Bigg Boss 12 14th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Neha Eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 14th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekand Special
Salman calls Alok from Dance Dewane, Alok says I will try to come to Bigg boss for performance, I have many fans and I dont have time. Salman says we want your performance. Alok says we will see. Salman says there is a winner every year so dont so show attitude. Alok says we will come and give our entry in our style.

On stage,
Alok and his partner dances with Salman. Salman jokes with kids. Kids leave. Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Kajol went in house, lets see what happened.

In house,
Kajol enters house, Deepak is stunned to see her. All are star stuck, Surbhi hugs her tightly. Deepika greets her. Kajol says you all are interesting, I heard Jasleen and Shiv planned something for me. Jasleen and Shiv dances on Jati hun mein. All cheer for them. Kajol says it was really cool. Deepak and Urvashi are next. Deepak says we will renact train scene of DDLJ. Deepak becomes Babuji and funnily plays it. Kajol laughs. Kajol tells about her movie, she says I want to know who is always stopping people from doing things in house. Urvashi says Deepika is, Jasleen says she acts like mother in law. Kajol says everybody votes for her? Deepika says I accept it. Kajol says now you have to tell who is weakest here? KV says Urvashi because she doesnt give her point of view, Deepak is very verbal. Deepika says Urvashi and says she should be more vocal. Jasleen and Sristy takes Neha’s name. Neha says Urvashi. Kajol says you all are taking Urvashi’s name, she is banner from this game. Sourabh says Neha. Kajol says Neha is banned too. Somi and Saba takes Sourabh’s name for not playing from front. Deepak takes Sourabh’s name and says he doesnt accept his mistake. Surbhi takes Sourabh’s name as he makes Shiv do things. Romil takes Shiv’s name and says he is not mentally strong. Shiv says Romil is weak, he doesnt accept his mistake. Kajol says I am talking about who is weak. Shiv says Surbhi is weak, she is always crying. Deepak says she puts her point loudly. Surbhi says I dont agree with you. Kajol says Sourabh got more votes, you should play more, she wishes them luck and leaves.

In house, Jasleen says Sristy is weak too.

Deepika says to Neha that weakest is Shiv, Urvashi says why you took my name then? Deepika says I see potential in you more than Shiv but you back out in end. Sree hears it and says to Anup that see what she is saying.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. He says Neha or KV will be eliminated. Neha says dont send us away. Salman asks KV to think before saying anything. Salman says Deepika and Surbhi will go to Sultani ring.

Deepika and Surbhi comes to Sultani ring. Salman says first round is verbal, you have to tell why you are better than your opponent. Deepika says Surbhi have strong opinion from outside, she doesnt observe nicely, she thinks I am agressive but she doesnt see herself. Surbhi says as human, I have shown all my emotions but Deepika is reserved and manipulate others, she is fake, she doesnt stop her friends from doing wrong, I tell my friends when they are wrong, she wants to look fake and win. Deepika says she pointed on my crying but she cries too, I dont point out weaknesses of my friends inrfont of others, I try to give my point of view nicely. Surbhi says she wanted to eliminate Sree as he was a competition and she faked it saying that Sree wanted to go home. Deepika says I am standing with my decision, I did what was right, she thinks she can shout and make herself right. Deepika says she gets aggressive, she loses her control and doesnt even know what she is saying, I can be emotional but I keep my limits up. Surbhi says that she acts she owns house, its good that she handles kitchen but she acts like she controls food and said that she will make sure that no one gets food in house. Deepika says I didnt say that. Salman asks for votes, pairs vote for Surbhi and two people vote for Deepika. Surbhi wins first round.
Salman says second round is that you have to take dnadiya stick and play your side dhol, you both will be tied to each other. Round starts, they both stretch in their direction, Salman asks Surbhi to not hold things. Surbhi pushes Deepika to her side and play her dhol, she wins first round. They go for second round, Surbhi pulls towards her side and plays her dhol. Salman says Surbhi won 2 points and won this round too. Salman makes her wear award, he says you get special power that you can nominate anyone you want directly. Surbhi says I want to nominate KV, he plays game which is out humanity, he acts like he is great which he is not. Salman says this is all joke, Surbhi didnt get any special power and KV is not nominated.

On stage,
Salman says Sultani ring have after affects, lets see.
In house, Deepika cries and says thank you.
Neha says to Surbhi that she didnt say that she wont give food to anyone. Deepak says she is said it in anger. Neha says she was fighting. KV says she was talking about vegetarian in house.
Deepika says to KV that she took it wrong, I can never stop someone from eating food, I know I overtook kitchen, KV says you were fighting for vegetarian.
Jasleen says to Romil that Deepika said it so how can they justify it?
Deepika says to KV that they will all agree to their friend as they dont have guts to say what is wrong, I am angry now and I cant calm down now.

On stage,
Salman says we have sent Dance Dewane cast is going to celebrate with inmates, Divyansh will host in house.

In house,
Divyansh enters house, all inmates greet him. Divyansh gives wig to Surbhi and says pull on it if you want, then give it to Deepak. He gifts football to Shiv and says kick it if you want. He sticks Deepak’s picture on football and says it looks like Deepak now, all laugh. Divyansh says girls’ Burj Khalifa Jasleen is here too, he asks if she is single? Anup is watching it from secret room and laughs. Jasleen says you must have seen it. Divyansh says Sree was prescribed to show anger at intervels like Neha is prescribed to not entertain. He says Kishan from Dance Dewane is coming. Kisan comes there and starts dancing sensually on kitni tareefan. He pulls Neha on stage and dances with her on pole. He pulls Jasleen next and dances with her. Anup smiles seeing it. He brings Sristy and lifts her in his arms and dances with her. Neha joins them and dances with Kishan. All clap for them. Divyansh says its time to talk to Salman. Video call connects to Salman, Salman asks what is happening? Divyansh says something is always going in his mind, like Shiv has a small face and mountain like body. Divyansh makes fun of Surbhi’s anger that she can stop Bigg boss from talking too, all laugh. Salman says Deepak was kicked. Divyansh says it could have been done by hands only, all laugh. Divyansh calls Deepak on stage and says you have say idioms in english. Deepak says idiom cat gone to pilgrimage after eating 900 rats suits to KV. He says Shiv doesnt know what he has to do in this game. Deepak says idiom ‘found a rat after digging a mountain’ suits Shiv too. Divyansh says next idiom is ‘people who should be kicked’. Deepak says I was kicked so it suits to me. All clap for him.
Salman says to inmates that now caller of the week will call. Caller Jaydev says to Sourabh that we are confused, are you playing from pairs or singles? you act like a spy for singles. Sourabh says I am not playing from any side, I dont get importance from pairs, I dont play for singles but pairs think that I play from singles side which is wrong and I cant change that. Caller says you told Neha that Deepak told everything to Sree, Neha also said that you are on their side. Sourabh says I dont get loyalty from pair, I played from pairs side but didnt get credit so when I didnt play from pairs side, they started blaming me, I will just make sure to not lie anymore. Call ends.
Divyansh says Alok and his partner will present a love story now. A kid dressed as Anup starts singing aise laagi lagan, then a girl dressed as Jasleen dances zara zara touch touch me, their breakup over makeup is shown. They dance on mere siyan ji se breakup karliya. All dance and enjoy. All cheer for them. Divyansh asks Jasleen if she liked this small Anup? She says more than real one. Divyansh says next performance is for Salman and someone will sing. Salman says Deepak should sing. Deepak says I want to dedicate a song to Sourabh, he sings Sajan re jhoot mat bolo. Salman asks Deepika to sing for Romil, she sings jahan teri ye nazar hai, meri jaan mujhy yeh khabar hai. Salman asks KV to sing for Deepak, KV sings larka bakwas kia jaye. Deepak sings chupdi chachi for KV.
Divyansh calls a trio for last performance. They dance on dhol baaje, all enjoy their power-packed performance. Salman cheer for them and says we enjoyed it a lot. All hug them. KV follows dancer’s steps, all clap for him. Deepak and Shiv funnily try to follow it, Divyansh leaves.
Salman says to inmates that its time for elimination, Neha or KV will be eliminated. Salman asks KV to come out. KV goes to stand near door. Salman says I will tell you who will go out and who will not. Salman says NEHA IS ELIMINATED. KV is stunned. Deepika cries, all hug Neha. Neha leaves.

On stage,
Salman says lets show who was sad that Neha left.
In house, Deepika says this week was heaviest on me, first Sree and now Neha, I was all alone. Sourabh says she was closest to you.
Somi says to Sristy that this was a big decision. Sristy says first they were trying to make each other captain, friends for life and now they took each other down in end.

On stage, Salman signs from episode.

PRECAP- Bigg Boss announces that pairs have ended, all pairs are enemies of each other from now on. Somi says to Saba that game on baby.
Anup and Sreesanth comes back to house. Jasleen runs to hug Anup. Sree hugs everyone, he goes to Deepika and glares at her. Deepika sadly smiles.
Anup says to Jasleen that I told you to be strong but you fought with your own too. I will fight with Jasleen too now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What a worst n flop season ever?anup deepak urvashi shivashish chudail surbhi n dayan saba somi are worth living in this bb house as compare to neha pendse bcoz she doesn’t create unnecessary drama n issue……watch her in voot she is also entertaining n cool person like shristi…..karan n shristi also will b eliminated soon….why wasting time to watch n increase the trp……

    1. @cute… Agree…
      But somewhere neha is herself responsible for her elimination…
      In comparison of commoners she was getting more amount and not giving content…

      It is very insulting for her to get eliminate so early..
      And as u said… KV sristy will fet eliminate soon.. Then it will happen for sure.. Bcz i dont know what is the reason but like 8ther seasons they are not performing not giving any content..

      Saba somi surbhi are three contestants who are giving content

      Dpka was looking so strong in beginning… Then neha took her place.
      After that neha was just following dpka…

      I hope celebrities ko thoda akal aye aur wo ye log accha perform kare.

  2. I don’t like this surbi she’s so loud n aggressive. U can point out ur opinion without creating drama .did u see how she was interrupting deepika n shouting unnecessarily. And this season is flop.all Jodi’s have ganged up.its high time they break them .

  3. What is the ‘trp’? ! If we are the people watching Bigg Boss who the hell puts on the trp?
    f**king worst decision made by Bigg Boss! Dude, you are sick… Bigg Boss is the only one to create these dramas between all and now when it is found only one person in the house can stand by every worst fight and still keep her calm ~ you lose and eliminate her ! Wow ! Just wow ! Entertainment??? Dude, go and watch Kapil Sharma Show or something funny… TRP doesn’t increase by showing b*t*hing all the time. Immaturity shown by Bigg Boss, not Neha !

    1. Agreed Aarohi. I read tis news ahead of the episode. And have decided to stop watching this s*** show. Neha was the best contestant. They dnt keep decent ones. If if bb ppl want abuses and fights, toh baki sab log yahi toh kar rahe the. Ek bhi sane banda nhi chahte ye ghar main. Wt the hell is shree doing. Jise bachane k liye ye hua. I jst cant tolerate him

    2. Totally agree!!
      Me too can’t tolerate this shreeshant anymore.. he doesn’t hav any sportsman spirit, he doesn’t understand anyone’s intention , he doesn’t know tht he saw only those things in secret room which BB wants him to see, he came out of secret room more immature only…BB wants Dipika and Sree playing opposite and divide audience in 2/3 groups in their favour to get trp… Every season won’t b same… especially with these kinda boring contestants.. BB11 Ka success ,BB 12 mei kya , koi season mei nhi milega.. Anoopji is total waste for this show..M pretty sure Neha got more votes than SreeAshanth and Anupji.. Disgusting that On every weekends KV is getting targeted by Salman and Shristy was ignored completely!!
      I feel fixed finalists are Dipika, Sree, saba, surbi and Deepak!

    3. True true true !!! Sree is worst. None respects, they fear his anger and he feels like he is important ! He would have gone to hospital if Dipika, Neha, KV wouldn’t be there to pacify his anger. And now he is going against Dipika… Jiski billi usi pe meoww! And thank God Rimi Sen was not so fake like he is. He constantly wanted to go home and now BB saved him. Neha got more votes than u Sree, admit it you are a total bewakoof and a zero!
      And to mention, i will like if Romil, Deepika and KV comes in one team. Romil is not that bad

    4. Absolutely Aarohi… M not watching this season anymore. Byebye biggboss12. May your trp decrease even more…

  4. Most boring season
    Elimination ka maxak bana rakha hai
    This time unseen videos r also boring on voot…
    Bigboss do something before it end up to b the last season of big boss

  5. Happy that Neha got voted out.she was absolutely zero in house.people say she was bewakuf and listened to deepika but i think she was clever to let deepika play game for her and become bad in everyone’s eyes while she just sat and enjoyed.

  6. So sad.i wish Neha waapis aaye.i hate this sesons decision.humse vote karwaate hai aur jab Mann karta hai no elimination declare kar dete hai.agar no elimination hi karna hai toh us Poore week voting line close rakho.votes dekhkar elimination decide nahi kar sakte.befaltu ka secret room bhej diya.aur Jo acchi thi use Ghar se bahar bhej Diya.scripted.

  7. Pakau season..n worst weekends of war ever…. neha, Sree n KV gave their name n went to kaalkothari….. den Sree in secret room ….. no fresh nominations bt only two of dem ( KV n Neha) were again nominated n finally the worst game played by d big boss makers….. one of dem is nw out (?obviouly) ….. plz someone tell dem dat with these types of contestants n boring tasks the trp is never going to increase….trp nhi badh rhi toh celebrities ko nikaal do…. kyuki is type k commoners toh free me hungama krne ko ready honge… is season ko dekhne se achha main candy crush hi khel lun?….
    I jst hate the commoners ….specially surbhi, urvashi, dipak, ….. I only lyk KV. ..

  8. Seriously man. Bb only wants them who are violent. If Neha is evicted only for the reason tht she is violent than y is Anuji still thr. He is th like audience in bb house does nothing n alws goes with majority in every decision. Didn’t saw him performing any task yet.
    N now th all jodis will b dissolved thn the tag of vichitra jodi will also be lost na thn whats the reason of him being in house n the performer being sent out of house.

  9. This was the worst elimination in BB history by far. So first Neha KV and Shree got nominated for being Mahan. If that wasnt enough then why are Surbhi Shiv and Saba in the house for actually hitting and hurting fellow contestants. So far in the show Neha has performed all the tasks very well and maintained a friendly demeanor towards others. And Bigg Boss thought performance is not a credited virtue but its actually the hostility that is more required to stay in BB. SHAME ON BB. I like and respect Shree but if we look at the performance and personality so far..Neha deserved to stay. Urvashi sourav shiv Anup jasleen shree are all less deserving compared to Neha.
    I’m seriously disappointed by this elimination. So far I dont have any favourite in the show but I was really shocked that they eliminated Neha.

  10. Totally unfair season and surbhi is worst contenstent ever love you deepika Neha KV stay strong deepika bhaghoda sree vapis aa gaya he fake big boss season 12 Deepak I is totally bakwaas he

  11. Neha was much more deserving compared to anup jasleen shree urvashi sourav shiv. She performed in every task. Just because she didn’t create unnecessary drama and issues doesnt mean she was undeserving. What a stupid decision. I seriously can’t stand surbhis voice sometimes. I hope Saba somi srishti shree all make a team effort together to defeat the others including dipika. Shree got a second chance in the game he must play well. I dont have much hope from anup. They should have let anup go and keep Neha. I really hope Neha comes back

  12. I think they sent Srisanth to secret room bcos he would have fetched least votes and would have been eliminated. As he has a volatile temperament so is easy to manipulate compared to Neha who clearly told Saba that I stay away from people who bring out the animal in me. So BB took Sree out of competition and eliminated Neha.

  13. f**k u salmaniiii

    What f**king bs why evict neha for feel sorry for dipika and the way sree glares at dipika bare shit gona go down for dipika especially and Surbhi die man fs

  14. Can we get some interesting celebrities like last season. One who is half as good as Vikas, Shilpa, Hina: they were good, bad, mad, entertaining or irritating but never boring like this lot. Weekend bhi boring ho jata hai. I don’t think any1 has scope to be biased in this season. Kuch karein ye log to koi kuch discuss karea ya side le. Sorry to any1 who gets hurt by reading this. But this lot is disappointing

    1. @Hope…

  15. U guys r the same ppl that said season 11 boring n 10 was better lool

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