Bigg Boss 12 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sristy, Shiv, Sourav sent to jail

Bigg Boss 12 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 26, 10:45am

Deepak, Surbhi, Urvashi discuss that Sree knew game very well, but he wasn’t using his brain and was giving up in emotions. They talk about KV and Sree bonding and KV using him. Surbhi says if KV had to vote out someone, he would take Sree’s name as well. Sree listens.


Dipika tells Jasleen that Sristy stays to herself. They two tried, but just can’t understand each other. She thinks of sending her to jail. Sree gets irritated and says despite Bigg Boss giving punishment, she’s thinking to send Sristy to jail to save herself. She should be going to jail for being poor sanchalak yesterday. Whole fight happened because of her.


Sree’s irritation and complaining continues about Dipika. Him and Anup say Dipika is smartly cleaning up celebrities one by one. Neha is already in danger zone. He says when he goes back inside, she will go to him and start crying. It’s good that he learned all this. When someone uses knife with a smile, that person is most dangerous.


It’s time to choose housemates to be sent to jail. They have to choose 1 pair and 1 single.

KV starts by taking Saba-Somi and Sristy names for the task and also Sristy hurting herself. Saba-Somi say Bigg Boss has already punished them for that task.

Neha also takes Sristy’s name for hurting herself. Saba-Somi for fighting in task even after Bigg Boss warning 2 days before. Saba-Somi object again.

Dipika takes same names for same reasons. Jasleen agrees and gives same names.

Anup and Sree say Dipika put this in everyone’s mind.

Shiv takes Deepak-Urvashi name. He says Deepak accused him for kicking him in the task, but he was just trying to run and he hit the shield that Deepak was using him. Urvashi taunts he’s telling his mistake or Deepak’s mistake. Deepak says he has no regret for it. He said he will do same again. He will have to understand they are not here to wrestle.

Deepak takes KV’s name from singles. If he saw Surbhi’s mistake, then he should have noticed Shiv’s mistake too. Both incidents were similar. KV says he saw Surbhi and Sristy. He didn’t see what happened between him and Shiv, still he asked Shiv to say sorry.

Dipika, Neha change their votes from Saba-Somi to Shiv-Sourav as they find it big deal for doing mistake and having no regret for it.

Sristy says she got warning for hurting herself. She didn’t hurt anyone else or said anything to anyone. It’s unacceptable for her others taking her name for this reason. Sree and Anup cheer Sristy.

Romil takes KV’s name for not being fair when it matters. When that scene happened, he said he doesn’t care and later he went to talk to Shiv. Surbhi takes Shiv-Sourav name.

Saba-Somi take KV’s name and Shiv-Sourav.

KV also changes his vote from Saba-Somi to Shiv-Sourav for same reason that Dipika and Neha gave.

Sristy takes Shiv-Sourav name as well and Dipika’s from singles because she feels Dipika wasn’t fair yesterday. Sree says “that’s my girl”.

Surbhi tells Bigg Boss that Shiv-Sourav and Sristy got most votes. They are sent to jail. Saba-Somi says this is not fair, she already got punishment. Sree is pissed off.

KV and Surbhi have argument. KV calls her double standard as they took Shiv name for not regretting his mistake and took his name despite him saying sorry for his mistake.

KV talks to Deepak and says when he saw bandaid on his chin, he came to him and talked about it right away, and then he went to Shiv and asked him to say sorry.


Surbhi tells Dipika that she appreciates her for listening both sides and then coming to decision. Like how she listened to Deepak and then changed her vote. She says KV wouldn’t do that and asks Dipika whether she agrees. Dipika says she does. Deepak again says that KV never showed any concern for him. Surbhi asks Dipika whether she would take KV’s name from singles after finding out all this about him. She says she would.


Dipika, Neha tell KV what happened inside and they did take his name because they found his mistake genuine this time. Singles are playing game with them and trying to separate singles. If same mistake had happened by Deepak, then Romil-Surbhi’s tone would be something else. She feels singles are genuine while pairs aren’t.


New task. Captains will choose 4 contestants who they feel are falling behind in competition. Remaining 5 contestants will tell those 4 contestants their mistakes or what they are lacking. Somi will be sanchalak and she will announce winner – who asks best questions to 4 chosen contestants.

Romil-Surbhi take 4 contestants that need to improve are Urvashi, Jasleen, Neha, and Dipika. Dipika is surprised.


Deepak tells Neha that she is not able to put her point forward. Surbhi also says same thing. They were referring about talk that had happened between Neha, Dipika, and Sree. Neha tells Deepak he had gone to her 3 days later, the how she could have trusted him. She gets little aggressive. Saba says this is the aggression to put her point forward was missing. KV says if she stays like this always, then it will be fantastic. Neha says she uses aggression only when it’s required.

Next up is Urvashi. Surbhi tells her that her energy level is not same as Deepak. When Deepak has argument with anyone, she is not present to support her. Urvashi says she also finds her (Surbhi’s) level higher than Romil. Surbhi says but he is always there to support her which she lacks. Deepak tells Urvashi that she should express what’s in her mind. Urvashi says she doesn’t do anything for footage, she is what she is. Everyone cheers for her. Romil says she doesn’t give her best in task. They all worked so hard and in end she gave up because she felt Sristy was chosen to win. Deepak again stands up to talk. She says she will see him after this task. He says he is not asking her to change, he is just saying to express herself where it’s required.

Next up is Dipika. Surbhi says she acts over-sweet at times. She was like so close to Sree, yet she took his name. She is not equal to everyone in the house. Dipika says her doesn’t have to be equal with everyone. She is rude to people who she thinks is wrong, if housemates don’t understand, then that’s not her issue. She is like this. Saba asks her to bring her real face. She is too sweet and then when it comes to tasks, she becomes too aggressive. So she is not sure what she is really. Dipika tells her that she won’t be able to understand either. Deeepak tells her if she has anything against anyone, then tell on face. Don’t say on their backs. Dipika says if she has anything against anyone, then she can’t show fake love for anyone. Romil says if she was true friend with Sree, then she would have not taken his name. If she says she misses her husband, then they won’t use that excuse to nominate her. She says she doesn’t want to defend on this point. She would prefer to talk to Sree directly.

Jasleen is up next. Romil tells her that she’s playing very safe which can be bad at times. He asks her to open herself, sometimes she takes easy way out by staying quiet. She says she is already so open, how much more he wants her to open up. Deepak asks her to support truth instead caring about her relationship with someone. She says if she thought like that, then she wouldn’t have sent her friend, Shiv, to jail.

Now it’s time to announce winner. Somi declares Deepak as winner.


Deepak tells Urvashi he didn’t mean that she needs to change. He just meant like how she scolds him in front of everyone when she disagrees with him, he doesn’t like that. Other side, Surbhi and Romil discuss they don’t get good vibes from Urvashi. Deepak tells Urvashi that she thinks he scolds her, but he is just trying to make her understand and make her better. She says it’s just in his mind that she doesn’t express her views in front of certain people.

Surbhi tells Romil that Urvashi has good terms with every single person in this house. She predicts when pairs break, she will definitely fight with Deepak.

Precap: Salman scolds contestants for physical violence. Kajol in Bigg Boss house.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. Yaar mujhe na Deepak ka game accha lag rha h. He is using his mind. Double standards bolo ya chahe jo bolo bande mein guts h. Kvb cheated him but phir bhi he is in the game as a strong contender. I love him. He is actually playing the game na ki bas ainvi baitha h.

  2. Hello neeru xyz ND all my dear friends I m Anjali I missed u all very much …….. How r u all……

    1. Hii Anjali…i am good and missed u too…
      good to see u here.. 🙂

  3. I will watch episode form now on…

  4. Haven’t watched today’s episode yet but have a question – can someone explain who said what about Shree? Was it Neha or Deepika or someone else? Missed those episodes and can’t tell by watching recent episodes because both of them are denying it

  5. Deepika is real and straightforward that is reason everone against her

  6. I have been silent reader ever. First of all this season can’t be compared to last one. That was way better. I don’t know why everyone is so Sree pro. He never showed sportsman spirit. If someone is fake, it’s him. Everyone saw him banging on BB door and saying he wants to go. Whoever told that he is Rimmi Sen of this season shares my viewpoint. He either was sick or crybaby. Makes no sense to give him second chance but he will be again in the house. He also kind of made everyone talk about himself. Dipika was only at fault of unnecessarily defending herself for taking Sree’s name. For Shrishty- if it was game plan, Bang on. She already knew that she can’t win so she ruined the task. Deepika- I don’t like her but she is playing nicely and is not Dumb unlike others in singles. I like Deepak, Urvashi , Khan sister. They may be aggressive at times but are not fake and using brain to manipulate for game is not fake. It’s the game. Urvashi is honest and puts her opinion and thought forward without fear. For that reason Romil also knows game. Last point, heard people and Shristy herself saying she wants to be captain……..???? sorry but we all wish for many thing but one should put in efforts for that. She is always to expressive and playing victim card that singles isolated her. Many lone players survived many seasons without support. She never gets along with anyone nor can play alone. If while captaincy task she cried, I would appreciate if she was aggressive to complete the task like Surbhi did last time. Surbhi did her task even when she was crying in captaincy task and yet insisted that no one should leave the ring for her thinking that she is girl.

  7. Anonymousaa

    I guess Srishty is playing victim card that also too deliberate based on what she has seen in previous seasons. She wants footage that’s clear. Remember, she had been popular few weeks ago in social media as Hina Khan of this season if we looked at her getup( nightie with no makeup and a hair band on). Now I will say she is being Shilpa Shinde( no offence intended #Shilpians) of this season, doesn’t work yet gains complete sympathy from housemates and audiences. But irony is that at least Shilpa worked in kitchen. This season in Kitchen and tasks both Deepika and Neha are seen working. Please anyone if you have seen Srishty working please tell me where.
    I am just hating these one liners from Sree. Why is that man behaving as if he is Salman !??When he was in the house never spoke anything except going home and crying and now where did the wings in his speech come from. Man I am too irritated. The celebs who had to be evicted are spending their time in luxury in secret room while the deserving celebs are nominated.
    Bigg boss you are biased to the core. I would prefer throwing all these celebs out at one go and do the season only with commoners. Celebs aur humein dono ko baksh dedo.
    P.S: I haven’t watched the epi coz there is nothing appealing to watch. This season is a flop and no one can change it. Even Salman is greatest flop for this season. Surbhi and Romil are captains so saved from nominations…WOW Bigg Boss you knew that they won’t ever get votes so you are saving her. Slow Claps!!
    I would say- please viewers better donot watch this season, this time Bigg Boss is playing the game. Your votes donot have anything to do with the eviction. In the house contestants would remain as per Bigg Boss would like not as per viewers would.

  8. I am very happy the way Shree is exposing Neha and Deepika layer by layer..I just hate them.Shree ne thik bola.deepika is mastero ki master.its obvious that they are targeting srishty now..very dirty players.i felt so bad for srishty.ek to gir bhi Gyi dhakka Kha ke and jail bhi use hi Bhej dia.i think Deepika should be in jail instead of srishty.ek to she failed as sanchalika in controlling the game.and secondly she was biased.dont like Deepak much but loved the way he exposed Deepika’s fake wound drama.deepika is the Heena of season 12 but the difference is Heena never tried to look like a very good person.deepika tries to look like a very good person and in reality she is opposite..hate her.

    1. @Heba… agreed…
      sree k secret room m jane se bohot logo ka game plan expose hua h including sree himself..
      deepika n neha ka clear h remaining 3 ko nikalo aur apne jeetne k chances banao…

      waise bhi its quite clear sabse zyada chances dpka k h show win karne k… bcz somewhere she is strong personality..
      either she is faking or not she is a full package.. she showed her aggressive nature , double standard behaviour , sweet behaviour , her negative side , her performance … which is very good for the TRP.

      This is my personal thinking… but somewhere i am feeling that dpka is following shilpa.

  9. Deepika and the two Khan sister are the most irritating contestants, one is fake and pretending to be overly sweet ( and the other two are loud mouths and most irritating

  10. ABC explained the game plan of some contestants very well

    Sree – mujhe ghar jana h.. mujhe ghar jana dooropen karo
    in secret room… they all know i am the top 5 contender…means ghar jana h and all anger just to
    give the content and TRP

    Dipika – neha ko and jodis ko apni side karo and remaining 3 celebrities ko eliminate karao…. cz
    commoners ko vote waise hi kam milne h sree,sristy and kv k nikal jane k baad dpka and neha k
    show win karne k chances sabse zyada honge.

    Neha – good task performer.. but tail of dipika… kisi k matter m nhi padna h even apne matter m bhi
    nhi padna h…

    KV – A genuine person.. jisko sabke matter m padna h aur sabki baton m aak always wrong decision
    lena h .. he has no game plan… jo h wahin ban k rehna h usko…

    Shristy – She has no game plan and no mind as well.Not a good decision maker.she chooses always
    wrong ppl.

    Surbhi/Saba-Somi- Like roadies bas chillate raho… kisi ek ko pakdo aur usi se without reason fight kar k
    footage lo aur game m bane raho. According to the situation girl card play karo like in boat task.. they can touch boys.. but when a boy touch them bcz of the req. of the task they play girl card…. but when someone spare u in a task just bcz of u r a girl.. then they will make an issue of it.

    Romil – sahi game plan h… jodis ka actual sardar h ye banda . … ye sab kuch jodis se kawrwa raha h aur
    khud peeche se khel raha h…

    Deepak-urvashi – starting m nominations se bachne k liye he chooses celebritie’s side but when he get
    to know jodis are going to agaist him .. he change the side.. and became irritating
    urvashi is with a wrong person.. she is not good for the bb house.she have no game plan till now.. may be uska part bhi deepak hi play kar raha h..
    and some where feel like may be they have plan that urvashi will be good with celebrities and deepak will be good with jodis.

    Anup-Jasleen – fake relationship drama to get publicity and to increase TRP.

    100 baat ki ek baat… sab jitne aye h sabka apna game plan h… but jo banda/bandi dignity and humanity loose nhi karega wahin asli winner hoga…
    fir trophy chahe jo le jaye….

  11. Hello guys , maine yaha sabke comment read kie but muje aisa lga ki deeepika kafi troll hui is bat k lie ki usne sree k nam lia infact sree k fans kafi troll kia , but according to me if she take neha name then sab kehte ki neha achi friend thi , dipike insecure hogi islie neha k nam dia,,, if she take KV name fir bhi use sunni padti sabki & kv fans toh troll krte hi
    Maybe deepika ne sree k nam islie lia ho kyki sree bolte hai ki unhe ghar jana hai …. Lekin kbhi bhi neha & kv ne nhi bola k hume ghar jana ………I m not deepika fan but little bit KV Fan
    Deepika kisi k bhi nam leti sunni toh use tb bhi padti ,, Doubles bhi sunate & Bahar Fan Bhi
    If I am wrong please correct me

  12. According to me deepika agar neha k namleti tb bhi use sunna padta , if she take kv name tb bhi deepika ko sunna padta but kv nd neha ne kbi nhi bola ki hume ghar jana hai ,, lekin shree ne kafi bar bola hai ki use ghar jana jbki kv nd neha ne kbi nhi bola …..deepika neha k nam leti oth hum sab kehte neha se insecure hai jealous hai… kv k leti tb bhi hum yhi kehte sb
    i m not deepika fan ,,but little bit kv .
    if i am worng please correct me

  13. If it is someone who used others and is using others only, it is Sree. Just because Dipika took his name, now each sentence of his just targets her. For that reason, he is showing his sympathy to Srishty to show how bad is Dipika. Dipika is not too true but is playing well. Sree and Srishty must know one thing, you should know to show your strength and planning rather than just aiming others. They are infact giving extra footage to Dipika. It requires extra guts to appreciate good game plan of someone whom you think to be your rival. Had Sree just shown anger for the time being and at least shown that whatever he is saying now is not inspired by his equation to Dipika now, it would be better. Settle the matter one to one.

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