Bigg Boss 12 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree saves Surbhi

Bigg Boss 12 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 56
Inmates are sleeping, alarm plays. KV is lying on couch too. Deepak, Jasleen and Shiv are sleeping too.

Romil asks Rohit to come out of jail. Rohit and Romil jumps out of jail. All laugh. KV is looking on and asks him to go in, you are inside jail. Rohit goes in jail back. KV says to Rohit that you are gone.

Bigg Boss tells inmates that you have to follow rules and its like making fun of rules. He tells housemates that this week’s luxury budget has been cut to zero, while Rohit’s jail term is indefinitely increased for take the punishment casually. He says we hope you follow rules. HE tells Sreesanth, Deepak are released from jail. Deepak and Sree laughs.
Megha says you people take rules casually. Sree laughs on Rohit.

Deepak keeps sitting in jail. KV asks Sree and Deepak to come out. Megha says to Jasleen that I wouldnt let anyone sleep in house when I become captain.

Surbhi, Srishty talk about how one has to behave in a very measured way in the house. Surbhi says I was not promoting Deepak to talk against Jasleen but it went against me, I dont like to dress up, I curse a lot, I have flaws. She cries. Surbhi says I cant control myself. Sristy says its okay to be yourself.

Sreesanth asks Dipika what is wrong. Dipika says she will not say anything as he doesn’t take any advice seriously. He says she is invisible for him now and asks her if she trusts him. Dipika says he should ask him that. Sree says ofcourse you dont trust me.

Rohit says to Dipika that Sristy is talking about me, she is ignoring me. She wants to talk but she controls herself, she smiles at me but cant talk.

Jasleen says to Rohit that I feel you both are linked outside, you both look together, tell me if you have crush on her? Rohit says no, seriously no, you will make me die. Jasleen says she is conscious. Rohit says she is in steady relation, you talked to her, you can tell me if she gave you a hint? Rohit denies, but Jasleen teases him, saying he is lying. Rohit tells Jasleen about a conversation Srishty and he had, he says she was telling me that I am good, I want to praise you but I stop myself. Jasleen says you are blushing, he laughs. Jasleen says Sristy seems a little upset, she used to talk to you a lot. Rohit says Manish must know she doesnt make friends so easily but she made connection with me. Jasleen says do you think if there is some attraction from her side? Rohit says I feel it sometimes. Jasleen says if Manish was not in equation then you would have proved it? Rohit laughs and says I dont know.

Sristy says to Rohit that you said to Dipika that I smile at you? Rohit says it was a normal talk. Sristy says I feel uncomfortable, you have no idea where this is going, I thought to not talk to you, I asked you to not talk to me, I changed my duties to not work with you, how obvious I can be? Rohit says dont cry. Sristy leaves.
Sristy says to Dipika that he denied that I smile at him, lets go and talk to him. Dipika and Sristy comes to Rohit. Dipika says you told me that Sristy smiled at me. Rohit says yes I felt that she wanted to talk to me. Sristy says you denied infront of me, Dipika leaves. Sristy says to Rohit that you dont have to say all that, even if I smile then why you have to tell it to Dipika? Dipika cleared her point and left.

Day 57
The house wakes up to the song ‘Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Chhodenge’ from the film Sholay. Rohit says I wont run again.

Sree says to Rohit and Deepak that you both would have to nominate someone from each other.
Bigg Boss says to inmates that you people broke many rules but we didnt punish you, we hope that you dont break rules that will get you a punishment along with others, we want to tell that Rohit’s time in jail has ended. Rohit thanks him.

KV asks Sree to mop in bedroom. Sree says I did it in morning, KV says its not clean. Shiv says its clean for me. Bigg Boss asks Sreesanth to wear his mike. KV says Sree this is not right. Sree says *****. KV asks him to mind his language. Sree says you look after yourself.

The nomination task is announced. Dipika reads that housemates will go in pairs in garden area and sit on a bike and its sidecar. They will have about 15 minutes to decide who gets saved by mutual consent. After this time, a crash time will be played. If no one is wearing a helmet, both will get nominated. If one is wearing the helmet, other will get nominated.

Romil says to Rohit that if Sristy comes in our group then we will save her so you take care of our group too.
Bigg Boss asks Deepak and Somi to come and sit on bike. Deepak says its quality time.
Deepak and Somi sits on bike. Deepak says I called you weak last week but I think you should prove that you are not weak and very strong, he gives her helmet. Somi says I was always strong. Deepak asks her to wear helmet, time will be up. Somi says let me talk first. He tries to snatch helmet from her and make her wear. Romil and others laugh. Deepak says to Somi that I trust that audience will save me so wear helmet. He makes her wear it. Somi says you deserve it too. Shiv says Deepak is enjoying date. Crash alarm plays. Deepak nominates himself. Deepak gets down from bike. Somi gets stuck in bike. Shiv says you should have helped her to get down. Deepak says Bigg Boss gave me quality time.
Somi says to Surbhi that I am not happy for Deepak, Surbhi says you will get a chance.

Surbhi and Sree are on bike. Surbhi says you think I will give helmet to you? Sree says I am not giving it to you. Surbhi says I want to win. Sree says I want to win too. Surbhi says you have hurt me a lot. Sree wears helmet and says why you laugh at me? Surbhi says I find you cute. She takes helmet from him and wears it. Deepak says to Romil that Sree said he will save happy club. Romil says he nominated us last week. Sree says to Surbhi that I think you deserve it. They change seats. Crash alarm plays. Sree nominates himself and saves Surbhi. Surbhi hugs him.

Dipika and Megha are on bike. Megha says you are doing right in show, you are king maker, you made things possible. Sree says to Deepak that they will not leave it. Megha says everyone needs a friend in this house, I am connected to you. Dipika says she saved me from nominations, I am paying her back. Dipika gives her helmet. Megha says she is nice. Dipika says I am saving her, she gives her helmet and gets nominated.

Somi and Surbhi says to Dipika that you gave up in task. Dipika says I returned her favor.

Jasleen says to Sree that I cant give up for Shiv. Sree says then dont talk, Jasleen says he will not give up too so we will both get nominated. Bigg Boss asks Jasleen and Sristy to sit on bike. Jasleen is stunned and leaves. Sree says Bigg Boss you are great.

Sristy says to Jasleen that I saved you one time when I could have nominated you. Jasleen says I cant give up this chance. Sristy says I want this chance, you owe me, I could have nominated you earlier but I didnt, you should give me a chance. Jasleen says if I safe you then I will get nominated. Sristy says you will get nominated as I wont save you so why would you be mean and not save me? Jasleen says I am not mean, its just that I cant giveup this chance. Jasleen says I will wear this helmet. Sristy says I am not giving it to you. Crash buzzer plays, they both become nominated.

Sristy asks Rohit if he will give helmet to Rohit? He says no.
Jasleen says to Shiv that you have changed, you dont need me anymore. Shiv says its my decision. Jasleen says you dont want friendship? you dont want to talk then fine, you are friend for me regardless.

Shiv and Rohit are on bike. Rohit says I have been here for 3 weeks only, I need a chance once more.
Sree says to Surbhi that Rohit is acting like a TV serial, like its life and death for him.
Shiv says to Rohit that you got a chance and you lost it. Rohit says I cant lose this chance. Crash plays and they both get nominated.

Bigg Boss says Shivashish, Rohit, Jasleen, Srishty, Dipika, Sreesanth and Deepak are nominated.

Dipika says to KV that Surbhi and Somi were questioning me that I gave up for Megha, who are they to judge me? atleast Megha supports me, they are saying I gave up so Sree gave up for Surbhi too?

Surbhi says to KV that I am confused, I think Sree is a nice person, he is playing a game, he got nominated to save me. KV says he is thinking about his career, he is playing game. Surbhi says its important for me that if someone sacrifices for me then I love them, I want to know his thoughts.

Rohit is sleeping. Bigg Boss asks KV to wake Rohit up and call everyone in living area. All come in lounge. Bigg Boss says we told you to not break rules, we heard that someone wants a second chance but he was seen sleeping now. Bigg Boss says its time for punishment. Bigg Boss tells housemates that Karanvir will decide two people who have violated rules today. Those people will wash dirty dishes kept in the store room. Karanvir takes Rohit and Sreesanth’s name. He asks inmates, Romil says alarm played for Sree and Rohit. Sree says I dont agree, I will not take punishment. KV says to Bigg Boss that he doesnt agree with anyone. Sree says I did my work. KV says if you people break rules then take punishment too. He takes votes. Surbhi doesnt vote against Sree. KV says Sree you have to follow the rules. Sree says you are talking in english. Bigg Boss asks Rohit and Sree to wash dishes and KV will keep an eye. Sree and Rohit takes dishes. Deepak and Surbhi have an argument over the latter not giving her opinion about who violates rules. Megha says this is wrong, KV says votes were against Sree. Megha says you could have taken action. Deepak says to Surbhi that you are angry that I asked Somi and not you. Sree ask them to relax. Dipika, Megha tell Romil that he gets saved as the housemates have picked one target. Romil asks Megha why she is so miffed with him? Dipika says only Romil break most rules.
Sree says to Shiv that this is shit, Sristy says dont abuse. Sree says he is ****. Sristy says I am hearing all this, you cant curse. Sree says then leave. Sristy says I will not leave. Bigg Boss asks to talk in hindi only.

Rohit and Sree are washing. Sree says this is *****. KV says work first and then curse. Sree says you work, I wont. KV says work for Bigg Boss and not for me.
Megha says this is wrong, Romil asks her to calm down. Somi says they broke rules and are getting punished.

Megha is helping Sree clean dishes. Sree says dont do it. Megha says I am helping my friend, let me get punished too. Sree is throwing dishes. Bigg Boss tells her to stop, this is breaking rules too. Deepak says she is doing this as she is seen less. Megha says I am not like you to not help my friends in right thing but in wrong thing. Deepak says you are buttering Sree and we can see that. Megha says you keep crossing teams for your gain, she asks him to stay in limits otherwise she will beat him with broom. Sristy and Dipika laughs. Deepak says you want to show your dress thats why coming in scene. Megha says dont talk about my dress, all have seen me.

PRECAP- Megha asks Deepak to stay in limits, Deepak and Romil laughs at him. Megha says I will beat you. Deepak says you cant.
In task, Romil and Sree become hitmans. They have to murder inmates. Sree says I will shoot everyone. All inmates try to stop Romil but he doesnt listen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The main target of this episode was actually MEGHA !!… Oh my god its really irritating that what deepak said… But here megha actually deserve it… She behaved extremely stupid… Who told her to help sree did sree asked any favour from her or what !!.. No right… Whats the reason of showing yourself like this… What megha said to deepak today was plain wrong but deepak too instigated her for this outburst !!!… I know its sometimes irritating to bear romil and deepak’s funny mischievousness but this time megha made me LAUGH…. Loool she actually flaunted her dress well during fighting with deepak to grab attention !!… But wrong attempt bcoz bb and salman both are gonna slay megha only !!!… So its of no use… Okay coming to Rohit-Srishty’s matter i know i have no rights to talk about anyone’s personal life and i am not gonna talk… But WHY THE HELL bb makers are so interested creating Rohit-Shristy’s EMOTIONAL ROMANTIC HINDI FILM in the bigg boss house… Atleast think about Rohit & Shrishty’s image which is getting tormented outside !!!… Whats the need making such thing… Rohit & Shristy are good… They are friends ok done.. But no ENOUGH IS ENOUGH simply there’s no need of showing both of them like that they like each other but cant confess their feelings.. ITS RUBBISH ITS TOO DISAPPOINTING from Channel Colors !!!

    1. @vindy
      Well u wrote almost all the points which were i gonna write..

      Today Megha did stupidty no doubt
      But agar ye sotuation happy club k sath hoti and wo log ek dusre ko help karte toh fir yahin log apni frndship n all ka natak krte n baaki sab bhi unko praise karte….

      And wkw m unhi sacche dost ka khitaab milta πŸ˜‘

    2. Rohit and srishty aren’t completely blameless here rohit certainly has been sent with notion that he has to chase her either by vikas or producers certainly give him guidance over it and it must be confusing for srishty but she is defiantly clinging onto it as well or she could’ve been as clear as somi was with deepak and regardless how annoying deepika is she actually tried helping her by telling what rohit has been saying about her but she talk bad about deepika when she could’ve used this help from her to set rohit straight

  2. @XYZ, I read your comment on last update, it was late, and so I wasn’t sure whether u would check it or not. So, writing here. Sweetheart , we two didn’t start on a sweet note, but we always do respect each other’s opinions and I owe that to you. There u said I like Happy Club more than other contestants , I want to correct that. πŸ˜‚ I definitely like Romil, and I don’t hate Surbhi – but my favourite is KARANVIR BOHRA (I wanted him to go to the finals though I knew he wasn’t the winning material ; and for that I want Dipika to win)
    DIPIKA AND KARANVIR are my personal favourites, but I like Romil though he isn’t my favorite.
    And Ezra, Hope, Sandeep and many others who were upset for KV, Gauhar Khan’s sister put forward the question why is Karan being targetted everytime… on twitter. That tweet got many retweets and if u want, just go and retweet so that it draws more n more public attention .

    1. @Aarohi..
      U should be matured enough to understand in which way that sentence waS written..
      I wrote that in fun way.. But i didn’t know bina emoji use kare apko tone of sentence samajh nhi ayega.

      If u or anyone like or hate any contestant that will not gonna affect me obviously..
      Neither i said why airplane is in love with romil
      Nor i said y u liked surbhi..

      Who cares???

      1. @XYZ , i apologize sweetheart.. πŸ˜‚ I didn’t mean in that sense n u took it differently !

      2. @Aarohi..

        Arey yaar again u took my comment in wrong way..
        I guess i have to use lot of emojis.. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

        No need to apologise.. Even i am apologies u as u found my comment rude or something else..

        I know u respect others choices and i respects it too.. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

    2. Thank god kisi ne sawaal uthaya KV ke matter par Arohi i love your comment i am not new but didn’t comment hey BB family

    3. @vindy..
      But i really dont understand y sristy is clearfying things..
      If u r right then be with rohit as frnd or if u knew it that he is saying rubbish about u then get away from him simple.

    4. @Aarohi respecting your feelings for KV I would have had done that retweet thing but sorry honey I don’t use social networking sites. I don’t use snapchat, twitter or instagram. But as you want this guy to win the show, I hope he plays well for his fans and wins BB 12. I think since I never watched their serials ever so I don’t connect to them much. I would want Anup Soni to come in BB, I love his acting and hosting.
      About today’s episode, I will comment after I watch it. But updates suggest that Sree is playing well, keeping people confused whether to hate him or love him and surbhi is playing along acting as if she was moved by his generosity. He plays with people’s mind and emotion….well played. Though I don’t like him much because he talks way too much about others clothes, status and at the end plays victim card for cover up. Ye insaan Vikas aur Shilpa ka mixture hai…..more than grey personality with some swag and hints of white, may be one of the potential winners. Feel bad for Megha, bechari kly kishi ne koi option nai chora…given when she came do boat mein sawar nai hoti to chance tha………should have had started as underdog.

      1. And yes Aarohi, As of now, ye KV k against Salman ka mean behavior is actually getting him more sympathy votes and keeping him in news besides his innocence.

  3. lol sree first curse and now karma returning him back what he thought this bigg boss will be dancing to his tunes such a flipper he is lol # cunning dipika is made to be looked like shilpa here and poor megha ji she is doing all the drama to get marathi votes lol, superb nominations procedure , dipika sree confirmed of their fan following so they give up although sree santh realised his mistake and saved surbhi from nominations and will create rift in happy club # kv fight was good # rohit is such a kiddish act where as srishty is looking like a bimbo # although show was ok ok tonight but GOLDEN HEART MAN # ROMIL stole the show for his fans yet again # deepak sacrificed for somi it was good from him he has earned boys respect definately # shiv and jasleen such a chepo both are dumb # seeing sree’s condition was a delight to kv fans who have yet not forgotten the egg task hahahaha !!!!!poor sree loser sree u deserve it abuser lol

  4. karanvir will be hiten for sure this season # today bigg boss was little bit biased to GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # bigg boss better you focus on sree romil kv and dipika as they are u fav 4 forget rest of all they are just for timepass in the show and elongate the show for over 120 days lol

  5. lol on @AROHI comments lol liking dipika for the sake of liking i mean if you support KARANVIR then support him like he is winner for you mentioning karanvir as not a winner material is just not done !!!!don’t like dipika crocodile tears for the sake of liking lol and yes your words on GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL if you hate him then don’t tell u like him and then u say he is not in fav list lol on u for saying that # get it straight lady if u support kv and want him to win then go for the kill madam otherwise kv will fall short of votes to that tear’s shop kakar lol # sree will get south love too so its calculative on votes behalf # follow your heart and don’t be under shield from anyone put your point bravely # kudos to uand your RECENT FAV – GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL :))-# kv can manage too:p

  6. I LOATHE happy club, what they were doing today and what they will do tomorrow is the real vile behavior THEY ARE THE REAL VILLAINS OF THIS SEASON NOT SREE OR ANYONE ELSE I hope Megha actually kick their arses tomorrow especially that farzi mastermind if someone laugh the way these people laugh on Megha and sree or anyone’s misfortune(kV in that egg task) shows what kind of person they are, this is them showing their power and rubbing it on other face who is already helpless ugggh you watch these shows for entertainment to forget about worldly issues then you end up even more frustrated after seeing such unfairness and these vial characters…and why sree saying f**k off such an issue?every other person says it heck flicking middle finger to me isn’t a big deal either last year and even before that people have used those words and gestures without anyone fussing over it, and srishty my god is she dumb she ruined her friendship with sree over a lie why didn’t kV named himself for punishment as well considering he was also sleeping if he is such a selfless and self righteous man that he can’t tolerate even tu ki zuban than why he hypocritically point sree out on his mistake when he and someone he has formed alliance with broke more rules?deepika is trying to find correct position on moral compass by actually speaking up on things that matters or is she again trying to be in sree good books since kV showed her his “loyalty” on wkw I’m confused about her?

    1. @sana..

      Agreed to most of the point except..

      Sristy didn’t break her frndship with sree only bcz of rohit issue..

      But they have already many issues in their frndshp.. And even we cant say that relation as frndship..
      Sristy didn’t like anyone in her team.. It was only sree who supported her.. And that’s y she got close to him..
      But in last 2-3 tasks she was miffed with sree..

      Even in rangoli task she took stand against sree… She asked sree to keep quiet when he was abusing vikas…

      And when rohit came.. And they had that conversation.. I know sree’s intension was not like rohit is projecting..
      But agar aap kisi k close ho aur koi new vnda apko bolta h something like this ki ye dikhti jhi mere sath reh k dikh jayegi and u laugh on that sentence then it is not good.. Cz no true frnd will hear anything like that…

      1. Yeah you’re right she was kinda anti sree but this sudden behavior swing shes showing is because of rohit before she used to oppose him but comes back to him eventually however now it seems she’s completely against him. Their relationship was not mutual I guess but sometimes it came off as sweet and to know that one more person in that house has joined the hate bandwagon against sree and that person is someone who cried for his affection at one point is disappointing and she’s with kV and deepika are prodding shiv against sree also….besides someone posted a video on twitter where sree is actually telling rohit that he is the one surviving cause of her not other way around and warning him to not hurt her rohit twisted it all and blamed it on sree lol

    2. @Sandeep
      Exactly my points. This airplane is male chauvinist. Banda h for sure. He s too much into women bashing. Very distasteful comments. Till now, all the commenters on this thread. Share their opinions n dnt fight (till many seasons). But smhow this person is actually makin others nauseatic by making personal comments and digs. He has forgotten that bb house me nahi h hum log.
      Sudhar jao bhai.

    3. Sana srishty and Sree issues started with jasleen, jasleen wanted support and didn’t like srishty much so she started playing sister sister with Sree and trying to get h8m to go against srishty. Sree can somet8mes do very good for someone and flip to saying bad abt the person next moment. That made her relation worse. Even recently he was car9ng when she fell n hurt her back, but after that video posted on Twitter when he is telling Rohit not to hurt her, in the next instance (something which that fan deleted from vm) Sree told everyone including happy club how is it that srishty danced if her back was hurting. This after doc has been com8ng check her same as him. She herself said that he does good and then he does something like this which is so bad that she sheds water on te good that he does. It is diff to keep relation with him because of this fickle nature. He also doesn’t take well if someone tells him he is doing something wrong, something which both srishty and Dipika have admitted

  7. And the most funny part of the episode.
    Surbhi and somi was talking about give up thing to dipika🀣
    Surbhi ko ye baat sree ko bolni thi na..
    But nhi waha apna fayda tha toh sa sahi h…

    I cant understand surbhi.. Ye jo sach bolne k aur always right hone k itne bade bade lectures hote h wo har 2 din m change kaise ho jate h..
    Jo bnda/bandi happy club ko har cheez m support kare. Nominatons se, jail punishkent se bachaye task m ye logo k help kare wo dil ka acha ho jata h.. Agar help na kare toh ye log us bnde k hath muh dho k peeche pad jate h.

    And the best example is sree…

    Benefits milne k time pe jo log change hote h itna easily wo lg true toh kabhiho hi nhi sakte…

  8. @ XYZ :you keep on changing your love for contestants till the winner is declared if you don’t have any favourites dear then nobody cares whom u want to be winner coz if winner is romil then you will say oh he was your fav lol # anyways nobody cares for anybody here but still GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL is going good and strong in the show # But i feel @ AROHI had mutuall respect for buzzers here ))-just like GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL he is the love u zindagi type man living it to the fullest just like kv :))-

    1. @airplanes..

      Bhai/behen… I think u r talking about urself..

      Bhai paise thode hi mil rahe h kisi contestant se accha bolne k liye..

      Aur rahi baat apke romil love ki.. Toh i dont care he will win or it clearly looks like finalists are pre planned. Romil n surbhi toh mere fav. Kabhi hone nhi wale..

      Aur haan mera fav. End tak nhi hi hoga cz me andh bhakt nhi ho sakti zabardasti ka apki tarah..
      I watch this show for entertainment my choices will be change till the end as i dont found anyone worthy..

      And u found romil the super worthy..

      Bdw, how m7ch u care about my choices… πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

      Matlab kitni padi h bande/bandi ko meri choices ki.. 🀣 πŸ˜‚

      1. Hey
        I really like your comments 😁
        Nd the way u reply @airplanes πŸ‘ the best .
        I think @airplanes ..always want to do gungaan of #romil…
        She loves romil itna ki vo baakiyo p chdne lagti h unke favorite contestants ko leke πŸ˜‚
        Sabka apna personal choice h …jise pasand krna h kro …but she didn’t understand 🀯.
        But i know romil is not going to win for sure ….
        Now @airplane start … fighting about this 😬😬

      2. @Xyz, sandeep… πŸ€—

    2. And bdw, this is the best joke that u found fav. One in this season.. Like really… πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    3. Golden hearted romil… 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚

      Kv nhi dikh raha kya πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

      Who can say romil golden hearted infront of kv.. 🀣

      1. Totally agree with you …jo romil ne. Kiya tha somi k liye agr koi or krta to sab volte mahaan baane k liye kiya …nd jab romil ne kiya to he became golden hearted man instead of mahaan ..πŸ˜‚ shows the double standard 😁

    4. @airplane…
      And as u said.. As idont have fav. So who cares whom i want to be winner..

      This is my point dear.. Then y u really care about my comments.. Or someone else comments?

      I dont think so me, aarohi, anu came to chanfe ur likeness.. But u r the one who was trying hard to change our views and fav. One.. 🀣

    5. @Airplane dude…I truly respect your are Romil fan and that’s allright…but why are you targeting ppl for not liking Romil…trust me there is more to life than Bb and attacking ppl on personal level for sharing their thoughts and critique…if you dont like what someone says about your favourite contender then just move on…and so far nothing has been done by romil to prove him golden hearted..apne aap khitab bna ke diye ja rhe ho bhai…agar bb partial nhi hota to bhai apka romil to pehle 3 hafton main furrr ho gya tha…to yeh hero nahi hai…bb ke khairaat pe tika Hua hai ab tak…

      1. Exactly ,
        From the day she starts targeting people for not liking romil ..
        I to start targeting romil πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
        Just joking πŸ˜‚
        She / he is so obsessed with romil
        Nd even bigboss k according happy club unka saga beta h or celebrity unke sautele bete h πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      2. @Sandeep
        Exactly my points. This airplane is male chauvinist. Banda h for sure. He s too much into women bashing. Very distasteful comments. Till now, all the commenters on this thread. Share their opinions n dnt fight (till many seasons). But smhow this person is actually makin others nauseatic by making personal comments and digs. He has forgotten that bb house me nahi h hum log.
        Sudhar jao bhai.

  9. And salman was asking why sree didn’t save deepak :/ he is the biggest asteen ka sanp aur ye Jo romil choda hoke ghum ra hai na just BC he’s pampered on every weekend ka waar ye bahar aye tab pata chaley ga iski kya okaat thi public mein

    1. @jagannath..

      Ur comment seriously made me laugh.. 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 🀣
      Nice oneπŸ‘Œ

  10. sure jagga jassos nath is on eno diet lol # talking like sree # bahar aaye to pta chale….. all poor stufs lol # ppl here supporting fixers here hahaha # the man who is not loyal to his game preaching honesty in BB # haters of GOLDEN HEART ROMIL move a side WINNER IS GOING GREAT AND BEST :))-

  11. Shrishty is really loving the attention from this rohit love angle or she wouldn’t have backbite deepika instead of putting rohit in his place

  12. without ROMIL this season of BB would have been dull, he is like a warrior who is valiantly fighting it out with all the cunning competitors # he is MANVEER GUJJAR of season 12 , get going GOLDEN HEART ROMIL just keep giving your best in the show ,all the best play the way you are and shut up all your enemies here lol:p

  13. For me Sree is a winning material. He has shown his all true colors in house. Anger, masti, brotherhood, family and he always calls women in the house with a… Ji except for surbhi. I think it’s because she does give him respect in any ways.

    Dipika was good too, but not a winning material for sure now.

    1. @Anu..
      Sry to differ u here..

      Kv and deepika could be winning material..
      But they really affraid of to being targeted..
      As u can see first week se hi kisi ki performance judge nhi hoti.. Kv and dpka first week m sabse zyada dikhe they but in each n every wkw salman was bashing kv and making fun of his look his dressing sense his judgement.. His everything..

      Same thing happened to dpka.. They are trying to be in good books of salman that’s y they both are loosing their focus..
      Ye log individual personality ko bahar nhi lana chahta.. They are so confused.. Cz bohot baar sahi karne k baad bhi ye log wrong declare ho jate h.

      Is situation m bnda sirf aur sirf demotivate hoga..
      And yes only is season k liye sree ko winning material bol sakte h.. Cz is season m aur koi kuch kar hi nhi raha h..
      Happy club jo kar raha h usse better toh sree hi h..
      And dpka kv are too confused..
      Look at kv’s exoressions sometimes when he stuck in a situation.. Uska confidence 0 hota h

      1. @XYZ as you have agreed by the end of comment sree is a winning material and I have already said Deepika is not a winning material NOW.

      2. @XYZ First week mein KV kab dikha? Wo jo dikh raha hai abhi hi dikh raha hai and I hope dikhe. DPKA still is playing and is strong but she has been bad in sanchalan and task from beginning. She herself confessed that she was confused in last sanchalan and she agreed to it b4 WKV. But still she manages. KV has been bullied in last two weekend badly but the thing is have they never faced such people ever in life. The only thing which is preventing these two players, particularly KV is that they are image cautious. KV gave that expression on stage itself when he had to face toap ki salami though other faced it too. KV needs to open up. Waise ye shrishty ka kya hai bhai, why is she behaving like teenager. Pasand nai attention ladke ki to ignore him, ek hi baat ko lekar kitna dikhegi. Kya dikh raha hai jaise uska BF jalad ho ya stupid teenager bahar aate maar dalega ushe.
        Pichle season 2 chipku couple thea to BB ko problem thi ab nai hai to zabardasti ka angle dhund rahe.

      3. @Hope..
        in first week only kv and dpka tried to sort out things btwn others and even all the housemates go to kv when they needed them..

        in first week only dpka and kv was the strong personalities…
        dpka was the who looked like captain of the house at that time…after wkw kv started to talk less as whatever he do all blame him..

        so he choose to remains quiet for sometime

        and as u said .. yes.. he was looking nowhere after first week and now he is doing much better..

      4. @Hope..

        Liked ur comment.. as evrything u wrote is true…

  14. Surbhi rana the hippo-crite

    Surbhi took opinion about sree from kV πŸ˜€ is she blind they both have been fighting he punished sree two times out of grudge sree then abused him how is he gonna give genuine opinion? And if sree had nominated her instead she would be all on him shrieking about his insaaniyat and all she’s a hypocrite

  15. lol u keep on criticising romil # lady #lol andh bhakth and that too hatered bhakti towards romil lol on u really for saying that u don’t find anyone worthy hahahah and don’t feel so much important dear once GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL WINS u will have to accept it :p # by the way keep laughing coz its good for health rather than seeing crocodile tears of kakar hahahah LOL LOL LOL

    1. @Airplanes tum apni bakwass band karo koi baat nahi karta phir bhi bakwaas karti rehti he or romil koi mahaan nahi he good books me aane ke liye drama kiya fake insaan

  16. If everything that happened today has happened last year it would’ve been biggest comedic scene of the show these people are spoil sports and doesn’t know how to take things lightly

  17. Whosoever are fighting here ppl remember jo bhi jitea koi hum mein se kishi ko ek rupee tak nai de kar jane wala aur winner ke life mein bhi ek khatron ke khiladi ka offer hi next aana hai, so chill. May the best player win and agar scripted bhi hai to bus viewers kly interesting or so obvious na rahe bus……………apna kaam khatam. Nut shell mein bus itna hi ki laro mat.

    1. None is fighting, someone is just so frustrated!

  18. Wow KV actually reason Diya ki Sree per day earn karne kly hai, grace period chal Raha hai. Aur loag Bolte hai ki KV ko game samajh nai aata.
    KV bhi isly kuch nai karta jyada ki uske bhi payment Puri ho rahi.

  19. GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL has been doing consistently well while others have ups and downs # ppl here are supporting sree lol hahaha # that is overhyped

  20. In upcoming edisodes sree nd kv became friends again .. actually i heard this in a newss that they became friends again 😁

  21. @ shabnam : chill ,no need to be hyper # GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL will play well and you will see him making more progress in the show day by day # if u have got problems then lol on u :p# till then enjoy’s KAKAR’S crocodile tears lol

  22. I don’t understand how people can be selfish and not tell the truth .I really pray God never gives me the heart to side with the wrong when i can see clearly what d truth is.I’m referring to shilpa shinde She just says crap and everyone knows n can see and I bet we take a poll,it will be proven how insulting n biased this show is towards KVB.I salute Teejay for her patience n her calmness n really feel how hurt she is to always see ur hubby being rediculed every weekend .and shilpa is out to defense salman .well I expected that since she is his fav n to his family too .but guys ,how blind can one be .I just hate negative people and she’s an epitome of negativity .see how she talks that vikas is using priyank for TRP of his flop show.that’s so unlike a winner .she just luks cheap to me .that’s why I like hina .hina is much better any day any time .she doesn’t cling on to d past nor spread negativity .its high time shilpa grows up n behave like a winner .And KVB is the most patient n calm guy I have seen in a long time.hes too gud for big boss.I have noticed whatever shilpa says is negative or attack .what crap .vikas was never my fav but I respect him coz he never stooped to her level to date .I really hope the makers stop this nonsense of ridiculing KVB. Its not funny n he’s been pushed to d wall .He deserves respect.coz he’s worthy of it.I really salute Teejay .what double it wrong to be gud?anytime KVB does something gud ,its used against him but others can do n go scot free .worst season .it luks so scripted.I have lost interest in d show.U will always be a winner KVB whether u win big boss or not.

  23. @sana.
    Agreeed to ur above comments. Sab drama h loser club ka. They dnt deserve the attention they are getting. Hate them

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