Bigg Boss 12 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Dipika and Sree argues

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Bigg Boss 12 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 91
Surbhi says to Romil that you could have said things nicely. Romil says you were taunting my wife. Surbhi says I was joking, if you wanted to put allegation then could have put it nicely.

Surbhi says to Somi that Romil says words that hurt, I was disturbed last night.
Romil says she thinks I am sad. Surbhi says dont talk to me, ignore me then. Romil says then dont talk.

Day 92
Inmates wake up to song havan karengy. They all dance.

Sree says to Dipika says I will get few votes, you and KV would get many votes then you would do a drama with KV. Dipika says we all have reached with hard work here. Sree says you have fan base from dramas, they said a lot about my family, Salman said good words for you. Dipika

says dont talk to me about this.

Dipika says to Sree that I dont like when you say that we are colors faces, I didnt get any special attention here. Sree says I am not talking to you. Dipika says I am upset with you, we didnt do anything in 14 weeks? Sree says I didnt say it. Dipika says why you always question me here? you said it now. Sree says channel people get preferences. Dipika says I am always standing by your side and now you are saying this? thank you, you said that I get preference? She leaves from there.
Deepak asks Sree what happened?
Dipika cries, KV asks what happened? Dipika says I am hurt. Surbhi hugs her.
Sree says to KV that I just said there is preference. KV says there is no preference here.

Surbhi says nobody understands emotions here. Sree’s anger science here, who is nice here? all are good here, I had good job, good friends and family but I wanted to be star.

Sree says to Dipika that I said sorry to you. Dipika says why you always say that I get preference? Sree says you talked about hard work and all, you hurt me. Dipika says I dont want to listen to you, she leaves.
Dipika cries. Sree comes to her and says you are my only sister, I never pacified anyone. Dipika says leave then. Sree sits infront of her and teases her, he says I am extremely sorry, Dipika says I am hurt. He keeps sitting closer to her. She jumps from couch, he says friends? brother? she shakes hand with him.

KV reads ticket to finale task, there is a fire engine in garden and all inmates will be fire-tenders. There is a building there. At a time, two fire-fighters have to remain in fire engine. When buzzer plays, fire will start in two windows of building and two inmates’ faces will be shown, two fighters in truck will mutually decide who they want to save and the one burned move towards leaving ticket to finale race, then they will put cross on burned inmate’s window, as soon as an inmate’s photo is full of crosses, that person will be out of ticket to finale race. This task will continue till four inmates are out of race. Three will become contender to get ticket, when its time to change fire-fighters, the fighters leaving truck will decide who should take their duty.

All come in store to get things.
Deepak says to KV that we will keep switching places between us.
Sree says to Dipika that Romil and Deepak can be aggressive.
Deepak says to Romil that I have promised to save KV, he says to Somi that we are all playing for ourselves.
Sree says to KV that all should get equal chance. Sree says if we run to it then it will be a fight.

Buzzer plays, KV and Somi sits in fire truck.
Romil says to Deepak that i never broke my promise. Fire starts and Surbhi and Romil’s photo are shown. KV says I want to remove Surbhi, Somi agrees. They save Romil and one cross is placed on Surbhi. Dipika says who is coming next? Surbhi says to Somi that I have always been nice to you. Somi says you are a competition to me. KV says you called me competitor so I have taken out my competitor.

Surbhi says to Romil that you can go and then I will go with Dipika. Deepak and Romil laughs.
Surbhi says if they are not going to give equal chances to everyone then we can take out crosses too.
Somi says to KV that its time to play for ourselves. Surbhi says Somi is playing for Romil, she is a puppet.
Romil says to Deepak that we can go till end with KV, Deepak says Surbhi is most selfish in this house. Romil asks what if you have to choose between you and Somi? we are all playing for ourselves. Deepak says I agree.

Surbhi says to KV that you can give me seat. Somi says you can talk to Deepak and Romil. Surbhi says you know who Deepak and Romil will choose. Dipika says to Deepak that we decided that I will go next. Surbhi says to Somi that Romil said so much to you, you can atleast give seat to me. KV and Somi give their seats to Romil and Deepak. Surbhi says to Dipika they will never give us seats. Dipika says they will not give you seat so let me talk.
Romil says to KV and Somi that we will atleast get one contender in the end. Surbhi says they will contendership to KV or Somi in end. Romil says we will die but get one contendership atleast.

Buzzer plays, Somi and Deepak’s picture is shown. Deepak says I can remove Somi’s picture as its play for myself. Romil agrees. They put cross on Somi’s face. KV says I would want seat back. Sree says everyone should get a chance thats why we gave seat to you people first. Dipika says you guys will shuffle between you four? KV says yes. Sree says I never thought KV would stoop so low.

Dipika says to Surbhi that they will never agree, we know them. Surbhi says to Somi that you should give a fair chance. Somi says I am playing for myself.
Sree says we dont need to beg.
KV says I want to play for myself, I dont care if I am not fair.
Surbhi asks Dipika and Sree to atleast try and get a seat. Dipika says we have tried a lot, dont say it like only you are trying and we are not. Surbhi says I have had to bear a lot too, Dipika says I have had to bear a lot, you are saying all this because you dont have support but we didnt have support from day one.

Deepak says to Romil that dont be in doubt now.

Alarm plays, Deepak and Romil’s faces are shown. KV and Somi decide to save Deepak and let Romil burn.

Surbhi says to Deepak that there is no talk in task, let others play. Deepak says I want to save my show first. Surbhi says you are making task boring.

Somi and KV’s picture are shown. Deepak says KV is strong we will let his photo burn.

KV and Somi sit in truck now. Surbhi says give us seat once.
Sree and Dipika’s faces are shown. KV says Dipika didnt save me and I have connect with Sree. Somi and KV save Sree. Sree says give us chance too. Somi says let us think. Somi and KV give seats to Romil and Deepak.

Buzzer plays, they see Somi and Romil’s photo. Somi says play for yourself. Romil thinks. Deepak says dont act great. Romil is tensed and says we have mutually decide. Deepak says first talk to me first, your wife said to play for yourself. You asked me to choose myself but now thinking to save Somi? Sree says let him decide Somi. Romil agrees to remove Somi. Deepak saves Romil and says all are playing for themselves now. Whole cross is placed on Somi. Romil says Somi have done a lot of favors on me. Deepak says dont feel guilty. Somi says to KV that I have heard a lot, its good that he didnt save me. Bigg Boss says time for today’s task has ended. Romil says Somi come, she says I am fine. Sree says I will not spare anyone tomorrow.

Somi says to Deepak that why Romil acted like he is thinking about me? Deepak says Romil made me promise that I would remove you if my name comes up against you. Somi says you both fooled us again?
Somi says to Romil that why did you ask Deepak to remove me when its between him and me? you were playing your game.

Romil asks Deepak what he told Somi? Deepak says I just told her when you asked me if I have to save Somi or not? Somi says where was I? you wer using me as an option? Deepak says it was like play for ourselves. Somi says you both play for yourselves. Deepak says dont talk to me for 14 days. Somi says I will not talk to you and Romil. Romil says we did a deal that we will play for ourselves. Somi says I am not going to give chair to anyone.

PRECAP- KV says to Sree that you are cheater, all know what you did in cricket. Sree says I won my case, you meant that I lost my 10 years because I was cheating?
Dipika and Sree are sitting in truck. Sree and KV’s faces are shown. Dipika says KV deserves to be in finale so he should be saved against Sree. KV laughs. Sree gets angry. Sree says I know nobody needs me here, Dipika says you want me to be away from you? He says do whatever you want. Dipika says fine and leaves. Sree says Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim is way better than me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bigg Boss himself is very unfair, toh contestants kaise fair honge?
    They planned this stuff so technically that Somi had to get nominated. Romil or Deepak wouldn’t choose themselves !
    Romil’s part?
    He didn’t act or pretend to be nice. He had made a graph in his head.
    If Somi gets nominated, he is sure she will go out. If Romil nominates himself, he can’t be so sure in the 13th week that he will get more votes than the rest. His dilemma was totally justified ! He could save Somi if it wasn’t so close to finals. He saved Somi till today cuz she’s weak. There is nothing to deny, but kya karein?
    Somi is sweet and real from her side.
    My mother was watching the show with me for the first time.
    Her reaction ?
    She told, “why is dipika going to Sreeshanth everytime to argue intentionally ?”
    I told her, “she has only bhai with her, rest dindn’t leave her, she left everyone!”

  2. And one more thing.
    If I go by the precap, KV has no right to question on Sree’s life. Sree ne jo achieve kiya, uska 10% bhi nahi hain udhar pe koi! To play for India among trillions of people who’re dying for that, U NEED EFFORTS! Reservation, Nepotism, Money don’t work! I thoroughly condemn this act of you, KV!! It made you someone i didn’t know. :))

    1. Lokesh

      Loved ur comment girl, u said it very correct,only talent works nothing more. Kv should apologies for that, although I don’t like Sreesanth but with him for this point.

      1. Yeah…I also agree that when its wrong take a stand don’t think that the person with whom such things r happening is your favorite or not

    2. Dnt believe precap arohiii
      Also kv romil n deepak agreed everyone go one by one so today kv showed he is no mahaan aadmi

      1. @Alfy,
        1) In precap, KV IS WRONG.
        There can be another side where Sree has provoked him for being a Nagin/cheater/Colors TV Face.
        But till now, for me KV is wrong.

        2) No. Alfy, KV ko ‘mahan’ ka tag dusro ne diya. And being a soft-hearted man, KV and even Somi discussed to give them a chance. But BB is preplanned. Deepak-Romil agar chahe bhi, phir bhi Somi ko nahi bacha sakte. If BB is partial, what’s wrong if Romil’s team is partial ?

      2. Rajjo

        i didn’t watch the episode but i can’t believe that kv really said that??? or its just editing team showing like that as we know how much editing team does swapping n conspiracy n ol

    3. AnuAnu

      @Arohi loved your comments ????

    4. Sree ne Kya Kya nhi bola……dusre p bolne k himmat hai to sunne k bhi himmat hni chahiye….jitni achi acting kv n Deepika nhi krte…being an actor usse kahi zyada acting to sree ne kra hai pure season m….LOL

      1. Lokesh

        Very true that’s y I don’t like him, sree is self centred and selfish, once he said ki Deepak failure accept nahi kar rha, but in real it is sree who don’t accept failure, when so ever he fails , he became like monster and when he think he will not win , wo task hi chor deta hai, I read someone’s comment that ,sree is a gud topic for a psychology student, and I do agree, uski lyf me itna SAB kuch hua that, usse harne se dar lagta hai, which is quite visible.

    5. Kv didn’t comment on his cricket career. He only said that sree cheated in the task and makers manipulated it to show KV in bad angle and u know how sree is. Rai Ka pahaad banana koi isse sikhe

  3. Deepak is the worst person ever. Might be he is a good player in BB but worst as a person. How could he not think of saving KV who destroyed his daughters toy for him.. I agree everyone is playing for themselves but for once he could have thought of KV. He is the perfect example of venomous snake

    1. No, no.
      U got that wrong. One person’s photo can be burnt twice. Means one person gets two chances to get saved. Therefore, u can put two halves of one cross. Then the person gets nominated.

      During KV vs. Somi, Somi already had one half-cross (Deepak had burnt her photo while saving himself before). But KV had no cross.
      So, he chose KV to put half-cross on him.
      Both Somi and KV were having half-crosses at that point of time. So, none was nominated till then. It was Deepak’s smartness. U should appreciate that.
      Their only motive was – Romil, Deepak, Somi or KV, three out of them must go to the last level.
      Bigg Boss played here. He didn’t put Sree’s photo or Dipika’s photo most of the times. So, for today, Somi got nominated.

      1. @Aarohi correct. And agar koi selfish bhi ho jayea at this time, doesn’t matter. Bhai khelne aaye hai, self service is first duty of any person. Ye loag bahar ek dusre se baat Tak to karenge nai.
        Kishi aur ko bina physical nukshan kiye and if you have alternative to bina hurt kiye ya haraye if you can win, good.
        For that reason agar Dipika ne drag bhi Kiya topic, I am happy kuch Kiya. And yahan sabne Bina baat ka batangar kiya hai ushne Kar diya, not bad.

  4. Lokesh

    The precap. Bhai behen ka pyaar me aa gyi Deewar, ya bigg Boss editor fir se Khel Gye, by editing scenes for making such precap.

  5. Kv is best.I wish u all the best kv.
    Shree most egoistic, full of attitude.ghatiya insaan.woh itna khichad phenkta hai doosron ko hamesha bolta rehta hai.usko koi kuch bole to woh galat.hate u shree. Hate u deepak …ek dum crane jaise lagte ho….hate u soo much for not saving u deepika for saving kv.

    1. AnuAnu

      Really? Are you watching the BB 12 on colors?

      1. Actually people can have THAT kind of opinion after watching bb epi on colors otherwise voot watchers have clear opinion

    2. @KV fan,
      Deepak isn’t wrong. He saved KV where he could. Check my reply to Sangam’s comment.

      1. Thankyou so much dear.I dnt need to check…keep ur comments with u.these r my comments…..It’s my opinion….u dnt need to teach others…..u just carry on with ur own comments.tkcr all….her kissi ko apni apni rai rakhne ka haqh hai…plzz dnt fight with each other.

  6. KV & somi again made poppat of themselves by joining hands with two most selfish people in that house wow but it suits them especially kV and the tomorrow promo seems like he stoop even lower it’s like he has swore on ruining his image at all cost, I would be truthful here I once really liked him but now his revengeful nature is too overpowering on his good side…besides if deepika chose kV over sree in tomorrow’s nomination task then I’m sorry she’ll wipe off the respect and trustworthy tag she earned again after betraying him once

    1. I feel we should wait for tomorrow epi before giving reaction on the deepika’s chunk of next epi promo as editors have habit of cutting out promo as controversial as possible as for kvs comment I’ll say people keep saying why do sree do “drama” & always bring up his past life stories well he bring up them cause of people like kV who use someones worst life experiences as a weapon of revenge & his innocence need to be repeated as much as possible so people stop with their misconception about the matter

      1. Don’t talk about kV like this either what if sree has said something to him first ?I mean in that case him bringing up fixing topic isn’t okay either but lets just give him benefit of doubt for now, I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi will see all sides and then will give appropriate reaction on it and everyone should do that considering how misleading promo has been

      2. @jap I just saw all the khabris acc and both the things showed in promo are true and depika indeed saved kV over sree and it’s the end of bhai behen saga(FINALLY ? I always liked watching sree alone or with shiv she used to make everything too melodramatic)& kV called him a cheater that world is aware of just bc he climbed on the van from different gate and sree quit the task over it to fight kV off lmao…. as Megha & deepak said once a gaddar always remain a gaddar lol deepika really didn’t have to do this and that too for kv who she has been standing against for so long it’ll ruin everything she earned

  7. Really kV really this is what you call playing for yourself really like ReAlLlY REALLY? ? As surbhi said they made the game boring & in two peoples favor ( as she has done always with her unhappy club chichoras)this isn’t a stage for groupism smh besides idk what other people feel but IMO deepika dragged that preference topic unnecessarily and tried giving it another angle which it wasn’t about whatsoever moreover romil was trying to take mahaan footage when he & deepak had already decided on saving him over somi lol but I loved how they made fool of both kv & somi it’s not their fault at all its somi & kv who’ve personally witnessed their two faced nature yet approached them again??? they are idiots and bigger culprits for having faith in these two ?

    1. Bigg boss forced romil & deepak to show their true colors lol they kept giving options to nominate between HMS who had formed the group,basically bb killed two birds with one stone they rigged the nominations through this & compelled romil & deepak to be deceitful

    1. @Tabbo jab ishe lady ko bola ki aap Marathi BB kaise jitea then she told ki tum BB ko question kaise Kar sakte ho. Now she is raising question ki wo jita to wrong hoga.
      She is saying ideas Surbhi Deepak k hote Thea. But Deepak ne khud show mein conversation m bola Romil ideas mostly tumhare hote thea but excute hum karte Thea.
      She is saying hum bewkuf nai thea to madamji bahar kyun ho gayi.
      Same things were told about you in Marathi BB
      And it sounds like khisyani billi khamba nochea
      Agar Romil galat tha. Baki ko confusion hoga madam aap to 6 week uski plotting dekh Kar Ander gayi. Decode karti uske game ko. Jo Romil k saath 1st day thea would bewkuf banea maana, aap kyun bewkuf bani.
      And above all na koi wahan game mein bacha hai na koi asli chehra dikha Raha. Except KV and Rohit Jo chahe anchahe dikh Gaye. Rest Jo dikhana chahte hai wo hi dikha rahe hai.
      Aur madam aapke siwa baki HM shatir, dogla Bolte hai fake aapne hi bola. Iska matlab you wanted to play with him but couldn’t to bharak Gaye. you tried to fit in 2 groups but couldn’t. Having said that you were good player but now accept things and move on.
      Abhi ishe 2 week m bhi chahre sabke bilkul alag aayenge. Wo galti insaan ki nai game ki demand hai.

      1. She got out not bc of her own incompetency but thrown out to save deepak she had more votes than him and I don’t think someone can have faith as much as they had before in something that later betrayed them and they got the taste of their unfairness so her change in respect for bb is why do you think surbhi became so anti romil? He started getting credit for her efforts deepak used to give ideas and execute them romil just used to sit out and keep an eye on other peoples move to warn his team performers that was his only contribution, this one you can’t deny he used to put a thought of bullying others then slowly get out of backdoor when his minions go over the top, he has been a dirty player and its most recent example is how he did somi wrong in today’s task acted all mahaan in the bus but has already planned on removing her

    2. @Tabbo This lady is taking credit of destroying HC. HC shiv and kv ne tora. Don’t take credit. And isly tuta because ushe samay surbhi, Deepak ko bhi HC ki jarurat nai rahi. They wanted to play at front foot, which was good as per game.

      1. Where did she took credit for that?she gave credit of it to romil himself he distanced himself he wanted to get away from happy club as they had a negative image outside so he himself created a situation or betrayed them on their face to break the group then acted as if they ditched him

      2. @Anon hear this interview of her that Tabbo has sent link for. She says HC Maine tora very clearly.

  8. Lysm dipikaa xx

    Somi is so freaking dumb what a dumb cow u was the one who said play for yourself and on top of that I see dis dog barking to romil and deepak seeiously why is this women in bb get her out of bb she’s useless she’s good for nothing always ends up playing herself lols bout dipika saving kv idk why you against that but tbh I’ve seen dipika saveing sree and shes always nominated just couple she’s been saved sree only saved her once correcet me if m wrong naw it’s high time to play for yourself that’s what she’s doing fgs you just can’t see her do good if she’s playing for herself saving kv there’s nothing wrong wid that yall always says that why is dipika always with sree she should play her own game leave sree that’s what she’s f**king doing so many haters I just don’t understand why u hate so much too much jelousy I support u dipika u did the right ting I legit feel like sree is using dipika cuz when she nominated him and he came back with sec entry he was like dipika ji I hate you I swear your the most disgusting women in the world imma show the world ur true face this good be his strategy who knows who’s using who we don’t know that only da person from inside knws we just people who just b*t*h bout others sitting behind da screen writing wah not cmon pls don’t hate on dipika finale is right to an end.
    Trust me sree is jelouse of dipika these sudden talks m shocked the way he’s acting I feel like he knows that she wil make it but aw I love the way sree gets jelouse when he sees dipi talking to others not him omg when u talk to others have fun have a laugh and dipi is ok with it when she talks to others u flip in a sec?❤️Cute bonding thoe I hope this bonding of yous stay together forever love u dipi sree haters gona hate f**k dem do your own ting play your own game and win dis show lysm xx

  9. Sree attitude was so chill & positive but kV has to taunt him on his past to ruin it he could’ve said anything but nope now we’ve to see brute sree again

  10. What was so wrong in srees comment that deepika cried that much? they’ve played famous characters thus have huge fanbase even bigger than a cricketer who was kicked out on most disgraceful charges yes he won fans but he doesn’t have as many as these two what’s so insulting in this? Plus megha srishty shiv neha weren’t they deserving or have bigger/equal fanbase & weren’t they sacrificed to save kV/deepika or happy club at different point of time wasn’t that giving preference? or supposedly deepsk & deepika comes into finale makers will ofcourse mske winner someone who represent them & has clean image

  11. 10001 try of deepika in adding a element to a convo to make other look negative her way of putting words in peoples mouth is annoying 😐 and if she hop onto kV tomorrow I hope she never wins as that’ll prove what everyone used to say about her

  12. Sree NEVER said colors faces aka dipika or kV gets preference it was dipika herself who said it he was just talking about her and kvs fandom, omg this is some sort of psychological trick she used intentionally or it become that way I don’t know but now everyone is talking about sree saying dipika didn’t do hard work to reach bb or she gets preference o_O this in true sense is brain washing just by shouting & over emphasizing certain things you can make everyone believe them

    1. Sree said to dpka outside in garden”bb always prefers colors faces…I’m sure Salman will walk with kv and dpka on stage in finale…two faces of colors…who am I.. just a cricketer “…so ppl need to go back and watch the episode be4 condemning dpka…sree is pathetic in this kind of conversation and he has no right to demean kv or dpka by saying that these 2 only survived cuz they did shows for colors…and SERIOUSLY IF PPL R STILL GONA DEFEND THAT SREE DIDNT TAKE DPKA KV NAMES THEN PLS TELL ME WHO ELSE OUT OF THESE 7 HAS DONE COLORS SHOWS….sree was wrong today and dpka didnt put any words in his mouth…and those who always say that dpka stayed with sree cuz je is strong and all..its bullshit cuz she doesnt need sree or anyone else to stay in the show…and I’m not a dpka fan…I like sree kv jas neha megha shiv…nowadays I’m liking the new surbhi…for me bb12 winner should be between sree kv dpka …..other than surbhi romil dpk r also good based on their overall performance in the show…but my top most is sree at this point…even then I didn’t like the way he spoke with dpka today

      1. “Bb always prefer colors face” and “bb GIVING colors faces preference” has major difference he didn’t say they’ll be there cause bb preferred them and unfairly will drag them there BUT after these two millions of fans vote them to be finalist bb will like it more than having any other contestant…..

    2. Jass dear pls watch the part when sree dpka were sitting in the garden and sree started saying things …dpka told him to stop but he kept blabbering so she left

      1. Sree later explained what he meant by preference as in being lenient in big rule breaks he gave kvs physical violence as example he wasn’t saying she got here bc of colors but bc of her tons of fans which I don’t think is insulting at all later she put words in his mouth

    3. Yeah then when she make it about nepotism he cleared by giving example of how kV had hit him yet he got away with it but I think people are again ignoring or taking her words spoken loudly as his words when they weren’t

    4. AnuAnu

      @Jass o think so too. Sree was casually saying I will get 6 votes… Like we used to say in schools to ours bestie that arrey you will get 5 marks more than me.. But she made it na issue.
      I think she knows I her mind that she has more fan following than Sree so she might win but she didn’t wanted people hearing Sree say that. Manipulative attitude.. ???

  13. What sree said is correct they have huge following and also they have lots of PR works … even though sree was an international cricketer he doesn’t have any PR team to promote him….like dipika or kv..if we look at kv and dipika’s social media accounts that are handled by their PR company and promoting them..and if we see sree’s insta account.. there is no such post from the day he came to BB..and even romil’s insta page is filled with bb video’s and the promotions…

    1. AnuAnu

      @Gayatri agreed to the core.

    2. True, besides the twitter & insta Sree never has chain of articles and then chain of articles talking negative and twisted about his opponent by same publication I’ve seen this happen with kv, deepika and even romil but not sree..this is a most clear indication of PR same media talking in or against your competition plus i heard pamphlets being distributed in haryana and rallies being organized for romil and I don’t feel they’re fans as far as heard they’re like political rallies with lots of money invested in them

  14. Okay! So now, people gonna judge Romil’s team for being unfair.
    Suppose, they had let any two from Sree-Dipika-Surbhi take the seat. Suppose, Sree and Surbhi. Then Sree and Surbhi would have given the seat next to Dipika and Someone else. That Someone else and Dipika couldn’t have apsi sehmati… and thus, karya radh honewala tha!!
    Now, coming to unfair, they had to burn their own team’s photos at maximum. Why not call Bigg Boss unfair ?
    They plotted this to eliminate Somi. If Romil, Deepak and KV get the 1% chance to hold the seat and save Somi, what’s the wrong in that ???
    And bhai, kyun de Sree-Dipika-Surbhi ko seat?
    Dipika says “kisi ne humare saath khela nahi pehle din se…” ! Sorry?! Aap ne kisiko apke paas bhatakne bhi nahi diy. Sree had good terms with all at some point. But Dipika stayed in a nutshell with her bhai . So, why are u judging this to be unfair ?
    Dipika’s mentality is sick and though they behave as sweet bahus, they are the ones who keep poisons every relation by staying or keeping isolated!

    1. @Aarohi could not agree more?

    2. AnuAnu

      @Arohi I didn’t find them unfair they played for themselves which is good. But what made me thinking that Deepak and Romil laughed at Surbhi when she was asking politely.. I found it rude from Romil Deepak it was expected.

  15. AnuAnu wah kya planning tha Romil ka. Ticket to finale jeetenge toh hum 4 mein se.
    I wonder how did 3 out of 4 get nominated?

  16. Romil, Deepak, KV, Somi — ????????????? my favourite team now.?
    I hope 2 out of 4 go to Finals.
    KV is my favourite, but he is not better than Romil or Deepak. But I want at least Romil and Deepak remain in the race. *.*

    And, please Airplanes, Hope, Tripura, Diya koi toh ajao. ?

    1. @Aarohi I came to support you and Romil. Where is Airplanes??? It has been long since we read those sayari and sarcastic comments.
      Infact many are missing.

      1. @Hope,
        ? Aap aa jate ho, toh strength milti hain..
        Aur haan.. wohi toh airplanes ka baat hain,
        I doubt if he’ll comment before the finals or not.

        Sree deserves to be in the finals. But he has committed many mistakes. I don’t want him to win the trophy.. I too will be glad if Sree comes out. But before the finals.

    2. Lokesh

      Romil ,Somi, kvb and sree nominated sad I want Sreesanth out

      1. Even over somi?woah

      2. Lokesh

        Yup as she is the only real personality

  17. ‘m commenting for the 1st time here… @Aarohi I love your comments a lot

    1. @Asha Sparks,
      Thank you so much. ❤

  18. Wow sreeshant ne aaj pehli Baar sahi baat boli ki Dipika Apne dumse nai serial wale fanske wajahse,colorske wajahse yaha thak pahunchi hai..nahi tho kabka eliminate hogayi hogi..Abhi tak sweetnesski dhong ker Rahi thi..ab bahut chilla Rahi hai..yahi hai uska asliyat .muje samajme nai aaya Raha isne shaadi kerke name Badal chuki hai .fir bhi Deepika ke Naam se kyu aayi hai..she is very cunning ..Bhut irritation ho rahi hai uske attitude and ghamand dekhke

    1. Aryan Bhattacharya

      You are right. She is irritating. I also don’t like her. And I wanna ask a question… Are you from Tripura?? I am sorry if you feel bad.

    2. Aryan Bhattacharya

      Hi! Actually I saw your name and came here. I wanna ask you a question… I think I am wrong. But aap kya Tripura se ho?? I am sorry if you felt bad.

      1. Hi ..iam from Andhra pradesh

  19. @Aarohi didi how are you…didi muje lagta hai sreeshant Ko waise bholna sirf kV ka hi galti nai hai..sreeshant Bhut instigate ker Raha hai .kV Ko Bhut insult ker Raha hai personal bhi jaaker ..ek Baar tho letter likhu kehke kV ke wife Ko bhi insult Kiya..hamesha cricket ke baareme sreeshant hi bolta hai. .Brian Lara ki example dekhar yaha sabki aukaat kya hai kehta hai ..kv Ko shreeshant per soft corner hai .phir bhi itna insult ab tak sahega poor kv

  20. Muje yaad hai dus saal pehle season 2 ka winner ashutosh bhi bahut sotha tha..BB ne usko punishment bhi diya tha ki Palank per din bhar rahna niche nai utarna..ashutosh bhut Baar maafi maangne per uska punishment hata diya..mai tab Bhut choti thi Bhut hasi aayi ashutosh Ko dekha ker…aur us season ka winner , Bhut sonewala ashutosh bann bbme free time me thoda nap lene waalomko under estimate nai kerna chahiye .Salman Khan Ko ye pata nai hoga kyuki tab woh bbke host nai the..isliye Romil Ka majak Udha Raha time me ek dusre ke Baal banana,chillana jaise kaam karne se acha hai lete rahna

    1. AnuAnu

      Letna hi dha toh BB mein kyun aaye. People watch BB to know HM real character not for watching somebody Sleep.

  21. Everyone should have been given a fair chance. All you Dipika haters must know that right from the first day Dipika has been targetted by being called fake. How can one judge a person in one day. Ot was a plot by the commoners to berate her so that she lose out on her fans. I had never seen Simar and she came as a commoner for me. She has been the only caring person and helpful person. If you go and see the unseen videos you will see for yourself her true identity. The makers have actually portrayed her negatively. She got annoyed with Sree because if someone keeps repeating the same thing that she has been preferred over others than natirally it is like she has done nothing in the show, which is not true. She has stayed most dignified and has never disrespected anyone and did not backbite against anyone. The one thing she said about Romil was shown already. She did not go and say bad about Sree even when the hms asked her about it. Staying strong is what is required in a winner and Dipika well deserves it.

    1. AnuAnu

      @Charisma you are right. She is very caring person she haven’t abused anyone in the house. True. But Neha also didn’t abused anyone she was really sweet than Dipika even then she got eliminated.why bcz She has more fan following than anybody in the house. It’s what Sree meant. Sree preference word use bhi nahi kiya

  22. Airplanes must be busy taking part in the promoting Romil rally and that is the reason why he isn’t here. Miss his comments and humour.

  23. Why I am getting a strong feeling that Deepak is going to win this time. I really don’t want him to win. Just performing task should not be the only reason. He has said such a shit about the persons living in the BB house. How can a big boss winner be someone who doesn’t respect someone’s achievements, women’s, co-contestants. Arguing is one thing but insulting is not done. And he has not left anybody for that matter. Whoever be the winner? This season was least entertaining. Entertainment for them was just insulting other’s body of work.

    1. You felt that way because there has been a sudden shift in the footage. He’s getting all the positive attention focus is being shifted to his task performing skills, skits,questions on wkw etc are being given to him that show him in funny and innocent light in short he has been promoted to how romil used to get treated by bb so I too think he’ll replace romil in finale…he has better struggle story(god knows how much of it is true) than romil so maybe that’s why he climbed up makers preference ladder((but to be completely honest he has done more in the game than romil has who just got the boost by makers to be where he’s now)


    Haha airplanes dead asf?wrs is airplanes probly sleeping just like bomil the lazy f**k and you al who saying why she was crying uncessirly I suggest you to rewatch what he exactly said to dipika why else would her reaction come out like that bruh u ain’t no celeb or shit stop acting like one your jus normal people stil are acting like wannabees?nah sit da f down Nd think before ya comment lol I guess you only focus on dipika and when it’s comes to the end you start to comment something rly bad something about her image the way she cries the way she does acting anwl shit that’s what u people live for always judge her for f**kawl reason tbh for ya kind of info even if she did save kv gues who’s nominated somi bomil sree kv surbhi is out of da race she ain’t nominated she safe finale is cheepak and my baby Jaan dipikaa yal just got slammed??fml smh so many haters you only see the promo where she actual took his name and nominated sree like seriously who knows she might have changed her mind and m just thinking that how did kv go on da nomination list very strange haha but m happy ya have no rights to go on sree personal life look at yourself first no ones perfect everyone’s been thru something that no one knws think before u judge someone ur not perfect yourself idiot love u dipiaaaaaxxxx

  25. @Aarohi hai didi how are you..didi muje lagta hai shreeshant Ko waise kahne me only kv Ka hi galti nai hai.. Shreeshant personal bhi jacker provoke kerta hai…ek Baar kV Ko letter likhu kehker kV ke wife ka bhi insult Kiya tha..kab tak sahega poor kv

    1. AnuAnu

      @Tripura agar unhe koi provoke kare toh it’s ok woh kisko provoke kare toh saamne wala poor?
      Anyway let us watch the episode agar Sree said something to KV then it’s wrong. We cannot judge by promo.

  26. Ye colors k cast ko favor karne wali baat casually boli gayi but can be a strategy like 7 week ya so ka Sree ka contract with BB. This is called negative therapy to put pressure on makers. Bhai Sree jab Deepak complaint nai Kar Raha ki wo celeb nai hai so has no fan back up tab aap kyun Kar rahe.
    Aur casually to Sree bhi nai leta agar aisa kuch Dipika bolti. But bola sahi Sree ne?

    1. AnuAnu

      @Hope celeb na hoke bhi Deepak har nomination se he got saved… Sree is a famous for all wrong reasons toh unke mann mein yeh Baat hai toh bolne mein kya? I am glad he said it face. He is not a hypocrite.

    2. It was just him trying to pass his time and as far as I remember he didn’t say colors giving preference to their anmol ratans he was just talking about the amount of fans they have in a funny way she took it too seriously and add some of her own pointers and shouted them out so people think he said them

  27. AnuAnu why BB team won’t show the masti side of Sree?

    1. Cause he has been a designated villain of the season(=hina) romil a mastermind and hero to fight off his evil(=vikas) and kV has been a pacifier between these two(=hiten) & deepika has been a perfect heroin every saas need(= shilpa) deepak has been perfect cunning and most able foot soldier(=puneesh)somi has been beauty with gobar as brain(=bandigi)surbhi has been chaos maker(=akash/arshi)…they all have been portrayed opposite of what they are in actual

      1. Lokesh

        Deepika as Shilpa, are u kidding, Shilpa was 100 times better entertainer than simar, even there is no comparison of 11 and 12. Wo season best tha

      2. @lokesh I’m comparing the image they were given and bb behavior towards them not their personalities deepika is boring but she is being shown as shilpa was as a nice human being a good behen(shilpa as good “mother”)etc etc etc

      3. Lokesh

        @domil then I agree to ur points

    2. @anuanu
      So cute…I just loved it…

  28. AnuAnu

    One thing I am not clear why did Dipika save KV over Sree and Surbhi? Is there any stratergie?waise bhi neither KV or Sree is going to be evicted so no problem. But there must be a reason.
    If double eviction hota toh Somi aur Surbhi jate is liye? Anyone with any ideas

    @Rajjo, @Nivika @Pari, @Jisha, @XYZ where are you guys? We haven’t been able reach 100 comments for 2 days now..

    1. @anuanu
      I felt kV already got one point and shree was at 0 points.. deepika had to choose btn both.
      Instead of eliminating kV, she chose shree..
      So as per that shree is not eliminated, but shree, deepika n kV would all be on same points…
      But I felt shree was right to get irked… that’s a huge risk..what if BB next gives an option of shree vs deepika… moreover kV gave her one point and even was not letting them to be seated..
      Anyways editing team showed it as if deepika eliminated shree n chose kV over him…

  29. AnuAnu

    @Lokesh Sree has been the only person in the house who have seen failures so closely . When you Google Sreeshanth the news would be related to match fixing cases and all allegations. And when you Google KV or Dipika or anybody in the house you can see their biodata.,agr life Instagram videos, fb images…
    If Sree doesn’t accept failures he wouldn’t have taken his name as Zero. Aur task mein fail hona kisse pasand hai? Aur Sree toh international cricketer tha. Remember what Deepak did when he failed?? Toh Sree kyun nahi react karange?

    1. Lokesh

      Actually his behaviour , sometimes he behaves quite strange without even thinking he comes to the conclusion . That always look weird.blaming anyone without knowing all the facts is wrong , and somebody do something alike him he became angry. So one should have potency to take when giving

  30. I felt shree was casually talking abt it…he said it in cutless video on voot…he didn’t think deepika would take it to that far…
    I can understand deepika’s situation..she can’t agree or be silent coz that would be portrayed as channel is favoring her… she’s fed up of hearing it from everyone and at least doesn’t expect from shree… though I felt it was stretched a lot by her…shree never questioned on her hard work.
    Shree- I don’t find him completely wrong too even if it was a casual talk. Every week Salman troll kV for doing nothing…so as per the feedback, contestants know that he is weak…yet he made into almost finale…Somi was always considered weakest, yet rohit got evicted…(he said Somi would be in finale in cutless voot) rohit’s eviction comes as a surprise to contestants who just have an outside vision thru Salman…
    Ticket to finale..
    I won’t blame romil deepak or anyonefor not swapping the chairs with shree team coz it’s the ticket to finale task… anyone would have done the same…
    But…#bbkhelgaye…BB picked the photos accordingly and made sure Somi is out of it in the first day itself…
    I didn’t understand Romil behavior today… Romil and Somi were keeping distance from each other for the so called duniya wale and all of a sudden he feels for her and is ready to be out of finale…
    I would have said it worth watching if that girl at least appreciates that..she has proved herself to be a thankless person time n again n instead blamed him for portraying her weak…
    Loved deepak for the straight forward talks…n specially Romil’s wife wala thing…
    He said everything to Somi abt their plan n that made a rift btn Somi n Romil…but he was least bothered abt Somi getting angry…
    kV at last started to play for himself…
    Surbhi -felt her helplessness n was continuously trying to get a chance
    Deepika – loved deepika showing surbhi karma coming to her…she never felt how it feels coz she was on the other side…now that she lost her group, she’s on the same page…

    1. Romil was trying to give best mahaan performance when he showed he is confused b/w somi & his face when he has already took a promise from deepak to eliminated somi if she comes against him

      1. @anon
        I agree. I was trying to give him a benefit of doubt ?..

  31. I’ve tried to be on deepikas side as much as possible though i’m leaning towards sree in the fight these two have in this epi like it was a casual conversation and things dipika misunderstood weren’t even said by sree besides one thing I want to clear as per my perspective-> “Bb always prefer colors faces”(said by sree) and “bb GIVING colors faces preference”(dipika POV) has major difference he didn’t say they’ll be there cause bb preferred them but after these two’s millions of fans vote them to be finalist bb will like it more than having any other contestant not that they’ll interfere in making them top 2(which to me they have been doinv but in other contestants favor aka happy club)

  32. Love SREE so cute and good heart person I wanna see him win

    1. AnuAnu

      @Sss me too. Lots of love to your comment

  33. Wait why sree wasn’t made captain when he was named the best performer in last task?now that’s unfair

  34. AnuAnu

    Now this is just a qns
    1.Whom is your top 4?
    2.whom do u to win?
    My Answer
    1. Sree, Romil, Deepak and Dipika

    1. 1. Shree, deepika,deepak n Romil
      2. Shree

  35. @Anuanu i also see lots of masti videos of sree in insta and voot bt makers are not showing his positive side..they are trying portray him in a negative way.. even aftr lots of extra cuts..he is the only person in the house who is not diplomatic and speaks what’s in his mind..he has language issues as his language is not hindi and he is a malayali..that is the reason what is he meant to say and what he is saying becomes different some times…

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