Bigg Boss 11 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas wins secret task and arranges party for inmates

Bigg Boss 11 29th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 89
Inmates wake up to song lat lag gayi. They all dance and enjoy. Puneesh, Aakash and Shilpa laugh. Puneesh says we are mental.

Hina says now I understand this show, how to play. Luv says we gave our wins to Vikas, he was called mastermind because we gave him chances. Hina says in barn task, he started beating, in egg task he jumped, he becomes giant mental, crazy person in task, Shilpa talks against him too. Luv says picture is bigger than that.

Vikas is in confession room, Bigg boss says you all must want to celebrate new year, so you have to plan a party, a big party but this is your secret task so no one should know about it, you have to plan it, you will be given a phone and BB’s number is stored in it, you will be given calls and you will be given challenges, you have to fulfill all challenges secretly, you will win things for party by doing challenges so you have to do challenges in order to win food, decorations and other stuff for party. He asks Vikas to read instructions to others.

Vikas comes in house. Vikas reads instructions, Hina’s time for captaincy has ended and since Shilpa, Hina and Luv got most points in relatives’ task so all the three of them will run the house and make sure rules are maintained.

Vikas is hiding phone in his pocket. He gets call from Bigg boss, Bigg boss says soon we will ask inmates to choose who they want to send to jail, you have to make sure that Aakash doesnt go to jail, this is your secret task and inmates shouldnt know your intentions, if you succeed in this challenge, then you will win food for party.

Bigg boss asks inmates to choose who they want to send to jail. Luv says Aakash kept sleeping in task, Vikas says but he did task very nicely, thats why he is not nominated. Aakash says but I didnt even count time in dome task but I won. Vikas says we can choose someone else, Luv says Aakash breaks most rules. Vikas says Priyank, Puneesh or Luv can go. Puneesh says this is not holiday. Vikas says Aakash wont go everytime. Aakash says Priyank, Luv doesnt do house work too, I dot it. Priyank says but you do it at your will and time, you dont listen to anyone. Vikas says Aakash becomes a little more crazy in jail so I thought to not take his name, it didnt affect him much when we sent him last 7 times so send someone else.
Aakash says to camera that I said to inmates that they can meet their families so I broke the rules and slept so they can win and meet their families. aakash says to Vikas that dont fight with them, I am okay to go to jail, I will have exit from jail too. Hina says Vikas you want Priyank to go to jail? Vikas says I think someone else can go this time instead of Aakash.

Puneesh says to Aakash that Vikas wants to send Priyank to go to jail because he wants Priyank to get footage, he doesnt want you to get footage, thats why he is taking Priyank’s name.
Luv says to Hina that Vikas doesnt want to give footage to Aakash. Hina says all this ruckus for that?
Vikas comes to Puneesh and says just listen to me once, dont send Aakash to jail, Puneesh says then go to jail, Vikas says yes give my name, I am ready to go. He leaves. Hina says why should we listen to Vikas?

Vikas comes to Aakash and says bad image goes out when you go to jail so many times, just listen to me and tell inmates that you dont want to go jail and you will try to change as a person.

aakash comes to inmates and says I dont want to go to jail, my mom came and cried so please dont send me to jail, all yawn.

Aakash acts like crying and says dont send me to jail, Puneesh says you will become bigger gangster.

Vikas says to Luv that when Aakash goes to jail, he goes crazy and you know what image of his goes out of house. Luv says yes and competition is between me and Priyank, Aakash is not nominated so he doesnt need attention. Vikas says yes you people should take risk and be bigger person. Vikas asks Puneesh to give reason to send Luv to jail, Puneesh says sorry no reason. Puneesh says this is Bigg boss show, not Vikas Gupta show, make your show outside.

Aakash says to Hina that I dont want to go to jail.

Bigg boss asks inmates who they want to send to jail? most give Aakash’s name. Shilpa says we have chosen Aakash to send to jail, he breaks rules, doesnt listen to anyone. Vikas is sad hearing it. Bigg boss says Aakash will be locked in jail till next order. Vikas makes grumpy face. Puneesh asks Aakash to get his jail backbag. Shilpa says doctor is coming to check Vikas, his heart is melting. Vikas says I tried to do something different. Puneesh says you wanted to show you are top 4th, Vikas says I just tried to reason, I didnt want to send Priyank to jail, I didnt take his name. Puneesh says what can I say, you giyrs are still fighting but friends too, dont know what to make of it. Vikas says you guys are mean and selfish. Puneesh says you were not selfish to not send Aakash to jail? Vikas says I was ready to go to jail. Vikas says I didnt take Priyank’s name. Puneesh says you took his name. Vikas says Puneesh you are playing dirty game, trying to make Priyank fight with me. Puneesh says Vikas dont play if you dont want to, go home. Vikas says I am not going home, we will see who goes. Puneesh says we will see how egoistic people leave. Vikas says I dont fight, Puneesh says you keep saying that others will leave, Vikas says you asked me to leave house, Puneesh says you are egoistic.

Aakash says to Vikas that you are very smart, you took my side and you would look like gangster.
Puneesh says Vikas doesnt have any guts. Puneesh comes to Vikas and Aakash near jail. Aakash says I am setting jail. Puneesh comes there and says Vikas is coward. Vikas hugs him and kisses him, Puneesh says dont touch me, Vikas says I can slap you too, Puneesh gets angry and says move your hand away from me, Hian comes there and says Vikas dont do it if he doesnt like it. Vikas moves away and says I dont want to fight, Puneesh says I dont like it, Vikas says dont fight, Puneesh laughs and jumps on him, he hugs vikas.

Vikas gets Bigg boss’s call, Bigg boss says you failed in first challenge, in next challenge you have to make someone cry and if you succeed in challenge then you will win music for party. Viaks ends call and says its difficult.

Vikas says to Luv that you are a good actor? Luv says I am a good actor, Vikas says can you cry for acting? Luv says I can get tears in eyes but I cant spill them. Vikas asks Hina if she can get emotional and bring tears out? she nods, Vikas says lets all try. Hina gets emotional, Vikas acts like crying, Hina says I cant cry seeing you Vikas. Hina gets emotional, she gets tears in her eyes, Vikas says I am impressed, Hina says it was fake crying. Vikas asks Luv to think of memory and then get emotional. Luv gets emotional and tear falls from his eyes, Puneesh asks why he is crying? Vikas says we were exercising as actors.

Vikas silently requests Bigg boss to give him another chance to win food, its important in party. Bigg boss calls him and says your next challenge is to put blame of stealing on someone and you want to win food again? so if you fulfill this challenge then you will have option to win food or decoration for party. Vikas says okay and ends call.

Puneesh says Vikas has so much ego saying that we will see who goes out first.

Vikas takes out coffees from his and Priyank’s jar and puts it in Aakash’s jar and hides it in his drawer.
Vikas comes to kitchen and asks Luv if he can give him coffee from his jar? Luv opens Vikas’s drawer and says your jar is empty, Vikas says what? it was full. Luv says its empty now. Vikas says who stole it? Luv checks Priyank’s drawer and says his jar is empty too. Vikas says Priyank someone stole your coffee too. Priyank says I dont know.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that why Vikas is making issue of a coffee. Shilpa says who could steal it? Puneesh says he must have drank it, everyone has coffee,nobody would steal it.

Vikas says lets check drawers, Vikas opens Aakash’s drawer and shows that his coffee was hidden in Aakash’s drawer. Puneesh says Aakash stole coffee and you wanted him to not go to jail?
Priyank comes to Aakash and says you stole our coffee? Aakash says no, I keep my coffee in open, Priyank says swear on your mother that you didnt steal it? Aakash says I didnt steal it, swear on my mom and grandma.
Luv says Aakash swore that he didnt steal it, Vikas says he can say anything but we all saw he stole it, Hina says someone else might have done it, Vikas says why would they do it? Shilpa says this is weird.

Vikas comes to camera and says I am sorry Aakash and his mom, I had to do it.

Bigg boss calls Vikas and says you won this challenge, what you want food or decorations? Vikas says food. Bigg boss says your next challenge is that you have to fight with someone and then angrily throw that person’s three clothes in pool, if you succeed in this challenge then you will win appy fizz.

Vikas says to Priyank that I think you are not playing game nicely. Priyank laughs and says why game came out all of a sudden? Vikas says I am trying to talk to you and you are laughing? you think you know it all?
Hina and Luv hears Vikas fighting and says show is there. They come there.
Vikas says to Priyank that you keep thinking that everything is funny? Priyank says you deliberately want to fight? Vikas says you are trying to fight. Puneesh says Vikas you deliberately create fights. Vikas says Puneesh why you are provoking Priyank? Puneesh says Vikas you have started your show. Vikas says to Puneesh that dont mess with him, he will get angry and do something bad. Puneesh says now real vikas is coming out. Vikas says I dont want to talk, he walks away. Priyank says he is doing drama. Puneesh says this is reality show in a reality show.

Vikas comes to bedroom and says I cant fake cry like Hina. Vikas acts like crying.
Puneesh says to Priyank that Vikas is acting now. Shilpa says go and see, why he is crying? Puneesh comes to Vikas and says why you are crying? Vikas says you all say anything. Puneesh says you dont have one tear.
Priyank says to inmates that Vikas is doing to fake acting. Hina says what the hell is Vikas doing?
Vikas says to Shilpa that they dont respect me, I was talking to Priyank and he was making fun of me. Vikas acts like crying and says this Puneesh is saying rubbish about. Puneesh says you are looking very fake while crying. Shilpa says no this is not fake. Puneesh says this is fake, beat us and throw us out. Vikas says I dont want to cry, Puneesh says you are a cry baby. Vikas takes Puneesh’s clothes and leaves. He throws Puneesh’s clothes in pool. Puneesh laughs and says now you fine?

Vikas makes funny face in camera.

Puneesh pulls out his clothes from pool. Puneesh says to Vikas that now you are not angry? vikas says I was angry that time.
Shilpa says to Aakash that I dont know who is doing what here, who is fake and who is real.
Luv says Vikas played reverse psychology, he sent Aakash to jail and got footage for him.

Aakash is shouting from jail that Shilpa you are flip. Puneesh says Aakash is doing all this thinking vikas is getting more footage. Puneesh says Vikas you are great, Vikas asks him to not mess with him, I fold my hands. Puneesh says I touch your feet. Aakash shouts from jail that Puneesh why you are touching Vikas’s feet? Shilpa says now Puneesh is in top 4 and Aakash you are not. Puneesh says I went to mount Everest and put hair band there. Aakash says Vikas did big drama here but Puneesh why did you touch this feet? Puneesh says to do bigger drama, all laugh.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its christmas time but you people still fought, you people put blame of stealing and throwing clothes in pool.. but congrats Vikas you won three challenges out of four for party. Bigg boss says to inmates that we gave secret task to Vikas and he won three challenges so they will enjoy party tonight, he asks Vikas to send phone to store room, all are stunned, Bigg boss says Aakash is out of jail now. Vikas says sorry to Aakash, Aakash jumps on him.

Inmates get ready. Song Aavayin Aavayin plays. All inmates come in gaden and dance to it. Hina is sitting in lounge and watching them. Vikas runs behind Shilpa. They all dance. Aakash brings Hina out of lounge too,they all dance and enjoy. Shilpa thanks Bigg boss. Hina says happy new year, I miss you Ro. She sadly sits in corner.

Puneesh says to Aakash that I am scared of going out. Aakash says I am happy here, I feel safe here. Aakash says I am fine here, I am happy here, I dont have enemies here, Puneesh says yes do anything here, tease anyone here and nothing would happen. Aakash says I am scared of what we will do outside, I am okay with no smoking and alcohol here, first time in life I am happy, dont know what will happen. Puneesh says me too, like how will be the reaction. Aakash says we are celebrating new year here so I have no problems.

PRECAP- Relatives that came in house comes on stage. Salman welcomes them. Relatives will ask questions from inmates.
Aakash’s mom says to Puneesh that he gave up his hair for you and you spit at him, throw slippers at him, how are you a friend? Puneesh says you will see my friendship when time comes,he is my best friend. Rocky says Vikas you said that you did everything for camera. Vikas says it looks like that she acts for camera and does things for camera only.
Bandagi says to Hina that you have commented on Puneesh’s looks and face. Hina says I never commented on looks. Salman says you keep changing statements Hina. Hina says I dont want to talk about it now.
Priyank or Luv will leave be eliminated in weekend ka vaar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Neeru

    * Vikas….. Well done… Itz sucha treat to watch him play tasks…. Task was given to vikas coz hez d one who can pull it off wid so ease…. Now if ppl call it biasedness,, do so.. Who cares…
    * And apart from dat,, The best thing abt this task was,, no one had a clue abt it… I mean no one raised a doubt once….. Everyone had different reasons why vikas is doing it… That was d funniest part…
    * Akash ‘s jail task… Akash is like he wants to become the bigger person.. Puneesh says he wants to give pri footage from jail… Hina is like why shud we do as he says… No i will not.. Shilpa says he wants every one to talk abt him…. ????
    * Rona task…. Wat a masterstroke…. Kisi ko hurt kiye bina rona task jeet gaya…. That was d best… Vikas wud nvr make someone cry deliberately… Not evn for a task…???? Hina,, good job… Luv ,, you too….
    * Chori task… That was easy…. I liked how he asked luv to get the coffee… That way he made sure someone othr dan him wud actually witness it 1st hand…..
    * Gussa task… Kyaa gandi acting kiyaa vikas ne…. ????? Even i laughed a lot… Puneesh – “Ek assu nhi…. Nakli lag rha hai bhai… ” Puneesh nd his one liners… ??Soo funny…. But surprisingly shilpa said nhi wo sach me upset hai… I dnt understand dis lady…. Wen someone is genuinely upset nd sad she calls it fake… Nd vn someones faking it,, shez all sympathetic…. ? And the throwing clothes went smoothly… No one raised ny problm…
    * Akash : puneesh tune uske pair kyun chuyee.. ?? ????

    1. Neeru

      MTV extra dose….
      1st 15mints everyone discussing nd praising vikas for his tactics nd win in each of d secrt task…
      2nd 15mints all,, mainly hina,, saying she is 90% sure that vikas will win…
      Vikas wants to be in top 4 and he wants to perform coz during d intro he wasnt allowed to perform as he was nt a celeb nd a known face..
      Den everyone discussing abt the top 4 nd stuffs….
      Must watch every vikas fans…!!!

    2. Shivani (Loves Vikas)

      Neeru yaar use #VictoryforVikas in your tweets. Anyways havent watched the epi yet but comments are givig me good vibes.

    3. Samaira_khan

      @neeru thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooo much for informing yaar loveeeee u!! Vikas is such a bad actor lol ur right even i thought the same it shows tht he is real and not fake!!

    4. sampath kumar

      but shilpa and aakash reaction to vikas was like u cant win this show …… hina was clearly insecure

    5. haha rightly said brother…its really a treat to watch vikas play in tasks….
      hina aur shilpa ko kuch samajh hi nahi aaya xD

    6. Neeru,
      Indeed it was ‘ gandi acting of crying’…. But what was the need to do so, task was to throw dresses in anger… The moment he argued with punnu & pri, itself he could hav thrown it… Anyway shilpa’s reasoning power s out now ….he he…
      – Making cry 2ppl without hurting them- was awesome… , he couldn’t save acash going jail… But he could change Acash’s usual claim ” me is gade ka sunta hi nahi hu, sunta hi nhi hu….” -tht’s too without making Acash realize of it…. 😛
      Again, vikku used full advantage of he’s being in jail to accuse coffee theft on him… Obviously Acash was the easy target the moment……Tht’s too brilliant to hide coffee in green tea box… Everyone believed it seeing so….!
      I loved how vikku attended calls and how he pleaded for another chance to gain food…
      Nobody had any doubt….they were busy in assuming and concluding things which s not real…. 😀
      I loved Acash’s last scenes in jail….
      Acash : ” puneesh, u toched his feet…?”
      Shilpa : ” now he s in top 4…. U r out…”
      When gotta know, it was a secret task and BB gave vikku a phone for it.., all got jealous..
      Hina started assuming vikku s the winner bcs of previous season’s same incidents….
      – I hope BB won’t evict him to place luv and Acash in top 4….

    7. Koi smj h n paya ki wo KR Kya r h doubt ki to bat h n Hui….vikss k age sub fuse ho gae……

      Uski Ek bat or appreciate krna chiye usne stealing task me apne sath love ko b involve kia tki subko usor easily believe ho jae…..or aksh k itne tourtr k bad b usk sath kitna acha behav KR r h wo….

    8. Vikas is going in top 4 for sure…… Is hafte puneesh or aksh beghar hoge…..90 per chance puneesh k he hai is bar Jane k…. luv,Hina,Shilpa ND ofcourse vikku b top 4 me hai ….. But Yar arshi b top 4 me hona deserve krti ti luv itna n krta…… But it’s sad to see he is in top 5

  2. Hii frind now Shilpa Hina nd love become captain so they are shafe from nomination …priynk is alredy going nd now vikas punish ND aksh nominate hoge so plz vote for vikas as much as u can

    Today is vikas day whole episode surrounded by vikas …. I liked today’s episodes very much

    Today’s he look damn cute…..usks hair style uski dress sub perfect thi

    1. yeah right…its high time ki ab puneesh aur luv ko nikalo
      i wish inki jaga arshi aur hiten hote 🙁

    2. Anjali,
      BB allowed them to rule house together only… I don’t think that they’r safe from nominations…. There must b very unusual nomination task this time bfr finale… Or may be everyone will be nominated…!!

  3. He play very nicely too …koi b nhi smj pya ki use koi secret task mila hai….sub fail ho gae usk aage

  4. East or West – Akash Dadlani is the best. A-CASH winner of bigg boss 11. Mark my words.

    1. Tvfan1

      I love akash but he doesn’t stand a chance against Shilpa,hina and vikas..

  5. Aj to chiti k par nikl see h …. Kaise punish vikas ko bol r Tha k Ghar chle jao… Saf dikh r h ki koun selfish hai subse BDA selfish to punish khud h or vikas ko bol r h ….vikas n Jo Kia usme uska khud ka koi fyda n that pure house mate k lie usne itna tuff task Kia…

  6. Yo!! Vikas did the secret task extremely perfect……
    That task of making someone cry was done so well……hats off for that…….I would say VG IS BACK…….n I m loving it…….nyc to see it…….
    Hina was jealous that vikas got the task n she didn’t…….its just my opinion……
    Precap is super good……..
    VIKAS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF TODAY’S EPI N THE WAY HE MADE HINA N LUV CRY WAS OUTSTANDING!!!!!!…….I m really happy to say that the mastermind VG is back…….last few episodes were not worth commenting…..but today is a different case……..

    1. Samaira_khan

      @nandini spoke my words!! veryyyyyy trueee

  7. funny episode. I loved it

  8. rona task was the best

  9. sara ali khan

    Vikas…u r a true rock star.a mastermind……hero of biggboss 11.u hv done a brilliant job in todays task….I wish and hope…u will win this show……ameen.

  10. sara ali khan

    @nandini…hi hope u r fine..I’m actually a silent reader…..but u r right….hina was feeling jealous at vikas….dats y she was sad….sorry plzz dont fight guys…..just my point of view.

  11. @neeru totally agreed with your points, puneesh and vikas was very funny. And shilpa ko sacchi me laga ki VG is upset. But hina kitni jealous ho gai thi jab BB announsed about secret task of VG. sorry hina fans, par abhi usko bhi pata hai ki vo show nahi jeetne wali. Support for vikas,shilpa they both are playing very nice.

  12. Jumangi Khatra

    MY Boy Vikas Gupta aka VG is the winner of bigg boss. Awesome job today in the task. If Vikas doesn’t win this show I will commit suicide. I mean it

  13. sara ali khan

    @neeru, xyz,Samaria,neha, amy…….I love to read ur best comments……very well written .

    1. Thank you sara

    2. Thank you Sara,
      Share ur reviews always…
      It will be nice to read… 🙂

  14. An amazing episode after a long time.enjoyed every second of it.moreover hats off to vikas for crying task .it’s master mind idea. Stealing also awesome.nobody reacted much, thought he is doing for
    I think Shilpa made punnesh away from vikas so that vikas won’t save him anymore or is she trying to make vikas out.both ways she is benefited.

  15. I like how Vikas had Hina crying…also showed that Hina was fake crying for probably the whole season!

  16. Liked last 2 episodes.
    All Housemates got emotional. Feeling bad for Pri though. According to polls, there are chances he will leave.

    Luv-Pri in Nominations. Quite a game right?

    All I want to say is,
    Every contrstant have fans. But there are fans who fight with other fandoms just to prove their own fandom right. Let it be Twitter or other social media, people keep on insulting others.
    Personally, I think its wrong.
    Moreover, one doesn’t fully know what happens in the BB house or what will happen after BB. Present rivals can be future good friends.
    Most of the fights in industry deepens, when fans and media act upon it.

    Please Stop Insulting Housemates and their Fandom.

    1. Priyank evict ho gaya hei

  17. *Vikas bhai rone waale task mein kya dimaag lagaya tha yaar hats off….you are a true winner!
    *shilpa shinde ko fake cheez real lagti hai aur real cheez fake….aur yeh bb waale use suppport karke winner banayenge xD
    *priyank was like bhai achanak se kya hua? lol
    *puneesh humesha ki tarah b*t*hing karne waala ladka aaj muh pe kaise bolne lag gaya? i think usse ab lagne paga hai ki jahan tak pohocha hai woh utna hi kaafi hai
    #VikasWinningTasks 😀

    1. VGfan,
      Priyank s almost confirmed tht he s going this week…. He was like Vikas s giving me footage for free…. 🙂
      I felt priyank s not interested to stay more inside…. He has done with this show…
      He lost his confidence….
      Punnu, luv & Acash r desperate to stay inside even after finale….. They don’t wanna go out!
      Priyank could earn back good boy image towards the end atleast…

    2. Me to feel same…..Kal k episodes me pri ko dekh k kahi see b n laga ki wo or khelne k lie interested hai…. He was sitting like he don’t care….. Or muje wo today sad b laya use PTA h ki wo is hafte bahar ho jaega so I think that way he gave up…..

      But he need to be storng after that or apni image ko wapas tik krne ka try krna chiye….

      I will miss him….

      Bb is totally unfair with him…

    3. @Amy seriously feeling bad for priyank…at least wo puneesh, luv aur akash se pehle jana deserve nehi karta hai..I guess wo friendship mei itna involve ho jata hai ke usi ke chakkar mei wo khud fass jata hai..pehle jab arshi ke bare mei (pune goa scandal)wo bola tha tab wo sapna ko defend karne ke liye(although shilpa ne v vikas ko parth ko leke indirectly punnu ko bola tha tab salman ne shilpa ko kuch nehi bola) , phir jab shilpa aur arshi ko ‘saand’ bola tha tab hina ko captaincy ke liye koi nominate nehi kiya tha iss liye gusse mei bola tha..phir ek baar luv ko defend karne ke liye vikas se fight hua tha.. Agar ye sab mei wo involved nehi hota to surely wo end tak rehta..even pehle eviction mei salman ne v bola tha ke wo priyank ko finale mei dekhte the.. Actual mei wo aisa nehi hai jitna ke bigg boss mei negatively usko dikhaya hai..jaise ke family episode mei sirf trp ke liye divya ko lane ki zarurat nehi thi..phir v priyank ne divya ke bare mei kuch negative nehi bola.. Priyank ke saath unfair hua aur kahi na kahi wo samaj gaya ke wo jane wala hai..I hope in future uske saath achha ho..Wish him all the best..

    4. @amy
      i really wish ki priyank apni puraani jaisi image firse bana paaye….woh acha kar sakta tha agar galat logon ka saath na deta toh…hina ke saath rehkar he changed(i guess)
      usne jo arshi ke baare mein bola tha that was really wrong….I also think ki bigg boss waale unfair rahe hai uske saath waale task mein bhi divya ko nahi bulana chahiye tha…agar divya ko bulana hi tha toh shilpa ke liye bulate na bhabhiji ghar par hai ke producer MrKohli ko….kya karein iss baar ka show biased rha hai…even salman favours shilpa too much….
      I hope priyank has a bright future.

  18. sampath kumar

    vikas stealed the show ……. shilpa telling vikas was really feeling bad that was hilarious ….. puneesh was bang on today…. whoever win the show they never gonna feel satisfied because vikas gupta show eh BB11…… hina is like i have done nothing in this show she is feeling so bad about it if she win this show also she never gonna feel it as vikas already owned this show ….. aakash never listen to anyone but vikas convinced him with sweet words he came and told everyone i dont want to go to jail …. i am totally impressed …. BB telling vikas u done this task so easily ….. this BB11 is challenging to the creators because vikas never missed a chance to impress them …… he is not creating any fights or cheating anyone and personnel comments be pass nahi kar rahahae …….i really wish him to win …. coming days are tough on vikas as priyank was also not there ….. i hope he manage it graceully

    1. He will definitely do it….he has much courge nd brain also which is needed most at this time……I hope he will win……..

      Chaluu Khan jealous b thi or use y b lg r hoga na ki me itni smart bnti hu but vikaas n uski sari smartness nikl di….

      Rona task is best….usne Bina kisi personl comment k it’na ache se task Kia…… It’s show how much sensetive he is…..kuki jinme sense hoti h wo h esa KR skte h insane insan see umid n ki ja skti…….or usne y pura task selflessly Kia jbkia jbki uska direct koi advantage n tha uska ….or stealing task k bad acsh k sath sath uski mother see maacj mangi ….bhut h Kam log hote h Jo khule aam apni glti mane or sorry bole …’s need courge….. I m proud of you VG..

  19. Actually he does everything without shouting and cheating.
    Now compare this. Had it been hina puneesh shilpa or akash in vikas s place. Wt wud they have done. Akash ko jail se bachane k liye sabse pehle bad blood create krte. Hina hoti toh akash ko puneesh aur shilpa k against krti ki dekho tumhare friends tumhara naam le rhe h. Same she did btw vikas and priyank.
    Puneesh toh worst contestant hai hi. Worst. But the reasons vikas gave to save akash were clean and brainy. He didnot try to create any bad blood.
    Cry task main bhi kisi ka dil nahi dukhaya.
    Steal majn krna pada n uske liye bhi he said sorry so many times. But ye log itne insecure hain Vikas se woh saaf dikhta hai.

    1. Indian,
      ”.. Had it been hina puneesh shilpa or akash in vikas s place. Wt wud they have done…”
      You r right Vikku did it brilliantly without creating troubles
      Comparing Vikas, Arshi, Acash and Shilpa – Hina hasn’t done anything for this show…. She doesn’t have a ‘TRADEMARK ‘ her own…. Her supporters even tried to make her Style Icon – but that too backfired..!
      She told Vikku yesterday in extra dose that he deserves to win… But in the morning she and luv were discussing like Vikku only plays with mind…. In chin stand task, nobody else was tortured like vikas and ben..,they stood longer time than Hina and sapna… even shilpa acknowledged it tht day.. Hina’s problem s she wants credit of best performer always.., HM r really jealous of vikas’s victory in most tasks

    2. ek baat kehna chahunga…mujhe samajh nahi aata ki hina baar baar baar baar yeh kyu bolti rehti hai ki she was the ebst perfoemer in the task….last week toh hadd hi hogayi she said ki main day 1 se best perform karti aarahi hu…arey madam aap 12 hafte har task haari hai vikas gupta se aur toh aur sultani akhada bhinahi jeeti abhi tak…13th week mein jab poora ghar vikas ke against tha aur shilpa se dosti karke yeh hina task jeeti thi 13th week mein task jeeti ho aap woh bhi sabke help se and you think you are the best performer…i think she is one of the worst performers…..go get a brain miss hina….bahar aao aap dekho kya laga rahe hai log aapki

    3. sampath kumar

      so true …… he didnt misused this task to hurt anyone……

  20. Where is xyz ????? he/she didn’t comment since yesterday…..I miss his/her comments..

  21. Ajj Salman Khan female gajni ko thoda shock treatment dene wale h wo b usk boy firend k samne ……. Waiting for today’s episodes …..

  22. Esther

    Wow Vikas ??? you did great…loved this epi… Best part was he won the ‘rona’ task in a smart way without doing anything wrong……and I think he did that fake crying to make situation look funny…..Puneesh found Vikas acting fake and didn’t fight more….Glad nothing bad happened during the task……and all HM’s are happy now❤❤❤good to see all happy and having fun….even if its for one day

  23. Poor shilpaji…Y own fans r not believing her, why they still trend #fixed winnerVikas??
    Shilpa predicted already vikas wil leave in 14 th week… May b it’s too written in her contract….
    BB gave secret task to that contestant who performed best… Vikas won 80% task by his brilliance…! When everybody wanted ‘mastermind’ tag, BB again giving gupt task to vikas… BIASED BIASED bolte hai HILPA fans….
    But yeh roti banane ka task nhi tha….na hi b*t*hING task tha…. toh fir BB kya karen???
    For shilpa BB introduced special ‘cooking task ‘ , but in tht too vikas got equal score….. Fir zabardasti shilpa ko winner banaya ‘Gar aaye Garwale’…. Very unfair with shilpa….

    Fed up with all these HILPA fans creates many videos having title ‘VIKAS IS EXPOSED’
    Content : ______ ________________
    Thanks for watching!
    Hina fans : he’s manipulative, he s exposed now
    Shilpa fan : He’s worst #evictvikasgupta
    Vikas fan 1 : wht r they talking about ?
    Vikas fans : NO IDEA ??‍??‍
    HILPA fans : you blind fans will never agree ??…
    Vikas fans : lekin hai kya is video me..??
    HILPA fans : @#-*/\:&~/;@#@*%$……
    Lekin vikas hamare liye bhagawan hai…he made impossible to possible…
    A few weeks ago ;
    Hina : I’l never talk to shilpa till the show ends…
    Shilpa : Hina doesn’t even exist for me….
    Vikku tussi great ho….!

    1. @amy: hahahhaha. Wonderful!

    2. Maja agya very true……

    3. @Amy, ha ha ha… Lol
      Just loved it

  24. sampath kumar

    salman aagaya chamchagiri kar nae kaeliyae……. how vikas is the reason for hiten eviction if it is true also wat is wrong…. he never accused her for that…… shilpa brother trying his level best …. vikas never told shilpa is acting in tat conversation…….

    1. Hii vikas isle responsible smjha jata h kuki subko PTA h ki Jo naje vikas lega akash or Shilpa humesa uska oppsite h krege to vikas m hiten ka name lia Tha isle Shilpa or aksh n priynk ko vote Diya …… that’s way he got evicted..lekin esa h nhi bb ko bus hiten ko niklna Tha chahe isse ir ydi esse n niklta to wo bolte h ki use Kam vote mile the….so vikas is not responsible at all..

  25. Guys v need to strt trend to stop beong partial …everytym either hina r vikas r bashed fr turnong against shilpa y so …y two weeks to wait let declare shilpa winner hogaya na…dey know trp hina aur vikas kae karan aarahi hai …..y vikas family ws nt called in wkw par ….shilpa ws asked nly one que dt stupid que by rocky

  26. Trend is must nw pls hina n vikas fans support fr ds

  27. guys ,shilpa shinde is gonna become the first finalist , thats what sources say , she is gonna become the first finalist because she is the captain of the last week . i used to think why shilpa isnot getting the chance of becoming captain . at the correct time she got it . i want , vikas , puneesh , shilpa , hina and luv to be in top five . i strongly feel priyank will get evicted . some polls say that too . so happy for luv .

  28. Vikas Gupta bhagwan Ka autar hai
    Mahaan insan BB season 11 winner hai
    Jai ho Vikas Baba ki jai ho

  29. Today’s twitter India trends .. Shilpa on the top of list ..

    ⒈ #WeLoveShilpaShinde
    ⒉ #SRKatKalyanLaunch
    ⒊ #BlackMirror4
    ⒋ Palestine
    ⒌ #WePurpleUTaehyung
    ⒍ #KamalaMills
    ⒎ Lok Sabha
    ⒏ World Rapid Chess Championship
    ⒐ Humans of Hindutva
    ⒑ Congress MLA Asha Kumari

    2017/12/30 05:00 IST #trndnl

    1. #WeLoveShilpaShinde – 1.04M tweets ke sath saare records thod di
      Shilpa fandom is the best.It shows pure dedication.Vikas apne mastermind misuse bhi karte honge yeh baat uska fans nahi soch rahe hei.Vikas to kabhi bhi winner nahi banega
      Winner-Shilpa Shinde/Hina Khan
      1st runner up- Hina Khan/Shilpa Shinde
      2nd runner up-Vikas Gupta
      Aise hi honge

    2. Congratulations…..

    3. @Fairmont that’sa a great news……

  30. zara hayat khan

    Well Vikas deserves best to win this show.he always play nicely and smartly as well.Shilpa has not done anything yet in house except cooking and badmouthing about vikas….shilpa ji..this is not a cookery show…shilpa must join masterchef Australia….lol…..
    East or west..vikas is the best…..

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