Bigg Boss 12 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree and Dipika’s team gets pizza

Bigg Boss 12 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 88
Inmates wake up to song Aa dekhe zara. They all dance and enjoy. KV wishes anniversary to Sree.

Deepak says to Sree that Rohit is leaving, I will bring him out of task. Sree says if he wins then Somi will go out. Deepak says Somi sacrificed for Romil but Rohit is selfish.

KV reads ‘Grab the Fizz’ Task, Team black will have KV, Romil and Deepak, Team Red will have Somi, Sree, Rohit and Dipika. Surbhi will referee. There will be challenges and they have to win more challenges so they are saved from jail. When a team wins a challenge, they will grab an apple bottle and put in box and they have to protect them too.

Bigg Boss says in first round, there will be one inmate from both sides that will answer Surbhi’s question and she will decide who wins the round, loser will drink bitterguard juice. Surbhi asks who doesnt desever to win? Deepak says first Rohit as he thinks he is game changer but he is not, he takes Dipika’s name for not being entertainer, third is Surbhi for being aggressive. Dipika says Romil seems lost, Somi is on backfoot, KV seems confused in taking decisions. Surbhi says I want to be fair and give point to Dipika, Deepak drinks juice. She asks who was worst captain? Dipika says KV, he was confused and asked others. Deepak says I want to take Sree’s name, he said captain should be on front but he should understand others too. Surbhi gives Dipika point. Surbhi asks whom you would want to not meet after show? Dipika says Romil, he said he wants to make his name whether doing good or bad, I didnt like it. Deepak says I wouldnt want to meet Rohit for being not a good friend. Surbhi gives point to Deepak, Dipika drinks juice. Surbhi asks who have keep his real side hidden? Dipika says KV, he is dramatic and confused. KV says I am dramatic. Deepak says I want to take Dipika’s name. Sree says Salman said she is a dignified woman. Deepak says she has put a facade, she carried her role of a serial, she shares her tea but cant take stand. Surbhi says I want to give point to Dipika. Surbhi asks whose confidence will destroy them? Deepak says Romil. Dipika says Deepak was over-confident, his father even asked him to respect others. Deepak says no. Dipika says he cant take feedback. Surbhi says I have seen Romil being egoistic so she gives point to Deepak. She asks who is negative in house? Dipika says Romil’s ego is negative. Deepak says Sree shows his ego and brag about wealth. Sree says talk on my face. Surbhi says you are a mature person but you dont have humanity, she gives point to Deepak. Surbhi asks who is weak in show? Dipika says Somi was protected, she was not given a chance to perform. Deepak says I want to take Dipika’s name, first she took help from Neha, then she got saved from KV. Dipika says he showed his greatness. Deepak says she has become spokesperson. Sree says KV is a idiot’s son, KV says dont go on my family. Surbhi asks to respect task. Romil says Somi is not weak. Surbhi says I want to give point to Dipika. Bigg Boss asks them to take apple juice from tree. Sree hugs Dipika for winning. KV says to Sree that you called my father idiot. Sree says I called you idiot.

Somi says to Dipika that I played alone in this house. Sree says right. Somi says I am talking to her, Dipika says you never performed, you never came in nominations. Romil says this is over-confidence.

Dipika is sitting on her box. Sree asks Romil to touch her. Sree pushes Deepak away. Surbhi asks them to relax. Deepak takes Sree’s sipper, Sree says give it back, Deepak says you take it. Sree says it has my water for tablets. Sree charges at him. Romil takes Dipika’s winning bottle and takes it. Surbhi asks Sree to calm down. Dipika says we won, dont worry. Deepak is holding bottle. Surbhi says you cant hold it. Deepak says Dipika was holding it too. Surbhi says you are misbehaving.

KV says on camera that I will put team black tag where there are more bottles.
Bigg Boss asks everyone to come to activity area. Deepak argues with Rohit, Rohit says come inside son. Deepak says dont call me son.
In activity area, there will be shooter and dodger, shooter will try to shoot paper and tear it which is on dodger’s helmet, other team’s dodger will try to dodge it and save their paper. Surbhi asks both teams to name their dodger and shooter. First Rohit and Deepak comes as shooters and Dodger. Rohit shoots on Deepak and tears his paper. Surbhi says it took 10seconds to tear it. Then Romil and Somi comes, Somi dodges Romil. Surbhi says it took 12 seconds. Romil says it broke before she stopped timer. Surbhi says I am fair. KV’s team wins. Romil and Deepak tries to protect bottle but Rohit grabs bottle and takes it to Sree’s side. Dipika laughs. Romil takes it back. Sree says take it kids.

Rohit says Deepak is shouting and going mad. Surbhi says I am fair.
Deepak says Surbhi is not fair referee. KV says you are shouting too much.
Surbhi says I can insult Deepak.

Big Boss says to inmates they have to color the wall with paint guns, whose team colors the wall with their paint will win. Black team’s color is yellow, Red team’s color is blue. Sree and Romil comes forward and starts coloring the wall with their colors. They throw color on each other. Sree argues with Romil. Romil pushes him aside. Sree shouts at him. They both try to destroy each others colors. All shout at each other. Dipika says dont push. KV says its reaction of action. Dipika asks Sree to not do what he is doing. Sree and Romil are pushing each other. Wall have both colors. Buzzer plays. Surbhi says its done, there is more yellow colors so team black won. She gives bottle to Romil. Sree keeps painting wall. Dipika says there is no need.

Sree is still painting wall.
Surbhi says to Rohit that Deepak is most illiterate man in house.
Rohit says KV is not doing anything in show.
KV says to Deepak that Sree is too negative. Sree comes to Deepak and snatches a bottle from him. He gives it to Somi and takes another bottle. KV comes to his box. Surbhi says you have to put on box. Dipika put it there. Sree gives one bottle back to Deepak but Rohit takes all bottles back. Bigg Boss says time for task has ended. Surbhi announce who won. KV says team black won, we have 2 bottles. Rohit says nothing like that, its strategy. Surbhi says I am not a fool, I am not considering what happend in last, they have bottle. Deepak says they are cheating. Surbhi says I saw both team performing so I want to announce team red as winner. KV says this is not fair, this is height of partiality. Deepak says this dog can say anything? KV says he is cheap, he is like a dog. Romil says its just a task. KV says he took all three bottles.

Somi says its a task, KV says there is a limit, I have earned respect, I have done hard work, I am not here to listen to all crap of Rohit.
Rohit says to Romil that KV called me dog.
Somi says Sree is living in his own world here. Deepak says yes.

Winning team gets a surprise with Surbhi. They go in store room and find pizza. Sree hugs Dipika. They all enjoy pizza. Deepak says referee was part of their team too. Surbhi says happy anniversary.

PRECAP- Sree have right to choose who will go to jail. KV says dont be partial Sree. Romil says he will go too wrong.
Sree chooses Romil and Surbhi to go to jail. Surbhi says this is partiality. Sree says shut up, I am in power.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I wish there was a task where every contestant was asked to sacrifice their finalist position for other contestant alone then it will reveal their real colors deepika for sree sree for deepika kv for deepak deepak for somi somi for romil romil for deepak/somi surbhi for idk rohit?

    1. for rohit ask salman about finale host :p

  2. Even though this guy is sree’s fan but he always considers every point : do review accordingly (caution too many abusive words)

    1. better leave this video is not gonna influence anyone and those who call this as review then doob maroo :p review dene walon # its not review its his illiterate behaviour his comments are bad for references , dear khud ke reviews banao kyunki itna to khud se karhi sakte ho thodi dimagg ki bhi excercise ho jayegi LOL

  3. Today’s episode was the best of this season, this is what happens when everyone do task I wish sree has played like this since the start he was sooo good and when it comes verbal task I don’t think anyone can do better than her

  4. @hope ji ,
    this was tope comment # wonderfull aapne to truth khol kar rakh diya as if it u were writing from my hands such a beautifull comment spot on !!!!! and i agree by each and every letters of yours in the above mentioned comment , you have potrayed a # SACH KA SAMNA moment to all , koi mane ya na mane par sachai to yahi hai # nice comments just looked like a print out of my views

    1. @Airplanes thank you. Actually now a days we find character like Simar at every workplace, in every house so it is easy to decode these people. Sweet poison:))))
      Baki sab to aam loag hai in terms of behavior, neither too correct nor very wrong and so predictable.


    3. Aaap jsiii tope ko aapkii hope bdhane wale hi comments psndd aate hhhh how gratefully u said hope jiromil k asr pdrha #mdmjiiii?? i understand it’s just bcoz u hate dpka from d very core of ur heart……keep it up … i wish dpka ni to romil b n … to i wish deeoak trophy l jaaye ?????

  5. Why did diika say rimil spreads negativity? It’s deepak who does that so in this question both deepak & dipika were wrong, dipika was right about somi being in the top 8 only cause of her friends, deepak & dipika both were right in their answer about who haven’t showed their real face yet, diika gave the correct answer about worst captain she also was accurate about who shouldn’t go to finale overall I felt there coulve been a draw but it all went in dipakas favor cause of surbhi perspective was similar to her

  6. Although team members number was unbalanced but both teams were equal if it comes to physical strength kV alone is physically stonger than both dipika somi & rohit and his team had two other members one being really fast and other being tall with long hands

  7. My name is salman...salman khan

    Sree and romil will NEVER win they both have negative image and someone like them has never won bb on the other hand deepika has an image clean like a slate maybe she’s fake or didn’t show her real face but she’s clean pristine like a mirror that bb can even watch his eye in her face so she’ll win and deepak has a nice sob story and I won’t deny he made a name for himself even by being negative but he did something so he’ll be 1st runner up…makers kuch ghotala karke sree ko bhaga denge warna to he has the biggest fanbase and if depended on it he would’ve won with a huge margin romil will go out like luv…

    1. SREE AND ROMIL DEFINITELY IN TOP 2 -these logics don’t work in real world sallu , dipika 2nd runnerup hogi

  8. @Hope,
    Ma’am, you nailed it. Your comment was terribly bang on ! And fiercely rock on ! I’ve quite the similar views, just few more points I think I should add or it would be an injustice to Dipika.
    Dipika is ‘dominating’ in one term. She is an extremely good leader, if I judge. But there are two types of leaders in the world —
    1) who makes sure his/her teammates acts upon whatever he/she says.
    2) who is liberal and respects the decision taken by his/her teammate even if that favours the opponent and goes against him/her.
    Dipika is the first one. When Neha or KV was by her side agreeing to her every word, against Happy Club or Srishty, Dipika could even die for them.
    When they started going against her, started prioritising Happy Club or Srishty more,
    Dipika started to fight for only Sree.
    From a distance if we see, Dipika is a smooth controller. Everything is okay if it is going according to her. If not, she becomes aggressive. And she doesn’t accept that she is at fault.
    I’ve seen Dipika to make cakes on every occasion, she shares tea from her own cup, consoles the one when someone is crying.
    On the other hand, she is very limited to her own world, doesn’t forgive people and sticks to ‘first bad impression is the last impression’ ! :-\ So, let us make peace with it. If we count one ‘vice’, there are five ‘virtues’ we can’t see.
    So, it’s cool.
    Me, being a KV fan,
    I will say – KV isn’t fake, it’s his nature to be nice and good from heart.
    On the other hand, he’s very indecisive. If Dipika wasn’t forgiving, he should have.
    It’s few weeks left, and I thought to bring out the good in Dipika though I m not liking her at all. *.* and, she doesn’t deserve to win, though!

  9. On the episode,
    Two things were unfair.
    1) Romil destroyed Somi’s sheet of paper much before. There was already a hole long time back. Surbhi couldn’t see that sitting at her position. Parallax error.

    2) Who came here with the help of friends ?
    Dipika said well. But Deepak’s answer was extremely perfect. He should’ve got points for that.

    Else, it was okay.
    Romil is very calm in accepting others’ opinions. That’s very nice of him. He doesn’t become aggressive if anyone goes against him.
    I want Dipika and Bhai in two different teams now, it will be a visual treat I guess. 😉

    1. @Aaro,
      very well said actually surbhi kalyug ki dhrithrashtra ban chuki thi episode mein :p

    2. @ well said Aarohi
      What is worst for me in Dipika when she says ki Romil Mera number na Lena. Was bad. This shows not even ego because even ego is little bit positive thing. This is like tum mere level k nai.
      Dipika for Max things tried to grill people who are strong for her. Meaning can’t stand them.
      Surbhi, the moment Deepak took her name, she gave points to Dipika.

    3. AnuAnu

      Agreed to your points.That paper wala task i really felt it ..i think Surbhi was trying to clear her image ..

  10. Ufff…what an episode… Shree was killer…
    BB in every way wanted to give surbhi chance to improve her image … surbhi utilised it very well…she was controlling herself to the max in various situations…as she herself said, “surbhi rana jab bolne pe aati hai to, kaisa hai sab jaantey hai…” (She is working on herself…good for her)
    Karela task..
    Deepika and deepak were the best choices made by both team..both are very much strong in debating…
    But Deepika is exceptional…I mean kaichi jitni tez hai uss bandi ki baatein…baaton mein to koi usse jit nai sakta…we have seen that in lawyer task too…she puts up her points in an elegant manner and provides n number of proves for that…
    She played very well in saying Somi is in the game coz of her friends. Yet she put the entire blame of that to happy club by framing that incident in this way ‘they didn’t give her chance to show out her strength…’
    I would appreciate deepak too…he too performed very well..he is killer while performing tasks…
    Gunshot task
    I didn’t understand why kV didn’t perform in any of the 3 tasks…He could have done the second easily…
    Somi was swift in moving than deepak…
    Painting task
    Romil started the elbowing thing…and shree being shree, couldn’t tolerate that and did even more… after the task, the kid in shree popped out n refused to leave…
    Loved the Phoenix bird he made out of that dirty canvas…
    And the unexpected twist, Shree gave to the task … wow…the way he walked out of the activity room n grabbed the bottles and gave it to somi….???.there was nothing left for deepak n kV to do other than giving the last bottle.
    Ullu ka patta part – I don’t think shree meant in that way…he just retaliated to kV for the word ullu…plus he being South Indian, he doesn’t dissect and see the meaning of ullu ka patta…
    Kutte ki dung (sorry if I spelled wrong) – rohit said if I am kutte ki dung, u r kutta …but kv was hurt coz he doesn’t use much curse words and couldn’t take it…I can understand…
    ‘Per ye kehna ki me iski band bajaunga aur vikas se bhi bajaunga’
    That was not cool…
    I love shree for being real…he is what he is…not at all image conscious…bacha at heart, forgiving nature, sometimes rude and arrogant…
    I would love to see shree performing tasks like this…

    1. @Jisha..

      for the first time i have different views…………..
      i found deepak’s answer better than deepika.. except 1 or 2
      But completely agreed about sree….For me he is much more real than dpka,kv and rest of the housemates who are still present in house..

    2. @ I respect your views…

    3. And the moment shree realised that ullu ka patta went out of hand and it could be the next muddha of house…(as he said in jail, “haa, nikal gaya muh se galti se, ab muddha banalo…”)
      The justification he gave was ??

  11. AnuAnu

    Hi everyone…
    Best moment of the day…. When sree took the bottle when Romil, KV and Deepak was looking away. There was unique style to it. Isn’t it?
    I cried laughing when Deepak gave away the bottle and BB announced task is over… and Sree’s team won. I felt like BB wanted them to win.
    Somi did good in task she washed still trying to get the bottle when Sree, Dipika and Rohit had quit and sitting in sofa.
    The paint task Sree was doing task beautifully it was Romil who started cheating… they could have done it fair. It was just like the task where Sabha and Srishty had a fight.
    Surbhi I think she is trying to clear her image bcz I think she was biased in shooting task bcz Somi’s paper was also spoiled fast not sure . Good for her..
    Dipika I think after shoaib visit she got some energy and I am seeing her as she was from where I started watching the show. beech Mein she was little low. She is finally fed up with everyone calling her fake… And all that.
    KVB ???great for mastermind. I think he invented cheating bcz he was one asked Rohit to cheat in snake task.i don’t why KVB jump out of nowhere when Sree or Dipika is involved in fights. It’s like he waiting to make an argument.
    Romil today he played unfair with Sree i didn’t like it.
    Rohit taking Sree’s side ????
    What do you mean by kutte ka dun and ullu ka patta in English i know its some Gaali but meaning ? Why was they fighting over it.
    Deepak as always tried to win task by hook or crook. He is so involved in it..
    KVB again proved he is not that mahan, when Rohit and Sree ka fight hua tab KV rohit ko roka nahi. Not even said anything to Rohit like ‘hey stop it its not right ‘.But when Rohit started abusing you.. You can’t stand it? and if anyone noticed SREE AND DIPIKA WAS STOPPING ROHIT FROM ABUSING KV. SREE EVEN FORCEFULLY CLOSED ROHIT MOUTH. DID ANYONE(HIS FRIENDS) FROM THE HOUSE DID THAT WHEN HE WAS ABUSING SREE????? ??

    1. KV IS LOYAL TO HIS OWN TEAM. By hook or by crook. MAHAN TO HIS OWN TEAM.
      He DOES NOT NEED to be Right everytime.
      That’s it. :<

    2. AnuAnu

      @Arohi then why do always target Sree and Dipika ? Dipika is Loyal to his own brother like Sree. Like KV she also proved loayality to Friends like Megha and Sree then why is dipika fake and KV Mahan ? She doesn’t have to right all the time. That’s it…:-)

    3. Ullu ka pattha literal meaning is son of owl but round off meaning is “foolish” kutte ki dum=dog’s tail it was part of saying that “dog’s tail always remain crooked”…kV called sree ullu in retaliation he called him ullu ka pattha which kV as usual made an issue about it later he called rohit kutte ki dum and in return he called him kutta

    4. AnuAnu

      @Anon thanks..from your explanation i think it was hilarious ……

    5. @Anon
      Thanks for telling bcoz the things they spoke were not clear in the episode……

  12. @airplanes hello bhai/bahan …@ Aarohi hai this season of bigg Boss I became big fan of both of you…aap donomke views mere views se fully match kerte hai..airplanes i haven’t seen such a hilarious person like you..iam from South..even though Mai MATA RANI se prardhana Kerti hu ki Romil hi this season jitna hai

    1. @ TRIPURA ,

    2. @Tripura,
      Humri fan ??? ? hawww ! *.*
      High-five that our views match n it’s a pleasure that u ain’t following Dipu just because she has been portrayed pretty.
      Thank you so much for showering your love, and welcome to the club. :-*
      Keep seeing the goodness in the dark. ❤ kissy kissy boo boo :-* :-*
      And I admit, Airplanes is totally fire. He is great, trust me.

  13. Today surabhi went wrong by making dipika win.. Deepak was d one who gave right answers.. Kv S nowhere he s fake dipika S the one who S having mask in her face.. Deepak took surabhi name so she made dipika to win.. But dipik answers were genuine

    1. Both deepika and kV haven’t shown their real self that’s why they were the only one called out on it so both deepak dipika were right about their respective answers in this particular question and it should’ve been a draw points to both on this one…these two actually disappointed so much hiding behind “mahanta” mask made them come across as fake & more negative

  14. He’s so damn artistic sigh if only he has a pleasant personality all the time I would be supporting him :\ why is that people who’re extremely talented always have anger issues and can’t explain themselves?

    1. He’s not all sunshine and rainbows but he’s a good human being

  15. Surbhi is the best. The best person in the house. Genuinely the most deserving persons in the finale are Sree, Surbhi ,Deepak and the 4th one Deepika or Romil. Looking at the Performance in the whole season they are the deserving ones.

    1. @Ghosha
      Sorry to say but what make u say that surbhi is the best…….. Don’t take it personally I respect your opinion…….

  16. where is indian,sana,jap,cutipie..

    kripya aap log bhi apne vichaar vyakt karein.. cz aap logo k vichaar bade correct hote h most of the time..

    1. AnuAnu

      @XYZ hahah…You sound like surbhi…liked it

    2. I was so spellbound after watching today’s episode lol I didn’t expect such a good epi from this season and the way they all were going I had surrendered all hopes for it so I just was under shock to comment lol but I read all of everyone comments and enjoyed them as well (few times minced words &clenched fist reading some comments but didn’t delve)

    3. Omg me too! I was relishing the moment that sree finally showed his potential(again)tbt they all were a treat in this episode

      @XYZ heyo ?I didn’t comment as everyone already said with great explanations what I had in mind so I just sat back and enjoyed readingeveryones comments instead?

  17. @AnuAnu, read my main comments please. I NEVER CALLED DIPIKA FAKE. I always tell she has kept Sree isolated, she holds her grudges, she doesn’t forgive people and she is limited to only one person.
    I NEVER CALL SOMEONE FAKE, someone can’t act good for 24 hours.

    And some of you blame KV that he b*t*hes a lot, there is a video on voot, where he describes Jassu, Megha and Rosh. And I feel amazed to see u people are so wrong !
    Next time come with proof. (The second para is not for AnuAnu)

  18. Mujhe aap logon ke comments padhna bahut pasand hai……

  19. I like Dipika, Sree and KVB in the Finale, Yes I like Romil also but less than these three. Todays Episode is awasome…. Dipika may not be the Briliant but she is far more better than Romil, Dipak and Surabhi as per my opinion.

    1. Yes i agreeee aur kisi s compete ni to bhi dpka is far btr than romil

    2. @sanju,
      aapne bhi halwa kha liya bina socch ke dipika to better bna diya , hai humara romil contenders mein best apne opinion bna liya in haste( jaldibazzi mein)
      gor se season ka kare preview beshak aap payengi romil ke ache reviews !!!!!

    3. @Sanju
      Agree to everything but I think romil kV se to zyaada hi deserving h…….
      Dipika to h hi best:-))
      May romil fans have sound sleep like him…….lol

    4. ahem ahem correction !!!!!

    5. Very funny?Its better without correction??
      Till then????

    6. lol have you been sleeping after halwa diet:p

    7. Lol……in your dreams??
      HALWA is your favourite dessert that u always keep promoting it…….??

  20. @Airplane aur @Nandini aapke comments bahut hi achhe hote hai aur aaj kal aapki khatti meethi nok-jhok Waale comments bahut cute hote hai
    @XYZ aapke comments bhi bahut achhe hai

    1. @ ME,

    2. @Me
      Thank u for your praise…….achha hua aapne ye nhi kha ki aap kiske fan h otherwise agr dipika k hote to kuch log halwa le aate…….lol

  21. People are only supporting sree cause he’s apparently bjpian but what thy don’t know is more than half the hms support that party too so stop torturing yourself by following flippyshank around and support the deserving candidate, kV or deepak deserve to win(genuine question as my gk is little off isn’t Kerala ruled by another party and majority of kerala’s people support it then how come flippybird become bjapian?)

    1. Let fight anon

      I am anti bjp yet here I’m supporting sree you know why?cause I was able to relate to him the most cause he showed most of all his side that a human have while some cautioned from showing themselves fully or even partially and others just kept stooping low for the game whole season he was the only one who was himself there arrogant annoying yet sweet and gen of a person with good heart

    2. Let's fight this anon together #mahagathbandhan

      Don’t forget he’s multi talented and a cricketer with special skills(& hot too ;))

    3. If being ghatiya is showing real side than I guess kV do good by staying in morality limits and not being a floppybird type who all ever does is quit task or bully others…..

    4. Sree & hot?LMAO he looks like a bulldog

    5. AnuAnu

      @Anon since you compared Sree to KV ..and you called him names ..Let me tell if he was trying to clear his image he would have done that long time ago by a Press conference or something. He participated in Jhalak later walked out of the show (i heard) .

      And if he wanted to clear image he would have acted “GOOD BY STAYING IN LIMITS” …well as you said he didn’t he was very real ‘HE IS VERY REAL FOR BIGG BOSS’ after it’s a reality show..not a morality show ….If he was being a politician then he would have to be so good that people will be it and support him . Not abuse people , will had to sacrifice many things …. bcz they have so much to keep in mind about their image .

      Since you said your GK is off ..i say you should get some bcz Sree was given a clean chit in 2017 …
      And Sree looked damn hot in black shirt …

      Aren’t we the ones always say politicians should be real ?????

    6. AnuAnu

      @Anon the answer is in your question itself .It’s majority not all the people .. And plz don’t bring politics in here. So what if he is a BJP he isn’t a good contestant ? SO KV and Deppak is deserving bcz they are not BJP . Since your gk is off about Kerala think before you comment please .

    7. He’s an opportunist who after getting kicked out of cricket joined bjp cause of his wife family connection in it and to improve his societal status AND kV deepak both are bjpians I’m saying people should support them instead if they wanna support their party everywhere cause they’re 100000000000000 times better than floppybird

    8. @Anu Anu
      Totally agreed……its not fine to relate everything with politics……

    9. @Anon,
      Thank you so much for these beautiful words.
      KV is love, pure love. Decent, honest, good at heart. But I must say, he does NOT deserve to win. For me, I would have considered Romil, Sree for the top 2, because they have the X-factor. Romil is more deserving, though. But definitely, I would have loved to see KV and Dipika with them at top 4. They could see their journeys and BB would tell KV how nice he was as a man. I wished to see that. But koi gal nahi.. let him come home to his adorable daughters and his beautiful wife – people who actually love him. There is so much hatred in that house for him. He doesn’t deserve that, genuinely . He is too good for this game.

  22. Got to know that maximum HMs voted KV for the undeserving contestant. This is really disheartening.. Bhai behen ki Jodi ko bhi ab Rohit KV se jyada deserving lagne laga Jo ek time pe unlog k liye badtameez tha.. hats off to u sreepika.. heights of ? lapanti


    2. Whenever this kind of situation arises where they’ve to name the weakest or undeserving from nominated contestants sree NEVER takes name of the weakest & name the strongest instead as he once even explained he doesn’t want to send off the weakest contestant with bad memory and disappointed & bring them down even more by calling them weak when they’re already getting evicted so he must have applied same logic here….don’t know about dipika maybe she’s still holding grudge against kv

    3. Exactly but you know who I am curious to know took whose name?surbhi & deepak if they had taken kvs name also than kV should dig a hole and put his head in it as sree tried to hint him srees wife openly told him his freaking wife told him to not be with these selfish c*nts but he remained with them

    4. AnuAnu

      @Sana i heard Surbhi,Sree,Dipika,Rohit took KV’s name Romil,Somi Rohit’s name . After that BB opened main door may be an eviction ????

    5. @anuanu Omg was it really?oh no if it was that & not just a task then I really feel bad for kV he deserved to be there more than somi & rohit…but why surbhi took his name hasn’t she been close to him last two weeks?that’s some real backstabbing move from her, I wish he could’ve understand it earlier that no one from HC can be loyal to him heck they weren’t loyal to even each other…

    6. Err sree always take strongest contestant name among all contestants in these kind of “surveys” by bigg boss just to not hurt the bottom contestants so don’t take this as him taking a dig at kv

    7. @Sangam,
      He was not going to win. Jisko jana hain usey jaane do.. :’) his friends are eliminating him, people didn’t. Jitna der aj vi saath denge humara KV, tab tak muskurayungi zaroor.
      Kya pata kal ho na ho. And they find Rohit deserving because, usne kal khud ka team ko dhoka nahi diya. :3 #pehlibaar_shayad.

    8. & whose plan it was to betray?yes apna kV ka whose idea it was to be with biggest naags surbhi & deepak? again apna kV if he has played alone like sree was he would be leading with him but nope maharaaj wanted to be mahaan when thy were expected to be front player

    9. I’m not gonna watch Bb12 if KV gets eliminated before finale

  23. Hum unke lye dua nhi krte jinki charcha bina kuch bole hi hoti h#world famous halwaa ….hum to dua krte h unk lye jinki charcha k lye log pl pl torch lkr ghumte h #sotduuumind…..hum to dua krte h unk lye jinki charcha krte krte log saass lna b bhuljte h??????✈️✈️ ……@airplanes

    1. @ADA,

    2. Dua neki bhri ho to muskurahat smjhye ….dua m bhi kohinoor ho to hmariii noor bhri nzroo s inkaar smjhyee…..apki qurbaaniii ko hm thedil s aaj comments ki mehfil ka taj bnate h….aur kuch nhi to palke uthakr hum aapko salaam zrur pesh krte h??

    3. @Ada

    4. chiragon ko kohinoor jaise aakhon mein mehfooz rakhna
      badi durr tak rath hi rath hogi
      musafir ho tum bhi jadugar bahu ki
      har mod par true soul ke fans se mulakat zaroor hogi:P

    5. Mulaqaat to hogi pkka halwa khilana bnd koi kiya h aapne lngr jaariii h.????nd chiragooo ko mehfooz rhne ki zrurt hi nhi pdti nd yes congrats as aaj bhi aapke kaha k noor cukducu k surur m bg hhhhh?????heights of alasssss ….nd yes true soul kha aapne to sunye true soul ksa h somi n dil s frndshp nibhaii nd directly he said in today’s episode m dushmni bde achche s nibhata hoonnnn????dushmn n kre somi k dost n vo kaam kiya h br br kiya h 100br kiya h???its not true soul it’s FEVICOL jha jye wha jholaaa falaye???

  24. Just for the knowledge how many comments did last year seasons update used to get in 24hours?

    1. @ ANAM
      almost on an average 180

    2. So that means this season finally getting as much attention here as last season..

    3. @Airplanes…
      i didn’t see u last year….
      u might have used different name..

  25. Let's fight this anon together #mahagathbandhan

    Don’t forget he’s multi talented and a cricketer with special skills(& hot too ;))

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