Bigg Boss 10 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23
Song plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Bani asks Gaurav if your mother had to write ad for your marriage, what would she write? that she wants british complexioned, educated, from a good background, speaks english and make my son happy, i want that kind of girl. Gaurav says i would want girl to keep my anger in check, Bani says you dont get angry, Gaurav says i am calm here but i explode in anger outside, my mom would say fair, punjabi, proportionality tall, she would want girl to take care of me and she is concerned that i take care of her too, people close to me knows that i wouldt be good as husband and father, i have flaws as boyfriend but i would be good as husband, Bani says what kind of assumption is that? Gaurav says when relationship gets intense,

i go into zone.

Manu is sitting on throne. Phone rings, Manu picks it. Bigg boss says if you want to get saved then you have to make Manveer shave is beard fully and nicely, he can keep his mustache, he ends call. Manu tells this to Manveer, Manveer says this is my favorite, Manu says it will come again in some weeks. Manveer says i took months to grow it, Bigg boss i can go for wax but not this, Manu says dont do this, Manveer says beard is nothing for you but it has importance for me, Manu says its no issue, dont do it, Manveer says this beard is not more valuable than you but its more valuable than myself, i have grown it for 9months. Manu says to Mona that he will do it. Manveer says i told my mother that i am going to bigg boss house because of my beard, Manu says take your time
Manveer comes in restroom and says shaving this beard is like killing my baby, he starts cutting beard.
Manu says naveen this life takes a lot from us, Naveen says life will give it back. In restroom, Manveer shaves his beard. Manveer comes in garden, with his beard shaved and mustache remaining. Bigg boss calls and says Manu you are saved now, Manu says price was big, Bigg boss asks him to nominate one, Manu says i have sacrificed Manveer so might as well nominate him too, Bigg boss ends call. Manaveer sits on throne.

Manveer gets call from Bigg boss, Bigg boss says Manu nominated you, you can get saved if you onvince Rohan to dress up like a girl and stay in the garb until Bigg Boss’s further notice, Manveer says he wont do it, give some concession, Bigg boss says you have time, he ends call. Manveer tells Manu and says Rohan wont do it at all cost. Manveer says i have idea, i will tell them that Bigg boss gave two options, either Lopa needs to destroy her makeup or Rohan needs to dress up like a girl, Manveer acts like on call. Naveen calls Lopa and Rohan there. They come there, Manveer acts like ending call. Manveer tells Rohan that either Lopa needs to destroy her makeup or Rohan needs to dress up like a girl, both will be done by you only, Lopa comes there too. Rohan tells Manveer that he would take a decision after he sees the full attire.

Manveer says to Manu that if Rohan was getting lacs to dress up then he would have done it. Manu says he would have done it for even a lac. buzzer rings, Lopa and Rohan comes in store, they see girly attire, its pink gown, Lopa laughs, there is makeup and lipstick too. Niti reads instructions that Rohan have to keep wearing till next orders, Lopa can help him too. Manu says i was thinking it would be bikini, its your call now. Manveer says even if its saree, he wont wear it. Lopa comes there and says clothes which came, they are bad. Rohan says i would have worn it but they are not allowing me to take it off, i will have to wear wig, nail polish and all, i cant do it, ask Lopa. Lopa says i am ready to give up makeup, Manveer says let me think.

Manveer says to Bani that Rohan wont do it. Call comes, Manveer takes it, Bigg boss asks whats Rohan’s decision, Manveer says he denied big time, Bigg boss says you are nominated this week, Manveer says okay. There is bomb blast in garden, all scream. Bigg boss asks Manveer to nominate one inmate, Manveer nominates Rahul and says he is way too lazy, it maybe his strategy too. Bigg boss asks him to call Rahul and make him sit, he ends call. Manveer calls Rahul. Rahul sits on throne. Manveer wishes him.

Call comes, Rahul asks how to take it? Karan tells him. Rahul picks call, Bigg boss says Manveer nominated you, you can get saved if you convince Naveen that from now till end of season, he doesnt take part in any immunity task, he will have to sign declaration, Rahul says this is death, he ends call. he asks for Naveen, Lopa goes to call him. Naveen comes in garden, Rahul says its difficult, you have to sign declaration that from now on till end of season, you cant take part in any immunity task, Rahul says do what you want, dont worry, Naveen says give me time, he leaves. Naveen tells Mona and Manu about task. Manveer says this is test for friendship, why would you give up immunity for them? Mona says maybe Lokesh will do task for you, Manu says he can think about his safety. Naveen comes in garden and says i cant do it, Rahul says no issues. Call comes, Bigg boss asks decision, Rahul says Naveen denied to do it, Bigg boss says you are nominated then, Bigg boss asks Rahul to nominate one inmate, Rahul nominates Karan and says if i nominate from other team, they might be successful in getting saved and Karan will be stuck later so just for that i want to nominate Karan now, bigg boss asks to call Karan. Rahul calls Karan and tells him i nominated you so you dont get stuck at end.

Call comes, Karan picks it, Bigg boss says you have to convince Lokesh to nominate herself and give up on the chance to get safe from nominations by not sitting on this throne, she will be directly nominated, she would have to give up her chance of getting saved, call ends. Karan calls Lokesh and says i got nominated and i will be saved if you announce that you are nominating yourself and come out of comfort zone, Lokesh says will you feel bad if i say no? he says i will smile like always, it doesnt matter, she says i will cook your favorite food, Rohan comes and says Lokesh your time will come too, people wont do task for you too. Lokesh stops Karan from announcing her denial, Rohan says it will be tit for tat. Lokesh says they are saying that if i dont sit here then i will be saved? he says yes. Lokesh says i will make your favorite food. Call comes, bigg boss says that Lokesh have to announce that she is nominating herself and giving up right to sit on this throne and take her chance to get saved, you didnt tell her clearly, if she denies to save you even then she will have to sit in throne. Karan calls Lokesh and says if you doesnt announce even then you will be nominated, she can save me by nominating herself. Lokesh comes to Manu and Manveer and tell them, Manu asks her to talk clearly. Loksh asks Karan i wont be safe if i dont save you? Rohan says you will have to sit on throne even if you dont save Rohan. Lokesh says i am ready to do it, Lokesh announces that i am saving Karan and I am nominating myself. Gaurav asks Karan that she wont have chance to get to sit on throne? Lokesh says make me understand too, Gaurav says i am clearing because of you. Call comes, Bigg boss says congrats Karan, Lokesh have done task for you and you are safe now and Lokesh is nominated now, call Naveen as he is last in house. Karan says it was unclear so can i do anything now? call ends. Karan says it happened, Lokesh got nominated, Lokesh says you didnt clear it, i was asking this, Manveer says are we mad? Rahul says you people should have come with her and talk to her, Manveer says she was not discussing with her, Rhaul says i dont agree with this, Manveer says you people discussed but she didnt come to talk to us. Lokesh is crying, Bani says everyone listened about your dreams, dont worry, she hugs her. Rahul says she should have said that she wants to save Karan and want to sit on throne. lokesh says i asked you to clear with Karan but you didnt come. Gaurav says to Bani that she should have understood task that she would be nominated directly. Lokesh says i asked Karan if i will be nominated directly so he said that someone else will nominate me. Karan says i thought if she doesnt do task for me then she would get saved, Gaurav says no then she would have to sit on throne and go through convincing someone to do task.

Bigg boss calls Naveen and says if you convince Nitibha to give away her make up for the entire season, he ends call. Naveen says i am nominated, Niti wont give her makeup. Niti comes there, Naveen says you have to give up your make up for whole season, i would get Lopa and Bani to share makeup with her. Bani says they wont give her makeup, i can tell about Lopa, Neevan says let me talk. Naveen says dont worry Niti, i will ask Lopa and Mona to share makeup, i have good relations with them. Bani comes in bedroom and tells her team that Naveen is giving incentive to Niti that if she gives up her makeup then he will take Lopa and Mona’s makeup and give her, i told him that Lopa wont give her makeup, Lopa says if she touch my make up then she is gone.
Niti says to Lokesh that it will be painful for me to nominate someone for my makeup, Lokesh you wont get makeup for whole season, Niti says my skin tone doesnt match with anyone too, i cant use others. Karan comes there and says let Naveen get nominated so Lokesh will have more chance, if you save Naveen then Lokesh will have more chances to get evicted.
Lopa asks Naveen what he told Niti? he says i asked Niti to give up her make up if she can, i told her that i will get her makeup from Lopa and Mona too, Lopa says by stealing our makeup? he says no, she says Bani was saying you told to steal our makeup, Naveen says one minute, i said that i have good relations with Lopa so i would request you for makeup, Bani is rascal, Lopa laughs, Naveen tells Manu that Bani said i would steal Lopa’s makeup, Manu asks what was her words? Lopa says she said that Naveen is saying he will get makeup from Lopa and Mona for Niti, so i asked how will he take it from me? She says obviously by stealing.
Naveen says to Niti that i dont need your makeup, Lokesh says dont get personal. Manveer says Lokesh why you get in everything? did he call you? lokesh says you didnt come with me when Karan was talking to me, you want me to leave. Niti says let me talk.
Lopa says Bani said Naveen will steal my makeup? Bani says no i never used word stealing, i just said that he will get your makeup, Lopa says someone said that he would snatch from me, Lopa says Naveen is saying that he would request me to give my makeup to Niti, Bani says i used same words, Karan says Bani didnt say he will steal it, we were assuming that he would snatch or steal it, Bani says i am not liar.
Naveen says to Niti that if you find my behavior wrong this week then complain to me. Lokesh says to Bani that Naveen is great to brain wash. Niti comes there. Lokesh says girls are getting evicted, i saved you but now you are saving him, Manver says what is this logic that if Naveen gets nominated then Lokesh will be saved from evictions? Naveen says to Bani that how did you say that i will steal Lopa’s makeup? Bani says i am just talking, what is this nonsense? call Lopa, Naveen shouts is this nonsense? Lopa comes there, Bani says please clarify Lopa, Lopa listened wrong, i just said your words to her exactly, Niti says Lopa can say wrong words too, why you are getting angry on Bani? Bani says i didnt do anything wrong, she asks Lopa to clear as he is shouting on me like dog, Manu says talk to him nicely, Bani says i told him to not yell at me for no reason, i didnt use his name to call dog, Manu says you cant call me dog directly, this is happening because of Lopa, Gaurav takes Bani from there. Lopa says i listened someone saying he will steal makeup, Rohan says she didnt say it, Manu says but she cant call us dogs.
Bani sys to Gaurav that all shout like dogs in this house, i didnt say Naveen is dog directly, this is happening because of Lopa, she didnt even apologize to me.
Niti says to Naveen that you are accusing and shouting on her listening to Lopa who was not even right so Bani would get frustrated and will call dogs. Bani says to Lopa that i didnt do anything but Lopa you keep things in heart, Lopa says i clear things, i dont want to have baggage, i did mistake, i accept, i misunderstood, i reacted impulsively, Bani says there is no point of having normal conversation here. Bani asks Mona to leave from here, she asks why you are asking me to leave? Bani says to have peace, you get impulsive too, Mona says why you are asking me to leave? Bani says i was nicely asking you to leave but fine i will go.
Niti says to Lokesh that between Naveen and you, i would want to save you but whole india is watching and i wont be able to live with myself if he gets evicted just because i didnt give up my makeup, makeup is very small thing for me, but not very small to give up without any reason.
Gaurav asks Bani to sit down, Bani says i am gonna swear people, they say shit about me, i would punch now, she pushes door of bedroom in anger.
Niti says to Naveen that i dont want to drag it, i am denying to do it. Naveen says no issues, Call comes, Naveen tells Bigg boss that Niti denied to task, Bigg bos says you are nominated Naveen. There is bomb blast announcing his nominations.

bigg boss announces that MANVEER, RAHUL, LOKESH, NAVEEN are nominated.

Gaurav says to Bani that even if someone is dancing on my head, i wont give them answers, it should happen with you, the way you talk, you should get rude answer from me but i wont do it on Tv, Bani says the difference between me and you is that you are bigger and better person than me, i apologize that i said something to you when you were trying to calm me when i was angry, she leaves.
Bani comes in luggage room, she is in tears and says there are camera everywhere here. Gaurav tries to enter luggage room, Bani is holding door from otherside, Gaurav tries to push it, he says lets see who wins, he tries to open it while Bani tries to push it back, they are both trying to win, suddenly Bani opens door and Gaurav stumbles in room Bani bursts in laughter seeing it, Gaurav smiles.

Manu says in camera that Karan double crossed Lokesh, Mona says you naughty, Manu says Naveen would not let her take immunity too. Mona asks what is happening with Lokesh? Manu says she is sweet and so nice, its what you think but she is not, she is so sweet that no one would nominate her so how will she go home? Mona says i dont think Lokesh will go home, Manu says have you seen person like Lokesh in this house in any season? what is her work here? nothing.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that from now on no one will be called as celeb or commoner, there will be no owner or servants in house, you all are equal and will be called as housemates. Bani says to Niti that game will be on different level. Lokesh says to Niti that they think i am weak player, now they will know real me. There is Swami Om in items list of luxury budgets, inmates can buy him for 1400points, Rahul says who wants him back? Manu says we will be saying to evict him again after 12hours, Bani says he is not needed at all, they all selected food items and not Swami for luxury budget. Swami is watching everything from secret room and says bigg boss i told you earlier only that they are selfish. Swami enters home again, he claps and dances while entering, all inmates are tensed. Swami says you people can nominate me as much as you want but i will stay till finals now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Priya9876

    kya bakwass task…. same task in season 8…….

    at least Bleech wala to chng kr detey…….ditto copy kar liya……..hey bhagwaan……..

    Task Magement Team doesn’t able to think new content….
    wahi dress bigana…pictures shread karwana…… kya hai yaar…….. Show some new thing mann…….

  2. Rainbow Pearls

    Om swami is the only piece in the entire universe

  3. Bani and gaurav are so cute together ??

  4. Yar ye lopa ko waqaee misunderstanding hui ya ye sab jan bujh ker kiya tha usne bani’s attitude is really a prob but i think she expects alot from any relationship in its initial stage
    gorav ke sath jitti bhi dosti ho ya nahi ye andaza lagana mushkil nahi ke wo ek straightfwd banda hone ke sath thoda murrawat wala bhi hai to isiliye mona bar bar inhi ko target ker rhi hai
    bani ke attitude ke elawa itta to andaza hua ke she is not a liar
    Manu k bare mein kya kahe he is a liar manupulative and self centered usko logo ka faeda uthana ache se ata hai aur bat se phr jana aj kutta kehna bada bura lag raha hai celebs ko coward kutta kya kya keh rha hai and isilokesh ko 2 din pehle behen keh rha tha ke iske liye kuch bho kar jaunga peeche se usi ko kehta hai uska biggboss mein kya kam
    Mona bewakoof brainless creature jo khud ko bada dimagh wala samjhty hai sara din apni choti beti ki froks mein ghumty hai to dimagh bhi 5 sal ke bache jesa ho gaya hai mannu is taking advantage of her ye jata ker ke celebs tumko nahi samjhte ya kam.importance dete hain aur wo gadhi iski bato mein a bhi rahi hai kehte hain na jholi mein literaly girna bandi kehne ko celeb hai per koi self respect nahi aur sab kehte hai gorav kam chor hai ya rahul per sach kahu mene mona ko kabhi koi kam karte nahi dekha the biggest kamchor in bb house
    Lopa is sumetime really annoying
    Rohan is ok ok
    Rahul reminds me of season 1 rahul roy
    slow and steady wins the race
    Manveer jungali ujadd koi akkal hi nahi ke firl se bat kese karni hai ek min mein badtameezi shuru ho jaty hai
    NITi irritating but sumetimes bat aqal ki kar jaty hai jese aaj bani ke liye boli
    Naveen is totally fake dikhata hai ke bohut sidha hai izzat dete hain aur izzat hi mangte hain but on someone’s back saying kitni kameeni ladki hai is just cant acceptable he desrve to eliminate
    Karan is sweet and down to earth
    Last but not least swami om totally fake swami bani aur mona lopa per ashleel aur bahrtiya sanskiriti ke virudh ka arop to laga sakte hain per khud unke sath dance karne nahane se inka kya character show ho raha hai wo nahi samjh a raha ise
    And a request to all viewers ke please dont give votes jab in votes ko bb apne hisab se eleminate karega ager babako secret room mein rakhna tha to atleast episode ke last mein ye keh sakte the na k is hafte elimination nahi hai so voting lines band rahe jinhone pese bhare hain unke pese sab zaya

  5. Anveshna singh

    What does naveen think of himself. He thinks he will shout on others and prove them wrong. Lopa is so ajeeb why did she create this stupid misunderstanding. I like the scenes when bani and gaurav talk that part of gaurav falling was really funny. I hate swami ji he is so……. U guys can fill this blank yourself. Rohan took a gud and firm decision. And is priyanka jagga really coming back? If yes then Why?

  6. Bani and Gaurav are really so cute

  7. There s smethng smethng btw gourav n bani..n i thnk thy like each othrs cmpany..bani lill ziddi straightfrwrd attitudewali ladki n bt phir b real h..nw a dayz i like her so mch n gaurav calm matured person n trying to give her advices abt hw to react n to b ye ladki samjhthi nhi h 😉 😀 bt jo b he thy look cute togethr evn in their lill cat fights..♥

    manu playd well in earlier weeks bt nw looks like double std n self centered idhar kuch n udhar kuch..naveen totally fake..rahul vry intellignt man..karan n rohan lso gud..lopa n niti sumtyms irritating bt niti sumtyms akal k bath krti h as tody the way she supportd bani..lokesh sweet grl bt looks like confused..manveer ok bt his way f talking smetimes so rude..n monalisa dimag h nhi bas manu k sath rehke apne apko save krna chahti h..

  8. hrithik ka Fan

    OMG…I started liking manu…but he is very manupulative. ..I mean manipulative. …now I like bani she might have some attitude or she behave differently but ..she is not fake…she is on the face…and this lopa is becoming irritating day by day….mona is cheap girl…manveer is good but he is in the influence of manu…lokesh is dumb.naveen is fake… comments abt others….

    ….so for now my favourite is on the face bani j…..

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Yesterday episode was very emotional today episode was complete opposite. I think from manveer, naveen, lokesh and Rahul maybe naveen will be evicted this week. I hope lokesh doesn’t get eliminated though she have high chances of getting evicted. She is the only tolerable one among the indiawales. I think it was more of manveer’s foolishness than smartness by lieing about to choose between Lopa’s makeup and Rohan in girl outfit. Rahul’s one was quite hard is like asking naveen to get evicted because if he don’t do anything in task how will people vote for him.
    Definitely manveer Gujjar will be safe this week. Rahul maybe .
    And haha no one wants Dhongi baba ?
    Baba is baba the Alibaba of bigg boss

    1. wah wow……..kya comment re baba……baba is baba the alibaba of bb
      lekin baba ko manna padega jab kisine unko nahi kharida toh woh apne urja se hi chale aaye….ha ha ha

  10. Shahanaz bithi

    I really dont want this baba back in house he is so irritating. Manu sabko kitna manipulate karta hai monalisa sachme bewakuf hai ya game khel rahi hai samajh nehi aata mujhe tw lagta hai karan ne jan bujhkar lokesh ko puri baat nehi batayi aur lopa has rahi thi jaab naveen ne bani ko kamini bola lopa jaan bujhkar hi jhut bol rahithi

  11. i don’t think so that m swami g ko free m bhi kharidti ye to for luxury budget hai. he is so irritating . he don’t know how to respect girls . arre yr ye free m hi nominations se bach gaya .

    1. ha ha ha……..bilkul thik simran……koi swami ji naamak sardard ko kyun lena chahega luxury budget k badle.
      kaash janta ko ek chance milta kisiko nominate karne ka……to m baba ji ko kar deta

      1. sorry drastic we can’t do this . swami g hame apni urja shakti se shrap dedenge na.. baba na ….

    2. ha ha ha…….uri baba urja……toh rehne dete hain…..warna wahi missile mein bithakar kahin door bhej dega re baba

  12. mona brainless nahi……woh bechari innocent hai…..she is so much influenced by manu…
    lekin mona un celebs ki tarah nahi hai jo jhut bolke jhagda karwati ho aur nahi attitude wali hai…
    she is enjoying each day in bb not manipulating against anyone…jo celebs so much attitude dikhate hain woh celebs lagte hi nahi

  13. Anveshna singh

    I think naveen will be evicted. And ya even my favourite is Bani. And bani and gaurav luk really very gud and real together.

  14. prettypreeti

    Hello sooooo kl ka epi emotional and this one freemotional (free of emotion)
    No one needs that dhongi baba great coz no one like him.
    Now all gharwale .
    Going great.
    I think naveen jayegaaaaa.

  15. Swami om is nice but I like manveer & manu. all India wale must be good. celebrity are nothing doing. es time pr India wale Mai Sai swami om.manu Punjabi is best. than manveer than Naveen and than lokesh and niti. & in celebrity Rahul & gurav in top than Rohan & bani. & than. By-ashu

  16. Gaurav-Bani looks absolutely amazing together

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