Bigg Boss 12 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Somi, Rohit, KV nominated

Bigg Boss 12 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 85
Dipika hugs Shoaib and cries, she gives him halwa and says I made it for you, he eats it. Dipika asks to hug Surbhi. Shoaib kisses her forehead and hugs her. Dipika brings him to bedroom, Dipika says they sent you last. Shoaib says hero enters in last, he sits on knees and gives her gift. He says fans love you. Dipika says to Shoaib that Sree scolds me a lot, he says I know. BB pause Dipika and asks Shoaib to come out of house. Shoaib hugs Dipika and says dont cry, he gives her his jacket and asks her to remain happy. Shoaib says people will recognize for who you are, Sree love you, he leaves. BB says play. Dipika cries, all hug her. Deepak says she is crying as he will take Somi on date, all laugh.

Sree asks Dipika if she is happy? Deepak says he talks so well.
Surbhi says he was respecting Sree so much and asking me what I lost? they are all discriminating, nobody is saying anything to big man, all curse here but only I am bad, they give feedback after seeing status, I am commoner afterall.

Romil says to Deepak that dont contact me 6 months, I wont come out of house till then. Somi says you are stretching this thing. Deepak says your wife would be angry if that was the case. Somi says I dont like this topic and leaves. Deepak says to Romil that she was happy to see you, she didnt say anything to you. He goes behind Somi.
Deepak brings blanket to Somi and says sorry. She says leave. Deepak says she is smiling and overacting.

Day 86
Inmates wake up to song khoon chusne. They all dance and enjoy.

Deepak says it something about blood, Rohit says we will suck each others blood.
Dipika says Romil is feeling bad. Dipika says we are doing this for family, when Romil’s wife didnt come, he was like I dont care if they dont come. Sree says he didnt even cry, Dipika says he was like its only 3 weeks apart, we are doing all this for family. Sree says he was not feeling emotions for his kid too.

KV asks where is BB owner? Surbhi says cleaning bathroom. Romil is cleaning bathroom. Somi says dont talk like this about my brother, KV laughs.

Somi says to Surbhi that I feel awkward to even talk to him. Surbhi says his wife called you sister, Somi says she questioned if we are sister and brother? Surbhi says she would have clarfied openly. Somi says I got closer when he sacrificed his video.

In task, there is a magic jar in activity area, inmates will go one by one and they will have to make others sacrifice their things, if they want to save themselves then they have to convince others and fulfill challenge given by genie. Deepak asks Dipika to save him. He says to KV that I will save you.

Sree says it must between relations, dont know who will be against KV, all laugh. Surbhi laughs. Sree says I am ready for nominations.

Surbhi sees Romil smiling and says you are showing dimple? Romil says you are a dentist? Surbhi says dont go on profession. Sree says you go on thing like that. Surbhi says dont cross the line. Sree says they talked about dog. Surbhi says dont cross it.

Bigg Boss calls Deepak in activity area. Dipika asks Sree to not sacrifice for others, they dont care.

Deepak runs magic jar. Genie says you are nominated for awaking me but you can get saved if KV destroys his daughter’s pink stuffed toy and then give it to me. Deepak tells this to KV. KV says I need 5 minutes. Surbhi says to KV that I know this is emotional for you but Deepak is your kid here too. KV cries and says I am sorry but I really like Deepak, she brought this, sorry Bella, we will bring more toys for her.
Sree says to Rohit that we can talk to KV. KV brings toy and says only for Deepak. He puts toy in colors and gives it to Deepak, Deepak throws in jar. Genie says I am happy now.
Deepak comes to KV and hugs him, Surbhi says you did a strong thing.

Somi comes in activity area, genie says you can get saved if you make Rohit agree to get nominated for whole season. Somi says its difficult but I will try. She tells Rohit and says not possible, Somi says think. Romil says its your call, think about it. Somi say take time, he says no. Romil says we never know what you will get later. Somi says he is not listening so genie nominates her.
Deepak says to KV that Rohit will go now. Surbhi says nobody would do it. Somi says to Rohit that I understand that. Deepak asks Surbhi if she would do it for Somi? Surbhi says depend on situation.

Somi says to Rohit that noobody would do it, I wont do it too. Romil says I would do it, I am going to finale. Somi says you think all are weak here except you.

Rohit comes in activity area, he gets scared by smoke from jar, genie says if you want to get saved then ask Deepak to shred his family’s photo and bring it here. Rohit says let me talk. He tells it to Deepak, Deepak says let me think.
Deepak says what goes around, comes around. He says he betrayed me and said there is no brotherhood in this house, I cant crush my parents photo for a person like this but a twist. He brings photo in garden and says I am doing it. Deepak shreds his parents photo, Rohit is surprised. Deepak says I am not ready to do it, he saves photo and says he said there is no brotherhood, I did what he did with me. Rohit says he is not doing it. Genie nominates Rohit. Rohit says please give me a chance. Genie says way out is same.

Rohit says to Deepak that I knew you would not do it, Somi said it, you wanted me to come in nominations with Somi, Surbhi agreed. Deepak asks Surbhi to not say things like that. Rohit says this is my logic, Surbhi didnt say it. Surbhi says I wanted to have clarity of thoughts, I didnt say that.

Surbhi says I didnt say that to Rohit. Somi says why would you discuss it too? Surbhi says I am not talking relax. Deepak says I talked to you and told you everything, you said Somi is closer to you and would support her and not Rohit. Surbhi says dont talk to me, you are rude. Deepak says dont talk then.

KV comes in activity area. Genie says if you make Dipika tear Shoaib’s jacket, destroy it and give it to me then you will be saved. KV tells it to Dipika. Dipika jumps around and says no. Deepak says its about just 2 weeks, KV says you can meet him in 2 weeks. Sree says give it. Deepak says he said to mend relation with KV. Deepak says you can extend hand for friendship. Dipika says I made a relation here, I would do it for Sree but not for him, sorry. Sree says to Dipika that are you sure? Dipika says I was hurt by KV’s behavior. KV says she is not giving it. Genie nominates him. Dipika says they cursed me for not having identity. Sree says we will talk later.
Surbhi says to KV that not all are as good as you, KV says she said she would do it for Sree and not me, so fine.

Bigg Boss says today’s time of nomination has ended.

KV says to Surbhi that heart felt bad, I knew she would not give it but had hope that she might change things. Surbhi says it shows reality of people.
Dipika says to Sree that I told Surbhi I have only Sree here.

Rohit says to Deepak that you are always behind group, only three weeks are remaining, just keep groupism, I am not playing like this *****. Romil says love you ****. Romil laughs.
Rohit says to Sree that they are saying bad stuff. Romil says why they start calling **** when angry and nominated? Rohit says just wash dish.

PRECAP- Sree have to sacrifice his family items for Dipika. Sree doesnt think twice and goes to bring it. Dipika says atleast think about it.
Somi have to destroy all family photos for Romil, Romil says family is in heart.
One have to sacrifice for Sree but Sree says I am not asking her and nominate me. Dipika says atleast tell us what is it?
Sree says to Romil that BB cant even stop me from taking trophy. Romil says you cant even smell it. Sree says you cant even go close to its box, you are just a guest.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sree control before poppat banjae aapka lol you look like a winner you feel yourself to be winner(most of the time he’s just joking around tho) you’ve enough fans to make you winner but bhaiyya makers can still turn it all around and that’s what I feel going to happen he’s not going to win neither will romil it’ll be between deepika & deepak and both romil & sree will make fool out of themselves if they kept saying that they’ll win :/

    1. @Sana,
      support the worthy contender not any fake acting better to go for the person who is eager to win by giving his /her 100% to viewers and show and deepak is TASK MASTER!!!! even salman appreciated him

    2. @Airplane..

      romil will be the winner
      dpka 1st runner up and
      sree will be 2nd runner up as my gut feeling says…

      last year shilpa ko jitaya tha is baar commoner ko

  2. Sree deepika realised it now after 3 months that romil isn’t an emotional person LMAO they are bigger tubelights than kV, he is F-A-K-E he cried on matters that didn’t have any emotional value to him but stayed stiffed like a stone both the times he saw his kid and wife but no he cries when sree cries who he just calling 100000 names 3 days ago or for soojeve hoonth wali somi

    1. @Anon ,

  3. There are two scenerios first Sree wasn’t provoking surbhi she was making issue out of nothing he was cross checking the info about dimples being because of muscle deformity and she took it as him taking dig at her when she started accusing him of going on her profession he started getting a bit negative also OR second scenario is that he was just feeling cranky and wanted to fight ? donno editing is so choppy that you just can’t make what is going on exactly like I still am enable to figure out why were deepak and surbhi fighting today?

  4. I still cringe whenever deepika says “BHAAAAI” it just sound so weird and annoying I don’t know how sree or rest of the house member tolerate it

    1. @Yamraaj ,

  5. If somi gets saved again and kV is “voted out” then I’ll pluck all bb team hairs out, somi doesn’t deserve to be here besides does romil really believe he’s a self made player?he has been helped by either deepak/surbhi or bigg boss team they saved him and his little pathetic group so many times so romil deepak somi &surbhi stop thinking you reached this far cause you strived for it NO you got it all on a silver platter

  6. Queen.alina

    you did a great job dipika keep it up you go girl x karan what should I say about him once a back stabbed always a back stabber can’t say much about this man sorry I really love sree and dipika bond it’s really sweet to see how they have eachothers back that’s loyalty right there romil he’s okay tbh somi can’t stand her ergh her voice irritates me deepak I cant deal with him neither surbhi everyone’s bad as eachother fml but other than I love this episode it was emotional and at the same time it was funny to see these people fight over nomination but oh well bless these lot my top two is deffo sree and dipika and if yall don’t agree then idk what does but I loved every each comment of your lots who commennted today and airplane aw bless you I love how you comment bout romil just shows you that you care for him and u like him and u deffo want him to win After al he is golden hearted romil winning heart

    1. @queen.Alina,
      hahaha do vote for #TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL :))-
      deep down i hope you too are GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL FAN !!!!:P

  7. Maker’s are trying very hard to save somi…so rohit nomination task was designed as such..if rohit nominated him self somi would be was not gonna happen so they played another game by making deepak sacrifice his family pic…am 100% sure this week rohit will be evicted…
    I started to like him aftr wkw …he is not so bad he did everything to be in limelight.if salman scolded him before he would have been a cute guy in the House and every one would have loved him…now its late

    1. @Gayatri..

      nice observation…

    2. @XYZ,

  8. Dipika hates it when people call her fake or talk about her emotions but judged Romil for not being emotional. Ok, for me she overreacted when her husband came. You can cry for kid but for husband?? you can be happy about him visiting but that much emotion, I doubt….. I doubt because she judged Romil.
    I felt bad when in first episode Salman questioned her about doing BB for 3 months when she just got married………but not now. She replied responsibility. Madam Dipika responsibilities doesn’t let one cry too at times and others too have responsibilities.
    Dipika didn’t sacrifice for KV. KV was not instigated against her when Sree did instigate KV against Dipika after coming back. Dipika you can’t be caring for one and mean to another if you are as good as you say you are.
    KV got back respect all over again. Sacrificing at this time point can’t be strategy……Deepak waise bhi somi aur rohit k rehte to nai jayega. Not good work of brain but heart yes:)
    Sree was surprised about Dipika not sacrificing for KV but I was not. If we pay attention she is the only one who never accepted a single sorry from anyone. This woman is close minded. Sorry Dipika fans, I am even ready to get trolled for this but yes she is dignified in house, good with words and action but is close hearted. I would prefer a person who is not all that always right types but is more giving unlike her.
    Somi should sacrifice for Romil, not to save him but first to prove others POV doesn’t change her friendship and if it does than there was something wrong. Romil anyhow wont go as rohit and somi are nominated. And most importantly if you can do good to anyone you should if it does n’t affect you badly and she is already nominated.

    1. @Hope,
      perfect as it can get , spot on !!!!! each and every word seems defined , her HALWA FANS MUST HAVE RECIPE FOR SIMAR KA HALWA NOW # TEARS, BHAI BHAI BHAI , CLOSE HEARTED , UNFORGIVEN and FADED AWAY after today’s episode !!!!

    2. @Airplanes thanks buddy. Best was she offered halwa to her husband and told bahut din se nai khaya hoga na. Bahen kuch aur bhi bana le. Her tears yesterday looked genuine, today it was like ekta Kapoor ka 3 baar Wala turn.

    3. I opened my phone just now.
      Hope, I love you. ?
      U know what? I m agreeing to your words for the umpteenth time now and I have no regret on that. Your comment is bang on !!!
      Lit af !
      Fire !
      Best of today !! It appeared as a visual treat to me where people can’t even see how much biased Dipika is to a particular contestant.
      Dipika has no capability to be 1% of what Sreeshanth is. After this show, I doubt whether he will come up to her or not. But whatever u told was absolutely perfect. ⭐

    4. @Aarohi love you too. Good luck for your exam

  9. I am really surprised as how everyone is bashing Deepika for not destroying the jacket for Kv and comparing it with KV’s sacrifice for Deepak. Guys there is a big difference!! KV did it for a very close friend or someone he calls his younger brother. But KV and Deepika don’t share the same vibe. Just few weeks left to the finale, the housemates do need to play for themselves. Nd Deepika sacrificing the jacket would definitely have proved that she is fake. But she clearly said what she had in mind which proves that she is genuine. I am very sure KV would not have destroyed his daughter’s toy of it would have been for Deepika. You just can’t compare 2 different situations. Somi again was irritating as hell!! Just trying to get footage by picking small, stupid and useless arguments. First using Romil’s wife’s comments, then arguing with Romil on reaching finale matter and then with the so called happy club members that why you took my name. Her voice is so irritating. It’s high time that she gets eliminated.

  10. Hi I m commenting for the first time but I read everyones comments daily and agree with them.
    But I just want to say to all that kv is mahan that People are so forgiving easily they forgot mahan kv’s video with surbhi and rohit. Anyways good she didnt sacrificed for him otherwise she would have felt disgusted after coming out of the house and knowing about that video.

  11. People are so forgiving easily they forgot mahan kv’s video with surbhi and rohit. Anyways good she didnt sacrificed for him otherwise she would have felt disgusted after coming out of the house and knowing about that video.

    1. Lolwa >,<
      People here are extremely forgiving.
      But Dipika is more forgiving, I guess.
      She had so easily forgiven the man who turned the whole house against her, made her the titleholder 'fake' !!
      Anyways good she didn't sacrifice for KV, else she would have gotten half the slice of cake for being great which is only KV's title.

    2. KV is not Mahaan at all. He just fakes it everytime.

    3. Face the truth

      Jalota was the one who turned everyone against her sree only talked about her to people closer to him at that time one of them being kv besides his anger was justified since she has betrayed him at that time while kvb incite shristy to make fake bond with her then betrayed her she made him captain he sent her to torture room for it then distanced himself from her sent her jail for nothing refused to return the favor rudely and denied ever being her friend now is crying about her not sacrificing her jacket for his hypocritical ass I don’t know why people including you feeling so bad about this two faced man and enable to see his reality he make relationship for game and then accuse other of doing that smh

    4. @ ANONYMOUS,

    5. I wish Dipika Jeet jaye aur aapki muh band kiye jaye

    6. AnuAnu

      @Anonymous people here also forget how KV didn’t support her on captaincy task. KV clearly she ‘we are not friends anymore so don’t expect’ why nobody felt like bashing KV for that.
      Everyone is bashing Dipika bcz they didn’t save their fav KV…

  12. Romil did say right that he is in final because Surbhi boli nominate hone par Romil ko julab lag gaye thea.

    1. @hope,
      surbhi will be eliminated in 14th week , may be on day 98
      # SREESANTH # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # KVB # DEEPAK # SIMAR will follow the top 5 plot

    2. @Airplane yes you are right.

    3. @airplanes
      You give what ever name to what Salman said.i was saying both wife responded when injustice happened to their husbands.and surabhi was talking about his character and career, Salman never went that much low then also kv wife responded.
      Even I don’t like the way Salman did ,most of the weekend and this whole season is boaring.chota bheem is better than son like it lol

    4. That will never happen you know y simar will be in top 2.she may not win the show but 1 St runner up is conform.and I really want romil to be out of top 3.deepak is far better than him

  13. AnuAnu

    Here is what my view on Dipika-KV
    People are saying Dipika would have sacrificed.. I mean for whom ???KV is very Good n kind person I admit that and loyal friend nobody is denying that.He is a very good Friend but NOT Dipika’s or Sree’s .If KV has the right to support his friend then Dipika has the right not to support someone who is not her Friend.
    Now people say Sree also said bad things to Dipika and KV also did .But Sree was always apologetic for that at least it seem liked that..KV has always said bad things about Dipika but Dipika never did that if you can remember when all 3 girls were in jail and Sree,Jas ,Megha were talking bad about KV.Dipika remain silent. She never back b**** KV .But KV on the other hand always said something behind her back.She was even called worst sanchalak for making KV captain and what did KV do send her to jail ..(I didn’t see bus task everyone talking about) .
    So my point is why would somebody sacrifice for a person who have no emotional connection or any debt .?She was completely and truly right in her opinion in my view.

    On the other side if she would have sacrificed everyone would call her Halwa banane wali Simar so, if she didn’t she is rudeee??

    I am not a Dipika fan and I didn’t like Simar either so I am not taking sides.I want Sree and Sree only to win the show clearly.

    And also for those who are saying she should have extended hand but when KV or anyone from the house did that? If KV was a person who forgives everything than Dipika and moving on then why he didn’t extend hand before.I don’t know why people only take Dipika responsible bcz she didn’t do the Simar part ??? Or is it bcz She didn’t save KV ?but don’t worry KV will never get eliminated.. He has a huge fan following..

    1. is that your strategy to eliminate dipika :p

    2. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes who am I to make strategies and make someone eliminate anybody… It’s my view point.. I seriously want Sree to win.
      It’s very clear that you don’t like Dipika.dr I didn’t ask you to like her or vote or not vote for her… You support your fav contest estant and I will support mine… You don’t have to ask or judge mine.
      Did I ever ask to support Sree or or said bad about Romil?

      And I still clearly stand with Dipika decision… Bcz KV was never a good friend of Dipika.

    3. @ANUANU,
      LOOKS LIKE U HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT SREE WAS EVICTED BY SIMAR TOO, dipika has voted for sree to exit, if she had made halwa for kv is in limelight then her vote to evict sree out has to be brought out in lime light too u ask for justification well and good but this also counters her point # past mein jo hua so hua ab kya kv ko himalaya bhejoge maffi ke liye # SREE IS A ROCKSTAR BUT DIPIKA IS FAKE , just coz she chirps bhai bhai you are favoring her if she had been against sree u would have reacted definitely and to your point i didn’t judged u any time # opinions and choices differs :))-

    4. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes yes. i remember it of course that’s why i am saying i am not a fan of Dipika .. really truly… If you ready all my comments you should know that i am not favouring Dipika or Sree what wrong is wrong .I had commented that i felt like Dipika and Sree judging Romil for him not crying which i found disappointing from them ..

      But My point in KV-Dipika issue is that :-
      When denied helping Dipika in captancy task nobody called KV names and called him rude . Bcz his choice was Justified also …Kv had more attachment to Deepak and he chose Deepak OVER Dipika … So what is wrong in Dipika chosing Sree OVER Deepak . Why is everybody bashing Dipika ..

      Same question to you agar KV ke liye sacrifice nahi kar diya toh app Dipika Himalaya bhejoge maffi ke liye…..

    5. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes i don’t know if their relation last till finale bcz Sree had said ‘Pyaar se nikhal lenge ‘ .

    6. @AnuAnu,
      Please now call Romil Chaudhari. This is too much, and without logic.

      Number 1/
      Why KV didn’t support Dipika???
      BECAUSE KV SUPPORTED SURBHI. There were both Dipika and Surbhi as contenders, Surbhi stayed loyal to KV, KV supported her! As simple as that.
      He had to choose between two.
      On the other hand, DIPIKA DIDN’T HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN SREE AND KV !!! If it was that, I could’ve accepted. But DIPIKA distanced herself so much that she didn’t even think of the friendship.

      Number 2/
      Weren’t u the one who blamed Surbhi in Surbhi-Sree incident ?
      Why did u blame her ???
      It happened first !
      KV’s behaviour was REACTION .

      Now, judgement is expected .

    7. @AnuAnu
      agreed to ur point
      “But Sree was always apologetic for that at least it seem liked that”

      when dpka took name of sree for the elimination..
      his reactions was very negative… so many times sree scolded her without any reason.. still she behaves like bhai bhai..

      when she was not at the good terms with sree ..dpka switched to kv completely.. when she had some differences with kv she again switched to sree..

      if u can forgive sree many times then y not kv????????
      and the reason is sree is much more stronger than kv…

      only last weeks k doings pe kv ko judge karna is not right…starting m toh wo bhi accha tha hi and not even dpka us bande ne neha,sristy se le k ghar k almost har ek person ko support kiya h……

    8. AnuAnu

      I must ask you the same qns you can forgive KV then why not Sree?.
      When a friend nominates you for getting evicted how would you react ??????????
      I mean KV and Dipika is not in good terms everybody knows that … even then he had hoped the she would SAVE him …. toh how is Sree different from that …How was he supposed to react.Any ways he always from beginning had same attitude he never changed his behaviour even after HM bashing him.. bcz that’s his real side.

    9. @AnuAnu…

      It is not about sree.. even i have always prefferd sree over dpka.. as he looks much more real
      but my point was if dpka can forgive sree than y not atleast to be good with kv even kv should try to resolve their issues..
      after family task.. it was a good opportunity for all to forget about their issues and be good to each n every person in the house.
      as only 3 weeks are left ……..

    10. @XYZ, yes exactly .
      They are only judging KV because he is standing against their favourites.
      Had not this been Bigg Boss, KV would have supported everyone .
      See his 13 weeks in total if u are seeing Sree’s only last few weeks !

    11. @AnuAnu,
      Did u skip some episodes ?
      KV and Dipika weren’t in good terms ?
      If u choose your sister over your brother, how is your brother going to react ?
      We are not pointing fingers at Sree, we are pointing fingers at that tellyqueen for such biasness !

    12. Sree’s reaction was negative he only talked about her as she is in the game while kV has been dragging her personality inch by inch breaking it inmost negative manner behind her back and sometimes on her face even though she only supported him throughout, yes she has done some really questionable things her attitude has been of an opportunist but kV is bigger opportunist than her so why should she support someone who talked bad about her without her doing only favors to him

    13. AnuAnu

      @XYZ that’s what my other comment is about Sree was apologetic and KV wasn’t. I think Dipika would have saved KV if he hadn’t denied helping her in Captaincy task. I mean she saved Megha from eliminations. It’s clear about relationships…. KV is not a good friend of Dipika now. So whom would you choose btw unloyal friend and husband emotions???

    14. AnuAnu

      @Arohi if we are digging deep down then let me remind you
      1. KV CLEARLY SAID WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE. It’s no about choosing btw Sree and KV. Why would someone sacrifice forgiveness a unloyal friend..
      2.For action reaction it was the reaction of Dipika for KV’s action.

      She told KV that day also when walking away THEN DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING FROM ME ALSO

  14. One thing more, Shoaib advised people that ishe Ghar k bahar bhi duniya hai. Play in a way that you look good outside. I think KV understood man’s talk better than his own wife.
    KV, I didn’t like your single decision in this game. You broke HC by utilizing their short comings but samne see nai khele. Ab Jo khela hai to Kya khela hai. Salman ko teri tarif karni paregi. Ek do aur master stroke khela to you never know.
    Deepak is trying to be same as he was in 1st month. Good na jeeta to bhi wapas acha bacha bankar niklega

  15. I don’t understand people getting this so called ‘goodness and forgiving attacks…’
    Whatever happened btn kV and deepika is over…If KV and deepika have parted ways in their friendship, then what’s this saga of forgiving…
    kV b*t*hing abt deepika justified.., kV listening to his bachas trolling and bullying deepika justified…kV saying ‘we are not friends anymore, y should I help you?’ in sword task is also justified…
    But, but if deepika denies to destroy hubby jacket to save kV is a huge crime…all of a sudden she is overconfident, arrogant, black hearted, small hearted…
    Rohit and surbhi playing bus task by backstabbing kV and deepak is justified…u r in a game and u r here to play…???
    Deepika not saving kv (who is potentially playing with her opposite team at this point of game) is a crime… it’s not a game anymore and…she is not here to play game n she is supposed to forgive him…
    Same way rohit always bullied jas and megha that ‘u r leaving this week, ur time is over’…
    That hurts man…but that’s okay…
    But, but if at All shree or deepika says the same dialogue to Somi and rohit this week…that would be considered as a huge mistake and they becomes small hearted, mean, ugly and what not…
    I don’t get this…
    Is there something like happy club people can do anything and get away and if shree team does that… they shouldn’t be spared… they should be sentenced for that…

    1. @jisha..

      its not about.. she didn’t sacrificed or not even the reason she gave…
      but her tone and expressions was looking so negative…
      dpka-kv case m both are equally wrong both supported each other on equal level..

      and kv is seriously dumb, he needs support… that’s y HC used him very well…

      the diffrence btwn HC nad dpka is…HC do not sacrifice for kv BUT they gives a good reason to not support him and after the task they all behaves all goody with him(either it is fake)…

      and kv dont have brain to understand the feelings rather than he judge everyone on the basis of the words they are using for him…

    2. @XYZ
      I feel that’s coz she asked him to support her on captaincy task (sword) and he straight away denied saying “you are not my friend anymore… don’t expect from me…” kV got a chance to send her jail…
      He always had a chance to deny her as he was in a group which had majority…so every time for jail,punishments shree and deepika suffered…
      This time she got a chance for a change and she was happy to do this…
      Won’t you feel it? That yes…BB has finally given me a chance…I would definitely use it and show him how much it hurts…
      N deepika didn’t crib abt kV’s decision that day…
      It’s like 2 people A,B getting into an argument…A starts slapping B..But B couldn’t slap him back as his hands are tied…A is continuously slapping him and B is verbally arguing…another person comes and releases B from hand tied…
      What do you expect from B to do? Shake hand with A or Slap him hard….
      B slapped him hard with happiness….coz he finally got a chance to reciprocate…
      My thoughts ….?
      Anyways we both like shree and wish to see him lift the trophy…,provided he keeps a check on his anger and words….

    3. AnuAnu

      @ Jisha well said ….

    4. Exactly these people have made a huge thing out of it. I mean whats the big deal that she said no. KV is way more wrong then Deepika but these people are blind and wont see that. KV has done more wrong to Deepika and she jas done nothing. Huge fan following wont help in winning such person. Deepika is totaalu justified.

      She helped KV becoming the captain by sacryficing her captaincy and KV made Surbhi a captain. Waooo what a friendship. KV is looking for convenince everyhwhere thats it. And also when she denied then also he has guts to b*t*h about deepika. I mean he wont do anything for deepika but will expect from deepkka to help him. Senseless human being.

  16. Kv puts up an act that he is Mahaan. A mahaan person will not be hiding things that are basic necessities such as bread, coffee or sugar. He would be more considerate. The other day how the hms were gobbling bread was pathetic. People who say that dipika does not care for anyone other than sree must see the unseen videos. When she made halwa for her love she also made it for all the housemates and their family members and distributed it evenly. I never was a dips fan until i saw the videos on voot. There the real personality can be seen. Love dipika and hope she wins the show.

    1. Agreed, plus He hides ghee which is an important edible to make food or just to make blend food, whoch they always have to eat, eatable and he also hide poha besides I learnt that him & rohit took nutella out from srees drawer when he wasn’t in the room and finished it all off now if someone else has done that to him he would be crying about it for days…people saw Megha and jasleen outrage and called it overreaction but it was the frustration of not getting basic things which help charge you in a dull day

    2. Agreed, hes a cheap person. Khane k sath kisi ko aisa nhi karna chaiye. When you are living in a place where food is limited, you really cant play such cheap tricks.

  17. Didn’t surbhi once said deepika can’t hold intellectual conversations? Then what the heck was she doing when sree was just trying to discuss scientific fact behind dimples?you’re a dentist so he just asked, you could’ve elaborated on it instead of “personal life pe mat jao” comment believe me dumbo he wasn’t he was just trying to carry out laid back conversation

    Please go to above link.

    Please do read amd support

    Please go to above link.

    Please do read amd support

  20. bb lover srity

    The story of the “Halwa” ?last time shivashish n romil were in task kv was hvng halwa by dipika n Sree was so angry with both of them …. was quite hillarious ?

    1. cheap makers cheap tactics they have saved top contestants and nominated kvb with rohit and somi lol # SURBHI SAVED SREE HAHAHA # SURAJ KO MAKERS NE AAJ KANYAKUMARI SE RISE KARWA DIYA 😛

  21. Just because kV is dumb :(( you don’t have to feel sorry for him all the time 🙁

    1. @ANON.

    2. Halwa making is an art than dahi jamaing and chori karing

    3. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes I think KV is more smart player than Dipika . She has to do Simar and make Halwa for everybody to make them her Fans .. and KV did it just by his Mahanta and Dipika now made him more Mahan . KV fans should be thankfull to Dipika

  22. @Lakshmi V,
    day dreamer LOL hahahaha

    1. Yes you know my dream often comes true.but frankly speaking you support your idol no offence but don’t degrade Dipika coz she never does that in BB house

    2. @lakshmi V,
      LADY don’t be sad i m not demeaning simar # MATA RANI will take care of all the things ,
      mEan while prasad mein HALWA BANEGA KYA:P

  23. Sree actually showed concern for karan he even sent rohit to tell him the same but there are his fans on social media who’re trolling sree for it so kvs fans are just like him picking on srees every word inspite of the context he spoke in lol blo*dy idiots besides you complain about deepika not sacrificing her jacket for him but where were you when kV did the same FIRST when she went to him last week for captaincy task?he was even more rude to her than she apparently according to you was I hate this fickleness & hypocrisy that die hard fans shows regardless whose fans they are

    1. AnuAnu

      @James Bond thanks for pointing out Sree’s good part also …

    2. @ jare bond ,

  24. @Airplanes

    1. @ NANDINI.,


    3. @NANDINI ,

    4. @nandini,

    5. @Airplanes
      Admit it or not romil is a dogla………LOL

    6. No one is completely real in this season….

  25. Anonymously classified name

    Kvb is 5 khot samparn while deepika only have two hence proved she’s superior than him ??

  26. I think either Dipika or Sree will win. I love both of them but Dipika more.

  27. I’m sorry but if there are kV and deepika in a drowning boat and I’ve to save one of them then I’ll save deepika, people don’t understand both of their game has been dirty(YES KV)& somewhat same since the start but while deepika retired her tactics in last few weeks kV is still going on with it he thinks if he progressed to finale with happy club it’ll be piece of cake to win but he don’t understand that earning respect is better than winning and he has been losing it at least from me

    1. @PAULINA : hide tide ki warning hai aap boat ride hi nhi karna :p

  28. AnuAnu

    Now this is just a qns How many of you are between 20- 25 ys of age group and 26-30 ?I just wanted to know which age group watches BB more ..just out of curiosity . I saw somebody have exams …All the best ..

    1. Below 20

    2. Lol >,<
      I m 19, she didn't include that age, so I skipped.

    3. :-))
      I m 18..
      I think teens watch bb more……

    4. @ANU ANU ,

    5. U forgot to write Simar ki halwa ?

    6. AnuAnu

      @Arohi sorry I didn’t include 19 I am 22. But heyyy congrats
      @Arohi, @Airplanes @[email protected], @Nivika, @Pari @Nandini we have crossed 200 comments…..
      Sorry I missed some others…..

    7. Nivika

      I am 19……
      Aap konsi grp mein shamil hote ho (age)
      Finally crossed 200cmnts…..
      And we will definetly cross 1k cmnts on finale epi…?????

  29. Kids these days ?
    Don’t even realise some us don’t have any problem with Sree, Sree fans calm down.
    Frustration is with Shilpa Shinde version 2 who was very biased to her ‘vai’ who won’t give a f**k about Dipikaji once the show gets over.

  30. @ANU ANU,
    DID SIMAR ONLY MAKES AATE KA HALWA:P# just curious to know :p

    1. AnuAnu

      Have to ask Sree!!!!

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