Bigg Boss 10th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Nikki Tamboli becomes the first confirmed contestant

Bigg Boss 10th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He sits in his theater and says it’s fun to be here, it’s BB theater. I don’t remember when I last went to the theater. He says a lot happened in this first week. Seniors gave a task and two inmates became immune. Bigg Boss then gave them a bulldozer task and see what happened. Sid tells Abhi that the game is for you, you have to get up now. Rubina says can I help him now? Sid says he can come back again and fight. Rubina asks Abhi to get up, I am here baby. She asks what do you want? Abhi says I want to hear from all three. Gauhar asks Hina. Hina, Gauhar and Sid agree that he is disqualified for this round. Rubina takes Abhi from the bulldozer and sends him to the pool. Nishant says sorry to Abhi.

3:30 PM
Sarah and Pavitra are sitting on the bulldozer. Nikki and Eijaz work to get them down. Nikki is throwing a bottle on Sarah. Shahzad says you can’t do this Nikki. Sid says don’t stop her, you can do your work. Gauhar asks Nikki to not pinch Sara. Nishant throws powder on Pavitra. Jasmin takes the place and asks Pavitra to get down. Pavitra says I will be with you if you take my side. Jasmin says I came alone and will remain alone.

Abhi is huffing so Rubina cries and screams BB we want a doctor ASAP. Hina asks what happened? Rubina shouts that I want a doctor, they are all animals. They are all illiterate. Sid asks Rubina to calm down, he is better. Rubina says he is not better, it has gone up his nose. Sid says it was just powder, it happens all the time. Rubina says no, he is not fine. Sid says he had a choice to get down from the bulldozer. Abhi asks Rubina to not panic, I am fine. Rubi sits with him and asks if he is fine? Abhi says I can panic but you can’t panic.

Shahzad covers Sarah in shaving foam. She says keep your nails away from me. She cries so Shahzad says I have to. Gauhar says nobody is coming forward. Hina says nobody is interested. Shahzad says someone should come to attack Pavitra. Hina says someone should attack Pavitra. Eijaz brings a trimmer and tells Pavitra that I am cutting your hair. He cuts some hair of hers. Gauhar and Hina are stunned. Eijaz tells Pavitra that I will keep cutting your hair. Sarah is crying as Nikki and Shahzad attack her. Sarah says I am getting down. Hina takes Sarah away so Shahzad takes her place. Eijaz and Hina bring Sarah in the pool. Sarah cries and says I can’t open my eyes. Jasmin says you will be fine, Jasmin cries for Sarah. Hina hugs Jasmin. Jasmin says I will wash your face with milk. It will be fine.

4:30 PM
Jasmin and Hina are helping Sarah.
Nikki and Rahul attack Shahzad and Pavitra. Rahul asks Shahzad to get up. He attacks him with a paste and asks him to get up. Shahzad gets up and runs to the pool. Rahul takes his place. Nikki attacks Rahul’s face with shaving foam. Eijaz is rubbing a paste on Pavitra’s face and asks her to get down, I want a chance. Sarah asks Pavitra to not get down. Nikki takes Shahzad’s place. Sid tells Hina that I want her to win, they are really doing well. Sid says Pavitra deserves it.

4:45 PM
Sarah brings Nikki’s make up. Eijaz says destroy her makeup. Sarah destroys Nikki’s makeup and asks her to get down. Sid tells Hina that this is tough but she is strong. Eijaz is attacking Pavitra and asks her to get down. The buzzer and the task ends. All clap for Nikki and Pavitra. Eijaz picks Pavitra up and takes her to the pool. Nishant brings Nikki to the pool. She screams and cries. Sid says Pavitra was so deserving. They are both stars. Bigg Boss says the task has ended. Nikki and Pavitra won the task and has got immunity. Pavitra cries and Eijaz hugs her. Sid says Pavitra played very well.

Salman says they performed very well.

5:30 PM
Pavitra comes of the pool and Rahul hugs her. He says you played very well. Pavitra says I will never curse you.

Gauhar says Nikki didn’t get up when her makeup was broken. Sid tells Nikki that I will send all the makeup for you.

Rubina tells Abhi that Eijaz has cut Pavitra’s hair and now hugging her. Rubina says he has brought two personalities, one is the calm one. Abhi says Sid thinks we are being ungrateful. It’s not like he is massaging our feet. Rubina says he has to show his importance, it’s not like we are cursing him.

6 PM
Sarah tells Rubina that I had a teacher who had a favorite and they always favored her. Abhi says they will try to shatter you. Rubina says Gauhar was giving water to Nikki, I requested Hina to help you but she didn’t. I asked Sid but he said they can’t be involved. Gauhar is helping Nikki at each step. Sarah says why? Rubina says you will understand soon.

Nikki tells Hina and Sid that I was so scared to sit the second time. Sid says you did great. Nikki says I don’t worry about the makeup. Hina says you can get anything from me, I will leave it for you. Nikki says it’s not important for me anymore. Sid says public will go crazy for you now.

On the Stage:
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says we saw drama, melodrama and destruction also. We are taking it up the notch today. It will action packed episode with my reactions. He says today Nikki or Pavitra will get the power which would be equal to a senior. You will know it soon. He says it’s time to connect with the inmates.
Salman connects the video call to the house. Everyone greets him. Salman says you all look nice, what a chance. Rubina says I have started wearing Abhi’s clothes? Salman says today too? Rubina laughs and says no it’s my dress. Salman says you guys must have exchanged night gowns at your house. Abhi laughs and says no. Salman tells the inmates that it’s time for the storm. I think Jaan knows what’s going to happen. He says no idea sir. Salman says we knew that. He congrats Jaan for coming to Bigg Boss, all laugh. Salman jokes about his father singing heyyyy heyy to him. Salman asks him to take time in this house. Salman says I say this all the time in every season. Salman says there was Tehseen last season who wanted to win the show. Salman says you shouldn’t show that much competition.

In the house:
4 PM
Pavitra and Abhi are sitting on the scooper of the bulldozer. Rubina is throwing water on Abhi to clean his face. Shahzad says this is wrong. Gauhar says Abhi is disqualified. Hina asks Gauhar to give Rubina a chance, she won’t do it again. He is struggling. Gauhar says but it’s wrong to wipe his face with water. Gauhar says Abhi is disqualified by helping Rubina. Abhi says she didn’t clean my face. Gauhar asks Rubina if she gave him water? She says I did throw water on him but the game is not going on. Salman says Nikki and Pavitra congrats. Nikki says thank you. Salman says you both performed well. Salman asks Nikki what is going to happen today? One is going home but tomorrow. He says between Nikki and Pavitra, one will be moved from TBC to the confirmed list. They will join seniors and get powers just like seniors. Seniors will decide who will be confirmed.
Salman asks Jasmin about her dress. Jasmin says I had to negotiate a lot. Salman asks if she washed it? She says I can’t wash it properly. I don’t know how to wash the clothes, the detergent was not coming out but I will learn. Salman says a detergent company wanted to take you onboard but they saw you crying on TV over detergent and canceled you. Salman says how much detergent would you need to wash my clothes and BB’s underwear? Jasmin counts and says I will need 3 scoops of detergent. All laugh. Salman asks who can tell as an expert. Nishant says Jaan washes the clothes well. Salman asks Jaan where did you learn washing the clothes? Do you practice singing while washing clothes? Jaan says I have learned all the house chores. I think Jasmin is using a lot more detergent. Jasmin says I am always confused. I miss my Biki who is my house-keeper. I am missing her the most here. Salman says call her in the house. Jasmin says I miss my dog Rambo. I love him so much.
Salman tells Pavitra that you are pure so I want to ask about you talking about Eijaz. You always say that you have heard a lot about Eijaz, what have you heard about him? Pavitra says I have told Eijaz that I have heard he is an aggressive person. Eijaz laughs. Pavitra says I had interactions with him but he is not an aggressive person. Salman says Eijaz is not an aggressive person, I know him. Eijaz says Nikki has called me aggressive as well. Salman asks Nikki? Nikki says I have heard that he is an aggressive person. Salman asks Pavitra why you want to see his aggressive side? Pavitra says no, he is calm here and very soft. Salman says when the right time comes, he will put down his point.
Salman tells the inmates that I want to share a secret. Salman tells everyone that some live viewers are watching you in the house. All are surprised. Salman says they have their separate cameras. Salman says did you feel someone is watching you? Did you get that uneasy feeling? I want to show you what they are watching. He shows the picture of Nishant, Sarah and Abhi. He says they are viewers but they are staying in the house. They feel like they are part of the show but they are acting like spectators in the house. Sid laughs. Salman asks Jasmin did she understand what he said? Jasmin says I understood that Abhi, Sarah and Nishant are just spectators and not actively involved. Salman says you are correct. Salman says there a big fan of Bigg Boss who is chilling in the house and that person is Jaan. Salman says will you show your specialty to the audience? Jaan says yes.
Salman tells the inmates that the good news that we are opening the BB Mall for all the freshers. Salman says the bad news that only Nikki Tamboli looks like a real BB material. Hina says yes, she talks and takes her stand. She fights for herself. She has shown endurance in the tasks as well, she doesn’t back out. She lost her makeup but she said it doesn’t matter for her, the immunity matter for her and that should be spirit. Salman asks Pavitra that you are feeling bad when she is praising Nikki? Pavitra says no. Salman says Nikki is getting a privilege to go to the BB Mall for 2 minutes and get the items for anyone. You can get anything you want. Salman says your 2 minutes starts now.
Nikki runs and goes to the mall. She takes all the dresses and shoes. She takes food items and throws outside the mall. She goes back and takes some T-shirts and hair-bands. She takes Rubina’s shoes as well. Salman says you can’t take your items. Nikki takes others’ clothes. She grabs the bikini from the statue as well. She takes boys’ clothes as well and comes out in time. All clap for her.
Salman asks why did she take the boys’ items? Nikki says I will use those as well. Salman says no boy should go to the mall with her. She took everything. Salman says to bring all the items to the center table. Salman tells Abhi that you have to count the items. Salman says to Rubina that we give these simple instructions. He tells Abhi that last season’s Shukla made everyone wake up and this season’s Shukla is making everyone sleep. Salman says we give simple instructions and you want legal opinions on that?
Salman tells Rubina that we have seen you and it feels like you can fight your battles, you know how to take a stand but when something comes your way. Abhi comes to make you silent or take you in the wrong direction. That’s why you are portrayed wrongly or as a weak person. I think after Nikki, anyone who can take a stand is Rubina. It doesn’t matter if your logic is right or wrong but you take a stand, you don’t cross a line and your husband knows that. He tells Abhi that let her fight her own battles. Rubina thanks, Salman. Salman says Rubina was fighting for her rights and Abhi was asking for a screw-driver. Let us show that.

The clip shows a dish handle breaking. Abhi says Bigg Boss can you send a screw-driver in the house. The clip ends. Salman says the person who cast Abhi has been fired because of the wrong casting. Rubina says really? Gauhar says he is being sarcastic. Salman says your manager is worried for you Abhi. All laugh. Salman asks Sid if Rubina missed her chance when she was outside? Sid says yes, she had a chance because everyone was feeling sorry for her because she was alone in the garden. She could have enjoyed and made it entertaining for the people but she started cribbing and it looked boring. Salman says Rubina was a lone warrior in the garden. Lone warrior always wins in the house. He says both have a strong bond as husband and wife, keep it up.
Salman says we don’t know who has bonded with whom? He says Pavitra what relationship you have with another fresher? Pavitra says I don’t have a strong bond with anyone. Salman says who will you consider? Pavitra says I am close to Eijaz so I would want to. I want to make a friendship with Nikki and Jasmin. Salman says there are no strong emotions, the audience doesn’t know who is the friend with whom. You people don’t have much time. You do the tasks to get immunity or to get the screen-time. Your approach towards the task is different. You are playing against your own friends. If you are fighting in the task then don’t say sorry. Eijaz didn’t want Pavitra to get the immunity but he stopped. Eijaz says I had the trimmer but I didn’t cut Pavitra’s hair. Salman says Pavitra is your friend but you were playing against her? Eijaz says because I wanted the immunity. Salman asks Sid to explain. Sid says they all have pre-conceived notions. They are showing off everything to the camera. They want to keep their personalities hidden. They are not friends or enemies. Gauhar says Pavitra was sitting on the scooper but no one was attempting to make her stand up. The only person who was trying was Eijaz. They didn’t attack Pavitra a lot. I think they didn’t care about immunity. Sid says they were all laid back. Eijaz tried a lot. Salman says Sid has done tasks very well in his season. He says you people are mechanical. This show is about you, your original personality will come out soon but the time is less. You people are not trying and not going all out. You know that obviously. Salman tells Eijaz that it feels like you are stopping yourself and we got some clarity. We will show it to the audience. He ends the call.

Salman shows the clip. The clip shows Eijaz talking to Sid. Eijaz says my sister was grown up in a different house. I wanted to give back to every girl at one point. Eijaz tells Sid that till 2011, I used to run behind girls to help them. There was a girl who I helped a lot, I didn’t know the technical things, I didn’t know that if I tell a girl that I will marry her and have s*x with her but if I don’t marry her then it will be considered as rape. I was shooting but living with her at that time, she threatened me that she will accuse me. And something very wrong was about to happen but thankfully it didn’t. I got scared from that point on. When Nikki misbehaves then I start losing my calm. I control myself. I shouted at Rubina and then felt wrong. Sid says this is one of the safest places to be in, this is not the outside world. I understand what happened to you, a lot of those things would have happened with me here but it didn’t. If you want to talk and put your point on then do it. I think if a girl is not respecting me then I won’t respect her. Let the public decide if you are right or wrong. Rubina’s perspective doesn’t matter.

Salman connects the call to the house again. Salman says to Eijaz that you talked to Sid and we showed it to the audience. He tells Eijaz that if you are going wrong then you are shown wrong, if you are keeping your limits then you are right. Eijaz says I become awkward because of my past. When I try to talk, I pause myself and become conscious. Salman says it happens with everyone but your point of view should come to the front. You shouldn’t look like you are a doormat. We are with you. Eijaz says I try to be nice and they take it for granted. Eijaz says we have been fighting for dresses but I gave my items to Jasmin so she got the dress because I gave up my item for her but she didn’t even thank me when you asked her. Jasmin says seriously? I thanked you before. Salman asks Eijaz to not react on small things, react to the things that matter.
Salman tells the inmates that you people are doing tasks but there is no motive behind it. Especially Rahul, Eijaz and Nishant. Nishant says that the task was overwhelming for me, I wanted to do things but I didn’t. Salman says you have 2 weeks in total. You don’t have much time left. You people don’t have to create those bonds. He says only one girl is over-emotional which is Jasmin. Jasmin says people don’t understand here. I found Eijaz fine and he has said something so small today. I fight for my rights but I feel like I am bumping my head on a wall. I am not going to take someone’s favor now. Salman says you have to fight. Jasmin says I won’t back down now. She cries and says Eijaz has said something so small. Eijaz says I fought for you all. Jasmin says I stayed silent so that we can all get food. Eijaz says you always stay silent. Salman tells Jasmin that it’s not about Eijaz. Jasmin says I just got affected by him, I have learned my lesson. Salman says you won’t back down now? Jasmin says I will fight for my rights. Salman says Sid keeps telling you but you don’t listen. He asks Sid if she is going wrongly? Sid says Jasmin is in a cocoon. Jasmin says I am being myself, I take my time. Salman says you will come out of your cocoon by season 15? Jasmin says no, you will see a different side, I have a mind of my own. Salman says really? Nikki says I also think Jasmin backs out to not have a confrontation. Salman says this personality is very nice in a real-life situation. But this is Bigg Boss and it’s a show. Jasmin says this show will make me stronger, I will become a witch now. Salman says you can be logical and put your point down. Jasmin says I don’t say wrong words, I don’t talk to people who talk like pigs. Salman says you called them all pigs? That’s a big thing. All laugh. Jasmin says they don’t care. Salman says you called them pig! Jasmin says it was a phrase. They don’t care about their dignity. Salman says you should take a stand for yourself. Jasmin says I don’t care about them. Salman says your fans shouldn’t think that you are not taking a stand.
Salman asks Nikki that you have seen other seasons so what will happen now? Nikki says the scene will change now. Gauhar says I think they will have a balloon task. Salman says it’s time for the caller.

The Caller of the Week:
Salman connects to caller Aditya. Aditya says I want to ask Nishant that he said in his video that he is like a hero, you said big words but you were not seen in the first week. Who is a real Nishant? In his intro video or in the house? Nishant says I was trying to understand the people but I will take my stand now. Salman ends the call.

Salman tells the inmates that Pavitra and Nikki won’t immunity. Now seniors will decide who will be confirmed between them. Hina says we can go and discuss.

Sid tells Hina and Gauhar that Nikki has given her 100%. She has done everything throughout. Pavitra is doing great but she is not opening up. Nikki has got her things, she is unreasonable but she makes negotiations and has done her work. She is smart. Gauhar says she won her immunity twice. Hina says Pavitra is more responsible. When I talk about points, Nikki won two times and took the stand every time, I also feel Nikki in that sense. Gauhar says BB is about a package, Nikki has entertained and has proved herself. Sid says she is doing things when she is not on a big position. Hina says if we give her more responsibility and see how she reacts if she becomes too arrogant or handles it well. They decide on Nikki’s name.

Salman asks Hina, Sid and Gauhar. Hina says we think Nikki deserves it. She has won two tasks, she should get this responsibility. Gauhar says Nikki is very entertaining. Sid says she is being very real. Sid says she has taken her stand, it doesn’t matter if it was reasonable or not. She has come out stronger so we think Nikki is the most deserving. Salman congratulates her on becoming a ‘first confirmed’ contestant. She says you will become part of the senior team. He says one inmate will be eliminated tomorrow but it’s the game. He asks them to pray that they don’t get embarrassed by being eliminated in the first week. All laugh. Salman says people will joke that you went to win the show and got eliminated in the first week. He laughs and tells Shahzad to do something if he doesn’t want to go back to Punjab. I will see you tomorrow, he ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman says tomorrow is a Sunday and don’t miss our episode. Some guests are coming and one will be eliminated.

PRECAP – A Colors show stars Maher and Sarab from Choti Sardarni comes to the show and give fun tasks to the inmates.
Mumbai Indian’s cricketers come and talk to the inmates.
Seniors will tell who disappointed them. Hina and Gauhar say it’s Rubina as she is very critical. Sid says she has disappointed us.
Nishant bursts Rahul’s bubble for the singing the whole day. Rahul bursts Nishant’s bubble as he thinks Nishant is fake.
Salman tells the inmates that what do you think of yourself? 10 people should back their bags and leave.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This show need to stop. This show is crap.Please do not show between popular tv nite shows eg Barrister Babu…

    1. U r ryt!! So boring I still feel like watching the previous season all over again. But this is pathetic. No one doing anything. Someone is crying on washing clothes, someone on makeup ,slippers etc. They r not bigg boss material throw them out……

    2. If you don’t want to watch then better don’t watch
      You are nobody to stop any Show

    3. Thanku for ur advice🙄 but please mind ur own business.

  2. Dekhna.. yeh seniors uss idiot annoying irritating nikki ko hi choose krenge as usual.. but i really want the rest of the housemates to show nikki her space.. and take full revenge from her! she is nobody! just a fake person who is trying to copy others.. and seniors you have highly disappointed me

  3. I don’t like to comment but Siddharth is being too bossy. And whatever image he made last season is totally tarnished for me. These seniors need to be thrown out. They are favouring people and now instead of Salman favouring people on weekend nights, I guess these seniors will favour them full time inside the house. Stop this crap. And yes Siddharth, the public is not liking Nikki. Especially not when you are being so partial. So, stop saying bullshit.


      I like Nikki. She isthe only genuine person, she does lil bit drama but that is only to entertain ppl and it is a part of her personality. She is definitely one pure hearted soul. That stupid shehzad provokes her all the time and most of the housemates are against her. The day when she asked for her ex bf’s shorts, but she eventually sacrificed her wish. Next day, she didnt ask anything. She always helps others. Shehzad khud bolta hai k nikki pange leti hai par woh khud samne se akar pange leta hai. Dining table pe nikki ki baat rubina se ho rahi thi aur woh beech mein bolne lag gaya….aur jab nikki jaan se baat kar rahi thi aur woh nikal raha tha toh nikki ne sirf itna kaha k slow baat karo kahin woh sun na le, par uss gadhe shezad ne uska bhi mudda bana liya…I hate that shazad…and pata nahi log nikki ko kyun bura bol rahe hain…chao sid biased ho sakta hai niiki k liye (ek minute k liye maan leta hoo) par gauhar khan bhi toh uski paanid ekar help kar rahi thi..woh kyun kar rahi thi..agar nikki mein kucch baat hai tabhi sare seniors ko pasand aayi warna kyun uski hi help karte sare seniors? aur yaha par log pata nahi nikki k against kyun bol rahe hai..aapko sidharth nahi pasand toh uska dosh nikki ko kyu?eventually, sare freshers ka kaam tha seniors ka dil jeetna taki woh TBC se Confirm ho jaye..ismein nikki ka kya dosh agar usne khud ko confirm karne k liye seniors ka dil jeet liya? kucch toh sensible baat karo..

    2. Don’t want to start a debate but asking for your bf’s tshirt or shorts on a tv shiw where people are deprived of their slippers is definitely not ok. It shows how privileged or insane you can act and even if she was doing it for publicity which is fine, not getting them shouldn’t be deemed as a sacrifice because there was nothing to lose in the first place.

  4. So I m not alone to wish that the BB house flushes the seniors out asap..Lyk y the hell they r so bossy..I might hv liked Nikki..But aftr the seniors singing her praises evrytym I feel as if I can never lyk her…Literally they r being so over..I would agree with this article
    PS- If it’s just about Shukla’s burai I could hv written much better😜

  5. Firstly if Nikki is good asking for illogical things and being selfish then technically Rubina is equally good. I would have liked Nikki but she is overdramatic. Seniors liking her is like most of the times if Siddharth says yes to one other two have to follow. I am disappointed with Hina as she is following a lead. Siddharth thinks he is leader, you can be one if you listen others too and most importantly involve them too. So technically he has been a bully to inmates and his fellow seniors too.
    Nishant is not spectator, he has put his points and taken stand. Only thing he didn’t do is being overdramatic. I like Nishant,rubina pavitra, to some extent jashmin. Problem with Jashmin and jaan is they don’t want to offend Siddharth, guys people had guts to stand for themselves against BB too so why bother about a senior. Senior ka concept looks like ragging.Infact at times Gauhar is being ragged.
    Like Izaz but don’t think that discussion about his past was required and even if you have a emotional outburst. Ek baar me khatam Karo.
    Aur loag baal ko itna bara sacrifice kyun dikhate hai idhar. Ladki se baal manga, jaan agreed wow. Firstly 4 Mahine me badh jayenge secondly we all trim hair for their health. Wearing same cloth for a week can be really bad especially for a woman.
    I like Nishant but seniors gave logic wo bikini ko Mana to bhale nai pehna, BB is not telling anything. But technically if he agreed to it and that was condition for getting in home to Bhai sahab aap dobara Bahar jao. Atleast stick to promises. If rubina is asked about furniture usage and people told her dumb to fight over it to ullu to Nishant ne banaya. He was never shown saying ki main rejected hoon. Could have been a fun and given him screentime. Rubina could have played nice getting focus of camera by gaining sympathy. But kum dikh kar bhi we are discussing her. But I liked her point when she said if jasmine had argument with Sid would he still favor her as he favored nikki.

    1. I completely agree with you. The seniors are becoming more and more unbearable day by day, especially Sidharth, and to some extent Hina. And these two mistreat Gauhar, PERIOD. Their bossy demeanors piss me off. Nikki is overbearing, selfish, and not genuine at all. Its clear favoritism. I like Nishant, Sarah, Pavitra, Rubina, and Eijas. The rest are okay. But the most stupid thing is, that this so-called intelligent senior (SID) is not realizing that by unjustly favoring Nikki he is making the audience hate her. About Nishant’s task I seriously did not understand why he didn’t continue, I mean he shouldn’t have agreed if this is what he was gonna do, these people do not understand that at the end of the day they have to impress the audience, not the seniors. I was genuinely disappointed. But looking forward to it, I still expect a lot from them. And Hope, I hope that it all gets better after the second week, AMEN.

    2. I agree with you. Gauhar has tried to voice her opinion against Sid in the earlier part of the week, but she was laughed upon at by Sid and Hina as well. Its 2 vs 1, so obviously her opinions go ignored. I’ve never really been able to like Sid and I guess I never will. But this time even Gauhar disappointed by offering water to Nikki and disqualifying Rubina when she did the same for Abhi. For some reason the seniors seem to have some major problem with this couple, especially Sid.

  6. Rubina voices out her opinions and takes stand on matters, but no one takes her seriously in the house, because she speaks in a very sweet and soft manner. People take you seriously only when you are loud mouthed.
    I really felt bad for Eijaz. But he shouldn’t have brought up his past in the house. The rest of the inmates might definitely use that up against him in the future. I actually really like him, but I feel he is too introverted due to which people often take him for granted. Not that being introverted is wrong, but unfortunately this show demands loud personalities.
    Nikki actually did really well in the task, and she deserves the immunity but she doesn’t deserve the ” special” treatment she’s been getting from the seniors and BB.

  7. After all the favouritism given to nikki by the seniors, i really don’t like nikki. From day 1 she is very annoying. When she asked for her ex bf things then it was taking stand for herself but when rubina defending her opinion about the salwar khameez then it becomes wrong and unreasonable. How stupid is that. Pavitra sits on the bulldozer and won the task perfectly but nikki got the confirmed list. Shehzad and sara bonding are quiet cute to watch. Jasmine childish act are funny. Eijaz being the only one doing the house work sincerely. Rubina points of view are not being heard. Abhinav and Nishat calmness were considered boring. But when it comes to nikki, ohh she is good, she taking stand for herself, she is star of this show. But sorry to say i can see she is very fake, it looks like she is trying to act like shehnaz and arshi khan at the same time.

  8. Siddharth reasoning that Gauhar came in show because she had no job must have been criticized. Clearly everyone knows how much work she got and how busy sid should have been after just coming out of show. Commenting on amount of job engagement someone has is so distasteful.

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