bheegi billi bane hue they ab suddenly mata aa gayi.. ?
    Matlab itne over reactions bhi na do aur dene they toh pehle hi dene they sa

    Aaj jo dpka ne bola dpk and remaining hc members ko ab9ut how they survive here.. How they won most of the tasks by doing cheating. Was awesom..

    Plus deepak’s facial expressions and kv’s accent is looking really funny now a days too.. ?

    1. @XYZ,
      Agreed to most of it.
      Romil looked so charming in that blue sweater.
      And when Sree told , “tera level k logo se baat kar” to KV, Romil turned n said, “apka level kaisa hain?” Silently to Sree!
      That was lol. ?
      Romil does tasks, plans strategies- but silently ! ❤
      And for Sree, I understand. But ne needs to learn. There is no other option.

      Deepak’s straight answers to Dipika as @Hope said were awesome too.

  23. KV is acting I don’t know why people are taking so long to understand it? whoever has watched his two most popular shows will get it he’s either the one from shararat(bechara dokhyara puppy face) or from subhagiyawati(mean villainous)

  24. Pehchaan kaun?

    People want these contestants to be “real” but when some contestant do just that without thinking twice of their image these same people want them to cut it down and act mellow and something they aren’t, you can’t say that this _________ is bringing this _____ topic up for footage when this certain person is really sensitive about that particular topic then why would he want to go through it without provocation suppose if you were kicked out of your job on false & really degrading charges would you get over it? People taunting you about it wouldn’t affect you?people even hinting it wouldn’t make your mood bad?now if someone called you an attention seeker for your reaction for people pinning you about it how would you take it?it happens when people went through something really demeaning they become defensive on even a hint of that same matter, you haven’t gone through srees life you don’t know how difficult it must be or not for him to get out of the trauma he went through so it will be better if you don’t ‘advice’ him on that certain thing or call him an attention seeker when the taunts and fighting them back is his normal part of life by now he isn’t doing anything extra and if he did then that would really be in its true sense attention grabbing

    1. @Pehchan kaun…

      well said…

    2. Absolutely. Normally i just run through the comments where there are some regular and some are interesting to read, but i didn’t really felt like registering a comment. There are few who are known to be hardcore fans of some guys and they keep finding fault on others whether they are right or wrong which is quite bizaare…it is easy to make a comment from outside regarding Sree’s behaviour whereas the amount of pain what he underwent is quite unexplainable, and i often used to wonder why this poor fellow has to undergo such treatment at BB.. he may be often used to be erratic in his behaviour but that happens only when he is provoked badly, otherwise he is such a nice guy who does not spit venor or spread hatred between HMs… I dont know comment on others and their behaviour but certainly Sree, Dipika and Romil are deserved to be a winner in this seasons…. others….i am sorry to say not deserving…..

    3. @ pehchan kaun
      Very well said…??

  25. Gayatri

    @arohi no issues dear….. its our perspective of thinking…both kv and sree are good person by heart… bt it is the maker’s and the house which show’s them as negative .. and even today he would not have meant about that cheating word became a personal comment…i think kv was trying to say that whole world is watching bb and they will also see he is cheating…bt sree on the other hand he is very emotional with those things..even the worst thing he finds in bb is going to jail as it gives him the memories of his life in jail…so he is a little emotional person .and coming to bb . makers know how to utilize a situation and how to showcase them.. that’s what happening in this season..they are only showing the negative image of the House mate’s

  26. KV is a ?????


    As anon2 said He is a crooked and devious man and yesterday he was continuously taunting sree besides these ‘remarks’ but sree reaction diverted peoples attention to him…remember what romil and somi & lots of other once said?that hemakes one really hurtful comment then act innocent later that’s what he did yesterday

    1. Wow bb editors really are testing the limit they can manipulate people upto, like it was shown as an ambiguous event in main epi and as if sree brought that issue out of nowhere or mistook kvs words when with this clip it’s clear kV indeed went on sree’s controversies and said it to hurt him :(….this isn’t a reality show they tag them as it’s full on exploitation of these celebs image by the hand of these awful editors, is no one higher up of these editors from bb team review the mess before broadcasting it?

    2. You think people will watch this video and be fair or neutral?same people who stayed silent and were desperately looking for one loophole to favor kV and berate sree yesterday after promo and epi editing gave them just that so they took it and ran with it like pt usha LOL sree’s loud reaction is what was highlighted as it has been all season long and people have that image of him in their mind which they want to keep so it’s better to just say your side give your evidence and don’t say much about other hm(which he deserve)cause same will happen with your evidence as happening with sree they will call you ‘kV hater’ etc and ignore the main point of your comment, so don’t give them that easy way out..

    3. Is srees nose a mine asking cause he keeps digging it with his fingers lol

      Joke aside I agree with you

    4. Burn bb office honestly this is ridiculous…

    5. Now that is ridiculous…….how the hell can this editing team be so damn disgusting……?
      But the filth has been spread…….blind supporters of kv are chanting his name…….

  27. Gayatri

    @Gggg i totally agree with your comment..last season i didn’t like hina at all now i understand that the maker’s can make a cat as tiger and a tiger as cat….they just makes unnecessary edits and show what they wanted to show…

    1. Absolutely….. best example….last year its Hina now it is Sree…BB’s editors are too keen to show selective negatives of Sree, and it is pity that even our people close their eyes and comment on them, even though it is quite obvious that he doesn’t deserved to be commented so badly, and deserved to be treated with some respect….

  28. Lokesh

    @tala I agree to u.

  29. AnuAnu

    This is for all blaming Sree for his behavior..
    KV meant every single word he said to Sree bcz Romil and Deepak were planning to remove him from the first… When KV realized that he is losing control he included ‘Iss show mein’ before cheater.. SMART and Cunning..
    BTW in vikas task Sree didn’t cheat he said Vikas didn’t allow him to play task and he informed before changing his team so he wasn’t betraying anyone as nobody in his team was expecting him to perform the task.
    The funniest part is who is calling him cheater the one who manipulated Rohit to betray his team and the one who cheated in the last task (Appy Fizz). I guess everybody forget that bcz it was done by Mahan KV and they are very busy bashing Sree..
    I knew somehow the Blame would be on Sree bcz Sree is Sree and KV is face of Colors. And stupid Somi deserved what Sree said she is the one who is footage bhookhi.
    Romil is such a hypocrite that he said ‘Mar jayenge lekin tere ko bachayenge’ and he did not save Somi and dumb Somi again in chaal of Romil.
    Deepak played task nicely. He was the best..

    I agree Sree spitting in front of KV was rude what wrong is wrong.

  30. AnuAnu

    See 104 comments why was it below 100 for last few days. Bcz it was boring. When Sree again did something people are eager and excited to comment. So who deserves to be in finale???? ?????

    1. Lokesh


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