Bigg Boss 12 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepika and Sreesanth’s Patch Up

Bigg Boss 12 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 29
Anup says to Jasleen that you are shown giving massage to Sourabh, he is from village, they dont do that there, I have first right but I didnt take any massage from you. Jasleen says he is like my brother. Anup says they are showing as your darling. Sourabh says its not like that. Jasleen says dont say that, I feel bad, its not like that. Anup says you will know when you go out.

Sourabh is worried, Shiv says to him that I told you to listen to me since start, Sourabh says it was my mistake, now I am listening. Shiv says just focus on yourself.

Sristy talks to Sree. Sree says I am with you now, Sristy says there was a time I was down. Sree says now it will be Sree and Sristy. Sourabh and Shiv comes there. Sree asks Sourabh to remain like he it. Shiv says Anup

is talking about his and Jasleen shown on TV. Sree says it was not a big deal. Shiv says Anup will make it an issue, dont worry.

Jasleen says to Anup that Sourabh was asking about my life so we were saying that it will be post bigg boss talking. Anup says he keeps talking about you in camera, it looks bad, you have parents too. Jasleen says it was not shown with Shiv? Anup says you asked Shiv if he is bachelor? and then you were shown talking to him at night, what will your parents think? first talking about bachelor status and then shown on his bed, Jasleen says we were just talking.

Sree says to Sristy that person who sent you here, they have expectations from you. Sree says she was so sad when I went but she was changing clothes and was totally fine after I left.

Sree says to KV that I will not look at her straight because she is not straight forward, I am not staying away, I am so angry, he says to KV that she should feel you are in her hands, this is my gameplan, like she removed me with love, I will do same, we will not leave her alone, we will keep her with us, her decisions will not be alone, we will be part of her decisions, he says to Shiv that dont leave her alone, he says to Kv that we will play now, I will talk to everyone else.

Somi says to Sourabh that dont feel bad about that, we are taking stand for you. Shiv says you both talk at night, its not a big deal. Romil jokes that Anup takes everyone’s words. Somi says its just one person’s point of view, he must be bored there. Romil says Jasleen was smiling three hours after he left. Somi says Anup was taunting her that she was in fashion parade after he left.

Deepika says to Sree that only you can give me reason for staying here, if you remain cold with me then who will give me reasons? if I was wrong then tell me, I dont fake, you dont think from my point of view, people who were fighting with you, they became special to you after you left, I call you brother with right, if that bond is right then I shouldnt fight all these people to come to you, I took that decision for a reason and I cant talk about it openly. Sree says I accept that sibling relationship out of game, Sree says that you and Neha were talking about others, I felt bad when you didnt answer my questions, I respect you, I didnt want to talk to you for one week, I wanted to ignore you, somewhere you were wrong. Deepika says I am accepting it, I am understanding your point. Sree offers her food. Deepika cries. Sree says I didnt say all that to make you cry, I was like your kid. KV leaves from there. Deepika says I am not like that like I am shown. Sree says why you would become someone else?

Sristy says to KV that Sree is asking to play game. KV says we have to move ahead in game too, make Jasleen your friend, we have to play with our votes in our favour, befriend Deepika and Jasleen, Anup will be your friend too, we will be majority if you befriend them, Sourabh is already on our side, imagine then our strength.

Day 30
Inmates wake up to song lakri is kati.. Sree touches Anup’s feet and greet him. All dance and enjoy. Anup sees jungle like setting and says we will have to do everything here.

Jasleen says to Sristy that I dont want her in kitchen, she rules everyone. Sristy says she said that kitchan cant run without her. Jasleen says she overtook kitchen since start, people started believing that she works most, Sristy says I want to see what other work she can do other than kitchen.

Anup says to Sristy infront of Sree that Sree felt bad for betryal and wanted to take revenge from Deepika. Sristy says Sree and Deepika are fine now. Anup leaves. Sree says I will kill her game with love. Sristy says Jasleen and Deepika are kind of same, they have problems with everything.

Jasleen says to Somi that we will remove Deepika from kitchen, give her washroom, she cant force place in hearts by working in kitchen, its our mistake that Romil doesnt work and its our mistake that Deepika doesnt leave kitchen to anyone. Saba comes there. Shiv says Romil is working for one task only and all others are doing two chores. Surbhi comes there and says I will talk to him.

Surbhi talks to Romil about him working only one chore for the day. Romil says who is saying that? Surbhi says I dont want to take name, Romil says you can atleast tell me who is saying that. Surbhi says I am just asking you to rectify your mistake, why are you getting miffed with me? All in bedroom are saying that.

Jasleen asks Anup if she can talk from heart? He nods. Jasleen says all that matter about Sourabh, inmates are taking it against you, they are talking openly about this issue, its between us but Somi was saying that Anup keep pointing it out to everyone so then it wont be a personal matter, I felt awkward too that you said infront of all.

Sristy reads ‘horse cart’ task, there are two carts in garden, there are 1000 carrots in each cart, Deepika and Deepak will run these carts, all other inmates will be horses. Deepak and Deepika will need horses to run their carts, all inmates will be freelance horses. Deepika and Deepak will pay carrots to horses to make their carts run, horses will run on treadmill, at the end of task, whose cart have run most for task will win between Deepak and Deepika and also inmate who will have most carrots will win. Winners will become contender for captaincy. Saba and Sristy cant be contenders for captaincy but if they win, they can choose one contender they want for captaincy. Deepak and Deepika will be refrees too.

Deepika asks KV to run on treadmill first and then Sree can join. Deepika comes to Sree and asks how much he can run? Sree says we can run for 1KM. Romil says I can run a lot.

Romil says to Deepak that I will run cart for you.

Buzzer plays, Sourabh says to Deepak that I am ready to run on cart, be fair in what you decide.

Deepak has Sourabh running on treadmill. Deepika asks Saba, Saba says I will take 100 carrots for 15minutes run. Romil says give me 500 carrots for 6 hours. Shiv says to Deepak that I will run for one and half for 150 carrots. Surbhi says to Deepika that I will not take carrots from you, I will run for you 2 hours for 200 carrots. KV is running on Deepika’s cart.
Sourabh asks Deepak to let him run for half an hour.
KV says to Deepika that I am done. Deepika says KV has run 2KM. Deepak looks at treadmill and says its clear. KV says Deepika saw it, Deepak says she had to show me, I will not accept it. Deepika says okay I am not writing on board.
Sourabh stops at 2.2KM for Deepak.

Sree says to Deepak that you can have a deal with me.
Surbhi is running on cart for Deepika, Deepika says dont exert, we have to run at night too, Surbhi says dont worry. Deepak asks Surbhi to come to his team, Surbhi says I asked you but you didnt answer so its about my honor now.
Surbhi runs 3.7KM for Deepika.
Deepak says to Surbhi that I was about to talk to you. Surbhi says why were you talking to me first? was I not your friend? you are doubting my strength? Deepak says I just talked to Sourabh and he wants to be captain, Surbhi says I want you to win, I will give good performance in half an hour.

Surbhi asks Deepak why he lied to her? Deepak says you and Sourabh are desperate to become captains. Surbhi says you can tell truth to me, Deepak says I cant tell all deals to you. Surbhi says you are my friend, you can tell me truth. Jasleen says he doesnt want to tell you his game so why are you getting angry? you play your game.
Sristy says to KV that your hard work shouldnt go waste, Deepika has lost 200 carrots already.

Surbhi says to Romil that you told me that our pair didnt break even after bigg boss announcing but now you are not playing with me, you didnt tell me about your deal. Romil says I didnt want to tell you about my plan, sorry. Surbhi says you always wanted to fight with me.
Surbhi says to Deepak that trust is important for me, I thought I am part of your group. Deepak says you are part of us. Surbhi says my rules are most important to me, I dont hide anything from my friends, I wanted to get carrots from Deepika and give it to you in end, you didnt talk to me.

Deepika pulls Sristy aside and says what is your deal? Sristy says my deal is with you. Deepika says okay.
Jasleen steals some carrots from Deepika’s cart.
Sristy says to Deepika that you are giving carrots to them. Deepika says you are golden hen for us now. Saba and Jasleen tries to steal more carrots from Deepika but Deepika sees Saba and stops her. Deepika gives 200 carrots to Surbhi for running. Surbhi goes and gives it to Deepak.

Sree is running on cart for Deepak. Romil says I can walk more. Sree says then come and walk. Sree walks for 0.4KM for Deepika. Sree says I dont want to do it anymore. Surbhi says anyone can taunt you so you will leave? Sree says it will start a fight. Deepika says he will do it. Deepika asks Sree to go and talk to Urvashi and calm down. Sree says that Romil is taunting me. Deepika asks him to calm down.
Romil comes to Sree and asks why did he stop running? Sree says not interested. Romil says you are irritated? he leaves. KV says to Sree that I need you. Sree says I dont want to listen to him, Surbhi says you gave up because of him? Sree says you dont know so dont talk about giving up.
Sristy says to Saba that take carrots from Deepika too if you guys want to win.

Sree comes near Romil and whispers something. Romil says what are you saying? dont curse someone’s sister, I can give it too. Sree says I didnt talk to you, you can feel anything. Sree says I am challenging you to do anything you can. Romil says you dont have standard too for cursing like this.

Deepak comes to Urvashi. Urvashi says dont come near me, I am not doing it for you. Deepak says its two day task, I am mending relation with everyone. Urvashi says I dont want to do it, he leaves. Urvashi says Somi, Saba and others are his own now. Shiv says he is trying to patch up. Urvashi says he didnt come to me first because he thought he can talk to me in end as I am on his side anytime.
Sree gets angry and jumps on plank to go out of house. Deepika tries to stop him. Shiv runs behind him, Sree says dont make a scene.

PRECAP- Sree is trying to jump out of house, Surbhi says why are you getting affected? Sree asks her to not talk to him. Surbhi says this attitude is not right. Sree asks her to leave him, he tries to jump from house, Deepika asks him to not do it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sree needs a psychiatrist or a gynaecologist.
    Janani ki tarah ruth jata hai bata baat pe….he just knows to quit…dont know y bigboss is saving him

    1. @Navneet. Exactly..

      I dont know y he isnot thinking about his image…
      He s provig hisself an immature person who only knows to show anger…

      Bhai gussa dikhao but atleast 1% bhi valid reason ho tab dikhao na…

      Game accha khel nhi rahe ho.. Task ho nhi rahe…

      Secret room se ane k baad sahi game pla tha but ye zabardasti ka anger show karna is irritating

      1. True @XYZ.
        I wish he would act a bit more maturely.

      2. Navpreet*

  2. Pranathi Udupa

    Shree phir se bhagoda ban raha hai.

  3. What is sree’s problem when depika nominate him he was blaming dipika know when he got chance to play he wants to go home seriously sree is so irritating know a days,
    Plz anyone tell me is kv also playing against dipika in dis task or supporting her?
    Dipika u r playing very well stay strong…
    My favorite dipika & kv

    1. 2 din ka task h kl pata lagega….. But till now it seems like he is playing from dpka’s side…

  4. Sree apne aap kuch jada hi over smart samaz raha tha secret room yeh karing aisa karungi waisa karunga hota kuch hai bewakoof se bus ek kaam aata woh hai bura manna yah phir drama create karna aab pata nahi yeh uski planning yah na ho deepika ke against but kuch bhi karle, game khelne ke liye akal ki jaroorat hoti n sree woh apni ghar par chod aaya hai n sabko deepika ke against karne ki jagah khud jaldi bigg boss se out hoga. Deepika ne nominated kiya n sach bola toh kadwa lag gaya n attitude dikha raha hai, kal phir kisi reason se baki contestants jo big brother keh rahe hai usse, jo gana gaa raha hai uske liye unhone nominate kar diya samne tab kya karega, n jo aab sree ka saath de rahe kal jab same attitude unke saath karega jo deepika ke saath kar raha hai tab unn contestants ki akal se pada uthega n samaz aayega ki kis bewakoof ka saath diya unhone

  5. I dont know is sree mental or dumb?
    Pehle ghar jana h ghar jana h ho raha tha jab elimination k liye housmates se sabse zyada votes mile toh bolne laga i am top 5 contender..
    If u r a top 5 contender then prove it na…

    I dont know what these celebrities are doing?
    Sabka game cearly pata lag raha h..

    Sree ka clear h wo vikas and gautam ko copy kar raha h.. But they had reasn to behave like that.. I dont think so itnazyad kabhi kuch hua h sree k sath jitne impulsivereactions h9te h uske..
    Secret room se ane k baad sahi game plan tha… To go against dpka and giv content… But itna zyada faltu ka lag raha h na gussa n all.

    Sristy aur kv ka upar ka mala sach m khali h..
    Neha k jaise inka bhi jaldi no. Lagna chaiye.. Jaise neha ko bahar aa k realise ho rahi h apni sari mistakes tb inko bhi hogi..

    Jodis baad m chahe jitna bhi backite kar. But in each n every tast they were united.. On the other hand celebrties are indulged in their own differences..
    Neha k elimination in k baad kv n sristy should understand this thing ki abhi time aa gaya h accha perform kare ka… But nhi… Dimaag bikul chalana nhi..

    Task was simple saurah ko deepak captain nhi banne dega…
    So he and shiv should play from dpka’s side.. May be they would not benominated by celebrities..
    Kv sristry and sree shouldplay for dpka and make a deal wth her
    Abd bossy banne k lye dpka k pass bohot sara dimaag aa jata h but task k time wo bhi sristy ki behen bn jati h.
    In queen task she lost bcz she was not focused… This time again jasleen and saba tried to steal her carrorts.. Bhai kb dhyaan doge..
    Celebrity image kharab karne aye h kya sab..

    And jalota ko tph pata nhi q hi wapis le aye. Isse acha tph ek new celebrity le ate…

    1. @Xyz Same. Anup Sir should have been evicted. And someone else should’ve been brought. Someone with good humour who could entertain us as well.

      (No offence to any AJ Fans.)

  6. Life of sreeshant

    Get over something super petty
    Over react

  7. Im just so pissed off esp with deepika how she gives so much importance to shree n he’s back with his antics of wanting to go.pls why d hell won’t u allow him go .he’s a dramebaz .uff I’m fed up .what
    d hell deepika ,why do u make it seem like u can’t do without shree n u are all out to stop him from leaving .is he ur son or ur husband ,so much care for someone who is playing dirty mind games with u.I am glad audience can see who plots n schemes .shree is going d wrong path n KV as expected ,also following d herd blindly .imagine him telling shrishty to be close to jasleen n disappointed .tot KV will be interesting to watch this season but him n shree big flops.I just hate it when deepika gives shree so much importance .I really wanted shree to win but with his behavior ,I p,no chance .To think that Deepika saved KV n he’s showing her d cold shoulder without a sec thought shows how ingrates people can be .Pls let shree go home so we can rest .was disgusted when shree said he will eliminate deepika lovingly by plotting .dude she never plotted against u .fed up

    1. @Fatty…
      It looks likes sree is trying to play with her bhadkana n all stuffs to the housmates is the part of his own game plan jisme sabh bewakf ki tarahaabh aa gaye… and dpka is playing too..
      She is pretending to be good.. But pata usko bhi secret room se ane k baad sree uske sath bas game khelega..
      Aur ye dono hi ek dusre ko apne sath play karne de rahe h.. As i can see..

      1. @XYZ for crying out loud ,if u were in dipika’s shoe who wld u have chosen to send home ?shree was d weakest n she’s closer to neha n kV so its naturally she has to choose one to send home .I don’t see anything wrong .I just wasn’t happy with d reason she gave while she nominated him.His got so much anger n ego issues n that’s his major prob.He didn’t want to play for her during d treadmill task that’s how I see.

      2. That’s just his misconception that she’s not truthful to him which was further fuelled by d so cold elder anup jalota .from my angle ,I see deepika has genuine concern for shree n that’s why she’s still bothered about him despite all d negative vibe from him n rest of d house but at d end of d day its a game n they have to play it .Fakeness are all those Jodi’s that were enraging him n then suddenly turned most affectionate n concerned about him .from onset dipika has been gud with him to date despite what happened .He’s just a spoil sport

      3. @faty… I have already mention this thing that dpka’s decision was right..

        But i dont found dpka that much genuine bcz if i would be on her place 3-4 times k baad me aise bnde ko support karna bmd kar deti… But dpka always supports sree…
        Toh wo bhi equally wrong h for me..

  8. This season should have been named Big boss 12 #All about shree# so sad .very pathetic

    1. It should be all about dumbest ppl.. Qki almost sare hi contestants dumb h.. 😑

  9. Jodis are very clear ki bhai is baar commoner m se koi ek winner ho.
    Jabki ye sare bailbuddhi celebrities apas m lad lad k apni image and game khrab kar rahe h…

  10. you know what really bothered shree?nope it wasn’t romil I don’t know if he get it himself however it was deepak saying that ‘he wouldn’t have thought he would be doing these task one day” that triggered his reaction,even though i find deepak really annoying however he wasn’t being condescending though when you’re going through some serious sh* t in life you connect everything to that particular situation…if he was still in cricket he wouldn’t have been doing this boderline useless and silly stuff he would be doing something monumental like he was but circumstances dragged him here and all these sudden outburst are result of that which he camouflage with petty reasons…I wish he hadn’t signed up for this show or after he is done completely ruining his image then at the very least shouldn’t join any entertainment industry related stuff whatsoever in future until unless he has sorted himself out and has accepted the tragedy his career was…

  11. I was really expecting a better game from Shree..he is actually double crossing Dipika here..he doesnt want her to win and couldn’t say no he just making an excuse of being pushed on Romil..but seriously man you r disappointing everyone..grow up and play smartly..if you can’t then dont just waste someone else’s chance..quit and leave once for all..shree and anup are the most wasted candidates to be back in the show..Neha was so much more deserving and hard working compared to these two..I hope Neha comes back…

  12. Shree really isn’t mentally well and i’m certain he hasn’t sought help or has been counselled ever since he got into career trouble, i mean i don’t think he takes it as a weakness/taboo or does he? he’s emotionally distressed and needs help asap and i’m not being cocky here it’s a genuine concern

    1. OR it could all be his plan to distract deepika with his drama so others could steal her carrots?

  13. It’s so obvious deepak, romil, surbhi and one from sabasomi will be in finale, they all are idiots but others are bigger idiots than them including deepika for trying to be too cooperative with sree….

    1. @jap…
      Ha ha
      Like your comment… 😂🤣

  14. Even I feel he just used romil as excuse.he wanted to not play for dipika .may be that’s d way he wish to eliminate her lovingly in his words .

  15. I expected Sree to be the way he behaved. He is useless, brainless, clueless person who is proving Dipika’s decision to be right. Soon housemates will have to agree to her decision of taking his name for elimination . Something is wrong with men in this lot, they say ladki hai, respect….respect but are most disrespecting to women in house. Jasleen can you for once say Anup to mind his choice of words for you, especially if he did say he came in show for her and loves her. I don’t know why BB is paying Anup and Sree and feel pity to say but KV too. Send them home. Irony is that these three guys have seen life more than anyone in house but are behaving like impulsive teenagers. If for Sree that is his game plan, his name is at stake for his current behaviour. Kaun sa audition karte ho BB, kahan se pakad kar laye ho inhe.

  16. Sree has come back into the big boss house to play a better game or not? Y is he still behaving as an immature kid? Is this his strategy or what? Seriously i think its a mistake on big boss’s part to take him in. He can use this chance to clear his tarnished image. But no, he is hell bent on crying and showing anger and behaving immaturely.

  17. Dipika_Fanx😍💗

    This is awfully disgusting you’ve disgraced yourself thought you comin back wil be a new twist but no your playing to sides what the f**k are you doing sree are you dumb your seriously mental disturbed I swear you need help you wanted to hurt dipika give her pain that’s what exactly your doing you leaving the house making you look like the biggest fool in this bb season honestly shame on you feel sorry for you wife and your kids wonder what they wondering why is my hubby like that. Sree if you wanted to hurt her in that way at least you could of left a little respect for god sake she’s a women every man has to respect a women she’s someone’s daughter someone’s sister this is disgusting just to put your own image down your making dipika look bad seriously anup go die your disgusting you make me sick you instigated people about dipika and made everyone against her how dare you what the f**k is this season it’s the most disgusting disrespectful season I’ve seen so far Shame on you anup and sree honestly sree your mental you need your brain fixed I swear dipika is much better than any other players we want neha back with the wild card entry we need you back dipikas alone I feel so bad for her everyone’s against her for no reason she ain’t even done anything why can’t you just play fair and square why so much hate just for one evicted is like the whole world is against dipika just cuz someone tells you it’s not always true duno why people make things into a little issues litteraly the worst epi season I’ve seen in my life anup pls gtfo out of Jasleens life she’s deseaeves someone better not an old buddha pls she’s don’t even fit ur age ur so old get out of bigg boss you both are spoil brats I wish the best luck for dipika I hope inshallah dipika will win this show with all the love and respect inshallah # wesupportdipika ly dipika stay strong the whole world may be against you but you can fight this trust me and karan he’s turner against you too everyone’s double stranderd playing double games this is not done I hope salman slams it on your lots faces idiots half of you go die and love you dipika come out with that throphy ik you’ll win this hopefully #wesupportdipika ❤️❤️

    1. I feel that KV will stay with Dipika..he is not completely trusting Sree..that’s why he was explaining to srishti that stay friends with dipika..kv knows shree is poisoning everyone including srishty so he was telling her what’s right for her…even when shree was making dipika cry..kv left from there and I’m sure he was not liking the way shree was talking to dipika..and he didn’t wana fight with shree he left…I think at the end..shree will be left alone and this time even Jodis wont support him which he rightfully deserves..I really wish Neha is back

      1. Kv is dumb.. But dil ka accha h..
        Abhi tak toh..

  18. History has taught us one thing. At the end, the winner is none other than the person, who is targeted or disliked by the co-contestants the most.

    Sree, it’s good to take time to sort yourself out. You can take as much time you need. Healing may sonetime take a very ling time. But this is a game. If you take time for your moves in the game, you lose. So, while in the game, stay focused. And please don’t try to run from the house when you know it yourself that you want to stay. Don’t be impulsive.

    KV, I’ve expected a lot from you. But I’d be honest when I say, I thought you’d be leaving last week itself. As much as I’m grateful you aren’t evicted, you need to show that you deserve to stay in the house for long.

    Shristy – Play fair and take your stand whenever you know it’s the right thing to do.

    Dipika – No one should complain if she wanted to evict anyone. Let’s not be emotional. It’s just a game. She played well, I guess. But it kinda backfired.
    (Yes, the reason she gave was too bad.)

    Anup Sir/Jasleen – He is making issues out of no where. Reading updates make me feel he is a bit possessive. Jasleen doesn’t need to justify herself infront of him everytime.
    P.S. I don’t wamt to comment on the fact that the relationship seems fake/real.

    Deepak – In previous episodes, I didn’t quite like the way he acted like “Narad Muni”. 😂 Please talk to Urvashi properly. She muat feel bad. Let’s not forget the fact she is one of your fans.

    Urvashi – She is good.

    Surbhi – She came as a hurricane. So, personally, her first impression was bad.

    Shiv / Sourabh – I forgot what I was about to say for them. But Play well. They may stay for some time.

    Romil – Finally he is free of the ‘pair’ rule. Or else I thought he would go down with his partner.

    I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

    I’ll follow updates more so I can give my views in an unbiased way. 😊

    P.S. I miss last year’s commentators a lot. Where are you?

    1. @Osika… well explained every contestant…

      but sometimes i feel saurabh is not that bad neither shiv….
      they are not faking anything.. but they are not playing too…

      1. @XYZ Yes.. they don’t seem bad. They may stay if they play well.

    2. @Osika..

      “History has taught us one thing. At the end, the winner is none other than the person, who is targeted or disliked by the co-contestants the most.”

      very true..!!

      1. @Xyz Yup!! ☺☺

  19. really sree ye hai aapka game plan secret room pe toh bada boll rahethe sabka asli face bahar leaayenge but aapka ki real face dekhne pe aai hai. Dipika stay strong and play well. target karr rahe hai sab lekin iski wajah se u r becoming more strong. respect ki baat karte hai how was he talking. bahut bura fasega sree agar aise raha toh.
    ae anup jalota the na jo boll rahe the sree ne ek position waste karrdiya and yei the jo shristy ko boll rahe the aap jyada commoners se baat nahi karti but now they both are dearest to him. jo aadmi apni bandi ko trust nahi karta usse expect bhi kya karna. jasleen pura explanation de rahi hai as she was wrong.
    kv sabse mature banda lagg raha tha but he is proving us wrong koi ek baat bata de the blindly beleive karr raha hai.
    shristy u r my fav but u r also beleving others. just play as u were playing. suno sabki karo apni.
    romil pasand nahi but he is playing pure game.

  20. Sakshi maheshwari

    Yaar sree ko kya baar baar ghar jaane ka attack aata hai . He is so useless . I can’t understand if he is so desperate to go so why he came again and start talking shit about dipika to everyone .He can’ t even stick to his own words . Dipika plz stop reacting for that idiot .you have to play your game .focus on your task bcoz that drama is just distracting you from task don’ t involve much in this else your competitors may take advantage of it to make you lose.

  21. the way you playing. Keep it up and stay strong.

  22. sree is doing that so he can divert Deepika’s attention away from the task and she can lose by everyone stealing the carrots, hes doing drama, its his game plan don’t be mistaken.

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