Bigg Boss 12 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree spits on Deepak’s name

Bigg Boss 12 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 30
Deepak asks Romil to give carrots to him. Romil says I will not commit wrongly, my first choice but if I have to make her win for me then I will. Shiv is running cart for Deepak and says I will have to help KV too. Deepak says you play for KV, I understood. Shiv says if Romil tries for himself then I will support for KV. Romil says Deepak is my friend and I will support him. Shiv says I am telling Deepak that I have commitment too. Shiv gets down after running 2.6KM.

Deepak says to Surbhi that I will give my carrots to Somi, my distance should be more, let Somi become captain, you are giving her carrots too.
Deepak asks Romil to make Somi captain, Romil says Shiv can give his carrots to KV. Deepak says he will not do it.

Bigg boss says to inmates

that today’s time for running on treadmill has ended, take readings and stop. Deepak counts his distance of the day. Deepak says to Anup that now is time to steal, game is on at night.
Sree says to Somi that I will stay for a while and see then I will leave. Saba says it will lessen our competition. KV says Deepak’s distance is 34.6KM and Deepika has 33KM, its approx. 1.5KM difference. Sree says thats huge.
Deepak says to Jasleen that Romil can give his carrots to Somi, Shiv can give his carrots to KV, I am trying to make him listen that pairs have broken but still teams are same, I have asked Anup to give carrots to Somi only. Jasleen says next will be my turn.

Urvashi asks Sourabh why should we give up for Deepak? Its not team work now.

Second alarm plays, Deepak says I am injured. Deepika says I am not going. Sree says I am watching everything, you all play. Deepak reads instructions that horses will sleep in stable, they have given mattress, after wake up song, all material should be put in store room and Deepak and Deepika will make sure of it. Sree says I am not sleeping here. I am going. KV asks where? Deepika tries to stop him but Sree jumps on plank and tries to jump out of house. Shiv tries to stop him and says why are you doing it? this is not the way. Bigg Boss asks Shiv to use hindi. Urvashi says to Deepak that you dont care, we are not dying for you. Deepak says I will play as my plan, he shouts that she is not understanding me. Saba says you are wrong. Deepak says I will not talk to you after jail too. Urvashi says dont do it then. Saba says to Deepak that why dont you understand anytime? you will destroy friendship for a game? Surbhi asks Sree to get down, this is my duty. Sree asks her to leave. Surbhi says this attitude is not good in life, this is wrong. She angrily leaves. Sree gets down and goes in house. Surbhi tries to stop but Shiv asks her to let him be. Sree goes in washroom, Deepika goes behind him. Bigg boss says no inmate can go in house.

Deepika asks Sree to not do what he is about to do, calm down. Sree takes pillows and goes near door. Sourabh asks him to calm down. Sree says enjoy your task. Deepak says you have to sleep in stable. Sree says I am sitting here. Somi says he is not wrong. Bigg boss asks Jasleen and Sree to wear their mics. Deepika gives mic to Sree. Surbhi sings lakri ki kaati. Somi says no singing. Surbhi says I hate people trying to get attention.
Shiv asks Urvashi to not let Deepak affect her.
Sree says to Anup that I wont let them steal.

Jasleen says to Romil that I didnt get a chance to become captain, I am nominated too, I feel unwanted, why cant you people give me chance. Saba says we have moved back. Jasleen says you got chance for three weeks. Saba says we were supporting at time Romil became captain, its not about you. Jasleen says Saba you dont need captaincy, you dont need team now so you are saying all this. Somi asks Saba to calm down. Saba asks Jasleen to not shout. Jasleen says she is provoking me for no reason.

Saba says to Jasleen that we are all playing individually, Romil said to choose Somi as captain. Jasleen asks Romil did he choose Somi without asking her? you asked me to tell Deepak that I will support Somi as all are supporting her, you should have told me that it was your decision only, not team’s decisions. Romil says I talked to Deepak, he agreed with me to choose Somi. Jasleen says I dont want to talk anymore.

Romil says to Saba that tell them we are ready to give carrots to Jasleen, tell it to Shiv. Saba comes to Shiv and Sourabh and says we can give carrots to Jasleen. Jasleen says its not needed anymore, lets play on our own now.

Deepika asks Sree why he doesnt want to be contender? Sree says I am not interested. Deepika says KV is playing for himself too. Sree says everyone should know math.

Shiv says to KV that I have carrots too, there are three competitors me, Saba-Somi and you, if I have less then I will give it to you and if you have less then you give it to me. KV says right.

Inmates are sleeping in garden. Deepak comes in washroom and hides horse head in a cabinet. He says this is a strategy.

Day 31
Deepak says to Anup that I want to win, he says KV should not win.
KV puts his carrots back in Deepika’s carts. Saba says this is wrong, he cant put his carrots back in cart. Song romeo naam mera.. chori kaam mera plays, all dance and enjoy.

Deepak says to Saba that KV and Shiv might run for Deepika.
Shiv says to Sourabh that they are tensed now. Saba comes there, she says I wouldnt support KV, she says Romil and Jasleen were against you.
KV says to Jasleen that I want to win with majority. Jasleen says I want to break groupism from both sides, I have to break Deepika’s groupism too. He says it will happen.

Anup says to Jasleen that I am not supporting Deepika. Jasleen says I talked to KV, I am playing on my terms now. Shiv says they are all planning.

Deepak comes to washroom and hides other horse head too.
Shiv says to Jasleen that you, me, KV, Sree and Sristy can be on one side. Jasleen says I dont want Romil’s name.

Deepak says to Surbhi that I have hidden horses head and nobody can run on treadmill without it. Surbhi says you are referee, you cant do it, did Romil ask you that? Deepak says dont say rubbish, I have mind too.
KV asys to Deepika that we need horse head caps to run on treadmill. KV says they have hidden it but we will run anyway.
Romil says Deepak didnt do wrong by hiding them. Deepak says to Surbhi I can do anything to win, this is my strategy.
Deepika says to KV that we can wipe Deepak’s distance board, KV says he will remove your board too. KV says then remove instructions about it too. Deepika removes it from instruction file.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time to start running on treadmill. Sree asks Deepak where is our horse cap? Deepak says I dont know. Sree says okay, thank you. Deepika says fine. Deepika dances around and claps to KV. KV says Romil is confused for first time. Romil says its going as I planned. KV says lets see till end.
Deepika tells Urvashi that we will remove Deepak’s board. Urvashi says dont do that. Deepika says dont tell it.

Buzzer plays, Sree starts running on Deepika’s treadmill. Deepak makes Deepika read that horse cant run without horse cap. Deepika asks Sree to not run, its useless, my point is if I am not winning then I wont let Deepak win. Deepak comes to Sree and says you cant run without cap, it was a strategy. Sree says this is my strategy.

Deepika runs and tries to wipe Deepak’s board. Deepak and Romil stops her. Deepak goes to Deepika’s board. Deepika says wipe it as much as you want. Deepika pours water on Deepak’s board. Deepak puts blanket on his board, he asks Romil to defend. Deepika says I am not doing anything wrong, we didnt start by stealing caps, you started it. Deepak washes Deepika’s board. Deepika throws water on his face. Deepak says you are throwing water on my mic, you cant do that, you are referee too. Somi asks Deepika to not do it. Deepak says why you are throwing water on face? Deepika says this is my strategy. Deepak says so sweet.

Sree is trying to destroy Depak’s board. Deepika says dont do it. Sree scratches and spits on Deepak’s name on board. Somi says why he is spitting on his name? this is wrong. Surbhi says what kind of act is this? he is back to do all this, Romil says now he will run and say I want to leave. Surbhi says this is wrong to throw on someone’s name, what kind of morals are these? you are ill, angry and doing all this, you should have checked your mental state before coming here. Sree says Deepak shouldnt have written his name on Deepika’s board. Surbhi says he is a kid, what behavior is this? Deepika asks Sree to not spit on name. Surbhi says all respect Sree here, Deepak loves him so much but he wants to destroy his respect, his mental state is dis-balanced, he should question his existence. Sree tries to ignore it. Surbhi says now you like Deepika? you were back-biting Deepika when you came here and now you are with her? you are dumb-deaf, you dont have guts to say infront of all. Surbhi says he is ill, he needs help. Somi says Sree said that he was laughing when Deepika was crying on camera. Sree says keep barking, I dont care. Somi says use respectful language, nobody is barking. Deepika says Sree it was wrong. Sree says I wanted to wipe his name. Deepak cries. Romil hugs him and says I realized when he said *****. Surbhi says I was made villain because of a curse and now nobody is stopping Sree? Surbhi says to Deepika that Sree has fooled you, he wants attention on him all the time, all people are working hard in game but Sree needs this and that.

Jasleen says to Sree that Deepika has lost already, you shouldnt have spit in Deepak’s name, I dont understand why you did it? Sree says I didnt like his name there. Jasleen says you saw what Deepika did and you want to be on her side still? Sree says it was in past, Jasleen says so you are on her side? we will keep it in mind, she leaves. Sristy says to Sree that you should talk to Deepak. Sree says if I have to remove a name, I would use spit, it was not intentional. Sristy says he felt bad.
Jasleen says why did he talk about planning against Deepika when he is on her side? this is manipulation. Romil says he is making us fool. Jasleen says there is no guarantee here. Deepika says why they are dragging me in all this? Surbhi says he wants attention all the time, he wants sympathy card, he is a celebrity, we should use sympathy card. Deepak says its his swag, let him do it, he has come to show it, first he blesses and then spits on names. Surbhi asks Sree to come and fight openly. Sree laughs. Surbhi says all are powerful here, he does drama so all stop him and give him attention. Saba asks Sree why he takes part in tasks when he doesnt want to be part of it? Deepak asks why he spit on his name? Sree says I couldnt wipe it so I used spit, its simple, you can take it as you want, I dont care. Surbhi says they will become siblings again, this guy is fake. Jasleen says to Sree that Deepika made you leave show and you forgot everything? all were standing for you. Surbhi says we showed love and respect for a wrong person, he is a drama and immature. Sree goes in house. Romil says he cant go in house. Deepak says Bigg boss Sree is not listening so I and Deepika disqualify him. Jasleen says Sree thought he was not shown enough last night so he is doing all this.

PRECAP- Some secrets of inmates are shown on TV and other inmates have to guess whose secret is that. KV reads first secret “I had a relation with famous celebrity”. Anup says I dont remember things. Jasleen is stunned and says I should leave. Shiv asks Sourabh if its him? Sourabh says are you mad?
Deepak asks to read body language. Sree says to KV that it is you. KV laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hating Shree so much.i seriously feel he has some kind of problem and he needs help.

    1. [email protected] hating someone is a different thing_if someone is doing anything “something is better than nothing like sree’s crazy_arrogant at titude & his dialogue “I wanna go home” & we r getting entertained it’s gd_if sree will be evicted from the house ppl will simply put off their tv_all other housemates r dumbos don’t knw hw 2 entertain public

  2. sree is the bindass player of bb12_love him hate him but u can’t ignore him_the way he confused housemates was really unbelievable and quite funny also” jo bhi hai footage sree aur deepika le jate hai”I like deepika she cares genuinely about sree & sree also can’t deny the fact that he also has a soft corner for her_really like their bond_surbhi went on instigating & shouting on sree but he didn’t gave a damn on her_now I think sree is playing but in an opposite way”vo deepika se nhi housemates se khel rha hai”they believed in sree’s word & now sree is supporting deepika loved that dialogue”vo sab purani baatein hai I forgive her”jasleen got really confused ye bol kya rha hai yr funny I laughed after watching this sree & deepika play well we support you-

    1. @zoya well said… Kuch bhi ho game to sree hi khel jaata hai or sahi kaha tumne deepika genuinely sree ki care krti hai or sree bhi deepika ka care krta hai.. Sree dil me aata h, samajh me nhi😁.. But i love sree and deepika.. Episode ke start se sab sree deepika k name ki maala japte hai to episode ke end tk…😀

    2. @Zoya .. agreed…

      but i still found sree more genuine than dpka..

      i dont know y but most of the time i feels like dpka is acting to be genuine and good…

      1. @XYZ agreed Sree is the most real player of bb12 but I found deepika also to be genuine & true_if not it’s ok this is a game_ everyone is playing_u need to be selfish at this stage & at some point u have to take decision which can create prblms for others & even hurt ur closed ones_the game is like this only_sometime I think dipika is trying to be like shilpa_sweet & caring_again she act like hina in the task arrogant & smart_she has different qualities n images inside_her true color is not shown yet_at last I found she is a human being_a person who cares for someone can be sweet and caring at a time but can also rude & arrogant another time_it’s human behaviour_we can’t blame anyone for this_bb is of this only_it’s shows different shades of a person at different situation_at last there will be one winner_the one who survives after all the struggle & difficulties_friendship will be there but it will break also_as everybody wants to win_sree & dipika r examples_

      2. its wrong, deepika is real not a fake, i love deepika, she has quality of winner… i support to deepika all the time. she is best player in bb-12

      3. @sakshi… Best player?

        Well its ur choice.. But nether i found her genuine nor a good performer.

        I had hopes with dpka too.. But til bnow o dont found her good performance wise

      4. @Zoya… According to the comment..
        Fir toh sab hi apni jagah sahi h. Romil, surbhi, deepak etc… Cz all comes to win… 🤣

  3. hi gyzzz I am a silent reader of bb12 telly page but today I couldn’t stop myself by commenting on this page_hope u all welcome me warmly n calmly_

    1. Hey…welcome aboard..I used to be a silent reader past season too..but put up few comments here and there..I couldn’t watch today’s episode so came to read the update..I’ll watch it and then come back to comment later

      1. thnx as u wlcm me warmly_reading silently is a different thing but to put a comment here is little much difficult as one is sharing his/her opinion sometimes it is not liked by others bb12 is not much entertaining than bb11 missing vikas-hina-shilpa _anyways I think all r busy replying one another comment so that nobody felt the need to rply me (excluding u)_I will be thankful if anyone of u rply to me n correct me if I was wrong or u can atleast clarify it_

    2. @Zoya..

      “to put a comment here is little much difficult as one is sharing his/her opinion sometimes it is not liked by others”

      Its ok if ur comment is not liked by others as all have different opinions on a particular thing……

      so keep commenting..

  4. I don’t know but i m guessing shree’s strategy is to seek for attention n fight with just anybody all d’s episode was so funny .

  5. See karma .they have all told d truth about them plotting with shree to target deepika .If I were deepika ,I will be careful with shree.shree and his antics .are never ending .he’s so unpredictable.Hes getting all d limelight n surely enjoying it.Surbhi has realised .she’s smart but just so lousy n negative at times .

  6. Can’t help it.I love /hate shree .U just can’t ignore him

    1. @Faty… exactly…

      no wonder if he wins the show…

  7. @hi shadab & thanks for supporting & understanding my views_Bb12 start hue 1 month ho gye abhi tak koi bond nhi bana hai ghr mei only today I saw sree and deepika’s bonding & I got sure that they both will support each other in any situation_I got angry on sree yesterday the way he talked to deepika & she cried_but today I understand his game and strategy “vo chah kar bhi deepika k against nhi ja sakta uska dil kabhi nahi manega_he called her sister aur kch bhi ho jaye bro will never leave or let her sister down_trp bhi sree k wajah se milti hai bb12 ko_aur sab acha banne k chakkar mei dikhte nhi hai

    1. Zoya your are right… but some way deepika is wrong and she is getting only attention of Sree and gathering sympathy votes as she is an actor too. I feel deepika is very the drama Queen and her act is saying that she would out of this show soon. I hate this type of actor who will look for sympathy votes upon crying…..

      1. I don’t see deepika playing d sympathy card at all .everyone has his nature .she’s naturally emotional in fact we knew that since her entry n has been confirmed by her colleagues to.she’s kind n normally people tend to doubt kindhearted people .d lousy ones most at times get away with anything .naturally she will be termed too sweet n fake but its better to be called names than change from d person i am .Everybody’s nature is diff.

  8. I dont know why but I liked shree attitude today. I felt that he only used spit cuz deepaks name wasnt coming off..maybe he didn’t realize it would look bad..but I enjoyed how he stood up for dipika..even Deepak was wrong by hiding task props…I just loved how everyone was on fire seeing sree supporting deepika it was too good…looks like sree is showing interest in the game now..hope he stays on track

  9. hat’s of surbhi nd romil!! Thank you so much Sreesanth ko uski reality Dikhane k liye!!gr8 going… isi layak hain Sreesanth and dipika.

  10. every tym dipika ka sirf sree sree sree sree sree sree sree sree sree sree sree sree lga rehta hai or sreesanth ka “big boss drwaza kholo mjhe jana h,contract me likha h,mhje ni khelna,have some respect, some mercy bro”bs yehi bol bol kr bore rkha h dono ne.

  11. sree ko sirf gaali deni ati hai aur jb Saamne se return me milti h to wo sehni ni ati….very good romil pay back krne k liye.

    1. Wow at least one support for romil nd surbhi
      Love the way surbhi ne sree ka aukad dekha diya i always think sree kuch jada he respect de diya hai commners ne

  12. Wow I loved this karma hits these b*t*hes 10x harder we’ll dont dipika proud of you ya did wel this deepak is annoying he desearved it tbh and sree you did well spitting on his name bruh m freaking loving this season it’s acc😂😂😂dipika be strong we all love you play well and come out with that winning throphy inshallah your gona be the winner ly x❤️❤️ #wesupportdipikaonly

  13. I think Sree is doing what he told he would do…. Deepika ko pyar se marna. He is thinking he is clever but he gets confused midway and still says ye mera strategy hai. Though most of the times he is clueless. I only wish someday Bigg Boss seriously opens door for him. He will behave as he behaved to Dipika, mujhe Jane kaise bola. Bhago Sher aaya, bhago Sher aaya…I wish ek din eviction ka Sher aa hi jayea iskly. Spitting on someone’s name…… Kids are also more mature to this man. Deepak always gets content for weekend due to Shiv, Sree whosoever… Lucky man. Anyways pagal to zodi ka bana diya Sree ne. Even if that is for game…I would not bad mouth for my sister and then come to her saying that is my strategy to fool others and now I am on your side. I haven’t seen the episode but just read the updates

    1. @Hope..

      dekho yaar jo bhi h… but abhi sree entertaining bhi lag raha h…

      now public is not getting angry on hs antics instead laughing on him

      and frankly speaking uska game plan bhi sahi h..
      bcz even public dont know wo dpka k aginst h ya fir abhi uska mind change ho gaya h..

      and smart player wahin hota h jo sabko apne game ka kisi ko pata nhi lagne deta….

  14. Sree : Don’t think he spat on Dipak’s name to disrespect him. Cricketers ball ko v spit karte hai. He 1st used water n then used spit to wipe dipak’s name. Do u think commoners giv a damn abt the spit? Rubber ki tarah keech diya. The main reason 4 this is that Sree went against Dipak 4 Deepika. They actually thought he will corner deepika n tab tak wo log uske saath the, jab uska support dekha tab sab against ho gaye. Maybe it was his strategy. Still not liking his give up attitude n har wakt ghar jana hai bolna. Don’t think he’s made 4 BB.
    Deepika : Confusing. Sometimes overly sweet next time very aggressive. Throwing water on Dipak’s face, her strategy to wipe off dipak’s board was dumb. Sree k picche picche jana v uski strategy hai. She needs allies to survive d game. Dts wat she’s doing. Also with Sree’s constant brkdwn, she can show her caring side to the audience as well. Ek teer se do nishan. Playing well. Bas uska game clean nahi lagta mujhe. Time ane par backstabbing fir se karegi.
    Kvb n Shristy : They need to step up their game. Dikhai he nahi dete.
    Romil : Very cunning. Only do things acc. 2 his convenience. Notice he instigate only one housemate i.e Sree. Shiv using dt P word, Surbhi gving all sorts of gali..he never made it into an issue. Sree kuch v bole ya kare wo uske picche he par jata hai. Since 1st week, he fought with Sree 4 small reasons. Their equation is not gud but still Romil comment marna nhi chorta. Mayb dts his strategy. He knws Sree is short tempered n can go physical as well. Dts y instigating only him.
    Surbhi : Chor k daari me tinka. Behen khud ko thora sambhal le fir dusro k naam pe footage khana. Good dt Sree ne utna react nahi kiya ya fir kuch karta to woman card play karna start kar deti.
    Overall this season sucks. Noone is playing d game lyk it should be played. Missing Vikas even Hina, Arshi, Shilpa, Akash lol. They really did set d baar high.

    1. Yo abc i don’t know about u but if anyone spit on my name i can not tolerate it. aise to nahi ho ta hai na ki koi commen admi pe tuk ka chala jya common ho ya celb self respect same ho ta hai and by they way deepak is also growing celb

      1. @Lost Boy…
        correct… no one have rights to disrespect someone either it is celebrity or commoner
        this time sree is wrong either spit part was intentional or not

        but commoners had already disrespect celebrities many times either by using wrong words or some antics…

        this time deepak’s strategy and reaction is not wrong but deepak is really very irritating person.

    2. @ABC…

      completely agreed..
      i thinks the same for these contestants…

      “Missing Vikas even Hina, Arshi, Shilpa, Akash lol. They really did set d baar high.”


      1. @ABC totally agree with u but i am disappointed with sree because we all have some expectations from him but not from deepak atleast he is trying to do something.

  15. hey guys
    why they are repaeting deepika ke wajah se sree out hogaya tha. she just took his name agar majority se hona tha toh neha hoti but it was biggboss’s plan so isme deepika ka koi fault nahi hai agr usne out karwaya hota then sab ja chuke hote.
    sree ka antics se gharwale confuse hogaye.
    aaj finally sree didnt reacted to all the instigation of romil and surbhi but romil well done same to same tha yaar acting u should try for acting. ghusse mei kholdiye sree ki saare baat inn logo ne deepika ke saamne.
    guys aaplogo ne notice kiya baat khulne se phele deepika was with sree and jab baat saaamne aai then her facial expression changed she moved from there. this may be reason or may be i m wrong.
    and precap wala jo clue hai thats for sure of jasleen.

  16. Spitting on deepak’s nameby sree was ridiculous !… Although i enjoyed it 😂😂😂 bcoz when deepak stole 50-60 carrots from deepika that time he didnt thought that his lovely so called bro will do such filthy thing yaa… Anyways i dont like surbhi but she is a good speaker though… If anybody acts so childish on national tv then he/she should show himself/herself to psychiatrist !!… Although 😂😂 sree is a good entertainer !!!… Lol

  17. I do not know but…..I think Saurabh is the worst candidate in bigg boss….He is doing nothing…..Only buttering anybody in the show….I do not understand….What does he want to do…..Just he pretends he is soooooo good…..But I think he is irritating …..He is not soo good in reality……

  18. Yesterday i missed romil and sree part that what romil said him… but when i saw i found romil was provoking sree..

    so that anger was not useless but to give up the task and to say i want to leave was totally wrong…

    today i didn’t find sree completely wrong.. spit part was wrong but that was not intensional…

    but one thing is sure sree is giving content… either he is playing with dpka or he genuinely changed his mind but this week he is the one who gave maximum content…

    i didn’t find dpka is genuine for sree for some reason… she is playing too

    either we like jodis or not but one thing we have to say that jodis are performing good in task…
    i dont like deepak but his strategy was really good…

    and for some reason i like sree’s game more than dpka and i found sree more genuine than dpka…
    i really hate sree for his unnecessary anger and give up behaviour but he is not fake.

    1. *intentional

  19. Finally saw the episode, loved the way Surbhi replied to Sree. Seriously he needs help. Hope these guys loose budgets for house because of Sree, if that is still a thing in this season. Than everyone will nominate Sree. Dipika is weak in tasks…. as sanchalak and player as well, she has proved it more than twice. Should have disqualified Sree, protect her carrots.

    1. @Hope…
      “Dipika is weak in tasks…. as sanchalak and player as well, she has proved it more than twice”


    2. I agree..Dipika hasn’t performed any task so far let alone win it..even as sanchalk she failed twice…she is a nice person but she lacks competitive nature when it comes to performance. Even kv isn’t performing to his full potential. In celebrities only Neha was a good performer but poor girl got evicted way too early.

  20. Sree has double standards confusing the lot in the house. Deepak is entertaining but quite loud. The real loud fighter is Purbi. Somi , Saba n Jasleen speak their minds. Anupji is basically idling most of the time. Shiv ,KV, Urvashi,Shristy n Sourab can b interesting. This season is a bit boring.

  21. Hi gyzz_I posted one shyri here_hope u like it_saare zamane ko apni zindagani sunane aaya hu mai_jo aakho se bayaan na hua use lafzo se batane aaya hu mao_hazaro dard girve hai iss dil mei_unn sabka hisaab chukane aya hu mai_har ek ko uske asliyat se waaqif krane aaya hu mai ye samjho kabhi na bhulne vali daastanb anane aaya hu mai

  22. Muniyamma Rajalakshmi

    Shree rulez. Get the mandogpig Romil and the womandogpig Surabhi kicked out of the house. Third rated double standard jhopadpati people

  23. May be Sree did that spitting thing unintentionally but what is even worst is he didn’t even once told Deepak that if it hurts you I am sorry. At least Deepak deserves a hug or sorry. I don’t like Deepak but at least his plans are not insulting to anyone and he is consistent in his game.

  24. shree is tooo much. First he wants to go home and when he gets eliminated…he blames deepika. Cant people deepika is not faking…..shree again tried to run away and I clearly heard him saying that I want to go home shree is playing against deepika
    deepika needs to be careful.

  25. I’ve been watching the whole season but commenting for the first time today because finally found the episode interesting – for the first time the housemates were actually using strategy to win the task rather than physical violence etc. Though I don’t like Deepak much, I thought he did very well in the task! Could see the frustration on Dipika’s face today – the way she was throwing water on his face and getting annoyed – she should have at least tried to find the horse head….since only her and Deepak can go inside the house it would not have been too hard…but she didn’t even try she just gave up and accepted that she will lose. As Hope said, Dipika has time and again proved that she is not good as a player or as a sanchalak. The celebs need to up their game, they are so boring. From the commoners I don’t know what Saurabh, Urvashi and Anupji are doing either.

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