Bigg Boss 12 11th November 2018 Written Episode Update: No Elimination Week

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Bigg Boss 12 11th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Special
Salman says to inmates tha Bigg Boss is on vacations so you will have to do what I say, I am Bigg Boss for a day. All inmates laugh. Salman asks them to dance on fast motion. They all start dancing funnily. Sree dances with Shiv. Salman laughs as they dance on baby ko bass pasand hai. Salman continues with his quirky orders, telling Karanvir and Shivashish to make the Bigg Boss eye on the floor. He then orders Somi to wax Deepak’s arm. Deepak is stunned. She does his wax and he screams. Deepak says its a sweet pain. Salman asks to wax his thighs too. All laugh. He asks all to dance like nagins. The housemates do the Naagin dance on dil mera. Salman asks Shiv to dance alone, he does. All dance at his silly moves. Salman says Sree and Shiv put all gym weights in store

room. They do. Salman says to Jasleen to put her make up in store room. Jasleen is ordered to store her make-up in the storeroom. Recalling her previous situation with Anup Jalota, housemates burst into fits of laughter. Salman later tells Jasleen to go back and give boxes of clothes to Deepak. The Bigg Boss of the day tells Deepak to dress up into something good as it would have an affect during this week’s eviction. Deepak thanks him.

On stage, Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Preity gave a task to inmates, lets see what happened. Preity announces the rules of the task. The winner gets immunity from next week’s eviction. The first group, which includes Jasleen, Megha, Dipika, Srishty , Shivashish and Rohit, try their best to impress the actress. Jasleen and Srishty play the main female leads in the romantic scene, which Dipika is the narrator. Jasleen dances on yeh mera dil. Shiv and Sristy are dating, Shiv flirts with Jasleen so Sristy gets angry. Then Rohit enters, he is about to kiss her hand but Sristy moves away. Shiv and Sristy fights over Rohit. Shiv leaves with Jasleen. Rohit and Sristy dances on sooraj hua madham.. all clap for them.
Team 2 comes stage, Deepak and Sreesanth start off the scene, with the former serenading the audience. Somi plays Deepak’s love interest in the drama. Deepak says to Romil that I like her. Romil says one sided love is strong, take help from Sree. Somi says to Surbhi that I feel uncomfortable around Deepak. Surbhi acts like Sree’s sister, Surbhi says Deepak makes Somi uncomfortable. Sree shouts and fights with Romil and Deepak. Sree and Romil falls down and roll around. Sreesanth, with his witty dialogues, gets the audience laughing. Romil and Sree are seen sharing a romantic moment for the skit.
Preity loves Jasleen’s style and loved Sreesanth’s attitude in the skit, it was current topic. Group two (Sree’s team) wins the task and earns an opportunity to compete for immunity.

Sree is in washroom and crying as he remembers Preity being a part of his IPL team. Shiv consoles him.

On stage, Salman says Romil’s team won and they will get a chance to be saved. Salman connects call to house and congratulates them. Salman explains the rules of earning immunity. To win the task, the housemates have to give a value to medallion anything from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The one who has the highest, most unique figure will get the immunity medallion. But there is a catch! The figure that the winner has written, that amount will be deducted from the final prize money. They all put down their prices. Sree has put price 499,999, Deepak has pust price 444,444. Somi has put 498,750. Surbhi has put 2lacs. Romil has put 5lacs. Salman says highest bid is of Romil and gains immunity from next week’s evictions. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says Deepak told his wish that his vilage is small and he is not sure if his people are watching him on TV so we went there to check it. They watch TV together, his mother sings for him. His grandmother cries and says he has made us proud. Salman connects with Deepak’s family and talks about how they recently got electricity in their village. Salman asks if they Deepak will win? They say we are confident. Deepak’s sister reveals that even though she could not talk to her brother, she has got the opportunity to talk to the host, who is like her brother. Salman ends call.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says you are from village where electricity came just now, I talked to your family, I told her to not worry about you, dont worry they are watching you. Deepak thanks him. Salman says they asked you to keep away from Somi, all laugh. Salman says all are proud to see you here. Deepak is in tears. Salman jokes with him. Salman says Sree and KV are coming in Sultani ring.

The Sultani Akhada begins! Karanvir and Sreesanth are called out on the ground. The first round consists of talking about each other’s faults. Karanvir calls Sreesanth untrustworthy, to which the latter defends himself by saying that if he was trustworthy, he would not be part of International cricket. KV says he dislike people, he eats away relation. KV says he might be a good player but very bad person. Sree says this round was about telling how you are better than me but you yourself said I am better. Salman laughs. KV also laughs. Salman says it was about who is better in show and you called him better. Only Sristy votes for KV. All vote for Sree except Sristy. Round two consists of who can push the opponent on his back. Sree pushes him down in first round. They start second round, Sree says he is injured. KV says I am fine, fight. Sree pushes him down and wins. Sreesanth also wins rounds two, winning the Sultani Akhada. Salman gives him meddle.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman announces that Romil is safe. But he has a little surprise in store for the housemate for his touching gesture towards Somi, earlier this week. The show proceeds to screen videos of Romil’s eight-month-old son. He is then greeted by his wife and child. Romil sees his wife and child in confession room. He runs there and meets his wife. He takes his baby and asks his wife if she is fine? he says baby has grown. Romil brings his baby in house. All inmates are excited to see him. Baby cries. Romil takes him back to his wife, wife asks him to take care and leaves.

On stage, Salman connects call again. The host announces that Deepak is safe. Surbhi gives a heartfelt dedication to her friends. Salman reveals that Surbhi is safe, and calls Somi out. Surbhi begs him to cancel this week’s evictions. Surbhi says you have power, please cancel it. Salman asks Surbhi to come instead of her, Surbhi says no. Salman reveals that, like every year, there will be no evictions in celebration of Diwali. The Happy Club celebrate being safe and most importantly, together.
Bigg Boss asks KV to choose who he will send to jail. Karanvir nominates Sreesanth, Deepak and Rohit for the Kaalkothri. Sreesanth is furious and believes that Surbhi should be in jail instead of him and refuses to go in. He calls this an act of revenge. He leaves from garden. Sree says to Rohit that I am not going. Bigg Boss asks them to go in jail. Sree says I am injured, I told him that I dont want to beat him but he wanted to be beaten.

KV asks Sree to go in jail. Sree says I am not going. KV says its your call. Sree says I am not going. KV says you took my name too, its Bigg Boss’s orders. KV says he is not listening Bigg Boss. Sree says I left task on my own. KV says you cursed Deepak too. Sree says I didnt curse him, I called him ***. KV says we know what you are calling him. Karanvir and Sreesanth get into a fight.
Sristy says to Shiv that I dont trust Sree.
Romil says to Sree that if you become captain then I will not go then what can you do?
Sristy says to Shiv that Sree says things to people who love him.
Dipika says to KV that a lot of people destroyed peace, I dont find your reason right. Somi says Sree always go to jail so he might be angry that he is chosen everytime.

Later, Sree goes to jail. Rohit says to KV what is this? Deepak asks Somi to take care. Somi asks him to remain in jail. Rohit goes in jail too.
Sreesanth removes Megha’s name off the jail walls, to which the latter questions it. Sreesanth mentions that it was his wish. Megha tears up. Surbhi comes to comfort her, telling her that it is nothing to cry about. Sree makes elephant of Megha’s name. Rohit says she felt bad. Sree says Megha have decided to cry from today.

PRECAP- Deepak says to Somi that its a situation where one of us can be saved only. Somi says friendship one side and game is different from it. Two inmates have to sit on bike and one will have to get down and get nominated. Sree and Surbhi sits on bike, Surbhi says I want to be saved, he says me too. Megha and Dipika are on bike, Dipika says I dont want to go home so soon. Jasleen and Sristy are on bike, Jasleen says I am not giving up. Shiv and Rohit are on bike, Rohit says I want another chance, Shiv says you dont get another chance here. Sree says Bigg Boss is legend.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. No nomination ! What a heck seriously, from today i am not going to watch the show

  2. Shit boss, saved happy club in nbthe name of Diwali but celebrated Diwali last week, gave immunity to romil, praised him for romi matter if it was kv or dipika,tease them for being mahan

  3. Wow…. What a wonderful episode…. By the way who write the script of bigg boss? It is well scripted… It cannot be better than this….. It is awesome….fab…. Gr8 work salman and the bigg boss script writers…..
    ?Bigg boss team rules….
    1) Whatever mistakes happy club does or whatever they says is to be avoided..
    2) if happy club is nominated then there won’t be eviction that week…
    3) everything happy club does are always taken as their strategy….
    4) Salman should make fun of kv every weekend…. And point out what ever he does as wrong…
    5) if happy club did any sacrifice then it should be appreciated and if anyone other does then he/she should be scolded….
    6) Bigg boss are meant to put sanchalak bad if he/she is not from happy club.

  4. Worst show ever… Everything is in favour of Romil and happy club only… If Romil does sacrifice, he is tagged mahaan. If KV tries to be mahaan, he is sent to jail and nominated.. Romil gets shield to be safe from nomination as his team was already finalised to be winner by Preity Zinta inspite of bad acting by Somi and Survi.. Tbh I found Team B performance much better than Team A..
    Coming to Sultani Akhada, all housemates’ show their true colours again by not supporting KV. Shreeshant nominated all happy club but then all of them voted for shreeshant.. Salman said “pata chal Raha hai kaun rishta nibha Raha hai” is Ghar me Gali galoch deke, HMs ko nominate karke rishta banaya jaata hai .. Totally disheartened watching today’s episode..

  5. Why can’t they give bb trophy to romil directly noe instead of waiting for finale

    1. @Neha,,


  6. Mujhe pata tha aisa hi hone wala hai no elimination kyun k bigboss k chaheete jo nominate hue the ab happy club aur bhi zyada nachenge aur tane dete phirenge tum login ne hum ko nominate kya laikin hum log Bach gaye blahblah, yeh surbhi aur somi to too much…. I hope nxt week hc mai se Koi ek eliminate hojaye

    1. @Maleeha..
      wo bache nhi bachaye gaye h ..

      aur ye sab natak .. happy club k all members to nomination m dalna and fir eviction cancel karan ye sab unko aur zyada sir chada k remaining contestants ki band bajwa k trp gain karna h..

  7. This is my last comment here today. :’) I have nothing left for this show. Bigg Boss is scripted, biased and fake. Salman Khan is the dumbest, the worst judge and the skillfully biased host. His laugh irritates me. His dressing sense brings the shit out of me. Yet, he makes fun of others. What happened in Sultani Akhada – I felt to slap him. Let him RIP.
    I won’t watch the show from tomorrow . I know KV won’t win, even if he doesn’t deserve, Salman will kill Shiv’s and KV’s soul by slow poisoning. If possible , make the best win (if Deepika stays, please guys make her the winner) who cares?! ? ..Leave it.. they have already chosen a winner. I posted on twitter devaluing Bigg Boss, but I know it won’t draw any attention ! So, finally the hypocritical powers of BB to immunise Romil, save Somi and Preity Zinta’s planned choice of making such a shitty f**king act the winner – worked! Slow claps.

    1. @Arohi
      Same feelings dear…Salman ok pakr ke do thapar lgane ka dil kar rha hai…now bb Salman and their dear happy club can all go to hell and rest in peace…I so f**kingly hate this show now

      1. @Sandeep , It kills u from inside to see Salman laugh forcefully n unnecessarily for something not really funny !

      2. Truee , it was a fake laugh from Biased host to create impression in other HM’s mind that Sree is smarter than KV… KV is so humble and Salman couldnt yet kill his spiris even after host and BB were trying since starting of the show..!
        ???? To KV only..
        Whatever situations , KV tries… Not giving up like match fixer.. Sree is a loser!!!
        Ac to him jail reminds of his past… After the show he will say “it was his strategy to not send him to jail..”
        Anyway this show can be won by bullying and instigating …. No need of performing tasks… We have an example from previous season too..
        I too stop watching it , will check telly updates and comments only today onwards.. Romil is the fixed winner ,he was instructed well before entering as wild card.. sree will b first or second runner up.

      3. KV is very innocent and I think he is not made for a garbage show like BB…he shouldn’t have come…too good for all these fakers..and he was right…sree may advance in the show by using relations but it’s not a good quality in real life…what was so funny about it…when same point was made by surbhi on deepika that she fakes her relationships and uses them per situation same Salman had clapped for her…and on a similar comment by kv how he ridiculed not done Salman…it shows you are licking bb talve for money…

    2. agree with you.. salman laughing was so demotivating for a deserving contestant.. I could feel KV was really sad but was smiling from outside..

    3. @Aarohi…

      same views…
      bdw feeling really happy to see u talking against happy club..

      1. I am not against happy club. I like Romil to some extent. But I can’t like Salman Khan for doing what he does. May the best person get the attention .
        When I felt Deepika was right, I told that. When I felt KV was underrated by BB, I told that. I even appreciated Surbhi for her frankness, Romil’s move was emotional too. The show must take everyone’s good side. If you are insulting someone day after day, his/her self esteem gets totally shattered. Be just to your decisions – this is what I wanted to tell Salman Khan.

      2. @Aarohi..

        yeah i know u are not against of happy club even u liked them in comparison of remaining contestants as i read ur previous comments..

        #my response was only for ur today’s comment..

  8. No elimination??????? What the hell yaar???????

  9. No elimination this is really biased.

  10. just happy to see romil show today all the way # immunity and family meeting with wife and cutie pie oj # karma returns its favour # awesome scenes # loved it heartfully :))-

  11. Rohit is looking worse than that puneech was, he lied to srishty and that dumbo believed it and ruined her friendship with sree 🙁 their brotherly sisterly bond looked more genuine than him and deepika even if I forget how she planned on manipulating sree she still seem to be more caring, moreover I honestly fear that her talking crap about sree and then kV also doing the same thing to shiv gonna ruin shiv and sree friendship as well besides I’m noticing rohit is only doing chugalkhoris with things concerning sree…today they saved romil tomorrow they’ll save rest of happy club by pairing accordingly to their agenda smh i just hate this season i wish sree had never came they ruined a good television by putting him with these people

  12. that cringe overload was IMMUNITY TASK?LOL if you wanna rig the show bb do it in creative way at least na I won’t deny I liked team b skit better cause it was humorous and not over the top acting and filmsy but what came next was laughable bidding highest number must be the stupidest task in whole damn series and for freaking immunity as well for which contestants used to really struggle to achieve it in previous season, I guess they gave it after keeping this season *mastermind* capability in mind smh I’m finding this rohit guy really annoying it looks like his only purpose is to counter shree in anyway possible

  13. Yuk, I feel like vomiting. I don’t watch indian serials for its rubbish story lines. Thought I’d give Big Boss 12 a try. What a waste of time! Let me go watch a good movie or series instead.

  14. Feeling bad for kv , salman always insulted him , don’t know why he laugh , but it shown on his face clearly that he is not liking , nd it quite obvious no one likes to get insulted , its high time he should take stamd for himself nd clearly bolde salman ko its not funny , nd seriously salman kitna fake hasta h , mtlb jabarjasti hasi aati nhi ho bhi khe khe khe krta h ?
    Chutiya ?
    Khud ka dressing sense dekha h … Kapde to ab pehne chalu kre h pehle to aadha nanga rehta h … I just hate salma , not becz of his looks or dressing sens ?
    Becz of his partiality which he does on weekends … Happy club k member ko addopt kyu nhi kr leta ye or bigboss , khelte kro aapas m or saaf dikh rha h kitne partial ho rhe h ye
    Is week koi power nhi dege kv ko … For a captain … It is not fair becz saare captain ko koi na koi power mili h ….
    Somi kya kr rhi h kya entertain keti h ye sirf make up ki krti h na
    Romil konsa entertain krta h
    Surbhi kya krti h ,… Ohh srry sabse jada to vo hi entertain krti h gaaliyo jo deti h nayi nayi
    Nd kv n sree ko bheja jail bhut sahi ?
    Vo insaan jail k bahar rehne layak hi nhi h pure show k liye fix kr do
    Har baat p cricket lata samjho koi inko jo kaand kiye h na .. uspe parda na daalo apna cricket prem dikha k
    Sultani akhade m bhi m derserving hu ghanta …srry boss aap deresving nhi bhagode ho ..
    Kv vhi kam gadha nhi h he shows his dumbness today
    In shot
    Bigboss 12 is a flop show

    Nd sree k liye alag se becz m usse celebrity consider hi nhi krti
    Nd ye jo preeti zinda inki team ko winner bana k gyi h vo islua kyu ki sreee isi pgl ki team m tha ? jiske baad ..unke Cricket p ghrahan lag gaya lol
    So for sree ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. Flop show

  16. unn ecessary hatered towards romil here # the man is genuiene and these fools here demean him as if it is their last wish lol on them # have seen this stupid #AROHI -such a kiddish girl she is crying like a kid that she will not watch it lol the very next day we will find her comments # typical foolish girls which don’t know how to approach the show as audiences !!!! #ppl crying to make that kakadi dipika winner forget it losers either sree kv or romil gonna win get it straight

    1. Bro, are u Salman Khan or Surbhi’s brother ? ? Why d’ya remain always frustrated on others’ opinions ? ? Or are you one of the BB makers ?

    2. ???
      Audience are fool lol? tabhi trp nhi aa rhi
      Bakwaaas show ,. …nd yes romil bhi maha bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas h
      Kya entertain krta h , kya mind game khelta h ?
      Nd don’t call anybody foolish here , sabka apna poibt of view h So plzzzzz
      #Aarohi ?
      #Airplanes ?????

    3. Heloo Air,
      It’s not jus one person’s opinion , many r feeling same… What’s wrong if we can’t find any great move or good heart in Romil jus like you see?? R u gonna call all of us stupids?? That doesn’t make us stupids..
      Previous season no Shilpa fans admitted BB’ s favourism towards her… This time Romil /happy club fans r also not admitting it , instead they’r trying hard to hide the partiality and stating Romil is mastermind which he is not!!

    4. @Aarohi,anu,ezra…?

  17. I’m also fed up with all d bias n insults on kV .its really not funny .hate it when salman was laughing profusely. And I don’t see anything so funny ,kV was right,shree might be a better player but not a gud human being .kV is too gud for big boss .he’s not scheming nor playing mind games he’s just himself n I salute his patience .he’s very sporting .he’s never taken all salman’s insults to heart but salman shld stop it.its really ridiculing n demeaning of him to keep targeting kV all d time .he’s been on him right from day one.hate this show now.and what hypocrisy ,only shrishty voted for kV.I respect her .I said it ,this season is all n centered on shree n the inmates are hypocrites .more respect to u kV .

  18. Wow!!!!! What an episode ??????????
    Awesome! Love you Salman ❤️
    Love Big Boss❤️ I love Happy Club ????
    Well played! KV is also a very good human being!
    Well done Mastermind Romil???? The baby is too cute!

  19. If there wasn’t an elimination this week ,then why wasn’t there a notification regarding closed voting lines in the earlier episodes. Seems like it was Salman’s call, not Bigg boss’.

    1. @Avi..

      it was very clear .. agar urvashi ka time eviction cancel nhi hua toh happy club k time zarur cancel hoga… cz makers wants to keep happy club..

  20. First of all yes Salman insults KV at times but in akhada KV in a way confessed that Sree is better and when Sree pointed him for the same it was funny. Diwali mein no elimination har saal hota hai, immunity and that lowest or highest bid har saal hota hai, no big deal. Elimination nai hona wo ishe season m bhi pehle hua hai so for me it’s ok. And Diwali ka khana ishe week bheja Gaya and call from family to that too is ok. Matlab extend to karna parega Diwali as there is nothing much in show.
    Next ki mahanta HC karea to being appreciated or else not, I differ here. Firstly Romil was also punished when he did mahanta for jail thing I think. As mahanta in jail or nomination thing means you don’t want to be in bad books and want to play safe. Yahan mahanta festival m dikhaya Gaya and festival is meant to give away and distribute love. It was not to save yourself from coming in bad books of others and here it counts as that was not in option but Romil thought of it.
    Thing I didn’t like was when KV sent Sree to jail Dipika told ye galat hai. Why galat hai, ek reason that Sree gave to nominate Deepak yesterday was ki ye mere ko nominate Kiya tha to same reason KV kyun nai de sakta along with other reasons that he gave. Dipika ko ye galat laga kyunki Kal KV ne uska naam le liya and same last week Sree ka galat decision tha Dipika kly bcoz she was not supporting Sree. She should forgive KV for yesterday as KV ko to khud pata nai chalta Banda kab khud bol deta hai ki haan main captaincy game m Socha main haar Gaya ya ki I am weak against Sree:)

    1. Hope,
      Kv said sree may b good for show (bcs of his tantrums which gives trp for makers)…
      But KV didn’t say sree is better than Kv anyday..
      Salman didn’t give chance to Kv to say it ,when he was abt clear the misunderstanding…
      what a fake laugh by sallu!!!
      Only thing Salman is doing with KV is insulting him!

      1. I agree that Salman doesn’t behave right to KV but KV told that Sree is good for show. Bhai udhar show kly hi gaya hai. Akhade mein show kly acha kaun wahi batana tha. He has to prove that he can be humble and yet good for the show like Vikas last season did.
        KV can’t be such naive in real life, given the industry he is working in. He may be a good person, deep down most of people are not bad in this world but being innocent and being fool mein thoda sa farak hai.
        And the moment he told Dipika in wo jo bhi captaincy task tha, ki dabedari kly make Shrishty feel important to let her use your ticket…. smart move but that proved ki wo itna bhi naive nai hai. It’s my opinion but if he is in BB to BB samajh kar khelo satsang bahar ja kar karna . Colors channel hai Astha channel nai. Format pata hai KV ko BB ka. Dignified bhi wahan Dipika wagera khel rahe hai but they don’t behave so innocent. If I compare Shiv and KV definitely shiv is more innocent and uska bhi majak banta hai but banda khelta hai and without any support. KV on the other hand needs Shrishty, Dipika or Sree. I know there are many KV fans….I am not KV, Sree, Dipika or anyones fan. Jo jish din acha khele I will say khela.
        Last season I liked Shilpa for a while but uska drama last m merely jyada ho gaya tha. I support KV on sending Sree jail and hope he maintains what he started, playing.

  21. Shitty show. Flop. Fully scripted. Diwali k baad no elimination week. Well expected. Who will vomit around with words na, if they take out loosers. Shit seems to be the new USP
    Few ppl are abusing others on this forum as if unki kidney Chura li ho. Bhai airplane arohi roye ya hase. Tum kyon itna dhyan se rahe ho. Woh toh bb house me h jo bhai uske peeche pad gye

    1. @Indian..

      Nice one.. ?

  22. Hope,
    Kv said sree may b good for show (bcs of his tantrums which gives trp for makers)…
    But KV didn’t say sree is better than Kv anyday..
    Salman didn’t give chance to Kv to say it ,when he was abt clear the misunderstanding…
    what a fake laugh by sallu!!!
    Only thing Salman is doing with KV is insulting him!

  23. @Aarohi,Indian, Neha,sandeep,frutee, maleeha,faty,anonymous,jap,pam,jagannath,veena,Lisa,anu,jagannath,avi,jengajenga..

    agreed to u all guys..

    jaisa socha tha exactly wahin hua ..
    i think diwli week urvashi k time pe tha… agar fair hona tha aur no elimination week celebrate karna hi tha toh urvashi k time kar lete..

    mne end tak soch k rakha hua tha ….nah.. abhi zyada khush nhi hona happy club k nominate hone pe jab tak koi out na ho jaye..

    when romil came back again… it was well clear romil will be in top 3 or may be winner just to justify the theme… again celebrity ko winner nhi bana sakte…

    koi 5 yr ka baccha bhi dekh k bata sakta h ki show kitna biased h..

    1. @XYZ
      Totally agree to your point…no elimination should have been done last week…these are the heights of hypocrisy…and now happy club propaganda is in full swing…deepaks village videos romil special is trying to lure viewers by these dramas..I’m sure noone votes for these 4 losers so bb is using these tactics so next time these losers get nominated they dont have to cancel eliminations hence garner votes for them by throwing sympathy card…sorry but I dont feel any person from happy club is genuine so not a chance…also I want them to put happy club members opposite to one another the I would want to see their unity…why always divide celebrities and rule…if bb can sare then divide these pillas of him and see how they murder each other for immunity

  24. lol these girls,oh man really getting over the moon for hating romil and loving sree # whatever happens with kv is sad he is being demotivated but these kiddish girls are really going gaga over dipika’s waterfall of tears lol# srishty is using rohit for limelight oh im committed to manish all fake drama and that rohit he is more dumb than luv tyagi last season hahahah # ANU – chill and stop hating romil , i know you girls like romance in the air and thinking that srishty and rohit will give you DDLJ content lol# entertainment is given by romil also he is a man of golden heart # karma returns its favour to romil # first oja meeting and then immunity medallion # till next time all romil haters keep crying lol

    1. @Airplanes hey
      Muje romil se koi prblm nhi h …. Nd na hi muje sree ya shristi pasand h , nd y u re saying that u girls love only romance nd all
      Its not about rommance , i just put my point of view … That i don’t find entertaining what romil does … Nd i appreciate his move of giving his chance to somi that shows he has a good heart , … Personally i don’t like the whole show ..nd the favouring done by makers on happt club members … Nd i have bo prblm with u too ? …… I just said what comes in mind its nothing to do with u nd romil ??

  25. seeing the present scenario, i feel kv will be eliminated just like hiten in last season # going with audience votes # sree dipika srishty and romil will be finalists # rest all will be evicted via nominations # besides cunning dipika ,fox sree and mastermind romil all will fall apart in the upcoming week # now BB story will follow around sree romil dipika karanvir and rest all will do circus # srishty is just image concious if you don’t like rohit’s linking to u then give him clear message again and again and that dumbo rohit you will be out soon this is not “pahredarr piya ki” out of trp show lol

  26. hahaha lol seems like @ANU is die heart fan of hina # always making comments like her stupid expressions in the show last season # dear don’t talk to the walls :p

    1. First of all
      I m not hina’s fan ….
      Nd we all know that romil is not going to win ? so why such long discussion
      Nd i never point on your opinion so plzzz just mind your own business ,
      Eveyone is here to comment on the contestants whom they like
      Nd i m doing the same … I think u have problem like jo bhi romil k liye kuch bolega aap unke against ho .lol???
      Nd i don’t care …. I will call romil not entertainer ???
      On your face ??

  27. hahahhaa its really LOL # just as in bigg boss house ppl follow herd and make their opinions same tradition is going here # biased viewers wanted their dear teary eyed dramebazz dipika kakar ibrahim as winner lol sree’s fans will not sit quiet too lol # agreement is like a dessert here # all are sharing agreements like its some temple’s prasad # lol lol lol # ROFL

  28. is season m koi commner famous nhi hua hai tohbigg boss romil ko famous krna chahte hai jb mall task hoga toh 1 commner or 1 celeb hi jaiga toh romil ko famous kia ja rha hai ,,, yhi deepika mahan kam krti ya kv toh salman kehta mahan kyu bane ho lekin romil ne kia h toh bhot acha bola ja rha hai logo k dilo m jagah ban jai romil ki ,,,,,

  29. More or less I agreed with all of you people .
    And @Mr. OR @Miss OR @Mrs. Aeroplane ,
    I do not hate Romil. I do like Romil. I like Surbhi, too. Even I didn’t find any problem with Deepak. But the thing is, Somi got least votes. Accordingly, she should have left. Okay, let’s say, BB cancelled one eviction .
    Then comes those two romantic acts. Srishti-Rohit-Jassu-Shiv were too good in their act, they played their roles beautifully without hurting anyone’s emotions .
    Whereas, Romil’s team’s act was totally nuisance where they just tried to insult Deepika for being a person who she isn’t !
    And u know what? That showed class ! That showed who is the actual winner and who is the frustrated boiling anda ! Acts are for entertainment , not for insulting .
    That’s where it went FAKE BIASED and SCRIPTED BB ! Preity Zinta had no wish to make them winner, but still, she did ! Koi maza nahi aya to watch such a bad act. Thus, it was UNFAIR.
    Next, Sultani Akhada ! Lol ! Salman’s laugh was so forceful , irritating , shitty and just like a dumbo who can’t sing, dance, act or have any dressing sense – still needs to laugh wala laugh ! This was BIASED. He came to support people who were against KV. I literally feel KV might was the witness while he killed the blackbuck or when brought actors via nepotism or ran the car on footpath ! Why is he so frustrated with KV ? that was UNFAIR.

    1. Bigg boss team was fooling us all surbhi was the one who got least votes not somi in fact a reviewer who has been giving factual info shared she got least from any contestant has ever got this season but they saved her from embarrassment like they usually have been doing whenever it comes to her, she certainly has come with different contract maybe her clause says that she’ll cross all limits and spread as much filth as possible and give them trp but only if they don’t say anything to her

      1. @Tala
        I think so too…surbhi is a special case…

    2. @Arohi
      I agree with you…romil team act was so fake yet we knew frm Saturday they are the winners…and why they kept more ppl in team A…cuz they knew who they want to be winners and they had biasedly selected their pack for immunity otherwise there should have been equal no. of members in each team..also this airplane dude is def. surbhis bro..same language same hatred and cannot digest criticism…get well soon dude…

      1. How do you divide odd number of contestants equally in two group?

  30. lol here comes another romil hater lol these pea sized brain fans # believing biggboss is saas bahu saga and their simar will be heroine in biggboss house comparing that waterfall tears of crocodile kakar # these girls are just here to do timepass and venting anger on golden hearted romil # lol on you all romil haters # now cry and see him everyday and enjoy :))- all these kiddish girls do make up and talks nonsense just like jassleen and that gold digger srishty

  31. Romil is good for big boss
    Kv is also geniune but shree shouldnt go jail as deepak surbhi went personal on jasleen they should have went with rohit for stealing food so kv did go wrong there

  32. This season could very easily be decent compared to last one but producers literally murdered it with their bad decisions and now contestants have to carry the burden of flop show they aren’t totally blameless but it’s creative team who stabbed it 1 million times and still doing it, first that jodi concept which never let people see their side fully than there has been partiality since day 1 from tasks to nomination is always tilted in a specific group favour, salman wkw was so popular cause he used to actually vent out the frustration that audience used to carry about certain contestant after watching weeklong but since like last few seasons he hasn’t been doing it fully and this season he just completely started following the script which is biased to the core when their favoure d contestant is concerned , the most pisspoor decision they have made is to support romil I can for a second get deepak but romil?banda kuch nai karta hai and arguments he gives are the most clichéd mess aise bandey ko koi kaise mastermind bol sakta hai? at least deepak has a valid sob story and he could have been majority fave as well however he just totally abandoned his humorous side for this chalak lomdi persona what creeped me out the most is his behaviour with sree his body language talking style with him usher cunningness as if he is taking advantage of his emotional instability, deepika kV neha srishty tried to open and play the game the way it should have been in the first two or three weeks but then salman totally revealed their every move and demotivated them badly surbhi seems to be only sent inside to poke sree only thats only seem to be her purpose and somi is trying too hard to be sensible straightforward fierce yet sometime ruthless like hina was but she just doesn’t have same charm and I don’t see her playing the game alone when that’s what stand hina out just parroting hinas catchphrase (tameez she bad kijiye)won’t make her as her, and jasleen iske bare mein kya bolon when she came she has her own strong presence i really thought she is strong willed but now she is just a showpiece, moral of the story is if they hadn’t sent surbhi in with clear cut motive bonding would’ve been different and peoples personality had come out way differently and now crying over it no use cause thy clearly have made their mind who they want as winner and in top 6

  33. I know show is biased not denying that but last year when vikas got the chance to nominate 7 contestants then too eviction was cancelled, they certainly are rigging everything in romil and surbhis favour though this week eviction was not unexpected

  34. @ AROHI :good you like romil and have sympathy for kv

  35. @ANU: you can tell anything well thats weird from hina bhakth lol if romil acc to u is not entertainer then your entertaining inspiration would have been rimi sen hahahah # kudos to you girly girl # lol on romil haters # fill buckets with your tears by seeing romil doing well and giving his best to win the show :))-

    1. U just need to cool down ?
      Talk when romil became winner , now cry ?? , becz he will never win nd this i can assure u , …..
      Nd i get to know how ‘s type of person are u …? .
      Nd i don’t need to cry ….atleast not for romil ?… Becz i m laughing ?? how its affecting u … clearly shows from your comments
      Now bye , becz personally i don’t like people like u ??

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