Bigg Boss 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rubina and Shardul nominated this week

Bigg Boss 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dance to Survive
Day 39
8 PM
The nomination task goes on. Eijaz is next.

Eijaz: Bigg Boss tells Eijaz that if he convinces Jaan to shred his family photo then you will be saved. Eijaz sighs and tells him that you don’t have to do it, they want you to shred your family photo. It’s not needed. Jaan goes and brings his family photo. Eijaz says this is your grandmother’s last photo? Jaan says I don’t want to keep your debt. Eijaz says I will save myself, don’t do it. Jaan says it’s my chance. Jaan breaks his photo frame. Eijaz says I know your family is important to you. Jaan goes and shreds his family photo. All clap for Jaan. Bigg Boss tells Eijaz that he is safe now. Jaan cries so Aly hugs him. Eijaz pulls him aside. Jaan hugs him and says sorry, I am really sorry. Eijaz cries and says I am really sorry, I couldn’t do anything for you. You are my brother.

10:15 PM
Eijaz cries and tells Shardul that he had to tear his mother’s photo. Shardul says he will get another photo. Eijaz says he looks at his mother’s photo daily. I don’t have many photos of my mother. I only had 3 photos. I just remember in my childhood that she got angry and left us. You people remember your moms but I don’t have any memory of my mom. Eijaz says Jaan has earned respect in my eyes today. Jaan comes there and says don’t cry, you are my big brother.

Nikki: Bigg Boss tells Nikki that you are nominated but you have a chance to get saved. There is a declaration certificate in the storeroom, you have to convince Rahul to bring it here, read it, and if he agrees then he has to sign it and give it to Jaan. If he does it then you will be saved. Nikki says okay. She calls Rahul and tells him about the certificate. He brings it to the garden. She says read it out loud, sign it and give it to Jaan. Rahul reads that it’s to declare that Jaan Sanu is a bigger and better singer than me. Rahul asks Nikki if she wants to be saved? She says yes. Rahul says you were fighting with me today and now being sweet. Nikki says I don’t want you to do what I did. Please save me. I will save you in the next nominations. Rahul says you will make tea for me when I want. You will bring food for me when I am hungry. She says I agree, I will do it till you are in the show. Rahul says don’t be a cry baby in front of me. Nikki laughs and says not with you. Rahul signs the certificate and says I am already Jaan’s fan. I want him to be successful in life. He signs the paper and gives it to Jaan. Nikki says it’s done Bigg Boss, please say something fast. Bigg Boss doesn’t speak for some time but then says that you are safe from the nominations. Rahul saved you. She thanks him. Nikki goes and jumps on Rahul. She says thank you. Aly teases Rahul.

Nikki tells Eijaz that Rahul wants to go to Abhi’s group but he can’t be trusted. I thought he will nominate me but he didn’t. You can’t know what he will do.
Aly tells Jasmin that she cried for dollu but not for me. Jasmin says I saved you. Aly says give the hairstyling kit to Rubina. I don’t want any favor on her. I will give a better machine to you. Jasmin says she has done it with love for you. Aly says I don’t think so. Jasmin says you will create a bond with her, she knows I am with you so she saved you. You should be thankful.

Pavitra: Bigg Boss says if you make Eijaz agree to shred two photos he has of his dogs then you will be saved. Pavitra sighs and looks at Eijaz. She says I know it’s important for you, I saw you with them. You show them off to everyone. Eijaz sighs and says whatever happened till now, we will clean it from our hearts. We will have a fresh start. Bigg Boss asks Pavitra to tell him clearly that both the photos. Pavitra tells Eijaz that’s important for you. Eijaz says you went in the nominations once because of me. He goes to get it. Jasmin says tell him you love him. Pavitra cries and says I know he loves those photos. Eijaz takes his dogs’ photos. Jasmin tells Pavitra to become his strength now. Eijaz brings photos and gets emotional. Pavitra says don’t do it, listen to me. Pavitra says I know how important that it is. Eijaz says it’s fine and breaks the frames. Pavitra says listen, stop, please. He says it’s done. Sorry boys (his dogs). He shreds the photos. Pavitra cries and says what Bigg Boss is doing. Eijaz says it’s done. I know my dogs are in heaven. Aly consoles him. Jasmin kisses his hand and says you are a strong man. Eijaz says they are my dogs, I had them for 14 years. Jasmin says I know. Jasmin tells him to be with Pavitra now. Pavitra cries and gets down from the chair. She hugs Eijaz tightly. All clap for them. Jasmin tells them to not fight again. She says I am sorry. He says it’s okay. Bigg Boss tells Pavitra that Eijaz has done the task so you are safe now. Eijaz leaves from there. He sits on his bed and wipes his tears. Rubina hugs Pavitra and says it was tough. Pavitra cries so Shardul hugs her. Aly says this was tough, he used to talk to them. Rubina says he has accepted your apology now.
Eijaz says to himself that I don’t want to cry anymore. Shardul comes to him. Pavitra comes there and hugs him from behind. Eijaz says they were with me for 14 years. Someone stole them from me for 3 years. I loved them so much. This is a heavy day. Shardul says someone was laughing at that time. Rahul was laughing when you both were doing the task but then he was hugging you like he cared. Pavitra says who else? Shardul says I thought you both were acting but today I saw it’s genuine.

11 PM
Eijaz asks Rahul if he was laughing at him? Rahul says I was talking to Aly, we were laughing at each other’s joke. I will tell you when I want to laugh at you. Talk to me with respect too. I didn’t order you around. Eijaz says I am asking you clearly if you were laughing at me. You were ordering me like you to order others to bring food for you. Rahul says I was joking with Aly, we were not talking about you at all. Aly says he is right, we were not talking about you at all. Eijaz says I am sorry then, my bad. Rahul says then don’t jump the guns, I was laughing with Aly, I stopped when you brought your photo frames. Eijaz says I felt bad so I asked you. Rahul says then clarify first before judging. He says someone was filling Eijaz’s ears. Shardul says I told him because you were highly insensitive. I saw you laughing at Eijaz. Aly says he was not laughing at Eijaz, we have been joking the whole day. Rahul says I was talking to Aly. Shardul says I have seen him laugh. Jaan says I saw him laughing too.
Aly tells Nikki that she has done a lot for Jaan. I would have opened a blanket factory for you if you had sacrificed your blanket for me. Jaan says I will open it. Aly laughs and says he is thinking about the future. Jaan laughs. Rahul asks Jaan to not laugh when Eijaz is angry. Jaan says I was talking to Aly. Rahul says so I was talking to Aly too. Nikki tells Jaan to let him be.

11:15 PM
Rahul: Bigg Boss tells him that if Pavitra throws her 10 clothes in the color and destroys them then he will be saved. She has to put them in the storeroom. Rahul tells Pavitra that she has to destroy 10 of her clothes to save him. Pavitra says I am crying for clothes daily. I don’t have many clothes. Just tell me as a friend, I know you were joking with Aly but were you laughing at Eijaz? Rahul says I was joking with Aly. We started the joke because Aly said that they are asking to destroy the materialistic things but Aly was given as an option to sacrifice. I was not laughing at Eijaz or his photos. I was laughing at that time but not at him. Rahul tells her that she has lost weight so her clothes are loose now. I can give you my T-shirts. Pavitra says I don’t have a lot of clothes, I am crying daily for them. I have to win trust. She leaves. Rahul tells Eijaz that don’t talk to me in front of everyone. Eijaz says call me with respect. Rahul says if you want to talk to me anytime then talk to me alone, don’t talk to me in front of all. Eijaz says call me with respect. Rahul says yes. Eijaz says I am polite. Pavitra brings clothes. Jasmin says I will give you my clothes, don’t worry. Pavitra puts her clothes in color one by one. Eijaz says well-done. She puts them in the storeroom. Bigg Boss tells Rahul that he is safe now. Rahul thanks him and tells Pavitra that I know you don’t many clothes. I am telling you again that I was not laughing at Eijaz. He hugs her and thanks to her.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the nomination task is done. The nominated inmates are Shardul and Rubina. Rubina makes a sad face.

Day 40
10 AM
The inmates wake up to the song maine party shoes. They all dance.

12 PM
Nikki tells Rubina that I took the task lightly. Rubina says I know how important that thing was for you. Shardul says we bring limited things here. Rubina says but why were people crying. If someone is crying to sacrifice something for me then I wouldn’t ask them to sacrifice anything.
Aly tells Pavitra that if I am against someone and that person called me Nalla, I wouldn’t say sorry to them. Abhi has no attitude and no honor. I don’t know why Abhi had to save Kavita, he didn’t have to go on knees in front of Abhi.

Nikki tells Eijaz that I don’t know about Jaan. Eijaz says you said that you will save him till you are here so why doubt it? Nikki says because that man can’t be trusted.

6:30 PM
Rahul wears a t-shirt which has ‘Disha Marry Me’ written on it. Aly and Jaan write the alphabets. Rahul says I want to do it now.

7:30 PM
Rahul tells the inmates that I have a special friend in my life. I used to miss her a lot when I fought with anyone here. Her name is Disha Parmar and today is her birthday. Rubina says I remember her. Rahul says I want to wish her a birthday. Rahul says I want to do something for her. I think she is the most pretty girl from heart and face. I don’t know why I took so much time to say it. I want to marry you, will you marry me? He sits on his knees and all cheer for him. Rahul says Disha Will You Marry Me? Rahul says I want you all to sing for me as baratis. He sings sajan ji. They all sing with him. Rahul says if your answer is yes then please contact them and let me know. I will be waiting for your answer.

8 PM
Bigg Boss asks how are they? They say good. Bigg Boss says show some excitement, are you missing something? Rubina says party. Rahul says yes. Bigg Boss says yes, you people were in the lockdown and then came here, you couldn’t enjoy a party so we have arranged a party today that you will remember for nights. Pavitra says there won’t be any liquor. Bigg Boss says this party will go on for wee hours but some big singers are coming that people don’t get concert tickets for. Bigg Boss says we have to see who can stand the party till the end. The person standing in the party till the end will become the captain of the house. During the party, inmates will keep getting out of the party. He asks Rubina to read the instructions.
Rubina reads that this party will go on till the morning. No inmate can sit or rest. They will all be in the garden, they can’t go in the house. You can use garden washroom. If you get out of the task and want to stay in the garden then sit on the bench. The last person standing at the party will become the captain.

8:15 PM
Nikki tells Pavitra that Eijaz is liking you now. Pavitra says who wouldn’t like me? I get angry but I am likable.
Eijaz tells Aly to not spend his energy at the start. They all will go to sleep in the end.
Jaan asks Nikki if he should wear white or black? She says white. Jaan hugs her.

10 PM
The inmates see the garden decorated as a club. They see a dance floor there. Abhi says forget about the task, let’s just enjoy it. They all come to the garden and start dancing with dim lights and loud music. The host says welcome DJ Chetas. DJ Chetas waves from his glass box and starts playing the music. They all dance to twist song. Jasmin and Rubina enjoy it. Rahul claps for Chetas and says I love you. Chetas says Rahul brother you are amazing. He plays party song and they all dance. Chetas says this song is for Nikki. He plays yeh larki pagal hai. Pavitra goes and hugs Eijaz who is dancing in the corner. She dances with him. Eijaz brings her to the dance floor. She romantically dances with him and pulls him closer. Chetas plays naagin. Eijaz lies on the floor and dances. He dances with Jaan. Shardul dances with a mannequin. Rubina sits down.

11 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s time for the special time and only 9 inmates will get the entry pass out of 11 inmates. Two inmates will be out of this task now. You all have to mutually decide two names who must have broken the rule or for some other reason. Jasmin says Rubina and Eijaz. Eijaz was lying down and Rubina sat down. Rubina says I did a mistake. Eijaz says I was dancing on the floor too. Aly says who saw him lying down? Abhi says to me. Rubina says it was a dance, he was not lying down. Abhi says he can’t rest his back at all in the task. Eijaz says it was a dance. Abhi says it’s written in the rulebook, don’t shout at me. Eijaz says you are illogical. Abhi says your shouting won’t work on me. Eijaz comes closer to him and says I was moving on my back. Abhi says you are out of the task. Eijaz shouts that throw me out if you can. Abhi laughs at him and says you are out of the task. Eijaz says you can’t. Abhi says out, out, out, out. Eijaz says touch me. Abhi says what do you mean to touch you? I am keeping my hands behind my back. You touch me if you want, don’t spit and lick. Eijaz says you are doing ****. Aly asks them to calm down. Abhi says the rule is that you can’t rest your back. Aly says we will count the votes. They all vote and Eijaz gets 5 votes so it’s a majority. Abhi says it’s done Eijaz. Eijaz says this is not you Abhi. Rahul tells Nikki that rule-wise Eijaz was wrong. You can’t lie and shake your back thinking it’s a dance, then everyone will lie down and dance. Nikki says he is out as per the rules but not as a friend. Aly tells Jaan that you don’t have to vote Eijaz but he can’t lie down as per the rules. Eijaz tells Pavitra that I didn’t rest at all, Pavitra says it’s not that. Eijaz says you want to vote against me? Did you vote against me or not? It’s as simple as that. Did you vote against me or not? Pavitra says what about the rules? Eijaz says rules are subjected to my interpretation. I was dancing while lying down. Abhi says then I will dance on the floor. Eijaz says do it, nobody is stopping you. Abhi mimics him and says no one is stopping me. Eijaz says you are showing not a good side. Abhi says don’t tell me about touching and violence. Eijaz says don’t threaten me. Abhi says if you have guts then touch me. Rubina sits in a corner and lets them fight. Jasmin tries to pull Abhi back. Eijaz says he just wants to be seen. Abhi says I don’t do anything here to get content. You talk like a road-side goon. I will talk up when rules are broken.

11:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks Jasmin if they reached any decision mutually or with the majority? Jasmin says the majority voted against Rubina and Eijaz. Bigg Boss says they are both out of the captaincy race and the party. Pavitra hugs Eijaz and says don’t be angry, calm down. Aly hugs Rahul and whispers only you, me or Jasmin will become the captain. Eijaz goes back in the bedroom.
Abhi tells Rahul that he acts like a lion when he is not. Rahul says have you seen his size, he can blow away with the wind.

12 AM
Kavita asks Aly to marry Jasmin. He says eww. Rahul says what’s wrong with marriage? Aly says I will marry.
Bigg Boss welcomes Anu Malik. Anu comes to the glass box. Rahul says he is amazing. Anu says Pavitra and Rahul are doing amazing here. He says let’s have a party. He plays Kumar Sanu’s song and asks Jaan to dance on his father’s song. He sings yeh kaali kaali ankhen. He sings jawani phir na aye. They all dance and copy Salman’s steps. He then sings bheege hoont tere. Jaan dances with Nikki. Jasmin dances with Aly. Pavitra looks at Eijaz from the glass and dances. He smiles and dances with her through the glass. Aly lifts Jasmin and dances. Eijaz intensely looks at Pavitra as she seductively dances. Anu leaves the party.

12:15 AM
The inmates dance to le ole. Shardul dances with Pavitra and rests on her back. She asks him to not rest on her back. Aly tells Abhi that we have to take Kavita out in the next round. Abhi says she is dancing well.

1:15 AM
Bigg Boss says only 7 inmates will go to the next round so which inmates will leave the task? Nikki says Abhi and Kavita. Abhi was just walking. Pavitra says no one is dancing. Kavita and Abhi are slow. Kavita says Pavitra is not even dancing on the floor. Abhi says it’s a task and not a dancing competition. I can’t dance like a professional dancer so I am sorry. Kavita says Pavitra is just taking her group’s side. Pavitra says I am with no other group. Kavita says then don’t shout, we can talk. Nikki says Kavita was not seen in the task. Aly says I agree, she is not dancing much. Kavita says vote for me. She gets the majority votes and goes into the house. Jasmin says I don’t want Jaan to be the captain, he can’t be a leader as he is a flip master and can’t handle the house. Abhi says this is a good reason. Jasmin says if Jaan becomes the captain then he will become soft in front of Nikki. Nikki says it’s his matter. Jaan says so Aly will be soft with Jasmin too. Nikki says Aly is new so he can’t become the captain. Aly says to Nikki I am part of this house, I am here for a week but you are not doing much in 5 weeks that’s why they are calling others to the house, we will bring the TRPs as you are not bringing it. Jasmin asks Aly to not say all that. He takes Jaan’s name because of Nikki telling him that he can’t become the captain. Aly asks Shardul to vote against Jaan. Shardul takes Jaan’s name. Jaan says if I become soft in front of Nikki then Aly will become soft in front of Jasmin too. Aly says I went against Jasmin when she was wrong, I don’t stand with wrong. Jasmin pulls Aly aside and says don’t say anything to Nikki that she was not doing much in the show.
Eijaz asks Pavitra what was that? She smiles and says something else is going on here. Eijaz smiles broadly and says why are you doing this with me? Dancing like that? Pavitra says you were sitting alone so I was cheering you up. Eijaz says even when I was out of the task? Was it a favor? She says yes and laughs. He moves closer to her.

1:45 AM
Bigg Boss asks Jasmin what’s their decision? Jasmin says we have chosen Jaan and Kavita’s name. Bigg Boss says they are out of the party and the captaincy race. Jaan tells Aly that I didn’t agree with Nikki but you have avenged against me for Nikki saying all that? Why did take me out? Aly says I didn’t have a problem with you. Jaan says Jasmin took my name so you are taking out anger on me? Aly says you want to see my anger? Jasmin tries to calm Aly but he asks her to move back. I am handling this. Jasmin moves away. Aly tells Jaan that I didn’t like Nikki saying that I am here for a week and can’t become the captain. I will take Nikki’s name next. He leaves. Eijaz asks Jaan to calm down now.
Aly tells Jasmin that I will become the captain now. I will be so biased. How can they say that I can’t become the captain in the first week?

Bigg Boss says next singer is Neeti Mohan. She comes in the glass box. Rahul is excited. Neeti says we heard that Rahul has announced his love? Rahul says Jasmin has lent me a ring for Disha, I am wearing it as a necklace. Neeti says love should be like this, that you announce it on Bigg Boss. Neeti says this song is for Rahul and Disha. She sings ishq wala love. Aly dances with Jasmin. Pavitra keeps looking at Eijaz and dances. Rahul dances with Aly and Jasmin. Jasmin asks Aly to become the captain, Abhi is okay with you or him become the captain. You can become the captain even if it’s your first week. Aly says I will talk to Rahul. Aly tells Rahul that I want to become the captain because I want to take on Nikki, I want to make it difficult for her. Rahul says let’s think about it in the next round. Neeti sings bang bang. Pavitra dances looking at Eijaz. All others dance and enjoy it. Nikki dances with Shardul. Eijaz comes closer to Pavitra and says you are destroyed now. She sings to bring her in his arms. She lovingly looks at him and dances. Eijaz keeps smiling. Neeti sings huma huma. Rahul tells Aly that it’s about your ego so you will become the captain now. I wanted to see the task till the end but I couldn’t wait to tell you. Aly says I promise on you or Jasmin that I wanted you to be the captain but Nikki made me angry. Rahul says promise to make me the next captain. Aly says I promise. Rahul says you have an ego issue today so become the captain now.
PRECAP – Shaan sings and all dance with him.
Aly and Rahul plan to make Aly the captain.
Pavitra tells Rahul that you could have stood with me, you could have made me the captain. Rahul says all want to become the captain here. Pavitra says you will support me? Rahul says it doesn’t matter. Pavitra shouts at Rahul that he could have taken her side as a friend. Rahul says so I have to do a favor on you because you are my friend? Pavitra says nobody can throw me out of the task, Pavitra Punia doesn’t get dominated, she dominates others.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I literally started hating Aly goni now

    1. Arohi Malhotra

      Ya mee too .
      He is just irritating too much .

    2. isako goni me bharkar , goni ghar k bahar rakh do yar koi

  2. who says this!……I want to see nikki and Robina as bff,….it will be fun watching the two together… what do yall think?

    1. Exactly yaar
      Both together will be bomb
      At least should bring a task where they would be in same team
      It will be awesome to watch

  3. Aly will become the trouble in paradise of friendship. Aly seems two faced actually and I think he will become the barrier breaking Rubina and JAsmin’s friendship! This was A confirmed thing for me since the day he said:
    “Rubina did a favour on Jas and not me” and that also to Rahul!

  4. Chinky tu bahut badal gayi h yar

    Yaar is Aly ko yaha se bahar nikalo yar. Bahut irritate karata h.

  5. I really like Abhinav and Rubina

  6. Aly and rahul are playing good

    1. I agree with you

  7. Aly ko aisa nahi kahna chahiye tha ki rubina ne jas ke liye usse bachaya.

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